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Technical Headline News Archive - February 2014

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Tesla Plans Battery Factory in Nevada; Employ 6,500

Battery-Free Technology Brings Gesture Recognition to All Devices

Boeing to Sell Phone That Can Self-Destruct

New Army Manual Combines Cyber, Electromagnetic Operations

IBM Begins U.S. Layoffs

Superabsorbing Design May Lower Manufacturing Cost of Thin Film Solar Cells

Scientists Twist Sound with Metamaterials

A New Push to Solve Wireless Charging

U.S. Consumers Increasingly Shopping on Mobile Phones

AirWatch Chairman on BlackBerry: 'Hope Is Not a Strategy' (you need hope AND change)

Atom Smasher's Farewell Sets Stage for New Physics Era

FCC's Clyburn: Study Not Intended to Chill Speech (bullshite)

Energy Firm Cyber-Defence 'Too Weak', Insurers Say

UK Spy Agency Hacked Millions of Yahoo Webcams

Decline of Bronze Age 'Megacities' Linked to Climate Change (they had SUVs and incandescent bulbs 4,000 years ago?)

Russian Spy Ship Docked in Havana (Bay of Pigs redux)


Secretive Boeing Black Smartphone Appears on FCC Website

Key Found to Controlling Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Mott Thin Films

Senator Calls for Total Ban of 'Dangerous' Bitcoin

LTE Built-in GM Cars: No Smartphones Required

Optical 'Nanocavity' to Boost Light Absorption in Semiconductors

Top 10 Semi R&D Spenders

Handset Makers Go Big on Smartphones

Silicon-Germanium Chip Sets New Speed Record

Introducing the Quantum Droplet

ARRL to File "Friend of the Court" Brief in Ohio Antenna Case

Qualcomm Working with Google on Connected Cars

Chinese Officials Reportedly Shut Some Businesses as Pollution Soars

IEEE & MEMS Industry Group Team up on Standards

Google's Project Ara and Modular Smartphones Explained

Data Storage Capacity Enhanced by Mixing Hard and Soft Magnetic Materials

With Tech Outsourcing, the Internet Can Be 'A Scary Place'


Pentagon to Shrink Army to Pre-WWII Level ('American dominance in the seas, sky and space can no longer be taken for granted' - fundamental change)

Cell Phone Peeping Tom Beaten by Victim's Boyfriend

After Huge Defense Cuts, What Lies Ahead? (beating swords into EBT cards)

Scientists Demonstrate First Contagious Airborne WiFi Virus

DARC Questions BPL/PLT Emission Measurement Method

IBM Sets New Data Transfer Speed Record

Self-Charging Battery Gets Boost from Nanocomposite Film

Microscopic Component to Foil Electronics Counterfeiters

Is Your Spacecraft Flying Reliable Chips?

Scientists Complete the Top Quark Puzzle

BlackBerry Unveils New Q20 Phone

If You Think You're Anonymous Online, Think Again

End in Sight in Long Search for Gravity Waves (gonna stop looking for them?)

Microsoft to Cut Windows Price 70% to Counter Rivals

Google's Eric Schmidt to Give $1M 'Tech-for-Good' Grants

Apple Finally Patches Massive OS X Security Bug


Phones for Outsmarting Snoopers Get Pitched to Mass Market

LinkedIn Goes to China

Intel Touts New Ultra-High-Speed Wireless Data Technology

More CubeSats Expected to Deploy from ISS This Week

Blackberry Stock Rises on Ford Tie-up Reports (good news, finally!)

DoD Looks to Share, Better Use Spectrum

Mozilla Plans $25 Smartphone for Emerging Markets

Smartphone Prices Race to the Bottom

Teenage CEO Speaks at EE Live!

Samsung Galaxy S5 has NFC, Fingerprint ID, PayPal

Brazil, Europe Plan Undersea Cable to Skirt U.S. Spying (wasn't the world supposed to love us by now?)

