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eBay Bidders Vie for German Enigma Machine Used in WWII

Faster Wireless Data Speeds Grow Laptop Modem Market

'Patent Trolls' May Live or Die by EBay Supreme Court Ruling

Russian Telecom Satellite Fails After Sudden Impact

IBM Develops Method to Control Atom-Scale Magnetism

Voting On Lower Cellphone Taxes in Pennsylvania

Navy Orders Jet Fighter Radar Warning Receivers from Raytheon

U.S. Venture Funds Take Direct Route to Israeli Startups

Molecule Breaks Laws of Physics, Beats Friction

RFID Tags to Assist in Tracking First Responders

DoJ Subpoenas More Tech Firms


RFMD Expands GaAs Wafer Fab

Spy Tool Available for Cell Phones

Motorola RAZR Doubles Market Share to Acquire Lead in Europe

Korea in Danger of Losing Broadband Leadership

SpaceDev Contracted by Air Force Research Lab for Nanosatellite

Soyuz ISS Expedition 13 Blasts Off with Russian, American, Brazilian Crew

Law Professor Bans Laptops in Class

NASA Eclipse Coverage Wows Worlds Web Watchers

EU Takes Issue with new Windows Plans

Google to Issue 5.3M More Shares

Unmanned Crafts Could Be "Next Great Step Forward"


Japan Undertaking Cautious Review of Military Use of Space

Bluetooth Gets a Speed Boost

Global Internet Usage Slowing Down

Qualcomm Hurls Another Suit at Broadcom

U.S. Regains Top Tech Rank for Constructive Internet Use

NASA Making Wednesday's Eclipse Available for Global Viewing

Tech Company Announces Best Day to Post Jobs on the Internet

Motorola RAZR Still Dominating U.S. Handset Sales

STMicro Aims to Be Top Semi Supplier to China

Iranian Bloggers Find Themselves Under Attack

Scientists Make Water Run Uphill

Researchers Get Neurons and Silicon Talking

Zensys Announces Move of Headquarters & Executive Leadership Changes


Tech Companies Worried About Immigration Bills

Tech Policy Think Tank Formed

Schott to Build Thin-Film Solar Plant

Analog Market to Grow 17%

EU to Tackle Cost of Cell Phone Use ‘Abroad’

Agilent Offering 802.11n Wireless Library

Brain Cells Fused with Computer Chips

South Korean RFID Vendors See Enormous Global Opportunities

U.S. House Lawmakers Offer Bill to Aid Telcos' Video

Meteorologists: New England Overdue for Big Hurricane

Saturn Ring Spokes May Re-appear in July


Ericsson Execs Reportedly on Trial for Tax Evasion

Omron Antenna Boosts RFID Performance

Process Builds Electronic Function into Optical Fiber

New 'Liquid Lens' Data for Immersion Lithography

IE Under Attack: Microsoft Ponders Emergency Patch

Supersonic Scramjet Tested in Australia

New FEC Rules Would Regulate Paid Web Ads


U.S. Telecommunications Transport Revenue to Reach $372.7 Billion by 2009

U.S. - British Relations Strained over Stealth Technology

Some Microsoft Workers Call for Heads to Roll

China's IC Demand Outpaces Production

British Telecom Attempts to Quell Excessive Downloading

Google Dominates U.K. Search Engine Market Share

SpaceX Falcon 1 Fails on Maiden Flight

Aerospace Engineers to Test Energy-Efficient Wing Design

The World's Ten Best-Selling Drugs (a Top 10 for everything now)


IBM Devises Carbon Nanotube Chip

ARRL Views BPL Manufacturer's Interference Abatement Efforts with Interest

End of the Australian Boom for Mobiles?

Broadband Users More Likely to Use Web for News

U.S. Missile Science Slumping

RFID Technology Tracks Bird Flu in China

MIT Makes Move Toward Vehicles That Morph

Sleep Deprivation: The Great American Myth

Arotech Receives Funding for Zinc-Air Battery Development

Paper Battery Developer Raises $700,000

Towards a New Test of General Relativity

Was Einstein Wrong About Space Travel?


