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Technical Headline News Archive - December 2007

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Top 10 Wireless Trends for 2008

Tech Predictions for 2008

Integrated Receiver for High Frequency Applications on a Tiny Chip

Tech Companies Clean up by Lobbying

Personal Data Theft Reaches Unprecedented Levels in 2007

Students' Cell Phone Texting After Classmate's Suicide Sparks Panic in Arkansas Town

Universities Worldwide Offer Free Open Courseware

iBiquity Asks FCC to Require HD in Satellite Receivers

Aspiring Radio Talk Show Hosts Need Only a Computer & Phone

CommScope Completes $2.65B Acquisition of Andrew Corporation

BAE Systems Enters Agreement to Acquire MTC Technologies

Vodafone CEO in Line for $90 Million Bonus Payout

Semi Sales up 2.3% in November, Says SIA

Poor Outlook for UMB, but Qualcomm's Future Still Secure

China Tweaks Rules on Foreign Brokerage Joint Ventures


USPTO Looking for Prior Art on IBM Patent Application

Beijing Air Pollution 'As Bad As It Can Get' (good thing China is exempt from Kyoto)

World's Only Ultrafast Electron Microscope Takes 4-D 'Movies' of Molecules

US Shuttle Atlantis Won't Fly on January 10


A 'Frightening' Mountain of Used Handsets

In 2008, Trust but Verify

Boston Underground Railway Gets Cellphone Coverage

India Preps Nanotechnology Policy

In-Stat Says UWB Beginning to Take Off

Apple Seeks Patent for Wireless Order Processing for Cafes

Daredevil Professor Tops iTunes Chart After Making Physics Cool

Americans More Wired

Huawei Sells First U.S. Phone to MetroPCS

RIM Patents Crazy-Paving Keyboard

Think Twice Before Clicking on Holiday E-mails

Amtech Systems Receives $3.9 Million Solar Order

My Aching Back! Ergonomics Targets Worker Health

Can a Vibrating Mouse Prevent Computer-Related Injuries?

NASA Delays Mars Scout Mission to 2013


New Book Claims Bell Stole Key Telephone Idea

Woman Jailed for Using Cameraphone in Court

In-Flight Internet Might Mean More Turbulence

Nasdaq Gives Watkins Johnson Six Months to Recover to $1 Share Price

Looking for Cool Tech When Buying a Car

Japanese Lunar Probe Begins Full Operation

Metal Foam Has a Good 'Memory'

Apple Posts Record Breaking Year

FCC Votes to Allow Newspaper-Broadcast Cross Ownership

API Nanotronics Wins Order from U.S. Defense Contractor

Electricity Costs Attacked Through XML

U.S. Aims to Edge Out Russia in Big Arms Sales to India

Middle East Governments Step up Net Censorship

IBM Reveals Crystal Ball For Next Five Years

A Good Year for Missile Defense


Sanyo Threatened with Delisting after Understating Losses

Russia Launches Final Satellites for Its Own GPS (GLONASS)

Electronics Manufacturing Capacity to See Global Rebalancing

Microsoft Sues Domain Name Registrar for Cybersquatting

Ford: Hydrogen Fuel Feasible

Japan's Raytheon-Built Standard Missile-3 Successfully Hits Satellite

New NASA Contracts to Boost New Orleans Katrina Recovery

E-Greetings Traffic up 9% in 2007

IEEE Fellow up for Next Challenge

Taiwan Handheld Device Shipments to Surge

Electric Warship - Navy's Nautilus

Researcher: Info Overload Costs Economy


Russian Rocket Delivers Christmas Presents to Space Station

Towards Cloaking Visible Light: Three-Dimensional Metamaterials for the Optical Wavelength Range

World's Largest Silicon Tracking Detector Installed at CERN

Cincinnati Diocese Collects Tithe Online

Messenger Zeros in on Mercury


Student Gets Inflamed Thumb from Excessive Texting

Dynamic Spectrum Access Could Allow Regulators to Take a New Approach to Spectrum Allocation

