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Times Square Ball to Get LED Makeover

ARRL Cautiously Optimistic about Texas BPL Deployment Announcement

Way Cleared for Large U.S. Spectrum Auction

Promise, but Questions as 2006 Approaches

Science News of the Year 2005

National Engineer's Week Material Available from IEEE

Web Services Thrive, but Outages Irk Users

WiMAX Certification Announcement Nears

Airbus Pilot Maroons Drunken Passenger on Desert Island


India's Science Institute Attacked by Suspected Terrorists

Euro Satellite First Step in Challenging Pentagon's GPS

NEC to Delist on European Exchanges

Emergency Communications Software Standards Proven Interoperable

Waiting to Exhale: Outlook for 2006

Move to New Frequencies to Cost Government Nearly a $1 Billion

ITT Will Test Missile Defense Technology

Ultracold Test Produces Long-Sought Quantum Mix

Science 2005: Giant Steps Forward, Some Steps Backward

Stressed out from Too Much Knowledge


China's Mobile Phone Subscribers Skyrocket to 388 Million

first of E.U.'s Galileo Navigation Satellite Launched

Fate of High-Def DVD May Lie with Microsoft

2006 Will Be Delayed by a "Leap Second"

Camera-Equipped Cell Phone Shipments to Surge

Defense Firms Turn to Border Security

Mathematical Solution Makes Professor Famous

TriQuint Opens New England Development Center

Techsphere to Fly Antenna Technology on High Flying Airships


Woman Swallows Cell Phone to End Argument

Mobile Phones to Announce "You've Been Indicted"

802.11n to Boom in 2006

IBM Exec Says Microsoft Standards Plan has "Bizarre Restrictions"

IC Enables 13.56 MHz RFID Readers

IEEE-USA Commends Sens. Ensign & Lieberman for Introducing National Innovation Act of 2005

Cluster Helps to Protect Astronauts & Satellites Against "Killer Electrons"

U.S. Navy Plans to Increase its Fleet to 313 Vessels by 2020

Meteroid Recorded Hitting Moon, Creating New Crater

Japan Says China Considerable Threat

No Saturation Ahead for Wireless: Insight Research


Santa Goes High Tech on the Internet

Nokia Sees 3G Handset Sales Doubling in 2006

DoD Spending Bill Includes Chip Reseach Funds

SIA Applauds Congress Funding of Advanced Research

Tests Achieve 3.6 Megabits per Second Call With HSDPA Datacard

College Launches Cell Phone Film Contest

Analyst Bullish on '06 Semi Market

Forbes' Sneak Peek 2006

Marine Corps Boosts Harris Radio Order to $586 Million

Saudi Arabia Buys $14 Billion of Eurofighter Typhoon Jets

Quantum Superfluid Could Be Akin to Exotic Matter Found in Quark Star

India Gets Biggest Bird in Orbit Yet


Japan's Electronics Production Dipped in 2005

Technology Helps New Yorkers Weather Strike

U.K. Issues Final RoHS Guidelines

U. of California to Keep Running Los Alamos Lab

Europe Could Create Analog Market Leader

Solar Handbag Powers All Your Gadgets

Wise Guy: Tests Confirm Einstein's Formula Correct

New Lithium Batteries May Power Christmas

Why Nanolayers Buckle When Microbeams Bend

Russian Supply Vessel Delivers Astronauts' Christmas Presents


Britain to be first Country to Monitor Every Car Journey

Sypris Wins Contract to Provide Metrology Services to Kodak

Poll: Americans Need High-Tech Gadgets

Laws of Nature Hold Fast So Far

Firm Foresees Philips Semi Merger

Wyoming Seeding Clouds to Boost Snowpack

NASA Selects Five Firms for Avionics Work

Winter Begins Tomorrow - the Science Behind It

Cell-Based Nano Machine Breaks Record

Teen Pleads Guilty After Blog Confession

China Now Consumes More Than 20% of Global Oil Supplies


Broadband Over Power Lines Service Starts in Texas - Yikes!

