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GPS Spoofer Hacks Civilian Drone Navigation System

Playmate Granted O-1 "Genius Visa" for Risqué Photo-Sharing Effort (while engineers and scientist wait in line)

Plasma Startup Creates High-Energy Light to Make Smaller Microchips

Earth Adds Leap Second Saturday Night

UK's Tech City Start-Up Strategy Criticised

Getting to the Heart of Frustrated Magnetism

Verizon Wants to Put 4G Wireless in Your Car

Research in Motion to Cut 5,000 Jobs (media has been overtly anti-RIM)

Sprayable Paints Form a Lithium-Ion Battery

U.S. Cellular Backs Microsoft's Windows Phone 8

High Court Won't Consider FCC Media Ownership Rules

Floating Turbine Buoys Offshore Wind Potential


U.S., EU Manufacturers Join Forces to Compete with China

Navy Readies Contract Solicitations for Circuit Boards, Connectors, and Other Electronic Components

Group Demonstrates First Heralded Single Photon Source Made from Silicon

Army on Cusp of Rolling out Comms Network to Frontline Units

Google Tries Something Retro: Made in the U.S.A.

Consumers Fail to Take Mobile Device Protection Seriously

Paint-on Lithium Battery Can Be Applied to Virtually Any Surface

Researchers Synthesize Printable, Electrically Conductive Gel

Communication Scheme Makes Popular Applications 'Gracefully Mobile'

Cambridge Consultants Launches Guide for Entrepreneurs

Microsoft Stuck with $1B Fine in EU Antitrust Case

Telstra Caught Up in Mobile Browsing Privacy Scandal

Amazing Spider-Man Tech Will Let Soldiers Scale Sheer Walls


Sweeping Effects as Broadband Moves to Meters

Analoge TV Still Huge for Chip Makers

Global Mobile Data Traffic Will Reach 7M Tbytes Per Month by 2016

EU, U.S., Japan Seek Further WTO Steps over China Rare Earths

How to Build a Space-Time Crystal

Army Looks to Strike Foes with Lightning Weapon

BYOD Could Reduce Smartphone Sales by $40B by 2016

First 3D Nanoscale Optical Cavities from Metamaterials Hold Promise for Nanolasers, Photonic Comms

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales Banned by U.S. Court

How to Maintain Reliable Military Navigation Capability Without GPS

Neutron Microscope Could Aid Creation of High-Tech Materials

Maxim Pledges $200M Boost for U.S. Chipmaking


Smartphone Addiction Is Real ... and Rampant

Virtual Jobs Fair Offers Engineers Work in Singapore

Scientists Spark New Interest in the Century-Old Edison Battery

Mobile Carriers Find Mobile Usage Relief in Wi-Fi Offload

Now’s the Time for the DOD to Take Risks with Mobile

Making GPS-Like Localization Work Indoors

'Mr. China' is Silicon Valley's Link to Asia

World's Most Powerful Nanoscale Microwave Oscillators Developed

Light-Twisting Technique Could Speed up Internet Connections

ARRL Attends HAM RADIO 2012 in Germany

Mobile Operators Expand Small Cells Deployments into Outdoor Public Spaces

Murata Commits to Low Power Radio


Facebook and Amazon Named As Possible Buyers of the BlackBerry Platform

SIA Applauds Anti-Counterfeit Bill

Research Shows More Strain Can Improve Transistors

Super Physics Smackdown: Relativity vs. Quantum Mechanics...In Space

Startup Sees Femtocells as a Bridge to NFC-Enabled Phones

Bluetooth Smart to Be the Wireless Technology Most Used in Consumer Medical Devices by 2016

Shields for Privacy in a Smartphone World

Discovery of Material with Amazing Properties

China Mobile Signs NFC Payments Partnership Deal

Stanford Materials Scientists Develop Topological Insulator with a Switch

Nano-Sandwich Technique Slims Down Solar Cells, Improves Efficiency

HP May Cut up to 1,000 Jobs in Germany


Above and Below, Chinese Science Soars

Printers Aare Spewing Reams of Garbage Thanks to 'Print Bomb' Malware

India Bandwidth Auction Meeting Deferred

Asymmetry May Provide Clue to Superconductivity

European Data Centres Flourish, But Power Crisis Lies Ahead (just build more turbines, right?)


