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New Component in the Quantum Electronics Toolbox

UK Man Turns Annoying Cold Calls into Cash (ingenious! - I wonder if the U.S. has similar capability?)

Microscopic Sphere Punches in 600 Million Rotations per Minute

Gel-Based Speaker Shows Potential of Ionic Conductors

ARRL Takes Technology to the Classroom - a Dozen Teachers at a Time

To Attract Millennials, Automakers Look to Smartphones

Small Cells in Focus: Wi-Fi Integration

Historic Copper Stolen from Fort Monroe Buildings

Sprint Plans to Use 2.5 GHz Spectrum to Catch up to Verizon, AT&T in LTE

Free Wi-Fi for Skype Premium Users

EU Commissioner Backs Down on Roaming Cost Cuts

Tunneling to Avoid Efficiency Droop in Nitride Semiconductor LEDs

Graphene Nanoscrolls Are Formed by Decoration of Magnetic Nanoparticles

Apple Stock May Ride iPhone Roller Coaster

For Better Li-Ion Batteries, Scientists Watch One at Work

Tiny Human Almost-Brains Made in Lab (big deal, politicians have had them for years)


University IP Should Be Licensed to Small UK Firms, Says IET President

Moore's Law Dead by 2022, Expert Says (this just in: Experts dead by 2022, Moore says)

Oxford Dictionaries Online Adds 'Selfie,' 'Emoji' and Other Tech-Oriented Terms

Skype Confirms 3D Video Calls Are Under Development

Demystifying Pole-Zero Doublets

Small-Market Broadcasters Concerned

Australia Ends Higher Power Trial for Radio Amateurs

Butterfly Wings + Carbon Nanotubes = New 'Nanobiocomposite' Material

Confidex Releases Printable, Flexible On-Metal RFID Label

Army Purchases More Counter-Fire Radars

Quantum Inverted Pendulum Scheme Dynamically Maintains Unstable Q-System (toc-tic vs. tic-toc)

Sony Unveils NFC-Enabled Nex Compact Camera

Self-Powered Panel Meter Offers True RMS

Britain Has 4G Competition as Operators Jump from 1 to 3

3/4 Smartphone Users Watch TV and Video on Mobile Devices Each Week

Copy Protection for 3-D Printing Aims to Prevent a Piracy Plague


New York Times and Twitter Attacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Smartphone Era Ignites Need for Mobile Handset Protection

Build a Novel Q-Meter

AMSAT Space Symposium 2013 Set for November

MACOM Files Patent Infringement Suit Against GigOptix

Quantum Measurement Carries Information Even When the Measurement Outcome is Unread (how would you know?)

BlackBerry Considers Spin Off of Messaging Division

Predictable Nanotube Structures Point to Silicon Replacement

Researcher Controls Colleague's Motions in First Human Brain-to-Brain Interface (Spock is credited with first Vulcan-to-human mind meld)

GAO Finds Redundancies with Next Generation Jammer

Are Tech Firms the New Movie Villains?

Design Rules to Simplify Running of Fusion Reactors

Security Agencies Say Android Mobile Main Target for Malware

Sprint to Slash 800 Customer Service Jobs Nationwide

Nissan Plans Self-Driving Car by 2020 (good luck getting insurance)


Existence of New Element Confirmed (rfcafenium?)

South Korea Relaxes Some Limits on Foreign Investment in Telecoms Market

China's Internet Hit by Biggest Cyberattack in Its History

Are You Being Fairly Paid?

