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Technical Headline News Archive - March 2010

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Why Internet Connections are Fastest in South Korea

ARRL, Red Cross Sign Memorandum of Understanding

A Tiny Defect That May Create Smaller, Faster Electronics

IBM Launches Global Entrepreneur Initiative to Help Start-Ups Capture New Business Opportunities

Ericsson Wins $1.3 Billion Indian Network Contract (right after winning a $1.8B China contract!)

Opposition Mounts to UK's Digital Economy Bill

Hertz Battle Hurts Broadcasters

New Path to Solar Energy Via Solid-State Photovoltaics

What If All Software Was Open Source? (people want free software for making products they sell)

UK Leads European Countries in Smartphone Adoption

As Colleges Make Courses Available Free Online, Others Cash In

Silicon Valley's Innovative Approach to Creating American Jobs

From a Classical Laser to a 'Quantum Laser'

BT Flood Knocks out Broadband and Phone Services

Energy Storage to Be a $45B Market in 2015

Meet the Periodic Table's Newest Resident: Copernicium

NASA Readies Remote-Control Aircraft for Flight

Plastics Can Now Be Made Without Using Crude Oil


1 Trillion Connected Devices by 2013

Large Hadron Collider Breakthrough as Beams Collide

LHC Achieves Collisions at 7 TeV

For One Tiny Instant, Physicists May Have Broken a Law of Nature

Researchers Discover Why Atoms in Solids Show a Preference for Certain Structures

Avago Files Suit Against STMicroelectronics

Clearwire, Sprint Kick Off 2010 4G Rollout

Semi Revenues Fall Globally for Consecutive Years

Mobile Content and Applications Set for Major Boom in China

Spectrum Health's Meijer Heart Center Tracks Stents /RFID

Cold Fusion Resurrected from Batteries to Bacteria

NASA Will Help Probe Toyota Accelerators

Ubiquisys Femto-Engine System Drives Femtocells Below $100 Barrier

Study Shows Chocolate Reduces Blood Pressure and Risk of Heart Disease (eat chocolate, drink coffee, live forever!)

Air Force Rules Target BlackBerry Security

Explosion of Non-Flash Devices is Driving HTML 5 Growth

Engineers Seek to Aid Communities in Need

Sunspot Activity Appears to Be Resuming

HP Spent $710,000 on 4Q Lobbying (that averages $2.8M/yr!)

Space Tourism Poised to Blast Off


Nanosatellite to Clear Dangerous Debris from Space

Bill to Add FCC Tech Staffers Passes in Senate Committee

Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Fell by More Than 10% in 2009

Semiconductor Revenue is Set to Recover

IEEE Call for Nominations: 2010 National Medal of Science

North Koreans Use Cellphones to Bare Secrets (exposing the wonders of Marxism–Leninism)

Peers Warn of Backlash Fears over Digital Radio

Time-Reversed Lasers Discovered (optical filter applications?)

Researchers Use Improved Nanogenerators to Power Sensors Based on Zinc Oxide Nanowires

Ericsson Wins Chinese Contracts Worth $1.8B

More U.S. Communities Banning 'Television on a Stick'

First Self-Powered Nanosensor Device Created

Verizon: Current Telecom Law is 'Irrelevant' to the Modern Internet

U.S. Concerned by Australian Internet Filter Plan

NXP is Planning Billion-Dollar IPO

80% of SMS Users Report Dropped Texts

Who Will Win the Google Fiber Contest?

Few Drive Well While Yakking on Cell Phones

Siemens Reveals UK Wind Plans


"Smart" Meters Have Security Holes

AT&T Will Take $1B Charge for "Free" Health Care (may cut other benefits)

1 Trillion Connected Devices by 2013

Seattle, Boston, DC Top Cyber-Crime Hot Spots List

Cellphone Firms See Big Opportunity in Wireless Internet


Saturday is "No Tech Day" (for those of you harboring guilt about being able to afford tech gadgets)

Telecom Giant Challenges FCC Role in Broadband (they know "free" BB for all won't be free for most)

DARPA Solicits Proposals for Compact Mid-Ultraviolet Technology Program

Verizon: Current Telecom Law is 'Irrelevant' to the Modern Internet

Cyber Command Hits Speed Bump

Probing the Magnetic Properties of Solid Oxygen

ITU Asks Iran to Stop Interfering with European Satellite (ha, good luck with that)

U.S. Lead in Nanotech Eroding

Qualcomm Raises on Licensing, Chipset Strength

Craig Wireless to Sell Canadian Radio Spectrum

Flash Mobs Are Born as Word Grows by Text Message

FCC's National Broadband Plan: Net Neutrality, R.I.P.