Mobile Broadband Revolution Taxing Workforce, Increasing Dangers

U.S. Manufacturing, Jobs Reports Add up to More Bad News

China Sees Sharpest Decline in New Export Orders Since March 2009

RIM Reduces Headcount in $1B Cost-Cutting Effort

Twitter Crashes Hard, Internet Freaks Out

DOD Takes First Step Toward Bring-Your-Own-Device to the Battlefield

National Instruments Shines in National Workplace Poll

FCC Chairman Challenges Private Sector to Accelerate the Next Generation of Wireless Health

TD-LTE to Power 25% of LTE Connections by 2016

Evidence of 'Quantum Critical Point' Found in High Temperature Superconductivity Material

Virgin Media May Offer Access to Its London Underground Wi-Fi Network to Rivals

To Settle Lawsuit, Facebook Alters Policy for Its "Like" Button

FCC Reacts to Supreme Court Ruling

Researchers Tune the Strain in Graphene Drumheads to Create Quantum Dots

Tesla's New Electric Sedan: Five Passengers, 89 MPG Equiv., and No Engine

The Great German Energy Experiment (good luck with that)

Boeing Finishes Upgrade of Advanced Electro-Optical System for Space Surveillance

Moody's Downgrades 15 of World's Largest Banks

U.S. Student Banned from Buying Apple IPad After Overheard Speaking the Iranian Language (yeah, almost no chance it would end up in Iran)

Facebook Flu? Why No Company Has Gone Public Since


Iron-Based High-Temp Superconductors Show Unexpected Electronic Asymmetry

Apple Fined by Australian Court for Misleading 4G Claims on its iPad

LCD TV Shipments Decline for First Time Ever (what would welfare recipients do with a 4th TV, anyway?)

Cellular Grapples with Spectrum Scarcity

Researchers Reveal Details of Closed-Edge Graphene (flattened) Nanoribbons

An Invisibility Cloak with an On-Off Switch

Rise of Gadgets Doubles Costs of Lightning Damage

Chevy Boosts 2013 Volt Electric Range (from 35 to 38 miles - your bailout tax dollars at work!)

Radio Components for Cellular Terminals Set to Reach $30B in 2016

ARRL Executive Committee Approves Resource Grants for 11 Schools

Testing Carrier Aggregation in LTE-Advanced Network Infrastructure

'Magnetic Emulsions' Could Clean up Oil Spills

Cubic Silicon Carbide Grown with Quality Similar to Hexagonal SiC

GaN Shrinks 10 GHz Transceiver by 90% at Fujitsu

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile Throw Support Behind Windows Phone 8

Microsoft Unveils Its NFC Mobile Wallet Plans

New "Tractor Beam" Proposal Relies on Negative Radiation Pressure

Rumor Has It: Higgs Buzz Sparks Twitter

NROL-38 Classified U.S. Satellite Successfully Launches

Gigapixel Camera Offers Super Sharp Shots


Police Officer Punches Loud Cellphone User (probably deserved it)

Crowdfunding: A New Opportunity for Science and Innovation

Fujitsu Cracks 300,000-Year Crypto Problem in Days

Physics Community Afire with Rumors of Higgs Boson Discovery (again?)

