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Flashing light headline - RF Cafe FCC More Than Quintuples Legal Definition of 'Broadband' (this is sure to be challenged in court)

Belichick's 'DeflateGate' Explanation Falls Flat on Technical Details (who really cares?)

FCC: Hotels That Block Personal Wi-Fi Hotspots Will Get Busted

Global Public Wi-Fi Network Grows to 50M Worldwide Wi-Fi Hotspots

Office Puts Chips Under Staff's Skin (IF I were to ever to voluntarily get chipped, don't think I'd have that guy do it)

SSTV Transmissions Scheduled from the International Space Station

Sniffing RF Emissions to Secure the Internet of Things

FCC's AWS-3 spectrum Auction Ends at Record $44.9B in Bids

Insiders Pose Top Threat to DOD Networks

Space Probe Launched to Study Aurora Borealis

Software Firms Resist Giving China Source Code So They Can Insert 'Back Door' Capability

Intel 5th Gen vPro Goes 60 GHz Wireless


Apple Reports Largest Profit in History of Mankind (thanks in part to OWS types who love Apple products - I'm just say'n)

Black Hawk Helicopters, Truck-Sized X-Ray Machines to Secure Super Bowl...

FCC "Paperless" Amateur Radio License Policy Goes into Effect on February 17 (that's why my General Class license arrived as a crappy piece of white paper)

Samsung and Apple Continue to Lead as Top Global Semiconductor Customers in 2014

How to Handle Design Disagreements

USB3 Interferes with Wi-Fi Capabilities

Apple Supplier Foxconn to Shrink Workforce as Sales Growth Stalls

Tesla Model S P85D's 'Insane Mode' Lives up to Its Name

Board Calls for $125B in DOD Spending Cuts over 5 Years (be sure to leave enough $$$ for white surrender flags)

Microsoft Research Chief: AI Will Not Kill Us

Freescale Come Back? Stock Market Thinks So

600-Mile Saudia Arabia = Good? U.S. and Israel Fence = Bad?


Oxides Used to Flip Graphene Conductivity

Your College May Be Banking on Your Facebook Likes

Next Week's IBM Layoff to Be 'Bloodbath'

Phone Company 'Outraged' by Fraud, Abuse in 'Obamaphone' Program

Entanglement on a Chip Promises Secure Communications, Faster Computers

Photos Show China Military Buildup Near Japan's Senkakus Island

Electronic Circuits with Reconfigurable Pathways Closer to Reality

3-D Transistors Made with Molecular Self-Assembly

Chocolate Shop Sweet Talks Tourists with Bluetooth Beacons

In-Car Semiconductors on the Gas

Big Data Dump Threatened after Malaysia Airlines Hack

Sling TV Could Be Cable-Cutter's Dream


Edward Snowden: iPhone Secret iFeature Allows Government to Spy on You

Radio Prepares for the Blizzard of 2015

School Rule-Breakers to Hand over Facebook and Twitter Passwords (dangerous precedent - you're next)

Internet of Things (IoT) Market to Reach $103.6B by 2018

Stanford Researchers Stack Carbon Nanotubes

Capacitive Sensing Improves Wearable Devices

Graphene Enables All-Electrical Control of Energy Flow from Light Emitters

SIM Card Market Reaches 5.2B Units in 2014

Australia's Privacy Commissioner Tim Pilgrim Fears Telco Metadata Breaches

2014: A Monumental Year for Cyber Attacks

Unlicensed Religious Broadcaster Useing Amateur Frequencies Ordered off the Air

Apple's Tim Cook's Salary up >40%

Silver Nanowires Demonstrate Unexpected Self-Healing Mechanism


The FCC's De-Americanization of the Internet

Scientists Slow Speed of Light in Free Space

Italy Plans €4bn Fibre Incentives

Europe, China Issue Call for Joint Science Mission

LTE-A Testing Marches Ahead

Scientists 'Bend' Elastic Waves with New Metamaterials

Ford R&D Facility Rolls into Silicon Valley

Quantum Speed Limit Set

Police Departments Issuing Body Cameras Discover Drawbacks (gee, who'd have guessed?)

