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Technical Headline News Archive - July 2014

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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U.S. Cellphone Users Frequent Victims of 'Bill Cramming'

Massive Job Cuts: Dark Clouds over Lighting Business

Navy Planning to Put Laser Weapons on Helicopters

Spin-Based Electronics

K2 Energy Batteries to Power Railgun Capacitors

Cellphones Kill Switch Could Save Consumers >$3.4B Annually

Mapping the Optimal Route Between 2 Quantum States

Autonomous Cars Headed for Massive Sales by 2035

Stanford Researchers Build a Better Battery

A Start-up Incubator for Veterans

U.S. 'Neighborhood Watch' Spy Satellites Launched

Building the Ideal Rest Stop for Protons

Smart Home Kit Proves Easy to Hack

Does Legalization of Cellphone Unlocking Really Benefit Consumers?

Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls Qaeda Terror (but it's a peaceful religion)


Transistor-Like Amplifier for Single Photons

Building out the LTE Network

Measuring the Smallest Magnets

SpaceJam 8 Will Feature ARISS Contact

U.S. Says China Conducted Secret Anti-Satellite Weapons Test

Flexible Metamaterial Absorbers Developed

Superconductivity Could Form at High Temperatures in Layered 2D Crystals

NFC Secure Elements Will Continue to See Strong Demand

Apple and Samsung Represent 68% of Smartphones Owned in the USA

Printing the Metals of the Future

Powerful Laser Weapons

Average Price of Electricity Climbs to All-Time Record (it'll get a lot higher as fossil fuel generation shut down)

BlackBerryIndicates More Enterprise-Focused Devices in the Pipeline

Infrastructure News: Carrier Spending Update

35% in U.S. Facing Debt Collectors (gov't solution: amnesty for 30 million Illegals)


Apple iPhones Allow Extraction of Deep Personal Data (a dangerous sort of Easter Egg)

Nature of High-Temperature Superconductivity Unlocked

French Regulator to Consult on Use of Unlicensed Radio Spectrum

Tesla Taking Huge Trade Secret and Investment Risk in China

Cell Phone Unlocking Bill Appears Set to Become Law

China May Revolutionize Mobile IP

Russia Offers $110,000 to Crack Tor Anonymous Network

Could Your Product Be Exempt from EMC Testing?

Theory Predicts Magnets May Act as Wireless Cooling Agents

DARPA Takes Next Step on Protecting Military Wireless Networks

Space Business Rising

Laser Experiment Reveals Liquid-Like Motion of Atoms in Ultra-Cold Cluster

High-Temperature Superconductor Sets World Record for Electrical Current

Google, IEEE Launch $1M 'Little Box Challenge' to Create Smaller Power Inverter

BMW's Fast Electric Car Charger Rolls in the U.S.


Electronics Firms Recruiting, Graduates in Demand

Why Streaming Could Be Local Radio's Salvation

Small Cell Opportunity Sees as Big as Cell Towers in Early 2000s

China to Declare Qualcomm a Monopoly

Specifying Well Beyond the Numbers

Teardown.com: Amazon Brings Fire to Phone Market

U.S. Database Glitch Delays Passport, Visa Processing

Highly Charged Ions

An EDA View of Semiconductor Manufacturing

Solar Cells Cool Themselves to Produce More Power

Magnets for Fusion Energy


Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Shoes Vibrate to Give Directions

AMSAT Announces Fox-1C Launch Opportunity and Fund Drive

India's Mobile Services Market to Reach $19.2B in 2014

DOD Falls Short in Measuring SBIR Effectiveness (an FOI purge of contract data would probably reveal massive fraud to 'underrepresented' groups)

Unleashing the Power of Quantum Dot Triplets


Mobile Network Security Will Be Laid Bare by Attacks on Small Cells

Cell Towers and the 'Silent Majority'

Radio Amateurs Named to Order of Canada

Discovery is Key to Metal Wear in Sliding Parts

Smartphone Apps Claim to Repel Mosquitoes with High Frequencies (some of what comes from smartphones repels me)

FCC Sets Rules for $10.5B AWS-3 Auction

Brazil 4G Auction Could Spur Telecom Merger

Nano-Supercapacitors for Electric Cars

Nike Krypton Laser Achieves Spot in Guinness World Records (who knew GWR had a spot for lasers?)

