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LTE Deployments Energize Prospects for Test and Monitoring Equipment Market

Tektronix Is on the Acquisition Trail

Smartphones to Get Novel Memory Material

iPhone Finder Regrets His 'Mistake'

Samsung 1Q Net Profit Surges to Record High

Injection of Melanin Nanoparticles Could Make Human Body Radiation-Resistant

Smart Grid Faces Security, Consumer Challenges

Mobile and Wireless Apple iAd Could Cost Advertisers $1M for iPhone, iPad Campaigns

Self-Powered Flexible Electronics

Mobile Phone Sales Bounce Back

Wireless Group Pushes Hunt for Spectrum

U.S. Navy Avionics Systems Integrators Embrace Open Architectures to Combat Parts Obsolescence

Controlling the Interaction Between Light and Matter

The iPad and Its Imitators Set to Shake Up Electronics Supply Chain

Layoffs Seen at Applied Materials

'Dimmer Switch' for Superconducting Quantum Computing Developed

Loan Supports Plug-in Car Project

Radar Captures Asteroid's Pic

VT Ponders More Monitoring of Worker Web Surfing

Economics of Solar Power Installations

NASA Reveals Solar Dynamics Observatory's First Fiery Images


HP Buys Struggling Palm for $1B in Cash

Developing World Will Produce Double the E-Waste of Developed Countries by 2016

Can DOD Really Defeat PowerPoint?

Better Baking Puts the "Super" in Chip-Scale Supercapacitor

Aerospace and Defense Connector Users Demanding More Capability, Smaller Size, More EMI Protection

Cellphone Payments Offer Alternative to Cash

Spectrum Refarming and Digital Dividend Could Triple Irish Broadband Coverage

Wireless Sensor Networks Set to Take Off

Amateur Radio Exhibition Reflects Unity in Europe

University Team Sees Ingestible RFID Tag as a Boon to Clinical Trials

Home-Based Businesses Turn to Web for Survival

Motorola Posts Profit, Strong Sales; Stock Jumps

RFID Tagged Cows Start Tweeting

Samsung and Nokia Siemens Networks Make World's First TD-LTE Call

Physicist Finds Colder Isn't Always Slower as Electron Emissions Increase at Temps to -452 F

NASA Scientists Exploring 28 New Ways to Find E.T.

Jon Stewart to Steve Jobs: 'Chill, Baby'

3D TV Goes on Sale in the UK

DARPA Wants Someone to (Plug and) Play in Space

Boy Scouts Offer New Merit Pin -- for Video Gaming


Harbinger Seeks $1-$2B for U.S. High-Speed Wireless Internet JV

iPad Users Targeted by Hackers

Cell Phone Industry Declares End of Recession

Silicon Labs Buys MEMS Firm

Huge Laser Aims to Create Star on Earth

Scientists Turn to Silk Strands for Circuits, Surgery

Nanotube Cable Has 20,000 Cores

China Telecom Q1 Profit Down on 3G Spending

Battle Erupts over Plans for the D-Block (700 MHz) and Public Safety

U.S., Europe Press China to Drop Tech Security Rule

Expected Top 10 IC Industry Capex Spenders in 2010

DoCoMo Doubles Quarterly Profits

5 Ways That Cars Are Getting Smarter

Large LCD TV Market Sweeps March Ratings


Cops Raid Gizmodo Editor Home - Don't Mess with Steve Jobs

Physicists Capture First Images of Atomic Spin

Liquid Metal Batteries Could Lead to Power Storage Breakthrough

TSMC's Q1 Sales Rose 133%

UK Investment in Semiconductor Startups Plummets ("It doesn't so much fly as... plummet." - Monty Python)

