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Is The Way to Tech Workers' Loyalty Through Their Stomachs? (that pig is disgusting)

Adapting Old-Style Phone Wires for Superfast Internet

Moscow Subway to Use Devices to Read Data on Phones

What Not to Say When Negotiating Your Salary

Wearable Tech That Will Turn Man into Machine by 2015

NEC to Stop Production of Smartphones

Warrantless Cellphone Tracking Is Upheld

Software Engineering Is Changing the Design Workflow

Light Lives 1 Quintillion Years, Physicists Suggest

The Future of Online Education Is on Campus

Germany's Largest Offshore Wind Farm Hits a Snag

Data Centers in U.S. Double Since 2011

UK Completes 4G Airwave Clearance for Mobile Networks

New Zealand Takes Action to Avoid 4G Spectrum Auction Delays

Apple Facing Lawsuit over Unpaid Wages

IARPA Releases Solicitation for Superconducting Research in High-Performance Computing


AMSAT Wants Amateur Satellites off U.S. Munitions List

Car Key Immobiliser Hack Revelations Blocked by UK Court (ha!, like that will stop it)

Speed Limit Set for Ultrafast Electrical Switch

UK Set to Release 4G Spectrum Earlier Than Planned

U.S. Tech Firms Losing Business over PRISM

NPL Moots Silver for Wearable Electronics

U. Pitt Team Finds Water 'Likeability' Plays Role in Battery-Powered Objects

Apple's New iPhone 'Has Fingerprint Sensor'

Chip Market Projected to Grow 7%

Nokia to Offer NFC and Bluetooth Treasure Tags?

Low-Cost iPhone Report Details Poor Labor Conditions at Apple Supplier

China Gumshoes Uncover Top Secret Plastic iPhone

Canadian Union Attacks Possible Verizon Investment in Mobile Network

Marine Corps Mobile Device Strategy Looks to Cut Costs

Saudi Arabia PC Market Plummets in Q2 2013

Can You Hear 'The Hum?'


Software Experts to Release Car Attack Code at Meeting

Crowdfunding Method Launched to Buy Canadian Mobile Network

Hacker Who Made ATMs Spit out Cash Dies Mysteriously in California

Quantum Wave Functions Come Alive

Research Helps Make Advance in "Programmable Matter" Using Nanocrystals

Nanotechnology Breakthrough is Big Deal for Electronics

The Paradox of Wearable Technologies

Marine Corps Mobile Device Strategy Looks to Cut Costs

Gold Layer Improves Light Sensor Performance (definitely not applicable to solar panels)

Spacecraft Sees Giant 'Hole' in Sun

Scientists Realize Quantum Bit with a Bent Nanotube

Apple Faces New China Worker Abuse Claims

Samsung 33%; Apple 13.6%, in Q2

Trials of White-Space Spectrum for Rural Broadband Services in South Africa

Largest Magnetic Fields in the Universe

Coffee Reduces Suicide Risk (must be so - I'm not suicidal)


Data Centers in U.S. Double Since 2011

Flawless Launch of Alphasat, Europe's Largest and Most Sophisticated Telecom Satellite

Spain Levies Consumption Tax on Sunlight

4 in 5 Adults in U.S. Face Near-Poverty, No Work (are we officially a banana republic yet?)


Fab Lite, Design Lite

Huawei Working to Develop 5G Technology

Feds Tell Web Firms to Turn over User Account Passwords

More on Alphasat, the Largest European Comms Satellite

Silicon Valley Fights for Immigrant Talent (CEOs want cheap maids & gardeners for their estates)

