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Engineer Finds Secret to Growing Ridiculously Huge Pumpkins

Advance Could Change Modern Electronics: MIM Diode

Independent Inventors Conference Kicks Off Nov. 4 at USPTO Headquarters

India: Land of Many Cell Phones, Fewer Toilets

Repairs Delay Discovery's Final Launch Another Day

Microsoft Claims HTML5 Is Important (MS can't even debug its Express Web software)


Mount Everest Gets 3G Mobile Network

London's Tube Gets First Wi-Fi Connection

Cellphone Market Slowing But Smartphones Still Boom

Fermilab is Building a 'Holometer' to Determine Once and For All Whether Reality Is Just an Illusion

Body-to-Body Networks Could be Future of Mobile

Circuit Board and Flexible Circuit Shipments in North America up 18.5% in September

Are We in a Fab Tool Downturn?

Intel's Biggest Chip Plant Opens in Vietnam

New Nanospheres are the Stiffest Biological Materials Ever Created, Surpassing Kevlar

Samsung Has Record Q3 Revenues; Record YTD Profit

Apple Jumps into Top 5 As Mobile Phone Shipments Reach 327M Units in Q3 2010

Current Loss in Solar Cells Tracked Down by Magnetic Fingerprint

Huge Verizon Wireless Settlement Enumerated

Sustainable Cities Should Look to Wireless Broadband Rather than Fiber

Miniature Fuel Cells Produces Energy from Biofluids

UK MPs Question Google over Street View Data Breaches

Smartphones Help Results at Motorola

The Kilogram Is No Longer Valid, U.S. Argues

Leaks Delay Space Shuttle Launch Until Tuesday

Electronics Boost Chevy Volt's Efficiency


World's Fastest Supercomputer Belongs to China (America loses yet another lead - we've given nearly everything away)

Crew Begins Dismantling Shuttle Launch Pad (U.S. astronauts to hitch rides with China and Russian from now on)

LG Profit Plunges as Cell Phone Losses Widen

Digital Radio Switchover 'Never Likely' in UK as Listening Levels Fall

German Unemployment Dips to 18-Year Low in October

Physicists Vote to Run Tevatron for 3 More Years

Sensor Nodes Powered from RF Field

Motorola Reports First Quarterly Sales Increase Since 2006

U.S. Says China Must Clarify Rare Earth Exports (by a gov't that bows in submission to China's leaders - that'll scare them)

Renesas Tips Early Retirement Program

Scientists Demonstrate More Efficient Way to Connect Nanoparticles for Single-Electron Devices

Affordable O-scopes for Design, Manufacturing Test, Repair Introduced by Tektronix

Russian Spammer Is in the Slammer

Employers in U.S. Start Bracing for Higher Tax Withholding (more hope & change coming your way)

UK Internet Economy 'Worth Billions' (billion in UK = trillion in U.S.)

Driverless Vans Finish 8,000-Mile Trip in China

NASA Telescope Finds 'Buckyballs' in Space

Windows 7 SP1 Nears Release as Final Beta Build is Pushed


Latest Move by Broadcasters to Mandate Implanting Radios into Cell Phones (you pay whether you want it or not)

A Look at Recent Tech Industry Earnings

New Report Identifies the Latest Thinking on NFC Business Models

What Earnings Reports Have Revealed About Ads

Recycled Military Jets Serve as Satellite Launchers

Majority of Smartphone Users Admit Accessing Employer Networks Without Permission

2010 UK VC Investment Ahead of 2009 in Both Value and Volume

RFID Boosts Store Turnover by Nearly 10% in Italian Pilot

ARRL Visits British Hams, RSGB at National Hamfest

Physicists Show That Superfluid Light Is Possible

Miniature Tracking Chip Features High Accuracy

Users Complacent About Mobile Security

SatMAX Delivers Satellite Communications Device to Defense Contractor

RIM Shows Off New BlackBerry Smartphone (good guys)

