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Worldwide Mobile Phone Shipments Down 15.8% in First Quarter

Demand Decreases for U.S. Work Visas (just walk across the U.S.-Mexico border - it's easier)

ISA Approves First Standard for Industrial Wireless Applications

IBM to Add up to 5,000 Jobs Worldwide

ZigBee Alliance Adds Global IT Standards to Its Growing Portfolio

Molex Buys Motorola's EMC Lab in Denmark

World's Fastest Camera Relies on An Entirely New Type of Imaging

Are Internet Users Ditching Print Altogether?

Qualcomm and ST-Ericsson Shine, Even As Wireless Chip Market Tanks

ST's Q1 Loss Widens; Wireless JV to Cut 1,200 Jobs

Anadigics' Revenue Falls by 1/3, Driven by WLAN and Cable Shortfall

Apple Snapping up Chip Designers

Pushing Plastic Solar Cells

CEA Will Set Specs for 3-D Glasses

Iron-Arsenic Superconductors in Class of Their Own

Harris to Deliver Tactical Radios to Polish Ministry of National Defense

Microsoft Chugs Toward Windows 7 Release

NASA: Quarantine Will Keep Astronauts from Catching Swine Flu

Firefox 3.5 Beta 4, Beta 5 Gets Under Way

Half a Glass of Wine a Day May Boost Life Expectancy by 5 Years (license to imbibe?)


Study of 'Persistent Currents' Finally Verifies Theory

UK VC Investment Falters

ARRL Foundation Announces 2009 Scholarship Recipients

Ex-EPA Official Calls for New Agency to Oversee Nanotech

ARPA-Energy Launches First Research Project

Carpet Cloaks Bring Invisibility to the Optical World

Pizza Tossing Art Unlocks Secrets of Tiny Motors

Research May Yield New Z Boson and Fifth Force of Nature

Microsoft in Cellphone Talks with Verizon

Nano-Mechanical Sensors 'Wired' by Photonics

Sun Micro Loss Deepens Prior to Acquisition

Panel Predicts DOD Contracting Workforce to Expand

USPTO Takes 1st in NAGC’s Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards Competition

European Economic Confidence Bounces Back

Office 2007 SP2 Released, Can Save ODF by Default

Clear Channel Cutting 590 Radio Jobs

Florida Teen Finds Rocks in Nintendo DS Box

Economy Shrinks at 6.1% Pace in 1Q

Top Lawmaker Wants Mileage-Based Tax on Vehicles

Brits Back Away from 'Big Brother' Data Storage Plan

Space Junk Forcing More Evasive Maneuvers


Qualcomm to Pay Broadcom $891M in Settlement  (chump change in Bailout terms)

Mobile Application Revenues to Reach $25B by 2014 As Apps Stores Hit Mass Market

Norwegian Air Shuttle to Provide High-Speed Broadband

Alcatel-Lucent Wins Chinese Contracts Worth $1.7B

Chips Supporting Bluetooth 3.0 Announced

Nokia Cuts 450 Jobs in Mobile Services Division

New 'Green' Power Cables on the Horizon

Small Satellites Grow in Popularity

Humans May Be Hardwired to Work 8 Hours/Day (well, except the Welfare class, who seem to have their wires crossed)

Cablevision Has Fastest Internet Speeds for Cable

WSJ Radio Network Thrives as Paper's Circulation Rises

Touch Screens with Pop-Up Buttons

Analog Devices, Infineon Link for Next-Gen Auto Airbags

IBM Boosts Quarterly Dividend 10%

People with Higher IQs Make Wiser Economic Choices

Electronics Cooling Depends on Innovative Approaches to Thermal Management

New Blow for Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Theory

Corot Space Telescope Finds New Planet with UK Technology

Nuclear Power Plant Construction Urged in U.S.

Fast Color-Changing Material May Lead to Improved Sunglasses

Scientists Make First Observation of Unique Rydberg Molecule

Pranksters Rig Time Magazine's "Most Influential" Poll

Swine Flu Fears May Hammer Travel Industry


G.E.’s Breakthrough Can Put 100 DVDs on a Disc

Renesas and NEC Electronics to Combine

Electronics Industry Urges U.S. Military to Buy Only American-Made PCBs.