China Defends Curbs on Rare Earths Used in Tech Products

AT&T: It Would Take 4-5 Years to Get WCS Spectrum Online for LTE

Test Rent to Buy Can Reduce Pressure on Budgets

Isle of Man Company to Offer Moon Tourism Rides by 2015

China Mobile Sees 150% Surge in Data Traffic

First Observation of the Hall Effect in a Bose-Einstein Condensate

Phased Arrays Deliver Communications on the Move

Communications Minister Blames Mobile Operators for 4G Delay

Failure: The F-Word Silicon Valley Loves and Hates

Researchers Develop Firefly-Inspired Glowing Nanorods

Videogamers No Better at Talking While Driving

Rocket Scientist Who 'Spied for China' Freed

Sharp Unveils 'World's Biggest' LED TV (a mere $11k)

Google Discovers 9,500 New Malicious Websites Daily

Dutch Court Orders Apple to Pay Samsung Damages over Patent

New Printing Method for Nanostructures


Does Your Smartphone Go Next to the Salad Fork or the Soup Spoon? (a real sign of the times)

Quantum Criticality in High-Temperature Cuprate Superconductors

Intel Buys up Interdigital Wireless Patent Portfolio

Physicists Use Ultrafast Lasers to Create First Tabletop X-ray Device

World's Highest Rollercoaster Opens in Colorado

European Commission Slams Slow UK broadband Speeds

Renesas Mobile up For Sale in Re-Org

All the Colors of a High-Energy Rainbow, in a Tightly Focused Beam

Particle Physics: BaBar Data Hint at Cracks in the Standard Model

Cellular Modem Sales to Top 300M by 2017; Nearly Half Will Be LTE

New Zealand NFC Pilot Partners Report 100% Positive Consumer Feedback

LG Sidelines Tablet Development in Favor of Smartphones

Theory Explains the Quantum Weirdness of Exotic Materials

Freescale Claims Silicon Transistor Drives 490W for Basetstations

ARRL UHF/Microwave Band Plan Committee Seeks Comments on Proposed 23 cm Band Plan

Is China's Fabless Model Sustainable?

A Better Way to Get Hydrogen from Water

Techies Can Appear Slow to Embrace Philanthropy

Microsoft Seeks to Rival Apple iPad with Two Tablet Computers

EU Commission Prez Blames U.S. Banks for Their Problems (problem is selfish, stupid politicians in U.S. and EU)


Nokia Debt Ratings Downgraded to Junk Status by Moody's Ratings (very sad - how can that be?)

FCC May Open Review of Cell Phone Radiation Effects

Celestica to Stop Making Products for RIM

Wearable Gadgets Upset FAA Curbs on Devices

IBM Supercomputer Overtakes Fujitsu as World's Fastest

Small Business Optimism Flat in May

Pico Projectors Hit the Smartphone Mainstream

Finland Bans Telemarketing Industry from Calling Mobile Phones (why not landlines as well?)

Engineers Perfecting Carbon Nanotubes for Highly Energy-Efficient Computing

Team Introduces Breakthrough in Understanding of High-Temperature Superconductivity

University of Arkansas' New RFID Research Center Parallels Growth of RFID Industry

Subaru Picks NFC for Canadian Car Launch

Job Cuts—It’s Not Just Nokia

UK Manufacturing Industry Set to Benefit from R&D Projects

Voyager 1 Reaches Edge of the Solar System (launched 1977)

DARPA Pushes Forward with Navigation Sensor Fusion Initiative to Reduce Dependence on GPS

Neutrons Escaping to a Parallel World?

Study Improves Understanding of Surface Molecules in Controlling Size of Gold Nanoparticles

China Successfully Docks Manned Space Capsule

Original 1976 Apple Computer Sells for $375,000


When Location Apps Overshare, Predators Follow the Signal

Start-Ups Want to Give You a College Education for Free

German Team Finds a Way to Link Boron Atoms with a Triple Bond

Porsche-Designed BlackBerry Goes on Sale

Microsoft Will Make a Major Announcement on Monday (rumored $10M bid for domain?)


