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Graphite Foam Cools High-Intensity LEDs


iPhone Users Prefer Chicken While Android Users Prefer Pork (claims iPhone types are girly)

The Staggering Pace of Technology

Satellite-Watchers Worry About China

Micro Fasteners Adapt to New Electronics Design Requirements

TI Has -36V LDO Regulator for Microwave Apps

Would Patton Survive in Today's PowerPoint Military? (...and would he use an Android or an iPhone?)

Intel Acquires Infineon's Wireless Group for $1.4B, Picks up 2G, 3G, LTE Tech

Chip Sales Stay Strong amid Slowdown Signs

Why Adding M2M to Smartphones Will Make Them Even 'Smarter'

Development of Tiny Thorium Reactors Could Wean the World Off Oil in Just5 Years

At a Glance: Top Mobile Phone Processor Makers

RF-MEMS to Boost NTT's Cell Phones

Bringing Cell-Phone Location-Sensing Indoors

Three Companies Bid for Thailand's 3G Licenses

Russia to Mothball Historic Sputnik Launch Site

Advances Offer Path to Shrink Computer Chips

LG: No More Cathode Ray Tube TVs

Silicon Oxide Circuits Break Barrier: Nanocrystal Conductors Could Lead to Massive, Robust 3-D Storage

Wind Power Blows Military in Different Directions

'Dry Water' Could Be Used to Store CO2


Paul Allen Sues Tech Giants over 'Patent Violations'

Ford Uses Wi-Fi to Customize Cars

First GPS IIF Satellite Enters Service

Piezo Speaker Heralds Wave of Waterproof Mobiles

Untangling the Wireless Car

War Consists Largely of Endless Tinkering with PowerPoint Slides

Intel to Buy Infineon's Wireless Unit for $1.4B

Very Tiny, Very Cool

HP's $2B Bid Leads 3PAR to Terminate Agreement with Dell

Mobile Phones in Class: The Next Back to School Accessory (how long until taxpayers are providing cellphones to every student?)

Internet Phasing Out Demand for Printed Oxford English Dictionary

Indian Operator Opens 3G Development Lab

Consumers, Small Businesses Feeling Brunt of Cyberattacks

SETI May Be Looking in the Wrong Places

Beck 'Restoring Honor' Rally Big Draw in DC

Computer Equipment Worth $1.9M Donated by U.S. Military as Gift for Iraqi Schoolchildren Auctioned for <$50k


25% of New Worms Designed to Spread Through USB Drives

Wireless Consolidation Creates Challenges for Rural Carriers

Asia to Fuel Next Wave of Subsea Network Growth (get it? wave...sea...)

Research in Motion Faces Blackberry Jam in India (get it? blackberry jam... clever guys)

PC Industry's Woes Could Mean Bargains This Fall

Clean People Feel Morally Superior


China and India Spending Freeze Dulls Mobile Infrastructure Market

Genetic Algorithm Cuts Antenna Costs above 5 GHz

Outsourced Call Centers Return, to U.S. Homes

How DARPA Plans to Reinvent U.S. Manufacturing

4G to Start to Take Off in 2012

Vacuum Lab to Grow Space Crystals May Be Added to ISS (surprised it hasn't been done yet)

IC Business Back on Track in July

Prediction of Intrinsic Magnetism at Silicon Surfaces Could Lead to Single-Spin Magnetoelectronics

Facebook Sues Start-Up for Using 'Book' in Name

The Rise of 4G

RFID Hardware Supply Struggles to Meet Demand

New Industry Meetings over Net neutrality Being Hosted by Lobbyists

American Flight Uses Satellite-Based Landing System

Jobs Await U.S.-Based Taiwanese Expats

The 10 Greatest (Accidental) Inventions of All Time

RIM Seeks Industry Solution to India Stalemate

USA Seeing Improving Customer Satisfaction with PrePay Services

An Airline Model for Mobile Data

Space-Based Particle Detector Searches for Anti-Universe

$5B Bailout Home Weatherization Program Fraught with Fraud (gee, who would have guessed?)


