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Samsung to Hire 300 Fab Engineers in Texas

Combined Orders for PCBs and Flexible Circuits Slowing in N. America

House Patent Reform Bill Sparks Debate

Cellphone Radiation May Alter Your Brain

Samsung and Visa to Boost NFC Use in London

First Non-Trivial Atom Circuit: Progress Towards an Atom SQUID

Google Joins the NFC Forum

China, India, U.S. Propelling Base Station Deployments

Companies Hope to 'Program' the Internet

Ofcom Acts to Cut Home Phone and Broadband Prices

Samsung Denies Spyware Pre-Installed on Its Computers

Mobile Devices to Generate Data Traffic Equivalent to 18B Movie Downloads by 2015

More from the FCC Social Justice Bureau (remember when FCC used to be a spectrum management office?)

EC Seeks Recommendations for Telecoms R&D Budget

MESSENGER Sends Back Historic First image of Mercury from Orbit

Is That a Pop I Hear? Online Stocks Too Pricey

NSA Focuses Its Decrypting Skills on NASDAQ Cyber Attack


U.S. Will Offer $1,000 Patents to Spur Job Growth

Patent Czar: 'Millions of Jobs Lying in Wait' (um, weren't czars Russian emperors?)

Apple iPod 'Could Be Charged by the Human Heart'

Revised Spread Spectrum Rules to Go into Effect April 29, 2011

China 'To Overtake U.S. on Science' in Two Years

Tech Firms Fret over Length of Japan Disruption

Managing Exploding Wireless, Over-the-Top Usage Drives Policy Market

NFC Takes Baby Steps to Market

Microsoft Adding NFC to Future Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Hotspot Program to Ease Subscriber Connectivity

First Practical Nanogenerator Produces Electricity with Pinch of the Fingers

Persistent Surveillance on a Non-Satellite Budget is Goal of U.S. Military Airship Development

BBC Denies Rigging Top Gear Tesla Roadster Car Race

As Regulators Weigh AT&T Bid, a Look at Wireless Markets Abroad

DECC Plans Roll-Out of Smart Meters Across Britain

'Spincasting' Holds Promise for Creation of Nanoparticle Thin Films

NASA Messenger Spacecraft Releases First Close-Up of Mercury


Ham Radios Find Place in High-Tech World (thanks to wb0bnr)

Powdec GaN Transistor Breaks Barriers

4G Won't Solve 3G's Problems

Nokia Files Second Patent Complaint Against Apple with the USA's ITC

Scottish Invention 'Improves Phone Storage'

Superconductivity: New Phase of Matter?

Google to Embrace NFC in Android with New Payment Service

Worldwide Smartphone Market to Grow by Nearly 50% in 2011

GaAs Nanowires Recover from Cracks

Imec Researchers Create Simple Plastic Microprocessor

Major Advance in Understanding How Nanowires Form

Cellphones and the Brain: Faith, Hope and Calamity

Semiconductors Powering Political Turbulence

Online Advertising Breaks Through £4B Barrier

Europe and U.S. Converging on Internet Privacy

Cost of Libya Intervention $600 Million for First Week (is this what you voted for?)


Digi-Key Goes Web-Only - The End of Catalogues (well it's about time - who will follow?)

Is There a New Tech Stock Bubble?

Russian Tech Probes Silicon Valley Interest

UK Government Announces Nobel-Style Engineering Prize

Survey Shows We're Too Lazy About Mobile Phone Security

ETP Grant Helps Create High School Ham Course

New Laser Technology Prepares to Revolutionize Communications

Workshop Offers Geeks Industrial-Strength Toys

Internet Pioneer Paul Baran Passes Away

Researchers Find Biologics Not Harmed by RFID RF Signals

Electrical Wave 'Blaster' Could Provide New Way to Extinguish Fires

Idea Cellular Mulls $1B Sale of Tower Assets

Polarization Junctions Increase Nitride Transistor Breakdown Voltage


Flawed Diamonds Could Store Quantum Data

EU Aims to Curb Galileo NavSys Costs

OMG! Online Abbreviations Make Dictionary

WiFi Hell Will Be Unleashed on Londoners by June

Australia Feels Science Research Heat

GE Reaps $Billions, Pays $0 U.S. Taxes (CEO Immelt accompanied Prez to Brazil last week)


High-Temperature Superconductor Spills Secret: A New Phase of Matter?