Deutsche Telekom Accelerating its Migration to All-IP Network

Mobile Advertising Reach Has Doubled over Past Year

Why Google Could Merge with Verizon

The 50 Smartest Companies (RF Cafe, at #51, just missed the list)

Pentagon Plans to Shrink Army to Pre-World War II Level


Fiber Lasers Could Accelerate Fielding of High-Energy Weapons

DOD Aims for Proactive Spectrum Strategy

U.S. Air Force Reveals Neighborhood Watch Spy Satellite Program

3D Printing Takes on Metal at Amsterdam Lab

Positive Book-to-Bill for SEMI

Nanoscale Pillars Could Radically Improve Conversion of Heat to Electricity

Security Failings in Home Routers Exposed

Windstream to Cut Jobs Following $25M FCC Fine

Researchers Propose Using Distant Quasars toTest Bell's Inequality

Imec Makes 79 GHz Transmitter on Low Power CMOS

A Step Closer to a Photonic Future

5G Needs MIMO, Multi-GHz

Fatwa Issued: 1-Way Trip to Mars Prohibited in Islam


Growing Fleet of Electric Cars Will Strain Aging Electrical Distribution Systems

FCC's H-Block Spectrum Auction on Life Support

Real-Time View of Battery Electrochemistry

'Windfalls of War': Companies with Spotty Records Making Billion$ off Afghanistan ("Beware the military-industrial complex" - Eisenhower)


FCC Wades into the Newsroom (big deal - nothing Kim Jong Il wouldn't do)

New Study Reveals Communications Potential of Graphene

JPL Scientists Ask Industry for CubeSat Camera Able to Take Color Images of Near-Earth Asteroid

New Laser for a Faster Internet

Electron's Mass More Precisely Measured

Air Force to Swap 5,000 BlackBerrys for iOS Devices (

Google Unveils Smartphone with 3D Sensors

Royal Canadian Mint picks NFC for Virtual Currency Pilot

Steve Jobs Getting 2015 Stamp (used to have to be dead 10 years to get stamp)

Nanoscale Pillars Could Radically Improve Conversion of Heat to Electricity

Vibration Energy the Secret to Self-Powered Electronics

Gravity-Style Space Debris Threat from Giant Satellite Explored

Total Inductance in the Return Path: Rule of Thumb #7

AT&T Snags 700 MHz and AWS Spectrum Licenses from Cable Firm

In the Age of the Micro-Miniature

Nerd Factor Aside, Bluetooth Headsets Are Useful on the Go


Chip Makes Engine Sounds for Quiet Electric Cars (sad, sick)

Assistance for Laid-Off Workers Gets Downsized

Startup Claims Cellular Breakthrough

FCC Proposes to Fine Texas Radio Amateur $7k for Malicious Interference

Google: How Not to Be a 'Glasshole' (gotta love the headline!)

FCC to Try Again on Net Neutrality

Wireless Charging Shift Ahead (more components, lower efficiency, higher cost, more ambient RF noise - how is that green?)

Canada Wireless Spectrum Sale Nets C$5.27B

When GPS Falters, Where Will the Military Turn?

Fujitsu Develops NFC Enabled Gloves

Scientists Discover Bulk Material That Exhibits Monolayer Behavior

Computer Generated Math Proof is Too Large for Humans to Check

3D Dead-Reckoning Makes Car Navigation Smart

World's Smallest Reed Switch Makes Technology Easier to Swallow

Official Forecast of the U.S. Government Never Saw This Winter Coming (Warm Earthers)

"Reporters w/o Borders" Rates U.S. Freedom of Press at #46


'Outernet' Could Beam Free Wi-Fi to Entire Earth (um, free? I doubt it)

Superconductivity in Orbit: Scientists Find New Path to Loss-Free Electricity

Fractal Wire Patterns Enhance Stretchability of Electronic Devices

84% of Emerging Market Operators Pushing Mobile Data Services to Prepaid Customers (now Sub-Saharan warlords can play Angry Birds online)

After 400 Years, Mathematicians Find New Class of Solid Shapes

Controlling Magnetism with an Electric Field

Iranian Hacking of Navy Computers Reportedly More Extensive Than Thought

Windows Phone Users to Get More NFC Controls

German Chancellor Proposes Europe-Only Network

Why Retailers Aren't Protecting You from Hackers

Navy's First Laser Gun Could Target Drones, Small Craft (fried Somali pirates come to mind)