Samsung Boosts Capital Spending as High-End Phone Demand Slows

Vodafone Calls for Smaller Blocks of Radio Spectrum in Indian Spectrum Auction

Base Stations Disguised As a Palm Tree

Wall Street's Exposure to Hacking Laid Bare

Google, FTC Finalize Settlement over Motorola Patents

Scientists Test Material Solution to Nuclear Plant Explosions

NASA Van Allen Probes Discover Particle Accelerator in Earth's Radiation Belts

China Won't Be a Chip Manufacturing Power

Army Tests Technology Supporting Mobile Troops

Apple's Market Share Dips As Smartphone Shipments Hit Record Levels

Former U.S. Spy Chief Says Huawei Spied for Chinese Government


Patents 101: A Prelude to Unpredictability

ARRL Reiterates Call to Evaluate Interference Potential of 5 GHz U-NII Devices

Google Launches Chromecast Low-Cost TV Dongle

Reputation: You Are Who Google Says You Are

Cellphone Gray Market Goes Legit, As Sales Continue to Decline

Quantum Entanglement Made Visible

Blackbody Radiation Induces Attractive Force Stronger Than Gravity

NextGen GPS III Testbed Delivered to USAF

Foreign IC Companies to Represent 70% of China's IC Production in 2017

Citizen Scientist Detects Britain's First 'Lightning into Space'

3GPP Standardization of LTE in 450 MHz Good News for Brazilian Operators

How Google AdWords Accidentally Uncovered a Chinese Ring of Car Thieves

In-Car Wireless Rises

NASA Copies Star Trek, Wants to Build Faster-than-Light Warp Engine

RFID Users Help Themselves with Beer Server

Gov't Motors 2Q Profit Falls 16% (still losing >$40k on each Volt sale)


Pentagon Signals It Would Be Willing to Move Off 1755-1780 MHz Band

Receiver Immunity Standards Unnecessary, Impractical for Amateur Service, ARRL Says

Car's Black Box Data Used as Evidence in Speeding Death Case

Scientists Find Strange, Shape-Shifting Particles

Retailer PACs Increase Lobbying Ahead of Internet Sales Tax Vote

Growth Could Be on the Way for Lithium-Ion Battery Market

New Hydrogen-Making Method Could Give a Boost to Fuel-Cell Vehicles

DARPA Chooses Sparton to Develop Hidden Weapons and Sensors That Pop up from the Ocean

Iranian Mobile Provider Under Fire for Insulting Sunnis

UK Manufacturers Love a High Mix

Analog Comparator Recognizes 3 Signal Relations

LG Ships Record Number of Smartphones in Q2 of This Year

Unlimited Lifetime Data Storage Using Nanostructured Glass

10 States with the Fastest Internet Connections

76% of Mobile Developers Want to Use NFC in Apps

Straight Talk on Self-Driving Cars


Drunk Texts Costs the UK Around $800 Million Each Year

ZTE Shares Rise 20%, Trading 15x Higher Than Average Daily Volume

Oxford Questions Seek to Pull Back Curtain on Foundations of Quantum Physics

Google Serves 25% of North American Internet Traffic

UK Space Agency's First CubeSat Could Launch This Fall

China Launches 3 Experimental Satellites

LinkedIn Names Silicon Valley's Most In-Demand Start-Ups

Utilities Not Replacing Landlines after Hurricane Sandy

Germany Caught Nuzzling with NSA

U.S. Court Rules Web Patent Claim Invalid

Self-Terminating Recess Etch Produces Nitride Transistor with +3V Threshold

OEM Chip Spending Returns to Growth in 2013

The Bell Labs of Quantum Computing

Light-Emitting Nanotubes Get Brighter with 0-D States

All-Male Physics Departments Are Not Proof of Bias Against Hiring Women

CIA Co-Sponsoring Geoengineering Global Warming Study (this is how billion$ get diverted for PC causes - smoke & mirrors on low-information public)


Rush to Find Gold Rush-Era Discards That Could Fuel Cellphones, TVs

Amazon CEO Says Discovery is Apollo 11 Rocket Engines

European Networks Warn That Roaming Cuts Could Curb Infrastructure Investment

Microsoft Sinks 11% on Earnings Miss and Huge Surface Write-Down

Intel Partners with Verizon, Universities to Research Next-Gen Wireless Technology

Smartphone Processor Market May Have Peaked for Now

Researchers Develop Electricity-Conducting Yarn for Smart Clothing

Millions of Phones Susceptible to 'Massive SIM Security Flaw'

Adapt or Die: The New Technology Landscape

Military and Aerospace Circuit Board Sales Outpace Other Markets

Asymmetry – the Answer to Spectrum Pressures?