FCC Chairman Genachowski Announces Launch of Spectrum Task Force

Unlicensed Access to Television Broadcasting Spectrum in Europe

Tyco International to Pursue Spin-Off of Electrical & Metal Products Business

Fuel Cells Get up to Speed with a New Kind of Platinum

Agilent Launches 32 GHz Real-Time Scope

Japan to Launch 'Space Yacht' Propelled by Solar Particles

SETI: 50 Years of Searching for ET

More Congressmen Sign On Support for The Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Enhancement Act of 2009

China Wants Telecom Companies to Inform on Clients

Global 'Boobquake' Effort to Disprove Iranian Cleric Begins (this is serious scientific research)

Nanotube Fibers

RIM Spills the Beans on New Devices

Microsoft Won't Be Dominating the OS Much Longer

Chavez Accuses U.S. Plane of "Electronic Warfare" (I hope it was doing EW!)


Electronic Manufacturing Services to Return to Steady, But Uneven Growth in 2010

Implantable Electronics

Air Force Adjusts Big-Ticket Acquisition Programs

Explosive Mobile Data Traffic Drives Wireless Packet Core Market in 2009

Circuit Evolution Achieved for the First Time

Winners, Losers in 2009 Foundry Rankings

HomePlug Powers Onward as Connected Home Play

The End Is Near for Floppy Disks (does anyone still use them?)

Parents Using Smartphones to Entertain Bored Kids

UK Police Checking Retailers for Stolen Mobile Phones

More Chip Firms Top Estimates, but ST Comes up Short

Web Security Attack 'Makes Silicon Chips More Reliable' (so web attacks are now a good thing?)

Is There a Micro-Supercapacitor in Your Future ?

What Start-Ups Can Teach Big Companies

Harris Wins $18M ViaSat Order for MIDS Military Tactical Communications Hardware

More American Expatriates Give Up Citizenship (over tax burden)


Don’t Talk to Aliens, Warns Stephen Hawking, They're Dangerous

Negative-Index Metamaterial Bends Light 'Wrong' Direction

USPTO to Co-Host Event Commemorating World Intellectual Property Day

Google Street View Logs WiFi Networks, MAC Addresses

Hyperfast Missile to Hit Anywhere in an Hour


Guy Who Lost 4G iPhone Offered Trip to Germany

When Noise Becomes the Signal

Half of Smart Meters to Include Home Area Networking Connectivity by 2013

Biggest Study on Cellphone Health Effects Launched

Warning! 3D TV Can Kill You

Big Growth for Power Transistors, Says IC Insights

South Korea Targets Internet Addicts

Prepaid Is the New Wireless Battleground

A Look at Tech-Industry Earnings for Q1

USAF Launches Secretive Space Plane; ‘We Don’t Know When It’s Coming Back’

DOD Proposes New Conflict of Interest Rules

Big Energy Storage in Thin Films

Lockheed Martin Wins $25.7M THAAD Field Support Contract

More Chip Firms Top Estimates, but ST Comes up Short

Look for Wi-Fi to Improve 911 Location

Report Predicts 894M Mobile Banking Users by 2015

CenturyTel Acquires Qwest for $10.6B

Silicon Shrinkwrap Melts Smoothly Onto Brain to Monitor Real Time Activity

IRS Agent Andrea Fabiana Orellana Fail to Report $41,842 EBay Sales (that just means she qualifies to be the Sec. of the Treasury)

Microsoft Profit Jumps 35%

Top Financial Watchdogs at SEC Surfed for Porn (while investigating your company for possible infractions)


Achieving Fiber-Optic Speeds over Copper Lines

Report Discusses Whitespace Radio

Army Puts Safeguards in Place for Satellite Transmissions

Chip Makers Beat Analysts' Expectations

Nanotechnology Comes Under Scrutiny and Nobody Is the Wiser

Cell Phones to 'Smell' Biochem Attack?

Light-Trapping Photovoltaics

South Korea, UAE Expand Semi Cooperation

How to Identify Chiral Superconductivity in New Materials

Nokia's Q1 Profits Up but Misses Forecasts

Verizon Q1 Profit Down 75% on One-Off Costs

Ericsson Scoops Last Wireless Remains of Nortel

And the Queen's Awards Go to...

