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Technical Headline News Archive - August 2011

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Woman Buys a Block of Wood with an Apple Logo Thinking It’s an iPad

Military Strives to Lighten the Load of Comms Gear

Graphene 'Could Help Boost Broadband Internet Speeds'

Russian LTE Plan Hits Stumbling Block

Freescale Joins Small-Cell Base Station Race

Networks to Fight for London's Underground Wi-Fi

Cable Customers Turn to Smartphones for Internet

Father of Java Exits Google

Tablets and Smartphones Spur Record MEMS Revenue Growth in 2011

Ex-Tech Worker in Mass. Pleads Guilty in Spy Case

NIST Achievesr Record-Low Error Rate for Quantum Information Processing with 1 Qubit

Military Can Make Free Calls to U.S. Using Gmail

Lasers Could Be Used to Control Rain

AT&T Pledges to Hire 5,000 Call Centre Staff - If T-Mobile Merger is Approved

U.S. Government Moves to Block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Google Explores Re-Ranking Search Results Using +1 Button Data

NASA Warns 'Risk of Losing' Int'l Space Station Rising (U.S. investment $100B down the drain)

Supernova Seen 12 Hours After Explosion, 21M Years Later


High-Tech Demand Sparks Return of Cobalt Mines (to open in Idaho in 2010 - will EPA Nazis stop?)

Touchscreen-Only Smartphone Shipments to Surpass 700M in 2016

First Noise Assessment of AlN/GaN HEMTs on Silicon

ESA Demonstrates New In-Orbit Satellite Refueling Technology

Nokia Siemens Projects a 5x Increase in Spectral Efficiency Beyond 4G

Company Considers Nanowire to be Used in Photovoltaic Cells

Tiny Wires Change Behavior at Nanoscale

Reality Check: Is It an Antenna Evolution Or is There More?

Microsoft to 'Ribbonise' Win 8 File Manager (even though most people hate the ribbon)

Flexible Electronics Hold Promise for Consumer Applications

Indian Telco Proposes Single Wholesale Mobile Network for Rural Areas

Tony Sale, Colossus Computer Conservationist, Dies

FCC Restarts 180-Day Clock on T-Mobile USA Deal Approval Process

Why the LHC (Still) Won’t Destroy the Earth

The Next iPhone May Be Kind of Boring, Unless You're a Carrier

GlobalFoundries Fabs 20-nm Test Chip

Age of Robots: Future USAF Bomber Escorts Could Be UAVs.

NASA: ISS May be Evacuated by Late November (we need to Un-Retire the Shuttle fleet NOW!)

Parts of Britain Suffer Coldest Summer for Nearly Two Decades (AlGore won't want to hear this)

Concern Over Global Warming is Cooling


Wi-Fi Hotspots Are a Growing Threat to 3G Data Revenues

Smartphone Users Making More Mobile Purchases

Communications Disrupting Solar Flares Detected

Flexible Electronics Hold Promise for Consumer Applications

Irene Takes out Some East Coast Cellphone Service

So How Did Broadcast Radio Perform During Storm?

Wireless Phone Networks Stood Up Well to Hurricane

Finland and Russia Coordinate 800 MHz Spectrum Use

LHC Results Put Supersymmetry Theory 'On the Spot'

Industry Leaders Predict a 'White Space Economy'

Qualcomm's CEO Says Sci-Fi Future Already Here

South Korean Networks Bidding for Additional Radio Spectrum

Flying on Sunshine

Apple Gives Tim Cook $384M Stock Grant (a rich guy - tax him at 94% per FDR in 1944/45?)

Google Boss 'Knew About' Unlicensed Pharmacy Adverts per Judge (OK to be evil since 2009)

Windows 8: What We Know So Far


NASA to Test Laser Communications System in Space

Google Brings Ultra-Fast Internet to Homes Near Stanford

USPTO and Taiwan Intellectual Property Office Establish a Patent Prosecution Highway Pilot

Bluetooth Sunglasses Keep You Connected

Samsung Can Sell Its Tablet in Most of Europe for Now


UK's Atomic Clock is World's Most Accurate

13-Year-Old Designs Super-Efficient Solar Array Based on the Fibonacci Sequence

New X-Ray Technique for Electronic Structures

Pentagon Operates Smoothly Through 5.9 Earthquake

IBM Builds Biggest Data Drive Ever

Russia May Delay Manned Space Launch after Crash (no U.S. manned vehicles anymore, but as of 8/18/2011 we do have a new Office of Diversity & Inclusion)

Patent Wars Could Dull Tech's Cutting Edge

New Depiction of Light Could Boost Telecommunications Channels

Is the Cell Tower Industry Set for Second-Half Uptick?