People Who Work More than 50 Hours a Week Risk Developing Serious Health Issues

New Air Force MARS Chief Takes Reins of Command

DOD's Push for Secure Mobile Comms Leverages Commercial Tools

Laser Fusion Experiment Yields Record Energy

Toylike Blocks Make Lightweight, Strong Structures

Tesla Outsells Porsche, Jaguar, Others in California

Ytterbium Atomic Clocks Set Record for Stability

Inside the 'Bossless' Office, Where the Team Takes Charge

3D Graphene Could Make Solar Cells Cheaper

Facebook Fined $20M for Personal Security Breach

Facebook Market Capitalization Passes $100B Mark


End of An Era: No More Dial-Up Internet from British Telecom

Researchers Develop Energy-Harvesting NFC Tag with Sensors, E-Paper Display

Hacked Feature Phone Can Block Other People’s Calls

Strange Magnetic Behavior at Semiconductor Interfaces

Fresh Photos Leaked of Apples New Smartphones

China Mobile Awards 4G Contracts

Blogger Mocks Denizens of Silicon Valley

iPhone 5S to Use 31% Faster Chip, Have Motion Tracking

Instagram, Vine and Netflix Hit by Amazon Glitch

NSA Broke Encryption on UN Communications

Adaptive Pre-Distortion Gains Spectrum Efficiency in Wireless Backhaul Challenge

The FM Chip Push Is On

NFC Could Be the Key to What Verizon and Comcast are Working On

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to Retire

Tons of Molten Glass Go into Making Mirror for Giant Telescope


Hot Dog Vendor Robbed of Cellphone with Stolen Hammer at Home Depot

Immigration Limbo

Wireless Networks Still Have a Huge Environmental Cost

Moody's Downgrades Nokia as Losses Continue

Now, You Can Follow Government Intelligence Agencies Back


'Sleep Texting' Now a Problem

FCC, Canada Agree on Spectrum-Sharing Deals Along U.S.-Canada Border (I never thought about that issue)

Spike in Cell Tower Worker Deaths Prompts Fresh Concern

The Pentagon as Silicon Valley's Incubator

Negative Linear Compressibility in Zinc Alloy (expands under pressure, like stress-induced overeaters)

Apple Patent Calls on iPhone Status Check System

Tell-Tale Signs of a Bad Boss

U.S. Labs Unlock Secure Tech for Silicon Valley (DHS digital cavity search algorithms?)

Microsoft Bribe Probe Reaches into Pakistan, Russia Deals

Nokia Hit by Debt Ratings Downgrade on Weak Smartphone Performance

35 Innovators Under 35

Physicist Proves Impossibility of Quantum Time Crystals

Understanding Visas

X-Ray Technique May Boost Yield of Gold Mines

Combat Aircraft Experts to Brief Industry on Latest Technologies for Achieving Air Supremacy


Shifting Tech Scene Unsettles Big Players

Yahoo Beats Google in Traffic for First Time since 2011

How a Look at Your Gmail Reveals the Power of Metadata

ORNL Superconducting Wire Yields Unprecedented Performance

Physicists Pinpoint Key Property of Material That Both Conducts and Insulates

UK Considers Ban on Mobile Phones Like Car Key Fobs

Printed Graphene Transistors Promise a Flexible Electronic Future

3D Print Yourself ($300-$1700)

Wideband Wavelength Conversion Using Cavity Optomechanics

Another CB Retailer Comes Under FCC Scrutiny

Nobel Laureates Unveil Secrets of Scientific Success

BlackBerry Launches Gold Colored Smartphone

Microsoft Investigated over Bribery Allegations

Ubuntu Edge Smartphone Fails to Hit Ambitious $32M Crowdfunding Target

Welfare Pays More Than Minimum Wage in Most States (...and oPhones to boot!)

Flow Batteries Going Grid Scale

>50% of All U.S. Electric Cars Sold in 5 Cities


Knotty LCD Problems Solved by Silica Möbius Strip

High-Speed In-Flight Internet Possible by 2014

Buying 120,000 Twitter Accounts Reveals New Way to Block Spam (see my recent article on fake Twits)

Princeton Researchers Develop Walls That Can Listen and Talk

Researchers Demonstrate e-Ink Display Powered by NFC

Hurricane Sandy Task Force Calls for More Resilient Wireless Networks (note: Ham radio continued to work)

Navy Uses UAV Data to Improve Performance and Stealth Qualities of Communications and Radar

A Nuclear Reactor Competitive with Natural Gas

U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Smartphone Searches by Police

Internet Chat Rooms Used for Joint Exercise Command and Control (great idea 'cause there have never been security problems with chat rooms... we're sunk)

A Cautionary Tale: Aussie Radio Amateur Scammed in Online Sale

NASA Prepares $100M in Contracts for Planned 2020 Mars Mission

Latin America Lagging in Mobile Broadband Spectrum Allocation

Facebook Launching Project to Make Internet More Affordable (and more profitable for billionaire Zuckerberg)

School Has Become Too Hostile to Boys

Ancient Egyptians Wore Meteorite Jewelry


Atomic Clocks Double as Quantum Simulators

Smarter, Richer People Use Google (Google requests I use something else so as not to drag down the average)

ISS Astronaut Savors Random "Messages in a Bottle" via Ham Radio

Newly Discovered Ocean Plume Could Be Major Source of Iron

Are Your Electronics Protected Against Lightning Strikes?