Bomb's Shock Waves May Electrify Brain

Adobe Gives up on iPhone Flash Development

Stunning Images of the Sun from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory

Experience the ARRL EXPO at the Dayton Hamvention®

Massive Manual PC Cleanup Expected after McAfee Error

Cyber Threats Worsen Every Second

The True Story Behind America's "Recovery"


Men with iPhones Are More Attractive to Women Claims Survey

Vendors Look Ahead to WiMax 2.0

1/3 of Employees Feel the Need to Stay Connected 24/7

Magnetic Vortex Memory Shows Memory Potential of Nanodots

Japanese Spacecraft to Land in Australian Outback (pass out the pit helmets to the Aborigines)

Undersea Cable Outage Would Be Catastrophic

Graphene: What Projections and Humps Can Be Good For

Air Force to Launch Unmanned Space Plane

Teens Prefer Text to Talk

RFID Journal Announces Winners of Its 4th Annual Awards

Graphene Films Clear Major Fabrication Hurdle

Advance Made in Thin-Film Solar Cell Technology

Should Apple Sue Gizmodo over Stolen iPhone Prototype?

Apple's Net Jumps 90% as iPhone Sales Surge

Nearly Half of Mobile Phone Users Worldwide to Make Mobile Payments by 2014

The Worst Jobs in Science

U.S. Navy Selects LeCroy Corp.'s Digital Oscilloscopes

Half of All Time Spent on the Mobile Internet Is on Social Networking Sites

A Less Personal Computer

Engineers Generate Electricity by Tapping into Algae Cells

Parahydrogen Puts New spin on Medical Imaging


Thieves Sever Man's Finger, Steal iPad at Denver Mall

1 in 3 Teens Send 100+ Texts a Day

Deutsche Telekom to Recruit Some 9,000 New Staff

Satellite System Won't See Space Anytime Soon

Bluetooth Backers Explore 60 GHz Future

Tech Companies Fear Implications of Trade Pact

Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.0 Ready to Roll

Mass Adoption of Smartphones is Eroding Operator Profitability

Web Hit by Hi-Tech Crime Wave

Samsung Warns of 3-D TV Health Hazards

Free WiFi Common in UK Pubs

Ericsson Teams Up with Datang to Develop TD-LTE Systems

Palm Loses RadioShack Support

W1AW Offers Code Practice, Bulletins via EchoLink

Cyberattack on Google Hit Password System

GM, Church Team up to Convert Sales (seems like a separation of church & state issue since Gov't owns GM now)

NXP Aims at Cars with Shrunken MOSFETs

9-Year Wind Farm Fight Splits Cape Cod (eco-hypocrites have NIMBY attitude)

Solar Electricity for All Markets

Space Shuttle Glides into Florida

Laptop Web Cams Snapped 56,000 Images of Unsuspecting Students (Nazi-like school admins)


GE to Pay $0.00 U.S. Income Tax for 2009, While Claiming $10.8B Offshore Profit

European Air Travel Ban Disrupts Supply Chain

Air Traffic Ban Boosts Video Conferencing

Samsung Leapfrogs Intel and Micron

4G Wireless: It's Not Just for Phones Anymore

Airspace Closure Could Hit Chip, Cellphone Firms

Recycling Nanoparticles

NXP Confirms IPO Move in U.S.

Ukrainian Cabinet Mulls Raising Spectrum Costs 8x

Microsoft Debuts 'Fix It' Program

Rockwell Collins Seeks to Revolutionize A/D Converter Technology for DARPA RADER Program

Major Grant for Nuclear Materials Study

Cloudy Skies Delay Space Shuttle's Homecoming

Is This the Next iPhone?