Qualcomm Accuses Chinese Firms of Misrepresenting Sales

Tailored Golf Balls Might Improve Golfing Performance

Facebook Gain Makes Zuckerberg Wealthier Than Google Guys (OWS crowd on Facebook protesting his wealth)

The Physics of Lead Guitar Playing

60 GHz Startup Targets Mobile

Quantum Entanglement in Amplified Signals


20 Engineers from the World of Sports

New Multi-Bit 'Spin' for MRAM Storage

First Direct-Diode Laser Bright Enough to Cut and Weld Metal (waiting for diode laser soldering irons)

Air Force Launching First 2 'Space Neighborhood Watch' Satellites

Student-Built Aausat4 Satellite Undergoes Harsh Testing

Air Force Mulls New IRST for Combat Aircraft

'Comb on a Chip' Powers New NIST/Caltech Atomic Clock Design

A Plan to Untangle Our Digital Lives After We're Gone

GM Scraps European Version of Chevy Volt (high electricity prices in EU make EVs bad deal)

Cincinnati BPL Internet Service Provider Pulls Plug on Its System

Working Toward Lasers for On-Chip Global Interconnects

China's Terrifying Debt Ratios Poised to Breeze Past U.S. Levels (entire world subsisting off unserviceable debt)

DARPA's Chip Office Reboots to Tackle Cost & Complexity

Apple Gets Smartwatch Patent

Windows Development Set to Be 'Unified'


'System on a Chip' a Boost for Next-Gen RF Communications

Share Your Invention & Win Big $$$

Broadcom Cuts 2,500 Jobs

Technology, Aided by Recession, Is Polarizing the Work World

FCC Alleges Deliberate Interference, Failure to Identify in Proposing Substantial Fines for 2 Radio Amateurs

Unlock Your Motorola Phone with a 'Digital Tattoo'

Quantum Leap in Lasers Brightens Future for Quantum Computing

Ultrasonically Propelled Nanorods Spin Dizzyingly Fast

FCC May Soon Mandate Text-to-911 Capabilities for All Carriers

Creating Optical Cables out of Thin Air

Verizon Wireless Reports Strong Q2 Growth

Digital 'Bandage' Checks Vital Signs

Briefcase Receiver for Military, Aerospace, and Government Uses Introduced by IMT

Digi-Key to Launch Downloadable PCB Design Tool

Law of Physics Governs Airplane Evolution


Cellphone-Free Sidewalks Being Tested

Understanding Graphene's Electrical Properties on an Atomic Level

5G Calling: U.S. Answers, Sorta

Bluetooth Beacons Used to Track Shopping Carts, Baskets

India's VO-52 Satellite Goes Dark

Selling Your Smartphone Safely

Device Optimises Gain at Microwave Frequencies

Mexico's America Movil Says 2nd-¼ Profit up 32.7%

Army Building Marketplace for Tactical Comms Equipment

Calculations Show Carbon-Atom Chain Would Go Metal to Semiconductor

Italy Gives Google 18 Months to Change Data Use Practices

Huawei's 1st-½ Revenue Jumps 19% Thanks to LTE, Smartphones

South Korea's Video Game Addicts May Be Exempt from Military Service

4×2 MIMO Shows Significant Promise Across Commercial LTE Networks


Woman Grazed by Bullet After Refusing to Give up Cellphone

China State TV Says iPhone Creates Security Concern

No Evidence That California Cellphone Ban Decreased Accidents

Startup GoTenna Aims to Enable Off-the-Grid Communications

'Super Black' Material Developed the Human Eye Can't See

$1T to Be Spent on Telecom and Datacom Equipment and Software over Next 5 Years

Google's 'Smart' Contact Lens Might Actually Happen

Gionee's Next Smartphone Promises to Be Thinnest Ever

Mass Surveillance 'Dangerous Habit', Says UN Rights Body (how long 'till we find out UN has been doing it, too?)


Future Electronics May Depend on Lasers, Not Quartz

Intel Readies Super-Resist for EUV

Microsoft's Nokia 18,000 Job Cuts Reflect Shift Away from Devices

UAE Plans1st Arab Spaceship to Mars in 7 Years

Now It Really Is Meg Whitman's HP


Extending Moore's Law: Shrinking Transistor Size

Bloodshed Adds Electric Muscle to Vintage Performance Cars (Charles finds a lot of interesting stuff)

Molecular Clock to Expose New Physics Proposed

Google Street View Catches Robbery Suspects in the Act 3 Years Later

5G Calling: Asia Rising

Don't Fire the Comcast Guy, Says Caller Who Tried to Cancel (did you hear this?)

ARRL President Issues Call to Action to Gain Support for HR.4969 Amateur Radio Parity Act!