Kodak Could Get $1B from Apple and RIM in Patent Lawsuit

Researchers Integrate Silicon, III-V

Major Advance in Understanding How Nanowires Form

STMicroelectronics Introduces the Market’s Smallest 3-Axis Analog Gyroscope

Design and Technology Classes 'Out of Date' - Ofsted

A Nation of Dropouts Shakes Europe (what is happening to Western civilization?)

RFID Research Fueled by Government Investments

The First Plastic Computer Processor

FCC Takes Stand on T-Mobile, AT&T Merger

London Underground to Put Wi-Fi Hotspots in 120 Stations

Stores Must Reach Out and Touch More Mobile Users

Wi-Fi Roaming Gets One Step Closer

Asteroid Collision Test: It's a Smashing Success

Solar Concentrator Magnifies to Increase Power Output of Cells

U.S. Finances Rank Near Worst in the World (another $1B war in Libya really helps - Syria next...)


Apple Censors App for Measuring Cellphone Radiation (something to hide?)

China Supplier Health Hazards, Underage Worker Concerns for Apple

3-D Models Created by a Cell Phone

U.S. Military Satellites Achieve 'Holy Grail' of Missile Defense

Graphene Aims for Quantum Interference

Telefonica Plans $14B Investment in Brazil

Defense Communications Poised to Shift to High Gear Over the Next Few Years

Government Does Not Understand Electronics, Says Intellect

iPhone Drops 1,000 Feet and Doesn't Drop One Call Afterward

Physicist Says Space-Time Is a Mirage

Rapid Etching X-Rayed: Physicists Unveil Processes During Fast Chemical Dissolution

Bluetooth in 467M Health Devices by 2016

Researchers Create Self-Strengthening Nanocomposite

Amazon Thwarting States' Attempt to Collect Sales Taxes

System Uses Piezoceramics to Dampen Vibrations in Cars

Toyota Tells U.S. Plants 'Prepare to Shut Down'


Cell Phones Could Share Antennas to Boost Mobile Data Speeds

Graphene FETs are a Dead End?

DOD Offers Internal Guidance on Insourcing

4G Frequencies Hit the Auction Block

Templated Growth Technique Produces Graphene Nanoribbons with Metallic Properties

Best Buy to Sell Access to New Wireless Network

20 Petaflops: New Supercomputer for Oak Ridge Facility to Regain Speed Lead over China

California Moves Closer to Banning Mobile Phones in Prisons

Ethanol Blamed for Record Food Prices (also corrodes your engine)

LED Lighting Stocks Slide as Cree Warns, Sees Price Pressures

Study Gives 4G Data Performance High Marks

Google Pays France $142,000 over WiFi Data Collection

LTE to Reach 4% of US Handset Sales in 2011

Nokia Stalls Painful Job Cut Talks to End of April

Firefox 4 Takes Back the Web from IE9 -- 6M Downloads in First 24 Hours

Iran Announces Launch of Its Unmanned Flying Saucer

Germany Set to Abandon Nuclear Power for Good

Libya Attacks Spark Oil Price Surge (exactly what O wants)


Counterfeit Electronic Parts Deserve Capitol Hill Attention

NIST to Conduct Time and Frequency User Survey

¼ of Global Raw Wafer Supply Turned Off.