India to Simplify Taxes on Mobile Phones to Boost Local Production

Quantum Communication Scheme Provides Guaranteed Security w/o Quantum Memories

Apple Looks to Cars and Medical Devices for Future Growth

Planning Air Battles with Dogfighting Drones

Misconceptions of Science and Religion Found in New Study


U.S. Navy Ready to Deploy Laser Weapon for 1st Time

European Visitors 'Turn Phones Off' to Avoid Charges

Super-Secure, Temporary Texts Draw Interest of Business Crowd

Battery with Liquid Electrodes Can Be Recharged or Refilled

At Newark Airport, the Lights Are On, and They're Watching You

Increasing fMAX for InP/GaInAsSb Transistors

EU Mobile App Sector to Employ 5M by 2018

Harvesting Light the Single-Molecule Way

Intel Squeezes x86 into SD Card

World-Record Micrometer-Sized Converter of Electrical into Optical Signals

NIST/JPL Technology Decodes More Information from Single Photons

FCC and Manufacturer Conclude Consent Decree on Marketing of Noncompliant Device

Einstein's Conversion from Belief in Static to Expanding Universe

S. Carolina Arrests Woman for 9 Year Overdue Video

Push to Boost Computer Science Learning, Even at Early Age

1:4 Americans Unaware That Earth Circles Sun (I guess the WH never texted it to their o-phones)


Smartphone 'Kill Switch' Proposed by New Federal Law

Google Plotting 10Gbps Broadband Service to the Home

Physicists Produce Potentially Revolutionary Material

Special Forces 'Iron Man' Suit Prototypes Arrive in June (from Stork Industries?)

IBM Invests in New $5B Chip Fab in India

World's Most Powerful Airborne 3-D Laser Imager

Decade Long Study Finds No Link Between Mobile Phones and Cancer

End of Startup Era? Chips Face Innovation Gap

Angela Merkel Proposes Europe Network (the builder always has a copy of the key)

Debut of Radar Signature Analysis of Electrically Large, Complex Targets

New Pomegranate-Inspired Design Solves Problems for Li-Ion Batteries

Pains & Gains on Tech Street

How Most Anyone Can Find Photos of Secret Government Sites


Vodafone Plows $3.2B into India Spectrum

Internet of Things, Part 1: God's Gift to the NSA

Mac OSX Imitated in Latest North Korea System (think will Apple sue for patent infringement?)

Space Junk Endangers Mankind's Usual Course of Life

Israel Laser Shield Moves Closer to Deployment


Facebook Graph Reveals Who You Love (a Valentine's Day headline for you)

GPS Pioneer Warns on Network's Security

Comcast to Buy Time Warner Cable for $45.2B

India Spectrum Auction Ends with Bids Topping $9.8B

Mathematical Beauty Activates Same Brain Region as Great Art or Music

Apple in Conflict Mineral 'Name and Shame' Crackdown

Chinese Company Announces Plans to Invest in Alien Technology for RFID

Your Smartphone Could Replace Hotel Keys

The 'State' of Silicon Valley

Australia's Telstra to Pay out A$1.8B to Shareholders as Profits Grow

Stirring-up Atomtronics in a Quantum Circuit

Over ½ of U.S. Smartphone Owners Using TV-Related Apps Monthly

Massive Neutrinos Solve a Cosmological Conundrum

GaN Quantum Dots and Deep UV Light Emission

Silicon Wafer Revenues Declined in 2013

Defense Contractors Shore up Security Post-Snowden


China's Smartphone Market Hiccups As Growth Ends with 1st Sequential Decline

Lawrence Livermore Achieves 1st-Ever Break-Even Nuclear Fusion

Are Wind Farms Changing Europe's Climate? (ultimate irony)

2014 "Will Be the Year of NFC" Says New AFSCM President

Google Ramps up Chip Design

New Way to Measure Electron Pair Interactions

Annual Smartphone Sales Surpassed Sales of Feature Phones for the 1st Time in 2013

Helical Electron and Nuclear Spin Order in Quantum Wires

We Are Just Not Here Anymore

How to Survive the Next Wave of Technology Extinction

UK Needs Master Plan for Wireless Connected Cars

Leaked Photos Show Larger, Rounded-Edged iPhone 6

2014 Predictions: State of Wireless Union in 2014 - Devices, OS and LTE

Chinese Engineers Work to Save 'Jade Rabbit' Moon Rover

What Are the Chances that a Particle Collider's Strangelets Will Destroy the Earth?

