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 - RF CafeSystem simulators listed here apply primarily to those used for analog, RF, and microwave circuits. Designing high frequency systems for first-pass success requires a very high level of sophistication by the software. It must contain system models that accurately compute values that take into account component and subsystem level parameters like noise figure, intercept points, over-the-air links, gain, intermodulation products, etc. Generally, price correlates directly to the capability of the software.

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Here is a mixture of Payware, Shareware and Freeware for science and engineering.
Antenna, EM & Transmission Line Simulators | Circuit Simulators | System Simulators

Schematic Capture, Layout, Block Diagram | Photonics Simulators | Everything Else

3D Smith Chart | +3471173741 | Valencia, Spain

The 3D Smith chart tool is a (completely reconfigurable), very easy to install software operating in Windows and programmed in Java for high frequency engineering. The tool contains two modes: analysis mode (S parameters touchstone files based) and design mode - both including a 2D and 3D Smith charts in Z/Y (impedance/ admittance versions). Any s1p and s2p files can be imported (touchstone format). Parameters are plot on both 2D & 3D Smith charts in Z/Y reconfigurable format.

AlphiMAX PtP Estimator | (Good luck finding a phone number or address for them)

The Point-To-Point Estimator is a free web based tool that will enable you to compare manufacturers, simply and accurately, while taking into account the terrain of your area, products' performance and more.

Ansoft | 412-261-3200 | Pittsburgh, PA

Ansoft Designer is the seamless solution for physics-based RF, high-speed, & communication design. By linking physical attributes to electrical performance, Ansoft Designer makes it possible to get it right the first time. With Ansoft's Solver on Demand technology & seamless integration, the software eliminates design risk & uncertainty by providing engineers with the information necessary to make correct decisions during all stages of the design process.

APLAC Corporation (now NI/AWR)

Applied Wave Research (now NI/AWR)

Atoll Microwave | +33 (0) 562 747 210 | France | 312-674-4800 | Chicago, IL

An open, scalable, and flexible multi-technology 64-bit network design and optimisation platform that supports wireless operators throughout the network lifecycle, from initial design to densification and optimisation. Atoll supports the following technologies: GSM/GPRS/EDGE UMTS/HSPA CDMA2000 1xRTT/EV-DO LTE TD-SCDMA WiMAX/BWA.

Avista Design Systems | 800-985-6080 | Folsom, CA

Avista Design Systems RF, Microwave.

Broadcast System Planner (EBSP) | by ERI

A very nice application FM and broadcast TV  systems for plotting antenna patterns, calculating power levels and transmission line parameters, and other system data like deicers and radomes. A full report is printable at the end of the analysis. Many white papers available for download on the site as well.

CelPlan Technologies | 703-259-4043 | Reston, VA

Software tools and services for wireless data collection, field measurement, system design, planning, optimization, enhancement, and competitive analysis including CelPlanner, CelOptima, CelEnhancer, CelAir, CelDoc, and many other custom software solutions.

Colin's Webpages | UK

RFProp - propagation calculator for the transmission path between an RF transmitter and a receiver, aimed mainly at free-space & space-wave applications, such as are encountered in VHF, UHF & microwave communications, & also in satellite communications, a knife-edge diffraction calculation is also included which when enabled allows the effects of a hill or other obstruction to be taken into account. - FREE

Ham CAP Propagation Software | HF propagation prediction tool for Amateur Radio by Alex Shovkoplyas, VE3NEA

Ham CAP provides a COM/OLE Automation interface that 3-rd party programs can use to start Ham CAP, to set prediction parameters, and to run predictions. In a typical application integrated with Ham CAP the user will right-click on a call sign, and Ham CAP will pop up and display the point-to-point propagation chart. Incredible graphics!

iBwave Solutions | 514-397-0606 | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

RF-vu Software: In-building wireless design solutions for wireless carriers, equipment suppliers and infrastructure integrators. One tool to manage the complete project lifecycle from design plan to “as built”ludes support for simultaneous design of multiples technologies such as 3G, 2G, Wifi, WIMAX and multiples frequency bands VHF/UHF, Tetra, Public safety700, GSM, UMTS, AWS & more. Automatic calculation, hardware validation, coordination of all documentations, consistence in design & flexibility, RF-vu the ultimate planning tool.

Keysight Technologies | 800-452-4844 | Santa Clara, CA

Test equipment, racks, cables, adapters, amplifiers, cables, RF switches, EEsof EDA products.

