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Technical Headline News Archive - May 2014

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Regulators May Stymie 60 GHz Use

Worldwide WLAN Market Shows Slowing Growth in Q1 of 2014

Artemis Claims pCell Can 'Blow the Doors off' LTE Spectral Efficiency

Common Semiconductors Stabilized for Solar Fuels Generation

IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium Honors Ulrich Rohde, N1UL

Flexible, Transparent Thin Film Transistors Raise Hopes for Flexible Screens

"It's Time for Silicon Valley Firms to Disclose the Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Age of Their Workforce" (oh, because it has not done very well without mandated diversity?)

Silicon Craft Unveils NFC Smart Poster with Multiple Touchpoints

Future of Online Ed Isn't Heading Where You Expect

China Cracks Down on Instant Messaging Services (where are the 'rights' heroes on this?)

Cyberespionage Attacks Tied to Hackers in Iran

Police Interrogate Kids over Online Abuse

Salary Survey Reveals Positive Signs in Job Market

Few Female Engineers and Execs at Google

Edward Snowden Says He Was Trained 'As a Spy' (hard to believe the CIA hasn't handled this guy yet)

Elon Musk to Unveil Spacecraft to Ferry Astronauts


Graduate Employers Struggling to Fill Vacancies

Supercaps Breakthrough: Phone Case to Replace Battery

China Will Pass U.S. in Handset Revenue in 2014

Can Radio Continue to Dominate the Dashboard?

Watch Dogs PR Stunt Causes Ninemsn Office Evacuation

Milliohm Squawker Great at Finding Shorts on PCBs (remember the black & yellow BumbleBee-per continuity checker?)

Zeroing in on the Proton's Magnetic Moment

Northrop Grumman Samples E- and W-Band InP HEMT LNAs for Commercial as Well as Military Applications

Army Opens Competition for Tactical Field Radios

Graphene and Painkiller Receptor Combined into Scalable Chemical Sensor

Demonstrating Destructive Quantum Interference Using Bose-Einstein Condensates

Telecommunication Satellite Eutelsat 3B is Taken to Target Orbit

Smaller Accelerators for Particle Physics?

Simple Question: What's a System?

Foxconn Global Ambitions Include Mobile Service

Diamond Planets May Be More Common Than Astronomers Thought (Lucy?)


Hackers Locking iPhones, Demanding Ransoms

New Indian Government Urged to Speed up Radio Spectrum Auctions

Apple Patents NFC Antenna That Works on All Sides of Mobile Device

LG Unveils Laser-Focus Enabled G3 Smartphone

Method Developed for Controlling Growth of Metal Crystals

Samsung Launches Phones for Respected Old Generations (finally, a cellphone for me)

D-Day Special Event Stations to Be Active

How Will 5G Compare to Fiber, Cable, or DSL?

Iran Judge Summons Facebook's Zuckerburg to Court (advice to Mark: don't go)

Graphene to Make Large Scale Electricity Storage a Reality

Could Conflict Spur Technology Development?

Inventor Powers Implantable Medical Devices Wirelessly

Who's Using the Data Mined from Students?

Emergency Radios from Boeing to Be Ordered for Downed Pilots

Airbus Launches All-Composite, All-Electric Plane (sweet)

21-Year-Old Makes Astronomy Breakthrough


Bell Labs Restored to Former Status (time will tell)

1,200-Year-Old Tablet Computer Unearthed by Archaeologists (aLIENPad?)

WNPR Highlights the History of Amateur Radio and the ARRL

How to Steal Ideas from Everybody You Meet

Canada Relaxes Restrictions on Mobile Devices in Flight

Polarization-Engineered High Mobility of 2-D Hole Gas in GaN

Going Dark: The Internet Behind the Internet (quite interesting)

Huawei Smartphone Sales Soar As European Market Fragments

A Drone by Any Other Name is … an RPA?

UofMD Establishes Orbital Debris Research Center

New Way to Make Sheets of Graphene

UK's NPL Reveals Quantum 2.0 Science

Google Reportedly Working with Ruckus on Cloud-Based Wi-Fi Network

Argonne Scientists Discover New Phase in Iron-Based Superconductors

Robot Warriors Pose Ethical Dilemma

Apple Wants Retrial in Samsung Patent Case


Army Testing a Real-Time Smartphone System for the Battlefield

Are Camera Phones Ruining Your Memory?