USPTO and JPO to Implement Patent Prosecution Highway on Full-Time Basis

Explosives on a Chip: Unique Structure Enables New Generation of Military Micro-Detonators

Ariane Rocket Launches African, N. American Satellites

Mobile Handsets Top Tech Executives Holiday Wish Lists

Department of Defense Acquisition Reform Holds Promise, Threat Acquisition

EDN Hot 100 Products of 2007

Arizona State Wins DARPA Grant for Green Lasers

Microsoft Shares Secret Data on How Windows Works

U.S. Eases Rules for Foreign Firms That Get U.S. Technology (another nail in our coffin)

FBI Aims for World's Largest Biometrics Database

High-Brightness LEDs Usher in New Applications and Standards

Protons Extracted into New Transfer Beamline from ISIS Accelerator


Astronomers Monitor Asteroid to Pass Near (or hit) Mars on January 30

Ariane 5 Rocket Puts Africa's First Satellite into Space

China's Rolls out First Home-Made Commercial Jet


Website Eases Phone Memory Transfers This Christmas

Congress Bans Incandescent Bulbs by 2014

NXP Buys U.S. GPS Semiconductor Company GloNav

Weapons Guidance GPS Satellite Launched

MIT Students Claim Record by Running Supercomputer on Bicycle Power

Blackberry Maker Hit with Patent Lawsuit

FCC Votes to Allow Newspaper-Broadcast Cross Ownership

HelioVolt Plans Thin Film Solar Factory

Mathematicians Show Randomly Guessing NCAA Outcome Is Extremely Improbable

SIA Maintains Rosy 2008 Semiconductor Forecast, Others Expect Recession

Apple Forces Shutdown of 'Think Secret' Site

Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007

Dutch Cops to Ditch Helicopters for Airships in Green Bid (I want to see a blimp chase a speeding car)

White House May Shift Most Wartime Funding into Base Budget

Family Crisis Forces Red Hat CEO to Resign

Christmas Eve Sky Show

Active Computer Games No Substitute for Playing Real Sports


'Tis the Season for Electronic Greetings, but Don't Text Your Boss

RFMD to Acquire Filtronic Compound Semiconductors

UK Drivers Who Use Mobile Phones Face Jail

NY Emergency Radio Network Fails First Major Test

Chicago's Law Banning Cellphone Use While Driving Challenged in Court

Semi Capital Equipment Spending to Drop 10% in 2008

Sandia's Synthetic-Fuel Recipe: Mix CO2 , H2O; Heat with Sun

RFID to Converge with Other Wireless Techs

Safety Trumps Fun When Kids Receive Mobile Phones as Holiday Gifts

U.S. Delays Troop Drawdown in Europe

IE 8 and the New Browser War

Free Wi-Fi in Mecca for the Hajj

Evidence of China's Rise Everywhere in 2007

Budget Bill Puts the Brakes on Spaceship Contest

Two Years in Space for Galileo Satellite

TV Viewers Turn to Web for Entertainment

Interactive Computing Experts Design New Devices for Everyday Uses

Lockheed Martin Awarded Contract for GOES-R Geostationary Lightning Mapper


New Phone Device Allows You to 'Speak' Through Your Ear

New Li-Ion Battery Holds 10x the Charge of Existing Batteries

U.S. R&D Funding Faces Shortfall

UK Researchers Win Lion's Share of European Grants

InGaAs Emerging as Material for Future NMOS Channels

Paul Allen Applies to Bid in U.S. Wireless Auction

'Routine Maintenance' Leads to Virgin Broadband Outage

Google's Wireless Head Departs to Launch VC Fund

EADS May Buy Saab Space

Britain 'To Have Complete 3G Coverage by End of 2008'

FCC Chairman is Owned by Media Conglomerates (per John Oram, anyway)

India Installs Antennas for Planned Robotic Moon Mission

Norway Parking Sticker Shock: $148,000

FCC Imposes 30% National Ownership Cap on Cable

Norsat Secures $750k U.S. DoD Contract Morgan Stanley Getting $5B Investment from China Investment