Phone Anti-Theft Put Through Paces in NY and San Francisco

Electronic 'Skin' Emits Light When Pressed

Apple's Developer Portal Has Been Hacked

Author: Think twice About 'the Internet'

NSA Revelations Could Provide Ideal Cover for Authoritarian Governments


Hybrid Memory Cube Nears Engineering Sample Milestone

San Jose State Suspends Online For-Credit Courses

Wobbly Magnetic Reconnection Speeds up Electrons

World's Cheapest Computer Gets Millions Tinkering


Conductivity Gain for Stretchable Electronics

Graphene Said to Pose Health Hazard (nanotech death is old news)

The Pink Noise Tangent Principle

Ferromagnetic and Antiferromagnetic – at the Same Time

FCC Announces Plans for 1900 MHz Radio Spectrum Auction

Women Overtake Men in UK Tablet Ownership Stakes

Google's Profit Squeezed by Mobile Woes

Top UK Engineering Prize Goes to Software Success Story

NJ Supreme Court Restricts Police Searches of Phone Data

Graphene 'Onion Rings' Have Delicious Potential

CERN Experiments Put Standard Model to Stringent Test

Stock Futures Mixed after Tech Sector Results Disappoint

Ghost Particles: New Limits on Extremely Rare Decay

Silicon Valley to Feds: Disclose Your Data Requests (CYA time for companies that are complicit in the whole scheme - check WH guest list)

Huawei Spied for Chinese Government per ex-CIA Boss

'Comet of the Century' Nears Earth (I'm ready with the Celestron CPC800)


Samsung Phone Adapted to Run on Urine Power (it should run forever in the subways)

China Leads As World Experiences Steady M2M Growth

NEC Quits Smartphone Business

PayPal 'Credits' U.S. Man $92 Quadrillion in Error (dang, why couldn't that have been me?)

Researchers Find Security Cracks in Google Glass

Improved Ground Moving Target-Indicating (GMTI) Aircraft Radar Is Aim of Army Survey

Impossible Material with World Record Breaking Surface Area

UK Government Departments Still Charging Extra for Phone Calls (hey, just like the U.S. gov't waste!)

Broadband Photodetector for Polarized Light

Stretchable Gold Conductor Grows Its Own Wires

Intel Profit Tumbles 29% on PC Sales Slump

Apple Delaying iPhone 5S to Add 4.3" Screen

Scouts Planning for Fun During Jamboree on the Air 2013

Imaging Electron Pairing in a Simple Magnetic Superconductor

How to Survive the Series A Crunch (VC advice)

The Pros and Cons of a Surveillance Society


Uncertainty over the Uncertainty Principle

FCC to Auction H Block Spectrum as Soon as January

Ham Radio Provides Reliable Link for Solo-Circumnavigating Grandmother

Patent Trolls: Inventive, at Least in Court

Graphene Makes a Magnetic Switch

Making Entrepreneurship the Norm

Canadian Regulator Blocks Payphone Rate Increase

New Form of Carbon: Grossly Warped 'Nanographene'

Battery Seen as Way to Cut Heat-Related Power Losses

An Insight into Layout Versus Schematic

U.S. Industry Groups Say China Jeopardizing New Technology Trade Pact

Scientists Stipulate Requirements for New Nuclear

Indian Researcher Helps Prove Math Conjecture from the 1950s

Google Android Support Completes Bluetooth Low Energy Picture

The Family That Tweets Together Stays Together

Laser Expert Wins Royal Academy of Engineering Medal

Over 5 Million Smart Watches Estimated to Ship in 2014


New Motorola Phone Always Listening to Your Conversations

ISS Crew Member Chats with Scouts in Canada via Ham Radio

Sound Waves Could Help Transport Delicate Electronics

Forget Battery Swapping: Tesla Aims to Charge Electric Cars in 5 Minutes

Experts Say U.S. Spy Alliance Will Survive Snowden (the guy should be neutralized, IMHO)

Mobile Interconnect Standards on the Move

Australia Election Threatens Shape of $34B Broadband Plan

How Hackers Tapped into My Cellphone for Less Than $300

DARPA to Define Manufacturing Process for Molecules in Sensors, Chemicals, and Materials

'Do Not Track' Rules Come a Step Closer (doesn't apply to U.S. Gov't, though)

Regional Operators Disappearing in Wake of Industry Consolidation

Sprint Adds Clearwire's 2.5 GHz Band to LTE Coverage Area

HAARP Facility Shuts Down

Local Icosahedral Order in Metallic Glasses

Apple Having Production Problems with New iPhone (employees keep getting electrocuted?)

