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Technical Headline News Archive - August 2012


Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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DARPA RF-FPGA Program Awards 6 Contracts to Develop Programmable RF Front-Ends

FCC May Review How Much Spectrum Carriers Can Hold

Android Smartphone Replaces the CPU and OS in New Laptop Computer (essentially a "real" keyboard and monitor add-on for people with fumbly fingers and bad eyes - like me)

New Single-Shot X-Ray Technique Makes Magnetic Image

'Nanoresonators' Might Improve Cell Phone Performance

Apple and Google CEOs in Talks to Settle Patent Wars

Overseas Sales Offer Lifeline to Anxious Defense Contractors (selling to anyone to keep stock prices high - 2011 exports 3x 2010)

Early Signs of Recovery for North American Electronics Supply Chain

A One-Way Street for Spinning Atoms

Stringent CAFE Standards Push Automakers (and drives up costs to consumers)

Tokyo Court Hands Samsung a Win over Apple

Apple Worked a Broken Patent System

Photonic Interactions Measured at Atomic Level

Software Meant to Fight Crime Is Used to Spy on Dissidents

New Technique Could Mean Super Thin, Strong Graphene-Based Circuits

Fed Chairman Makes Case for Further Monetization of Taxpayer Debt, aka QE3 (because it's worked so well thus far)


Smallest Antenna Can Increase Wi-Fi Speed 200x

New Record in Quantum Communications

Visible Light Communication Could Simplify Car Electronics

Dish Urges FCC Not to Shift Its Satellite Spectrum Holdings

'Nano Machine Shop' Shapes Nanowires, Ultrathin Films

DOD Redoubles Joint Efforts in Budget-Challenged Times

Motorola Employee Jailed After Selling Trade Secrets to Chinese Firm

Painful Birth for Europe's New One-Stop Patent

Strain in Silver Nanoparticles Creates Unusual 'Twinning'

Mobile Phone Users Lack Loyalty but Rely Heavily on Services

NASA Launches Twin Probes to Explore Radiation Belt

Space: A Year on the ISS Good for Science

Windows 8 Spurs New Touchscreen Hybrid PC Designs

Bank Worker Gets Fired for Using Fake Dime Decades Ago (Fed rules blamed - one job not created or saved)

Chocolate May Protect the Brain from Stroke (great news for M&Ms gluttons like myownself)


IARU Supports Proposal for .radio Domain Name

Huawei Quadruples Spending on Lobbying U.S. Politicians

FAA to Review Rules on Use of Electronic Devices

Researchers Shed Light on Superconductor Development

Intensity of Competition Continues to Build in German Mobile Services

Motorola's Intel Phone Set for September Launch

Smartphones to Overtake Feature Phones in 2013, 2 Years Earlier Than Expected

Anritsu Tackles the Challenge of LTE Testing

iPhone Struggles to Gain Ground in China

Math Ability Requires Crosstalk in the Brain

RadioShack No Contract Wireless Rate Plans Leak, $60 Gets You Everything

Sentencing Set for Software Developer Convicted of Stealing Motorola Secrets

Brits Fail to Take a 'Tech' Break This Summer

Intel Looks at Wireless Charging

Earphones Potentially as Dangerous as Noise from Jet Engines


GM Suspending Chevy Volt Output, Retooling for Impala (GM potential = 0 volts)

GaN-on-Si Large-Signal Performance Beyond 40 GHz

Ray of Light Could Lead to Next Generation of Superconductors

IEEE Wireless Standards Get Faster, Simpler, More Personal

How Cell Phone Companies Prepare for Hurricanes

Android Smartphones to Power NASA Satellites

NC Teen Named Recipient of ARRL’s 2011 Hiram Percy Maxim Award

Flat Lens Offers a Perfect Image

One-Molecule-Thick Material Has Big Advantages

Rumor Mill: T-Mobile Reps Told to 'Sell Against' the iPhone Starting Sept. 21

4G Rollout is Good News for OEMs

Quantum IC Enables Mass-Manufacture of Quantum Technology.