Electrified Graphene a Shutter for Light

UK Cuts Rare Metals from Electric Car Motors (a good thing)

WCDMA Voice Gets Another Look as HSPA+ Takes Off

FBI Files on Famous Physicist Released

Scientists Observe Electrons Become Both Heavy and Speedy

Taxpayers Foot Bill for Free Government Cell Phones (guess who's also paying for all those phones in Somalia, Darfur, etc.)

Radiation-Resistant Circuits from Mechanical Parts

Governments Urged to Prioritize Roll-Out of High-speed Infrastructure

Quantum Bar Magnets in a Transparent Salt

UK's Data Communication Bill Faces Tough Criticism

Silicon Valley Bank Gears up China Venture

Apple vs. Motorola back in Court as Judge Revives Patent Spat

Energy Harvester Could Reduce the Battery Burden on Soldiers

USAF Kicks off Program to Define Next-Generation Weather Satellites and Sensor Payloads

Another Suicide Jump at Foxconn (tragic result of Communism)

Engineers Perfecting Carbon Nanotubes for Highly Energy-Efficient Computing

Australian Electronics Dealer Starts 'Internet Explorer 7 Tax'

Physicists Seek to Determine the Origin of Cosmic X-Rays

Immunity in the Works for Illegals (we don't need no stinking Congress)

ICANN's Call For New Domain Names Brings Criticism, and $357M


RF Cafe Alert! Nokia to Cut 10,000 Jobs as Elop Tries to Stanch Losses

Engineers Unveil Two-Way Wireless Breakthrough

Quantum Cryptography Outperformed by Classical Technique

Counterfeit Chips on the Rise

A 'Dirt Cheap' Magnetic Field Sensor from 'Plastic Paint'

Samsung Rolls Out NFC Phone Sticker Innovation

Self-Assembling Nanocubes for Next Generation Antennas and Lenses

Apple Positioned to Enter the Indoors

Brazil's Big Four Secure 4G Licenses

New Amateur Extra Class Question Pool Effective July 1

Drone Mistaken for ‘UFO,’ Creates Panic on D.C. Highway (not the brightest bunch in D.C.)

Galileo Satellites Successfully Pass Vacuum Testing

Liberating Your Locked GSM Phone

MIT Develops Algorithm Enabling Robot, Human Collaboration in Manufacturing

New Energy Source for Future Medical Implants: Sugar

FCC Proposes Plan to Improve Spectrum Efficiency and Promote Use of 4.9 GHz Band for Broadband Communications

Consumers Go Online to Solve Smartphone Problems... But 75% Fail to Find a Fix

Dell to Cut $2B Costs, Counts on Acquisitions (layoffs on the way...?)

Orbital Sciences Receives Launch Approval for NASA Telescope

Diesel Exhaust on Par with Passive Smoke per WHO (a new attack to cripple the world's economy)


Nobel Prize Cash Awards Cut 20% Due to Sagging Economy (Nobel has become politically biased sham)

'The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever' Made Even Harder

Frequency-Hopping Radio Wastes Less Spectrum

Startup to Launch Phased Array Communications System at Farnborough Air Show

How Many Listeners Does Radio Really Have?

New German Particle Accelerator Clears First Hurdle

ICECool to Crack Thermal Management Barrier, Enable Breakthrough Electronics

Brazil Sells 4G Licenses for $1.24B (how can governments be short on cash with all the taxes & fees levied?)

Taiwan's HTC Boosts Patent Bank; Not Worried over Disputes

What Facebook Knows

Kids Who Fit Shapes Together Easily Do Better at Math

Burger King Teams with Firethorn Mobile for Mobile Payments Pilot

Wireless Rechargers Would Make Powering up Simpler for Soldiers

Leaked Sprint Slides Reveal NFC Wallet Designs

Verizon Launches 'Share Everything' Family Data Plans

Textured Surface May Boost Power Output of Thin Silicon Solar Cells

Radiation Exposure from Medical Imaging Drastically Increasing

The High-School Blogger Who's Been Cracking Apple's Secrets

W1AW Announces 2012 Field Day Bulletin Schedule

Dot.everything: New Internet Domains Include '.cool,' '.apple,' '.love' (.com will always be king)