Tricycle Driver Climbs Cellphone Tower in Apparent Suicide Bid

Cell Phone Spending Surpasses Land Lines

Small Businesses Expect to Increase Technology Spending in 2008

European 3G Penetration Passes 10%

Senate Pulls Telco Immunity Vote

Qualcomm Buys Firm to Reduce Phone Noise

Nellis Air Force Base Powers Up 72000 Solar Panels

Japan to Introduce Vehicles with New Accident Prevention System

NIST Aims at 32 nm

Astronauts Hook Up Huge Module to Space Station

Japan Intercepts Missile in Milestone Test

New Property Found in Ancient Mineral Lodestone (natural magnets)

Superspeed USB 3.0 Arrives

Army Knife Innovates to Stay Swiss-Made

Relume to Supply 1000 LED Lights to Ann Arbor

Russian General Says Missiles Could Target U.S. Shield

Japan's Top Government Spokesman: UFOs 'Definitely' Exist


UK Shoppers Terrified by Christmas Shopping

Atheros Enters GPS Arena with $54M Purchase of u-Nav

Wanted: Indian EE Professors

FISA Bill with Telco Immunity to Be Debated Monday

The Human Factor Could Be Derailing RFID

Call to Divide, Conquer Unlicensed Bands

iPod Speaker Angering Animal Rights Whackos

One in Five IBM Employees Now in India

LEDs Set to Light up Cars in Daylight

Frustrated Saudi Youth Take a Shine to YouTube

Alltel Feature Turns Voicemail to Text

Obama, Kerry Threaten FCC Funding over Ownership Vote

5 Wireless Trends to Watch in 2008

Explosives at the Microscopic Scale Produce Shocking Results

Trimble Introduces Mobile Software Solution for Field Service Technicians


Motorola to Be Taken Over by RIM, HP or Dell: CNBC

Astronauts Deck the Halls with Boughs of Nylon

Russia Soon to View Two Space Transport Projects


Carve up Unlicensed Bands, Says WiMedia Chief

Free Wi-Fi Takes Off in U.S. Airports

Decreasing Technology Skills Worries MoD

Panasonic Unveils GaN Power Transistor with 10 kV Breakdown Voltage

Brazil: Mobile Market to Grow 10-12% in 2008

Icahn Renews Pressure to Break up Motorola

Optical Supercontinua Finally Explained

Micronetics Wins Development Order for Airborne Electronic Warfare Subassembly

Lovers Turn to Text Message to Say It's Over

Lightning Protection for the Next Generation Spacecraft

Microfuel Cell Enables Ubiquitous Computing

Bangladeshi Operator Testing Solar Powered Base Stations

Students Who Pull All-Nighters Have Lower GPAs

NASA Targets Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch for January 10

Microsoft Starts Public Test of Rival to VMware

Closing of the USPTO on Monday, December 24, 2007


Canadian Gets $85,000 Phone Bill for Internet Access

Electric Eel Powers Christmas Lights at Japanese Aquarium

Palm Confirms 500 Layoffs Amid Falling Profits

Revised EU Patent Convention Takes Effect

Powerline Battles WiFi to Network the Broadband Home

Wireless E-Mail Set for Prime Growth in Europe

Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards 2007 Winners

Ten of Millions will be Tracked by Mobile Phone within Years

Navteq Investors Approve Nokia Deal

Best Meteor Shower (Geminids) of 2007 Peaks Tonight

FCC Commish Martin Responds to Dingell on FCC Practices

U.S. Trade Judge Rules for Nokia over Qualcomm

China Chip Market to Grow 15% in 2007, 12% in 2008

Bandwidth Semi Renamed to Spire Semiconductor

Brain Stem Cells Sensitive to Space Radiation

The Hi-Tech Football that Tells Referees When It Has Crossed the Line

Researchers Clone Fluorescent Cats (greener than the old incandescent cats)


Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year: 'w00t'