NASA Announces High School Competition for Future Engineers

Germany Moves to Ban Bosses from Checking Your Facebook

NAB Slams Critics of Radio-Capable Cell Phones

For a Fee, Digital Dirt Can Be Buried

Electricity Collected from Air Could Become Newest Alternative Energy Source

Ultralow-Power Memory Uses Orders of Magnitude Less Power Than Other Devices

Not Enough Students Take STEM A Levels, Warns IET

Satellite Electronics Job for NOAA GOES-R Weather Upgrade Goes to General Dynamics SATCOM

RFID Helps Make Friends for Israeli Teens

Russian Chipmaker Calls for Import Ban

The Cyberattack That Awakened the Pentagon

Flash Drive Responsible for 2008 Pentagon Cyber Attack

Males Driving Europe's Summer of Mobile Love

Discovery Could Challenge Established Theory of the Nucleus

Is the Sun Emitting a Mystery Particle?

Avnet's Zammit Sees Strength in Europe

Top Five Cybersecurity Predictions

Apple and Google Prepare for Mobile Ad War

Devalued Homes Anchor Prospective Job Seekers

Google Unveils Voice Calling Through Gmail (... so they can record your written and voice messages at the same time)


Capacitor Lead-Times 18-20 Weeks and Lengthening; Prices Rising

BT Broadband Advert Banned over Speed Claim

Smallest U-M Logo Demonstrates Advanced Display Technology

Chip Market Inventory Growing

Future Mobile Phones to Be Made from Cashew Nut Shells

Online Will Outpace Total Ad Spending in 2011 (no surprise)

New Electronics, Cheaper OLED TVs

Government's New Right to Track Your Every Move with GPS

'Spintronics' Breakthrough Holds Promise for Next-Generation Computers

Fat-Fingered Sumo Wrestlers Switching to Apple IPads

Creating Light Sources for Nanochips

Dell Debuts First U.S. Smartphone at $100

Texas Tech 'Significantly' Improves InGaN Solar Cell Performance

ARRL Encourages Monthly Giving

The New Coffee Bars: Unplug, Drink, Go

Virus-Built Wearable Batteries Could Power Military

Remembering Windows 95's Launch 15 Years Later

Beer Microbes Live 553 Days Outside ISS

Yes Folks, Hindenburg Omen Tripped Again (creator exits stock market)

Dow Faces Bouncy Ride to 5,000: Strategist


States Use K-9s to Search for Smuggled Cell Phones

Scientists Help Explain Graphene Mystery

Banked Billions Spark Tech Takeover Shopping Spree

The World is Running Out of Helium Says Nobel Prize Winner (time to send helium mining spacecraft to the sun)

Chinese Drivers Stuck in 9-Day, 62-Mile Traffic Jam

Blacks and Women Talk and Text More

Tektronix Goes with SiGe ICs for 30 GHz Scopes

UK Police Use RFID to Secure Tasers

Nano Antenna Steers Photons

Boeing to Build New Payload for Intelsat

USAF Awards Contract for Additional Wideband Satellite

Taiwan Researchers Show Nanorod Route to White LEDs

Lucas Sues to Stop 'Jedi Mind' Wireless Headset

Verizon Aims DSL/Landline Voice Plan at Dial-Up Crowd

New Generation of Power: Hi-Tech Rechargeable Batteries Developed for Military

Astronomers Bag Biggest Ever Find of Exoplanets

A Win-Win Smart Grid Vision

Gunman Takes Over Lobby at Canada's CBC Radio (must be a mistake - guns banned in Canada)

Toshiba to Release Glasses-Free 3D TV This Year?