Java Zero-Day Attack Threats Widening, Security Experts Warn

Physicists Create First-Ever Mechanical Device That Measures Mass of Single Molecule

Equations Take a Bit of Working Out


What the Apple-Samsung Verdict Means for Your Smartphone

Nokia Jumps on Hopes it Can Cash in on Samsung Setback

FCC Eyes Tax on Internet Service

Low-Cost Nanosatellites, Small Launchers Would Assist Ground Troops

Verizon Wireless Bans Staff Vacations in iPhone Launch Window

Inventor Challenges a Sweeping Revision in Patent Law

RIM Hopes for a Hit with BlackBerry 10's New User Interface

It's Time to Reap the Benefits of 4G Mobile Networks

India Secures Delay in 2G Radio Spectrum Auction

New Space Weather Video Shows Increased Solar Activity in Last 3 Years

Scientists Use Cobalt Catalyst to Produce Hydrogen from Water

Shaking the Electron Has Strengthened Quantum Mechanics

Quark Matter's Connection with the Higgs

South Africa to Launch Mini Satellite

Seagate to Buy Former Solyndra Plant ($300k under what taxpayers shelled out for it)


Neil Armstrong - Dead at 82 - RF Cafe Neil Armstrong - Dead at 82 (the passing of an American legend - RIP)

Apple's $1 Billion Verdict May Lead to Samsung Sales Ban

Top Cities for Technology Start-Ups

No Signal? No Problem - Sat Gadgets Keep You Connected Anywhere, Any Time

GaAs Bulk Substrates Return to Normal Demand Growth and Price Declines in 2012


College Grads Trading Caps and Gowns for Mops (or a Welfare check)

Ho Chi Minh City Plans Fab (aka Saigon, maybe they can get Hanoi Jane to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony)

FCC Releases Congressionally Mandated Study on Amateur Radio

Ultrathin Wafer of Silicon and Gold Focuses Telecom Wavelengths Without Distortion

BlackBerry Dominance in UK Government Under Threat

FCC Suspends Flexible Pricing on Coveted Broadband Lines

Apple and Samsung Get South Korea Bans

2D Materials Exposed to Light Could Transform into 3D Objects

Researchers Develop Simplified Approach for High-Power, Single-Mode Lasers

Cable-Shaped Batteries with a Twist

Cellcom and ICC-Cal to Offer NFC Payments in Israel

FCC Approves Verizon's $3.9B AWS Purchase, T-Mobile Spectrum Swap

ON Semi Cuts Jobs, Cancels Exec Bonus, Loses CFO

Will Apple Remove Your Ads?

NASA Postpones Launch of Space Radiation Probes


Sony's Mobile Arm Cuts 1,000 Jobs

Cell Phone Bans While Driving May Have Limited Impact on Accident Rates (who would have guessed - raise alarm, pass laws, discover data was flawed)

DOD Chooses Rockwell Collins for Tin Whisker Mitigation Research

Superconductor 'Flaws' Could Be Key to Its Abilities

Elusive Metal Discovered: Nickel Oxide Turned into an Electricity-Conducting Metal

Research in Molybdenum Disulfide Sparks New Apps

Analyzing the World's 11 Biggest Handset Makers in Q2

New Tech Could Mean 3D Movies with No Glasses

Making "Dumb" Phones Smarter and Faster

What Would Defense Spending Look Like with Sequestration?

Australia Fighter Jets First to Get Hi-Tech U.S. Jammers

NASA to Launch Twin Space Probes into Earth's Radiation Belt

iPhone 5 Photos Leak as Release Date Approaches

Hewlett-Packard Takes $8.8B Loss

Microsoft Unveils First New Logo in 25 Years


Mobile Workers Report Average Monthly Data Roaming Bill Shock of $1,089

Tech Firms Squeezing Conflict Minerals Out of Supply Chains

Netiquette: Five Texts You Should Never Send

Smart Cars Get a Connection Test in Michigan

U.S. Seizes Android App Piracy Sites in Copyright Crackdown

UCSB Researchers Demonstrate That 15=3x5 About Half of the Time

IEEE Smart Grid for Practitioners Conference Seeks Technical Papers, Presentations, Panels

Imprisoned Molecules 'Quantum Rattle' in Their Cages

NTT Com Expands Asia-Oceania Backbone Capacity to 500 Gbps

Over 2/3 of Australians Aged 15-65 Currently Own a Smartphone

Jury To Decide Apple's Patent Case Against Samsung

Nuclear Fusion Heat Outflow Can Now Be Predicted

Is Unlimited Data Making a Comeback?

