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Technical Headline News Archive - November 2014

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

All the News Fit to Link™

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Invisible Shield Found Thousands of Miles above Earth Blocks 'Killer Electrons' (amazing just now finding this)

European Parliament Backs Breaking up Google

E-Cigs Contain up to 10x More Carcinogens that Tobacco (but the 'experts' told us…)

Millimeter-Wave Performance of GaN Transistors on Silicon

Heat-Conducting Plastic 10x Better 


Hack Friday

How Your Travels Are Tracked This Holiday Season

UK Museum Switches on Historic Computer

China and U.S. Boost Worldwide Industrial Semiconductor Market in 2014

3 Cups of Coffee a Day Could Slash Risk of Alzheimer's (Wally'll live forever)

Mobile Operator Costs Pass $800B Annually as Margins Become Squeezed

Breakthrough in Flexible Electronics Enabled by Inorganic-Based Laser Lift-Off

Wristband Heads off Password Headaches

AT&T Reaffirms Fiber Plan Following FCC Fracas

:-o The Surprising Power of Emoticons

China Launches for Second time in 24 Hours


Germanium Junctions for CMOS

Heat-Conducting Plastic Developed

New Device Could Make Large Biological Circuits Practical

Carrier Wi-Fi Market to Hit $3B in 2018

Staircase Quantum Barriers to Improve LED Efficiency at High Current


AWS-3 Auction Climbs Past $36.4B in Bids (this + taxes+ fees, all to the gov't, is why your phone bill is so high)

The Slippery Slope of Silicon Valley

NASA to Launch 4 Spacecraft at Once to Study Magnetic Fields

European Space Plane Set for February Launch

As Hackers Hit Customers, Retailers Keep Quiet About Security (see Marc Edward's article)

Clearing a Path for Electrons in Polymers

Google Says Alternative Energy Can't Solve Global Warming (but won't endorse nuclear)

Firefox Searches Specific Websites with 1 Click

Meet the Woman Who Tech Giants Turn to for Finding New Leaders

Are Electric Cars Greener? Depends on Where You Live

Europe Takes Another Look at Net Neutrality


RFMD - TriQuint Merger to Close December 31

Simple Circuit Could Double Cell Phone Data Speeds

Google Launches Ad-Free Net Experiment (I predict a huge fail)

Electric Vehicles Could Stabilize Large Disturbances in Power Grid

Automation Makes Us Dumb

Why Would AT&T and Verizon Spend $34B on Spectrum?

Intel Expects 2015 Mobile Speedup

High Tech Materials Lab Opens in Southamption

World's Largest Atom Smasher Coughs Out Two Never-Before-Seen Particles

10 Christmas Gifts for Tech Lovers

Ultra-Short X-Ray Pulses Explore the Nano World

Magnetic Fields and Lasers Elicit Graphene Secret


Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops Could Cause 'Digital Vision Syndrome'

Tomorrow's Degradable Electronics

Canadian Radio Also Challenged by Economy

New Approach to Delivery of Satellites to Orbit (this ain't new)

China, U.S. Boost Worldwide Industrial Semi Market in 2014

American Tower to Buy 6,400 Towers from TIM

Physicists Study Magnetism with Roles of Position and Momentum Reversed

Another Bleak Black Friday for Apple Fans


James Bond-Inspired Laser Watch Will Burn Through Objects

NSA Director: China Can Damage U.S. Power Grid (no surprise - we've handed over all the technology they need)

Crew Launch to ISS Set for Sunday (notice they wear analog watches)

Security Still Top of Enterprise Agenda as Wireless Execs Seek to Stay out of Jail

Cable & Wireless Helped Britain Spy on the World


Cellphone Tracking Solves Z-Axis Problem

Toning Down the Tweets So Colleges Can't Pry

Physicists Discover New Subatomic Particles

DHS's 2014 National Emergency Communications Plan Incorporates Amateur Radio

USAF Explores More Efficient, Jam-Resistant Wireless Data Links

Malicious Software Said to Spread on Android Phones

Cloaking Device Uses Ordinary Lenses to Hide Objects

Thin Film Produces New Chemistry in 'Nanoreactor'

FCC Commissioner Pai: "1st Amendment Under Assault" (yeah, so is the 2nd, the 4th, the 10th, )

White Paper Quantifies Consumer Attitudes to Wearable Payments

Disgruntled Employees Are Increasingly E-Sabotaging Businesses

Artificial Adhesive Outgrips the Gecko

Japan's 311 mph Super Maglev Train (I'd love to ride that!)


