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Tech Headline News Archive - July 2016

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Improving Internet with Mid-Wavelength Infrared

The Big Internet Brands of the '90s — Where Are They Now?

Apple Sees iPhone Sales Drop Again

Blackberry Battles on with Dtek50 Android Phone

Globalstar CEO Keeps Pressure on FCC to Allow TLPS

Ericsson's CEO Resigns with Immediate Effect


5G Could Have Slow Take-up After 2020

Apple Files Patent Application for Hybrid Acoustic EMI Foam

Evolving Flip-Chip Technology Boosting Markets

Ofcom to Separate BT and Openreach

Wafer Bonding to Integrate Si, GaAs, and GaN

Police Want 3D Prints of Dead Man's Fingers to Unlock Phone


News Flash! - RF Cafe ADI to Acquire Linear Tech for $14.8B

VC Funding up But Deals Down

'Poison Pill' Fuels Speculation of Micron Takeover

FCC Notice of Violation Alleges Malicious Interference, Transmitting Music, Failure to Identify

Record Lifetime for Silicon-Air Battery

EFF Sues U.S. Government over DMCA


China Bans Internet News Reporting

Chip Equipment Spending to Stay Flat in 2016

Computers Will Use All the World's Energy by 2040

Verizon Agrees to $5B Yahoo Deal

1:4 Adopts Wireless Charging on Mobile Devices

Japan Makes Its Last VCR Machine (end of another era)


6 Things Every Engineer Should Know

Germany Shows Decline in Amateur Radio Numbers

U.S. Cyber Command Readies for 1st Troop Deployment

Qorvo Powers 5G Field Trials with Industry Leading Infrastructure Solutions

Passive Attitude Control for Small Satellites

Science Group Warns of Shortcomings in U.S. Missile Defense


Qualcomm: We're Working at a Feverish Pace to Develop 5G Tech

GaN Substrate Market Estimated at over $4B by 2020

U.S. Regulators Pave Way for Speedy Next-Gen 5G Networks

NUS Scientists Develops Plastic Flexible Magnetic Memory Device

Apple vs. Samsung Is So Over

Weird Quantum Effects Can Travel Hundreds of Miles


Tesla Again Spurns Lidar, Betting Instead on Radar

LTE-U Program Proceeding Faster Than Typical Wi-Fi Alliance Plan

Korea Set to Fine Qualcomm $900M

Artificial Intelligence Swarms Silicon Valley on Wings and Wheels

Ham Radio 2016 in Friedrichshafen Attracts Bumper Crowd

Exploring Superconducting Properties of 3-D Printed Parts


5G Research Gets U.S. Call

Pushing a Single-Molecule Switch

Novel Advancements in Radiation Tolerance of HEMTs

Details of Space Mission Force Available from USAF Space Command

England's Brexit Vote Will Ripple Through EU Tech Market

Cellular IC Market to Grow 6.7% CAGR 2015-19


Air Force Looks to Upgrade Its EW Jammers

BAE Systems Stepping up as Major EW Systems Contender

Organic Computers Are Coming

More Job Automation But More Jobs Too, Say U.S. Tech CEOs

Business Inventories at Highest Level to Sales Since the Crisis

German Police Target Social Media Hate Crime in Coordinated Raids (Nazi tactics against Nazism?)


FCC OKs Sweeping Spectrum Frontiers Rules to Open up Nearly 11 GHz of Spectrum

Navy Explores Cryogenic RF Technologies

IARU Suspends Amateur Radio Association of Bahrain

Simulating Electronics for Extreme Environments

Does AI Have a 'White Guy' Bias? (anyone else tired of 'white guy' bashing?)