NASA Spacecraft to Swoop in on Speeding Comet

New Network Tech Heightens Battlefield Awareness

China Planning Space Station Launch in 2020

Broadcom Buys Femtocell Chip Maker

Nokia is the Most Searched for Mobile Phone in India

Electric DeLorean Goes 'Back to the Future'


Man Nabbed after Pot Text to Texas Police Officer

Federal Agents Search Home of Melrose Man, a Former Raytheon Employee

Water Could Hold Answer to Graphene Nanoelectronics

Spaceopal Named As Galileo European Sat-Nav Operator

New Nano Techniques Integrate Electron Gas-Producing Oxides with Silicon

WiFi Alliance Debuts WiFi Direct Certification

Rare Earth Supply Chain: Industry’s Common Cause

Space Station to Shift Orbit to Dodge Space Junk

Semiconductor Industry Revenue Growth Expected to Continue Through 2014

Wi-Fi Direct Allows P2P Connections w/o Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Energy Savings from Cognitive Radio and Cooperative Systems?

First 'Bluetooth Killer' Wi-Fi Direct Hardware Gets Certified

Bluetooth Chip Prices Fall to Below US$1

Vestas Plans 3,000 Green Job Cuts

Intel Opens First Chip Plant in China

Google Traffic Now Accounts for Record 6.4% of All Internet

Final Space Shuttle Launch Set for Monday (then U.S. hitches rides from Russia & China)

Lockheed Martin-Built BSAT-3b Satellite Ready for Launch for the Broadcasting Satellite System Corporation of Japan

Do Electric Cars Have Enough Drive to Go Mainstream?

Robots Can Use Coffee As a Picker-Upper


The Overseas Outsourcing Rush Is Over

Graphene Transistors Do Triple Duty in Wireless Communications

Conserving Resources: Producing Circuit Boards with Plasma

First 'Bluetooth Killer' Wi-Fi Direct Hardware Gets Certified

Nihon Superior Expands R&D for Solder Work

Analyzing the Spectrum "Crisis:" Can the FCC Add Up?

FCC Chairman Draws on New Spectrum Report to Fuel 'Two-Sided' Auctions

Manpack Radios Overcome Battlefield Interference

Computer Aid Accuses EU of 'Twiddling Its Thumbs' over e-Waste

German Firms Blocking Facebook over Security Fears

Big Blue's Innovation Engine Drives Big Results

Electrolyser Slashes Hydrogen Manufacture Costs

Complex Mathematical Problem Solved by Bees

Mayan Calendar Conversion Wrong, End of World Delayed (why does anyone believe anything these morons say?)

DOD Sketches Its Diagram of the Future

IEEE Kicks Off Energy Storage Effort

Dollar at Risk of Becoming 'Toxic Waste': Charts

Coffee, Tea Linked to Lower Brain Cancer Risk (yes!)


U.S. Faces Wireless Radio Spectrum Shortage, Says FCC

Ofcom: 600 MHz and Geographic Interleaved Spectrum

The Network Paradox Part I: Mobile Data Demand by the Numbers

Judge Retires to Tackle Patent Office Reform

Chemists Inch Closer to Stable Superheavy Atoms

Verizon Wireless Adds 3G to Femtocell


FCC: New Wireless Spectrum Worth Upwards of $120B, 2x the 2008 Value

Graphene Transistors Do Triple Duty in Wireless Communications

Volt Fraud at Government Motors

U.S. Science & Engineering Festival Culminates This Weekend on the National Mall

National Space Plan Takes Shape with TechDemoSat-1

Sweden's Ericsson Q3 Profits Soar

Feds Experiencing Critical Cybersecurity Staff Shortage

Electronics Makers Get Recycling Grades

Japan Plans to Mine Rare Earth Metals in Vietnam

Three Different Takes on Rural Broadband Deployment

ZigBee Module Provides 2.5 Mile Transmission Range.