That Phone You're About to Throw Away Could Be Worth $500

Wi-Fi Phones Bloom as Network Clogging Cramps Carriers

Femtocells Set for Explosive Growth, Says iSuppli

Maine House Nixes Cellphone Cancer Warnings

Sensors Turn Skin into Gadget Control Pad

Chrysler to Build A Battery-Powered Electric Car by 2012

Mpemba Effect: Why Hot Water Can Freeze Faster than Cold

Shuttles to Keep Flying Through Early 2011 (thereafter we hitch rides from China and Russia - thank your president & congress for that)


Mobile Data Traffic Surpasses Voice

No Bars at Home? AT&T to Offer $150 Fix (no, this is not for your basement game room)

Magnetic Monopole Experiment at CERN Could Rewrite Laws of Physics

Gold Nanoparticles for Memory Storage

Seminars Target 4G LTE Roll-Outs in UK

Atom Microscope Allows 'Atom-by-Atom Analysis'

Smartphone Traffic is up 193% in a Year

Wave Energy Scales up off Scotland

Glitch Delays Launch of New ARRL Web Site

Stretchable Electronics Device Holds Promise for Treating Irregular Heart Rhythms

11 Tech Companies 'Willfully' Violating H-1B Laws

Wi-Fi Spreading Fast Among Phones

Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Surpassed 271M by Year End 2009

Toshiba Creates Super Dense Hard Disk Drives

Chinese Mobile Firm Drops Google

McDonald's to Train Staff With Nintendos

How I Slashed My Connection to Cable TV Without Missing Anything

CTIA: AT&T Microcell Going National

Conical Nanocarbon Structures Could Lead to Flexible, Transparent Field Emission Displays

Scientists Find How Relaxed Minds Remember Better


Are Cosmic Rays Causing Toyota's Woes?

New Laser to Revolutionize Chip Technology

Imperfect Chips Pave the Way for New Quantum Technology

Agencies Walk a Tightrope Between Cost Savings and Innovation

Device Could Track Phones, PDAs in Airports

Smart Grid Group Reaches out to Consumers

India Demands Telecoms Technology Transfer

Sprint Unveils Its First 4G Phone

Nanotube RFID: Better Barcodes?

Metallic Glass Yields Secrets Under Pressure

Cellular-News Website Hacked

Inside a Global Cybercrime Ring

World's Largest Particle Collider May Unlock Secrets of Universe

GMSA Trials Message Misuse Service

How Low Can Low-Cost Wireless Garriers Go?

GE to Make Thin-Film Solar Panels

Crank up the Wi-Fi, Bring in the Femtocells

Mn-Doped GaN PV Cell Absorbs in UV, Visible and Infrared

Darling Puts Emphasis on Broadband For All

1st Winged Astronaut Robert M. White Dies at 85


Competition Missing from Broadband Plan

Turning Quantum Dots into Spintronic Transistors

Can 4G Wireless Take on Traditional Broadband?

Mobile Internet Traffic is Becoming Similar to Fixed Line Traffic

DOD Space Program Dogged by Delays, Cost Overruns

UK Space Agency and ISIC Created

Mini Generators Make Energy from Random Ambient Vibrations

Wireless Carrier Infrastructure Market to Decline in 2010

Atom Smasher Experiment on March 30

Printable Sensors for Cell Phones and Other Devices

Traditional TV Still Preferred Viewing Platform

U.S. Smartphone Ownership Expected to Reach 162M by 2015

China Condemns Decision by Google to Lift Censorship

Symantec Names Riskiest U.S. Cities for Cybercrime

CTIA: Streaming TV Companies Bring Long-Form Content to Mobile

Brain Processor Drives Word Processor (warning: don't use if you suffer from Coprolalia)

Hydrokinetic Proposal for Mississippi River

Why Dark, Roasted Coffee Beans Are Better


Light Fixtures of Tomorrow Will Handle Data (interesting concept...)