'Executive' Monkeys Influenced by Other Executives, Not Subordinates (Dilbert fodder?)

IEEE Targets Nanoelectronics Commercialization

Over 1000 Teens Compete in Robotics Competition

New Conductive Plastic Could Lower Cost of Displays

China Preps Huge Ramp in Solar Production

Fear of Math: New Insight Into How We Count

Mobile TV Viewers Spend Increases $40 Per Month

JPL Performs First Two-Antenna Uplink Experiment

U.S. Government Presses China on Piracy Issues

Watchdog Group: Kazaa Tops List of Sneaky Software

European Space Camp in the Land of the Midnight Sun


IEEE-USA Questions H-1B Program

Airlines Lose 204,000 Bags a Year

New Wrinkle in the Mystery of High-Temperature Superconductors

Whale Telecom Suit Against Qualcomm Dismissed

Supreme Court Mulls What Can Be Patented

Glonass System to Open for Russian Consumers in 2007

Samsung Offers Flash-Based Hard Drive

Astronomers Discover a River of Stars Streaming Across the Northern Sky

Plane to Fly Without Flaps or Pilot

Record-Beaking Detector May Aid Nuclear Inspections

Used Cellphones Fit the Bill for Many

Microsoft Delays Release of 'Windows Vista'


Company Makes Good Living Through 'Patent Trolling'

Wireless-Sensor Networks Find a Fit in the Unlicensed Band

Nanoelectronics Roadmap Ams to Speed Commercialization

Customers Unwilling to Pay for Premium Services

Annual VoIP Survey Reveals Mass Migration

Light Detector Could Allow Broadband in Space

Gates Promises a New Internet Explorer Version Every Year

Climate Researchers Planning One-Petaflop Supercomputer

Shrinking Magnetic Storage Media Down to the Nanoscale

INX Debuts Emergency and Military Communications System

Scientists Discover How Coffee Can Reduce Risk of Pancreatitis


Corporate Phone Bills Now One Third Cellular

Department of Defense Raises RFID II Contract Ceiling to $424.5 Million

A Federal Case: Agencies Fail IT Security Test

Big Brother's Big Business ('re being watched)

Radar Used to Study Snow, Sleet & Rain

World's first Transparent IC

WAPI Battle Exposes Technology Rifts with China

Bush Signs Bill Targeting Knockoffs

Fuel Cells Seek Commercialization & Profits

ESA Wants Amateur Astronomers to Help Venus Express

Pirate Broadcasts Interfere With Miami Airplane Transmissions


Duke Power May Build Nuclear Power Plants

M/A-COM Acquires Advanced Automotive Antenna Testing Facility

2006 Will Be the Acid Test for Ultra Low-Cost Handsets

Bluetooth Shipments Could Hit 1/2 a Billion in 2006

"Hello" Campaign Provides Rallying Point to Promote Amateur Radio

Fossett About to Complete Yet Another Round-World Flight

Astrophysicists Find Solid Evidence for Big Bang Inflation (but where did matter originate?)

Cool Timeline Here

Carbon-Based Electronics: Circuitry & Devices Based on Graphite


Virginia Boy, 15, Recites 8,784 Digits of Pi

RIM Calls for Patent System Reform

2006 Military Technologies Conference Draws Some of the Industry's Finest

Researchers Deliver Drugs Using Wireless Implant

Semi Capital Spending Up 10% in 2006

Why the Web is Hitting a Wall in the U.S.

RFID Tags Can Transmit Computer Viruses

Computer Researchers Warn of New Net Attacks

Radar Altimetry Said Revolutionizing Ocean Surveys

Proposed California Law Would Track Predators by Satellite

Canadian Military to Probe Sale of Gear on eBay


Movie Theaters May Ask to Jam Cell Phones

Study Says Chips in ID Tags Are Vulnerable to Viruses

Near-Field Communication to Hit Mass Market in 2007

UPA Approves Powerline Specification for Home Networking

Samsung Demos New Technology for Wireless Connectivity

GSM-Based Moto RAZR Phones Reappear on Store Shelves

Google Launches Interactive Online Map of Mars (no more asking for directions!)