Computer Program to Take On 'Jeopardy!'

Obama Pledges Big Boost in Scientific Research, 3% of GDP

EU Recommends Against Travel to U.S. & Mexico

The Spectrum and the Stimulus

'Instant-On' Computing by Putting the Squeeze on an Old Material

'Deep Packet Inspection' Could Become the Target of Legislation

Giant Electrical Tornadoes in Space Drive the Northern Lights

Verizon Communications Quarterly Profit Up 5.3%

New Wireless Sensor First for Instant Monitoring of Brain Oxygen

New Hubble Mission to Launch Around May 11

Qualcomm Slips into Second-Quarter Loss on Broadcom Settlement

Catching the Lightwave: Nano-Mechanical Sensors 'Wired' by Photonics

Japan's Sharp Reports $1.3B Annual Loss

A New E-Paper Competitor

Windows 7 to Include 'XP Mode' Virtualization

In a Dead Job Market, Unemployed Hit the Gym

Print Media Continues Steep Decline


U.S., China to Sign Billion$ in Busine$$ Deal$ Monday

Hackers: the China Syndrome (we'll overlook the hacking for a few $B in contracts)

GM to Pull the Plug on Pontiac

Discovery of An Unexpected Boost for Solar Water-Splitting Cells

Super-Rich Ravaged by Recession

Italy's Mafia Thrives in Global Financial Meltdown


Universities Irrelevant by 2020?

ROHS Changes Keep Design Engineers Vigilant

Bluetooth 3.0 Will Be 8x Faster

Eight States Consider Adopting New York's Problematic "Amazon Nexus" Law

Europe Tops Global Open Source Survey

Finland Awards Radio Spectrum for LTE Networks

Apple Lays off 1,600 'Geniuses'

Space Deterrence Concept Critical to U.S. Space Asset Security

Cell Phone Coverage on the World’s Highest Peak, Mount Everest

WiMax Subbing for DSL in Vietnam

Freescale Abandons Sale of Cellular Handset Unit

Night Owls Have More Staying Power

Moody’s Downgrades Nokia on Worries That Market Saturation May Have Set In

Reversals of Earth's Magnetic Field Explained by Small Core Fluctuations

Harris Wins $600M to Modernize U.S. Military SatCom Terminals

Microsoft Net Income Tumbles over 30%

Time For a New Theory of Gravitation? (well, the old one defies Unification, so I'd say so)

Boom Times Ahead for Mobile Web Access

Cars Gone Wireless

New 167-Processor Chip Is Super-Fast, Ultra Energy-Efficient

Spaceport America Education Launch Information


Intel Makes Its Top 10 Technology Predictions for Next Decade

China's Capacity Utilization Hit New Low in 09Q1

Chipset Enables WCDMA/UMTS Access Points and Gateways

Researchers Unzip Carbon Nanotubes to Make Ribbons of Graphene

Electricity Meters to Transmit Usage Data over T-Mobile Network (see latest Kirt's Cogitation)

China's Second Navigation Satellite Functioning Well in Planned Orbit

NIST Nudges Quantum Computers Toward Commercial Viability

New Research Promises Better Atomic Clocks

A Biological Basis for the 8-Hour Workday?

Students Find Jupiter-sized Oddball Planet

Flexible, Printable Supercapacitor Built

Nokia CEO: Too Early to Call Bottom of Phone Demand

Spansion Puts Wireless Business up for Sale

Faster Bluetooth Chips Coming Early Next Year

Drumbeat Gets Louder for White House Control of Cybersecurity

UK Privacy Watchdog Clears Google Street View

TriQuint Sees Demand Return as Handset Inventory Burns Off

NYPD: Hackers Try to Access Force's Computers 70,000 Times a Day

Apple Pulls Plug on 'Baby Shaker' iPhone Program

New Firefox 3.0.9 Patches Mucked-up Memory and Other Holes

Do Good Looks Get High School Students Good Grades? (finally... an excuse for my dismal HS performance!)