Physicists Create Carbon Magnetism by Removing Atoms from Graphite

Cypress Programmes Power Line Comms Reference Design

Strongest Magnet Ever Created in the Lab

In the Digital Age, Satellites are Closing in on the Crown

U.S. Eyes Early Summer for Airwaves Auction Process

Space Electronics Vendors Feel the Heat

4G/LTE Chips Coming... But First, a Little Chaos

Korean Politicians Battle over Who Will Provide the Best Broadband

Taming the Wild Phonon

Students to Face Cyberbullying Charges

Why @ Is Held in Such High Design Esteem

Electric Vehicles Under Investigation

Start-Up Promises Quantum Leap in Mobile Phone Camera Technology

Vodafone Released 3,000 Infected HTC Magic Phones

Boeing Completes Preliminary Design of Free Electron Laser Weapon System

U.S. Firms Worry over Business Chill in China

Toyota Shareholders Sue over Fallen Stock Price

Women Do Make Men Throw Caution to the Wind, Research Confirms


Former Lockheed Martin CEO Norm Augustine Addresses Role of Science & Engineering in U.S. Job Creation

Weak Laser Can Ignite Nanoparticles

Dongle Users Dingled

Paper in China Sets Off Alarms in U.S.

Solar Sails Take Shape

Failed College Dreams Don't Spell Depression


Nano-Based RFID Tags Could Replace Bar Codes

CERN Atom Smasher Cranks up to Record Energy Levels - 3.5 Teravolts!

Next-Gen Tactical Radios Garner NSA Approval

Web Inventor Calls for Government Data Transparency (hah, we've seen what a promise of transparency looks like!)

Government Aims to Boost Nano Tech in UK

Wireless Controlled from the Cloud

Consumers Boost Spending on Hot Electronics in 2009, Despite Drop in Income (sure, with 99+ weeks of Unemployment checks flowing)

Silver Proves Its Mettle for Nanotech Applications

Electric Company Gases up on RFID

Palm Posts Q3 Results: Disappointing Sales

U.S. and Russian Astronauts Touch Down Safely (would you want to fall from space in that?)

Samsung Aims for Double-Digit Sales Growth

European Market Recovers as Tech Consumers Return

TriQuint Semiconductor Hikes 1Q Forecast

Scientists a Step Closer to Making Cloak of Invisibility a Reality

MS Soups up IE 9 Performance

Web Site's Funny Texts Lead to App, TV Show

NASA Proposes New Air Traffic Control System

Know What's Online and in Databases about You


Hacker Disables More Than 100 Cars Remotely

CTIA: Four Areas to Watch Beyond the Radio

ZigBee and Wi-Fi Alliances to Collaborate on Smart Grid Wireless Networking

Industry and Government Prepare Counter-Attacks Against Electronic Parts Counterfeiting

U.S. Company Accused of Exporting Military Tech

GPS Jammers Illegal, Dangerous, and Very Easy to Buy

NASA Borrows Page from DoD Situational Awareness Book

Things to Look for at CTIA: America's First 4G Smartphone

Cadence Extends University Links in Europe

Google Pushes TV Initiative

T-Mobile USA Eyes JV Options to Boost Spectrum

ARRL: FCC Proposes to Eliminate SS APC Requirement & Power Limit; Cleans up Portions of Part 97

3% Q1 Growth Will Spur Big Semi Growth Year (see below)

Chip Market to Slow in Second Half (see above)