HP Counters Dell's 3PAR Acquisition Bid with 33% Higher Offer


Computer Blow to Europe's Goce Gravity Satellite

Military HF Radio Shown to Be Viable for Internet Relay Chat in Land, Sea, and Air Apps

CSR Responds to Broadcom with Patent Salvo

Marvell Says Time is Right for Powerline Comms in the Home

U.S. Politicians Seek to Block Huawei Selling Kit to Sprint Nextel

Inmarsat Addresses Expanding Military Broadband Needs

Ofcom Highlights Massive Surge in Use of Communications

New Industry Meetings over Net Neutrality Being Hosted by Lobbyists

Apple Patent Filing Hints at High Tech iPhone Tracking

Predicting the Death of Print (I've been writing about this for years)

British Telecom to Provide Wi-Fi Services to Starbucks in Germany

Mobile App Market Reaches $2.2B

Sony Cable Transmits Data and Power Signals

How to Create a 'Super Password'

Almost 280M Combination Chipsets to Ship This Year

Solar System May be 2M Years Older Than Thought (really, to that precision?)

The National Security Letter That Makes You Disappear

Process Reduces Waste in Titanium Manufacture

Philly [City of Brotherly Shove] Requiring Bloggers to Pay $300 for a Business License

LA Unveils $578M Public School, Costliest Nation ("creme de la creme of 'Taj Mahal' schools" - screw the taxpayers again)


Recession Hits Smartphone Makers in the Chips

Net Reaches 5B Devices, Driven by CE, M2M

RFID in Cleveland's Trash Cans Could Cost Non-Recyclers $100 Fine

Nanotech Yields Major Advance in Heat Transfer, Cooling Technologies

Few Gender Differences in Math Abilities, Worldwide Study Finds

IEEE-USA Elections Underway


Exploding Cell Phone Blamed for Farmer's Death

All Signs Point to IC Downturn

Wired Comms Chip Market to Rise 20% in 2010

Nano-Onions Give Supercapacitors Extra Oomph

LightSquared Initiates L-band Spectrum Shift Critical to New 4G LTE/Satellite Network

DARPA's Giant Space Junk Net Could Remove Almost All Orbiting Debris

Handiham Lends a Helping Hand to the Physically Challenged in the Amateur Community

Extreme Darkness: Carbon Nanotube Forest Covers Ultra-Dark Detector

Global Technology Fund Launched

Telecom New Zealand Profits Down by 21%

DARPA Plans a Network of Virtual Satellites

Higher Learning, Higher Speed: Campuses Graduate to 802.11n

Incredible Shrinking Moon Revealed by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Bank of America, Visa to Test Pay Via Cell Phone Idea

Raytheon to Build Small Diameter Bomb to Hit Moving Targets with 3-Mode Radar, Infrared, and Laser Seeker

Wear Wristwatch? Use Email? Not for Class of '14

Online Sales Hit Three-Year High

Toshiba's Hard Drive Breakthrough Could Herald Mega-Capacity Drives

Work Continues on New NASA Spaceships, Despite Uncertainties

Honda Civic Batteries Failing Prematurely


U.S. Department of Labor: Job Retraining a Waste of Time (sure, just collect 99+ weeks of unemployment)

Israeli Wins World's Most Prestigious Math Prize

UK Prisons Get First Dog Trained to Sniff out Mobile Phones

Lackluster Material Stretched into a Possible Electronics Revolution

FCC Says Broadband ISPs Routinely Exaggerate Connection Speeds

U.S. Falling Behind in Nanotech

Dumb Criminal Drops Cell Phone

Intel in $7.68B McAfee Takeover

Ofcom Reports the Surge in Internet Usage Hurts Telcos

UK Conference on Counterfeit Components

MIT Brings Super-Computing Power to the Android Phone

U.S. NFC Payments Market Heats Up

Fluoride Push to Nitride HEMT Enhancement

China Mobile Says First Half Profit Up 4.2%

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Outnumber Paid Wi-Fi

Satellites, Public Safety Win Broadband Stimulus Funding

Taiwan's Foxconn to Hire 400,000 More in China (trying to reduce suicides, but your iPhone might cost more)

Spacesuit Thief Pleads Guilty

Weekly Jobless Claims Post Surprise Jump, Hit 500,000


GPS Devices Could Put American Soldiers at Risk

Smartphones Present Tons of New Security Threats

Nokia Siemens Networks Sued for Selling Spy Kit to Iran

RIAA, Broadcasters Want Mandatory FM Radio in Cell Phones, Electronics (legislative mandate? are they kidding? freaking Stalinists)