Plan to Add H1B Visas for High-Tech Workers Dropped

Long DNA 'Wires' for Future Medical & Electronic Devices

House Sets Digital TV Deadline for 2009

Happiness Brings Success, Not the Other Way Around

WalMart Toughens Push on Wireless Tagging

3Q EDA Revenue up 6% Year-to-Year

U.S., Australian Partnership to Pursue North America Antenna Business

Record Year for Meteorite Recovery in Canada

Electric-Grid-Friendly Appliances


Digital AM/FM Challenges Satellite Radio

Wall Street CEOs Get Big Bonuses

Industry Execs Meet with Cheney to Promote Research Agenda

Theater Owners Want Cell Phones Blocked

Biobased Plastic Flexes Its Muscle

Protecting Our Electronics Against EMP Attack (ESD on steroids)

Web Sites Let Users Send E-Mail [Back] to [the] Future

Vlogging: Blogging with Video

Pb-Free Tantalum Chip Caps Provide High Value in Small Package

German Armed Forces Commissions Rohde & Schwarz to Carry out SDR Study


Smart Phone. Stupid Software.

Mathematicians Zero in on a Novel, Economical, and Infinite Helix

Scientists Figure out Why Mona Lisa Smiles

Sentenced to a Cell(phone)

NASA Plans to Remove Problematic Foam

Web Cams Bring Soldiers Together with Kin

New Windows Vista Test Build Expected


RFMD to Expand Assembly Operations in China

Engineers Regain Use Of Opportunity Rover Arm

California Proposes $3B Solar Plan

Cell Phone Use by Drivers Keeps Growing

Emergency Communications Software Standards Proven Interoperable

RIM Pressured to Settle BlackBerry Case

Chip Equipment Sales to Drop 3% in 2006

National High Magnetic Field Lab Complete Testing of New 35 Tesla Magnet

CENTCOM Picks Harris for Sensor Network

Tech-Oriented Gift Givers Go High-End


2006 Economic Environment for Electronics

Report Profiles WiMAX Chip Market

Firms Rank Most Admired Execs: Gates #1

Forbes: Where Not to Put Your Money in Tech for 2006

GPS Systems Getting Smaller

Cellphones for Your Christmas Wish List

Study Finds Cellphones are Interfering with Family Life

P-Band High-Power, Medium-Pulse Transistors Unveiled by APT

New Mexico Lays out Its Spaceport Plan

PolyFuel Claims Fuel Cell Power Boost

Electronic Walls & Ceilings Make it Easy to Change Lighting & Room Design


CU BSEE Freshman Bought Big-Ticket Items Cheap by Printing His Own Bar Codes

China & Europe Push Forward High-Tech Cooperation

Near-Field Comms Tested at Atlanta Arena

Partnership to Create RF-MEMS for Cellular Handsets

RFID Spending Will Surpass $3B in 2010

Japanese Celebrity ASIMO Robot Gets a Real Job

Nortel to Build First WiMAX Network in Canada with Alberta SAB

First Member of Galileo Satellite Family (Euro GPS) to Be Launched 26 December

High-Speed Microscopic Engine Found

Riding the Ultra Wideband Communications Wave

Online Retailers Step up Discount Christmas Shopping Offers


Ratification of 802.11n Hit by Hold Ups

China Tops U.S. As #1 Exporter of IT Goods

Bluetooth SIG Looks for Allies

EET Debuts "Great Minds, Great Ideas" Project

Cellphone Rulings Could Mean Billion$ in Tax Refunds

Sprint to Begin Selling Movies on Mobile Phones

FAA, LockMart Complete National Rollout of New Radar Data Communications Gateway

Agilent Technologies Announces Collaboration with CEA-Leti on Next-Generation Wireless System Design Flow

Philips Tunes in U.S. Market with Mobile TV Device

Hacker Attacks in US Linked to Chinese Military

Hundreds of Auroras Detected on Mars

Iridium Signs Service Provider Agreement with China Spacecom


RFMD "Electronics Company of the Year" by The North Carolina Technology Association

Panasonic Withdraws from GSM Handset Market

Survey: Electronics Managers in China Earn $8,000 a Year

Worldwide Semi Revenue Hits Record High of $235B

More Research Urged on Nanoparticle Health Risk

Arizona Town Will Go Wall-to-Wall Wireless

IEEE-USA Chief Calls for IPv6 Adoption

Europe Keen to Join Russia in New Spaceship Project

Navy Funds Battery Research

RFID in China


Live Tracking of Mobile Phones Prompts Court Fights on Privacy

Earth's Magnetic Pole Drifting Quickly

Itron Selects Orbcomm for Commercial Gas Meter Monitoring

BlackBerry Settlement Talks Continue


NEC Develops Paper-Thin Mobile Battery

Saying Goodbye to Rank-and-File Stock Options

Consortium Seeks to Ramp Nanoelectronics Research

Wireless Camera can be Hurled into Danger

100,000 Applications for '.eu' Domain in first Day

As Wi-Fi Spreads, More Free Locations Popping Up

Nanoelectronics Research Grants Awarded to U.S. Universities

North Magnetic Pole Heading for Siberia - and Fast (no doubt it's Halliburton's fault)

Physicists Show Quantum Storage of Single Photons

WiMedia Group Pushes Alternate Route for UWB Standard

ID Theft Fears Overblown


Mobile WiMax Standard Approved

Simple Experiment Creates Surprising State of Matter

Businesses Rush for '.eu' Domain Name

Japan Says Landmark Asteroid Probe Likely to Have Failed (dang!)