The Vocabulary of Spam

Nissan to Make Electric Vehicle in UK

Tales from the Quantum Frontier

'World's Fastest Car' Fixes Major Lift Issue

Internet Rehab Clinic for 'Screenager' Children Hooked on Modern Technology

GM Makes Your Entire Windshield a Head-Up Display


Government Report Signals New Focus on Engineering

Asia to Take 29% of Smartphone Market in 2015

FCC Broadband Plan Includes Public "Safety Fee" for All Users (another tax to pay for freeloaders - it never ends)

Teen Wins $100,000 for Spaceflight Software

U.K. Job Office Apologizes for Anti-Jedi Discrimination

MicroUnity Sues Mobile Giants for Patent Infringement

Umicore Completes New U.S. Germanium Substrate Plant

Broadcasters Not Happy with FCC’s Internet Proposal

Light Twists Rigid Structures in Unexpected Nanotech Finding

Fund Boosts University Research

Metallic Glass Yields Secrets Under Pressure

When Tweets Can Make You a Jailbird

U.S. Congress Worries About Rare Earth Materials Shortages

Circuit-Board Maker Adopts RFID

Frogs That Poop Wireless Transmitters

Fog of War No Reason to Skirt Contracting Rules, GAO Says

RADAR: More Than 239M Hear Radio Each Week

M.I.T. Researchers Create Molecular Chips

Mobile Apps Sales Explode

Google Helps Finance Latest Trans-Pacific Fiber Optic Cable Project

Internet Explorer 9, the HTML 5 Browser: Better Than Half-Way There


Wireless Technologies Crucial to Nearly 2/3 of Small Business Owners

U.S. National Broadband Plan is Complete - On to Congress (OMG)

A Webmaster w/o High-Speed Web (sob story - she could get satellite access, but wants you & me to pay for it instead)

Rural Broadband Plan to Hit Telecom NZ Earnings (NZ subscribers to bend over, too)

Study: Daylight Saving Time a Waste of Energy (why are we still practicing this arcane rite?)

Web 2.0 Mobile Revenues to Reach $18.9B by 2014

Chip Profitability Jumps to Decade High

Is the Recession Really Over for Telcos?

Cyber Crime Losses in U.S. Almost Double in 2009

D.C. Home to Most Cyber-Criminals Per Capita

Anode Structure Could Enhance Li-Ion Batteries

Wafer Demand to Rise 30% in 2010

TI Runs 2A DC/DC Converter at 3 MHz


Chip Profitability Jumps to Decade High

Dotcom Web Address Celebrates Silver Anniversary

Superconductors Could Be Cut Down to the Nanoscale

Deutsche Telekom Introduces Woman Manager Quota

RFMD Makes Solar Cells on RF Production Kit

Fingerprinting Computer Chips

Teleconferencing Growth Peaks in 2009-10

Qualcomm Applies for a Multi-Fold Display Patent

Internet 'In Running' for Nobel Peace Prize

New System Makes Household Communication Networks More Versatile

Wolfram Alpha Answer Engine Best of Show at SXSW

FCC Releases iPhone App to Learn More About Network Conditions

Li-Ion Anode Uses Nanocomposites to Increase Battery Capacity

From Bubble to Burst: A Look Back at 25 Years of Dot-Com

Embarrassment As 10,000 Microsoft Staff Buy iPhones

SpaceX's Falcon 9 Rocket Test Fire Clears Way for Commercial Space Launches

Survey: Readers Don't Want to Pay for News Online

Jetpacks to Go on Sale Late This Year

Google Says China Talks Continue, But Pullout Signs Grow


MIT Finds New Way to Make Electricity

FCC's National Broadband Plan: What's in It?

Insulators [for Heat & Electricity] Turned into Conductors

Nokia Seeks Patent for Kinetic Battery Charger

U.S. Lawmakers Urge Obama to Save NASA Moon Program

Calculations Made by Physicist Gustav Mie in 1908 Put to Test on Single Nanoparticles


On Pi Day, One Number 'Reeks of Mystery' (coming up on Sunday)