CBS: Obama Earth Day Flights Burned More than 9,000 Gallons of Fuel


New Features Found in Einstein's Brain

'Covered Campus' Looks to Be the First Logical Use of WiMAX

Record Attempt Reaps 217k Texts, $26k Phone Bill

AT&T First-Quarter Profit Down 9.7% - Landline Revenues Decline

Joint Strike Fighter Data Stolen in Pentagon Cyber Attack

Ferroelectric Gates Make Transistors Nonvolatile

Oxford Team Put Shrödinger's Cat to Work in Sensor Design

EU Parliament Votes to Approve Cuts on Roaming Charges

Counterfeit Parts and Trusted Sources at Military & Aerospace Electronics Forum

Budget Reveals £2.5B for High Tech Industries

Stephen Hawking on 'Road to Recovery'

Telecom Policy Makers Urged to Focus on Rural Connectivity

New Technique that Scrambles Light May Lead to Sharper Images

Bee.One Electric Car to be Tiny, Cheap, and Cute (and unpurchased)

Turkish Operator Deploys Wind-Powered Base Station

Need for Speed: Bluetooth 3.0 Is Official

New Military Command Planned to Improve U.S. Cybersecurity

Server Glitch Crashes T-Mobile Network

Sensational Images of Saturn Show the Ringed Planet in Incredible Detail (sensational is truly an understatement)

Google Debuts Even More Unbelievably Helpful Labs

UK Hikes Top Income Tax Rate to 50% (a mere pittance - U.S. senators threatened 100% tax on some executive bonuses)


Here Comes the Internet Sales Tax Grab

2010 to See 17% Jump in Semiconductor Industry Revenue

French Workers Lock Up More Bosses over Job Cuts

Fractal Antenna Demonstrate Working "See-Thru" Wideband Invisibility Cloak

Shortages of Ammo and Gun Accessories Cropping up Nationwide

World's Largest Model Rocket to Lift Off Saturday

China's Fab Utilization Sinks to 43%

RFID Sensor Detects Radiation Threats in Shipping Containers Using Modified Cell Phone Tech

Shrinking Size of Nanotechnology Circuitry with Novel Technology

EU States, Lawmakers on Internet Collision Course

Budget Must Not Undermine Us, Say Manufacturers

Mixed Feelings About Sun Setting in Silicon Valley

EarthLink Blocking ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service Traffic

TI Takes Q1 Profit Hit, Slashes Inventory Levels

Oil Falls to Near $45 as Stock Markets Sink

Boeing to Develop Free Electron Laser for U.S. Navy

Safety Panel Endorses Ending Shuttle Ops

Starbucks Wi-Fi Déjà Vu, Now in British Isles

Broadcom Makes Unsolicited $764M Bid for Emulex

Spies Breach Pentagon Fighter-Jet Project

First Solar Secures Financing for 53 MW German Plant


80% of U.S. Jobs Lost by Men (how about some equality here!)

Stephen Hawking Hospitalized, Reported Very Ill

Washington to Get First Crack at Free Mobile TV

€14M Paid to NXP Bosses

Russia to 'Track' Its Nanotech, Aims for 3% of Market

Oracle to Buy Sun for $9.50 a Share ($7.4B US)

Record Result in Q4 for India - but Q1 09 Looks Set to Beat It

Bluetooth Replacing Movie Posters in Belgium

Obama Names Relative Unknown as U.S. CTO

Nano-Enabled Battery Maker A123 Gets $100M in Tax Credits (they certainly don't seem to be sharing the benefit with customers via lower prices)