Metric Systems Corp | 800-549-7421 | Vista, CA

Wireless networking equipment & solutions for government & industry, building broadband licensed & unlicensed networks in a range of environments including: critical infrastructure, energy, mining, transportation, seismic monitoring, fresh & waste water management, defense. software tools include: NetBuilder, MavWatch and NetWatch, as well as a range of custom networking applications and utilities.

Mixer Spurious Explorer | by MRF Technologies, LLC

Mixer Spurious Explorer is a tool to investigate and simplify this part of the design process for up and down converters.

Key capabilities: Perform frequency planning for receivers and transmitters. Frequency planning display and spur web display in one software tool. Tuning and animation mode for tunable rs. Addresses block converter and tuned LO converters. Customized mixer spur table.

National Instruments (Formerly AWR Corporation)

310-726-3000 | El Segundo, CA

NI AWR Design Environment is a portfolio of software products that RF/microwave designers can use to design, develop, and realize microwave/RF components, circuits, and systems including monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), RF printed circuit boards (PCBs), microwave modules, RF integrated circuits (RFICs), communication systems, radar systems, and antennas. It consists of high-frequency design environments inclusive of System simulation (Visual System Simulator™), Circuit simulation (Microwave Office and Analog Office), Electromagnetic analysis (AXIEM and Analyst™) and also AWR Connected™ modules which expands functionality through 3rd party tool collaboration.

OPNET Technologies | 240-497-3000 | Bethesda, MD

OPNET (OPtimum NETwork performance): advanced optical/wireless network modeling and R&D, network management and design software.

Optiwave | 866-576-6784 | Canada

OptiBPM - waveguide optics modeling, Optifiber - optical fiber design, OptiSystem Amplifier Design Edition and OptiSystem Multimode Fiber Edition.

PathLoss | by Contract Telecommunication Engineering

A comprehensive path design tool for radio links operating in the frequency range from 30 MHz to 100 GHz. The program is organized into eight path design modules, an area signal coverage module and a network module which integrates the radio paths and area coverage analysis. Uses NADCON data to transform latitudes and longitudes between the North American Datum of 1927 (NAD27) and the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83).

PedaSoft | 800-910-7919

Pack-IT™ A customized software tool for RF system simulation of packaged chips. Pack-IT models traces, substrate, active, and passive components simultaneously in a self-consistent way, which enables first-pass success for RF system design.

Semi-IT™ A customized software tool for active component design such as a power amplifier (PA). Pack-IT models the PA, substrate, and matching circuits simultaneously in a self-consistent way, which enables first-pass success for RF component design. Please email us at support@pedasoft.com with your project request, and one of our technical team will contact you.

Radio Engineering Services | +39-0118194575 | Torino, Italy

HERALD Professional - A PC program for Windows to assist the radio engineer in the design of point-to-point microwave links and networks. Site/hop configuration; customized antenna & radio equipment libraries; link ludget; profile analysis (clearance, reflections); multipath outage; rain unavailability; ITU | Bell Labs | ITM propagation modeling; Interference analysis, Passive repeaters; ITU-R & North America performance objectives; One-click access to background theory. Path profiles imported from NASA | SRTM digital terrain maps (free download, worldwide coverage). Output documents in English, Spanish, or Italian.

Polyphase Microwave | 812-323-8708 | Bloomington, IN

I/Q and single-sideband mixer products for RF/microwave. Quadrature modulators, quadrature demodulators, image-reject mixers, and single-sideband modulators. Solutions for low-IF, zero-IF, and direct conversion Rx/Tx. Download QMSIM, our free quadrature modulator simulation tool, and design your next direct conversion transmitter with ease!

R.A. Wood Associates | 315-735-4217 | Utica, NY

Engineering consulting services, computer automated test design & development, engineering prototypes & low rate manufacturing, RF/Microwave system design & analysis, subcontract specifications, wireless system design, custom software program development, LabVIEW software development, lectures & training classes, computer consulting services. Software: SpurFinder, TunerHelper, RFSpecTest, PathLossSolver, Painless Extraction.

Radio Mobile | Roger Coudé (VE2DBE)

Very nice point-to-point RF & microwave system planning software that uses the U.S. Department of Commerce NTIA/ITS Institute for Telecommunication Sciences Irregular Terrain Model (ITM) database. This is Freeware.