FBI: Google's Driverless Cars Could Be Lethal Weapons

LTE to Represent >1:5 Active Mobile Connections by 2019

GE to Lead $500M, 5-Year State-Funded NY Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium

Great Film & TV Robots from the 50s & 60s

Test of Equivalence Principle Searches for Effects of Spin-Gravity Coupling

Sun Has Gone Quiet - Cycle 24 One of the Weakest in Century

Stress-Induced Transformations in World's Thinnest Materials

The Unpaid Intern Dilemma. What's Your Risk?


An Engineer's Field Day

Why Smartphone Breaks at Work Aren't Such a Bad Idea

Ferromagnetism at 230 K Found in Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor (hadn't heard it was missing)

Apple Joins with IBM on Business Software

Consumer Electronics Industry Revenues to Reach All-Time High in 2014

Large Round of Layoffs Expected at Microsoft (many at Nokia unit)

Scientists Develop Phase-Changing Robot Material

New Materials for Future Green Tech Devices

Turkcell Launches Connected Car Platform

Ex-Apple Engineers Find Life After Jobs

Japan Airlines Combines Beacons and Smartwatches to Improve Customer Service at Airports

Directly Visualizing Hydrogen Bonds (I'm still trying to visualize world peace)

ZTE Lifts Profits Forecast for the First 6 Months of This Year

3 Companies Get Contracts for Satellite-Launching Space Plane

Smallest Swiss Cross Made of 20 Single Atoms


Introducing the iPhone 6: Made in China by a Robot (robots don't suffer from nickel allergies or jump out windows)

UK's GCHQ Manipulated Online Traffic, Facebook, Messaging, More

FCC Unveils $100M 'Experiment' to Expand Broadband Reach

The Revolt Against Google 'Glassholes'

Tesla's $35,000 Car Will Be Called the Model 3 (only $27.5k after taxpayer subsidy)

Show-Down Looms in Tech vs. Government Struggle

NZ Mobile Phone Recycling Scheme Secures Government Support

Global Demand for Flexible Electronics to Hit $13.2B by 2020

Germany to Counter NSA with Classical Music, Manual Typewriters (audio software can easily discern keystrokes & cancel deterministic background noise)

Researchers Develop Quick-Charging Li Battery Architecture

Flashes of Light on a Superconductor

Intel's Mobile Losses Mount

Air Force Mulls Secretive Sensor Research Center

Pumping Efficiency into Electrical Motors

Scientists Characterize Carbon for Batteries

People Who Claim to Worry About Climate Change Use More Electricity (like überhypocrite Al Gore)


Novel, Tunable Nanoantennas Demonstrated

IBM Preps for Post-Silicon Era

Mobile Phone Recycling Scheme Secures NZ Government Support

Enabling the Next Internet Wave in China

China Mobile Ditches Wi-Fi Rollout Efforts Amid TD-LTE Push

UK Broadband 'Not Fit for Purpose'

FCC Creates New Opportunity for Wi-Fi Providers

Researchers Discover Boron 'Buckyball'

World's First Photonic Router

Tech Giants Make Net Neutrality Case as Deadline Nears

Electric Vehicles to Get Gears, Says Bosch

U.S. Arrests Chinese Aerospace Exec in Hacking Conspiracy

Radio's Most Powerful Headed to Radio Show

Learn More About Bluetooth Low Energy

Tech Scene in Myanmar Hinges on Cellphone Grid


DARPA Unveils Wireless Guided Bullets

Fast, Cheap, Stretchable Electronics Made with Sewing Machine

Scholarly Engineering Journal Retracts 60 Articles, Smashes 'Peer Review Ring'

Cambridge Start-up Brings NFC to Raspberry Pi

Uncertainty Gives Scientists New Confidence in Search for Novel Materials

FCC Data Shows 9:10 Cellphone Calls to 911 in D.C. Had Bad Location Info (most info in D.C. is bad)

New Ham Radio Regulations in Place in Thailand, Germany Gets 4 Meters Briefly

3D Tetrapod Quantum Dots Outperform

Giant Rubik's Cube Floats on Hudson to Celebrate Creator's B-Day

Brits Turn to Mobile for Purchase Decision Making

Second Batch of O3B Comms Satellites Successfully Launched


TSA Allowing Illegals to Fly Without Verifiable ID (glad I'm not flying)

Company Wants You to Experiment on Facebook - By Quitting

Your Abandoned Smartphone May Betray You

FTC Sues Amazon over In-App Purchases

Satellite Operators Make the Case For Smart Future Networks


Elon Musk Promises $1M for Tesla Museum

Speeding up Data Storage by 1,000x with 'Spin Current'

