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Technical Headline News Archive - March 2013

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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USPTO Announces 2013 National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees

Sound Cloaks Enter the Third Dimension

Why I Think LinkedIn Endorsements Will Be Dead by the End of the Year

Verizon Ready for LTE Small-Cell Advance

Alchemy? Scientists Discover Method for Selectively Creating Elements from Fissile Mass Fragments


Domestic Electricity Meters Also Delivering Municipal Wi-Fi Coverage (your house will be a wi-fi hot spot whether you like it or not)

Engineers Enable 'Bulk' Silicon to Emit Visible Light for the First Time

Egypt Arrests as Undersea Internet Cable Cut off Alexandria

NZ Telecom Cuts Jobs, Restructures to Improve Competitiveness

Northrop Grumman Joins DARPA Sensor-Fusion Program to Reduce Military Reliance on GPS

DARPA Envisions the Future of Machine Learning

Chinese Regulator Calls for Tighter Supervision of Apple

Theorists Find Junctions in Polycrystalline Graphene Sap Its Strength

SPIE Urges Congress to Boost Jobs, Economy Through Photonics Support (yeah, like with solar - we pay development, China produces, we lose)

Nearly Half of U.S. Commuters Admit to Texting While Driving

Adults Text More Than Teens While Driving

Russian RFID Tag Company Reaches for Worldwide Audience

Light May Recast Copper as Chemical Industry 'Holy Grail'

Green Peak's Radio Chip Touts Wi-Fi, ZigBee Coexistence

SiLabs Aims for Chinese Radio Makers

Google Decision Going into Local Delivery Business

Can Small Reactors Ignite a Nuclear Renaissance?


Google Leads 'White-Space' Trial in South Africa

Why IBM Made a Liquid Transistor

Automatic Backup for GPS Successfully Demonstrated in Jamming Trial

Two Hams Scheduled to Head to ISS This Week

Semiconductor 'Shish Kabob' Nanostructures Combine Properties from Different Dimensions

Where in the World Are Windows Phones Outselling iPhones?

Learning Causes Physical Damage to the Brain

Open Radio Competition Produces New Harris Model

HTC Receives 'Several Hundred Thousand' U.S. Pre-Orders for One Smartphone

How Hard Is It to 'De-Anonymize' Cellphone Data?

Privacy 'Impossible' With Google Glass Warn Campaigners

U.S. Law to Restrict Government Purchases of Chinese IT Equipment

2014 Will See 500m NFC Devices in Use

UK Smart Grid Trial Generates Positive Consumer Feedback (who needs privacy when the gov't can decide everything for you?)

TI Claims Chip Will Cut Smartphone Charge Time in Half

Calif. Administrator Receives $423,664 a Year Pension


Web Slows Under 'Biggest Attack Ever'

Laser Empties Atoms from the Inside Out

New Process to Make Nanospheres

Night Owls Are Both Brighter and Wealthier Than Early Risers (Poor Richard's not too happy about this)

Seamless Wi-Fi Offload Offers Promise for Capacity, Cost

LinkedIn Lets Users Cast Wider Search Net

New 3-D Display Could Let Phones and Tablets Produce Holograms

Gang Who Targeted Mobile Phone Stores Sentenced (homies in UK know shop owners can't even keep a baseball bat for protection - congratulations)

Why Are TV Remotes So Terrible?

Measuring the Magnetism of Antimatter

NIST Tests Highlight Potential Hazards of Green Laser Pointers

'Metascreen' Forms Ultra-Thin Invisibility Cloak

U. of Central Florida Launches New Undergrad Program in Photonics

Breakthrough in Race to Create 'Bio-Batteries'

He Has Millions and a New Job at Yahoo. Soon, He'll Be 18.

T-Mobile USA Removes Subsidies in Bid to Shake up Wireless Market

Eagle Death at Nevada Wind Farm Brings Federal Scrutiny (this is news?)


