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Calif. Begins Collecting Tax on Internet Sales

Electronics Supply Chain to Fully Recover from Japan Disaster in Q3

White Space Shown to Provide Broadband to Rural Areas

Charging of Cellphone Leads to Misdemeanor Charges

Space Weather Prediction Center to Continue Broadcasts on WWV and WWVH (HF from Boulder)

North Korea Shuts Down Universities for 10 Months (Communism's great, isn't it!)

North American Orders of Rigid PCBs and Flexible Circuits Drop for 5th Straight Month

Tests Show Wireless Network Could Harm GPS Systems

Lower Roaming Prices in Europe from Tomorrow

Trials of 'Super WiFi' That Uses White space Between TV Channels to Begin in Cambridge

IBM Announces Memory Breakthrough, Develops Multi Bit Phase Change Chips

Thin Film Offers Passive Plastic NVM

You Want to Know How Nokias Are Better Than iPhones?

Telecom New Zealand to Close Its CDMA Network Next Year

Fear of Cyber Crime High in Germany, Digital Blackmail on the Rise

FM for LTE

Copyright Group Creative Commons Targets Web Users

Phased-Array Radar Could Improve Tornado Prediction Times

Google+ Invites Halted Due to 'Insane Demand'

China Opens World's Longest Bridge over Water (yep, in China)


Maths Mutineers Say Number's Up for π (morons)

New Material Promises Faster Electronics

Pen writes Electronic Circuits

Redesigning Solar Power

Oracle Seeking $2.6B from Google for Android Patent Royalties

Ultracapacitor Offers 75-foot Read Range for Passive Tags

Sony's CEO Takes 16% Pay Cut

Physicists Seek to Quantify Macroscopic Quantum States

Deutsche Telekom Awards Custom NFC SIM Development Contract

Fractionated Satellite Technology Algorithms and Standards are Goal of Aurora Flight Sciences Contract

Study Finds Kids Who Surf Internet Are Better Readers (d qix brown fox jumps Ovr d lazy K9)

DARPA and Congress Battle over Spending, Project Priorities

App Store Revenue to Reach Close to $37B by 2015

SATERN Gets New Director

Why the GPS Industry Needs to Work with LightSquared

More Secrecy in Silicon Valley

Google+ Challenges Facebook in Social Network Battle

Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch Scheduled for July 8

NSF Report Tells of Engineers' Creative Work

Google Reveals U.S. Government Leads Way in Private Data Requests

Biggest Tax Avoiders Would Win on Requested Tax Break


Sarkozy Announces $1.43B Nuclear Investment - "No Alternative" to Atomic Power (très intelligent)

Holographic Radar May Allow for Wind Turbines Near Airport

Mobile Patent Auction May Bring More Than $1B

WiGig Shows Progress with 60 GHz Specs

Insecure WiFi at 30,000 Feet

ISS Crew Boards Escape Pods Due to Space Debris

New Solar Cell: Engineers Crack Full-Spectrum Solar Challenge

Android Device Activations Now Exceed 500,000/Day

Researchers Image Graphene Electron Clouds, Revealing How Folds Can Harm Conductivity

Ericsson Runs Live Trials of LTE-Advanced in Sweden

Nanoelectronics Body Doubles 2011 Funds to $250M

Space on a Budget Balances Risk vs. Innovation

Army to Test High-Energy Laser to Defend Against UAVs, Rockets, Mortars, and Artillery

Google Report Reveals British Government Web Snooping

Mobile Payments Users to Grow by 40% to Reach 2.5B Globally by 2015

Driving to Distraction: Texting, Apps and More on the Rise in Cars

Supreme Court to Rule on TV Indecency, GPS Tracking

Blacklist Aims to Block Telecom Fraud

Opera 11.50 Browser Released

Manufacturing Surveys Imply U.S. Economy Has Entered Second Month of (Re)Recession


German Managers 'Keep Phones in Biscuit Tins' During Meetings

Higher Smartphone Use in Canada Than Global Average

In Quest of the Agnostic Radio

Power-Grid Experiment Could Confuse Electric Clocks

UK Tech Firms to Test TV Radio Spectrum for Mobile Broadband Services

This 45-Mile "Wi-Fi" Could Connect a Smarter Power Grid

Microsoft Is Set to Push White Space Networks in the UK

Will a New Patent Troll Emerge from Nortel IP Auction?

