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World's 1st White Lasers Demonstrated

Japan Develops 2 Petawatt 'Death Star' Laser

GaN Gaining Traction

GaN-on-Silicon LED Solution Arrives

Facebook Builds Drone for Internet Access

Samsung's Slippage Stirs Smartphone Angst

Sol-Gel Capacitor Dielectric Offers Record-High Energy Storage

Meet Windows 10, a Throwback with Upgrades in Software and Security

Qualcomm Enables Wireless Charging for Mobile Devices with Metal Cases

UK: Earth Will Only Have 12-Hour Warning for Massive Sun CME

Like Paper, Graphene Twists and Folds into Nanoscale Machines

Race Is on to Find Technologies to Counter Low-Cost Unmanned Aircraft (already exists - a shotgun)


Assembly of World's Biggest Radio Telescope Gets Underway

1st Color-Tunable Graphene-Based LED Demonstrated

Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Fee to Disappear in September

Quantum Computing: Diode-Like Breakthrough Surmounts Roadblock

Candle Power to Charge Smartphones

Android Bug Could Affect a Billion Smartphones

Quantum Networks: Back and Forth Are Not Equal Distances

Warfare 2050: Robots, Augmented Humans and Force Fields

NSA Sets Date for Purge of Surveillance Phone Records

GaN Devices Market Growing at CAGR of 15.1%

Suppliers Challenge PVC Cables with Green Alternatives

NEC Deploys 176 km Microwave Link Between the Islands of Sao Tome and Principe


3D Xpoint Memory: Faster-Than-Flash Storage Unveiled

Cellphones Can Steal Data from 'Air-Gapped Computers'

Satellite-Launching Drone Program Enters Next Phase

Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 Gains Momentum, Cosponsor List Tops 90

Demand for Radar Systems Boosts Infineon's Chip Production

'Seeing' Molecular Interactions Could Give Boost to Organic Electronics

What You Need to Know About Conflict Minerals

Short Wavelength Plasmons Observed in Nanotubes

Electron Spins Cross over in Femtoseconds

Destructive High-Energy Electrons Streaking into Earth's Atmosphere from Space

Researchers Predict Material with Record-Setting Melting Point

Apple HomeKit Requires Proprietary ID Chip


Major Flaw in Android Phones Would Let Hackers in with Just a Text

India Planning Fresh Radio Spectrum Auction

China Launches 2 Satellites as It Builds GPS Rival

Broadband 'Levy' for Super-Fast Net (aka 'Tax')

Americans Admit to Constant Mobile Connectivity

90+ GHz Photonic Emitters on-Chip

UK Now Destination of Choice for Most of World's Super-Rich

Is Car Hacking the Future of Autos?

Pirate Rejected for LPFM License

Electro-Optical Modulator Smaller Than a Lightwave

8% of Europe's Electricity Now Supplied by Wind Energy (lower or higher utility bills now?)

FCC Proposes Fining Georgia Ham $1000 for Failing to Identify


Clear Connection Between Wireless Devices and Cancer

FCC Shows No Mercy, Sustains $22,000 Fine for Egregious On-Air Behavior by Michigan Licensee

DARPA to Tackle Radar Target Recognition with TRACE

Chiral Property of Silicon Discovered, with Photonic Applications

Electronics Swapfest Brings the Old and Not-So-Old

Cell Phone Notifications May Be Driving You to Distraction

History of Jitter Part 4: Time-Interval Error (TIE)


8-Hour Work Day a Thing of the Past

Qualcomm Announces 4,500 Job Losses

Fiat Chrysler Recalls 1.4M Cars After Jeep Wireless Hack

Southampton University Holds Electronics Summer School

Nanotechnology Research Leads to Super-Elastic Conducting Fibers


'Metasheet' Blocks a Narrow Band of Radiation, Letting the Rest Pass

Site Enables Detailed Component Comparisons

5G Still Needs Millimeter Wave Work (next up: 6G)

China Mobile Tops Subscriber League

Apple Gives Weak Forecast, Shares Fall Nearly 7%

Scalable Arrays of 'Building Blocks' for Ultrathin Electronics

$100M Initiative to Search for ET

Metal Foams Shield X-rays, Gamma Rays, Neutron Radiation

AlInGaN Nanowire LEDs on Silicon (that's nearly the entire Periodic Table)