Waterloo Roots for BlackBerry Amid Uncertainty (me, too)

Bangladesh Trade Body Calls for Removal of Base Stations from Garment Factories (weight issue - really?)

The End of Buttons: The New Gesture-Control Era

Designer Glue Improves Lithium-Ion Battery Life

USAF Issues Industry Solicitation to Provide 1-Watt High-Power Laser System (1 watt in UV is high power?)

AOL to Cut 10% of Workforce

China is Apple's Land of iPhone Opportunity Website Goes Offline

RFID Identifies Drunk Individuals Before They Drive

The Striking Downside to a Remote Workplace

Guardian Chief Says UK Destroyed Hard Drives to Stop Snowden Secrets


LinkedIn's New University Pages Targets Students

Audi's LTE-Connected Car Coming to the U.S. Next Spring

Teleportation of Flying Quantum Bits at Touch of Button

Security Researcher Hacks Mark Zuckerberg's Wall to Prove His Exploit Works

South Korean Mobile Banking Transactions up by 10% over Past 3 Months

Rechargeable Flow Battery Could Enable Cheaper, More Efficient Energy Storage

Motorola Unveils NFC Clip to Unlock Moto X

Cellphone Data Analysis Dials in Crime Networks

Hitting the Road Without a Driver

Most of U.S. Is Wired, But Millions Aren't Plugged In (your fault, of course, for not paying enough taxes & fees)

FM Broadcast Pirate Station Caught Near Boston

New All-Electric BMW Aims to Tackle Drivers' Range Anxiety

Water Surface Becomes Interactive Touchscreen

First Mathematical Analysis of Gun Policy Tradeoff Emphasizes Need for More Data (translation: results contradict the expected)

Russian Meteor Created New Dust Layer in Stratosphere

60% of All Home Purchases Are "Cash Only" - 3x from 5 Years Ago (who are these cash buyers? )


Smartphones Causing Sight Problems to Soar

U.S. Government Now Admits There Is an 'Area 51'

Graphene Nanoscrolls Formed by Decoration of Magnetic Nanoparticles

Google Outage Caused 40% Drop in Global Traffic (probably a software testing glitch on new snooping program)

Industrial Output in U.S. Unchanged in July


FCC Cites California Retailer for Marketing Unauthorized RF Devices

The Internet's Verbal Contrarian

NSA Broke Privacy Rules Thousands of Times Per Year (what difference, at this point, does it make?)

ORNL Superconducting Wire Yields Unprecedented Performance

Chrome Rules the Web

Air Force Deactivates Orbital Tracking System, No Decision on Replacement (get your hard hat ready)

3D Microbatteries

Alphasat: Space A380 Switches on 'Brain'

Spectrometer Find Molecular Structure by Reading Vibrations Between Atoms

News Links on Washington Post, Time and CNN Hacked

Fuel-Cell Generator Could Halve Battlefield Fuel Consumption (see also The Fabulous Fuel Cell)

12-Year-Old Kid Learned to Code on Codecademy, Built 5 Apps, Is Speaking at SXSW

Could Electric Cars Threaten the Grid?

Apple Looks to Patent NFC Gifting System

Overall Satisfaction with Wireless Purchase Experience Rises

Slideshow: When Engineers Brew Beer


America's Most Profitable Company Per Employee Makes Your Phone Work—and It's Not Apple

New Form of Carbon is Stronger Than Graphene and Diamond (first detected in space - amazing)

Mathematician Designs Event Cloaking Device Without Using Metamaterials

Hundreds of Electronics Courses Available to A-Level Students

Novel Resistive Memory 'Could Supersede Flash'

Google Tells Court GMailers Shouldn't Expect Any Security (notice how everyone is telling you that nowadays?)