Warning over Smart Meters Privacy Risk

Cell Phones with FM Chips Are "Dead as a Doornail"

Leaked Sprint Slides Reveal NFC Wallet Designs

Harris Unveils New High-Frequency Tactical Radio

Android Now Holds 60% of the Major European Economies

Rutgers Granular-Slip Study Documents Voltage Signals During Structural Failures

Freescale Offers First GaN Power Amp for Mobile

China Ready to Impound EU Planes in CO2 Dispute (don't mess w/the ChiComs)

The Installed Base of Small Cell Base Stations Will Reach 14M Units in 2016

Helices of Light: Dark Helices with a Bright Future

NASA: Happy Birthday Fermi

About 59% of Kickstarter Projects Succeed (see my Kickstarter write-up)

Breaking the Limits of Classical Physics

Americans' Net Worth Drops 40% in 3 Years (change you can believe in!)

1/4 of U.S. Smartphone Users Have a Tablet

Spintronic Device Uses Thin-Film Organic Semiconductor

Apple's New Mobile Operating System Snubs Google

Physicists Discover Mechanisms of Wrinkle and Crumple Formation

A123 Says New Battery Technology to Make EVs Cheaper

President Obama Announces Nomination of Mignon Clyburn for New Term as FCC Commissioner (nepotism)


Lawmakers Think LightSquared Could Use Military Spectrum

Flashlight Bombs Puzzle Phoenix Authorities

Army Moves Forward with Competition for Passive RFID

USA and Mexico Sign Deal to Support Radio Spectrum Allocations Along Their Border (CoyoteNet?)

Philippines Network Expects to Meet Radio Spectrum Surrender Deadline

Theorem Unifies Superfluids and Other Weird Materials

Silicon Valley Bank Targets UK Technology Sector

Team Creates Laser-Like X-Ray Beams from Tabletop Device

New Health-Care Fund Invests in RFID

China's First Manned Space Lab Mission Coming Within Days

USA and Mexico Sign Deal to Support Radio Spectrum Allocations Along Their Border (CoyoteNet?)

Lax Security at LinkedIn Is Laid Bare

New App Allows Sharing of Mobile Internet Access

Infineon Leads Industrial Chip Vendor Ranking

Canadian NFC Phones Forecast

Researchers Watch Tiny Living Machines Self-Assemble

Air Force Asks Northrop Grumman to Upgrade Transceivers in AN/TPN-24 Mobile ATC Radar

Flame and Stuxnet Code Link Found

Use 'Internet in a Suitcase' to Bypass Government Censors

Proposed Experiment Would Prove That Quantum Jumps Are Not Objective Events


A New Way to Remember Loved Ones: QR Code Tombstone

LinkedIn Working with FBI to Find Password Thief

RIM Discontinues Its Cheapest Tablet

How to Book Your Ticket to Space

Spain PM Hails 100B€ Lifeline as Victory (more endless debt & inflation for us all)


SEC 'Blood Minerals' Disclosure, U.S. Tech Industry Takes Steps Toward Compliance (this is how you get cheap electronics)

Wi-Fi Reaching Its Capacity Limits in Urban Areas

Samsung Sues Australia's Patent Commissioner over Apple Row

Einstein Was Right, Neutrino Researchers Admit (remember all the faster-than-light-Einstein-was-wrong headlines?)

Nasdaq Eyes $40M to Reimburse Facebook Investors

Better Year in 2012; Great Year in 2013, Says SEMI

'Nanocable' Could Be Big Boon for Energy Storage

Zombie Bullets in High Demand Following Flesh-Eating Attacks (I keep my zombie stopper holstered at all times)

First SBIRS Satellite Exceeding Performance Expectations After One Year on Orbit

Cheaper LED Light Bulbs Are on the Way

Foundries Sales Trends Diverge in May

Quantum Computers Move Closer to Reality, Thanks to Highly Enriched and Highly Purified Silicon

Taylor Wilson: Why We Need Nuclear Energy (remember him?)