Smarter Memory Device Holds Key to Greener Gadgets

FCC Moves to Fight Mystery Fees on Your Phone Bill

Are High Training Costs Holding Service Providers Back in Retail?

Rad-Hardened Electronics Designers Face Increasing Difficulty with Shrinking Chip Geometries

Microsoft In Motion: Should MS Move in on RIM?

NIST Materials Scientist Awarded Kyoto Prize

Opinions Divided on Patent Reform Impact

The Titanium Case That Costs as Much as an iPhone

Without Government Funds One Station Doing Just Fine (let's try it for all of them)

Americans Spend at Weakest Pace in 20 Months

Enter the Dragon to Save the Euro


What You Learned About Static Electricity Is Wrong

NZ Government Passes Telecom Separation Bill

USPTO and the Israel Patent Office to Partner on Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot

Asteroid to Pass Extremely Close by Earth on Monday

U.S. Economy Likely to Tank in Coming Months (Fed's answer - tax & spend more!)

NASA Briefing Details Dawn's Vesta Visit (a giant asteroid)


House Passes Patent Reform Bill

Moon Dust Found at St. Louis Auction House

Static Cling? It's Not What You Think

Wi-Fi Trade Groups Agree to Cooperate on Future Standards

'Quantum Magic' Without Any 'Spooky Action at a Distance'

Defense Cuts Won’t Cause Pain in Short Term

Texas Voting to Allow Production / Sale of Edison Bulbs in State

Google Tests NFC in Tokyo

End of the Internet as We Know It

Why Women Have an Advantage in Technology (easy - beaucoup gov't programs favoring them over males)

Farmers Telephone Cooperative Bringing Fiber to 10,000 South Carolina Homes

New Alloy Turns Waste Heat into Electricity

Google's Schmidt Predictably Bullish on NFC Tap and Pay

Nokia's First Windows Phone Device: 'Sea Ray'

Indosat Looking to Sell 4,000 of its Base Station Towers

CEA Calls for Signing Declaration of Innovation

UL Warning - Compact Fluorescent Lamp, Model P17713

UA Awarded Millions to Shape Solar Telescope Mirror

High-Speed 'Space Wedge' on Track

Mexican Troops Cross into the United States at Bridge Two (maybe an Amazon Brigade just wanting to drop anchor babies)


Process Speed Brings 60 GHz into Foundry Focus

U.S. to Lose Second Place in World Trade to India

ST-Ericsson Plans 500 Redundancies in Cost Cutting Programme (BTW, redundancies = layoffs)

Physicists Observe 'Campfire Effect' in Blinking Nanorod Semiconductors

ARRL to Attend Ham Radio 2011 -- Europe’s Largest Amateur Radio Convention

Analog Startup Goes Old School, Gets Funding

STMicro Shares Slide on Trouble at ST-Ericsson Joint Venture

A Supercomputer Made of Unused PCs

Netherlands Makes Net Neutrality a Law

High Technology May Drive States' Economic Growth

North Dakota Hams Brace for Flooding River

Tiny Piezoelectric Accelerometer for Measuring Vibration on Electronic Components

Creators of Cost-Saving Radio Tagging System Pick Up Award

FBI Busts $72M Cyber Crime Ring

Harnessing Electron Spin: New Breed of Computers Can Process Data Using Less Power

DARPA Spaceflight Challenge: 100-Year Starship Study

Plugged-in Pensioners Challenge Technophobic Stereotypes

Senate Slashes $6B from Defense Spending Bill

NASA's Next Big Rocket

Airbus Takes Big Lead over Boeing in Paris Air Show (while unions cripple Boeing)

Census Shows Whites Lose U.S. Majority Among Babies


Copper Thieves Stealing Substation Ground Wire Leaves 1,000s w/o Power

Nano-Research Opens Way to Everlasting Battery

Is the Smart Grid Too Smart For Us?