Foundry Fab Utilization Hits 98.8%; Overall Industry at 95.7%

Wireless Chargers to be $4B Market in 2014

iPhone-Maker Rallies Workers after China Suicides

Debunking the Internet Apocalypse

Researchers Find Way to Use HVAC Ducts for Wireless Monitoring Technology

An Implantable Antenna

Clothing to Power Personal Computers

Analog Chip Beats Digital for Fast Error Correction

Samsung Poised to Jump onto Android Tablet Bandwagon

Analog Devices Tops Estimates as Sales, Profits Grow

Internet is Coming to Cars According to IMS Research

Researchers Investigate Effects of Lightning Strikes on Aircraft

1 in 5 Teens Has Hearing Loss; Earbuds May Be to Blame

Spectrum Auctions Hurt Mobile Consumers


Clocks Anywhere Synchronized to Within 10ns

Mobile Satellite Services Industry Stretched but Sees Fortunes Turning Around

Silicon Labs Files Suit Against Taiwan's Airoha

DARPA's 2017 Space Junk Removal Plan

At NASCAR Hall of Fame, RFID Fuels Excitement

Mexican Regulator Approves Spectrum Allocation

Ultra-Small Transducers Produce Ultra-High Frequencies

ARRL/TAPR Announce 29th Annual Digital Communications Conference

Major Hurdle Cleared for Organic Solar Cells

Research Consortium Touts Air-Gap for PC Boards

On 3rd Try, Astronauts Replace Broken Cooling Pump

New System Developed to Test and Evaluate High-Energy Laser Weapons

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Extends Time to File Oppositions to Petitions for Reconsideration of Freeze Order

Unveiling Hot-Electron Over-Spill in Nitride LEDs

A New Kind of Microchip

Senators Slam Google-Verizon Neutrality Deal, Ask FCC to Act

No Broadband? No Problem

Space Elevator Conference Calls For More Materials Science Research

Internet Radio Goes Portable

High Definition Diagnostic Ultrasonics on the Nanoscale


China Overtakes Japan in 2Q as #2 Economy

Teen Channels Steve Jobs, Makes $1M in Two Years with Web Start-Up

DARPA Eyes Space-Based Internet for Persistent Battlefield Data Comms

Are Lithium-Ion Batteries the Next Threat to Airline Safety?

Company Behind magicJack to Banish Calling Costs

New PC Films Extend Electronics, Auto Applications

Ten Million Germans Accessing Mobile Internet Services

Can the Industry Be Heading for a Double-Dip?

FCC: Radio, TV Complaints Rise in Q4

15,000 Beams of Light for Rapid Nanofabrication Capabilities

Outsourced IC Design Revenue Up in 2009

New Battery for Cheap Electric Vehicles

Spacewalking Astronauts Plug in New Cooling Pump


Threats of Int'l BlackBerry Bans Echo U.S. Debate

Smartphone, Data Usage Numbers Soaring

Worldwide Mobile Sales up 13.8% in Q2

Bill to Provide USPTO Authority to Spend an Additional $129M of FY 2010 Fee Collections

Inexplicable Superconductor Fractals Hint at Higher Universal Laws

Low-Cost Nanopatterning Method Utilizes Popular Shrinkable Plastic

Hindenburg Omen: Is a Stock Market Crash Imminent?