Simulations Lead to Design of Near-Frictionless Material

National Guard Seeks More Drones for Domestic Missions

Algorithm Designs Previously Unknown Optical Components


Qualcomm May Split Itself, Cut Jobs

Commodore Is Being Resurrected as a Smartphone (I had a C-64 back in the 80's)

Hacks on the Highway

Drones' Agenda: New Spectrum

GAO Warns DOD of 'Fragmented' Approach to Commercial Satellites

Party Balloon Carrying Ham Radio Payload Circles Southern Hemisphere 2nd Time

Location-Based Ads Need More Than Closeness to Overcome Creepiness

Machine Triumphs over Man at Pictionary-Like Sketch Recognition Task

Spintronics Just Got Faster

Lick Observatory Joins Massive Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe (sadly, many intage telescopes are slated for decommissioning)

3D Printed Electronics Are Here


Burglary Suspect Accidentally Takes His Own iPhone Selfie Video

Hacker Remotely Crashes Jeep from 10 Miles Away

Molecule Opens Window on Single-Electron Transistors

Constant Change

T-Mobile Hit with Record Fine Following Emergency Number Outage

Drawing a Line Between Quantum and Classical World

Physicists Build Universal Optics Chip

Easy, Scalable and Direct Method for Synthesizing Graphene in Silicon

Toshiba CEO Resigns over Accounting Scandal

Microsoft Patches 'Critical' Windows Bug

Huawei Revenues Jump 30% on Strong Smartphone Sales

Your Supplier Is Not Your Friend


Mobile Phone SIM Cards Destined for Tech Scrap Heap

Breaking the THz Barrier for Graphene Nanoelectronics

Physicist Who Brought Symmetry Breaking to Particle Physics Dies at 94

U.S. Army Wants to Send Small, Cheap Satellites to Space

Sea-Based Radar Market to Reach $13B over Next 10 Years

Germany Promises €400M Boost for Microelectronics

NSA Offers Block Ciphers to Help Secure RFID Transmissions (and an unadvertised 'back door for NSA access?)

Bringing Back the Magic in Metamaterials

Top 10 Things to See at ESC Silicon Valley

International Consortium Sets up Shop for Advanced Manufacturing Research

Irked by U.S., But EU Keeps Own Spy Projects Quiet

Polymer Mold Makes Perfect Silicon Nanostructures


ARRL Complains to FCC About The Home Depot's Marketing of RF Lighting Devices

MACOM Divesting Automotive Business to Autoliv

Dish Faces $3.3B Bill as FCC Reportedly Rejects Spectrum Discounts

Google Self-Driving CarInvolved in 1st Injury Accident

10 Great Inventors of the Late 20th Century

Platinum-Laden Asteroid UW-158 Worth $5T to Pass by Earth

Planetary Resources Begins Asteroid Prospecting Satellite Tests


85-Year Search for Massless Particle Ends w/promise for Next-Generation Electronics

FCC Announces Enforcement Bureau Field Office Reorganization Plans

United Airlines Hackers Given 106 Free Flight Miles

Traffic from Mobile and Online Messaging to Reach 438B/Day by 2019

Qualcomm's Sales Practices Under Scrutiny


Fastest-Ever Flexible Diode Provides 'Last Missing Piece' Needed for Bendable Phones

Acoustical Metamaterial with Near-Zero Density

Student Satellite Wins Green Light for Station Deployment

Nonmagnetic Elements Form Unique Magnet

The Appliance of Science

Toshiba Faces $3B in Charges over Accounting Scandal

Google Intros Eddystone, a New Open Format for BLE Beacons

Transparent Conductive Oxides and Wafer Bonding of III-Vs and Silicon

Solving Mysteries of Conductivity in Polymers

No Earth-Shaking Inventions from Indian Institutes (some might think otherwise)

U.S. Astronomers Call for New Space Telescope with 12 m Mirror


Nokia Confirms Interest in Selling Mobile Phones Again

The Internet of Things and the Next 50 Years of Moore's Law

'3D' White Graphene Could Revolutionize Gadget Cooling

What Stand-Alone GPS Devices Do That Smartphones Can't

Army Connects VSATs to Speed up Battlefield Logistics Support

Galaxy A8 is Samsung's Slimmest Ever Phone

Lockheed Martin Builds Ship Electronic Warfare

Dayton Hamvention Reports 2015 Attendance Rose Slightly over 2014

Battery Damage Grounds Solar Impulse 2 Until 2016

Combating Capacitor Corrosion for Long Life Applications

PC, Mobile Slump Hits Chips

Has China Silenced Its Bloggers?