Nat Semi Stockholders Approve TI Takeover

Ford SYNC Leading Race to Integrate Smartphone Apps into Cars

NASA Astronauts and Astronaut Candidates Earn Amateur Radio Licenses

'Nearshoring' Adds a Cultural Twist to IT Outsourcing

IHS Raises Chip Market Growth Forecast

Sony Ericsson Shows Off Sports Smartphone

Self-Assembling Electronic Nano-Components

ESA and EDA to Coordinate Space and Defence Activities

Russian Defense Market Worth $47.B in 2010

Humans May Have 'Magnetic' Sixth Sense

USA Networks to Test NFC Mobile Payments in Texas

Research In Motion a Takeover Target?

Small Nuclear Reactors Get a Customer

Bad Weather Eclipses Solar-Powered Plane

Camera Lets You Take Shots First and Focus Later (pretty slick)

76% of You Use Windows 7

We Now Have More Idle Poeple Than at Any Time Since the Great Depression (where's the Hope?)


Analog Engineering Legend Bob Pease Killed in Car Crash - After Leaving Memorial Service for Jim Williams!

LightSquared Cuts Base Station Power by 50% to Halt GPS Interference

Startup Has Ultrasound Alternative to NFC

Mobile Firms Can Trade Spectrum

Consumer Mobile Data Use Way Up, But Not Panning out for Carriers

Now Your Embarrassing/Job-Threatening Facebook Photos Could Haunt You for Seven Years

Summer Solstice Stuff You Didn't Know

Push on for Outback Wi-Fi 'Hot Spots'

Nokia Siemens Networks Wins Railway Wireless Broadband Connection

Self-Cleaning Anodes Could Facilitate Cost-Effective Coal-Powered Fuel Cells

Chip Market to Grow 5.1% in 2011

Flat Wire Inductors Handles up to 120°C

Mobile Phones Could Use Acoustic Modem As Alternative to NFC Chips

FCC Unveils Plan to Help Consumers Prevent Cramming

Explaining the Internet's New Domain Endings

NASA's Supercomputer Ranks Among World's Fastest

Snow Falling in Colorado on Eve of Summer Solstice

Copper Thieves Steal Entire Transformer from Utility Pole

Metal Thieves Stealing Parts from Park-n-Ride Lots


World's First Coins with QR Codes to Start Circulating in the Netherlands Next Week

UK Network to Be Allowed to Sell Their Radio Spectrum Assets

Team Reports Scalable Fabrication of Self-Aligned Graphene Transistors, Circuits

Small Group Rode LinkedIn to Big Payday

Japanese Supercomputer Claims World's Fastest Title

Over 100M Mobile Phones to Ship in Southeast Asia This Year

Lasers Could Produce Much Sought-After Band Gaps in Graphene

Cognitive Radio in the ECC

True Online to Double Wi-Fi Hotspots to 60,000 in Thailand

New Wireless Spec Allows Lights to Flicker, and Talk

Hollyweird Gets Ham Radio Wrong (no surprise)

NASA Selects New Heavy-Lift Rocket

Hydrogen-Powered Unmanned Aircraft Completes Set of Tests

ICANN Increases Web Domain Suffixes (fine, but .com still rules)

Copper Thieves Suspected in Pontiac House Explosion

Sega Says 1.3M Users Affected by Cyber Attack

9 Civilians Killed in Libya "Non-War"


NSA Starts Monitoring Defense Firms' Internet Traffic

Oracle Seeks 'Billions' in Damages from Google

ESA Space Assets Defense Program Gets Boost

Photos of Total Lunar Eclipse from Around the World

Misery Index Worst in 28 Years (Carter Era)


RIM Ships Half Million PlayBooks During First Quarter (good news for them)

Handheld Joint Radios Face Critical Network Test

USAF Chooses Secure Smartphone Tech from General Dynamics for Secret Comms

The Risks of Telecommuting

China Sends iPad Design Thieves to Jail

Millions of Stimulus Tax Dollars Wasted on Computer Labs

American Airlines Begins iPad Testing by Pilots

LED Prices to Fall 90% by 2015

So Can Radio Make Money on Mobile Devices?