BlackBerry Moves Beyond Mobile Devices

Meshnets Serve Communities When Internet Fails

Pentagon to Close 21 Facilities in Europe

Army of Robots to Invade Amazon Warehouses

Google Working on 3D Image Tablet

Foxconn Employees Charged with Bribery

Court Approves FCC Plan to Subsidize Rural Broadband Service

U.S. May Act to Keep Chinese Hackers out of Def Con Event

Radio Galaxy Discovery Near Earth Spurs More Questions

Mexican Drug Cartels Terrorizing America Now (thanks to politicians coddling Illegals for votes)


Police Use Cellphone Spying Device

New Graphene-Type Material Created

Workers in Si Valley Lawsuit Likely to Get Average of $4k

First Broadband Wireless Connection ... to the Moon

New Zealand Mulls 700 MHz Allocation Options


Bluetooth Smart Starter Kit Targets Quick Prototyping

Predator Drone to Get NATO-Worthy Euro Radio

Two 2-D Materials Integrated into Single Electronic Device

How Much Return Loss Is Too Much?

DARPA Unveils Hack-Proof Drone (how long until Iran snatches another one?)

Weak Electronics Sales Pressure Best Buy, Sears

Busting Rust with Light

Nanodiamonds Created in Coal Fade Away in Seconds

Liberating Devices from Their Power Cords

School Teachers Group Says Computers Negatively Affect Ability to Learn

China Plans Security Checks for Tech Firms After U.S. Indictments

46 Transistors Constructed on 6 Carbon Nanotubes

HP to Cut 11,000 - 16,000 More Jobs

Lighting the Way to Graphene-Based Devices

BAE Systems Cuts U.S. Business Sectors to 3

iMessage Flaw Plagues Apple


KickSat Re-Enters Atmosphere Without Deploying "Sprite" Satellites (bummer!)

Patent Reform? Experts Say No

eBay Customers Must reset Passwords after Major Hack

New Lithium Battery Created in Japan

AT&T to 1,500 to 3,000 Cell Sites Per Year for 'Foreseeable Future'

Cobham to Buy Aeroflex in $1.46B Deal

GM Announces Another Flood of Recalls (aka Government Motors, still billions of unpaid bailout $$$)

Circuits and Sensors Direct from the Printer

BlackBerry to Make a Push into M2M Market

World's Smallest, Fastest Nanomotor Built

Morgan Stanley Predicts Apple Will Include NFC in iPhone 6

U.S. Retailer Warned After Importing Fake Samsung Smartphones

Measure Throughput of Cellular and WiFi MIMO Radios (Part 2)

Hackers Can 'Un-Brick' Stolen iPhones

Some Types of Wormholes May Stay Open Long Enough to Send a Photon Through

Increase in Q1 2014 Silicon Wafer Shipments


FCC Hopes to Raise $10B from AWS-3 Auction (gov't collects sooooo much $$$ from citizens, then prints even more at will)

Team Visualizes Complex Electronic State

UK Study to Look at Mobile Phone Health Impacts on Children

China Bans Windows 8 on Government Computers

New Algorithm Shakes up Cryptography

Sprint Hit with Largest-Ever 'Do Not Call' Fine

Ham Radio: Old Technology Gets New Respect

New Analysis Eliminates Potential Speed Bump in Quantum Computing

'T-Ray' Tech Converts Light to Sound for Weapons Detection, Medical Imaging

Chattanooga's Super-Fast Publicly Owned Internet

Oklahoma Grant Will Fund Amateur Radio-Based SKYWARN Location-Tracking System

Taxis to Collect Passenger Data

Verizon Wireless Super-Sizes LTE under 'XLTE' Banner

Army to Build EMP- and Blast-Proof Launch Center

Lower Risk of Midair Collisions for Small Aircraft

Billion-Dollar Tech Buyouts Since 2002


British Telecom Hiring 1,600 New Engineers

NI Works with Nokia on 5G mm-Wave Prototype

Braille Based Mobile Phone Goes on Sale

Algorithm Appointed Board Director

GPIB Won't Die, Sorry About That (I cut my test automation software teeth on GPIB and VB)

ARRL Offers New Amateur Radio PSAs

Engineers Invent Way to Beam Power to Deeply Implanted Medical Chips

Freak Frequency from Outside Milky Way Baffles Astronomers (Contact?)