Virgin Media to Trial Fiber Broadband over Telegraph Poles

ARRL Requests Support for Senate Bill 1755

Packing More into Lithium Batteries

UK Must Adapt to Keep Research Lead

ISS's Future is Secure, Claims ESA

Huawei Overtakes Nokia Siemens Networks in Microwave Equipment Market

Software's Take on the Light Bulb Joke

Distributor Takes on GaN Chip Line for MOSFET Replacement

Nokia Revises 2009 Market Share Down to 34%

Working Up an Appetite for Bluetooth

FCC Introduces Broadband Speed Test (actually a scheme to identify your location - it asks for street address)

How Electricity Passes Through Cells

Lenovo Will Push into Mobile Products

Father and Son Plead Guilty to Selling Counterfeit Software Worth $1M

Congress Debates New Satellite Plan

Utilities Overwhelmed by Smart-Grid Cost

Toyota Woes Raise Car Tech Fears

China Selects First Female Astronauts


Moviegoer Tells Woman to Stop Talking on Cell Phone, Gets Stabbed in the Neck

'Quantum Walk' Demonstrated Very Precisely

National Grid Takes Action to Address Impending Critical Shortage of Utility Engineers

Point/Counterpoint: Do You Support Patent Reform?

USPTO and UKIPO Announce Action Plan to Reduce Global Patent Backlogs

Space Chip Company Opens Design Centre in Europe

Nanometre 'Fuses' for High-Performance Batteries

FCC Amateur Radio Enforcement Correspondence Posted

Huge Step Toward Mass Production of Coveted Form of Carbon

Shocking Recipe for Making Killer Electrons

Tories to Pledge 'Fastest Broadband' in Europe

RF Micro Expects Its Revenue in Q4 to Be Up 41%

Pentagon Trains Employees to Hack Defense Computers

Einstein Was Right: General Relativity Confirmed (for the umpteenth time)

Better Than Apollo: The Space Program We Almost Had

Carbon Nanotube Speakers Could Be Powered by Lasers, Transform Noisy Spaces into Peaceful Sanctums

Tricks to Keep Your Device’s Battery Going and Going

Cable and Satellite Companies Ask FCC for Help

Bill Gates No Longer World's Richest Man (now a Mexican, who's country's citizens flock to the U.S. illegally)


PA Man Dies Pumping Gas After Static Electricity Starts Fire

Mobile That Allows Bosses to Snoop on Staff Seveloped

The ARRL Second Homebrew Challenge -- And the Winners Are...

Mobile WiMAX Chipset Shipments Surge in 2009

Telecoms Refusing to Sell Their Wireless Airwaves to Government (the Fed will just eventually claim eminent domain and steal it)

New Charging Method Could Slash Battery Recharge Times (apply AC - very interesting)

IBM, Universities Target Easy-to-Use Cellphones

Analysts Cite 5 Opportunities in Mobile Data

GPS Usage Data Reveals Wal-Mart Is USA's Most Searched for Destination

'Nobel of Computing' Goes to Early PC Designer

Cryogenic Electron Emission Phenomenon Has No Known Physics Explanation

The Lithium Chase

WiMAX Drives Demand for Packet Microwave Equipment

UK Risks Losing Advantage

Carbon Nanotubes Can Produce Powerful Waves That Could Be Harnessed for New Energy Systems

Samsung Intros New Line of 3-D Products

NASA and NOAA Launch GOES-P Satellite

Scientists Break Down Carbon Dioxide into Carbon Monoxide Using Visible Light

The LHC Will Be Shut Down at the End of 2011


UK Could Be Top High-Tech Exporter

Scientists Solve Mystery of Superinsulators

Mobile Infrastructure Market Continues Its Decline on Deteriorating GSM Sales

IC Insights Boosts 2010 Chip Growth Forecast to 27%

Navy Gets Assistance with Submarine Satellite Connectivity

Malware Turns Your Cell Phone Against You

WiMAX Radios Aren't the Business for Cisco Any More

Retailer Acknowledges Shipping Fake Intel Chips

How to See Through Opaque Materials

Mobile Retail Market to Exceed $12 Billion by 2014

Hard Drive Evolution Could Hit Microsoft XP Users

CBS Radio Debuts First HD Radio 'Quadcast'

Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) to Provide Ultra-High-Speed, Short-Range Communication