Rubbery Metal Mesh Protects Bodies from Impacts


Optimized Defects Yield Better Superconducting Effects

Verizon Completes '5G Specification'

Brexit Vote Prompts Reduced Chip Market Forecast (right, like the forecasted stock market crash that didn't happen)

Raytheon Piles on Cyber, Electronic Warfare Protections

3D Images Using Just 1 Photon Per Pixel

Google Dabbles in Post-Quantum Cryptography


Judge Outlaws Warrantless Use of Cellphone-Tracking Device

Europe Approves New Trans-Atlantic Data Transfer Deal

Magnetic Field Makes Better Li-Ion Battery for Electric Vehicles

NASA Eyes Carbon-Nanotube Mirrors for CubeSat Telescope

Should You Care If 15-19 Year Olds Shun Radio?

U.S. PC Sales Show Surprising Strength


CTIA Blasts Satellite Industry's Complaints About 5G Spectrum

FCC Amateur Radio Application Processing Problem Continues

New Navigation Tech Keeps Soldiers Without GPS on Track

Atomic Bits Despite Zero-Point Energy?

Relativistic Electrons Trapped Within Graphene Quantum Dots

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Nearly Finalized (Aug 2 release)


Brexit: Engineering Sector Mobilises for Action

AT&T Presses for Multiple Licensees in 28 GHz Band

Thieves Using Laptops to Hack into and Steal Cars

U.S. Will Be at Forefront in Disruption of Manufacturing

House Energy and Commerce Committee Action on Amateur Radio Parity Act Reset for July 12

'Carbon Nanobrush' Expected to Improve Battery Performance


Boeing Opposes Proposed Max 75 dBm Tx Power for 5G Base Stations

EU Telcos Offer to Ramp up 5G in Return for Watered-down Net Neutrality

Chip Sales Remain Stagnant

U.S./EU Data Privacy Shield Approved

Microsoft Sets DNA Strand Data Storage Record

Brexit, Russian Threat Shape Farnborough; F-35 Dominates Show


New Microwave, UHF Distance Records Set on Same Day

India Splits Communications and IT Ministries

FCC Investigating Amateur Radio, Commercial Application Processing Glitch

Straight Path: Lockheed Martin 'Simply Wrong' About 37/39 GHz Band

U.S. Lacking on Networked Cities List

Global Semiconductor Sales up Slightly in May


Israel's High Tech Boom Threatened by Shallow Labor Pool

Small Cells to Give London Data Capacity It Needs

Navy Names 21 Companies to $750M C2 Contract

Two Radio Amateurs Set to Head for the International Space Station

Apple Sued in China over Showing of War Film from 1990s

Most Manufacturers Use Antiquated Tools to Manage Their Parts


1000s of Job-Seeking Women to Receive Free Wi-Fi Access

Army's New Rapid Capabilities Office Studies Electronic Warfare Boost

FCC's OET Clarifies Emissions Compliance Testing for RF LED Lighting Devices

DARPA Looks to Improve Tracking of Objects in Space

Google-Backed Undersea Cable Now Connects U.S., Japan

Tech Tax: San Fran Mulls Taxing the Rich to House the Poor


Qualcomm Offers 6 GHz RFICs for Early 5G Launch

Intel Renews Deal with Irish Research

Why Wi-Fi Stinks—and How to Fix It

FCC Makes 4x Licensed, 'Flexible Use' Spectrum in Spectrum Frontiers Move

Study Helps Unveil Negative Effect of Radiation on Biological Tissues

Samsung Touts Breakthrough in 5G-Ready Antenna, PA at 28 GHz


Nano-Structured InGaN LED Yields White Light

SK Telecom and Ericsson Demonstrate Software-Defined Infrastructure for 5G

AMSAT Symposium 2016 Issues First Call for Papers

Findings Show Gender, Not Race, a Factor in Engineering Dropouts


Text Messaging with Smartphones Triggers New Type Brain Rhythm

UL Releases UL 810B, Standard for DC Power Capacitors

Qualcomm Offers 6 GHz Radio Chips for Early 5G Launch

"Warning" Notices to ARRL E-Mail Users Are Bogus

Army Anti-Artillery Radar Tracks UAVs

Tech Makes Its Pitch to the Education Community


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