Optical Materials: Holey Gold

Genetic Engineering for Synthetic Semiconductors

Wires Turn Salt Water into Freshwater

NRL Scientists Develop Solar Cell That Works Under Water

DISA Wants Advice on Building a System to Manage Mobile Devices

T-Mobile to Test HSPA+ in 1900 MHz for iPhone

Nottingham X-Ray Machine Enables Study of Liquid Surfaces


Dozens Arrested After Riot at Foxconn Factory

LinkedIn Users Targeted in Phishing Scam After Hack

Physicists Demonstrate Quantum Interference Between Two Photons of Different Frequencies

SIA Expects Flat 2012

Boeing, Raytheon and Harris to Pursue GPS Control Segment Sustainment Contract

Light's Quantum Mechanical Properties Demonstrated

Virgin Mobile to Sell Pre-Paid, No Contract iPhone

Can Congress Undo Defense Sequestration in Time?

Possible Mass Range of Neutrinos Narrowed Down

Chipset Makers Turn to Low-Cost Chinese Smartphones for Boost

Origin of Particle Acceleration in Cusps of Earth's Magnetosphere Uncovered

Spin Structure Reveals Key to New Forms of Digital Storage

Online Video Is Catching up to TV in Ad Effectiveness

Vodafone and O2 to Merge Rival UK Network Assets into Separate Company

Companies Try to Create Room on Radio Spectrum

IPv6: A New Internet Expands the Web by Trillions of Addresses

Budget Blues force Air Force to Cancel IT Event

86% of POS Terminals in North America Will Accept NFC Payments by 2017

Tablet Sales Will Eclipse Those of PCs by 2015

The Scientific Case for a Return to the Moon


Alert! 6.5M LinkedIn Passwords 'Leaked by Hackers' (I just changed my password)

LinkedIn’s Leaky Mobile App Has Access to Your Meeting Notes

Venus Transit Video from NASA - Very Cool!

European Report Considers 450-mm More-Than-Moore Fab

Physicists Close in on Rare Particle-Decay Process

What Do Phasons Look Like?

IPv6 Launch Day Serves Notice on Enterprises to Upgrade Their Networks

Android Market Share to Shrink, Windows Phone to Explode

Startup Creates New Type of Electrolyte for Better and Cheaper Lithium Ion Battery

Research Group Creates Bendable Electronics That Hold up Under Abuse

Boeing Completes Satcom-on-the-Move Demo for U.S., Australia

Marines Ask Northrop Grumman to Take Next Step in Ground Weapons Locating Radar (GWLR)

Higher Semi Demand on the Way, Says IHS

Motorola Mobility Seeks World Record for Dubai Airport Advert

48% of Americans Ready to Use a Mobile Wallet

Company Looks at Production Methods for Nanoparticles

Laser Technology Enables High-Bandwidth Communication and Imagery

The Internet Now Has 340 Trillion Trillion Trillion Addresses

Google Promises 'Next Dimension' in Maps with Apple Breakup Looming

Apple Lost its Focus on Science


Transit of Venus 2012: How to View Once-in-a-Lifetime Phenomenon

NY Times Editorial to College Grads: You're Screwed

Qualcomm at Work on IC to Support Multiple 700 MHz Bands

Handset RF Device Market to Grow from $3.8B to $5B in 2016

Willow Glass: Ultra-Thin Glass Can 'Wrap' Around Devices (cool)

New San Francisco Tech Boom Brings Jobs but Also Worries

ARRL Board of Directors Approves 9 cm Band Plan

Physicists Split Atom Using Quantum Mechanics Precision

Chip Antennas Replace Large External Wipe Antennas

U.S. Factory Orders Post Surprise Fall in April (why are the experts always surprised?)