Oracle Claims Android Violates Its Java Patents, Sues Google

Rumours Spread That People are Dying After Answering Their Mobile Phone

RFID Chips Can Be Made of Wood, to Tag Trees Without Adulterating the Timber

University Sends out 2,500 Acceptance Letters by Mistake

Support for Patent Office Rises as Reform Bill Wanes

Wireless Sensors Could Reduce Aircraft Maintenance Costs

Hexagonal Boron Nitride Sheets May Help Graphene Supplant Silicon

Femtocell Revenue to Reach $4B in 2014

Perseid Meteor Shower Lives up to its Promise (not from my observation point)

Wax, Soap Clean Up Obstacles to Better Li-Ion Batteries

New Media Not Cutting into Radio Time

Matter, Antimatter May Behave Differently

Nuclear Energy to Take Center Stage Again

Giant Tidal Turbine Unveiled in Scotland (These are the ultimate power source - out of sight, low cost & maintenance)

Feds Divert $302M from Broadband Stimulus Funding for Teacher's Pensions

DARPA Sets Privacy Rules for Its Programs

HP Cooperating in International Bribe Probe

China to Build State-Run Search Engine


Researchers Hack Cars via Wireless Tire Pressure Sensors

See (and hear on FM) the Perseid Meteor Show Tonight

Now India Threatens to Shut Down BlackBerry Services

UK VC Tech Investment Up 46% in Q2

Advanced Radio is Key to On-the-Move Comms

'WiMAX 2' Set to Be Finalized in November

Apple iSsues iFixes for 'Drive-By' iAttacks

Rugged Radio Designers for Military Apps Focus on Building Tiny Radios

Will Pew Numbers Argue for or Against NBP?

Lithium-Ion Deal Plugs Batteries into U.S. Grid

Physicists Investigate Electron Fractionalization into Not 2, but 3 Components

Mobile Devices Overtaking PCs

Wireless Monitoring Systems in Cars May Compromise Privacy, Pose Security Threat

The Possibilities and Challenges of Electric Aircraft

FCC Proceeding Could Boost Rural Microwave Backhaul

After $$$M in Tax Money, A123 Not to be Used in Fiat eCar (mroe "green" jobs going to China?)

Support for USPTO Rises as Reform Bill Wanes

Police Use of GPS Without a Warrant Ruled Illegal by Federal Court

Residents' Shocked as Google Street View Captures Girl's Body' Lying on Pavement

Census Estimates 8% of U.S. Births Are to Illegal Immigrants (60k/yr just in TX)


Planets Align for the Perseid Meteor Shower

Graphene Reveals Yet More Electronic Complexity

Researchers Claim Plastic 'Spintronics' Alternative to Traditional Semiconductors

Virus Writers Hit Google Android Phones

U.S. Electricity Blackouts Skyrocketing (wait until we all have to plug in e-cars!)

Apple Takes Gulp of Strong, Glossy Liquidmetal

Superconductivity Enhanced by Electron Variations

FCC Denies Petitions on Call Sign Usage, Expanded Privileges

Research Breakthrough Could Pave Way for Low-Cost, Flexible Solar Cells

Rubik's Cube Problem Solved

Nanoparticle 'Sandwich' Enhances Device Performance

Gadget Freak Contest Winners Announced

Femtocell Revenue to Reach $4B in 2014

Ditching the Cell Phone Can Be a Power Move

Giant Mecca Clock Seeks to Replace Greenwich, England as Prime Meridian

Insourcing Failed, DOD's Gates Says. Now What?

Study of Electron Orbits in Multilayer Graphene Finds Unexpected Energy Gaps

Science + Geek + Beer = Awesomely Geeky Science Beer

Invisibility Cloak Made from Silk


IC Inventory Risks Building

Unexpected Energy Gaps Found in Electron Orbits of Multilayer Graphene

Skype Plans $100M IPO

Wireless Car Sensors Vulnerable to Hackers

U.S. Proposes Relaxing Use of Microwave Spectrum for Mobile Backhaul

ARRL Comments on FCC 5 MHz Proposals

Gates Details Plans to Slash DOD Budget

Hewlett-Packard Shares Tumble after CEO Shakeup

Raytheon Develops Next-Generation Jammer Technology for U.S. Navy

Marvell Chip Turns Audi A8 into Wi-Fi Hotspot

Google Offices Raided by Korean Police

Saudis Back Away from Threat to Block BlackBerry

Army Wants Nanomissiles to Launch Small Satellites

Tektronix to Acquire Arbor Networks

Technology Could Transform Windows into Generators

U.S. Military to Attack Moore's Law for Future Computers

Disgraced HP CEO's Severance Pay Could Hit $40M

Hong Kong Regulator Clamps Down on 'Bill Shock' (service providers make huge profits off of morons)