BT Taskforce Tackles Cable Theft

Brittle Silicon Shows Exceptional Plasticity on the Nanoscale

Nano Bundles Pack a Powerful Punch: Solid-State Energy Storage Takes a Leap Forward

Solar Cells Could Get Quantum Boost

HTC to Open Over 1,300 Retail Stores in China by Year-End

Protect Your Electronics from Power Outage Damage

Scientists Discover 'Diamond Planet'

Increased Concern About Health Risks of Mobile Phones

Fed Raids Gibson Guitar Factory over Wood Origins Concerns (trees more important than jobs)

Economic Growth Slows to Crawl, GDP Increase at 1%

Marines in Afghanistan Admonished Not to Fart (sadly, not a joke)


Steve Jobs: iResign

Timeline of Steve Jobs' Work at Apple

Apple Stock Down, But Up from Overnight Lows

ARRL HQ Emergency Response Team Gears Up for Hurricane Irene

Women Snap Up e-Readers as Men Dominate Tablets

3/4 of Australian Business Website Fail to Render on Mobile Phones

New Method for Studying Electronic Structures Developed

'God Particle' Out of Hiding Places: CERN Chief (OK, so where is it?)

BBC Creates 3G Coverage Map

Unexpected Adhesion Properties of Graphene May Lead to New Nanotechnology Devices

Smartphones to Account for Majority of Cellphone Shipments by 2015

Canadian NFC Developer Wins $50,000 Evernote Prize

German Court Upholds Injunction on Samsung Tablet Imports

SMS Invaluable During Emergencies

CBI Report Indicates Economic Boost to UK Manufacturing

Beams to Order from Table-Top Accelerators

Power-Scavenging Batteries

Entanglement Between Macroscopic Objects Generated by Dissipation

RIM Throws Smartphone Newbies a Curve

Pentagon Report: China Closer to Matching Modern Militaries (duh, we've sold them all the tech we've got)


Euro Ban for Samsung Galaxy Phone

Unexpected Adhesion Properties of Graphene May Lead to New Nanotech Devices

4G to Trigger Huge Investments

PCB Production Grew 19% in 2010

Experiments Show Gravity Is Not an Emergent Phenomenon (confusion is emerging, though)

Micro-Explosion Reveals New Super-Dense Aluminum

$25 Toy Radio Used to Knock out Feds

Physicists Build First Single-Photon Router

China Says Google Has Not Sought Approval on Motorola

Nano Bundles Pack a Powerful Punch: Solid-State Energy Storage Takes a Leap Forward

300-mm (12") Wafer Manufacturing Set to Double

East Coast Earthquake Brings Cell Networks Down (due to traffic, not equipment failure)

Science Major? You'll Want These Awesome Apps

Human Gait Could Soon Power Portable Electronics

Russian Spaceship Fails to Reach Orbit

United Pilots to Use iPad for Navigation

Sprint Nextel Inks Deal to Sell iPhone 5

U.S. Cost in Libya Up to $1B So Far (only 50% of our citizens are paying for it)

GE Moving More Jobs to China

What Happens to All the Bullets Fired into the Air? (I encourage it amongst the morons)


Static Electricity from Hair Combing Could Kill Teen

Antennas Can Be Embedded Directly into Military Clothing

Rare Particle Decay Could Mean New Physics

The Death of the Text Message

China Surpasses U.S. as World's Biggest PC Market for First Time (congrats to our politicians - another lead lost)

Young Entrepreneur Has a Better Idea. Now What?

Smart Grids Gain Traction Worldwide

Reducing Noise in Quantum Operation at Room Temperature

Study Shows Radical Response to Volatile Material Prices

College Students Need to Check Digital Security

Nokia Shipping Gold-Plated Feature Phone

Is a 4G LTE iPhone on the Way?