FCC Commish Nominee is Former Lobbyist That Wants New Cellphone Tax

NXP Shipping NFC Tags That Can Wake up a Host Device

Teleported by Electronic Circuit: Physicists 'Beam' Information

Encryption is Less Secure Than We Thought

Huawei Tops LTE Vendor List

DoD Streamlines Satellite Acquisition

Helium Shortage Threatens Semiconductor Industry

FCC Should Retain Oversight of Equipment Certification Process, ARRL Says

Upsalite: Scientists Make 'Impossible Material'... by Accident (serendipity at its finest, like Pyrex glass and x-rays)

Cisco Cutting 4,000 Jobs on Weaker Future Outlook


Wireless Devices Go Battery-Free with New Communication Technique (this is slick)

Smartphones Outsell Feature Phones for First Time

Norway Consults on Fresh Radio Spectrum Auction Details

Physicists Pursue the Perfect Lens by Bending Light the Wrong Way

"Spoofers" Knock Yacht off Course Using Fake GPS Signals

USAF Readies Radar and EW Research Program for Target Tracking and Imaging

Teenagers Shun Manufacturing for More 'Glamorous' Desk Jobs

Intel Acquires Fujitsu Wireless

Tiny Twist in Bilayer Graphene May Solve a Mystery

MARS Members to Join Asian Hams to Test Transpacific Disaster Response

Ericsson, Telstra Make First Carrier Aggregation Call on 1800 & 900 MHz

A Snapshot of U.S. LTE Deployments in 2013

South Korea Calls for Kill Switch in Stolen Smartphones

New Type of Ice Forms Between Layers of Graphene Oxide

Engineers Gather at EMC Symposium

Advancing Resistive Memory to Improve Portable Electronics


20 Hurt at LG Event as Promotional Stunt Goes Wrong

2013 Delivers Bigger Engineering Paychecks

More Connected Homes, More Problems

Company Offers Solution to Researchers' Helium Shortage

NEC Develops Technology for Instantly Estimating Mobile Network Speeds

World's 1st Pop-Art Satellite Headed to Space

North Korea Makes Home-Grown Arirang Smartphone (hmmm, which to spend slave wages on - tree bark soup or phone?)

Elon Musk Unveils Plans for Hyperloop High-Speed Train

Atomic Clock Doubles as Quantum Sim

0-D Transistor Harvests Bubble Energy Wasted During Water Electrolysis

New, Higher FCC Vanity Call Sign Fee Pending for Mid-September

Apple Patent Win: Samsung Banned from Selling Some Phones in U.S.

Grading the Top U.S. Carriers in Q2 of 2013

Faux G – the Reality of Today's '4G' (get it, foh gee?)

Tiny Twist in Bilayer Graphene May Solve a Mystery

Government Sponsors Hacker Shoot-out to Capture Drone


Schrödinger's Cat Plays Starring Role in Google Doodle

Research Shows Cellphone Use While Driving Does Not Cause Accidents

Hoover Institution Plans Report on U.S. Patent System

City of London Calls Halt to Smartphone Tracking Bins

Air Force Launches Another Wideband Global SATCOM

World's First Commercial LTE-A Call on 1800 MHz and 900 MHz

Canada Appears Open to Verizon Entering Wireless Market

Magnetisation Controlled at Picosecond Intervals

Supercapacitor Could Shrink Size of Mobile Electronics

New Targets for Hackers: Your Car and Your House

A Material That Could Make Solar Power "Dirt Cheap" (ever heard of perovskites?)