Microsoft and Blackberry Cut Surface and Z10 Prices


Researchers Hack Verizon Device, Turn It into Mobile Spy Station

Apple Probes Chinese Woman's Death from 'Massive Electric Shock' While Answering Her iPhone 5

South Korea to Add 10,000 Municipal Wi-Fi Hotspots by 2017

Attention, Shoppers: Store Is Tracking Your Cell

Get Ready for Spectrum Warfare Program to Cover EW, Optics, GPS, and Cyber Operations

Microsoft Sues to Block Imports of Motorola Phones into USA

It's Up to You, Entrepreneurs

Samsung Opens Innovation Center in Silicon Valley

German Chancellor Merkel Urges Better Data Protection Rules

Small, Cheap Satellites May One Day Do Your Bidding

What Makes a Workaholic: Passion or Impulse?

Teardown: What's Inside Google Glass?

DARPA Unveils ATLAS Robot

Why the Smart Grid Might Be a Dumb Idea

Tap For Message Adds NFC to Gifts and Greeting Cards

AT&T Snaps up Leap Wireless for $1.2B


Climb Mt. Fuji for the Views, Stay for the 4G

EU Closely Watching Italy Telecoms pricing

Link Between Quantum Physics and Game Theory Found

Continued Strength of Taiwan's Semiconductor Market on Display

Scientists Track Solar 'Tsunami' to Measure Sun's Magnetic Field


Being Glued to Your Cell Phone May Reduce Physical Activity and Fitness

Imperfect Graphene Renders 'Electrical Highways'

New Way to Trap Light Could Lead to New Types of Lasers and Sensors

Microsoft Taught NSA How to Crack Encrypted E-mails

New Atom-Smashing Magnet Passes First Tests

3D Printers Can Now Print Liquid Metal into Thin Air

Radio Can Compete in the Connected Car

Big Presentation? 5 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid

NIST Shows How to Make Compact Frequency Comb in Minutes

Apple Colluded on e-Book Prices, Judge Finds

The Man Who Predicted Google Glass Forecasts the Near Future

Graphene on Its Way to Conquer Silicon Valley

Chipmakers Focus on Software Talent

Google Reportedly Planning to Spend $500M in Moto X Marketing

Time Base for Reliable System Time Even in Loss of GPS or Network Time

PC Sales See 'Longest Decline' in History


Snowden Scandal Brings Back The Typewriter (NSA can decipher that by listening to key clicks)

When GPS fails, This Speck of an Electronic Device Could Step In (very cool)

Scientists Investigate How Electric Current Flows in Multilayer 2-D Materials

Phone Companies Paid by Government for Data

India 'Ready to Use' Blackberry Message Intercept System

New Phenomenon Could Lead to Novel Types of Lasers and Sensors

Counterfeit Detection Service Combats Fraudulent Components

Lasers Take Welding to New Levels of Precision

EU and Industry Commit over €22B to Innovative Projects

DARPA Picks 6 Companies to Define Enabling Technologies for U.S. Cyber Warfare Strategy

Researchers Develop Flexible Metal for 3-D Printers

Nokia Betting on High-Powered Camera to Differentiate New Smartphone

Did Upside-Down Sensors Cause Rocket Crash?

Sell Your Business for More Than It's Worth

Tech-Savvy Cities May Be 'Smart,' But Are They Wise?

U.S. Naval Academy to Use Lego Kits for Robotics Education (my, how far we've fallen)


Nation's First Campus 'Super Wi-Fi' Launches at West Virginia U.