RIM Announces 3 New BlackBerry Curve Smartphones

Breakthrough in Controlling Defects Could Lead to New Generation of Electronic Devices

'Smart' CCTV Could Track Rioters

FCC Deletes Fairness Doctrine for Good (watch the other hand with this guy)

Antenna Clothes Help Phone Signal

In Libya, the Cellphone as a Weapon

California Bar Police from Searching Mobile Phones Without a Court Warrant

Google Gets 18 Key Patents from $12.5B Motorola Deal


Antennas in Your Clothes? New Design Could Pave the Way

Intel Recruits Sci-Fi Writers to Dream Up Future Tech

Better 'Photon Loops' May Be Key to Computer and Physics Advances

Commercial Satcom Remains Vital to Military Ops

After Cellphone Action, BART Faces Escalating Protests

X-Ray Microscope Enables Nanovision

SMOS Team Receives Prestigious IEEE Award

Mobile Infrastructure Market Grows at Its Fastest Rate Since 2004

Nanowires Get into the Groove

Chinese Propose Method for Deflecting Asteroid Apophis

Blocking and Reflecting to Increase Nitride LED Light Output

Neutrons May Adopt Cubic Symmetry (no more orphaned cubic symmetry)

Advanced Electrodes for Better Li-Ion Batteries

Verizon Workers Return to Work Without a Deal

China Ready to Ditch Its Green Car Efforts? ("garbage technology" - thier words)

Street Slams Hewlett-Packard Shares

Citing a Lack of Usage, Costco Removes EV Chargers


USPTO Issues 8,000,000th Patent

Size of Indian Mobile Market Overstated

Cars Vulnerable to Theft by Hacking

EPA Prepping for a Wave of Coal-Fired Plant Shutdowns ("under my plan... electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket")

GM Says Bankruptcy Excuses It from Impala Repairs (pre-existing conditions not covered at Gov't Motors)

€ Rallies, $/¥en Plunges to All-Time Low


Android, iPhone User Stereotypes Revealed

Engineers Welcome Rise in A-Level Students Taking Science

Thousands of S. Koreans Join Suit Against Apple over Location Tracking

When Looking for Love, Women Spurn Science

Aliens Could Attack Earth to End Global Warming, NASA Frets (no time to worry about manned flight missions - I'm sleeping better)

Everybody Covets That Clearwire Spectrum

Avoiding the Next Dotcom Bomb

New Energy Storage Device Could Recharge Electric Vehicles in Minutes

HP Considering PC Biz Spinoff: Is This the Return of Compaq?

New Images Reveal Structures of the Solar Wind as It Travels Toward and Impacts Earth

Nokia Chief Warns Android Phone Makers Should "Watch Out"

Wasting Time Online Boosts Worker Productivity (brought to you by the anthropogenic global warming folks?)

How Euro Hazardous Substance Laws Affect You

RIM Launching BlackBerry Music Service

China's Experimental Satellite Fails to Reach Orbit

James Webb Telescope Moves Further Towards Completion

Telecom New Zealand Profits Plunge on Write-Down Costs

Study Shows Powerful Corporations Really Do Control the World's Finances

Gold Hits New Record High of $1,881.40

World Stocks Plunge on Growing Recession Fears  (+300, -500, +400, -600, +300, -400, ugh, my stomach!)


HTC Says Everything Apple Makes Infringes on Three of Its Patents

When Silicon Valley Fights, Patents Are the Deadliest Weapon

Google Will Pay $510,204.08 for Each of Motorola's Patents

Narian Unveils Suite of NFC Apps for Retailers

NIST Questions Carbon Nanotube Reliability

London History Museum Adopts Technology of Future (NFC)

Air Force Eyes Micromachine Bugs That Can Spy

Diamond Particles Found in Candle Flames, Scottish Scientists Say

Characterize the Behavior of Individual Electrons

AT&T Sues Its Own Customers over T-Mobile U.S. Merger

Electroindustry Business Confidence Index Down in July

What Makes Space Blobs Glow?

Looking to Advance Your Radio Career? (lots of radio & TV broadcast engineers visit RF Cafe)

IBM Produces First 'Brain Chips'

Nigeria Launches Two New Satellites

Microwaves to Improve Drug Delivery

Apple Should Delay the iPhone 5 Until 2012

Cadillac to Produce Electric Car (hope they sell more than Chevy Volts)

Supercar Maker Ferrari Says No to Making Electric Cars

Coffee's Anti-Skin Cancer Link Explained (the wonder elixir keeps surprising!)