What Social Networking Can Offer Design Engineers

Deep Space Network Antenna Undergoing Major Surgery

Finishing School for Indian IT Graduates (aka charm school - not a bad idea)

Ultra-Efficient Non-Hybrid Gas Engine Gets 64 MPG

Citibank Says RFID Pilot Proves Strong Consumer Interest in Mobile-Phone Payments

Latest HTML5 Working Draft Published Despite Claims of 'Sabotage'

Barcelona Hit with Heaviest Snowfall in 25 Years


W3C Getting a New Chief Executive

Phone Test Tool Replicates City

Lidow Returns with 'Disruptive' GaN Startup

World's First Bluetooth Access Point for Aircraft Delivers Inflight Mobile Phone Services

Public Gets First Look at Landmark Einstein Manuscript

Single Photon Solid-State Memory for Telecommunications

Swiss Study Finds RFID Tags Safe for MRI, CT Scans

Startup Builds MEMS in Standard CMOS Processes

You're Predictable! So Says Your Cell Phone (it knows where/when you are - does that bother you?)

Pushing AlInN and AlGaN HEMTs Further on SiC and Silicon

MIT Scientists Transform Polyethylene into a Heat-Conducting Material

Atomic Gate Opens Door to Quantum Computers

FCC Plans to Give High-Speed Internet to All Americans ("from each according to his ability, to each according to his [percieved] needs" - K. Marx)

Worker Strife Dogs Tech Firms in France

FBI Warns Brewing Cyberwar May Have Same Impact as 'Well-Placed Bomb'

Power While You Walk: Navy Helps Refine Electricity-Generating Backpack

Suddenly Apple Hates Wi-Fi

MS Plans Office 2010 Release in May for Businesses (ugh, with that hated ribbon bar)


Trapping Sunlight with Silicon Nanowires

Officer in Pursuit! — T-Mobile Backing Up Cops with M2M

FCC to Propose Revamping Universal Service Fund

In a Jobless Recovery, Innovators Will Have Jobs

Smartphones Have Changed the Way We Travel

RFID Set to Reach $5.5B This Year

Here is Why People Hate Politicians (short video of a U.S. senator)


Hydrocarbon Superconductor Discovered

Magnetic Solder to Wire 3-D Chips (this is cool)

Auto Website Edmunds Offers $1M Prize for Cause of Runaway Toyotas

RFID in UK Trash Bins - "Pay as You Throw"

Beamforming Wi-Fi Startup Raises $15M

Lip-Reading Cell Phone to Hit German Tech Show

Chip Market to See 'Modest' 2010 Recovery

RFID Wristbands Document Interactions Between Prisoners and Officers

Advertisers Able to Reach 1 Billion Customers Via Smartphones by 2013

Georgia Tech Gets NASA Grant to Develop Radar for Mapping Ice Formations (why bother if all the polar ice is melting?)

5 Observations and 2 Predictions About the National Broadband Plan

Successful Launch for GOES-P Satellite

FCC Seeks Comments for Blanket Waiver to Allow Amateur Radio in Hospital Emergency Drills

Physicists Unlock the Mysteries of Crack Formation (no, not a study of human development)

T-Mobile Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction with the Retail Sales Experience

LCD Shortages May Follow Earthquake in Taiwan

Ford Expands Electric Vehicles Plan

Did a Microsoft VP Really Suggest an Internet Tax for Cybersecurity?

Details of "Einstein" Cyber Shield Disclosed by White House - NSA Will Listen to Everyone, Including You


North Korean Worker Executed by Firing Squad for Transmitting Price of Rice on Cellphone (isn't Communism great?)

IBM Cuts More Than 2,500 Jobs

Student Develops Polarized LED

'Microrings' Could Nix Wires for Communications in Homes, Offices

Boomers Slowly Joining the Mobile Web

DoD Insourcing Contracts' False Economy

Scientists Strive to Map the Shape-Shifting Net

Number of Mobile VoIP Users Will Approach 300 Million by 2013

A Close Encounter for AMSAT-OSCAR 51

New Device for Ultrafast Optical Communications

Italian Construction Firm Deploys RFID to Track Offshore Equipment

Workers Protest Against Closure of ST-Ericsson Caen (does striking ever keep a plant open?)