Renesas Restarts Aomori, Yamagata Fabs

Tracking Your Wi-Fi Trail

In a Renaissance for Radio, More Listeners are Tuning In

Ofcom Launches Next-Generation 4G Consultation

Errors Make Some Circuits Better

Silicon Valley Job Outlook Brighter, Still Cloudy

Smartphone Apps to Know When They Are Connected to a Femtocell

Gates DOD Announces Senior Staff Cuts

We Might Soon Be Able to Mix Computers and Neurons

Biofuel-Powered USAF F-22 Raptor Breaks Sound Barrier (isn't all fuel bio?)

Verifone Sets Out Its NFC Strategy

Research Channels Powerful Kansas Wind to Keep Electricity Running

How Vital is a Planet's Magnetic Field?


Team Explores Effect of Space Weather on Communications

First Earthquake Hit Fabs Restart in Japan

Broadcom Leads Wi-Fi Design Wins

Rush for Wireless Airwaves May Drive Risky Deals

A Zero Sum Game

Microsemi Announces E-Mode GaN FETs for Rad-Hard Applications

Modified Electrolyte Enhances Vanadium Battery Performance

Batteries Charge Quickly and Retain Capacity, Thanks to New Structure

AT&T to Acquire T-Mobile USA for $39B

NFC Will Catch on ‘Like Wildfire’ Says Sundance Festival Game Creator

Why Batteries Die

Consortium Aims to Put HDMI in Every Smartphone

A New Way to Churn Out Cheap LED Lighting

Google is #1 on List of Desired Employers

PhD Student Devises Low-Cost Solar Cell Production Technique

New Browsers Offer Tons of Improvements


USPTO Accommodations for Patent and Trademark Applicants and Owners Affected by Catastrophe in Japan

Patent Firm Sues Asus, Dell, Intel, RIM and Others over WiFi

FCC Decision on Cellular Signal Boosters Imminent

Why Women Rule the Internet (only due to shopping, not product/service creation)

RIM's Stiff Competition Has Analysts Divided

Possible Early Warning Sign for Market Crashes

U.S. Cost of Living Hits Record, Passing Pre-Crisis High (hope & change at its best & now a 3rd war)

West Coast Awaits Overdue Japan-Like Earthquake


Japan Disaster: Supply Shortages 'In Three Months'

UK Details First CubeSat Mission

World’s Top Auto Makers to Work on Putting NFC in Cars

'Pruned' Microchips are Faster, Smaller, More Energy-Efficient

Instrument is Able to Detect Individual Nanoparticles

Nano-Wires Improve Thermoelectrics

Yaesu Factory Damaged in Earthquake

Silicon Valley Backs Effort to Help Foreign Entrepreneurs

O2 Boosts 3G Network Capacity in London with 900 MHz Spectrum

DOD Wants Space Assets More Secure, Resilient to Attack

Raytheon Upgrades Early Warning Radar in Greenland

Nokia Recovering in U.S. Smartphone Market as Samsung Growth Continues

Qualcomm May Sell Indian Radio Spectrum for $1.2B

House-Size Asteroid Zooms Close by Earth

Scientists Control Light Scattering in Graphene

'Supermoon' Rises: Biggest Full Moon in 18 Years Occurs Saturday Night

NASA Spacecraft Now Circling Mercury (will it find planet Vulcan?)


Group Sees Counterfeit Parts on the Rise (known as gray market)

3-D Printing Method Advances Electrically Small Antenna Design

Australian Groups Want Urgent Talks on Future Radio Spectrum Plans

Coordinated Attack Silences Major Spammers (win for the good guys)

Japan Earthquake Fab Closures Update

Things Looking Up for Avionics and ATC in 2012 U.S. Budget, Not So Much for NASA

China Mobile Posts Strong 2010 Growth, Expands Retail Presence

Ericsson Completes High-Definition CDMA Voice Call

Collaboration to Develop Li-ion Battery Production Processes

Engineers Finding Way to Send HD Videos in Fewer Bits

DOD Space Efforts Must Go Lean in Tight Fiscal Times

Ofcom Clears Gigaclear to Build 1Gbps Broadband Network

Microsoft Accounted for 1/3; of Retail Software Sales in 2010

Roaming Charges for Calls Between Finland and Russia to Drop

Google Gives '20%' to Japan Crisis (kudos to them)