RIM Says Video is Big Challenge to Networks

ARRL Public Relations Committee to Host Field Day Webinar

A Quantum Random-Number Generator for Encryption, Security

Office 2010 Releases to Manufacturing, Availabe May 1

Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks April 22

Facebook to Track Your Internet Movements


Boy Scouts Issue New Badge for Geocaching

Photos Surface of the Day Einstein Died

Volcano Spews Clouds of Uncertainty

Broadband Plan Architect Levin Leaves FCC

Source of Zodiac Glow Identified

New Malware Can Take Control of Macs


Spectrum Auctions & Broadband Networks Are Key Issues for US Telecom Operators

Venture Capitalists Continue to Take It Slow

Sony Ericsson Swings Back into Profit

Korean Subscribers More Brand-Loyal to Handsets Than Networks

Scientists Work to Keep Hackers out of Implanted Medical Devices (password-protect your pacemaker)

Canada's T4G Announces U.S. Expansion

Military's Technological Might is Slipping, Navy Under Secretary Says

China to Construct Space Station Within Five Years

Europe Prepares to Ship Second ATV Space Freighter

The Army's Plans for an Unmanned Air Force (I like it)

SiliconSouthWest Opens Lab for Start-ups in Bristol

Watching the Tug of War between Structure and Superconductivity

New Program Makes Sure E-Waste is Recycled Right

3 Reasons Why the Mobile Web Will Rule by 2015

Trio Arrested in H.P. Case on Kickbacks

A Flexible Color Display

Using Neutrons to Peer Inside Battery Designed for Hybrid Locomotives

Ex-NSA Worker Charged in Classified Leak Case

Icelandic Volcano's Ash Plume as Seen from Space

Cat Brain: A Step Toward the Electronic Equivalent (it already exists - a box of rocks)


Massive Fireball Reported Across Midwestern Sky

Consortium to Develop Mobile Phone to HDTV Connectivity Standards

Samsung Opens up over Cancer Allegations

U.S. House Passes Spectrum Inventory Bill

NIST Detector Counts Photons With 99% Efficiency

Israel Bans Imports of Apple iPad

Ofcom Delays Spectrum Band Manager Appointment

ARRL Public Relations Committee to Host Field Day Webinar

Green Laser Diode Market $500M by 2016 as Pico-Projector Market Drives Growth (see below)

Man Arrested for Flashing Green Laser Pointer at National Guard Helicopter (see above)

Soaring PC Shipments

Giant Natural Particle Accelerator Discovered above Thunderclouds

U.S. Community Banks Rank Mobile Banking as Top Priority

Which Wireless Firm Carries the Most Data Traffic?

Despite Ruling, FCC Says It Will Move Forward on Expanding Broadband (law be darned - we're the gov't!)

Congress to Archive Every Tweet Ever Posted Publicly (we know who you are)

DoJ Wants to Read Your E-Mails w/o Warrant

China's Internet Paradox

U.S. Scientists Reveal Bulletproof T-Shirts

Cassini Images First Extraterrestrial Lightnings (Ben ET Franklin pplease phone home)


2010 College Graduates to Face a Highly Competitive Job Market

Technology Wages Start to Rise

Speech Recognition for Cell Phones Comes of Age

Two ESC Attendees to Win a CanSat Launch

IEEE Website Gets a Facelift

New Material Is a Breakthrough in Magnetism; Step Closer to 'Magnetic Monopole'

Can Graphene Be Made to Bend, Twist and Roll?

Top 10 Cell-Phone Manufacturers Face Challenging 2010

MSL Radar Tested in California

House Panel Proposes More Defense Contracting Reforms (who will reform the House?)

Follow the Smart Phones

NAB: Mobile TV for 700MHz

Fortunes to Be Made and Lost in 2010 Cellular Location Market

Tech Companies Embrace Higher Education

IEEE Members to Receive AAES Awards

New ARRL Website Design Online

Man Sells Old Video Game for $31,600

NASA Begins Science Flights with Robotic Jet

Nearly Half of U.S. Households Escape Fed Income Tax (I paid a LOT in fed, state, & local taxes)

Russia Doubles Price for U.S. Astronauts after Shuttles Get Scuttled (capitalism mixed with Marxism/Leninism?)