Copper-Based Screen Cloaks Objects from Microwaves

ZTE Completes World's First LTE Civil Aviation Ground-Air Broadband Test

DARPA Looking for Answers to Protect Wireless Defense Networks

Paint-on Plastic Electronics: Aligning Polymers for High Performance

Study Shows How Easy It Is to Determine Someone's Identity with Cellphone Data

Nanowires Suck up Light from Around Them

Luring Young Cyberwarriors Is a U.S. Priority.

Open That iPad Before You Buy It

FCC to Auction 1695-1710 MHz and 1755-1780 MHz Bands as Early as 2014

Student Loan Write-Offs Hit $3B in First 2 Months of 2013 (those <Fill in the blank> Studies degrees net burger flipping - or government if lucky - jobs)

FCC Grants ARRL's Request for Temporary Waiver for TDMA Systems

Classic Bluetooth Devices to See Fastest Growth Outside of Mobile Handsets

Info Superhighway Reaches Light Speed

Google Makes 'Ungoogleable' Unusable in Sweden

Mind-Bending Optical Illusions

EU Savings Accounts Open to Raiding to Save the € (assumption is you are 'rich' if you have savings even if due to frugalness and self-sacrifice - like with me)


Study Warns on Mobile Location Data Privacy

Low-Noise Amplifier Can Detect Radiation Traces

Observing Electrons in Real-Time Could Lead to Faster Computing

FAA May Loosen Curbs on Fliers' Use of Electronics

Particle Research Could Lead to Controllable Nuclear Batteries

FCC Stays Neutral on Whether Wireless Market is Competitive

Microchip Adapts to Severe Damage

Amateur Radio at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention

What Is Nothing? Physicists Debate (a very good question, since cosmologists say that is what the universe came from)

MIDS JTRS Now Fielding Its First Airborne Platform

Apple Facing European Investigation over iPhone Pricing

InfoChip Adds Sniper Device for Reading Tiny Tags with NFC Phones

Nanowire Solar Cells Raise Efficiency Limit

China 'to Overtake America by 2016'

Apple Can Now Track You Indoors

$500M Aid for Palestinians, While Closing 150 FAA Control Towers in U.S. & Furloughing U.S. Workers


Pentagon Shoots Down Dump-BlackBerry Rumor

Estonia's Student Cubesat Satellite Ready for Next Vega Launch

North American Semi Equipment Industry Posts February 2013 Book-to-Bill 1:1.1

Mexico Lower House Passes Telco Reform Bill

New Chinese President to the West: Don't Meddle in Foreign Affairs (while their lobbyists buy off our politicians)


FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski Says He Will Step Down

China to Create Home-Grown Operating System (COS or Chinux?)

Nanotube Vibration Could Act as Data Storage

International RFID Institute Prepares Certification Program

A Strange Computer Promises Great Speed

BlackBerry Z10 Comes to Carriers

EU Regulator Monitors Apple iPad and iPhone Distribution

Nokia Boss Throws Away an Apple iPhone on TV

Want Your Company to Grow? Fire Your Managers!

Fantastic Flash Memory Combines Graphene and Molybdenite

LTE Broadcast Technology Prepares to Shine

VOA Radiogram Officially Launches This Weekend

No Map? No GPS? No Problem

Pew: "We Stand by Our Research on HD Radio"

Microsoft Opens up on Law Enforcement Requests

Personality Clue to 'Wind Turbine Syndrome'


USA Tech Firm Outsourcing to Reach Record Levels in 2013 (our citizens don't need those jobs, right?)

TSA Tested, Scrapped Program That Tracked Bluetooth Devices

China's ZTE Ranked Top in Patent Applications for2nd Year

Foxconn International Posts Biggest-Ever Loss in 2012 (those suicide nets on buildings are darned expensive)

Your Next Smartphone Screen May Be Made of Sapphire

Thuraya SatSleeve Brings Satellite Connectivity to the iPhone

Variable-Property Metamaterial Has Optical Application Potential

Fantastic Flash Memory Combines Graphene and Molybdenite

Planck's Most Detailed Map Ever Reveals an Almost Perfect Universe

Time to Market: A Tale of 2 Products

> Billion/2 Connected Devices in U.S. Homes

Wireless Dongle Transfers 40 Mbyte/s Without Wi-Fi

LTE Broadcast Technology Prepares to Shine

Copyright Law Needs Broad Digital Overhaul

Whole Internet Probed for Insecure Devices

DHS to Let Saudi Passengers Skip Normal Passport Controls (while cavity-searching your grandmother)


India to Emerge As the Electronics Manufacturing Services Hub in Asia

Hughes Demonstrates Satcom Through Rotor Blades on Military Helicopters (circular polarization?)