Discovery Boosts Supercapacitor Energy Storage

Geo RTD Links NFC to Sat Nav and Mapping Apps

Neutrinos Change Flavors While Crossing Japan

Crumbling IPO Market Update

U.S. Mobile Commerce to Reach $31B by 2016

Qualcomm Patent License Clause Hampering Korean LTE Chip Development

Businesses Seen as Target for Easier Phone Hacking

Major Internet Service Providers Cooperating with NSA on Monitoring Traffic

BT Trials White Space Broadband on Bute

Radio Advertising Slowing Due to Sluggish Economy

MESSENGER Orbital Data Confirm Theories, Reveal Surprises


Apple to 'Ban iPhone Gig Filming' (Big Bro will shut down your phone - great for censoring politically sensitive filming)

Scientists Change Tack on Sun Cycle (2nd Maunder Minimum = mini ice age)

The Rise of China's Fabless Industry

Canadian Researchers Devise Method to Directly Measure Quantum Wavefunction

Russian High Tech in Focus at St. Petersburg Forum

Mobile Advertising Revenue Forecast to Reach $3.3B in 2011

ZigBee System Makes Parking Smarter in Spain

New Terahertz Oscillator Generates up to 0.1 mW Concentrated in the Atmospheric Transparency Window at 1.5 THz

Inside IBM's Graphene IC

Computer Science's 'Sputnik Moment'?

Cellular Baseband Market Revenue Reaches $3.5B; Qualcomm, Intel Lead

Toshiba Cuts Phase Noise in Oscillation ICs for Wireless Communication

New Wireless Broadband Targets Hard-to-Reach Places

UK's Four Largest Networks to Work on Joint NFC Based Payments Service

MESSENGER Adjusts Its Orbit Around Mercury

Stretchable Electronics: Wireless Sensor Measures and Inputs Intense Body Movements to Computer

First Chromebook on Sale in U.S.

Opec to Haul in $1T as Oil Prices Increase Risk of Double-Dip Recession (why drill our own when we can pay $$$ to terrorist- supporters?)

Housing Collapse Steeper Than During Great Depression


Copper Thieves Knock Down 300 Power Poles to Steal Copper

If You're a Juror, Don't 'Friend' the Defendant

Online Tools Increasing Speed at Which Scientists Make Discoveries

SMS Still Reigns Supreme

ZigBee Gets Consensus on Smart Meter Spec

Hot Chip Shrinks Management of an Entire Electrical Grid into Just 4mm

First Self-Powered Device with Wireless Data Transmission

Security Threats to Mobile Devices Increase but Only 4% of Smartphones and Tablets Protected

Ericsson Announces $1.15B Telcordia Buy

How to Switch Off Friction in Nanomachines

Soldier Radio Waveform Passes Lab Test for Interoperability

Scientists Change Tack on Sun Cycle

3G Services at 900 MHz Approved for Finland-Russia Border

Company Seeks to Market Passive Sensor RFID Tags

Google Adding Search by Voice, Pictures

U.K. Produces YouTube Videos on Cybersecurity

Powering Down Unused Base Stations Could Save Industry $560M Per Year

China and Allies Back Russia Against U.S. Missile Shield

Too Much TV Can be Toxic


Polaritons with Tunable Photon-Exciton Coherence (I've never heard of a polariton)

GPS Users Fear Getting Lost in Wireless Expansion

1:7 Chance of Unlocking iPhone Using Top-10 Popular Passcodes

Electrolytic Method Could Fulfill Carbon Nanotube Potential

The Next Big Wi-Fi Markets: Malls, Restaurants, Stadiums

Apple Settles Patent Dispute with Nokia

Microelectronics Sees Spectacular Growth Thanks to Smartphones and Data Consumption

Smartphone Apps Head to Battle Zone

China Building World's Biggest Radio Telescope (Ø=500 m!)