LG Releases 'World's Largest' Ultra-Definition TV

MIT-Developed 'Microthrusters' Could Propel Small Satellites

Mars Rover Curiosity to Take 1st Martian Drive Wednesday


Two New Galileo Satellites Being Prepared for Launch

Researchers Make Quantum Processor Capable of Factoring a Composite Number into Prime Factors

Everything Everywhere Gets 4G Go-Ahead from Ofcom

Samsung Spending $4B in Texas

35 Innovators Under 35

Japan's Smartphone Surge: 1 in 4 Mobile Consumers Now Owns a Smartphone

High-Tech Gadgets For the Back-to-School Bound

Electronics Manufacturers Emerging from Recession

Making Stretchable Electronics

Batteries Made from World's Thinnest Material Could Power Tomorrow's Electric Cars

Space Elevators: Going Up?

NY Lawmaker Wants Radio to Pay

Triangular Quantum Well Injection Boosts Nitride LED Efficiency by 80%

Facebook's First Big Investor, Peter Thiel, Cashes Out (turned $M/2 into $1B)

Apple Becomes the Most Valuable Public Company Ever


Cellphone Companies Can Predict Your Future Movements by Building Profile of Your Lifestyle

2/3 of American Smartphone Owners Can't Live Without Their Smartphones (sad)

Canadians Spend Less Time on Smartphones Than Last Year (sanity from our neighbors to the north, eh?)

Gartner Places NFC in "Trough of Disillusionment"

College Binge Drinkers Happier Than Non-Bingers (useful research funded by World Association of Binge Drinkers))

The Rise of the New York Startup Scene

Patterning Defect-Free Nanocrystal Films with Nanometer Resolution

Solid-State MASER Can Operate at Room Temperature

UK Internet 'to be Fastest in Europe by 2015'

A New Route to Dissipationless Electronics

Cellcom and ICC-Cal to Offer NFC Payments in Israel

What You Should Know About the iPhone SMS Spoof Attack

New Group to Set Goals for NextGen Ethernet

Apps Every College Student Needs

Texas Senator Demands Answers on Russian Sub in Gulf of Mexico


USPTO Seeks Comment on Possibility of Lowering Most Trademark Application Fees

Senators Press Pentagon to Freeze out Defense Contractor over China Chopper Deal

First Science Site for Curiosity Revealed

Supersmall Lab-on-a-Chip Is Superfast


Judge in Apple-Samsung Case Suggested Apple Lawyer Must Have Been Smoking Crack

Restaurant Offers a 5% Discount to Eat Without Your Phone (sad state of society)

Not Enough Engineers, Says the IET

Tech Stocks New Dividend Leaders

Magnetic Vortices with Electric Sense

Canadian Government Monitoring RIM Takeover Rumors

Studying the Sun's Electron Outflow

Dish to Launch Its Own Satellite Broadband Network

SEC Filing Triggers Speculation on iPhone 5 with NFC

Constructive Conflict in the Superconductor

First Practical Maser Is Built

Camouflage Bendy Robot Changes Colour for Disguise

A Playboy Model and Nanoscale Printing


FCC Authorizes Tests in Lower 1755 MHz Bands for LTE Services

Tech Manufacturing Returning, U.S. Group Says (that would be nice, but we need furniture, clothing, hardware, etc., too)

Maser Could Pave the Way for New Generation of Electronics

AT&T Asks Drivers to Take No-Texting Pledge

CERN Physicists Break Record for Hottest Manmade Material (no supermodel cracks, please)

In China, Cheap and Cheerful Phones Outsmart Apple

Electronic Read-Out of Quantum Bits (we are in a new atomic age)

Analog Firms Step Up Stock Buybacks

10-Year Plan for Space Physics Put Forward

Consumers Ignoring the Value of the Phone in Their Pockets

MPEG Hammers Out Codec That Halves Bit Rate

Verizon's $3.9B Cable Deal Speeds Toward FCC, DOJ Approval

High-Tech Flashlights Could Turn You into a Collector

Moms at Tech Start-ups Say They Can Have It All

Facebook Shares Hit New Low as a Lockout Period Ends


Transistors Made from Graphene Nanoribbons Make Efficient Magnetic Field Sensors

ARRL Teachers Institute Offers Instructors Wireless Technology Skills for the Classroom