Nanofabrication Technique Doubles Hard Drive Capacity

Walmart Adds iPhone Scan-and-Checkout Feature to 12 More Markets

German Student Creates Device That Harvests Energy from Air

Research Shows Potential for Quasicrystals

Quantum Computer Could Tackle Prime Number Mystery

ARRL Announces a Campaign for Its Second Century

LTE Availableby 156 Carriers, 67 Countries, 1.8 GHz Band Dominates

DARPA to Brief Industry on Network Security to Operate Through Bad Wireless Nodes

Math Careers Just Don't Add up For Women

Alloy Has Potential for Electronics in Oil, Gas and Geothermal Wells

U.S. Said to Look into Microsoft Bribery Allegations

Hong Kong Regulator Announces Winners of Radio Spectrum Auction

S. Korean Banks and Media Suspect N. Korea in Massive Computer Network Crash

Survey: Apple Brand Less 'Inspiring' (I never bit on the Apple apple, iTunes movies download severely slowly)


Unwanted Electronic Gear Rising in Toxic Piles

Samsung Confirms Smart Watch as Apple War Moves to Wrist

Negative-Charge Carrying Molecular Structures Created

China, India Outspending U.S. in Semiconductors

'Sandwich' Effect Unlocks Low-Cost Laser Material

Successful Test Production of Graphene Paper Announced

Inside Secure Introduces Dual Interface NFC Tag

Operators Increasingly Abolishing Handset Subsidies, Turning to Financing

ARRL Executive Committee Focused on FCC and Regulatory Items at March Meeting

DARPA Seeks More Robust Military Wireless Networks

New Microscope Measures Nanomagnet Property Vital to 'Spintronics'

Why Low PIM Is Critical for High-Performance DAS

Cambridge-Based Smartphone Chip Designer Boss to Retire

36% of U.S. Subscribers Might Ditch Their Carrier in Next 12 Months

Here's Where They Make China's Cheap Android Smartphones

FBI Arrests NASA Contractor Employee Trying to Flee to China (what did they expect; why was he there in the first place? morons)


1,600 Jobs at Stake As ST-Ericsson to Be Split Up

FCC Cracks Down on Cell Phone Robocalls

Army Eyes VHF Aircraft Radar Able to Detect Hidden IEDs from Altitudes as High as 25,000 Feet

Internet Pioneers Win Engineering Prize (notice how same people win all the different prizes)

Self-Assembled Nanostructures Enable a Low-Power Phase-Change Memory for Mobile Electronic Devices

Handset Replacement Cycles Haven't Changed in 2 Years

Mobile Phone Use While Driving More Prevalent in U.S.

London School of Fashion Tackles Fabric Sensors

How Not to Launch Your Biggest Tech Product Ever

Who Made That Cellphone?

Internet's 'Bad Neighborhoods' Identified

U.S. Mobile Data Revenues Exceeded $20 Billion in Last 3 Months of 2012

Intel Leads Surprise Inventory Decline

For Investors, Mobile Startup Boom Gives Way to Caution

Helium-3 and Lunar Power for Earth Reactors

Verizon Looks to Turn TV Fee Rules on Their Heads


Google Glass: The Opposition Grows

U.S. to Deploy More Ground-Based Missile Interceptors as North Korea Steps up Threats (this is 'Star Wars' technology lampooned in 1980s by many on Capitol Hill today)