Intrado Delivers First Interoperable Text-to-911 Service

John Houbolt's Passing Has Lessons for All Engineers

Electrons Hurtle into Interior of New Class of Quantum Materials

Light Turned into Matter After 80-Year Quest

Improved Supercapacitors for Super Batteries, Electric Vehicles

Liberating Devices from Their Power Cords

Scholars Debunk Claims of High-Tech Workers Shortage, Question Industry's 'Free Pass'

Cyber Charges Against China Could Raise Stakes for U.S. Commands


Dramatic Improvements in Nanogenerator Efficiency for Wearable, Implantable Electronics

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Shrinking (ummm... global climate change w/o mankind's presence?)

Domestic Outsourcing: A Key Component in Successful Reshoring

Vietnam's Anti-China Protests Force Foxconn Shut Down

Nearly ½ of Q4 Smartphone Sales Will Be Financed

Flexible Supercapacitor Raises Bar for Volumetric Energy Density

Registration Open for RFID Journal's 10th Annual European Event

Quantum Correlations Make You Never Fail a Test Again

Russia Loses $275M Satellite in Latest Rocket Failure

FCC Lays out 600 MHz Auction Rules, Unleashes AWS-3

New imaging Technology: Phase Contrast X-Ray


Lighting the Way to Graphene-Based Devices

Quantum Simulator Gives Clues About Magnetism

1-nm-Thick Graphene Engine Mimics 2-Stroke Engine

Tricking the Uncertainty Principle

Electricity as Utility. A Model for the Internet?


MoD's Quantum Compass Offers Potential to Replace GPS

Error at IBM Lab Finds New Family of Materials (serendipity on display)

FCC Approves Plan to Consider Paid Priority on Internet

Android Device Can Detect Types and Levels of Radiation

Minnesota Introduces U.S.'s First Mobile Phone Kill Switch Bill

Magnetic Topological Insulators 1,000x More Energy-Efficient for Switching

Verizon, AT&T Restricted in 2015 Spectrum Auction (they mustn't have donated enough to the controlling political party)

World Telecommunications and Information Society Day is May 17

Battery Sales Show Tesla Has a Long Way to Go

New Fast Texting World Record Holder

Argentina to Hold its First Radio Spectrum Auction in 15 Years

DISA Plan Outlines a Mobile, Cloud-Based Military (yeah, that sounds very secure)

What the Wireless Industry Is Saying About the FCC's 600 MHz Incentive Auction Rules

U.S. House Committee Expresses Support for MARS Program

FD-SOI Is at 'Tipping point'

Government Mulls Penalties for Cyber Bullies


Samsung to Pay Compensation to Settle Cancer Allegations

Intensive Mobile Phone Users at Higher Risk of Brain Cancers

Petition to Expand RFID Use on 70 Centimeters Withdrawn

Will Elon Musk Fund a Nikola Tesla Museum? (put a giant condom over it, call it "art," and the government will fund it)

Is There Gold for EEs in Silicon Valley's Hills?

FCC Vote Could Determine How Fast, Well, Cellphones Work

Senators Intend to Amend Federal Student Privacy Law

Autodesk Unveils 3D Printer

Nanowire Bridging Transistors Open Way to Next-Gen Electronics

Manchester Deal Puts Graphene on Road to Commercial Market

Ultrafast Laser Technique Developed to Observe Electron Action

High-Speed Solar Winds Increase Lightning Strikes on Earth

Gallium Market to Grow 40% by 2020 (that's the semiconductor, not the creepy being in Hobbit movies)

EU Court Tells Google That People Have 'the Right to Be Forgotten'

Grading the Top U.S. Wireless Carriers in Q1 2014

The Ever-Increasing Value of Modeling


WiFi in Your Car for $150 Per Month

China to Deter Unauthorized Use of Radio Frequency

It's Never Too Early to Study Engineering

The End of Polished and Perfect Software (huh? when has it even been?)

Physicists Show Unlimited Heat Conduction in Graphene

Russia to Only Use ISS Until 2020

Is Mobile Video the Tip of the Iceberg?

Google's $1,500 Glass Costs Just $153 to Manufacture (odds fish! you mean the Google folks are out for profit just like those the 1%ers they deride?)

Google Will Now Sell Glass to Anyone in U.S. Who Wants It, Indefinitely

Transistors That Wrap Around Tissues

The Threat of a Cloned Iranian Stealth UAV

Cobalt Encapsulation Extends Copper to 10 nm

When Gadgets Break: Repair or Replace?