Thieves Strip Copper Ground Plates from Cell Towers

Researchers Improving GPS Accuracy for Reporting on Users Altitude

DARPA to Develop GPS-Free Microship Navigation

EU Scientists Plan Mission to Blow Up an Asteroid 'Hurtling Towards Earth'

iPhones Are For the Rich, Androids For the Rest of Us (tax the iPhone rich!!!)

What Google is Buying: Motorola's 83-Year History of Invention

Radar Spending Continues to Be a Bright Spot in Pentagon Budget Forecasts

Reliability Issues for Carbon Nanotubes in Future Electronics Uncovered (ruh-roh)

A Bull Market in Tech Patents

Researchers Find Way to Align Gold Nanorods on a Large Scale

Man Steals $57K from Neighbors Using Their Facebook Info

Russia's Orbital Technologies Reveals Plans for Space Hotel

SETI Plans to Resume Listening for Aliens

IPhone App Developer Fined $50,000 for Privacy Violations

Russia Unveils Its First Stealth Fighter (more Russian innovation - wait, it looks awfully familiar)

HTC Sues Apple over Patent Infringement Allegations

$25 Toy Radio Used to Knock out Feds

Are Keyboards on Laptops the Next Thing to Go?

Latest Patent Fallout: Could Verizon’s FiOSTV be Affected?

Deutsche Economic Growth Grinds to a Halt


Driver Using 2 Cellphones Gets 12 Month Driving Ban

IEEE 'Surprising' Smart Grid Findings Won’t Surprise Rural Readers

Rural Broadband Funding Ready for England and Scotland

LinkedIn's New Mobile App Loosens Its Tie

German Mobile Operators to Launch Joint NFC Payments Service

Ferreting Out the Fakes in the Chip Supply Chain

Carriers' Lofty Claims of 4G Speed Put to the Test

Mozilla Wants a Browser to Control Your Phone

Google Takes Action Following Wi-Fi Sniffing Complaints

How Americans Really Use Cell Phones

Lightweight Solar Panels Can Be Worn by Soldiers in Combat

Cell Service Shutdown Raises Free Speech Questions

Ions Control Shape of Nanofibers Grown on Clear Substrate

UK Mobile Phone Users Spend up to 2 Weeks a Year Browsing Retail Sites

Public-Safety Segment Predicted to Reach $22.3B in 2015

China Puts the Squeeze on Taiwan

Glass Computer Memory Could Reduce Cost of Medical Imaging

NASA Readies Mars Rover for Launch

Evergreen Solar Files for Bankruptcy, Plans Asset Sale (a few hundred million more tax $$$ down the drain, big deal)

Euro Zone Second Quarter GDP Growth Slows to 0.2%


Day 5 Continues for Man on Radio Tower

San Fran Shuts Down Cell Service to Thwart Flash Mob

BART Mobile Shutdown Provokes Anonymous Hackers

Google Buys Motorola Mobility - Pays $12.5B, Gains Huge Patent Portfolio

Global Mobile Connections to Hit 7.4B in 2015

The Patent World War

Bilayer Graphene: Another Step Towards Graphene Electronics

Graphene May Help Explain the Big Bang

Combination IC Shipments Aim High, Thanks to Wi-Fi

Characterizing Behavior of Individual Electrons During Chemical Reactions

Half of U.S. Mobile Consumers Use Cell Phones for Realtime Info Retrieval

China GaN Epi Production to Grow 300% in 2 Years

ARRL Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology Opens Horizon of Learning Opportunities

'Fluid-Flow Cloak' Said to Help Ships Move More Efficiently

Rapper's Tweet Jams Emergency Phone System

Shape-Shifting Materials Are Packages of Future

AT&T May Sell $8B Worth of Assets to Acquire T-Mobile USA

Short Latencies Shown for Cancer in Young Workers with Exposures to EM Fields

Tweet Here Often? Pick-up Lines for the Technorati

Pakistan Lets China See U.S. Helicopter (high price to pay for not just bombing Obama's HQ)


California Bay Area Mansions Are in High Demand, Due to Tech Boom (huh?)