Radio-Style System of Communication Via Magnetic Waves Demonstrated in Deep Mines

Gates Announces Plan to Cut Major Military Command in Virginia


Scientists Demonstrate THz Semiconductor Laser

H-1B Visa Fees Could Rise by $2,000 for Each Application

Drivers Are Warned About iPod Zombie Drivers and "Podestrians"

Nokia Declines to Commit to Custom ASICs à la Apple

U.S Border Security Bill Could Strain U.S.-India Tech Relations (raise the bar for legal while encouraging illegal workers)

Apple's iPhone Engineering Head Exits after Antenna Debacle

Millionth Femtocell to Be Shipped This Year

Military Kit Donation Website is Suspended

Wire Power is Firepower

Mobile Handsets to Capture 90% of Embedded "Pico" Projector Market by 2014

Fed Set to Downgrade Economic Outlook for U.S.

Particle Accelerators Could Work As Power Generators

U.S. Electricity Blackouts Skyrocketing

FCC Seeks Public Input for Next Broadband Deployment Report

'Extreme Downsizing' May Hurt Companies Later

When Rad-Hard Chips Became Sexy (do I detect a double entendre there?)

Telecoms Fret over Bust-Up of FCC's Net Neutrality Huddle

Saudi BlackBerry Service Still Working Despite Ban

Abandon Earth or Face Extinction, Stephen Hawking Warns


Turning Down the Noise in Graphene

Did Apple Exec Depart over "Antennagate"?

Irwin Jacobs (Qualcomm founder) Joins Billionaire List of Donors

Moon Water Dreams Evaporate

Invisibility Cloak Advance: New Findings Promising for 'Transformation Optics'


Qi Low-Power Wireless Standard is Ready

UK Leads Europe in Technology Mergers

Electronics Designers Struggle with Form, Function and Obsolescence

Inmarsat Satellites Will Provide High-Speed Mobile Broadband

ARRL Files Petition with FCC to Deny Applications with ReconRobotics

Physicists Use Offshoot of String Theory to Describe Puzzling Behavior of Superconductors

F.C.C. Chief Opposes Fees for Internet Priority

Chip Maker NXP Semiconductors Prices Below Target

Google Calls it Quits with Wave

IDTechEx Releases RFID Forecast Publication

U.S. Tries to Resolve BlackBerry Bans

FCC Calls Off Closed-Door Net Neutrality Talks

Lackluster Private Hiring Reflects Economy's Struggles

Smartphone Growth Lies in Low-End Phones

Jordan Blocks Public Sector Workers from Websites for Wasting Time

Churchill Ordered UFO Cover-Up

Quantum Networks Advance with Entanglement of Photons, Solid-State Qubits

Clearwire Announces 4G LTE Technology Trials in Arizona

Jobs Picture Worsens with 131,000 Losses; 9.5% Rate

Social Security in the Red This Year 1st Time Ever


Japanese and U.S. Whizzes Claim Record for Pi Calculation -- 5T Decimal Places

Solar Storm Aurora Photos

Mobile Phones, a Bacteria Magnet

Research Shows Rise in Patent Filings for Satellite Systems

Scientists Watch an Atom's Electrons Moving in Real Time

Is UK Component Market Growing Too Fast?