Airline Passenger Stuck with $1300 Wi-Fi Bill

Carbon RF to Extend Battery Life

Keyssa: 'Kiss Old Connectors Goodbye'

Japan Airlines Tests Battery-Free BLE Beacons at 13 Airports

U.S. Military Looks to Develop Flying 'Mothership'

FAA Can Regulate Small Drones: NTSB Reverses Judge's Ruling (scary that now a bureaucracy can overrule a judge)

The 25 Most Powerful People in U.S. Wireless and Wireline 2014

Record Sales to Shake up Top 20 Semi Supplier Ranking

Uber Exec Suggests Investigating Media Personal Lives (give them some of their own medicine)

Toyota to Launch Fuel Cell Car Next Month

Amnesty Int'l Releases Anti-Spying Program for Activists

Field-Emission PnP Solution for Microwave Electron Guns

Achtung! Germany Named World's Favorite Country (popular, nationalistic leaders that love their country, unlike…)


"Frequency" TV Series Would Reprise Amateur Radio-Themed Movie

Pentagon Program Would Hitch Rides with Commercial Satellites (yeah, maybe on the next Antares rocket)

AT&T and Starbucks Bring Wireless Phone Chargers to Coffee Shops

Spiral Laser Beam Creates Quantum Whirlpool

What Can Radio Expect in 2015?

Chinese Dream for IC Powerhouse Coming True

Researchers Transfer Atomic-Scale Thin Films to Arbitrary Substrates

Ericsson Expects 6.1B Smartphone Users Worldwide by 2020

U.S. Worries Russia Put 'Satellite Killer' in Space

Battery to Prop up Renewable Power Hits Market

Engineers Make Great Leaders (right, like PLO terrorist leader Arafat)

Smartphones Teamp with QR Codes for Secure 3-D Displays

Coffee Can Help Overweight and Obese Individuals Stay Healthy


Americans' Cellphones Targeted in Secret Spy Program

Laser-Radio Links Upgrade Mobile Internet

Air Force Takes Another SWAT at Spectrum Warfare

42% Surge in Q3 ZTE Smartphone Shipments Worldwide

MARS Volunteers Reach out to Amateur Community to Test Interoperability

Russian Internet Remains Growth Hotspot in the Country's Economy

Russia Plans 'Alternative Wikipedia'

Europe's Distributors Have a Strong Q3

EDN Hot 100 Products of 2014 (jeeze, it's not even December yet)

Scientists Confident ESA's Comet Lander Will Wake up Again

Lord of the Microrings

U.S. Mobile Payments Market to Boom by 2019

Clues Revealed About Hidden Interior of Uranus (are planetary scientist who study Uranus called ass-tronomers?)


Google's Lollipop Wants to Change the Way We Use Our Phones (OS for suckers - get it?)

DuPont Microcircuit Materials Intros Pure Copper Conductive Ink

New EU Internet Chief to Stimulate Rural Broadband

Self-Doping Key to Room Temp Superconductivity

ISS Briefly 'Ham-less' After Crew Members Return to Earth

FCC Auction 97 Starts with $4.7B in Bids

Little-Known Taiwanese Chip Designer Spawns Low-Priced Smartphone Boom


Electrical Wire a Few Atoms Wide

Microsoft Exam - So Simple a 5-Year-Old Passes (but could a Caveman do it?)

"Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014" Attracts More Than a Dozen New Co-Sponsors

IoT Entering Peak of Inflated Expectations

ESA Comet Lander Goes Silent (bummer - hope it awakens when closer to sun)


Japan's Smartphone 'Zombies' Wreak Havoc on the Streets

Noise iMicrowave Amplifier Limited by Quantum Particles of Heat

The End of Broadcast Radio?

Are Wireless Phones Linked with Brain Cancer Risk? (here we go again)

AWS-3 Spectrum Auction Primer

Superconducting Cable Supplies 10,000 Households with Electricity

On-Demand Conductivity for Graphene Nanoribbons

Atomic Timekeeping, on the Go

Engineers Efficiently 'Mix' Light at Nanoscale

NA PCB Sales to Remain Flat Through the Rest of 2014

Virgin Galactic Tragedy May Mean New Space Tourism Rules

Nanomotor Lithography Answers Call for Affordable, Simpler Device Manufacturing

Vibrations Excite Electrons to Change an Insulator into a Conductor


European Space Probe Makes 1st-Ever Landing on a Comet (congrats to ESA team!)

Hackers Use Hotel Wi-Fi to Check into Victims' Computers

National Recycling Week: Turning Mobile E-Waste into Art

All the Electronics That's Fit to Print (play on NY Times' motto)

Will Google's Thread Become Threat? (what? never heard of Thread?)

Using 433 MHz for Wireless Connectivity in the IoT

O Sends C-17 to Chinese Air Show Despite Pentagon Concerns (meh, we let Iran steal our TS drone

NFL, Broadway Fight FCC Auction of Broadcast Spectrum

ARRL Seeks Input on Initial VHF-UHF-Microwave Contest Rule Changes

Market Response to Regulating Internet? Not Good

Internet Firms Far Behind Cable Companies in Political-Donations (...which explains desire to regulate)

Americans Say They Want Privacy, but Act as if They Don't

Microsoft Fixes '19-Year-Old' Bug with Emergency Patch

Space: The Final Frontier in Silicon Chemistry


U.S. and China Move Toward Ending Tariffs on High-Tech Gear

Lighter, Cheaper Radio Wave Device Could Transform Telecommunications

Rocket Bicycle Sets 207 mph Speed Record

Do Good Engineers Make Good Engineering Managers?

AMSAT Celebrates 40 Years in Space for AO-7

Wi-Fi Goes the Distance for Fixed Wireless Providers

Berlin's Digital Exiles: Where Tech Activists Go to Escape the NSA

IoT Poses New Challenges to Test Service Providers

Smartphones Team-up with QR Codes for Secure 3-D Displays

Apple Will Face Lawsuit over iMessage Woes

Google to Lease Former NASA Airfield for Space Research

Counterpoint: The Value of Radio Advertising

A Billion Holes Can Make a Battery


On LinkedIn, a Reference List You Didn't Write

GaAs/InP Wafer Bonding with Low Electrical Resistance

Auto Body Panels Used as Supercapacitors

IBM Predicts Surge in Christmas Shopping via Mobile

Department of Homeland [in]Security Employee Data Breached in "State-Sponsored Attack"

Digital Resistance is Radio's Biggest Threat

Maybe It Wasn't the Higgs Particle After All (I had my doubts all along)

Rare Mineral Discovered in Ancient Meteorite Impact Crater

AT&T's Smartwatch for Kids is Both Easier and Tougher

Europe Set to Make Space History with Comet Landing

DARPA, the Pentagon's Mad Science Ddivision

Qualcomm: More Trouble Ahead


DoD: U.S. Falling Behind China in Military Defense Technology

Huge Raid to Shut Down 400-Plus Dark Net Sites

Electronica: What to See at the Show

Nearby Phones May Soon Be Borrowing Your Bandwidth

Wrapping up the Q3 Wireless Earnings Season

AT&T to Acquire Mexican Wireless Provider, Iusacell

DARPA Funds $11M Tool to Make Coding a Lot Easier


Boeing Claims New Anti-Jam Capability

What an Engineering Education Lacks

Why HTTP Won't Work for IoT

American Legion Amateur Radio Club Plans On-Air Tribute to Veterans

Governments Request More User Data from Facebook


Macs, iPhones, iPads Under Massive WireLurker Attack

UK Government Seeks to Close Mobile Coverage Gaps

Did You Know the Lead Engineer on the Brooklyn Bridge was a Woman?