Messenger Spacecraft Poised for Insertion into Mercury Orbit

North Dakota Economy Booms, Population Soars (there's oil in them thar flatlands - politicians, take note)


Japan Supply Squeeze Worries Spread to Telco Gear

Disaster in Japan Batters Suppliers

Quake to Cause Prices Hikes, Shortages

Hams Invited to Track Satellites

Tageos Makes RFID Labels on Paper, Eliminating Plastic Substrate

RIM Advises Blackberry Owners to Disable Javascript

Large Hadron Collider Could Be World's First Time Machine

NFC Business Models White Paper Sets Key Issues with Introducing Mobile Wallet Services

Smartphones and Tablets Drive Exploding Mobile Data Usage

NAB Lashes Out at White House over Performance Fees

Software Widens Radar Use, Says Cambridge Developer

California Teen Wins Top Prize at Science Contest

Ultra High Speed Optical Sensors

Nokia Sold More Smartphones Than Apple in 2010

After Just One Weekend, iPad 2 is Already Jailbroken

Inmarsat and SkyWave to Launch New Global Low Data Rate Service


Japan Asks Radio Amateurs to Keep Frequencies Clear As Country Goes into Recovery Mode after Devastating Earthquake (it is hard to even view the destruction photos)

NASA Plans Laser Method for Clearing Space Junk

Research Envisions Self-Powered Mobile Devices

Ofcom Says Mobile Users to Benefit from Rate Cuts

Military Stands to Lose Pay if Government Shuts Down (need to post Lewinsky watch in WH during shut down)

Two TI Japan Fabs Damaged

UK Statisticians Add Smartphone Apps to Inflation Calculation

Researchers Slow Broadband Light Waves with Nanoplasmonic Structures

Research Project Looks to Repairing Working Chips

Silicon Spin Transistors Heat Up and Spins Last Longer

Japan Earthquake Disrupts Technology Companies

$63M per Seat? NASA Will Pay It to Russians

Fab Supply Chain Report Out

'World's Largest' Direct-Drive PMG for Wind Turbines

Germany to Shut Down Pre-1980 Nuclear Plants

If Market Keeps Falling, Fed Will Keep Printing (Keynesian die-hards, but it keeps gov't union workers paid)


How to Use the Web to Help Japan Quake Victims (anyone notice that the Japanese did not loot and pillage or shoot at each other like Katrina victims did?)

Toshiba Partner Says Chip Production Resumes

Japan Quake Closed Seven Renesas Chip Factories

Cellular Technology That Told Japan an Earthquake Was Coming

Nikon, TEL Impacted by Quake

Beyond Radar: Quantum Illumination

Army Must Cure Mobile Radio's Dismal Failure Rate

New Cyber Attack Fears over the Chinese ‘Red Army Lab’ Being Used for BT Broadband Tests

Complaints Surround iPhone Time Change Glitch

Using Quantum Methods to Read Classical Memories Offers Surprising Advantages

Spain and Hungary Censured Over Delays to 3G at 900 MHz

Taking Control of Cars from Afar

Schneider Electric Lays Groundwork for Tracking Circuit Boards via RFID

Europe's Consumers Could Lose in Auctions of Internet Spectrum

Apple Won't Support NFC in iPhone 5

Physicists Measure Current-Induced Torque in Nonvolatile Magnetic Memory Devices

Why All Your Bulbs May Soon Be LEDs


Quake Moved Japan Coast 8 Feet, Shifted Earth's Axis (will that require a GPS ephemeris data calibration?)

Pilot Survives Helicopter Crash at Raytheon Near L.A.