Giant Rollable TVs on the Horizon, Says LG

Carlos Slim, World's 2nd-Richest Person, Forced to Break up Telecom Empire

NPL and Universities to Reshape UK Science Agenda

Nanotubes May Put IBM Watson in a Pocket

EU selects CGI to Support Galileo Commercial Service Initiative

Radio Needs to Be Cool Again

Highway for Ultracold Atoms in Light Crystals

New Wireless Device Lets You Track Your Preschooler ... and Listen In

$10k Prize Offered to Hack a Tesla Car

Artificial Spacetime Experiment Could Show Tantalizing Effects of Gravitational Waves

Dish Signals It Will Bid in 600 MHz Spectrum Auction

Ultra-Cold Atom Transport Made Simple

Solid State Technology and SEMI Announce 2014 "Best of West" Winner

Microsoft Says Cybercrime Bust Frees 4.7M Infected PCs


Bell Labs Celebrates Net Speed Record over Copper Lines

Campaign to Push the FM Chip Rolls Out

Inductive Charging Takes Shape at BMW & Daimler

Projecting a 3-D future Based on Nanoantennas

>40% of U.S. Households Are Now Wireless-Only

The Old Man: Rotten Damped Spark Stuff

Nation's Wireless Leadership Threatened by Spectrum Shortage

IBM to Bet $3B over 5 Years Hoping for Breakthrough in Chips (I prefer Ruffle's original)

Google, Dropbox, Canon and Others Team up to Disarm Future Patent Trolls

Gallium Nitride Thin-Film Transistors Produced at <250°C

Soitec Sees 1.4B 4G RF Devices in Production

Liquid Crystals Controlled by Magnetic Fields

The Speed of Information in a Spin Network

LG Launches Wearable Mobile Device for Young Children

Self-Repairing Jets and Laser Guns


Engineering Summer School Inspires New Generation

Intel, Qualcomm and Others Compete for 'Internet of Things' Standard

Canada to Consult on Plans for Radio Spectrum Auction

Apple Patents Method for All Glass iPhones & iPads

NASA Equips Space Robots with Smartphones

Unsustainable Military Acquisition Planning for the Future

Sand-Based Li-Ion Batteries Outperform Standard by 3x

Nanoscale Cooling Element Works in Electrical Insulators

Police Use Dog to Find Memory and Hard Drives in Search (what do 1s and 0s smell like?)

Easyjet Pilots Bluetooth Beacons at 3 European Airports

Verizon Claims 72,500 Subpoenas for Customer Data in 6 Months

Sprint Testing Shared Data Plans in Select Markets

What You Need to Know About DARPA, the Pentagon's Mad Science Division

Medical Devices Require Radiation-Tolerant Memory

Taking a Short Smartphone Break Improves Employee Well-Being

Autonomous Vessel for Tracking Silent Subs is Under Construction


Some U.S. Bound Air Travelers Required to Power up Cellphones to Get Past Security

UKube-1 Set to Launch on July 8 from Kazakhstan

FCC's 3.5 GHz Plans Spark Debate over Spectrum Sharing, Unlicensed Use

Samsung Forecasts 25% Drop in Profit

Penn Researchers Consider the 'Anticrystal'

India Mulls Additional 3G Radio Spectrum Auction

Google Glass Wearers Can Steal Your Password

Police Scoop up Data on Thousands in Mobile Phone 'Tower Dumps'

New Push to Get Girls Interested in Tech Work

Bluetooth Module Enables Easy Implementation of Low-Power Wireless

Mystery of the Printed Diode Solved

Comms, LEDS and Imaging Drives Car Electronics

Higgs Quest Deepens into Realm of 'New Physics'

The Quantum Dance of Oxygen

Apple's iPhone Generates Nearly ½ of UK Mobile Data Traffic

802.11ac Test Challenges Take Off


Europe is Tops for Chip Sales

Test Gets No Respect

Microsoft's Threshold: Low Expectations But High Stakes (aka Windows 9)

Florida Boy Scouts Make (Radio) Waves

They Have Seen the Future of the Internet, and It Is Dark

Big Data (Snooping) Comes to College

Enter EE Times' July Cartoon Caption Contest

Optimizing R&D in the Changing Semi Landscape

Pushing Deep Ultraviolet Diodes to Higher Efficiency

Study Helps Unlock Mystery of High-Temp Superconductors

SK Telecom Launches 225 Mbps Mobile Data Download Service

Chipset M&A Heating up This Year, $11B Already

How Today's Technology is Closing in on Star Trek

Survey Finds American Cardholders Ready for EMV

Qualcomm Briefly Takes Down Android Code for CyanogenMod, Sony and Itself

Beers Are Inspired by, Even Named after Planets


Laser Technology Lights up 4th of July Skies

Stolen Tesla Split in Half after Fiery Pursuit Wreck (½ of it wedged between buildings)