RIM ‘Colt’ Superphone Rumored to Lack BES Support

Chinese Space Lab Set to Soar

Verizon Site Mischief Cuts Police Phone Service

LinkedIn Claims it Informed Users of Opted-In Ad Scheme


Indian Man Suffers Burns to Eyes After Nokia Phone Battery Explodes

LinkedIn Sells Info for 100M Members to Advertisers (becoming FaceBook)

Perseid Meteor Shower: Shooting Stars After Midnight

Asian Contract Manufacturers Eye Design Services (more local engineering jobs going overseas)

British PM Proposes Social Media Ban for Rioters

New Architecture Promises Better Battery

Graphene Could Underpin Carbon-Based Electronics

Codebreaker Karsten Nohl: Why Your Phone is Insecure by Design

Android Takes 20% Media Tablet Market Share from iPad in Last 12 Months

New Production Process Could Cut Cost of NFC Tags to "Just a Few Cents"

Cellphone Market Share Shifting

Settlement Affords Affected Cell Phone Users up to $100 for Unsolicited Text Messages

Is Your ISP Cheating You Out of Bandwidth?

Bend Breakthrough Sends Light Around a Corner

UAV Purchases to Double, Despite Deep Defense Cuts

Panasonic Avionics Sees 'Massive' Demand for In-Flight Connectivity

Chinese Authorities Find 22 Fake Apple Stores

Stick-On Electronic Tattoos

U.S. Consumer Confidence Drops to 3-Decade Low Amid Economic Headwinds


Broadcom: We're Not Confident About WiMAX in the U.S. Anymore

Physicists 'Entangle' Two Atoms Using Microwaves for the First Time

911 Will Soon Accept Texts, Photos, Video

38% of College Students Can't Go 10 Minutes w/o Tech

Researcher Shows How Easy Hack Is on Some Phones

EU's Top Corporate Investors 'Will Increase R&D Spend'

Dark Matter May Be an Illusion Caused by the Quantum Vacuum

New Tool May Yield Smaller, Faster Optoelectronics

Vanity Call Sign Fee to Go Up in September

FCC Joint Qualcomm, T-Mobile Review Could Put Brakes on AT&T Growth Plans

DARPA Launches Hypersonic Aircraft on Mach 20 Test

Flexible Displays Could Push Graphene into the Commercial Limelight

HTC Calls on Taiwan to Build National Mobile Payments Platform

Escaping Gravity's Clutches: Information Could Escape from Black Holes After All

Sales of Mobile Devices in Second Quarter of 2011 Grew 16.5% Year-on-Year

1,000 Shuttle Workers Will Be Let Go in August (...making sure "everybody that wants a job finds a job)

Two Charged in Missing iPhone Prototype Case

Mars Rover Reaches Giant Crater After 3-Year Trek

Researchers Set up Decentralized Smart Grid

Venture Capitalists Back Away from Clean Energy (they know it's a losing proposition - production will go to China a la GE)


Smartphone Displays Can Double-Up As a Solar Panel to Recharge the Battery (I proposed that 6-7 years ago)

FCC Rules Unleash up to 650 MHz for Mobile Backhaul

Ford Investigates Creating a Mobile Data Network Using the Cars Themselves

Solar Explosions Could Impact Earth

Introducing the China "HiPhone 5"; Apple Knock-Off Sells for $35

Firm Predicts 1B Smart Meters by 2020

Indonesian Tech Frenzy Tantalizes Venture Capital

Allocating Spectrum for Mobile Broadband Will Have a Huge Impact on India's GDP

Technology Investors Turn Wary on Ventures

New Options for Starbucks Wi-Fi Squatters (what - capitalism over socialism from Seattle?)

Mobile Apps Frequently Disclose Sensitive User Data

Researchers Face Budget Bind (meanwhile, politicians live like kings)

Gartner Expands Semi Technology 'Hype' Curve in 2011

Anadigics’ Revenue Falls 18% in Q2

New Technique Scales up Nanofiber Production

Longstanding Problem in Photonic Chip Technology Solved

Toshiba Introduces First Glasses-Free 3-D Notebook

NASA Invests in Far-Out Space Tech for Future Missions

Phones Stolen in London Riots Worthless, Claim Networks


RIM Assisting UK Police Investigations into BlackBerry Use During London Riots (media trying to smear RIM for)

Alleged 'Patent Troll' Hit with Large Fine in Appeals Court

Rare Earths Get Rarer (U.S. has deposits, but EPA regs hinder mining - anyone surprised?)