U.S. to Offer Companies Broad Standards to Improve Cybersecurity


Patent Suit Bills Found Wanting

Over 800 Million Smartphones Using Indoor Location by 2018

Physicists Reveal Novel Magnetoelectric Effect 

Huge Hack 'Ugly Sign of Future' for Internet Threats

2 in 3 Phones to Come with NFC in 2018

Smart Antenna Configurations Improve 4G In-Building Wireless Coverage

World's First Entanglement-Enhanced Microscope

Helical Electron and Nuclear Spin Order in Quantum Wires

Engineer Brings New Twist to Na-Ion Battery Technology

Legalisation in the USA to Push Mobile Gambling Revenues Past $60B by 2018 (mostly welfare=taxpayer money lost)

FCC Working on Plan to Fix Net Neutrality, Save the Internet (we're from the government and we're here to help)

Galileo's Optical Illusion Explained by Neuroscience

Quantum Computers Could Crack Existing Codes but Create Others Much Harder to Break

Gummy Material Addresses Safety Concerns of Lithium Ion Batteries

Air Force Expects Delay in GPS III Satellite Delivery

Virgin Galactic Space Flights Set for This Year


Get Your Documents by Drone... in Dubai

Iridium Unveils a Global, Wi-Fi Satellite Hotspot (originally named Iridium for 77-satellite constellation, but only launched 66 - should change name to Dysprosium Communications)

Apple Could Put Quantum Dots Before Your Eyes

Team USA in Sochi: High-Tech Gear Spurs High Hopes

Nanomotors Controlled, for the 1st Time, Inside Living Cells (gives new meaning to motor skills)

Top 10 Sensor Trends to Watch

Parents Unaware of Dangers Faced by Children on Smartphones (lots of oblivion parents raising oblivion kids)

Radio Amateurs of Canada Cautions Regulator Against Tower Rules Changes That Affect Hams

India's PC Market Declined 19.9% in Q4 of 2013

Is Triboelectricity the Next Harvesting Source? (a new rub in charging)

Chinese Tech Giant Lenovo Extends Its Reach in U.S.

NXP Reports Slowdown in NFC Revenue Growth

Contraption Beams Video into Your Eyeballs

SETI: Intelligent Alien Life Could Be Found by 2040 (or not)

Canadians Get Cheaper Roaming to Cuba (oh yeah, been a long time waiting for that)

Nokia Releasing First Android Phone


U.S. Military Funds Mission Impossible 'Vanishing' Tech

IBM Getting out of IC Manufacturing

6 DIY Hacks for Measurement Tools

Arecibo Observatory Club to Establish New Amateur Radio Station

Chastened HTC Turns to Cheaper Smartphones in Search for Profit

What Noise Does the Electric Car Make?

NYPD Using Google Glass in Crime Fighting

Found: The First Porsche - And It Was Electric!

Proposed California Law Would Mandate 'Kill Switch' for Stolen Phones and Tablets

NASA Bets on Private Companies to Exploit Moon's Resources

Russian Telecoms Satellites Readied for March Launch

Crossover Sound

LinkedIn Buys Bright

Army Units Give Thumbs-Down to Battlefield Intelligence System

Broadcom Awards NI a Wireless Test License

Snowden Used Low-Cost Tool to Best NSA


Google to Own $750M Lenovo Stake After Motorola Deal Closes

Operators to Launch RCS Despite Lack of Business Case

LATSAT - The First Summit for Satellite Communications in LatAm

German Government May Reduce Its Stake in Deutsche Telekom

Japanese Scientists Reveal the Best Way to Eat a Hamburger (how did we manage to win WWII whilst eating hamburgers the wrong way?)


Canadian Regulator Investigates Use of Satellites for Rural Telecoms

LinkedIn Shares Sink on Weak Outlook

Mobile Economy Growing Faster Than Expected - Worth >$3T by 2017

CERN Eyes New Giant Particle Collider

Dayton Hamvention® Announces 2014 Award Winners

Mexico's Smaller Mobile Networks in Merger Talks

DARPA to Re-Invent How We Search the Internet (route everything through the new NSA supercenter)

Sony to Sell PC Unit and Cut 5,000 Jobs

When It Comes to High-Speed Internet, U.S. 'Falling Way Behind'

Theorists Predict New Forms of Exotic Insulating Materials

NASA Boards the 3-D-Manufacturing Train

U.S. Government Wants Wireless Technology to Make Cars Safer (wireless tech -cellphones - has made them unsafer[sic] in the first place)

Google to Make 'Significant' Changes to Avoid EU Fine

Astronauts to Watch Winter Olympic Games from ISS (safest location re Islamic terrorist threats)

Burning the U.K.'s Plutonium Stockpile Could Fast-Track New Reactors

U.S. Postal Service Announces Giant Ammo Purchase (just have postal workers donate theirs)


Intel Takes IT into the Toilet

RadioShack Looking at Closing 500 Retail Stores (no surprise)