Will Tech Be the End of Ownership?

Phone Customers Should Reclaim Money, Ofcom Says

Light on Silicon Better Than Copper?

Firm Cuts Capex Forecast

Smart Meters Need Single Network

Bolivia to Make Lithium Batteries on Own

Nokia Woos App Developers with HTML5 and Cross-Platform Compatibility

Raytheon Tests New Weapon Designed for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Google's 2.4% Rate Shows How $60B Lost to Tax Loopholes (aren't they the "Don't Be Evil" people?)


Nokia to Cut 1,800 Jobs As Net Profit €529M

Nokia 3rd Quarter Sales Boosted by Currency Fluctuations

Nanotechnology and MEMS Represent a Sea Change in Small Electronics

Thousands of Germans Opt Out of Google Street View

Chinese Chip Closes In on Intel, AMD

Users Ditch Computers, TVs for Smartphones

The Death Of the Traditional Company

Merger Puts Cellphones on the Desk

Researchers Break Speed Barrier in Solving Important Class of Linear Systems

ARRL Executive Committee to Meet in St Louis this Weekend

Mass Can Be 'Created' Inside Graphene, Say Physicists

FCC Gives More Details on Spectrum Plan

100 ppm CMOS Oscillators Challenge Crystals

Femtocells Outnumber Macrocells in USA

Car Makers Signal Interest in Wireless Charging

Tablet PCs Get Ready for the Front Lines

At Current Growth Rate, Windows 7 Could Replace XP in 2.5 Years

Plan for an Arab Silicon Valley Sparks Fears of CPU Shortages and Security Risks

NJ Turnpike Worker Paid $321,985 (inc'l $248,516 in bonuses)

UK to Eliminate Half a Million Public Sector Jobs (while U.S.'s largest hiring employer is still the government)


Bendable Memory Made from Nanowire Transistors

Tiny Wand Directly Measures RF Fields

As UAV Use Grows, Bandwidth Limits Become a Concern

NPL Developing Nanocrystal Measurement Standards

FCC to Host Spectrum Summit on October 21

T-Mobile to Double 3G Network Speeds in 2011

New Equation Could Advance Research in Solar Cell Materials

Raytheon Achieves $1B Production Milestone in Naval SATCOM Program

RIM's Balsillie Responds to Barbs from Apple's Jobs (good for RIM)

Rural Broadband to Survive Spending Cuts

A Cell-Phone Network Without a License

CDMA iPhone Spotted in the Wild?

Yankee Group Highlights Hidden Threat to 4G: Spectrum Fragmentation

British Gas Leads Electricity Smart Meter Project

Questioning Chevy Volt's Fuel Efficiency

Stop Bashing China, CEA Chief Tells Politicians (yeah, just because their Communist human rights record is atrocious doesn't mean we shouldn't keep buying their cheap products!)

First Satellite in LightSquared's Hybrid LTE/Sat Network Ships for Launch

Watch These 3 Annoying Online Punctuation Lapses (...but then the authors misspell "ellipses!")

Turkcell Using Wind to Power Base Stations

Canada's Privacy Watchdog Bites Google


Internet Users to Exceed 2B by the End of 2010

Intel to Invest $8B in U.S. Fabs for 22 nm

IET Pleads Against Reductions in University Funding

Conserving Resources: Producing Circuit Boards with Plasma

ADI: Free Ride is Over in Analog Design

Cheap Electronics on Paper Diagnostic Chips

Will Your Next Car Be a Smartphone?