China Bids $23B for Micron

Phosphorene's 2 Dimensions Could Beat Silicon

Skills Shortage Hitting Growth in Engineering Sector

Physicists Confirm Existence of Rare Pentaquarks Discovery

More Precise Estimate of Avogadro's Number to Redefine Kilogram

Worldwide Semi Sales Expected to Reach $348B in 2015

Russia's GLONASS Proves More Than a Match for America's GPS

Researcher Devises Method to Untangle, Analyze 'Controlled Chaos' (Control, Chaos ... Maxwell Smart anyone?)

'Generation U' [Unprepared] Now Entering Workforce

Graphene-Based Film Can Super Cool LEDs

Avalanche Samples Spin Transfer Torque Magnetic RAM

U.S. Navy Lets $155M EW Contract to Lockheed Martin


Addicted to Your Phone? There's Help for That

New Horizons Carries the Ashes of Pluto Discoverer Clyde Tombaugh (boldly go[ing] where no man has gone before...)

Transistor Built from a Molecule and a Few Atoms

Boeing Patent Puts Pocus on Laser-Powered Propulsion System

DeorbitSail CubeSat Put into Orbit, Heard in US

Mobile Connectivity Indoors Has Just Got Better

Saudi Supercomputer Enters Top 10 List

The Engineer Shortage Is a Problem We All Can Solve (see GSKrasle response)

Tablet Shipments Experience Largest Decline Since 2009 Category Inception

Tantalum Capacitor Benefits and Recent Advances

Windows 10 No Immediate Savior for PC Industry

Microsoft Lays off Thousands While Demanding More H1-B Visas (wasn't this stuff supposed to end 7 years ago?)

Neutrons Find 'Missing' Magnetism of Plutonium

Is Radio Really Losing the Streaming Battle?


Congressmen Want AM-Only Translator Window

IBM-Led Team Pulls off Major Chip Feat

Spanish Telcos to Launch 4G at 800 MHz from 20 July

Productivity Plan Aims to Make Britain Wealthiest Major Economy by 2030 (USA is aiding goal by destroying itself voluntarily)

'Pac-Man' Satellite to Munch on Space Junk

Russia, Brazil to Track Space Junk with GLONASS Navigation System

Hawaii Limits Access to Mauna Kea Amid Telescope Protests (anti-science religious types?)


Samsung Back on Top of U.S. Smartphone Vendor Ranking

Startup Revives Rear-Mounted Smartphone Joysticks

Graphene-Based Film for Efficient Cooling of Electronics

Vertical Schottky Barrier Diodes on Free-Standing GaN

Friedrichshafen HAM RADIO 2015 Hosts International Youth Gathering


IBM Announces Computer Chips More Powerful Than Any in Existence

Patent Filings by Women Have Risen Fastest in Academia

OPM Announces More Than 21M Affected by 2nd Data Breach

An Official Bluetooth 'Star Trek' Communicator

Amateur Radio Becomes Primary on 1900-2000 kHz on August 6

Graphene-Based Sensor That is Tunable and Highly Sensitive

Slowing Wireless Device Market

SEMI Updates Key Safety Guidelines for Semi Manufacturing Equipment

Deepening Dependency on Technology Raises Risk of Breakdowns

NSA's XKeyscore Collects Router Data, Skype Conversations, Webcam Images

High-Temperature Recess for Normally-on GaN Transistors

Robocall Victim to Get Big Payout from Time Warner Cable (probably $0 after appeal and lawyers paid)


India's Tech Titans Grab Talent from Silicon Valley

China's Stock Market Heading for U.S. 1929-Style Crash?

Russia, India Cooperate on Space Exploration, Glonass Satellite System

$50SAT Amateur Radio PocketCube Closing in on 2 Years in Orbit and Still Ticking

TSMC Overtakes Intel in Chip Capex Ranking

Omnidirectional Free Space Wireless Charging Developed

New Horizons Back in Business After Weekend Dropout (whew, that was scary!)

Students' 2098 mpg Car Gets Top Score in Mileage Challenge

Today's Full-Featured Radio Modules Make Designing Web Connectivity Easy

Samsung Profit Guidance Suggests Costly S6 Miss

For Start-Ups, How Many Angels Is Too Many?