USPTO Urges Senate to Pass the America Invents Act

Japan Crisis Fuels Fears over Europe's Nuclear Revival

TSA Scanners Testing 10x Radiation Than Advertised


Largest Earthquake in History Hits Japan, Tsunami Sweeps Across Pacific

Tsunami Could Devastate World Chip Industry

NPSTC Says HR 607 “Needs to Be Amended”

WeFi Turns Global WiFi Database into Mobile Data Offload Platform

Major Battle Ahead over DOD Spending

DARPA Seeks to Design Tiny Radio Transmitters with Fundamental Improvements to RF Amplifier Power Supplies

FCC Issues California Man $7000 Forfeiture Order for Refusing FCC Inspection

New Batteries Could Power Gizmos for Months

Wide-Bandgap Electronics Alliance Formed in Taiwan

Satellite Navigation Systems are Vulnerable, Warns Report

Clearwire Sued for Restricting Mobile Internet Speeds

Low-Power Memory from Nanotubes

Bill to Ban New Wireless Taxes Rises Again (Penn., where I live, adding $1 surcharge to all pre-paid cards)

Toward Real Time Observation of Electron Dynamics in Atoms and Molecules

iPad 2 Goes on Sale in the U.S.

Physicists Measure Current-Induced Torque in Nonvolatile Magnetic Memory Devices


Former Defense Engineer Arrested for Taking Military Technology to China

New 4G Network Could Cause Widespread GPS Dead Zones

Physicists Build Single Atom Memory for Quantum Information

Patent Reform in the Media and De Facto First-to-File

Electromechanical Circuit Sets Record Beating Microscopic 'Drum'

Home Wi-Fi '30% Slower' Than Fixed Broadband (my D-Link 'N' router has no degradation, 14.7 MB up, 0.71MB down)

Nokia Siemens Fails to Close $1.2B Moto Deal

Affordable and Efficient Solar Cells Made by Laser Pulsing

Microsoft Kinect Sales Set New Guinness World Record

Waxing Nostalgic About Old-School Linux

Turing Award Goes to 'Machine Learning' Expert

Printed Electronics - Europe is Different

Army Acquisition Chief Calls for Best Contracting Process, Tech

Man Jailed for Creating 35 Websites to Insult Ex

Nanotech to Boost Solid State Hydrogen Storage

China and Russia Drive Growth in World's Billionaires

Celebrating 400 Years of Sunspot Observations

Nokia's Smartphone App Calculates Snowboarders' Rush

Iceland Considers Building Undersea Electrical Cable to Sell Geothermal Energy to Europe

World's Biggest Bond Fund Dumps All U.S. Debt (crappy yield due to enormous debt)


Shuttle Discovery Fires Engines for Last Time (watch landing at 11:57 am ET)

Creators of Steve Jobs Doll Move on to Zuckerberg

Middle School Students to Launch Near-Space Balloon  - Call Sign KC5NXD

Mobile Handset Semiconductor Content to Approach $82B in 2015

The Race to Make the World's Strongest Magnet

Electronic Interconnect Industry Sales Worldwide Returning to Pre-recession Levels

Enterprise Wireless LAN Grew at Fastest Rate Since 2006

Physicists Grow Micro-Machines from Carbon

Naval Academy Weaves Cybersecurity into Curriculum

Radio Shack Shares Jump as Takeover Rumors Resurface

Senate Approves Patent Reform Bill

Indian Telecoms User Base Passes 800M Mark

Deutsche Telekom Says All Options Open in U.S.