Cuba's 5 MHz Band Comes with Strings Attached

Engineering Majors Continue to Earn Highest Starting Salaries

Ballistic Transport in Graphene Suggests New Type of Electronic Device

Chips Break Sales Record in 2013

Nielsen: Most Radio Listening Done Outside Home

Twitter Reports $645M Loss for 2013

U.S. Export Control Reforms Advance

Improving Nanowire Transistor Linearity with Regrowth

Vanadium Dioxide Research Opens Door to Multifunctional Spintronic Smart Sensors

Government OKs Car-to-Car Talk

New Measurement of Electron–Quark Scattering

Lawrence Livermore to Build Super Laser for ELI Facility in Czech Republic

Solving a Physics Mystery: Those 'Solitons' are Really Vortex Rings

Slower Smartphone Growth Hits ARM Shares


Counterfeit Mobile Phones a $6B a Year Drain on Global Economy

2014 Capital Spending Up in Korea

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle Limits Challenged

FCC's Auction 96 Pushes Past $1.2B (gov't only product for sale is your airspace)

Improving Nanowire Transistor Linearity with Regrowth

Reshoring's a Reality – Manufacturing's Coming Back

Rice Lab Clocks 'Hot' Electrons

First Evidence of Common Brain Code for Space, Time, Distance

Watching Nanoparticles Grow

4G Connections to Increase at a CAGR of 69% from 2013-2018

Diamond Defect Boosts Quantum Technology

DOD Wants 'Big Mechanism' for Mining Research Data

Power Line Communication Implementation for DC Applications

Metal-Free Flow Battery Show Promise for Grid Storage (turn off ½ the world's outside lights for huge energy savings)

Target to Invest in Chip-Based Credit Cards

U.S. Army Faces Massive Recruiting Fraud Scandal (just consider them 'morale bonuses' like the IRS is getting)


3 Killed, 2 Hurt in W. Va. Cell Phone Tower Collapse

IBM Claims to Make "First Fully Functioning" Graphene IC

Snowden: Canada 'Spied on Airport Travellers' Using Wi-Fi

NASA to Create Coldest Spot in Known Universe

X-Rays Set to Reveal Electrons' Dance

Rail Riding Radio

Google Told to Move Mystery Barge Due to Wrong Permits

Are Electronic Devices Making Kids Nearsighted?

1/3 of Employers Will Use Biometric Authentication for Mobile Devices by 2016

DARPA Wants Ability to Turn Computer Chips into Dust

Google Sees Revenue Per Advert Decline As Mobile Fails to Match Desktop Revenues (opposite of what we've been hearing)

Nearly ½ of Australians Have Switched Providers in Past 3 Years

Researchers Time Plasmon-Generated Electrons Moving from Nanorods to Graphene

Yahoo Plans Return to Search Engine Roots

Tech Companies Reveal Scope of Secret Data Requests

European Shares Fall After Heavy Losses in Asia, U.S.


World's 1st Nonreciprocal Acoustic Circulator: A 1-Way Sound Device (modeled after the human child - you speak, they don't hear)

5 Tech Tips for Enjoying the Super Bowl

Teenage Girl Burnt When Apple iPhone Catches Fire

Physicists Create Synthetic Magnetic Monopoles in the Lab (egad, then Gauss's law for magnetism - RF Cafe was a lie?)

Space Squadron Shuttles Wideband Satellites, Boosting Comm Power

China Bets on Homegrown OS

.com Gives Way to .bike and .single (that's .bs - .com is still king)

Ericsson and Qualcomm Test 300 Mbps Downloads over 4G Network

USAF Tells Industry to Prepare for Upcoming RF and Electro-Optical Research Program

FCC to Issue Report on 600 MHz Incentive Auction Structure in the Spring

"Honey Encryption" Bamboozles Attackers with Fake Secrets

Radio Amateurs Receive Rosetta Spacecraft Signals from Deep Space

FCC Chairman Calls for Transforming the Technology Used by Phone Systems

Lockheed Martin Powers on Second GPS 3 Satellite in Production

RFMD's Revenue Hit by Weakening at Two Largest Customers

Windows 8.1 Update May Boot to Desktop Mode


FCC to Start Carrier Trials of IP-Only Voice Service

In Situ Bandgap Tuning of Graphene Oxide Achieved by Electrochemical Bias

NSA Pursues Quantum Technology

Nearly Everyone Uses Piezoelectrics - Be Nice to Know How They Work

$10,000 Fine for Illegal Commercial Broadcasting


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