Mobiles Become Emergency Data Network

Radio-over-Fiber (RoF): The Existing Alternative to Femtocells

Si Chip with Integrated Laser Offers New Possibilities for Telecommunications

Recent Solar Flare May Disrupt Your GPS

Improved Electrical Conductivity in Polymeric Composites

UK Payments Council to Build Mobile Payments Platform

Wireless Charging Market is on 85% CAGR

30th Annual ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference

Hackers Take Aim at Prison Locks and Other Real-World Targets

Scientists Pioneer New Method for Nanoribbon Production

Will the Smart Grid Outsmart Itself?

Global Installed Base of Smart Meters to Near 1B Units by 2020

Prospect of Automatic Pentagon Budget-Cut Triggers Just Another Empty Threat

With New Funding, Quest for Alien Life Is Back On

Siemens Wins 6th Offshore Wind Plant Order in Germany

Is Sept. 17 America's Own Tahrir Square-Style 'Facebook Revolution?' (a violent take-over of Wall St. - will we stand for it?)

London in Flames Reminiscent of Blitzkrieg (the dying days of an empire? self-inflicted by PC pols)


Latest Crisis: Solar Storms Set to Hit the Earth

Child Finds Exploitable Flaws in Mobile Games

Your Smartphone: A New Frontier for Hackers

Recruiters Increasingly Turn to Facebook to Look for New Employees

NASA Seeks Proposals for CubeSat Nanosatellite Space Missions, Payloads

Radar Monitors Runways for Debris at Ground Level (FOD)

US Cellular Revenues Rise Despite Shrinking Customer Base

Van Allen Radiation Belt Confirmed Around Earth (pretty sure it was discovered in 1958)

Nanoscale Secret to Stronger Alloys

Google to Fund Bletchley Wartime 'Search Engine'

Verizon Shares Slump as 45,000 Workers Strike

Why Isn't America Innovating Like It Used To?

Army to Trim Civilian Workforce in Efficiency Move (the only gov't jobs to be eliminated)

Creating a Remarkable Aluminum Alloy

NFC Phones to Get Biometric Security Support

Why is Amazon Supporting a Proposed Federal Sales Tax Law?

Comcast Offers $10 a Month Internet Option For Low-Income Families (you pay the difference)

A Photon’s Point of View

Underwater 'Windmills' May Feed Power Grid (this, I like)

Post S&P U.S. Debt Downgrade, Tech Stocks in a Rapid Sell Off


Designing Diamond Circuits for Extreme Environments

Google Blames Human for Robot Car Crash

Hackers Strike at 70 U.S. Law Enforcement Websites

Software to Un-Hang Hung Programs

U.S. Credit Rating Downgraded below AAA for 1st Time EVER! (we were told debt limit would prevent this *@#^%&!)

Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner Says "No Risk" We'll Lose Our AAA Rating (3 months ago)


DIY Spy Drone Sniffs Wi-Fi, Intercepts Phone Calls

FCC Promises 100,000 Jobs (call centers)

Pentagon’s Lightning Gun Sold for Scraps on eBay

Graphene from Girl Scout Cookies (box of shortbread cookies = $15B in nanomaterials)

Homemade Drone Snoops on Wireless Networks

A Guiding Light for Silicon Photonics

LinkedIn Posts Surprise Profit as Sales Double

Researchers Create “Antimagnet” Cloaking Device

Apple Rises to the Top As Worldwide Smartphone Market Grows 65.4%

Investors Flee Bad Telecom Smartphone Bets

Patent Battles Proliferate in Mobile Industry

Engineers Solve Longstanding Problem in Photonic Chip Technology

1/3 of Adults Use Smartphone Says Ofcom

Dream Screens from Graphene: Indium-Free Transparent, Flexible Electrodes Developed

North-South Divide in USA Smartphone Preferences

Worldwide Cyber Espionage Revealed

Tesla Motors Advances Work on S-Model Electric Sports Saloon

U.S. Military Scrambles to Catch up with the Cloud

Google's Patent Half-Truths Come Home to Roost

Here's the Problem with This Market Crash...