RCC Consultants | 732-404-2400 | Woodbridge, NJ

An international telecommunications consulting, integration, and outsourcing firm who provides solutions to its clients' problems through the application of both wireless and wired communications and information technologies. Full range of processes, tools, and expertise needed to advance a telecommunications business concept or project from a strategy, to a tactical plan, through implementation, to full operation. Our work includes the analysis of user needs, budgeting, design, procurement support, deployment, and management of network infrastructure and/or services. Comsite comprehensive radio frequency engineering software tools.

RF Cafe | Greensboro, NC | RF Cascade Workbook 2018

Extensive Excel spreadsheet, RF Workbench block diagram level RF system simulator, Up/Downconverter, Spurious Analysis, Budget - best value out there, RF Component Stencils for Visio, Smith Chart for Visio, Excel Smith Chart, EIA Equipment Rack Stencils for Visio, EIA Tube Bases for Visio, RF Cafe Online Calculators.

RSoft | 914-923-2164 | Ossining, NY

BeamPROP - photonic devices & circuits | LaserMOD - active semiconductor devices, FullWAVE - photonic nanostructure.

Safe Engineering Services | 800-668-3737 | Montreal, Quebec Canada

Autogrid Pro - fully automated design of multiple grounding systems of any shape buried in arbitrary soil.

Right-of-Way - accurately compute voltages and currents transferred from electric power lines and cables (by inductive, capacitive and through-earth coupling) to pipelines, railways, communication lines and other such utilities, whether buried or aboveground.

SoftWright LLC | 800-728-4033 | Aurora, CO

Terrain Analysis Package - software to perform evaluation of existing or proposed radio transmitter sites; radio coverage predictions, intermodulation studies and radio transmitter site administration; TV and FM broadcasting, MMDS, ITFS, PCS, SCADA, WLL, WiFi, WiMAX, microwave, cellular, paging, air-to-ground, ship-to-shore and conventional two-way radio system design.


SPLAT! is an RF Signal Propagation, Loss, And Terrain analysis tool for the spectrum between 20 MHz and 20 GHz.

Tanner EDA | 1-626-471-9700 | Monrovia, CA

Enable designers to move rapidly from concept to silicon by enabling the design, layout, and verification of analog/mixed-signal ICs, ASICs, and MEMS. Tanner EDA solutions offer designers the perfect combination of price and performance to meet any design challenge. The company's solutions include tools for: Schematic Capture: S-Edit, Simulation: T-Spice, W-Edit Physical Layout: L-Edit, Verification: HiPer Verify, L-Edit Standard DRC, L-Edit LVS, and more Parasitic Layout Extraction: HiPer PX, 2D and 3D parasitic layout extraction.

Terrain Analysis Package (TAP) | Radio coverage predictions, intermodulation studies and radio transmitter site administration; TV and FM broadcasting, MMDS, ITFS, PCS, SCADA, WLL, WiFi, WiMAX, microwave, cellular, paging, air-to-ground, ship-to-shore and conventional two-way radio system design.

The Engineers Club | 408-445-2902 | San Jose, CA

MxrSpur graphical mixer spurious analysis.

Transmission Link Planner

Alok K. Tiwari, of Idea Cellular Ltd. | Delhi, India

Excel workbook for transmission link planning - FREE


W6ELProp | Sheldon C. Shallon

W6ELProp predicts ionospheric (sky-wave) propagation between any two locations on the earth on frequencies between 3 and 30 MHz.

Wave Concepts | 214-207-0516 | Richardson, TX

Athena - RF propagation analysis & planning Tool for the wireless industry, supports CDMA, TDMA, GSM, AMPS, LMDS, MMDS, WLL, point to point microwave, & 3G technologies.

Wireless InSite | 1-888-7REMCOM (1-888-773-6266) | State College, PA

A suite of ray-tracing models and high-fidelity EM solvers for the analysis of site-specific radio propagation and wireless communication systems available through a common user interface.

Wolfram Research | 800-965-3726 | Champaign, IL

Control System Professional - object-oriented environment for solving common problems in control & systems areas within Mathematica.

Rigol DHO1000 Oscilloscope - RF Cafe
Crane Aerospace Electronics Microwave Solutions: Space Qualified Passive Products

Innovative Power Products Passive RF Products - RF Cafe

ConductRF Phased Matched RF Cables - RF Cafe