Breakthrough in Nanocrystal Growth

100 Gsps O-Scope for Radar Test and Measurement Introduced by Tektronix

IDC Sees 24% Chip Market Growth in 2010

Cellphones Reveal Emerging Disease Outbreaks

iPhone Helps Apple Dial 4Q Net Income Up 70%

NASA Selects 215 Small Business Research & Technology Projects

DOD Cuts Will Slow Overall Fed IT Spending Growth

Molecular Mimicry: Plastic, Steel Line Up Like Kin

Microsoft Announces Office 365 Beta: Test Cloud-Based Office a Year Before Launch

Jobs Blasts Rivals as iPad Sales Disappoint

Five New Frightening Types of Cyberattacks

Administration Pushes to Ease Technical Obstacles to Wiretapping

Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment at 10.0% in Mid-October (after trillion$ in debt to assure no more than 8% -remember?)


Satellite Development to Demonstrate UK Tech

Consumer Electronics Rebounds, Says iSuppli

Dozens of Facebook Apps Breached

Femto Forum Publishes APIs to Advance LTE Interoperability

UK Net is "Not Ready" for Future

Dongbu Bucks Trend, Expands Foundry Reach

Amateur Radio Operators Provide Communications Support During Chilean Mine Rescue

U.S. Operators Accelerate 4G Roll-Out

Pentagon Braces for Huge WikiLeaks Dump on Iraq War

Thin Displays as Wristbands

India Seeking to Store SMSs for Six Months

Portugal Transformed by Green Energy Revolution, But at What Cost?

Comet Passing Near Earth Offers Dim View So Far


Motorola and Nokia Agree to Share 4G Licences

Out-of‑Control Satellite Threatens Other Spacecraft

Inside the Soviets’ Secret Failed Moon Program

President Honors Nation's Top Scientists and Innovators

Huge Space Tourism Expansion Just Months Away

Tablets, 3-D TV, 4G Wireless Among Most Hyped Technologies of 2010

The Fed's Soultion to Exploding Deficit: Inflation (!*^@?$% freaking *@$^s)


ISS Astronaut Creating Ham Radio Buzz, Taking Science to Students

Small-Scale Gravity Hints at Extra Dimensions

IET Announces Innovation Awards Shortlist

Triple-Mode Transistors Show Potential: Researchers Introduce Graphene-Based Amplifiers

Chilean Miners Saved by Leaky Feeder

Commanders Call for on-the-Move Broadband

System May Herald Nuclear Fusion Power Generation

Average American Teen Sends and Receives 3,339 Texts a Month

SEMI Urges Less Bureaucratic Approach to EU Research Funding

Scientists Perfect Making Molecular Nanowires

Wireless Innovation Forum Approves New Standard for Cognitive Radio

Broadcom Makes a Big WiMax Bet with Beceem Acquisition

US Teens Quadruple Use of Mobile Data

Improving Phones through Surveillance

40 Under 40: Young Techies

Petrobras Opts for RFID to Track Drill Pipe

U.S. Offshore Agency Excited over Google Power Line

Internet Radio Service Pandora to Offer Gift Cards

Scientists Prove Theory Which Could Revolutionise Lasers

For First Time Ever, Asteroid Collision Photographed


Clearwire Aims to Raise $5B from Spectrum Sale

Silicon Strategy Shows Promise for Batteries: Lithium-Ion Technique for Electric Cars

FCC to Tackle Bill Shock, Consider Overage Warnings

Broadcom to Acquire 4G Mobile Chip Firm

Fifth Annual ARRL On-Line Auction Preview Begins Next Week

UK Infrastructure Faces CyberThreat, Says GCHQ Chief

Bluetooth-Enabled Device Shipments to Exceed 2B by 2013

Commanders Call for On-the-Move Broadband

Investing Billions in Indian Solar Power

How US Political Opinion Polls are Swayed by Cellphone Only Households

Scientists Propose 'Hidden' 3D Optical Data Storage Technique

Bluetooth Boosted for HD Voice Calls

Salary Survey: What Price Offshoring?