Duke Physicists See the Cosmos in a Coffee Cup

European Incumbent Telecom Operators at Risk from Cable Broadband Upgrades

Nordic Semi to Make µBlue Bluetooth Low Energy Chips

Venus to Disappear During Meteor Shower

Swedish University Researches Mesh Wireless Networks

Kepler Telescope Beams Back Its First Images

Spectrum Front and Center for Wireless Industry

Measuring the Immeasurable: Bond Strength of Materials Linked to Heat Transfer

Green IT and Green Computing Slideshow

Navy Working on Missile-Killing Laser Weapons

New IPhone Ad Targets Small Business

How to Deflect Asteroids and Save Earth


TSMC Plans R&D Hiring

Agilent, Maury Microwave Support Nonlinear Component Measurement and Simulation

Revealed: Antarctic Ice Growing, Not Shrinking

Tracking Down the Effect of Nanoparticles

Sharp Decline in North America Equipment Bookings Abated



Sony Ericsson to Cut a Further 2,000 Jobs

Founders Fund Opens Nominations for $50,000 TechFellow Awards

Nokia Says Handset Market to Fall More

SEMI Book-to-Bill Trending Upwards Again

Tyco Electronics to Sell Wireless Unit to Harris

Time Warner Retreats from Plan to Test Capping Subscriber Bandwidth

A Step Closer to an Ultra Precise Atomic Clock

Hijacking Mobile-Phone Connections

Veterans a Focus of FBI Extremist Probe (thanks for your service - by the way you're a threat to the USA)

Internet Radio Popularity Continues to Rise

TSMC to Spend up to T$5.5B on New Equipment

TriQuint Retains GaAs Foundry Lead

Spam's Carbon Footprint: Could Power 2.4 Million Homes Per Year

Top 20 Handsets Represent 43% of Mobile Advertising Inventory

Newly Discovered Iron-Breathing Species in Cold Isolation for Millions of Years

New Asteroid-Deflecting Method Devised

Glasgow Shrinks Diamond Transistor to 50nm

Laughter Remains Good Medicine

DOD Websites Scheduled for Upgrade

Pirate Bay Verdict: Founders Sentenced to Jail, Fined


IEEE Recognizes HP 35 Calculator as a Milestone

Flying Laptop Kills Driver

Portable High-Power Microwave (HPM) Bomb to be Tested

Nokia 1st-Quarter Profit Plunges by 90%

Unzipping Graphene's Potential

Telecom Market Spotlight: Europe

NEC Electronics, Renesas Near Merger

Space-Based Solar Power Coming to California in 2016

X Marks the Spot: Ions Coldly Go Through NIST Trap Junction

Internet Providers Want to Meter Usage

UK Taxpayers Subsidize Electric Car Purchases with £5,000

Green Light from Silicon

China Shoots 2nd GPS Satellite into Orbit

Nanoribbons from Sliced Open Nanotubes

Pressure Group Calls for 5-Year Freeze in US Cellphone Taxes

Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot Program Between U.S. PTO & German PTO

IBM, Samsung, Others Team Up on Next-Gen Chips

Russians Say They'll Invest in Canadian Nanotech

Yahoo Partners w/Top Universities for Cloud Research

United Airlines to Charge Obese People Double


Rifleman Radio Offers Combat Lifeline

Recession or Not, Wireless Backhaul Expansion Continues Strongly

MEMS Maker Reports 2008 Revenue Growth

Intel: Worst Over for the Tech Sector?

Synthetic Diamond Firm Produces Material for Quantum Computing

Continuation of the Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot Program Between the USPTO and IP Australia

Physicists See the Cosmos in a Coffee Cup

Digital Radio Growth is Music to Ears of IC Makers

Study Finds Large Cost Savings for Migrating Heavy Data Users to Femtocells

California Teen is 2009 Goldfarb Scholarship Recipient

EBay Confirms Skype Disposal - Via Stock Market Floatation

RFID Consortium Readies to Launch First Licenses

Antenna Maker Sees Stronger Mobile Sales

Yahoo Plans First Major Layoffs Under New CEO

Inlustra Starts GaN Production for LEDs

Office 2007 SP2 Arrives in 2 Weeks - Includes PDF Format

Office 2010: First Technical Previews Due in Q3

Laws of Physics Persist: In Crashes, Big Cars Win

Ten High-Tech Weapons to Repel Pirates (aka terrorists)


NYC Considering Blocking Chatty Cabbies' Phones

Warren Buffett Invests in Chinese Electric Car Company

Rebound Predicted for Semiconductor Market

Spectrum Auctions in Latin America Will Trigger Massive Broadband Subscription Growth

New 'Near-Field' Radiation Therapy Promises Relief for Overheating Laptops

U.S. Government Lifts Export Restrictions on Telecoms Equipment to Cuba

Obama to Let U.S. Telecoms Bid for Cuba Licenses

Harnessing Direct Solar Power for Propulsion

2008 Equipment Spending Down 31.7%

Nano Changes Rise to Macro Importance in a Key Electronics Material

Experiment Shows Molecules Can Walk, but Can They Dance?