Atoms in 2 places at Same Time


Pope: Put Your iPhone Down and Start Talking

Astronomers Study Bizarre Cosmic Radio Burst of Unknown Origin

New Step Towards Using Graphene in Electronic Applications

VHF/UHF/Microwave Conference Seeks Speakers and Papers

1,700 Private Jets Fly to Davos to Discuss Global Warming


Graphene Brings Quantum Effects to Electronic Circuits

New Method to Generate Arbitrary Optical Pulses

Printed Electroluminescent Light Sheets

Australian 'Pico Balloon' Piques Ham Radio Interest

Is Glass a True Solid? (a look at old, ripply window panes shows it's not)

Windows Holographic Is Microsoft's Take on Augmented Reality

Synthetic Diamond Development to Accelerate in 2015

Is Your Online Password on the Worst-Password List?

USAF Launches Rocket Carrying a Navy Satellite

Analysis Shows Way to Self-Propel Subatomic Particles

AT&T, Verizon Challenge FCC's Data Roaming Ruling That Sided with T-Mobile


Industry Standards Eyed for RF and Microwave

Windows 10 Upgrade to Be 'Free' for 1 Year

Many Antennas, Multiple Benefits

VHF/UHF/Microwave Conference Seeks Speakers and Papers

Analysis Yields Better Optimization Algorithms for Engineering Problems

IoT Carriers Sought by Semtech

Spreo Beacons the Way at Mall, Hospital

Apple Watch Spurs Rapid Growth of Market for Wireless Charging in Wearable Tech

Texas May Be Ground Zero for Musk's Hyperloop Dreams

Graphene Enables All-Electrical Control of Energy Flow from Light Emitters

Offshore Wind Capacity in Germany Passes Gigawatt Mark

Dyson Is on Fast Electronics Trajectory


New Signal Amplification Process Set to Transform Communications, Imaging, Computing

Prolonged IC Industry Upswing Ahead

GaN Technology Will Transform the Future

Will 2015 Be the Key Year for Graphene?

World United in Concern for Our Privacy

SpaceX Lands $1B from Google and Fidelity

What to Expect from Microsoft's Next Windows 10 Event

From Wax Cylinders to Records: Saving the Sounds of History

1:3 Germans Ready to Use Mobile Payments

ARRL Executive Committee Approves Education & Technology Program Grants

Ford Self-Driving Cars on-the-Cheap

Users Becoming Hackers' Favorite Path into Networks

Ericsson Counter-Sues Apple over Patent Infringement


Elon Musk's Plan to Build a Space Internet

Man Dies After 3-Day Internet Gaming Binge

Israel's High-Tech Boom Is Double-Edged Sword

China Telecom Mulls Mexico Investment

Need Some Espionage Done? Hackers for Hire Online

USAF's New Acquisition Plan Aims to Boost Innovation, Cut Costs

Test Sector Must Think 400G and 4G

European Space Agency to Launch 6 Navigation Satellites in 2015

Fox-1A Satellite Launch Date Launch Set for August

Analysts Turn Negative on Outlook for TSMC

Thieves Hijack Miles from American and United Airlines

Carbon Nanotube Finding Could Lead to Flexible Electronics


Speedy Wireless Protocol Coming to Many Gadgets

50% of World's Wealth Owned by 1% (it was 44% in 2009)