For Non-Stick MEMS, Turn to Quantum Physics

OSCAR 67 Satellite Active for JOTA

Michigan to Get 5,300 Charging Stations for Electric Cars

The InternetKills Gap's New Logo

IPad Influx Spurs Demand for Fast Wi-Fi

Females Are Equal to Males in Math Skills

Intel Earnings Up 59%


DARPA Seeks to Shape Young Minds

Cellular Baseband Market Revenues Jumped to $5.96B in 1H 2010

A New Kind of Smart-Phone Connection

iPhone 4 More Fragile Than Previous Models

Physicists Observe Electron Ejected from Atom For First Time

Fiercer Smartphone Battle on Tap for Handset Makers

A Kid Made That!? 9 Stunning Science Projects

WiMAX Deployments Continue Despite Questions About Their Long-term Roadmap

Silicon Labs Buys Irish Sensor Startup

Mobile Handset Shipments to Reach 1.43B in 2011

Voting Machines Undergo EMI Testing

Bacteria Grow Electrical Hair: Specialized Bacterial Filaments Shown to Conduct Electricity

Aviation, Radio Community Up in Arms over Airband Case

Korean Startup Rolls Haptics for Cell Phones

Time for Energy Cuts Across the Board, Says Fairchild CEO

A Dubious Advance for Electric-Car Batteries

Philly School District Fined $610k for Spying on Kids via Webcam (no prob - just raise property taxes)

The Geek Squad Becomes the Porn Squad

Has the Air Force Landed Its Secret Space Plane?

North Korea Expands Net Presence


Potential of Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramics

Ideas Could Be India's Next Growth Industry

Just over Half of US Consumers Interested in Femtocells

Technology Enables Heart Monitoring Via Mobile Phone

iSuppli: Chip Market Could Face Oversupply

Inventory Edges Up

China Currency Reserves May Hit $2.5T"txt_80em_gray">(while U.S. Debt Hits $54T)

How to Take Device Data Wireless

India's Loop Telecom Could Lose Mobile Licenses

WHDI in Mobile Handsets in 2012?

Birthplace of Modern Astronomy Faces Uncertain Future (Yikes! Yerkes at risk)

SETI Expert Claims Sign of Alien Life Visible from Gliese 581g

Malaysians Have the Most Friends, At Least on Social Media

Copyright Mark Makes It Easier to Find Royalty Free Works

Opera Poised to Reclaim Browser Performance Lead

Wind Could Provide 20% of World Power by 2030


O2 Germany to Cut 1,100 Jobs

2009 Hiram Percy Maxim Award Recipient Honored

Nanoscopic Particles Resist Full Encapsulation

ZTE Shows Off 1 Gbps Mobile Download Speeds

Ofcom Sidesteps Dark Fiber Issue

15.000 "WLAN-Hotspots" in Deutschland

HTML5 Draws Concern over Privacy Risks

Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7 Devices

Ford Releases SDK to Pair Smartphone Apps with SYNC Voice Command

Efficient, Inexpensive Plastic Solar Cells Coming Soon

Schwarzenegger Leads U.S. Tech Investors to Russia (yeah, let's not encourage more investment in the U.S.)

Virgin's Space-Tourism Rocket Achieves First Solo Glide Flight

Brazil Eyes Microchips in Trees for Forest Management

Stimulus Winner NebraskaLink Enthusiastic About Middle Mile Optical Approach

Too Much Screen Time Can Psychologically Harm Kids

Technology Makes It Smaller, Cheaper and 300x More Intense

Google Experimental Self-driving Cars Logged 140 kmiles

Stock Market Keeps on Rolling No Matter How Bad the News (ain't it amazing?)