Modernizing DOD's High-Risk Systems an Uphill Battle

In Second Coming, Iridium Embraces Cellphones

USA Consumers Give Their Mobile Operator a 'B'

Display Measurement Standard Debuts

MINOS Experiment Announces World's Best Measurement of Key Neutrino Property

Cisco, Google, Facebook, Other Tech Giants Prep for IPv6 Day

Verizon Offers Buyouts to Cut 1,700 Jobs

High Stakes in Internet Tracking

Facebook Stumble Causes Halt of Other Planned IPOs

Analyst: Facebook Will Disappear in 5 to 8 Years (more "expert" analysis)


Project Aims to Dock Cubesats for Modular Space Structures

Friction Nearly Vanishes in Microscale Graphite

Krusell's List of the Top-10 Selling Phones for May 2012

Free Wi-Fi Tube Stations Named

RFID Attracts Interest for Magnetic Separators

'Significant' Rise in Electric Bills Seen (51% voted for it - "under my plan... electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket")

M2M Gains Traction in Europe as Business Model Matures

Inspiration and Perspiration -- RMS Titanic Distress Signals Heard Again

What Role Will Russia Play in the Space Century? (taxiing U.S. astronauts to ISS since NASA has been gutted)

Quantum Computers Will Be Able to Simulate Particle Collisions

UK Post Office Goes Contactless

Researchers Use Flexible Channel Width to Improve User Experience on Wireless Systems

QST's “The World Above 50 MHz” Columnist Gene Zimmerman W3ZZ (SK) Passes Away

Planned Stealth Destroyer Could Underpin U.S. Navy's China Strategy

Wi-Fi and Amtrak: Missed Connections (Amtrak $1.5B deficit, ticket subsidized average $49)

Huawei Opens Latin American Distribution Hub in Brazil

Scientists Create Faster, More Sensitive Photodetector by Tricking Graphene

High-Performance HF Transceiver Design: A Ham's Perspective

Microsoft Turns on 'Do Not Track' by Default in IE10

Commercial Space Race Heats up in Dragon's Wake


Tighter 'Stitching' Makes Better Graphene

Burglar Falls Asleep Hotwiring Honda Accord

USPTO Concord Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) Now Open to the Public

The Weirdest Legal Claims in Outer Space

Depleted Uranium: Could This Reduce Our Dependency on Crude Oil?

EU Economic Pain Takes Toll on U.S. Earnings Forecasts


Russian Millionaire Throws Paper Planes Made of Money into Crowd

A Gap in College Graduates Leaves Some Cities Behind

European Team Bests Chinese Record at Teleporting Distance

2012 Chip Sales Still Down on 2011

NASA Seeks Early Stage Innovations for Space Technologies from U.S. Universities

California Senate's Anti-VoIP Regulation Bill Moves Forward

BT to Have 500kB WiFi Hotspots Available for 2012 Olympic Games

The Great Bandwidth Brawl

Patent Wars Turn Tech into a Battlefield

How Will the U.S. Manage a Large-Scale Robot Army?

Report Finds No Interference in Lower 700 MHz Channels in Response to FCC NPRM

Nano-SIM Design Gets Green Light -- But Did Apple Win?

DoCoMo Shows off Smartphone with Transparent Display Screen

Google Smacks Down Oracle as Smartphone Trial of Century Ends

HP Predicts Zero-Power Data Center (didn't HP just announce a 30k layoff? 0P is $ loser)

Free-Electron Lasers Reveal Detailed Architecture of Proteins

Samsung Buys Swedish Mobile Wi-Fi chip Maker

America Lost 129,000 Millionaires in 2011 (the poor are poorer, too - happy yet?)

Microsoft Previews Windows 8 Operating System

Did You Know the DOD Website Is All About Leon Panetta? (look at the pics every day)