EU Urges Tougher Internet Privacy Rules

Femtocells to Dominate Market for Indoor Cell Coverage

Muslim Group Issues Fatwa on Mobile Phone Etiquette

NASA Selects Material for Orion Spacecraft Heat Shield

Life Expectancy on the Rise -- Even for Quantum States

Research Team Reports Breakthrough in Optical Silicon Communication

CEA/Leti, IBM Collaborate on Nanoelectronics

Mars' Spirit Healthy but Computer Reboots Raise Concerns

Bilingual Babies Get an Early Edge


NY Adds Up to 33% to Cell Phone Bills

Scientists Demonstrate Laser with Controlled Polarization

Big Bro in a Pill - RFID Tells if You Are Taking Your Meds

Bluetooth Over Wi-Fi Launches on April 21

Net Radio Grows, but Terrestrial Radio Holds Steady

Google's Street View Vehicle Trounced by Law of Physics

Electronics: Keeping the Heat Down

Demand Surge Expected in Second Half, IC Insights Says

Europe Sets May 6 for Launch of Herschel, Planck Telescopes

Peering into Nanowires to Measure Dopant Properties

China Reveals New Super Rocket

New ARRL Advanced Emergency Communications Course in the Works

Next-Gen Atom Smashers: Smaller, Cheaper and Super Powerful

Coating Plane Wings in Feathers Could Reduce Drag

Palm Pre Smartphone, WebOS Looking Like iPhone Killers

Cell Phone Recycling: Delete, then Dispose

Harnessing Direct Solar Power for Propulsion

Volunteers Recover Lunar Orbiter 1 Photographs

Is eBay Selling Skype Back to Its Creators?


Bluetooth Hits Speed Bump

New York - The Tax Capital of the World (why does anybody still live there?)

New Technology to Secure Integrated Systems and Circuits

Conficker Worm Hits University of Utah Computers

Microhoo Rumours Back as 'Talks' Resume

New Method Could Lead to Narrower IC Patterns

Microsoft Set to Release Excel Patch


Father Takes Hammer to Cell Phone of Teen Who Ran Up $5k Cell Phone Bill

Counterfeit Components Find New Markets

Motorola Calls Former CFO "Treacherous Officer"

Sabotage Caused Phone, Internet Outage in Silicon Valley

Chicago Installs Solar Powered Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

Bluetooth SIG Set to Unveil Version 3.0 This Month

NYC Church Tweeting the Passion of Christ  - 140 Characters at a Time

Strong IC Rebound to Start in Second Half

Northrop Grumman Settles $325M False Claims Lawsuit Concerning Defective Satellite HBTs

2009 Iditarod Race Tracked Via Satellite-Based Transponders and Sensors

Army Orders More Portable Satellite Radios

Why Chrysler Chose A123 Batteries

Thousands in Line for New IP Address Anonymity Service

World's First Nanofluidic Device with Complex 3-D Surfaces

Sharp Forecasts Bigger Loss Amid Global Slowdown

High-Tech Weights for Space Workout (probably makes the ROM machine look inexpensive)

NASA: Clean-Air Regs, Not CO2, Are Melting the Ice Cap

Scientists Find the Edge of Space

MA Public Schools to Send Home BMI Reports for Students (I wonder if they will also disclose the BMI of school administrators?)