Wireless 'Road Trains' Called Future of Hands-Free Driving

Wavion Bets High-Capacity Wi-Fi Will Lure Mobile Operators to Data Offload

Ericsson, Huawei, Cisco and Nokia Siemens Lead Wireless Packet Core Market

Wind Power and Water Power Collide in Northwest

DOD Needs to Do a Better Job of Acquiring Technical Data Rights to Weapon Systems

Is Facebook Growth Stalling in North America?

U.S. Senate Site Hacked

Electric Cars May Not Be So Green After All, Says British Study


Laser is Produced by a Living Cell

Robert Helliwell, EE Who Expanded Understanding of Earth's Atmosphere, Dies at 90

Passing of Jim Williams, Analog Circuit Guru, Mentor, Teacher

First Telecomms Wavelength Quantum Dot Laser on a Silicon Substrate

DOD Officials Need Technical Data Rights Education

Report Pegs NFC as a $50B Market by 2014

Pilot Project with NFC Phones Shows Great Potential for Mobile Keys

Fab Equipment Spending to Grow 31% This Year

Apple Store Employee Seeks to Plant Union Seed (this should be interesting - Steve Jobs can't object)

Smartphone Shipments to Grow 55% to 472M in 2011 Then 982M in 2015

At Qualcomm, Rise of Founder’s Son Defies Hazards of Succession

Intel Asking for $500M-$1B Grant for 15nm Fab in Israel (keep it out of reach of Hamas rockets)

50,000 BitTorrent Users Sued for Alleged Illegal Downloads

A Preview of Future Disk Drives (hint: no moving parts)

Big Mouth Bill Gates Announces Mark Zuckerberg's Engagement

Obama Offers $250M for Smart Grid Deployment

IMF Hit by 'Very Major' Cyber Security Attack

Spellbinding Lunar Eclipse Occurs This Week (unfortunately not viewable from NA)


Final Space Shuttle Mission Will Feature iPhones (taxpayer advertisement for Apple)

Tests: Wireless Network Could Jam GPS Systems

First Wafer-Scale Graphene IC Smaller Than a Pinhead

IPv6 is Best Ad-Blocking Software

EU States Agree on Tougher Sanctions on Cybercrime (remember when they were countries and not states?)


Using Cell Phone During Takeoff & Landing Really Can Cause the Plane to Crash (you're going to die soon of brain cancer anyway)

IBM Researchers Demo Graphene IC on SiC Wafer

Nano-Engineering Unlocks Sodium-Ion Batteries

O2 Warns That Radio Spectrum Caps May Be Illegal

Einstein's Theory Applied to Superconducting Circuits

Ancient Dodecahedron's Purpose Remains Secret

A Practical Way to Make Invisibility Cloaks

Tests 'Reject New Particle Claim'

Ultrathin Copper-Oxide Layers Behave Like Quantum Spin Liquid

The Tools and Technology of TravelGeeks

Hammin’ North to Alaska

Research Explores Conductive Nanocoatings on Textiles

More Ads Hit Online TV as Web Audiences Grow (I don't have cable or SatTV, watch via Internet)

Microsoft Loses i4i Patent Case Before U.S. Supreme Court

ZigBee System Makes Parking Smarter in Spain

Magnetic Bubbles Reside at Solar System Edge

Our Perception of Randomness Is Stable

Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo Team Up to Advance Semantic Web

Most Americans Won't Be Able to Retire Until Their 80s (and die soon thereafter)

China Ratings House Says U.S. Defaulting (already divested 97% T-Bill holdings)