Apple: HTC Phones Caused 'Irreparable Injury'

Telecoms Engineer Executed in Afghanistan

Unclonable RFIDs Authenticate Electronic Fingerprints

Earthquake-Proofing the World's Largest Telescopes

'Funeral' Being Held Today for IE6

New Bill to Keep Shuttles Flying for 2 More Years

Google: PCs Will Be Dead in 3 Years


Maine Panel Weighs Cell Phone Cancer Warning

Semico: Good Times are Here for ICs

Campaign Highlights Samsung Workers' Cancer Deaths

Need a Job? Get an Internal Referral

ZigBee Home Automation and ZigBee Remote Control Now Publicly Available

Spanish Police Arrest Masterminds of 'Massive' Botnet

Chip Market Boom Makes Analyst Hike Forecast

Air Force Picks Contractor to Enhance GPS Ground Control

Increasing Mobile Data Usage Fuels Growth in the Mobile and Wireless Market

First ASKAP Antenna Receives Radio Signals

Ready for the 'Connected Car?'

FCC's Broadband Plan Critiqued as Overly Broad, Unfeasible

USA Business Telecommunications Spending Will Hit $146B in 2010

DARPA Wants Razor Sharp Optics for Satellite Surveillance

Rice Receives Supercomputer Donation from IBM

Climategate Scientist Admits to 'Awful Emails'

Mass Loss from Alaskan Glaciers Overestimated?

Backpack Hydroelectric Plant Gives You 500 Watts on the Move

Arrestee in Federal Case Swallowed Flash Drive Evidence During Processing

Learning Keeps Brain Healthy (my brain feels healthier having just learned this)


Mega, Giga, Tera,...,Yotta, and Now the Hella

DoD's Reliance on Commercial Satellites Hits New Zenith (is that a pun?)

Graphene Hybrid: One-Atom-Thick Sheet Offers New Microelectronic Possibilities

3GPP and the Broadband Forum Collaborate on Fixed/Mobile Convergence Standards

Is Growth Over for Wireless Operators?

The Sound of Silence: An End to Noisy Communications

German High Court: Telecom Data Cannot be Retained

Internet Leads Radio, Newspapers as News Source

NASA: Quake May Have Shifted Earth's Axis (that will shift all cataloged star coordinates)

Intel Exec Bullish on Semi Startups

Tons of Water Ice Found on Moon's North Pole

Wi-Fi Calling Comes with a Price; Warning!

Online 'More Popular than Newspapers' in U.S.

Digital Billboards, Diversions Drivers Can't Escape (I like them)

Greener Nanomagnets

New Energy Harvesting Network Means Batteries Not Included

WA Man Electrocuted by Urinating on Power Line

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin to Dance with the Stars (after being 2nd man on the Moon)


Olympic Medals Made from E-Waste

26% of Americans Get News Via Phone

Government Seeking $1.4M Back Wages in H-1B Visa Case

January Averaged Global Chip Sales Up 47%

Tyndall Claims First Junctionless Transistor

Long-Distance Q-Comms Gets Closer as Light Storage Efficiency Increases by Order of Magnitude

CERN Atom Smasher Restarts

LRA Model Predicts 40% Chip Market Growth for 2010

Ofcom Decides It Can't Decide on Spare Spectrum

What's Wrong with Venture Capital?

SiLabs Debuts Wireless Microcontrollers

U.S. Military OKs Use of Online Social Media

Fill in the Blanks: Algorithm Makes Something Out of Nothing

Staying in Touch with Loved Ones During War

TI Intros Cost-Effective RF Range Extender for Low-Power Wireless Apps at 850 to 950 MHz

Mars Express Heading for Closest Phobos Flyby

3D TV Glasses May Cost $300

Widespread Use of Mobile Phones While Driving in the UK

Marines Bring Solar Energy to the Battlefield

Resistors Aimed at Metrology

Latvian 'Robin Hood' Hacker Leaks Bank Details to TV

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