NIST Mechanical Micro-Drum Used as Quantum Memory

$14 Trillion Opportunity in Internet of Things

'Metasurfaces' to Usher in New Optical Technologies

Mystery Motorola-Google Phone Dials up Web Speculation


Qualcomm Expected to Ignite CMOS PA Market

Army Unit Bound for Afghanistan to Use First on-the-Move Comms Network

4G Interference Organization Founded

Samsung Galaxy S4 Eye-Tracking Smartphone Unveiled

Nanoscale Spinning Magnetic Droplets Created

Power Sensor First to Measure DC to 110 GHz Range

Quantum Teleportation Performed with Light from a Quantum Dot Embedded in an LED

Mexico's Telecom Reform Clears First Hurdle in Congress

Smallest Vibration Sensor in the Quantum World

13 New Solutions Found to Newtonian 3-Body Orbit Problem

Voice of America to Test Digital Transmissions This Weekend

Here's Where They Make China's Cheap Android Smartphones

Teen Sexting, the Gender Gap

Lack of Bandwidth, Interoperability Slow Video Collaboration Adoption

NPL Takes Lab Metrology out to the Smart Grid

Electrons Behaving Like a Particle and a Wave


Mystery Customer Places Order for 1,000,000 BlackBerry Smartphones

CERN Physicists Say New Particle is Higgs Boson (they really mean it this time)

Average UK Broadband Speeds Hit Double Figures

'RFduino' Joins Open-Source RF Movement

10,000 NFC Ad Panels Go Live Across the UK

Consumers Want Radio in the Dash

37% of U.S. Teens Now Have a Smartphone

Developing Nations Put Nuclear on Fast-Forward (while we erect windmills - literally Quixotic)

Overheard Phone Calls More Memorable, Rated More Distracting Than Other Background Talking

Rechargeable Metal-Air Batteries Head to Market

NASA Starts Making Plutonium Again

'Serendipitous Interaction' Key To Tech Firms' Workplace Design

Overheating Caused Outlook and Hotmail Shutdown

How to Transmit Light Instead of Electricity on PC Boards

Researchers Find 25 Countries Using Surveillance Software


Global Military Comms and COTS Market Valued at $17.4 Billion

Flexible, Semitransparent Power Source Made with Novel Comb-Teeth Structure

Taking Transistors into a New Dimension

Bulk of India's Mobile Internet Access Takes Place in the Evening

Coherent Propagation of Single Spin Impurity in Chain of Ultracold Atoms

The Real Tech Action is in Emerging Markets

Increasing Electronics Reliability with Conformal Coatings

SAIC, Vadum Join DARPA EW Initiative to Counter Programmable Adaptive Radar

Marvell Ordered to Pay $1.2 Billion in Patent Case

Radio Dropping Rates to Get the Buy

New International Safety Requirements for Lab Equipment

FCC Approves T-Mobile/MetroPCS Merger

Valley of Death Blocks Start-ups, Says Commons.

Colombia Plans 4G License Auction in June

Google Hit by $7 Million Street View Fine

46.6 Million U.S. Residents on Food Stamps in 2012 (up from 28.2 M in 2008 - definitely change, little hope)


China's Lenovo Mulls Takeover Bid for BlackBerry Manufacturer (what!?!)

French Team Unveils 3D Nano-Transistor

Shining a Spotlight on Female Engineers

Creating Indestructible Self-Healing Circuits

Room-Temperature Electrically Powered Nanolasers

GM and Ford Committed to In-Dash Radio

LTE Finally Launches in Chile

6.6% Semi Growth for 2013

Yahoo's Mayer Gets Internal Flak for Snubbing Job Candidates Not from Prestigious Schools

Super Nanowire Composite Solves 'Valley of Death' Riddle

Air Force Scours Industry for Replacement Part to B-2 Bomber Communications System

Mexico to Revamp Telecoms Regulator to Break up Monopoly Markets

China Working with U.S. For New-Type Relations

Will Wireless Compete with Broadband?