UK Electronics Graduate Numbers Plummet

Ownership on Agenda at FCC December Meeting

Wireless Network System Links Car to Traffic Flow

Ice Storm Brings Down Illinois Tower

Ford Sees Rollout of Next-Generation Hybrid Battery

Plastic Computer Memory's Secret is Gold Nanoparticles

India Still Leads as Preferred Offshore Destination

Northrop Grumman Develops World's Fastest Transistor to Support Military's Need for Higher Frequency and Bandwidth

34% of Saudi Users Use WiFi

Google Now Handles 65% of All U.S. Search Requests

U.S. Lacks Plan for Digital TV Switch

In-Flight Internet Too Tempting for Some

Scientists Find Energy Source of Northern Lights

Russia and France Developing New Satellite Platform


22% of Companies to Add Jobs in Next 3 Months, According to Survey of 14,000

Young, Poor Choose Cell Phones over Landlines

Sony to Cut Jobs, Sell Plant in France

Wireless Network System Links Car to Traffic Flow

Boeing Installs High-Energy Laser on Laser Gunship Aircraft

Sony Says U.S. Electronics Unaffected by Economy

Femtocell Industry Plans Push on Problem Issues

Beijing Olympics Will Use IBM High-Tech Surveillance System

Asian Outfits to Enter Scrap for 700 MHz Spectrum

Nanotube-Producing Bacteria Show Manufacturing Promise

Unprecedented View of Mysterious 'Night-Shining' Clouds

Backup Power Boom Expected after FCC Ruling

Researchers Aren't Resistant to Properties of 'Supersolid'

Is Human Evolution Speeding Up?

RADAR: Radio Reaches 233 Million Listeners Weekly

Microsoft Offers Ads on MSN Mobile in U.S.


Google Conducts Its "White Space" Device Testing

Four of Ten Cell Phones Worldwide Made in China

IEDM Group Examines the Impact of Electronic Devices

Satellite Firm Demonstrates the Power of Galileo

U.S. Authorizers Approve $692.3B for 2008

Hackers Blamed for Cyber Attacks on U.S. Military Research Facility

Swedish Space Takes Major Role in Galileo Satellite Navigation Project

Nobel Laureates Predict Science's Future Vodafone India Unveils Cost Cuts, IBM Deal

Tech Executives Upbeat Despite Slower U.S. Economy

FCC Releases 2007 EAS Handbooks

Poll: Nationwide WiMax Unlikely in 2008

Scientists Snap Images of Solar Wind Sweeping Past Earth

LED's Help Queen Cut Energy Bills

Wikipidiots are Not Nazis After All

Shuttle Launch Now Targeted for 2nd January

Sunshine-to-Petrol Project Seeks Fuel From Thin Air

Microsoft's 27 MHz Wireless Keyboard Hacked 12-9-2007

Israeli Study Says Regular Mobile Use Increases Tumor Risk

Car Prototype Generates Electricity, and Cash


Low-Defect GaN Nanowires Could Replace Quartz-Crystal Resonators

Some Airlines to Offer In-Flight Internet Service

Jet Blue to Test Restricted In-Flight Internet Service

Free Wi-Fi Coming to Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Using GPS Handsets to Monitor Network Performance

AIA Expects U.S. Aerospace, Defense to Roll up Record $211B in 2008

2007 Disappointing for Semi, 2008 to be More Respectable

Shrinking Manufacturing Threatens Supply Chain

Analyst: Radio a 'No Growth Medium'

Cellular Nets Must Get Smarter, Says CTO

Hackers Break into Top Government Research Lab

RFMD Completes Qualification of First Generation GaN Process Technology

India Rolls out Nanotech Initiative

Over 70% of Households in Hong Kong Connected to Internet

Science Getting an Orbital Boost

Glitch Delays Shuttle Launch Until at Least Saturday

Political Power and Economic Wealth go Together in China


Hams Assist in Pacific Northwest Disaster (looks like New Orleans - without the looting)

Microsoft Pulls Plug on 'Naughty' Santa Interactive Program

Smartpen Aids Blind Engineering Students

House Vote on Illegal Images Sweeps in Wi-Fi, Web Sites

Move to Allocate 'Spectrum' Without Auction Challenged

IBM Says Breakthrough Speeds Supercomputer on Chip

IBM Unveils Smallest Silicon Modulator (they've been busy)

EDRI Statement on RFID Usage and Informed Consent

Wi-Fi Hits Milestone at 300 Million Chipsets in 2007

U.S. Army Tests Wireless Sensors for Future Combat Systems

Global Tech Spending Growth to Slow in 2008 (aren't these predictions always wrong?)