Wi-Fi Becomes Pervasive, Cellular to WiFi Offload Takes Off

Performing Efficient Arctangent Approximation on Complex Numbers

PopSci's 2011 Invention Awards

Superatoms with Magnetic Shells Discovered

1 in 4 U.S. Consumers Ready to Buy Groceries with NFC Phones

Public-Safety One Step Closer to Getting D-Block Spectrum

Ex-Ofcom IT Chief Jailed for IT Fraud

Centuries-Old Math Formula Helps Map Galaxy Clusters

The Latest from Steve Jobs: iSpaceship (new HQ offices)

Pixel Trickery Helps Create a Brighter Screen

Woman Tattoos FaceBook Friends on Her Body

Welcome to the Beginning of the End of the PC Era

Professor Deploys Magnetic Fields to Thin Human Blood

TSMC Expects 20% Growth This Year

China Startup Rolls 'Unified' Android Processor

FCC: Revised Ex Parte and Procedural Rules Tutorial

Tech-Savvy Iceland Online for New Constitution

Google Maps Can Now Track Buses and Trains in Real Time

Latest Hacks Could Set the Stage for Cyberwar

War #4: Yemen Air Strikes (51% voted for it)


2 New Elements Officially Added to Periodic Table

Samsung Says No Comment on Nokia Bid Rumours

Skype Outage Knocks Service Offline for Millions

Winners and Losers in Silicon Valley’s War for Talent

Researchers Predict Material 'Denser Than Diamond'

NFC Room Keys Find Favor with Hotel Guests

U.S. Military, Businesses Seek Better Defenses on the Inside

HSPA Networks to Reach 50M Subscribers by End of June

Powerful Computers, Experiments Provide Insights into Ion's Behavior Near Interfaces

$1T in Revenue for Mobile

Firm Claims Smallest GaN Wireless Power Amplifier

Sun Unleashes a 'Spectacular' Solar Storm

New Russian Prefix System in Use

WSTS Raises 2011 Chip Market Forecast

Mobile Operators to Invest $100B in Network Upgrades - GSMA

Bluetooth 4.0 Will Create Smarter Medical Devices

Web Giants Promote New IPv6 Internet Address System

What Service Providers Should Know About World IPV6 Day

Apple to Spend $22B on Chips This Year

China Overtakes U.S. as Top Energy Consumer


French Media Bans Twitter & Facebook

Army to Field-Test Cognitive Radios at NIE

Taiwan Mulls Cell Phone Ban for Children

Applying Conductive Nanocoatings to Textiles

FCC Takes Strong Stance Against Radio Jamming, Issues $24,000 Fine to California Man

Students, Lecturers Give Views on Future of UK Engineering

Korean NFC Alliance Aims to Create a $Billion Business Opportunity

A Fresh Wireless Tracking Threat Looms for Citizens

Deep Silicon Etch from Oxford Instruments Offers Process Flexibility

Using Wi-Fi for Navigating the Great Indoors

Neutron Analysis Explains Dynamics Behind Best Thermoelectric Materials

Erasing Entangled Memory to Cool a Quantum Computer

Skype Scrambles to Fix Another Outage

iTunes Hack Widespread, and Apple Appears to Know About It (not so sacred anymore)


1.7 Million DoCoMo Customers Afected by Network Outage

New Technologies Will Project U.S. Power in Asia: Gates

Smart Meters Create Fear of Radiation Exposure (smart meters for dumb customers)

New Battery Design Could Give Electric Vehicles a Jolt

Semiconductor Physics Underpin Wave 'Invisibility Cloak'

Wireless Charging Growth to Surge in 2011

SuVolta Describes Low Power Transistor

Pinpointing HF Radar and Communications Emitters via SigInt is Goal of IARPA HFGeo

An Ultra-High-Definition 3-D TV

Chinese Entrepreneurs Are Leaving China

Thieves Steal Railroad Track, Cause Derailment


Synthetic Biologists Use DNA to Calculate Square Roots

Motorola Has Highest and Lowest Emission Mobile Phones

Spectrum Auctions Are 'Stupid'

Armchair Astronaut Discovers Mars 'Space Station' Using Google Earth

More Americans Think Economy Will Never Recover (lots of change, no hope)


Teenager Sells Kidney for ipad2 (this is awful!)