Faster, Better Patent Processing

3GPP Passes Femto Standard

U.S. Takes Step Toward Smart Grid Standards

FCC's McDowell: Careful That "National Broadband' Isn't Just for Cable"

Southampton University Gets £6M for Meta Materials

Northrop Grumman Settles $325m False Claims Lawsuit Concerning Defective Satellite HBTs

French Lawmakers Reject Internet Piracy Bill

Obama Administration Backs Spy Satellite Modernization

Intel, Qualcomm Led a Declining Semiconductor Market in 2008

Georgia Tech Researchers Create an RFID-Sensor Medical Patch

Nine in 10 Brits Do Not Care About "Green" Mobile Phones

Credit Crunch: Semiconductor Light Amid Economic Gloom

College Too Expensive? Try YouTube

Adult Brain Processes Fractions 'Effortlessly'

Entangled Light in Bose-Einstein Condensates

Market for Embedded Pico-Projector Modules to exceed $1B

A Hybrid Nano-Energy Harvester

UFO Hoax Draws Fines, Community Service

Quantum Computers Will Require Complex Software to Manage Errors

Microsoft Loses Patent Case, Ordered to Pay $388M

Apple Sued Over TouchScreen Patent Infringement

Just 53% U.S. Adults Say Capitalism Better Than Socialism (that is about the same % of people who pay $0.00 of income taxes - a coincidence?)


Electricity Grid in U.S. Penetrated by Spies

Defense Cuts Prompt Protests from Lawmakers Concerned About Job Losses

Air Force Lab to Study Electronic Warfare

FCC Gets Going on National Broadband Plan

Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Down in 2008 - Qualcomm Bucks the Trend

Samsung Stresses Need to Seed WiMax Market with Devices Early

Evolving Landscape of Mobile Broadband in Asia

Cellphone Features Outrun Battery Technology

Carbon Nanotubes Toughen a Common Plastic

New ARRL Advanced Emergency Communications Course in the Works

Pentagonal Ice Discovered: Could Be Used to Modify Weather

RFMD’s Fab Utilization Rebounding as Orders Improve

New Obama DOJ Claims Sovereign Immunity in Wiretap Case

Cheap, Efficient White Light LEDs New Design

Engineers Supporting Local Community Activities

Better Way to Manufacture Fast Computer Chips Developed

Spybot Search & Destroy Competitors Trying to Force Its Removal

Former Microsoft Executive Charles Simonyi Returns to Earth


World's First Femtocell Standard Published by 3GPP

Gates Calls for Cuts to High-Tech Weapons Programs (no more F-22s, they must send the wrong message to the world)

Unemployment Among EEs Jumped in Q1

Wall Street Rocket Scientists Crash to Earth

Australia to Build $30B Broadband Network

Electrosmog on the Circuit Board

Spec-Compliant RF Remote Controls Emerge

Slot Radio: The Future of Digital Music?

Electronics Cooling Depends on Innovative Thermal Management

Recession to Cut Mobile Entertainment Growth by Nearly $13B over Next 5 Years

Engineers are Working on Ways to Disable Contraband Cellphones

New Way of Breaking Up Water Molecules Devised

Supercomputing Gets its Own Superhero

Unmanned Aircraft Get Smarter

Israel Successfully Tests Anti-Missile System

NOAA to Conduct Major Tornado Experiments in May

Segway, GM, Develop Not-Quite Electric Car

From Three to Four: A Quantum Leap in Few-body Physics

Tense Minutes as N. Korea Rocket Flew over Japan


What's 'Broadband'? Billions in Stimulus Funds Are at Stake

Electronics: Keeping the Heat Down

DNI, DOD Launch Secret Spy Satellite Program

Russia Will Unveil New Space Plans Today

Flexible, Transparent Super Capacitors Could Pave Way to E-Paper

Telenor Served with $1.7B Demand by Norwegian Bailiff

University of Oklahoma Unveils New Weather Radar

Apple Puts DRM on New iPod Shuffle Hardware - Headphones Are the Guardian

Wooden-Flooring Companies Embed RFID Tags Beneath Parquet (this is rather strange)

Physicists Show "Antigravity" Mystery Spots Are Optical Illusions

Unmanned Aircraft Get Smarter

February Chip Sales Down 30%, Gradual Recovery Expected - SIA

North Korea Failed to Put Satellite into Orbit (of course that was not the objective)

There is a Role for Challengers in the European Mobile Communications Market

The Future of Education is Wireless

Blackberry Success with Consumers Defies Recession

Wall Street Stocks Sink on Banks, Tech

Italy Muzzled Scientist Who Foresaw Quake

Can GM's Volt Save the Company?