Apple Watch Sales Plunge 90%


Russian 'Superweapon' Can Switch off Satellites, Equipment

UK Government Holds up Export of Early Amateur Radio-Related TV Archive

Transition from 3 to 2 Dimensions Increases Conduction

4G Rollout Spurs 124% Increase in Pakistan's Smartphone Shipments

Samsung Boosts Batteries with Graphene

Thin Film Solar Cells May Rival Silicon

NFC Mobile Payments: An Industry Snapshot

BBC Micro Bit Computer's Final Design Revealed

How Climbed to Collaboration Heights

8 Views of the Chip Horizon

Amazon to Stand Trial for 'Confusing' Search Results

Fuel Cell Could Be Answer to Carbon Capture


Careers Outside of Academia Richly Rewarding for Ph.D. Physicists

Faster, Cheaper Fiber Could Rev up Internet

Is Multimaterial Additive Manufacturing Foreshadowing Another Paradigm Shift?

Tech Companies Outsourcing Computer Work to [--- wait for it ---] Humans

Siberia Home to New Russian Space Monitoring Complex

China Nails Samsung and Oppo over Smartphone Bloatware

Smartphone Sales Remain Important IC Market Driver in 2015

Apple Watch Tear Down Reveals European Chips

Tube Tone Without Tubes

Researchers Unveil Breakthrough in Weaving NFC Chips into Clothes (get ready to be tracked everywhere)

Smartphone Anti-Theft "Kill Switch" Law Goes into Effect in California

Austrian Student's Privacy Battle Against Facebook Suffers Setback


U.S. Survey Reveals High Value of Physicists to Industry

Job Market's New Normal: Smaller Workforce, Sluggish Pay (take a look at U6 unemployment rate)

RFID Smart Shoes Lead to Clean Hands

Quantum Wave-Like Nature Observed in Rotating Nitrogen Molecules

New Android Malware Sprouting Like Weeds

Neutral pH Electrochemical Etching of Silicon-Doped GaN

Magnesium Hydride May Give Boost to Hydrogen Cars


Almost ½ of UK Engineers Considering Change of Job

GloFo Completes Acquisition of IBM Microelectronics

Alcatel-Lucent Bags €1.2B Worth of China Deals

Soundproofing with Quantum Physics

Space Base in New Zealand Picked to Start Private Trips to Orbit


Jitters in Tech World over New Chinese Security Law

Siri Waxes Philosophical When Asked to Divide Zero by Zero

New Silver Fabrication Technology May Hold Key to Electronics Advances (alchemy?)

A Glimpse at the Future of Printed Electronics

Biodegradable Electronics Debut

To Conduct, Or to Insulate? That Is the Question (whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous current flow, or to take up insulation against a sea of electrons, and by opposing end them...)

Army Developing a 'Flying Motorcycle' for Battlefield

LED-Cooling Dielectric Beats Copper in Thermal Conductivity

Two Faces of Pluto Revealed in Color Imagery

CONELRAD Radios from Heathkit

Low-Cost Compact Quantum Dot Spectrometer

New Test of Hydrogen Sulfide Backs Superconducting Claim


Wood-Derived Substrate for Microwave Transistors

FCC Speedily Dismisses Petitions to Alter Amateur Service Rules

Engineers Need to Do More with Less (agree?)

Data Link Lets Even Small UAVs Serve as Secure Comm Nodes

FBI Hunts for Culprits in California Internet Backbone Attack

Substrates Change Nanoparticle Reactivity

South Korea Planning a 4th Mobile Network License

Exploring Through-Wall Presence Detection

As More Tech Start-Ups Stay Private, So Does the Money

Producing Spin-Entangled Electrons

Surveillance Court OKs NSA Phone Metadata Collection for 6 More Months (wasn't all this supposed to stop after the 2008 election?)

Graphene Flexes Its Electronic Muscles


Ericsson Layoffs Target R&D, Supply

Data Roaming Charges to End in EU Within t Years

Building a Better Semiconductor

10 U.S. State Engineering Facts You Probably Don't Know: New Mexico - South Carolina

Biodegradable, Flexible Silicon Transistors

Electrical Properties of Carbon Cones and Other Shapes

"Founders and Patriots of the Republic" is Theme of Annual 13 Colonies Event

New Quantum Entanglement Packs Vastly More Data in Photon

Ad Spending on Local Radio up 5%

Upgraded LIGO to Begin Hunt for Gravitational Waves Soon

Intense Radio Emission from Tiny Binary Star Calls for Stellar Model Rethink (oops, more 'settled science' unsettled)

Ultrasonic MEMS Predicts Electric Vehicle Battery Failure