On the Ball in Sports with Electronics Sensor and Wireless Charging Technology

Jimmy Kimmel Man-on-the-Street Interview Video Re the Sequester (yep, these people vote)


Public Rebuke for Noisy Mobile Phone User on Train

New Samsung Galaxy Could Be Controlled by the Eyes

Chip Wars Could Drive Mobile Customers Nuts

Electronic Sensors Printed Directly on the Skin

New Player in Electron Field Emitter Technology Makes for Better Communications

Graphene Researchers Create 'Superheated' Water That Can Corrode Diamonds

Scammers' New Target: Your Cell Phone

Harvard Search of E-Mail Stuns Its Faculty Members

MTS Sole Bidder for Indian 800 MHz Spectrum Auction

AT&T to Begin Taking Preorders of BlackBerry Z10 Phone

Celebrating Women in the Electrical Industry

UK's Future Depends on Engineers

Google's Star Rises as Apple Fades

Solved: Riddle of What Has Been Holding Two Unlikely Materials Together

A Cold, Harsh Reality For Radio

Building a Better Battery


Mediatek Trumps Qualcomm in RF with World’s Smallest Transceiver

Czech Telco Regulator Suspends Spectrum Auction

Laser-Processed Sapphire Allows Increased Thickness of HVPE GaN

Long Predicted Atomic Collapse State Observed in Graphene

Army Suspends Tuition Assistance for Troops  --  Colorado to Lower Tuition for Illegals (anyone else see something wrong w/this picture?)


U.S. Seeks More Manufacturing Tech Centers

Gates, Zuckerberg to Kids: Learn to Code

Most Brits Are 'Mobile-Phobic' Abroad

Canada to Auction 700 MHz Spectrum November 19

Apple Could Ditch Samsung for Intel in Chip Production

Microchip Markets RFID Technology that Transmits via the Human Body

Motorola Mobility to Cut 1,200 Jobs Amid More Restructuring

DARPA Releases Solicitation for Program to Reuse Parts from Orbiting Dead Satellites

Method to Avoid Decoherence in a Quantum System

Reding Fights U.S. to Protect Europeans' Data Rights

Government Takes Legal Action Over Phone Spam

A Shrinking Garmin Navigates the Smartphone Storm

Metamaterial Brings Extra Clarity to Ultrasound Images

Look for Comet Pan-STARRS in Western Sky Tonight

80% of NTC High School Grads Can't Read (only $19k spent per pupil there - more taxes needed!)

Bees Get a Buzz from Caffeine


Century-Old Mystery Solved: Source of Low-Frequency Electronic 1/f Noise

Wireless Service Spending Increases Among Customers on Faster Networks

Samsung Ranked Top Filer of Patents in Europe

A Startup That Scores Job Seekers, Whether They Know It or Not

Scientists Zero in on Identifying 'God Particle' (media has been acting like Higgs was a done deal)

Thales to Assess Future Military Communications Needs for EU

Record Complaints About Mobile Phone Insurance

3D Smartphones: The Quick Death of a Nascent Technology

IEEE USA: 'We Are a Nation of Immigrants, Not Guest Workers'

Apple Targets Cut as Brokers See Slowdown

Florida Ham Issued $25k Fine for Operating Unlicensed Radio Transmitter, Interfering with Licensed Communications

Searching For a Twist in Neutron Spin Axis, Physicists Find Nothing

SEMI Spending Flat This Year; Up 24% Next Year

Radio Concerned About Losing the Dashboard

U.S. President 'Has Authority to Use Drone Strikes to Kill Americans on U.S. Soil' (no problem)

North Korea Says It Will Launch Nuclear Attack on America (world supposed to love us now that we have the right pres)


Florida Hams Prove that Ham Radio Works When Cell Phones Don't

Telecoms Operators Gain Right to Disclose Deceased Person's Digital Estate to Heirs

Why the Library of Congress Has a Lock on Your Phone

BlackBerry Shares Rise 5%

Researcher Finds Moore's Law and Wright's Law Best Predict How Tech Improves

Google Accused of Dominating Chinese Smartphone Market

You May Now Kiss the Computer Screen (this is weird)

EU Fines Microsoft $730 Million over Browser

What Does the Internet Look Like? There's an App for That

Carbon Nanowires Obtained by Tempering Diamantane Dicarboxylic Acid Inside Carbon Nanotubes (yeah, I was wondering if that would work)