UK Student Wins Microsoft Excel World Championship

Solar Storm Heading Our Way

Agilent and UC Davis Form Sub-Millimeterwave Research Center

Hitachi, Mitsubishi Edge Towards Groundbreaking Merger

Spacewalkers Release Amateur Satellite with Missing Rx Antenna (basically space junk now)

Plagiarism Plague Hinders China's Scientific Ambition

Are Smart People Really Getting Smarter?

Antiproton Radiation Belt Discovered Around Earth (no wonder my protons have been feeling annihilated)

The Connected Planet ‘4G Scorecard’

Mobile Data Revenue Seen Up 23% in Year

Germany Faces a Shortage of Engineers  

Nokia Sues Chinese Firm over Cameraphone Lens Patent

Volkswagen Demonstrates Production-Level Automotive Autopilot

There's a Lot at Stake with Military Modernization Programs

Massive Cyberspying Operation Targeted U.S., U.N., Others

Australian Fixed Wireless Network Outlines Rural Coverage Plans

OM Sells Whopping 125 Volts in July!

Phone Hacking: Piers Morgan Has Qs to A (what goes around comes around)

Governments, IOC and UN Hit by Massive Cyber Attack

U.S. Borrowing Now Tops 100% of GDP w/Debt Ceiling Increase


Free Cellphones Now a Civil Right in Penn. (more like a Civil Blight - my taxes paying for welfare phones)

Defense Spending Bears Heavy Burden from Debt Default Deal (anyone surprised? money needed for bum's cellphones)

Mobile Broadband to Drive Backhaul Market to $9B by 2015

ARRL Official Observers Work with Collegiate Researchers to Investigate Interference on 60 Meters

Swedish Man Builds Nuclear Reactor in His Kitchen

Interference Unlocks Faster Mobile Data

Apple Fined for Collecting Location Data from IPhones

LabVIEW 2011 Released

Android Malware Can Record and Upload Phone Conversations

Atheros: 5, Not 60 GHz is Real Future of Wi-Fi

Battle Damage Increases from Widespread Cyberattacks (I didn't know that - serious)

Low IQ IE User Story Was Bogus (duh, really?)

Li-Ion Battery Silicon Anode Developer Wins £40M Series C Investment

Research Could Help Replace Electronic Components with Optical Technology

Nanoscale Pillars Could Have a Big Role in Future Batteries

RIM Announces New, More Powerful BlackBerry Torch

Juno to Show Jupiter's Magnetic Field in High-Def

U.S. Job Cut Announcements Hit 16-Month High

Europe on Brink of 'Major Financial Collapse'


Budding Scientists Encouraged to Develop Nanosatellite Apps

'Web 2.0' Will Die on October 1, 2012

Progress Hits Snag: Tiny Chips Use Outsize Power

Global Q2 Chip Sales Confirm Falling Market

Android Closes on 50% of Global Smartphone Market

China Aims to Renew Status as Scientific Superpower

FCC Seeks More Channel Choices in Cable Lineups

A Hot Bath for Gold Nanoparticles

SK Telecom: All New Smartphones Must Come with NFC

Nanocircuits That Adhere to Any Substrate

Foxconn to Boost Use of Robots in Manufacturing (iPhone CM)

Scientists Build Battery in a Nanowire

M/A-COM Technology Solutions Files for IPO

Broadband Services Approach Advertised Speeds

Oxygen Finally Spotted in Space

Inmarsat Selects ILS Proton Launch Vehicle for Inmarsat-5 satellite Activity in 2013, 2014

Vecima Networks Announces Sale of Radio Spectrum to Canadian Service Provider

Intense Solar Flare Erupts from the Sun

Americans Cut Spending for First Time in 20 Months

Putin Says U.S. is "Parasite" on Global Economy (thanks to !*$% politicians - and stupid people who elect them)


Boston Scientific to Lay Off 1,200 - Moving to China

Study Calls for Reassignment of Radio Spectrum to Mobile Broadband

Fugitive Caught after Taunting Cops via Facebook

Are Cellphone Towers Hazardous to Your Health?

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