Venture Capital Spending Rises

SRI Joins Northrop and Draper to Safeguard Military from Counterfeit Electronics

Manufacturing Expansion Slows Down, Industrial Production Dips in December

Tablet Sales Continue to Be Slow in 2015

NY Governor Wants Statewide 100Mbps Internet by 2019

China's Shifting Sands Spell Trouble

More Signs of a Maturing Small Cell Market


Inventors Choose to Reveal Secrets Before Patent Approval

Underground Wireless Sensors Demand Powerful Solutions

Michigan Passes, Governor Signs Antenna Accommodation Legislation

'Islamist Cyber Attacks' Hit France

Posting a Lot of Selfies Doesn't Send a Good Message


BMW Sounds Alarm over Tech Companies Seeking Connected Car Data

DARPA Doubles Down on Anti-Counterfeiting Program

Google Glass Sales Halted

FeFET to Extend Moore's Law

Congressional Proposal Offers Internet Rules of the Road

Quantum Memory Opens Door to Secure Global Comms

Water-Soluble Silicon Leads to Dissolvable Electronics

A Day in the Life of a Foundry Engineer

Rice-Sized Laser Powered 1 Electron at a Time

Mobile Payment Volumes to Increase 1000% in 2015

Technology Has Made Life Different, but Not Necessarily More Stressful

Big Asteroid to Zoom by Earth on January 26


Tools to Improve That Christmas Present

FCC Fines Pennsylvania Ham $11,500 for Causing Intentional Interference

Samsung Offered to Buy BlackBerry for up to $7.5B

New Step Towards Using Graphene in Electronic Applications

Toyota's VR Driving Simulator Teaches Teens to Focus on the Road

Air Force Looks to Speed Development of Modernized GPS Gear

Samsung's First Tizen OS Phones go on Sale

China to Write $10B Check for Chips

An Internet of Treacherous Things

Touch Control Doesn't Mean Scopes Without Buttons

British Minister: Lack of Metadata Retention Laws Endangers Lives

Apple Expected to Reverse iPad Misfortunes in 2015


Patents Strategy Shift Predicted

Bored ... and Brilliant? A Challenge to Disconnect from Your Phone 

Navy's New 'Beach Ball' Satellite Takes a Spin from ISS

Metasurface Solves Calculus Problems as an Analog Computer

Wintrust Lets Customers Withdraw Cash with Their Mobile Phones

Can GM Go from Volt to Bolt?

The ARRL Library Goes Live

Worldwide Semi Market Expected to See 9.4% Revenue Growth

UK Power-Line Carrier Firm Welcomes Partners (that's still being pursued somewhere?)

Hybrid Quantum and Molecular Modeling Reveals Why Blue LEDs Need So Much Mg Doping

Graphene Plasmons Go Ballistic

British Prime Minister Suggests Banning Some Online Messaging Apps

First Direct Measurement of Gravity's Curvature


Smartphones Cause Drooping Jowls and 'Tech-Neck' Wrinkles in 18-39 Year-Olds

U.S. Centcom Twitter Account Hacked by Pro-ISIS Group (that's nothing - Iran got our TS drone with a hack)

Former U.S. Cybersecurity Director Gets 25 Years for Online Child Abuse

Australia's Internet Lags Behind Despite NBN

Student Indicted after Hacking Rival College's Calendar

Broadcom CEO: Life After LTE, 5G Cellular Exit

More Signs of a Maturing Small Cell Market

Shin'en 2 Designated as Fuji Oscar 82

Location Platform Revenues Will Grow to €470M Worldwide in 2020

Thieves Tried to Swipe ATM Cards Using iPod Nano

5 Things That Will Drive Test in 2015

Top 10 Technologies to Transform the World

Google Loses Search Share, Yahoo Rises


'Dielets' to Help Detect Counterfeit Components

TV of the Future May be a Sphere

What Killed the Amazon Fire Phone?

The End of the 'Made in China' Era? (infographic)

In a World of Phones, Gadgets Must Adapt

New World Record Claimed on 10 GHz

AT&T May Be Throttled by FCC over Throttling Practices

Flexible Spinal Cord Implants Will Let Paralyzed People Walk


BMW Offers Contactless Credit Card That Can Unlock and Start Hire Cars

4 Things Distracting You at the Wheel that aren't Your Phone

Short Words Predict Academic Success

Portugal Telecom Shares Suspended as Shareholder Vote Looms


China Nabs iPhone Thieves Who Tunneled into Warehouse

Adding Leap Second This Summer Expected to Cause Internet Problems (not a Y2K redux, though)

Phones Vulnerable Even When Transmitters Are Off

Have You Got iPhone Separation Anxiety?

China Grabs 9 Spots in Fabless 50

Internet of Things (IoT) is a Threat to Privacy, Says FTC (...except when the Fed mandates it in your utility meter, appliances, automobile...)