Floating Nanosheets Could Be the Plywood of Nanotechnology

Mobile Data Can Stabilize Operator Revenues by End of 2010

New Material is a Breakthrough in Magnetism

Microsoft Debuts 'Social' Cell Phones

German Tablet PC Sets Out to Rival Apple's iPad

Is the Time Right for Telcos to Focus on 3DTV?

R&D Cash, and More Engineering Students

Magnetic Poles May Once Have Been at Equator

German Spectrum Auction Yet to Resume

India 3G Auction Price Hits INR43.24bn

Steve Jobs' iPad Trademark Snafu Could Be Costly

New Computer Interface Goes Beyond Just Touch

DOD Gets Authority to Limit Contract Competition

Should the Government Force Cell Phones to Carry TV Tuners? (is this a trick question?)

Ultra-Short, High-Density Electron Pulses for Advanced X-Ray Sources

Google Docs Refresh Aims to Steal Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes Users (still no e-mail client to replace Outlook)

Smartphone Maker Palm Up for Sale

FCC Chief Faces Broadband Dilemma

USAF Adds Cyber Training for Recruits and Officers


Glimmers of Hope for North American Tech Jobs

Election 2010: Electronics Industry Fears Hung Parliament

Graphene Films Clear Major Fabrication Hurdle

Broadcast Associations Get Behind ALERT FM

Cellphones Could Protect Against Deadly Chemicals

China 3G Standard Phone Sales to Surge

Radar Resists Wind Farm Interference

Broadband Funds Stimulate Laments from Companies

How Crystal Electrons Behave in High Electric Fields

End of the CPU? HP Demos Configurable Memristor

Polymer Nanosheet to Innovate Electronics

China Overtakes Germany in Wind Power

Inexpensive Highly Efficient Solar Cells Possible

FCC Plods Ahead with Broadband Plan, Starts a Flame War with Verizon

Wi-Lan Sues Apple, HP, Others on Bluetooth Patent

Smartphone Maker Palm Seeking a Buyer

Probe Opened into France Telecom Suicides

News Sites Rethink Anonymous Online Comments

Green LEDs for Efficient Lighting

Big Change Coming to Safari 5: Kernel-Level Multi-Processing


Piezoelectric Nanowires Develop Enough Voltage for a Charge-Storage Device

New Method for Manufacturing Complex Ceramic Components in One Step

Nearly Two Million 60 GHz Chipsets Expected to Ship in 2015

Chinese ISP Hijacks the Internet, Momentarily (nah, can't possibly be a test)

Exotic Quantum Spin-Liquid Simulated: A Starting Point for Superconductivity?

Nuke Sub Crashes While Navigator Listens to iPod


City of Manassas to End Failed BPL Service

Memristor Memory Readied for Production

FCC Plans to Move Forward with Broadband Plan Soon

Dead? Hardly. Ruling All But Ensures Net Neutrality

Closing in on a Carbon-Based Solar Cell

Tech Industry Recovery Under Way

U.S. Awards $100M in Smart Grid Training Grants

Mexico May Cut Millions of Cellphones

GE Introduces 40W LED Light Bulb (a mere $40, which you will be forced to buy once CFLs are outlawed)

GE to Boost Research in China

MEMS Gyro Harnesses Bulk-Acoustic Wave

New High-Speed IC for World's Biggest Physics Experiment Is Fastest of Its Kind

NASA Unveils Sweeping New Programs (goodbye U.S. manned space program - transfer $, technology to Russia, China instead)

US Information Technology Spending on the Rise

Shadow Cyber Spy Network Revealed

NATO Unites to Thwart Cyber Threats

Inkjet-Like Device "Prints" Cells Right Over Burns

Discovery That Quasars Don't Show Time Dilation Mystifies Astronomers

Misery for Motorists as Petrol Hits £6 a Gallon (the price of green)

Italy Gets EPR Nuclear Plants


Can the Kremlin's Silicon Valley Succeed?