Microsoft Caves to Office 2013 Licensing Backlash

HTC's Sales Drop 44% as Windows Phone Does Little to Slow Decline

GSMA Reports on NFC Experience at MWC

Man Cuts Neighbor's Internet, Phone Lines to Relieve Pressure on His Brain

Radio for Medical Wireless Sensors

Vodafone Boosts U.K. Stocks to 2013 High


Graphene Antennas Would Enable Terabit Wireless Downloads

A Cellphone That Can Be Implanted into the Brain (probably no SAR issues there)

$5.5 Million Worth of Copper Stolen from Rail Cars

UCLA Graphene Supercapitors Could Revolutionize Storage

T-Mobile Might Ditch 2-Year Contract Requirement

Vortex Loops Could Untie Knotty Physics Problems

Dow Fuels Strong Tech Gains; Qualcomm Jumps

DARPA Issues Presolicitation Notice for Satellite Recycling Project

Montana Governor Signs Legislation to Protect Mobile Amateur Radio Operations from Distracted Driving Regulations

RFID Scores High at Australian Open

Micro 3-D Printer Creates Tiny Structures in Seconds

What Unlocked Phones Mean For Businesses

OPEL Announces RF & Microwave Test Results for Both n- and p-Channel Transistors Fabricated in POET GaAs Process

Qualcomm to Buy Back $5 Billion Of its Own Shares

Physicists Make Discovery in the Quantum Realm by Manipulating Light

DARPA Program Seeks to Operate Long-Endurance UAVs from Fleets of Small Ships


Getting Around Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

Where Apps Meet Work, Secret Data Is at Risk

LHC Team Observes First Instance of D-Mesons Oscillating Between Matter and Antimatter

FCC Issues $10,000 Fine to Missouri Man for Unlicensed Operation on 14.312 MHz

Judge Cuts Damages in Apple/Samsung Patent Case by $450M

Global Chip Sales Start Brightly in 2013

Turbulence in a Crystal

Next-Gen Rad-Hard Space Microprocessor to Be Defined by Air Force and NASA

AT&T Notches 2.7B Wi-Fi Connections in 2012

MWC 2013: Putting White Space to Work

Canadian Regulators Agree on New Rules for Base Station Deployments

Magnetoelectrics Could Advance Computer Memory, Ending Reliance on 1s and 0s

When Should You Integrate ZigBee Radio with Your Micro?

Solar Cycle Update: Twin Peaks? (we called them Dolly Parton waveforms in the USAF)

Malware Is Moving from PCs to Mobile Devices

Denmark Wants $1 Billion in Back-Taxes from Microsoft


USPTO and NIST Release New Version of IP Awareness Assessment Tool

Van Allen Radiation Belt Study Reveals Surprises

Logitech Reorganizes to Focus on Mobile Products

Is Your Smartphone Making You Stupid?

Americans See Biggest Monthly Income Drop in 20 Years (as prices go up, up ,up)

High Taxation Causing Americans to Renounce Citizenship, Become British (Canada's looking pretty good to me these days)


5-Year Old Boy Spends $2,600 Bill on iPad Games

Sergey Brin: Smartphones Are 'Emasculating'.(...but Google Glasses will make you a real man?)

DARPA to Brief Industry 18 March on Program to Create RF Phased Array Building Blocks

U.S. Wireless Carriers Move to New Technology—for Voice

Third Radiation Belt Can Wrap Around Earth

Sequester Cuts Could Hit Scientists Hard (but you can bet the oPhones will continue unabated)

Verizon Again Raises Possibility of $100 Billion Vodafone Buy-Out

ITT Exelis Wins International Battlefield Radio Deal

U.S. Teen Designs Compact Nuclear Reactor

Manufacturing Survey Shows Fall in Activity

iPhone 5 with Scratch Resistant Sapphire Screen Demoed

India Hikes Taxes on Premium Mobile Phones

4D Printed Objects 'Make Themselves'

China Accuses U.S. of Hacking Military Sites

West Virginia Taken to the Cleaners by Cisco (yet another Stimulus payola scam)

SpaceX Rocket Heads for ISS




Innovative Power Products Resistors Terminations

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