Japan to Launch High-Speed Internet Satellite on Feb. 15

Cooler, Faster, Cheaper: Researchers Advance Process to Manufacture Silicon Chips

BSEF Turns Tables on Greenpeace over BFRs in iPhone

BAE Systems' Infrared Seeker Guides THAAD Interceptor to Target

AMD Phenom, Barcelona Chips Hit by Lock-up Bug

Technical Problem Delays Atlantis Shuttle Launch


Companies Prepare for Young, High-tech Employees

Wi-Fi More Addictive than Coffee?

DoD Manufacturing Program to Fund Chip Packaging Effort

2008 Capital Spending to Shake IC Industry Foundation

Japan Tops World Semiconductor Equipment Spend

U.S. Jet Intercepts Ballistic Missile for 1st Time

Electronic Business' Top 100 Chinese Electronics Companies

MRI Gearing up to Test RFID for Tracking Magazine Usage

Cisco Hires Former Motorola Technology Chief

Huawei Ramps RFMD RF3161 PAs in Multi-mode Handsets, Skyworks RF in Base Stations

Federal Judge Confirms $134M Award Against Samsung

700 MHz Deadline Looms

Shuttle Atlantis Launch Set for Thursday

New Fuel Cell Cleans up Pollution and Produces Electricity

The Unexpected Temperature Profile of Venus's Atmosphere


BSEF Responds to Greenpeace Greener Electronics Report

Mobile and Wireless - 2007's Biggest Emerging Technology Disappointments

IEEE Members Select John Vig 2008 IEEE President-Elect

BBC Exaggerated Wi-Fi Dangers

FCC Commissioner Adelstein to be Re-nominated for Third Term

Identity Crisis in the Grey Market

More Than Half of Europeans Online

Saints on Cellphones Spark Controversy in Italy

WiFi Chip Sales Soar

Nokia Expects 4 Billion Mobile Phone Subscribers in 2009

Britain's Navy 'Would Struggle to Fight a Major War': Report

German Court Allows IPhone Exclusivity

RFMD Appoints Sirenza's Ocampo and Skrzypczak to Board

S. Korea to Buy Swedish Artillery Radar System

China Defends Space Program as Peaceful (even the tests where it blows target satellites to smithereens, creating millions of pieces of floating debris)

Pilots' 'Out-of-Body Experiences' Responsible for 1/4 of Fatal Air Crashes

Girls Sweep Prizes at Science Contest

Researcher: Divorce Bad for Environment


Woman Gives Birth by the Light of a Mobile Phone

Toshiba Installs First Tubeless Weather Radar

British Hams Mark Longest-Ever Bicycle-to-Backpack Transmission

AT&T to Drop Pay Phones by End of 2008

Fabless Semiconductor Association Changes Its Name

Filtronic Finds Buyer for Newton Aycliffe Chip Fab

Energy Harvesting Matures

Blue Dye Could Hold the Key to Super Processing Power

EU Rallies Spain to Clinch Unanimous Galileo Deal

U.S. Slump Casts Pall over Media, Entertainment

Dell Sues Three Domain Names for Typo Squatting

October Chip Sales Beat Expectations, PC Sales Help

First Crack in Mobile Carriers' Fortress?

Helium Isotopes Point to New Sources of Geothermal Energy

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Achieves Record Flight Time with Protonex Fuel Cell System

Young Chimp Beats College Students

Personal Wind Turbines Could Do More Environmental Harm than Good

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