RIM Resisting Saudi Demand to Break BlackBerry Encryption

Indonesia Joins Other Nations in Threat to Ban BlackBerrys

Deutsche Telekom Q2 Profits Drop 9%

U.S. Cellular Quarterly Profit Halved

Hams Begin to Populate GMRS with Repeaters

New Findings Promising for Transformation Optics, Cloaking

High Infrared Power Levels Found in Some Green Lasers

New Finding Now Allows the Use of Metamaterials in Optics

Clearwire Tests 'Super-LTE', Introduces iSpot

Breakthrough Takes the Twinkle out of the Night Sky

GM (Gov't Motors) Donates Big $$$ to Lawmakers' Pet Projects

Stalking by Cell Phone

Porsche with a Plug

New Jobless Claims Rise Again


Silicon Can Be Made to Melt in Reverse

JILA Frequency Comb System Detects Gas Impurities to Aid Semiconductor Manufacturing

High-Rel Components Market Shows Strength During Downturn

Cleaning Up Semiconductor Materials is Now Easier

More Than 60% of Phones Web Capable by 2015

iPhone at Risk from Security Flaw

Graphene Exhibits Bizarre New Behavior Well Suited to Electronic Devices

MIT Media Lab Launches Virtual RFID-Powered Blackboard

Hydrogen Embrittlement Could Lead to Failure of Fuel-Cell Cars

SIA: First Half 2010 Sales Up More than 50%

New Solar Energy Conversion Process Could Double Solar Efficiency of Solar Cells

FCC to Allow Government Drills Without a Waiver as of September 3

Sirius XM Revenues Zoom Double Digits

Physicists Develop Model that Pushes Limits of Quantum Theory, Relativity

Emergent Resistance Network Suggests Mechanism for Colossal Magnetoresistance

Motorola Will Release a Tablet with TV

FBI Threatens to Sue Wikipedia over Seal Use


NASA Scientists Braced for 'Solar Tsunami' to Hit Earth

iSuppli Again Raises Semiconductor Forecast

Cold Atoms Make Microwave Fields Visible

Motorola Announces First 700 MHz LTE System for Public Safety

Tough Indian Telecom Rules Spark Foreign Backlash

RIM Tells India It Is Unable to Provide Access to Encrypted BlackBerry Data (that's a good thing, right?)

Android Sales Overtake iPhone in the U.S.

U.S. Wireless Carriers Looking to Replace Credit Cards

Swiss Hams Set New World Record on 10 GHz

Your Apps Could Be Leaking Private Info

Infineon Makes Significant Progress on Wireless Discussions

Telecom Product Market Healthy, Accelerating Growth in 2011

Google Earth Used to Find Unlicensed Backyard Pools

Membrane Blocks Gas When Illuminated by Purple Light

Web Attack Knows Where You Live

Semiconductors to Transform Medical Electronics

UK Soldiers Use iPad App to Train for Afghan Ops

Scientists Take Quantum Steps Toward Teleportation

Here Is Your New Health Care System (PDF org chart - feel better now?)

Internet Addicts More Likely to Develop Depression


iPhone 4 Antenna Woes "Significantly Worse" Than Competition

RIM's U.S. Shares Fall on Possible Mideast Service Cuts

Nanofibers-on-Silicon Harvest Mechanical Energy

Mobile Infrastructure Market Forecast to Reach $43B in 2014

Silicon Can Be Made to Melt in Reverse

U.S. Needs Strong Cyberwarfare Doctrine, Says Former NSA Director

Hacking the Smart Grid

Emergency Spacewalk Planned to Repair Space Station

15 Unknowns for Electronics Companies

New Satellite Added to WGS Constellation

Euro June Semi Sales Up in €s Down in $s

FCC Plans Busy Third Quarter on Spectrum Issues

ARRL Facebook Page Tops 10,300 Fans

15,000 Beams of Light: Pens Writes with Light for Rapid Nanofabrication Capabilities

Nokia Retains Smartphone Leadership Position, but Competitors Closing the Gap

Users Are Sticking to Windows XP

NASA Awards Electrical Systems Engineering Services Contract

Microsoft Releases Security Patch for Shortcut Bug

Gorilla Glass Could Be Corning's Next Bonanza Seller


UAE to Suspend BlackBerry Messaging and Web Services

Nano 'Pin Art': Arrays Are Step Toward Mass Production of Nanowires

Hacker Builds $1,500 Cell-Phone Tapping Device

USPTO Issues Interim Guidance for Determining Subject Matter Eligibility for Process Claims in View of Bilski v. Kappos

Behind the Secrets of Silk Lie High-Tech Opportunities