Emergency Broadcasts Can Be Hacked

ARRL Urges Denial of Petition to Permit Encryption of Some Emergency Communications

Graphene MEMS Outperforms Silicon

Indian Mobile Phone Shipments Rise 11% over Previous Year

TDK Intros World's Smallest Multilayer Power Inductor

Cars are Fast Becoming Smartphones on Wheels

Raytheon Wins U.S. Navy Next Generation Jammer Competition

Heat Radiation of Small Objects: Beyond Planck's Equations

Cable Companies to Deploy 250,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots by Mid-2014

Huge Tracking Dish to Become Available for EME

New Material for LEDs Developed

Huawei Warns the UK Needs to Plan for More Spectrum Auctions

DOD Mobile Pilot Programs Take Shape to Fit into Department-Wide Policies

PCs Attacked After Google Engineer Revealed Windows Bug

Pentland Firth Tidal Energy Predictions Downgraded


Cable Companies Will Deploy 250,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots by Mid-2014

How Hackers Can Take Control of Your Car

Canada Seeks New 472-479 kHz Ham Band

UK Networks Get Permission to Refarm GSM Spectrum for LTE Services

Photos of Plastic Budget iPhone Allegedly Leak

Straining Barriers Towards Low-Noise High-Breakdown pHEMTs

Metallic Bubble Wrap Offers 'Better Protection for Products'

Plug-and-Play Smart Antenna FEMs Key for Unperturbed Connectivity

New EW System Needed to Protect Ships from Recently Discovered Threat

Radio Last When It Comes to News

Soaring Fab Equipment Sales Next Year

Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry: Using the Sun to Illuminate a Basic Mystery of Matter

Particles Defy Gravity, Float Upstream

Organic CMOS Image Sensor Outperforms Conventional Solutions

Malware Hunts for South Korean Military Secrets

Google Interns Terrorizing Their Neighbors at San Jose Apartment Complex


UK Launches Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence Research Network

Kickstarting Tiny Satellites into Interplanetary Space

Governments to Target Tech Giants' Tax Avoidance

India Flooding Renews Community Interest in Amateur Radio for Emergencies

How Driverless Cars Could Reshape Cities

Device Physics: Simulating Electronic Smog

Radically Better Smartphones May Be Possible Using System Inspired by Bird Migration

An Unlikely Competitor for Diamond as the Best Thermal Conductor

Future Smartphones to Rival Games Consoles

Google Runs NFC Campaign in Australian Airports

LTE Manufacturers Increase by 50%

New Curriculum Brings 3D Printers to Technology Lessons

A Trip to Camp to Break a Tech Addiction

Next Hot Trend: Mini Smartphones

How to Get Everything You Want. Seriously

Solar Impulse Plane Completes Journey in New York


Global Semi Sales Jump by Largest Margin in 3 Years

Samsung Warns Operating Profit Will Miss Analysts' Consensus

Europeans Fire Broadsides at Google over Privacy

Issues with Satellite Knocked out Channels to 117M Russians

Snowden Says Western Countries 'In Bed with NSA' (per Newsweek "We Are All Socialists [and Nazis] Now")


Boston University Sues Apple over Patented Blue Lasers in iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air

MIT Researchers Build an All-Optical Transistor

European Firms 'Could Quit U.S. Internet Providers over NSA Scandal' (all these scandals and nobody has gone to jail)

'Master Key' to Android Phones Uncovered

A Simple Rule to Eliminate Useless Meetings

Straining Barriers Towards Low-Noise High-Breakdown pHEMTs

EU and Japan Join Forces to Build the 100Gbps Internet

Energy, Effort & Flow

Army Chooses Sotera for EW Planner to Jam Enemy RF, Safeguard Friendly Systems

Why Toyota and GM Are Pushing Fuel-Cell Cars to Market

Flexible Tin Dioxide Cloth Self-Powered Photo Detector

Secondary Schools "failing" GCSE Students, Ofsted Warns of "Culture of Low Expectations"