Unexpected Geomagnetic Storm Could Disturb HF Bands, Enhance 6 Meters

Semi Market Grows 7.9 %

DoE Just Broke the World Record in Solar Cell Efficiency (nice graph)

Compact Batteries Enhanced by Spontaneous Silver Matrix Formations

CES 2015: Intel Demos a Button-Size Wearable Computer

Average College Freshman Reads at 7th Grade Level (which is probably have been about 3rd grade level 50 years ago)


Heads-up Technology Puts Data on Car Windshields

III-V and CMOS on One Die at German Conference

NRL Demos Super-Fast Ship-to-Shore Wireless System

If the Internet Becomes a Public Utility, You'll Pay More

CES Overselling the Internet of Things (IoT)

New Tech Enables Ultra-Fast Light Beam Steering and Shaping

CES: Superfast Cellphone Charger

Nuts and Volts Magazine Launches New Ham Radio Column by Ward Silver

3D Printing Could Revolutionise War and Foreign Policy

The Key to a 'Cool Car' Is a Cool Key

Mysterious Smartwatch Spotted at CES

Cold Record Set in Hawaii


Yale Intros Residential Deadbolt with NFC Unlocking

Top Trends Driving Content Delivery to Mobile Devices

Sleeping Near Smartphone Can Disturb Child's Rest

Quantum Dot TVs Are the Future

Yasme Foundation Announces Award Winners, Grant Recipients

NOAA Employee Charged with Computer Breach Met Senior Chinese Official in Beijing

LG Tries Again with Curved Smartphone

The Troll Hunters

Q1 Looks Very Active for Radio

Toshiba Launches Wireless Charger Chip

What Ever Happened to the Working from Home Revolution?

MIT Sites Defaced in Lead-up to Anniversary of Aaron Swartz's Death


Broadcom Goes Pedal-to-the-Metal with Ethernet & NFC

RFMD and TriQuint Complete Merger

iPhone User Tries Going Back to BlackBerry

CES 2015: Toyota Opens Hydrogen Fuel Cell Patents

ARTSAT2: DESPATCH (FO-81) Satellite Goes Dark

Las Vegas Airport Preps for Tech-Savvy Travelers

Who Will Be DesignNews' Gadget Freak of the Year?

Web Freedom Seen as a Growing Global Issue

IBM and PARC to Design Sensitive Electronics for Military That Shatter to Dust on Command

Fonts Could Set IoT Devices Apart

Canada's BCE to Sell ½ of Phone Retailer to Rogers

Air Force Facing Critical Shortage of Drone Pilots


Connected Car Tech Overtakes Games at CES

The Most Anticipated Innovations Coming in 2015

Cities Get Smarter with Wireless Tech

A 'Swiss Army Knife' of Temperature Sensing ICs

5 Smartphone Wishes for 2015

FCC Sets Vote on Broadband Rules for February

10 IC Firms to Make It Big in 2015


Sales of Smartphones Grew 20% in Q3 of 2014

GCHQ's 'Spook First' Programme to Train Britain's Most Talented Tech Entrepreneurs

GaN Transistors Fabricated on Cubic SiC on Si

India Web Blocking Causes Anger


Mobile Broadband Overtakes SMS as Largest Generator of Mobile Data Revenue

Secret Underground Nazi WMD Factory Discovered

Scary IEEE Tech Predictions for 2015

#bye2014: The Year of the Hashtag (idiot fodder)

League's Centennial "the Most Extraordinary Event" for ARRL President

Mil & Aero Top-10 Stories of 2014

Top Technology Failures of 2014

IoT in Protocol War

IoT Needs to Be More Secure to Maintain Public Confidence

Botched Environmental Predictions for 2015 (empirical vs. theoretical in real life)

Recycling Electronic Waste Responsibly

NASA to Hack Mars Rover Opportunity to Fix 'Amnesia' Fault


High-Speed Broadband and 4G Coverage Dramatically Rises in Europe

Total Telecom Review of 2014: New Ground

½-Light ½-Matter

Hackers Give Touch ID the Finger

Hydrogel Dominated by Electrostatic Repulsion

China's Huawei 2014 Smartphone Sales Rise by 1/3

2014's Top Stories in Spaceflight

Gallium Nitride Transistors Fabricated on Cubic Silicon Carbide on Silicon

Qubit Candidate Shines Brighter

O3b Networks Plans Satellite Fleet Expansion

Sitting Too Much Is Killing You