Tech Weathering Employment Storm Better than Most Sectors

Computer Derives Natural Laws from Raw Data

Nanowires Reveal Their Dopant Properties

February Chip Sales Down 30%, Gradual Recovery Expected, SIA Says

Al Gore Challenges Wireless Industry to Think Beyond Profits (what a hypocrite this fool is!)

Living Alone? If So, You Are an Eco Criminal

Doing Math Made Easy with Chocolate - M&Ms Brain Food


'Tuned' Graphene Points to Faster Chips

RIM Posts Higher 20% 4Q Profit Increase

On New Cell Phones, QWERTY Eases out 1-2-3

Semiconductor Materials Post Record Revenues for 4th Straight Year

EU Invests £2M into PETEC Printable Electronics Centre

Tesla Rakes in Over $2.6M from Model S Reservations

Nanowires Reveal Their Dopant Properties

Computer Program Self-Discovers Laws of Physics

3-D Equals Two Generations of IC Scaling

Sweden: Internet Use Down Sharply after File-Sharing Law

A Catalyst for Cheaper Fuel Cells

Raytheon Wins USAF Laser-Guided Maverick Missile Contract

Microsoft Warns of Active Attacks on PowerPoint Flaw

Take Time to Donate Your Phone to Verizon Wireless' HopeLine Program Next Week

Optical Illusions: Variety Makes Us Perceive Smaller Quantities

New Commercial Airline Landing Method Reduces CO2

Self-Healing: Sunlight Helps Scratches on Cars, Electronics and Furniture Disappear

Honda's Thought-Controlled Robot

Jobless Rate Bolts to 8.5%, 663k Jobs Lost

Star Parties this Weekend During "100 Hours of Astronomy" Celebration

Internet Calling Companies Ask EU to Ensure Free Access


Verizon Chief Envisions Hyper-Connected Mobile World

Virus Battery Could Power Cars, Electronic Devices (the Andromeda battery?)

How Bad Are Things in Silicon Valley? CEOs Differ

Verizon Wireless Downplays Linux Phones

NASA - Deep Solar Minimum (a global cooling precursor?)

ITT Corp Upbeat on Outlook for Defense Business

Nokia Dismisses WiMAX As a "Wireless Betamax"

The Debut of "Space As a Contested Environment"

Recession Drove 15% Drop in Compound Semiconductor Revenues in Q4/08

TynTec Working on Mobile Phone Based Airline Boarding Passes

The Cost of SMS Will Soon Go Higher, But By How Much?

Peering into Nanowires to Measure Dopant Properties

Navy Gets More Support for Surface Electronic Warfare

Implantable Telescope for the Eye

Keep on Spinning: A Persistent Spin State That Could Revolutionize Spintronics

World's Largest Laser Built in California

Cable Industry Still Looking for Right Wireless Strategy

Hidden Exoplanet Found in Hubble Archival Data

Super-Strong Glass

Chinese Banks Track Assets, Cash and VIP Customers

Internet Hoaxes Launched for April Fools' Gags

Web Use at Work Makes for Better Employees


FCC Delays SSB and AM Change

EDN Names Winners of 19th Annual Innovation Awards

Internet Ad Revenue at Record High in 2008, Passes Radio

Flexible, Transparent Supercapacitors - Bend and Twist Them Like a Poker Card

All Quiet on the Conficker Dront. Now What?

Cobham Divests M/A-COM Technology Solutions to GaAs Labs

Scientists Produce First Movie of Individual Carbon Atoms in Action

Handset Sales Decline of 8% in 2009 to Level Out in 2010

Sun to Lay Off Another 1,500 Employees

New Way to Produce Electronic Components Can Lead to Cheap and Flexible Electronics

Space Radar Plans Stay in Flux

Nuclear Fusion Becoming an Energy Buzzword

Ericsson Pushes HSPA to Offer 56Mbps Mobile Download Speeds

L-Mart Establishes New Space Vehicle Integration Laboratory

A Step Toward Superfast Carbon Memory

Few Disagreements on 4G Licensing, Says Qualcomm

Graphene Will Be Used in Next-Gen Computer Chips

EU Consumer Commissioner Calls for User Profile Security Standards

Obama Orders Chevrolet and Dodge Out of NASCAR - Car News