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RF Cafe Espresso Engineering Workbook™
Current version is 9.21.2023 - check back often for updates

Newest Additions: Added Microstrip and Stripline calculators.

Important: The "runtime-files" folder must be extracted from the ZIP file along with the main XLSM spreadsheet file.

Espresso Engineering Workbook: Homepage - RF Cafe


Microstrip / Stripline Calculator (Espresso Engineering Workbook) - RF Cafe

Microstrip / Stripline

Resistors, Inductor, Capacitor Combinations (Espresso Engineering Workbook) - RF Cafe

RLC Combinations

Espresso Engineering Workbook: Cascaded System - RF Cafe

Cascaded System Calculator

Espresso Engineering Workbook: Delta-Wye - RF Cafe

Delta-Wye Calculator

Espresso Engineering Workbook: Inductance - RF Cafe

Inductance Calculator

Espresso Engineering Workbook: Frequency Conversion - RF Cafe

Frequency Conversion Calculator

Espresso Engineering Workbook: Noise Figure - RF Cafe

Noise Figure Calculator

2-Way Path Loss, Espresso Engineering Workbook - RF Cafe - RF Cafe

2-Way Path Loss Calculator

Espresso Engineering Workbook: Radar Blind Speed - RF Cafe

Radar Blind Speed Calculator

Espresso Engineering Workbook: Rectangular Cavity Resonance - RF Cafe

Rectangular Cavity Resonance Calculator

Espresso Engineering Workbook: Smith Chart - RF Cafe

Smith Chart

Espresso Engineering Workbook: Voltage Divider - RF Cafe

Voltage Divider Calculator

Espresso Engineering Workbook: VSWR | Return Loss | Gamma - RF Cafe

VSWR | Return Loss | Gamma Calculator

Espresso Engineering Workbook: VBA Code - RF Cafe

VBA Code Sample

Helical Resonator Calculator (Espresso Engineering Workbook) - RF Cafe

Helical Resonator

Coaxial Cable Calculator (Espresso Engineering Workbook) - RF Cafe

Coaxial Cable

Complex Numbers, Espresso Engineering Workbook - RF Cafe

Complex Numbers

Attenuators, Espresso Engineering Workbook - RF Cafe - RF Cafe

Attenuator Calculator

Directional Couplers, Espresso Engineering Workbook - RF Cafe - RF Cafe

Directional Coupler Calculator

Espresso Engineering Workbook: Doppler Shift - RF Cafe

Doppler Shift Calculator

Filters, Espresso Engineering Workbook - RF Cafe - RF Cafe

Filter Calculator

Near Fields, Espresso Engineering Workbook - RF Cafe - RF Cafe

Near Field Calculator

1-Way Path Loss, Espresso Engineering Workbook - RF Cafe - RF Cafe

1-Way Path Loss Calculator

Propagation Time, Espresso Engineering Workbook - RF Cafe - RF Cafe

Propagation Time Calculator

Radar Horizon, Espresso Engineering Workbook - RF Cafe - RF Cafe

Radar Horizon Calculator

Skin Depth, Espresso Engineering Workbook - RF Cafe - RF Cafe

Skin Depth Calculator

Units Conversions, Espresso Engineering Workbook - RF Cafe - RF Cafe

Units Conversion Calculators

Voltage Conversions, Espresso Engineering Workbook - RF Cafe - RF Cafe

Voltage Conversion Calculator

The first major new release of RF Cafe's spreadsheet (Excel) based engineering and science calculator is now available - Espresso Engineering Workbook™ (click to download). Since 2002, the original Calculator Workbook has been available as a free download. Continuing the tradition, RF Cafe Espresso Engineering Workbook™ is also provided at no cost, compliments of my generous sponsors.

The original calculators are included, but with a vastly expanded and improved user interface. Error-trapped user input cells help prevent entry of invalid values. An extensive use of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA*) functions now do most of the heavy lifting with calculations, and facilitates a wide user-selectable choice of units for voltage, frequency, speed, temperature, power, wavelength, weight, etc. In fact, a full page of units conversion calculators is included. A particularly handy feature is the ability to specify the the number of significant digits to display. Drop-down menus are provided for convenience.

Now that a more expandable basis has been created, I plan to add new calculators on a regular basis.

For the time being, the worksheets and VBA code are password protected. At some point, a version might be made available with full access, but during the development stage, I prefer to not expose all my hard work for easy poaching.

Note that the ZIP file includes both the XLSM spreadsheet file and a folder named "runtime-files." The folder is required for the spreadsheet to run.

A lot of effort has been expended validating calculations, including references from books, magazines, and other software. As always, you are advised to check results against other sources if something seems off. If you do find an error, please report it to me ASAP so it can be corrected with the next release.

The file is in an xlsx format compatible back to Excel 2007 - and it may work for even earlier versions.

Espresso Engineering Workbook Sponsors Pane - RF CafeIn appreciation for the sponsors, a separate window pane is displayed with hyperlinked thumbnails to their website. All current sponsors are represented, so the mix will change over time as companies change. The window cannot be closed, but it can be moved anywhere on the screen if you need to get it out of the way.

* Note: Because VBA code is used, you must allow Excel security to enable macros.

This edition includes the following calculators:

  • Attenuator Calculator

  • Cascaded System Calculator

  • Coaxial Cable Calculator

  • Complex Number Calculator

  • Delta-Wye Calculator

  • Directional Coupler Calculator

  • Frequency Conversion Calculator

  • Doppler Shift Calculator

  • Filter Calculator

  • Helical Resonator Calculator

  • Microstrip & Stripline Calculator

  • Noise Figure Calculator

  • Near Field Calculator

  • 1-Way Path Loss Calculator

  • 2-Way Path Loss Calculator

  • Propagation Time Calculator

  • Radar Blind Speed Calculator

  • Radar Horizon Calculator

  • Rectangular Cavity Resonance Calculator

  • RLC Combinations Calculator

  • Skin Depth Calculator

  • Units Conversion Calculators

  • Voltage Divider Calculator

  • VSWR | Return Loss | Gamma Calculator

  • Voltage Conversion Calculator



Posted on September 21, 2023

Innovative Power Products Resistors Terminations

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