Superconducting Magnets for Grid-Scale Storage

Airbus Order Surge Lifts Cash-Rich EADS

New Protocols Show up to 76% Speed Jolt for iPhones, iPads

January 'Actual' Chip Sales Soar Above Trend

Health Alert - Wind Turbine Syndrome

Sales of Semi Manufacturing Equipment Soared 148% in 2010

China Gobbles 47% of Global Coal, Produces Only 14% (U.S. would be called evil if we were doing it)

U.S. Now a Welfare State! Handouts Make up 35% of U.S. Wages (less than 2/3 of Americans actually work for a living)


Solar Flare Warning for SA - Forecaster Recommends High Strength Sunscreen

Quantum Engineers Remove Roadblock in Developing Next-Gen Technologies

Microsoft to Pay Nokia More Than $1B to Develop Software

Gadgets Ruining People's Sleep

Air Force Awards Ka-Band Satellite Study Contract

UK 'Over Reliant' on GPS Signals, Engineers Warn

Mounting Graphene on Boron Nitride Dramatically Improves Electronic Properties

Ofcom Starts First UK Communications Census

Australian Dispute over 1800 MHz License Renewals

Nearly 1/3 of Young Text While Driving

Chip Sector Decline Weighs on Broader Market

Apple iPhone 5 Rumors Suggest Aluminum Back in Style

FCC Looks to Amend Rules on Content Retransmission

Mass. Residents Tortured by Wind Farm Noise (land of the green nazis - let them suffer from it)

Smartphones: Overcoming Loss of Connectivity

Flexible Electronics Assist Multi-Functional Catheters

Armies of Expensive Lawyers, Replaced by Cheaper Software

Superconducting Magnets for Grid-Scale Storage

Google's Code Change Shifts Billions from Losers to Winners


Tech Companies Desperate for "RockStarNinja Engineers"

Man Arrested for Taking Photos up Women's Skirts with His Cameraphone

Google Used Remote "Kill Switch" to Disable Rogue Android Applications (does that capability bother you a little?)

Europe's III-V Chip Research Boosted by CEA-Leti

Android Overtakes iPhone in the UK Smartphone Market

Nanofabrication Tools May Make Silicon Optical Chips More Accessible

North Korea Accused of Interfering with South Korean Cell Phones

Czech Solar Power Boom to Slow Due to Taxes & Regs

Carbon Fibers from Spacecraft Make Tool Manufacturing Easier

Global Averaged Chip Sales Up 14% in January

Government Urged to Support Manufacturing in UK Budget

'Spectacular' Cyber Attack Targets French Government

Smart-Phone Demand Drives 34% III-V Revenue Growth for Kopin in 2010

Verifone to Include NFC in All New POS Terminals

Quantum No-Hiding Theorem Experimentally Confirmed for First Time

China Gears Up for Lunar Space Race with World's Biggest Rocket Factory (a big shout-out to Loral for teaching them about stabilization platforms in the 1990s)


FCC Adopts Spread Spectrum Rules Changes

Insect Hearing Inspires New Approach to Small Antennas

AT&T Maps 4G Footprint – It’s Not Big but It’s Honest

Scottish Police Stop Drivers Using Mobile Phones Without Hands-Free Kits

Will the U.S. Get an Internet "Kill Switch"?


The Tech Companies Hiring the Most Right Now

Lasers and Microphones Extend THz Detection

South Korea Hit by Cyber Attacks

Camera Uses Microwave Signals to Get into Materials

FCC Moves to Reform Low-Income Universal Service Programs (a $1.3B program - freeloaders getting $10/mo. toward cellphone bill on top of everything else)

Mathematicians Reinvent the Beer Widget

European Inventor Award Shortlist Unveiled

China's Wireless Carriers Double Capital Spending on 4G in 2011

Transport Operators to Cooperate on National NFC Ticketing System for Germany

Md. Bill Bans Text Message Reading While Driving

Satellite Efficiency Can Drive Much-Needed Savings

More U.S. Consumers Buying Android Phones Than iPhones, BlackBerrys

FAA, European Union Sign NextGen Research Agreement

Mobile Broadband Positioned to Meet Unmet Demand in Ecuador

Secret Space Plane to Launch on Second Secret Space Mission

Sweden Awards 800 MHz Spectrum to Three Auction Winners

In Social Media Postings, a Trove for Investigators

Japanese Teen Accused of Scamming College Entrance Exams by Smartphone

GM Sells Just 281 Chevy Volts in February, Nissan Sell 67 Leafs (better up that $7.5k taxpayer-funded rebate to about $20k... or let gas rise to $10/gal.)