'Direct Writing' of Diamond Patterns from Graphite

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory's £1M Research Competition Affordable Space Comms and Surveillance

S-Parameters Basics

Android Hoards 84% Smartphone OS Market Share

Microgrid Could Standardize Small, Self-Sustaining Electric Grids

French Health Watchdog Warns on 3D for Children

Qualcomm Sees More China Trouble, Faces Probes in U.S., Europe

Next 12 Months 'Critical' for Future of Mobile

Physicists Hit Milestone in Accelerating Particles with Plasma


UK Rolls out eLoran as GPS Backup for Safe Navigation

South African 5 MHz Research Project Sees Unexpected Results

2014 Global Semiconductor Alliance Award Nominees Announced

Superconductivity Predicted by Supercomputer

Humans Could Have Innate Sense of Probability

Tektronix Moves into PC Spectrum Analyzers

Banner Ads: The Monster That Swallowed the Web (sure, but nobody wants to pay for website access)

'Grimsel' Electric Racing Car Breaks World Record

New Fuel Cell Runs Without High Heat

How to Choose Analog ICs, Part 1

Intel Backs Schoolboy Inventor

Anadigics' Revenue Falls 19% in Q3 Due to Decline in Legacy Mobile

Gluons Make a Significant Contribution to Proto Spin


Study Reveals Missing Boundary in Piezo Material Phase Diagram

Engineering Job Prospects 10 Years Out

Mathematicians Settle 30-Year-Old Resonance Controversy

Global Debut of SPG Keyless Room Entry from Starwood Hotels

NASA GSFC Seeks CubeSat Simulator Intern

Two Photons Strongly Coupled by Glass Fiber

DARPA Seeks to Speed Defense Electronics Development by Recycling Blocks of IP Tools

Domino's Becomes a Tech Company That Happens to Make Pizza

Google and LG Will License Each Other's Patents for Next Decade

M2M Semiconductor Market is Set for Rapid Growth

Keysight Technologies Begins Independent Trading

Scientists Propose Existence and Interaction of Parallel Worlds


TMIC Chips Pushing Limits of RF and Microwave

Professor Wants to Change Engineering Education

Upstart Oppo Offers World's Thinnest Phone

ARISS: Your Students Could Be Among Next to Speak with the ISS Crew via Ham Radio

Monster Moves to Restore a Faded Job Search Brand

1 Wi-Fi Hotspot for Every 150 People Worldwide

Scientists Show IQs on the Rise

Starbucks Claims a 90% Share of U.S. Mobile Payments Market (amazing stat)

Redefining Copyright Law in the Digital Age

Chinese Startup Halves Cost of Solid State Drives

Tablet Market Growth Fueled by Back-to-School Promotions and USA

Lidar Increases Wind Turbine Efficiency

Identification of a Gravitational Arrow of Time Proposed


Court Rules Police Can Force Users to Unlock iPhones with Fingerprints (a la movies where bad guys cut off fingers to gain access to secured facilities)

5 Science 'Facts' We Learnt at School That Are Plain Wrong

China Completes 1st Mission to Moon and Back

Telecom Italia Denies Latest Brazil Asset Sale Rumour

Radio's Profiting from the Flip to Christmas

Nanomotor Lithography for Affordable, Simpler Device Manufacturing

Military Communications Satellite Launched from Russia


White House Networks Hacked

U.S. Claims THz Transistor Speed Record

Australia: Data Retention Bill Introduced

New DX Summit Website Seeking Beta Testers

Why Xiaomi Is World's 3rd Largest Mobile Co.

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