Israel Publishes 4G License Documents

China Unicom Trials Hybrid LTE Network

Google Aims to Defrag Android Universe


How to Photograph Fireworks

A New Way to Keep Electronics from Overheating

'Smart' Luggage Will Text You When It Gets Lost

FCC Seeks to Raise Vanity Call Sign Fee to $21.60

Narrow Graphene Width Transforms into Semiconductor

1 in 3 German Consumers Ready for Mobile Payments

Brits Find Mobile Working More Productive Than Office-Based Jobs

Norway to Auction 1800 MHz Spectrum Next Year

Tunable Quantum Behavior Observed in Bilayer Graphene

Swear off Social Media, for Good or Just for Now

Plasma TVs Are Just About Dead

Some Prominent Hedge Funds Hurt by Tech Are Back with Gains

Qualcomm Buys Wilocity to Dominate 60 GHz

Japanese Gold Leaf Artists Early Nanoscale Workers

The Digital Revenue Revolution Through 2018

Soapy Tails Self-Assemble Bucky Balls


Ericsson's 5G Test Network Delivers 5Gbps Download Speeds

When Engineers Say One Thing But Do Another

FCC Hear Class A FM Radio Engineering Proposal

'Meta Mirror' Helps Advance Nonlinear Optical Systems

Small Stores in Norway See Payback from RFID

Even in Communications Exercises, the Cyberattacks Are Real

With Less Financial Security, Older Workers Stay on the Job

Nokia Scoops up Infrastructure Deployment Firm SAC Wireless

The Science That Stumped Einstein

Russia Attacks U.S. Oil and Gas Companies in Massive Hack (they know we're soft & vulnerable)

Project at IBM Looks to Carbon Nanotube Future

U.S. Privacy Panel Backs NSA's Internet Tapping

Novel Audio Topology Aims to Increase Efficiency

FCC Invokes "Red Light Rule" in Denying K1MAN License Renewal Application

Why Your Next Phone Will Be a Phablet

Pentagon: 7 in 10 Youths Would Fail to Qualify for Military Service (drug use, tattoos, stupidity, criminality - we're sunk)


FTC Accuses T-Mobile of Knowingly Billing Customers for Hundred$ of Million$ in Bogus Charges

DARPA Wants More Efficient, Jam-Resistant RF Communications

Qualcomm Grabs 2/3 of Cellular Baseband Revenue Share in Q1 2014

Study Helps Unlock Mystery of High-Temp Superconductors

New Metamaterial Gives Light a 1-Way Ticket

Canadian Antispam Law Whips up a Storm of Last-Minute Messages

NASA Astronaut's ISS Field Day Operation Puts Smiles on Several Faces

An Electronic Switch Just 3 Atoms Thick

NAB Announces 2014 Marconi Finalists

Silicon Highway Narrows, Twists

The Risks They Ran for a New Way of Life (someone else remembers!)

NASA Explores a New World: Crowdsourcing Ideas

Reigning in Chaos in Particle Colliders Yields Big Results

Microsoft Testing a Fix for Windows 8.1 Upgrade Woes

Euro-Team to Develop Semiconductor-Based DC Circuit Breaker

Census Shows White Deaths Outpace Births 2nd Year in a Row (white race eradicating itself)


Record-Breaking Magnet Crams 3 Tons of Force into Size of Golf Ball

Wi-Fi and Broadband Solutions for Aircraft

UK Making 500 MHz of Spectrum Available by 2020

Canada Day Ham Contest is Tuesday, July 1

Anger Builds over Facebook's Emotion-Manipulation Study (doesn't matter - masses easily controlled with 'free' stuff)

BlackBerry CEO Knocks Android's Beefed up Security

Magnetic RAM Remains Niche Memory

1/5 of Japan's Internet Users Say New Technology is a Bit Beyond Them

House of Lords Check National Research Priorities

NRL Reports Breakthrough in Quantum Dots

Tesla - Connecting the Dots

Google Strikes Back Big Screen with Android TV

Pentagon Eyes Incentives for Top Suppliers

$11 Spectrum Analyzer and SDR

Gears in Motion Control Systems

Chinese Teens Trafficked into U.S. Through Central America (we're sunk- thanks to the 51% that voted for it)

Innovative Power Products Couplers

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