Analog Claims Lowest Noise Density for 14-Bit, 1Gsample/s ADC

BlackBerry Launches Low-Cost Phone

The Next Generation of In-Car Entertainment


Fabless Chip Companies Ranked by 2013 Sales

Under Pressure, FCC Revises Fast Lane Plan

Android App Quickly Connects Army's Tactical Radios

Radio Module for IoT

Researchers Develop Covert Optical Communication System

Is Your Tech Keeping You Awake?

Operation of Longest Superconducting Cable Worldwide Started

Study Finds Students Taking Longer to Graduate from High School

German Government Advised to Sell Deutsche Telekom Stake

AT&T in Talks to Buy DirecTV for Nearly $50B

A Multi-Billion Dollar Military Satellite Market

Plaintiff in Silicon Valley Hiring Suit Maligns Deal

Where is Casey Kasem? (wow, name from the past - I grew up listening to his Top 40 Countdown in the 1970s)

LAX Radar Failure Due to U2 Spy Plane Solved

Flexible Supercapacitor Raises Bar for Volumetric Energy Density

As Drones Fly in Cities and Yards, So Do Complaints


Digi-Key Launches Freescale Freedom Board Design Contest

Patent Surfaces Detailing a Facebook

Wi-Fi Hotspots to Pass 7M in 2015 As Traffic Offload Increases

Rotational X-ray Tracking Uncovers Hidden Motion at the Nanoscale

Metamaterial Applications a Step Closer to Reality

U.S. Firm Fined for Making Automated Calls to Mobile Phones

ARRL Centennial Convention Attracting Growing List of Vendors and Exhibitors

'Killer Robots' to Be Debated at UN

The Direct Approach to Microcavities

EE Time's April Caption Contest Winner

How to Build a Gamma-Ray Laser with Antimatter


New Microscope Sees What Others Can't

Indian Telco Revenues up to €7B in Q4 2013

Florida Man Demands Right to Wed Computer

Q1 Semiconductor Trends and Update

London Tops Super-Rich City List


U. GA Students Post Ad for Hit Man to Avoid Taking Finals

Engineering Majors: You're Hired!

Tech Giants Urge Rethink of Net Neutrality Changes

FUNcube-2 Launch Set for June 19

Exploring the Magnetism of a Single Atom

USAF to Award Space Fence Contract to Track Orbital Debris

Solution to 2 Long-Standing Mysteries of Cuprate Superconductivity Found

68% of Americans Would Accept Risk to Retrieve Stolen Cellphone 

NTT DoCoMo Partners with 6 Vendors on 5G

Researchers Build Acoustic Tractor Beam

Navy Steps up EW Attack Game with Growler

Military Seeks to Blend Aircraft and Sensors to Keep Air Superiority in Dangerous Airspace

Handset Law to Check Korean Telcos' Marketing Spending

Cablevision Wants to Use Wi-Fi to Shake up Cellular Data Market

New Delhi Has World's Dirtiest Air (pity the people)

Apple Hiring Medical Staff Boosts Wearable Technology Rumors


Conference Hopes to Put Miami on America's Tech Startup Map

Smaller Microchips That Keep Their Cool

Military UAV Market to Hit $6.35B by 2018

MIT Demonstrates First Vertical GaN Diodes on Silicon

5G Performance – What Can We Expect?

Brightest Atom Laser to Date Built

Carrington-Class CME Narrowly Misses Earth

Graphene for Real-World Devices

Man Becomes Math Genius After Suffering Head Injury (hmmm...)

Iraq Gives Telcos Go-Ahead for 3G

Global Semi Industry Posts Highest-Ever Q1 Sales

Energy Device for Flexible Electronics Packs a Lot of Power

Solving a Mystery of Thermoelectrics

DIYers Inspire Hardware Renaissance in Silicon Valley

Fed Chief: 'High Degree' of Accommodation Still Needed (translation: keep pumping fiat money into bankers' and fund managers' pots & pay me 0.5% interest on savings)

Chip Market's Bullish Run Continues


No Danger from Magnetic Fields in Electric Cars (well, that's a relief)

Tiny KickSat 'Sprite' Satellites May Not Deploy

Electronics That Stretch at the Molecular Level

Target Date For AM Revitalization: Halloween

iPhone Bug Leaves Emails Vulnerable

Graphene-Analog Outperforms Original

Android and Microsoft Smartphones on the Rise Among Western European Government Employees

Clues for Superconductivity in Iron-Based Material

Microsoft Files for Smartwatch Patent

Twitter Plunges as More Shares Hit Market

Wi-Fi Chipset Shipments to Near 18B Chipsets in Next 5 Years

Flexible All-Carbon Electronics Integrated onto Plants & Insects

USAF to Outsource Middle East Communications (probably to an al Qaeda group)

China's Alibaba Files to Go Public in U.S.