Mexican Telecom Sector Grew 7.7% in 1H13

BlackBerry Considers Going Private As It Struggles with Turnaround

CBN to Offer NFC Ads at 75 U.S. College Campuses

Wanted: Companies to Design Beam Controllers for High-Energy Laser Weapons

First Dog Bo Flown to Martha's Vineyard on MV-22 Osprey! (this is in-your-face imperialism)


Comprehensive Analysis Addressing Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Digital Economy

Samsung Starts Mass Producing Industry's First 3D Vertical NAND Flash (cheaper & larger SS drives)

Researchers Solve Knotty Problem in Pursuit of Data Storage Breakthrough

Telekom Austria Workers Ask Government for Statement of Intent on Ownership

Looming Weak Solar Max May Herald Frosty Times (ruh-roh, bad news for global warming megaindustry)


Space: ISS Poised to Launch Open-Source Satellites

Pass the Salt: Common Condiment Could Enable New High-Tech Industry - Silicon Nanostructures

FCC to Vote on Reduced Rates for Prison Phone Calls

Air Force Launches Another Wideband Global SATCOM

3 Questions You Must Ask in a Job Interview

Hybrid Race Car of Transistors Debuts

Images Reveal Effects of Radiation on Magnesium

ECSEL to Put $4.8B into European Electronics

Regulating Electron 'Spin' May Be Key to Making Organic Solar Cells Competitive

RFID in High Tech 2013 to Feature NFC Workshop

Increased fmax Oscillation for ETH Double-Heterostructure Transistor

IBM Scientists Show Blueprints for Brain-Like Computing

AMSAT Issues Second Call for Annual Meeting Papers

Bubbles Are New Lenses for Nanoscale Light Beams

Apple's Shift in Chip Strategy Boosts Semiconductor Foundry Business

Perseid Meteor Shower to Light up Night Sky This Weekend


Boeing to Begin Producing All-Electric Satellites (hamster power finally abandoned)

World's Best (and worst) Scientific Institutions Ranked by Discipline

Tiny Bendy Power Supply for Even Smaller Portable Electronics

Guided Growth of Nanowires Leads to Self-Integrated Circuits

Doppler Effect Takes a Spin

GSA Confirms 200 LTE Networks are Commercially Launched in 76 Countries

LinkedIn Has Changed Job Hunting

Magnetic Switching Simplified

Molex Intros Rugged, Low-Low Coax for Military Radar and Radio

Laser Sculpting Increases Nitride LED Extraction up to 46%

Squeezed Light Produced Using Silicon Micromechanical System

Quantum Communication Controlled by Resonance in 'Artificial Atoms'

Growth in Ownership of Smartphones and Tablets Appears Largely Android-Driven

Apple's Smartphone Market Share Dips to 13.2% Ahead of New iPhone

U.S. Consortium Forming on Industrial Internet

GM Chops $5,000 from Chevy Volt Price (still costs same to produce - Gov't Motors aka taxpayer to eat even more of cost)


Researchers Trace Cellphone by Its Digital Fingerprint

Average Age of Owning 1st Phone Has Dropped 6 Years in the UK

Battery Design Gets boost from Aligned Carbon Nanotubes

Universal Law for Light Absorption in 2-D Semiconductors

AO-7 'Zombie' Satellite Again Enjoying Its Time in the Sun

NFC-Enabled Refrigerator Shares Data with Mobile Phones

Diamonds Are a Laser Scientist's New Best Friend

Google Keeps Scanning, Even When Android WiFi is OFF

Q2 European Semi Sales up 3.8% on Q1

Laser Scanner Could Help Pilots Avoid Atmospheric Turbulence

Doppler Effect Takes a Spin

Ethernet Backbone in Car: Hype or Reality?

UK Teen Crowned World Microsoft Word 2007 Champion

Miniature Mona Lisa Measures Less Than a Human Hair in Width

The Sun is About to Flip

Fort Hood Shooter Major Nidal Hasan Who Murdered 13 U.S. Soldiers While Yelling "Allahu Akbar" Gets Daily DoD-Paid Helicopter Rides to Prepare His Own Defense (we are suckers for disarming troops on base)


NFC Ads Now on Restaurant Tables (nowhere to hide)

Hidden Magnetic Waves Discovered in High-Temperature Superconductors

Bluetooth-Enabled Luxury Toilet Easily Hacked (careful who's in the stall next to you)

Stretchiness Measurement Could Improve Graphene Reach

8 Mistakes You Should Never Make on LinkedIn

Universities Prepare for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Demand (wish that was the case 25 years ago when I was student)

GM Plans to Give Developers Access to Vehicle Data

China's Top 5 Vendors Account for 20% of World's Smart Phone Shipments

Semiconductor Sales Booming

Navy Uses UAV Data to Improve Performance and Stealth Qualities of Communications and Radar

Steep Cable Price Hikes Could Soon Make Cord-Cutting a Reality (is $273/mo. really the average bill? - yow!)