Ecuador, Possible Snowden Haven, Is High on Beauty but Low on Tech

World's Largest Wind Farm Officially Opened

Molecular Chains Hypersensitive to Magnetic Fields

Employer Mandate? Never Mind


Doug Engelbart, Inventor of the Computer Mouse, Dies at 88

Your Snail Mail Being Recorded, Too

Critical Security Flaw Discovered in Android Smartphones

How to Pitch to a VC

NFC Needs Open Standard

Americans Spend 23 Hours Per Week Online, Texting

The Kinds of Facebook Posts That Unfairly Cost Workers Jobs

5 Carriers Receive LTE Licenses in Colombia

FCC Approves SoftBank's $21.6B Offer for Sprint

Material Scientists Reveal Organizing Principles for Design of Nanoscopic Materials

Made in America: 6 Veteran-Owned Businesses to Watch

French Agency Spies on Phone Calls, E-mail, Web Use

Germany's HAM RADIO 2013 Draws 15,300 Visitors

Navy Considers Meggitt for MEMS Retard Sensors (I'm not touching that one)

A Battery and a Bionic Ear: Hint of 3-D Printing's Promise

Reddit Used by 6% of Adult Internet Users (I've never even been tot he website)


140 Characters Spell Charges and Jail Time

Lithuania Looks to Launch Amateur Radio CubeSats

Graphene Provides Efficient Electronics Cooling

IEEE-USA Petitions FCC for Spectrum Ruling to Spur New Technologies

AT&T Prepping Sale of Customers' Anonymous Location Information and Web, App Usage Data (time to switch carriers?)

Hearing Aids Made Affordable with Bluetooth

Big Rise for Semi Sales in May

Canada's Networks to Challenge Regulatory Changes

Silicon Valley Can't Be Copied (don't bet on it)

Toward Tinier Transistors

Yageo Capacitor's Copper Inner Electrode Suit It for Impedance Matching

Mass Protests Planned over NSA Web Spying Revelations

Fermi Team Releases Catalog of γ-ray Sources at Energies Above 10 GeV

NexGen MUOS-2 Military Satellite Communication to Launch in July

Flexible Glass Could Make Tablets Lighter and Solar Power Cheaper

China Surpasses U.S. as Largest Smartphone Market in 2013 (does MaoPhone surpass ObamaPhone?)


Firefox Gets into the Smartphone Business

White Space Radio Standard Demonstrated at Cambridge Event

Canada Outlines Plans for Radio Spectrum Transfers

USAF Awards 9 Contracts to Build Advanced Components for Electronic Warfare

Thin-Film Diamond Coatings at Lower Temps Expands Options for Electronic Devices

Nanoparticles, Made to Order—Inside and Out

Startup Uses Novel Materials Based on Plasmonic Effects

MIT Researchers Create THz Graphene Chips

Building Out the Internet of Things with Printed Electronic Smart Labels

Laser Guided Codes Advance Single Pixel Terahertz Imaging

U. Michigan Activates Antimatter 'Gun'

Contact Lenses Bestow Telescopic Vision

Shrinking 'Gorilla' Phone Glass and Interatomic Forces

Infidel Gym Equipment Replaced at Gitmo (the only religion in America approved and funded by U.S. gov't)

World's Largest Building Opens in China

Horrified Birdwatchers See Rare White-Throated Needletail Fly into Wind Turbine (golden eagles are slaughtered all the time by them)


Large-Scale Quantum Chip Validated

Strong Geomagnetic Storm in Progress

LTE Advanced is Next Competitive Battleground for Operators

HP Plans a Return to the Smartphone Market

Europeans Furious over U.S. Spying on Them (better check that returned Churchill bust for a bug)

Stealth Wear Aims to Make a Tech Statement

Student's Flashlight Works by Body Heat

BA Testing Luggage Tags Made of Electronic Paper

3D Printing & Printed 3D Electronics

Engineering the Perfect Crime

Apple Applies to Register 'iWatch' Trademark in Japan

Belgium Outlines 4G Spectrum Auction Details

End May Be Near for Blackberry

Sprint Starts Shutting-Down its Legacy IDEN Network Today

Nottingham University to Lead Power Electronics Research

6 Questions for Silicon Alley's First Billionaire