NASA Announces Next Opportunity for CubeSat Space Missions

U.S. Retailers Move into the Mobile Wallet Market

Radio IS Where Consumers Discover Music

DARPA: Ultrafast Pulsed Lasers… More Than Just a Light Show

UK Average Broadband Speed Faster per Ofcom

Mobile Backhaul Predicted to Be Worth $9 Billion by 2016

EE Says Apple Design Patents Invalid

RIM Ready to Take BlackBerry 10 on the Road to Carriers

Engineering Will Be the Main Beneficiary of the QE Prize

LG Sells 5 Millionth LTE Smartphone

Tech Tools to Ease the Strain of the Nomadic Life

MEADS Multifunction Fire Control Radar Completes Integration and Tests in Italy

Could the New Air Traffic Control System Be Hacked?


'Texting Thumb' a Growing Health Problem

Chinese Companies Pulling out of U.S. Stock Markets (no problem, Fed prints money & buys stocks instead)

IBM Research in Zurich Points to Super Low Power Chips

Android Extends Market Lead While Apple Market Share Growth Pauses

Can DARPA's Strategy Help Motorola Compete Again?

Troops Finding New Ways to Deploy VSATs for Mission Success

China Li-ion Battery Market Growth Exploding

Scientists 'Waltz' Closer to Using Spintronics in Computing

British Consumers Are Increasingly Influenced by Mobile

USDA Spends $2M for One Intern (page 2 of audit report)

Molecules Get a Big Chill

Photos Reflect Light Like 3D Objects with Novel Printing Technology

Verizon, AT&T Dominate as U.S. Data Revenues Surge Past $19.3B

U.S. to Lose 25 Billion Taxpayer Dollars on Auto Bailout (that's the sound of the auto industry "roaring back")


News Alert! - RF Cafe Google to Cut 4,000 Jobs at Motorola Mobility

Tiny Transmitters That Cost a Penny to Print Unveiled

National NFC Service to Go Live in Singapore This Month

IBM Observes Spintronic 'Waltz'

Graphene's Behavior Depends on Where It Sits

Unraveling Intricate Interactions, One Molecule at a Time

Semiconductor Devices Could Lead to Smart Surgical Gloves

ARRL International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend 2012

India Pushing Ahead with Radio Spectrum Refarming Plans

Korea Telecom Profits Down on LTE Subscriber Costs

Freescale Closes French Fab

Scientists' Gold Discovery Sheds Light on Catalysis

M2M Customers May Feel the Pain of AT&T's 2G Shutdown

Key Test Tuesday for Hypersonic Flight


Move to Mobile Has China's Sina Sweating

Full Color Images at 100,000 Dots-Per-Inch Resolution, Using Metal-Laced Nano-Structures

FBI Issues Ransom Malware Warning Following Inundation by Victims


Law to Give Glimpse into Potentially Devastating Defense Cuts

Freezing Magnetic Monopoles: How Dipoles Become Monopoles and Vice Versa

Multimillion-Dollar Verdict Against BlackBerry Maker RIM Overturned

UAV Flies on Laser Light

Wireless Power for the Price of a Penny

Reshapeable Plastic Remembers Original Form

Are You Liable When Interns Get Hurt? (assuming it wasn't on purpose)

Semi Market Annual Growth Rate to Double.

Underwater Satellites and Autonomous Robots Hunt for Enemy Submarines

Pentagon Helps Build Meshworm Reconnaissance Robot

High Performance Flexible Solid State Battery Developed

Samsung Denies Interest in RIM, Licensing BlackBerry 10

Astronomers Release the Largest Ever 3-D Map of the Sky


LTE Revenues Expected to Grow 8x by 2016

National NFC Service to Go Live in Singapore This Month

Explore the Upper Reaches of the Amateur Radio Spectrum in the ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest

Apple Patent Trial: Samsung Scrutinized iPhone to Improve Galaxy UI (will this set precedent for teardowns & reverse engineering efforts?)

India Can Monitor BlackBerry Without Codes

Our Edisons are Alive and Well at NIWeek 2012

Nuclear Generator Powers Curiosity Mars Mission (no solar panels)

Discordant Bits and Single Photons Boost Quantum Power

Gov't Motors (GM) Outsources $559M Advertising Deal (imagine Dinah Shore singing "See the UK in your Chevrolet")


LTE Revenues Expected to Grow 8x by 2016

National NFC Service to Go Live in Singapore This Month

Explore the Upper Reaches of the Amateur Radio Spectrum in the ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest

Apple Patent Trial: Samsung Scrutinized iPhone to Improve Galaxy UI (will this set precedent for teardowns & reverse engineering efforts?)