New Research Aids Ability to Predict Solar Storms

Freeing Government Airwaves for Commercial Wireless Required Now

ARISS Logs Several Successful Ham Radio Contacts with ISS Crew

3/4 of Australians Currently Own a Smartphone; 93% by 2018

ReRAM Startup Bets on Silver


Obama Administration Overturns Ban on Apple Products (does this bother you just a little bit?)

Hackers Easily Break into 'Smart Homes'

NASA May Compete for Crowdfunding (maybe we can get a manned-vehicle by begging)

Army Eyes New, Lightweight Radio System

World's Lightest and Thinnest Circuits Pave Way for Imperceptible Electronics'

Math Advances Raise the Prospect of Internet Security Crisis

Antique Wireless Association Combines Convention, New Museum Opening

Big Changes in Semi Top 20

Talking Robot Astronaut Heads to International Space Station

iPhone Reprieve Seen Aiding Apple Sales, Hurting Samsung

An Infallible Quantum Measurement

Thai Regulator Plans Auction of 1800 MHz Spectrum Next September

Google Ups Its Game Against Apple with New Smartphone

Effort to End E.U. Roaming Fees Gains Momentum

Appetite Growing for Private LTE, but Market Yet to Take Off

When Fluid Dynamics Mimic Quantum Mechanics


GPS Spoof Nudges Ocean-Faring Yacht off Course

Foreign IC Companies to Represent 70% of China's IC Production in 2017

Russia PM Reprimands Space Chief for Launch Failures

Mysterious Hum Heard Around the World Drives People Insane

RF Micro Devices Grows 45% Year-Over-Year, Delivers Record Revenue


Samsung Smart TVs Hacked to Remotely Activate Camera to Watch You

Moto X 'Always Listening' Phone Launched by Google's Motorola

Military Considers Sharing Radar Frequencies with Wireless Networks

Why Aren't Our STEM Graduates Hired?

LinkedIn's Profits Soar as User Growth Accelerates

Conman Cons Woman into Buying Apples Instead of iPhones (reminds me of this, "There's a sucker born every minute" - PT Barnum, maybe)

Lawsuits Drive Patent Market

Europe Calls for More WI-Fi Spectrum to Be Released

SIM Card Hack Inspires Quick Fix by Carriers

1:3 Smartphones Now Come with NFC

Android 80% Market Share, Windows Phone at Global High, iPhone Languishes

DoD Considering 'Modernization Holiday'

USAF Set Sights on Reducing Size and Cost of NexGen AESA Radar

AT&T Committed to Finding 700 MHz Interoperability Solution

Weightlessness of Space Brings Unforeseen Power-Management Challenges

Hold onto You Wallet - Healthcare Prices Soaring (so much for 'affordable' health care)

Taxpayers to Subsidize 75% of Congress Member & Staff oCare Cost (while paying for all of our own, and for all the Welfare recipients)


Vandals Topple Radio Tower

Massive Solar Flare Narrowly Misses Earth, EMP Disaster Barely Avoided

The Ultimate Sign It's Time to Leave Your Job

60 GHz WiFi Startup Funded for IP Push

Novel Hollow-Core Optical Fiber to Enable High-Power Military Sensors

Living Room TV 'Making a Comeback'

Navy Drone Research Could Lead to Better Radar Communication

New Snowden Leak: NSA Program Taps All You Do Online (gee, who would have thought it?)

NSA Chief Says U.S. Phone, Web Surveillance Sets “Standard for Other Countries”

After Higgs Breakthrough, CERN Readies for Next Cosmic Quest

Bribing Among Airline Passengers Reaches New Heights

Starbucks Ditches AT&T for Google's Free Wi-Fi (I use free Google Voice for landline phone)

Almost 600,000 Base Stations to Be Upgraded to LTE-A by 2018

Beyond .Com: Some See Confusion in Internet Domain Expansion

Overvoltage Transients: The Silent Killer

Jordan Government Faces Lawsuit over Doubling of Mobile Phone Taxes