USDOT Weighs Urging Ban on All Driver Phone Use in Cars

Watch Out Android and iPhone: WP7 Expected to Alter the App Landscape

Tech CEOs Tell U.S. Government How to Cut $1T from Deficit

USPTO Adopts New Patent Examination Quality Measurement Procedures

Researchers Design, Fabricate Innovative Energy Harvesting Device

Plan to Get More Women on Mobiles

U.S. Won’t Recover Lost Jobs Until March 2020 at Current Pace (most "new" jobs now are in gov't)


Motorola Asks for Ban on iPhone, iPad Sales

Graphene FETs Made by the Thousand

'Express Lanes' for Ions by Aligning Carbon Nanotubes in Electrodes

Delays to Tax Tables May Dent Paychecks

Reusable Electronic Baggage Tag Powered by RFID

CDMA iPhone Rumours Resurface

BT Required to Open Fibre Network by Ofcom

When Glass Touch Screens Feel Like Sandpaper

IrDA and Bluetooth SIG Renew MOU to Collaborate on Development for Wireless Communications

First Successful Integrated Experiment at National Ignition Facility Announced

Foundries Are Powerhouse for Innovation, Says TSMC President

Silicon Wafer Shipments to Jump 39%

Breakthrough E-Display Means Electronics with High Speed, High Readability and Low Power Usage

IRS Offers Tools for Small Organizations, Such as Amaetur Radio Clubs, in Danger of Losing Tax Exempt Status

First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Gets a Step Closer

Employees on Edge About Workplace, Economy

Social Networking Shows Highest Reach Among U.S. Mobile Users, While Europeans Text the Most

Switzerland Establishes Indian R&D Center

Dead People Received $18M in Stimulus Checks

Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment at 10.1% in September


Deutschland Devours the Last of Its 100 W Incandescent Bulbs

New Consumer Mindset Driving Smartphone Products and Services Purchases

FCC's Doyle: Response to HD Power Boost 'Disappointing'

Motorola Sues Apple for Patent Infringement

ARRL Teachers Institute Expands to Include Space, Electronics in the Classroom

'World’s Highest' Bit Rate from ISM Transceiver

Silicon Wafer Shipments to Jump 39%

New Graphene Fabrication Method Uses Silicon Carbide Templates to Create Desired Growth

mWomen Aims to Supply Millions of Mobiles to Women (always our dime, of course - more Social Justice)

Geolocation Services: Find a Smartphone, Find a Customer

New Markets Tune in to Wireless Video Surveillance

Technology Brings Connection, Stress

Germany Gets Set to Issue RFID ID Cards and Readers to Its Citizens

Federal Stimulus Boosts Carbon Composite Hopes

Wireless Health Gathering Features Radio Pill

Motorola to Challenge Blackberry with 'Droid Pro'

The Story Behind the Stuxnet Virus

Ofcom Tells BT to Open Local Access Network to Competitors

How They Make Those Adverts Go Straight to Your Head

EPA Estimates Greenhouse Gas Restrictions Would Reduce Global Temps by 0.006° in 90 Years


Russian Prosecutor Jailed for Destruction of Motorola Phones

Electronics Distributors See Growth for North America

New Kind of Uranium Could Power Your Car

Analyst Says iPad is Fastest Adopted Consumer Electronic Device Ever

Intel Calls for U.S. Manufacturing Tax Breaks

Digital In-Store Ad Network Works With RFID

American, 2 Japanese Share 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Where's All the Free Wi-Fi We Were Promised?

Get Ready for the ARRL Homebrew Challenge III

Change Needed in Telecom Regulation: Researchers

Android Takes Smart-Phone Lead from BlackBerry, iPhone

Tech Companies Slow to Hire. Why?

Space Telescopes Spot Incoming Comet

For Those Near, the Miserable Hum of Clean Energy

Employees Love Microsoft -- But Not Ballmer

Motorola Rolls Out Enhanced WLAN Architecture

Man Jailed over Computer Password Refusal

Cyber Wars: U.S. Stepping Up Defense Against Digital Attacks

UFOs to Bring 'Great Events,' Chinese Scientist Predicts

Savers [like me] Getting Screwed by Banks


Nobel Physics Prize for Ultrathin Carbon Discovery

Tech Companies Fleeing California for Utah over Confiscatory Tax Rate

Solid-State Laser Technology for Military Applications to be Developed by Northrop Grumman