India Can Monitor BlackBerry Without Codes

Our Edisons are Alive and Well at NIWeek 2012

Nuclear Generator Powers Curiosity Mars Mission (no solar panels)

Discordant Bits and Single Photons Boost Quantum Power

Gov't Motors (GM) Outsources $559M Advertising Deal (imagine Dinah Shore singing "See the UK in your Chevrolet")


Congressman Proposes "Cell Phone Right to Know Act" Requiring Cancer Notice on Phones (Nov's time to clean House)

Startup Demos 60-GHz Wi-Fi

Intelsat Demos Broadband Delivery to Airborne Terminal for Comms on the Move

Apple Account Hack Raises Concern About Cloud Storage

Short-Duration Clock Approach Thwarts RFID Attacks

Rising Usage in Consumer Electronics Drives 22% Growth for Magnetic Sensor Market

Is FM Chip Gaining Support in Congress?


Seeing Through Walls: Laser System Reconstructs Objects Hidden from Sight

AT&T Continues to Hammer Away at PCAST's Shared Spectrum Vision

In the Olympics of Software Algorithms, a Russian Keeps Winning Gold

Organic Electronics Ready for Boom Years 

'Scrapyard Challenge' to Make Nuclear Fusion More Economical

Radio Still #1 Reason Consumers Purchase New Music  

Wireless LAN Market to Expand by More Than 50% in 2016

Forum Responds to Black Hat Presentation on NFC Vulnerabilities

Delay in Plans for a $1B Science Ghost Town (I wrote about it)

Wikipedia Goes Down Due to Cut Cables


India Approves Starting Price for Spectrum Auction

Boosting Transparent Conduction in Graphene with Gold Nanoparticles

Hopes Dim for Sharp Amid Japan's TV Industry Sunset

Best Science Photos of the Week


UK Tech Start-up Scene Boosted by New Investments

China Takes 27% of Global Smartphone Shipments

Electron-Electron Interactions in Graphene

Component Prices Plunging on Economic Uncertainty

Can You Get a Patent on Being a Patent Troll?

Wi-Fi Traffic Wardens Police Comms at Olympics

Telecom Italia Starts to Stem Decline in Italy

SK Telecom Profits Off by 3/4 on LTE Start-up Costs

June Global Chip Sales Stay Soft on U.S. Weakness

Chinese Buying U.S. Business at Record Pace

Facebook Stock Crash Hoses California's Tax Revenue


Is Balance of Power Shifting in Mobile Patent Disputes?

Navy Asks Industry for Rugged, High-G Electronics and Guidance for Hyper Velocity Projectile Program

Mobile Communication is Breaking Down the Barriers Between Work and Leisure

Extraordinarily Strong Negative Refractive Index Obtained

Direct Imaging Confirms the Importance of Electron-Electron Interactions in Graphene

$20K Fine for Failing to Properly Light Antenna

Electromagnetic 'Swamps' Don't Always Bog Electrons Down

Sharp to Slash 5,000 Jobs

Research in Motion Announces a 4G LTE Blackberry Playbook

NOAA Hi-Def Radar Gives You the Straight Scoop

AT&T to Acquire NextWave -and Its WCS Spectrum - for $650M

R Grammar Gaffes Ruining the Language? Maybe Not


U.S. Gold Winners Owe IRS $8,986 per Medal ($5,385 per silver, $3,500 per bronze)

Telecom New Zealand Turns Off Its CDMA Network

FCC Denies Petition Seeking to Designate Nationwide Emergency Calling Frequency

RF Test Startup Raises Funds

Harvard Gets Closer to Invisibility Cloak

Entangled Particles Break Classical Law of Thermodynamics

Reluctant Electrons Enable 'Extraordinarily Strong' Negative Refraction

USA's Smartphone Market Topped 110 Million Subscribers in June

Curiosity Readies for Dramatic Entrance (this will be über cool!)

Raytheon Continues Dual Band Radar Development with $53 Million U.S. Navy Contract

U.S. Aims to Block Bid to Give UN Control of Internet (good)

iPhone 5 to Be Unveiled September 12





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