U.S. Proposes WRC-12 Allocations for HF Radars

Malaysian Man Ordered to Tweet 100 Apologies

Point-to-Point Radio Shipments to Exceed 2M in 2015

Quantum Mechanics Rule 'Bent' in Classic Experiment

Killer Apps? Army Tests Smartphones for Combat

White Space Efforts Continue to Move Forward

Researchers Build Largest Biochemical Circuit out of Small Synthetic DNA Molecules

LTE Deployments Signal New Revenue for Tower Companies

Broadcom Announces NFC Security Chip for PCs and Tablets

What Will a Nuclear-Free Germany Cost?

GaN HEMT Power Transistors and PAs for ATC and Radar Introduced by Cree

Engineers Offer Cautious Welcome to Osborne's Budget

Phase Change Memory-Based 'Moneta' System Points to the Future of Computer Storage

Nokia’s Elop Declares War on Google

Study Raises Questions on What Causes Silicon Solar Cell Degradation

Truck-Size Asteroid Zipped Close to Earth

Ofcom Warns of Mobile Interference to Digital TV

Dunkin Donuts vs. Krispy Kreme: It’s War on National Donut Day!


UK's 4G Networks Could Interfere with Domestic Television Reception

Burglary Victim Remotely Controls His Stolen Laptop to Photograph Thief

Pilot Website Allows the Public to Examine Patent Applications

Low-Power TV Broadcasters Hope to Offer Rural Broadband

Northrop Grumman, L-3 Communications Hacked via Cloned RSA SecurID Tokens

Rusnano Draws MEMS Firm to Russia (first China, now Russia -more technology x-fer)

US Politicians Call for More Research in the Mobile Phone Health Effects

Amid New Health Concerns, Cell Phone Users are Talking Less

Cellphone Study Raises Profile on Safety Lawsuits

There’s Still Time to Enter the 2011 ARRL Photo Contest!

Single-Crystal Arrays of Graphene: Replacement for Silicon in High-Performance Electronics

Researchers Develop Integrated Nanomechanical Sensor for Atomic Force Microscopy

Cisco Predicts Internet Device Boom

There's No Easy Escape from Cellphone Risks

Comet's Kamikaze Dive into Sun During Solar Storm (parabolic orbits result in this)

Inventory Spike Saved Industry

Tevatron's Mystery Signal Grows Stronger with Data

Windows 8: A Walk-Through

Horror for U.S. Economy as Data Falls Off Cliff

"We're on the verge of a great, great depression" - CNBC


News Flash! WHO: Cell Phone Use Can Increase Possible Cancer Risk

Video and Mobile are Breaking the Internet

Man Blabs on Phone That He's Wanted, Is Arrested

Over Half of IT Managers Say Employee-Owned Mobile Devices Are Riskiest

Pentagon to Consider Cyberattacks Acts of War

Discovery Opens the Door to Electricity from Microbes

Stamping out Low Cost Nanodevices

FCC: Enforcement Bureau Works with U.S. Marshals to Seize Equipment Used by Pirate Operators

Is House Defense Authorization Bill a Vehicle for Outsourcing?

RIM releases BlackBerry NFC APIs

Tapping Quantum Effects for Software that Learns

Cisco Predicts Internet Device Boom

Conference on Power in Space Scheduled for Next Week

Micro-USB Reconnects Mobile Phones

122M Miles Later, Endeavour Makes Last Touchdown

Five Science Facts That Will Blow Your Mind at the 2011 World Science Festival

Nanoscale Waveguide for Future Photonics

Android Leads in U.S. Smartphone Market Share and Data Usage

Business Battlefield: The Internet Land Rush Is On