Warning over Unintentional File Leak from Storage Sites

More U.S. Business Closing Than Opening (per Census Bureau)


WiGig Is Coming, Test Equipment Close Behind

Canadian Radio Amateurs Gain New 472-479 kHz Band

Terahertz Imaging on the Cheap

Artificial Intelligence and Electronic Warfare

Huawei Rules out Talk of a Stock Market Listing

New York City Issues Tender for City-Wide Wi-Fi Network (for always-connected drug dealers)

Physics Students Devise Concept for Star Wars-Style Deflector Shields

Bill Gates No Longer Microsoft's Biggest Shareholder (world's richest man needs a better barber)

Drone Journalism Can't Fully Take Flight Until Regulators Act

Balky Wi-Fi Above the Clouds

Is the Piracy Crackdown Doomed to Fail?

Global Internet User Base to Reach 3B by End of 2014

Rapid Synthesis Developed for Bilayer Graphene and High-Performance Transistors

Sony Tape Smashes Storage Record

Kids Tracked by GPS Watch

FCC's Spectrum Screen Proposal Gives Advantage to AT&T, Verizon


Superheavy Element 117 Confirmed (suggested name: rfcafenium)

Using Mobile Technology for Work Linked to Higher Stress

Canadian Space Agency Supports 5 Studies on Microsatellites

Mathematicians Find Algebraic Gold

When Hitting 'Find My iPhone' Takes You to a Thief's Doorstep (this is scary)

Wearable Tech Shakeup Ahead

Potential Benefits of a Laser-Based Interplanetary Internet

Elon Musk Halts Deal Between USAF and Russian Rocket-Makers (Mr. SpaceX)

Elon Musk, Tesla Plan 'Gigafactory' Site (busy guy)

The Calm Before 2014's Tech Storm: Apple Will Bring the Rain

RFMD's Quarterly Revenue Falls 11% to $256M

U.S. Jury Orders Samsung to Pay Apple $120M


Huawei and Qualcomm Hit 300 Mbps with LTE-A

Physicists Confirm Existence of New Meson Type

Playing Pool with Carbon Atoms

2-D Semiconductors for Really Small Electronics

How to Make a Gamma-Ray Laser with Positronium


Driver Caught Using Jammer to Create 'Phone-Free' Bubble Around Him

Graphene Not All Good

Happy 50th Birthday, BASIC

A Quick Mitigation for IE's New Win XP 0-Day Vulnerability (hat tip to RF Cafe visitor Harold K.)

China, India Named on U.S. Piracy, Patents Black List

Mobile Growth Shifts to Low End

How the Supreme Court Could Reshape Tech Patent Landscape

DC, Another Option to Improve Electrical Power Transmission

Lead Free Perovskite Solar Cells

Strain and Light Emission in GaN Nanowires

Microsoft Security Fix for IE, Including for Defunct Win XP

Army Gives 4 Companies Contracts for Soldier Radio Waveform Systems

Solving a Mystery of Thermoelectrics

M2M Spectrum Networks Aims to Steal M2M biz from Tier 1 Carriers

Orange Criticizes High GSM License Renewal Fee

What Will Be Consequences of Earth's Magnetic Field Reversal?


Harnessing Magnetic Vortices for Making Nanoscale Antennas

Tech Sector Job Hiring and Business Activity Outstrips Rest of UK Economy

Ofcom Outlines Radio Spectrum Plans for the Next Decade

New Material for Flat Semiconductors

FCC Chairman Says Broadband Competition Is Lacking

Twitter Sinks as User Growth Underwhelms

Glass-Paved Roads Provide Solar Power

Parents Just As Likely to Use Cell Phones While Driving, Putting Child Passengers at Risk

Unexpected Graphene Behaviour

Proving Uncertainty: New Insight into Old Problem

Google to Stop Mining Student Emails for Ad Ideas (awfully nice of the "don't be evil" folks)

Is It Secure to Use BLE in Cars?

Wi-Fi Woes - Is Your Home a Dead Zone?

World's Longest Experiment Spans 90 Years

It's Not a Tech Bubble - It's Tech Roulette

China to Pass U.S. as World's Leading Economic Power This Year (yay! more promised Change w/o Hope)



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