Lift-Off for Inmarsat's Global Broadband

It's Not Only About Lead

Globalstar Receives US Gov't Approval To Launch Spare Satellites

Yahoo Adds Skype-Like Ability to Its Instant Messenger

U.S. IT Workers Stressed Out

US Airways Keeps Laptop Users Plugged In

Google's Once-Brotherly Image Turns "Big Brotherly"


Intel Presents 'Breakthrough' Transistor

BBN Technologies Wins DARPA Funding for Software Defined Radios

Apophis Meteor Could Hit Earth in 31 Years - Duck!

NATO Uses RFID Tags to Track Military Shipments to Afghanistan

Radio Companies Form HD Digital Radio Group

Getting Ready for the 'Big One,'  Detailed Survey Ever of San Adreas Fault

Japanese Researchers Unveil 3-D Stack for Chip Integration

Microsoft to Invest $1.7B in India

CDMA Coverage in the Arctic Wilderness


Bone-Chilling in the U.S. Tonight

Researchers Discover Methods to Find 'Needle in a Haystack' Signals in Noise

Consumer Electronics Shows Strong Start

Wikipedia Tightens Rules Following False Article

Homeschooled Teen Wins Top Science Honor in Math

Qualcomm Calls in Wi-Fi

Frits Philips, Company Icon, Dead at 100

Cocoa, Tea and Coffee Good for Your Health - Drink Up

ICANN Gives Tentative OK to '.asia' Domain

WiMAX Important to Cellular Operators

China Picks Airbus in $10B deal for 150 Planes

Huge Building may Actually be Causing Quakes


Intel to Invest $1B in India

DataPath to Design Satellite Comms Network for Army and Marines

RocketEZ's 10-mile Hop Sets Rocket Plane Record

Freescale Upends Thinking on Transistor Channels

China Urges U.S. to Sign Kyoto Protocol (while dealing with their massive chemical spills)

Yup, the Military Did Jam up Your Garage Door

Nanotech Discovery Could Have Radical Implications; Princeton Group Outlines Novel Mathematical Approach

Russian Technologies Can Put Cosmonauts on Moon

Chip Firms Use Calm to Prepare for Storm

Google Stock: Fool's Gold? (hey, someone has to pay for their Boeing 767-200 party jet)


ARRL, FCC Continue BPL "Interference Resolution" Database Debate

Holiday PC Sales Booming

Sweden Has the Best 3G Coverage in Europe

No Laptop Under the Tree this Christmas?

African Americans and Hispanics Lead Mobile Culture

Microsoft Asks U.S. to Intervene in Europe

DARPA Funds Research on Gigabit Wireless Chip

Most Stable Optical Clock in Known Universe

Verizon to Offer Cell Phone TV Service

Boeing Runs Unmanned Helicopter Through Test Flight


Consumers Drove $20B October, Says SIA

Raytheon Awarded $15.5M IED Countermeasure Devices Contract

Registration Opens for ".eu" Domain December 7th

China Wants Mobile Phone Users to Register

BlackBerry Users Cross Their Thumbs

A Better Way to Escape Cellphone Jail

Arkansas Scientists Make Fuel From Chicken Fat

Companies Hire 'Thieves' to Test Security

China Hits out at Japan over UN Security Council Seat

M/A-COM Awarded $4.75M Radio Communications Contract for U.S. Navy


BlackBerry Shutdown Closer After Ruling

Einstein-a-Thon on the Web

New Twists in Environmental Compliance Rules

Senator Urges Corporate Tax Reforms (what we need: Corporations Urge Senate Reform)

iSuppli Raises 2005 Chip Market Growth Forecast

Launch of First Galileo GPS Satellite Underway at Baikonur

Almost 300 Million Cameraphones Sold in 2005

Study Reveals Severity of Go-cart Injuries (give your sons safe Barbie electric cars instead)

Kyoto Climate Accord Becomes Operational (get your winter coats out - global warming has just been stopped)

Iran Trying to Bolster its Space Program

Japan Abandons 'IPod Tax' Idea