A First? Texting While Driving Leads to Arrest

Mesofacts, Memes and More: 25 New Tech Words You Need to Know

iPhone Update Might Address Multitasking Complaint

Self-Powered Nanotechnology Closer to Reality

Possible Route to Better and Smaller Source/Drain Contacts for III–V Logic

India Planning to Launch Satellite Using Cryogenic Engine

Graduate Students Innovate the James Webb Space Telescope

Scientists Discover New Principle in Material Science

February's Poor Chip Sales: a Blip or a Sign?

3 Offers a WiFi Hotspot in Your Car

National Increases Amplifier Accuracy with Diagnostics

Florida City Moves to Integrated Smart Grid

Nearly 1/2 of U.S. Households Escape Fed Income Tax (that ½ votes for politicians who take from the ½ that DO pay)

ARRL Responds to FCC's NPRM Calling for New Rules on Vanity and Club Call Signs

Court Rules that FCC Can't Stop Comcast from Throttling Traffic

NASA Embraces Open Government Initiative

German Anti-Facebook Backlash Gathers Speed

Teen Sues Mom for Hacking Facebook Account

Men Account for 3/4s of UK Mobile Video Downloads

Windows 7 SP1 Leaks, Downloadable Now


Princeton Demos Plastic Transistors

Element 117 Obtained (suggested name: rfcafenium)

Super-Fast Broadband Tax Scrapped

Digital Radio: Pros and Cons

Industry Losing Billions Through Revenue Leakage According to KPMG Survey

Student Uses Skin as Input for Mobile Devices

iPad Wi-Fi complaints echo those of Nexus One, iPod Touch (Broadcom RFIC)

TSA Says You Can Probably Leave Your iPad in Your Bag

Mobile Broadband Card Sales Grew 55% in 2009, Driven by HSPA Adoption

New NXP RFID Chips Bring Multiple Functions to Item-Level Tagging

Electrons' Extracurricular Activities Affect Superconductivity

Does Cable Have Grip on Speedy Internet?

Moonbounce for Everyone -- Courtesy of the Arecibo Radio Telescope

Discovery Arrives at the International Space Station

Swiss Make 1st Test of Round-the-World Solar Plane

Google Chrome Cracks 6% Market Share

UK Rich Get 50% Tax Rate (is £150k/yr = $228k/yr rich?)

NASA, Boeing Flight Test Futuristic Airliner

Geologist Connects Regular Changes of Earth's Orbital Cycle to Changes in Climate


U.S. Court Rules Against FCC on Net Neutrality (good, 'cause there's a lot more to it than the public happy face presented)

World’s Smallest Microlaser Could Revolutionize Chip Technology

Einstein Equations Indicate Possibility of Black Hole Formation at the LHC (my cover-up theory: maybe one formed during initial run and caused the massive failure?)

Chip Market Recovery Still Has Legs

USPTO Launches Ombudsman Pilot Program

Astronauts' Space Shuttle Inspection Slowed by Antenna Malfunction

DoT (India) Publishes Final Bidder List for 3G Auction

Samsung Forecasts Q1 Profit Surge (what finances all these buying surges when people are still out of work? gov't handouts)

Battery Boost: Lithium-Ion Anode Uses Self-Assembled Nanocomposite Materials to Increase Capacity

Cities Sell Themselves - and Their Dignity - for a Shot at Google Fiber

New Software Design Technique Allows Programs to Run Faster

Researchers Trace Data Theft to Intruders in China

Aussie Scientists Back on Full Beamtime

Technical Troubles Complicate Shuttle Mission

Chain of Offshore Wind Turbines Could Power Atlantic Seaboard

Nokia to Launch Internet Tablet this Year

AT&T to Spend $1B in 2010 to Broaden Network, Expand Offerings for Small U.S. Businesses