Finally, "Real News" for Americans: Al Jazerra, per SoC Clinton


Memristor Processor Solves Mazes

Casio Puts Bluetooth in a Watch

Sensor Networks Look to Radio Waves for Power

Nanostructured Material Promises to Double Li-Ion Battery Capacity

Plug-and-Play Multi-Core Voltage Regulator Could Lead to 'Smarter' Smartphones, Slimmer Laptops

Call Quality Improvements Cease Due to Shifts in Wireless Call and Data Usage Patterns

Cellphone Networks and the Future of Traffic

USPTO: S.23 Patent Reform Act of 2011

Why Apple Can Make a White iPad But Not a White iPhone

Android Hit by Rogue App Viruses

Documents Reveal TSA Research Proposal to Body-Scan Pedestrians, Train Passengers

ARRL Members Respond to HR 607

Military to Help Develop Energy Storage Device

First InFlight Messaging Service Debuts

Fat Fingers? Be Careful When You Make a Call

EU GPS Overlay 'Ready for Plane Use'

Momentum Builds for Directed Self-Assembly

UK Average Broadband Speed Increases 5% - Ofcom

Could the Combination of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics Lead to Spintronics?

Sun Triggers Beautiful Aurora Displays


Nokia to Open New Factory in Vietnam (watch for Hanoi Jane dumbphone w/background pic of her cheering on N.Vietnam antiaircraft gunners)

Patent Reform Debate Heats Up

Boeing’s New Unit Targets Rising Military Bandwidth Demand

EGNOS Satellite System Available for Aviation in Europe

Most Powerful Optical Microscope Revealed

Is Silicon Valley Losing Its Edge?

Diamonds Are a Radar's Best Friend

Probing Atomic Chicken Wire

19% Admit Web Use While Driving

Nanotechnology Used to Prolong Machine and Engine Life

Initiative Aims to Encourage Studying and Working Abroad

Smartphones and Tablets Drive Exploding Mobile Data Usage

Space Tourism May Mean One Giant Leap for Researchers

Another Setback for Canada's Wireless Industry

Fast Tunable Coupler Could Lead to Better Quantum Computing Models

Scientists Make Single-Mode Laser Out of a Single Nanowire

New Generation of Optical Integrated Devices for Future Quantum Computers

3M Chief Warns Obama over Business Regulation

Gold Closes on Record-High Close; Silver at 31-Year High (no hope but lots of change)

Announced U.S. Job Cuts Rose 20% from Year Ago


'Sophisticated' Armed Robbers Hit Fremont High-Tech Company

Silver-Diamond Composite Offers Cooling Capabilities for Electronics

Technology Will Make Collaboration Your Next Competitive Advantage

Sound-Separator Device Allows Users to Select What They Hear (flash - kids have been doing this from time immemorial)

Motorola Sued by Irish WiMAX Network

Spending on Wireless-Enabled Sensors Grew More Than 80% in 2010

FCC - Report to Congress Regarding the ORBIT Act

Time Travel Experiment Demonstrates How to Avoid the Grandfather Paradox

Apps to Explode to $38B Market by 2015

Radio for the YouTube Era?

Sensor Networks Look to Radio Waves for Power

Frisbie Memorial Hospital Takes RFID on Emergency Calls

Has the FCC Gotten Fine Happy? Part 1 of a 5 Part Radio Ink Series

Are’s Days of Tax-Free Selling Numbered?

Stronger Than Steel, Novel Metals Are as Moldable as Plastic

China Unicom Unveils 'Wophone' Mobile OS

Apple Exec Tim Cook Seems to Confirm 'iPhone Nano'

Apple Manager Pleads Guilty to Bribery Charges

Radio Is Dead, Is Apple iTunes Next?

Male Depression 'Set to Increase' (an interesting read, actually)