Electronics Reduces U.S. Road Deaths

For Future Chips, Smaller Must Also Be Better

Sputnik Anniversary Today Launches World Space Week

FCC Confirms Investigation into Verizon Wireless' Mystery Fee

Cantilever Bends Repeatedly Under Light Exposure for Continuous Energy Generation

Wind Farms Alter Local Weather

The Pentagon's New Cyber Warriors

32% of New Smartphone Owners Choose Android Phones

Radio Signals from the Heart (seen on

Analog Faces Slowdown

U.S. Military Orders Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels

RFID Puts Salt Lake City Drivers in the Fast Lane

Toshiba to Launch 'World's First' Glasses-Free 3D TV

Entering the Age of Personal Discovery

October 11th Windows Phone 7 Event Marks Generational Shift for Windows

A Flexible Diamond-Studded Electrode Implanted for Life

Super-Rich Investors Buy Gold by the Ton


Apple May Surpass Exxon as Most Valuable Company

Nations Wary of Dependence on China's Rare Earth Elements

Global Chip Sales Increase 1.8% Month-on-Month

UK Manufacturing Exports Hit 10-Month Low

Sumbandila OSCAR 67 Satellite Active over the Americas

Arrow Makes Second Acquisition in a Week with RF Deal

Extreme Wireless Transmitter Can Endure Volcanic Conditions

Electronics Cooling Issues are Central to Today's Spacecraft Design

A Step Toward Lead-Free Electronics

Verizon Wireless to Pay up to $90M in Refunds

No Laps for Warm Laptops; Skin Damage is Possible

Qualcomm Wants to Augment Your Reality with An SDK for Android and $200k Challenge

A Silicon Valley Investor’s Take on a Post-Facebook World

As Mobile Data Demand Spikes, Can Wi-Fi Come to 3G’s Rescue?

Frontier Aims to Take Former Verizon Properties to 85% Broadband Penetration

Wall Street Sees World Economy Decoupling from U.S. (Social Justice at work = producers/inventors bad, everyone else good)

Nanotechnology Pushing Solar Power beyond the Shockley-Queisser Limit

UN Warns Global Employment Crisis Will Stir Social Unrest (good thing US unemployment is under 8% due to bailouts, oh wait, no it isn't)


India Rejects Interception Solution for BlackBerry Code

ISPs Admit to Taking Money for Handing over Subscribers' Data

New WebP Image Format Could Send JPEG Packing

Intelligent Individuals Don’t Make Groups Smarter (hmmm...that explains Government, since there are a few good people there)

TV Industry Show Hails Smartphone, Facebook Era

China Launches Second Lunar Exploration Probe


Change to BIOS Will Make for PCs That Boot in Seconds

Prison Chief Eyes New Cell Phone Intercept System

Navy Taps 3 Radar Giants to Develop Future Multiband Radar to Defend Against Aircraft and Missiles

Tessera Sues Sony, Renesas over Stacked ICs

Predictions of Upcoming Winners for Nobel Prize in Physics

50 Years in Electronics: Hall of Fame

Finding a Buckyball in a Photovoltaic Cell

Analyst Cuts 2010 Chip Market Growth Figure

UK Networks to Cut 1,200 Jobs by Year-End

March of Technology Could Trample U.S. Audio Heritage

FCC: Improving Public Safety Communications in the 800 MHz Band

ARRL in Action: What Have We Been Up to Lately?

Public Consultation on ECC Decisions re White Spaces

Raytheon Engineers Develop 'Iron Man' Suit

Levin: "USF Pays Small Telcos to Be Inefficient"

Nokia Claims 2.3M App Store Downloads Per Day

Crystal Cantilever Lifts Objects 600 Times Its Own Weight

Android Phones Now as Desirable as iPhones

Upping the Limit on Solar Cell Efficiency

Stuxnet Worm Deemed 'Best Malware Ever'