Google Chrome Cracks 6% Market Share

Creating a Portable X-Ray Machine

IRS Could Tap Tax Refunds for "Free" Health Insurance Penalties


Global Semiconductor Sales up 56% in February

Defense Giant Narrows Search for New Headquarters

Hacking the Smart Grid

Nanotechnologists Reveal the Frictional Characteristics of Atomically Thin Sheets

USPTO Proposes Change That Would Effectively Allow a 12-Month Extension to the Provisional Patent Application Period

New Editions of ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, Tech Q&A Now Available

Errant Text to Police Leads to 3 NY Drug Arrests

UK Government Launches R&D Competitions

Capacity of InGaAs to Increase Drive Current in Nano MOSFETs

Renesas Electronics is Biggest 'Non-Memory' Chip Firm

Plastic Electronics Could Slash the Cost of Solar Panels

Obama vs. Congress on Radio's Royalties Exemption

Using an Electronic Device to Break in a New Violin (or Guitar)

Ofcom Proposes Lower Mobile Termination Rates

Shuttle Discovery Blasts Off to ISS

Oil Hits 18-Month High on Economic Outlook

Think You’re Good at Driving While on Your Cellphone? You May Be Right

Over 300,000 iPads Sold on First Day

Air Force Announces New X-37B Spacecraft Launch


4G iPad Coming, Says Clearwire

GPS Inventor Inducted into Inventors Hall of Fame

Significant Step Toward Lightweight Batteries w/Li-Air

IBM Teams With FAA to Neutralize Cyberthreats


Apple Fans Eagerly Touch and Swipe First iPads

NIST Studies Spray-on Manufacturing of Transistors

April Fools! Google Jail Not Google's Prank

GaN Power Management Chips Poised for Impressive Growth

Black Silicon Makes Solar Cells Cheaper

Navy to Install New Automated Electronic Testing System

Palm's Free Hotspot Functionality Will Help Evolve the Mass Market Smartphone

Lasers and Seismic Waves Promote Nuclear Fusion

Android Surges, iPhone Stalls

Trucking Executive Supports Texting Ban

Microsoft Founders Lead Tributes to 'Father of the PC'

Shining Light on Graphene-Metal Interactions

Renesas Electronics Will Be Good for European Business

At Least Two More WiMax Handsets Coming in 2010

FCC 09Q3 Quarterly Report on Informal Consumer Inquiries and Complaints

Court: Woman's Phone Annoying, But Not Contempt

Underemployment Rises to 20.3% in March (better to be under than un)

Scaling, Collaboration Keys to Maintaining U.S. Cleantech Edge

Physicists Identify New Kind of Star

Verizon to Take $970M Charge from Health Care Bill (redefining the word "free")


April Fool's Around the Web

Top 10 April Fools' Day Fake News Items for 2010

Economy and Shortages Affect the European Job Outlook

Astronauts Get Go-Ahead for Good Friday Launch

Manufacturers Will Have a Happy Easter

Carbon Nanostructures: Elixir or Poison?

FCC Sets Noncomm Workshop

Physicists Demonstrate 100x Speed Increase in Optical Quantum Memory

US Consumers Switching to PrePaid Phone to Save Money

Digital Radio Switch-Over Under Fire

Scaling, Collaboration Are Keys to Maintaining U.S. Cleantech Edge

Psychologists Search for Secret of Happiness at Work

Small Firms Driving Job Creation

The Few, the Proud, the "Supertaskers"

CTIA Rings Up Killer Smartphones from HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry, Microsoft

Tiny Tubular Generators

Purdue Solar-Powered Car Wins Award

RIM: Higher 4Q Profit as Subscriber Base Grows (looks like not everybody wants an iPhone)

Crippled Mars Rover Fails to Phone Home

Miller's Tree Service, Erie, PA