Stopping by the Moon on Your Way to Mars?

Chinese Wireless Backers Accuse Yanks of 'Dirty Tricks'

France's Competition Watchdog Urges SMS Regulation

Electrons 'In Limbo' Seen for First Time

Researchers Identify New Form of Superior Memory Syndrome


Consumer Electronics Boosting Jobs

Plan Would Widen Rural Areas' Access to Broadband Internet

British Rail Filed Patent for Flying Saucer in 1970

Second Galileo Launch Set for Autumn

Multinationals Seek Stakes in Israeli Startups

Study: 'Hands-Free' Cell Phones Just as Dangerous on Road

Intel Offers Peek into Research Activities

China Facing Almost Certain Environmental Disaster

There's More than Meets the Eye in Judging the Size of an Object


ISO Rejects China's WLAN Standard

British Workers Encouraged to "Switch Off" from Work

China Cracking Down on Piracy

Newspaper Identifies CIA Employees Using Internet Search

Merger to Wed BlackBerries & Pone Systems

'Brain Training' Video Game Huge Hit Among Japanese Elderly

Two Telecommunications Craft Put in Orbit by Ariane 5

Research On The Road To Intelligent Cars

Samsung's UWB-Enabled Phones w/Ad Hoc Mesh Routing for GSM Net Bypass


Razr Phones Pulled from Shelves Due to Glitch

FCC Directs Manassas BPL System to Act Following Ham's Interference Complaint

RFID Technology Advancing

Microsoft Pushes Unlicensed Spectrum Carve-Out

IEEE Web Site Works Smarter, Looks Sharper

Microsoft Unveils Origami

TSMC's February Sales Leap 40% Year-On-Year

Google Acquires Upstartle Online Word Processor

Google Acquires Online Word Processor Writely

Dell Opens up About Desktop Linux


Office Cubicle Inventor Says He's Sorry (Sort Of)

Forbes: 102 New Billionaires Join Wealthiest List - Gates on Top

China to Buy 3 Billion RFID Tags

Israeli Army Deploys RFID Technology

A Cellphone in the Shape of the Iconic UK Red Telephone Box

Fabless Revenue Topped $40 Billion in '05

China Does Wireless Its Own Way

Savi Technology Designs RFID Tags for Harsh Environments

Tougher Electronic Components Developed

Cassini Finds Possible Liquid Water on Enceladus

Arecibo Detector is Discovering Thousands of Galaxies


Raytheon Researchers Eye Boosting Laser Power to Weapons-Grade Levels

Samsung Unveils 10-Megapixel Phone

Qualcomm, 4G Systems Sign WCDMA Agreement

EU Commission to Decide on Mobile TV Within 12 Months

Microsoft Unveils Much-Hyped 'Origami' Device

Japanese Asteroid Probe Starts Talking Again

Sandia's Z Machine Exceeds Two Billion Degrees Kelvin

IBM Germany Leaves Windows for Linux

California Taking Power of Sun Mainstream


U.S. House Recognizes Engineers as Agents of Innovation

Indian Phone Subscriptions Soar 39%in Year Ended February

Paveway II Dual-Mode Laser-Guided Bomb Test Flights a Success

Renewable Energy Biz to Hit $167 Billion by 2015

China to Test TD-SCDMA in Three More Cities

Peregrine Semiconductor Aims High with Low Phase Noise

Hidden Magnetism in Superconductivity

St. Cloud, FL Goes Live with Free Wi-Fi

Carbon Fiber Cars Could Put US on Highway to Efficiency

Experimental Atomic Clock Uses Ytterbium Pancakes

Popular U.K. Bill Would Give Hackers 10 Years in Prison


Wireless USB Technology to Hit Stores by 2006Q3

Europe to Invest $3 Billion in Embedded Program

RFMD Expands Following Influx of Cash

Toronto City-Wide Wi-Fi Network Expected by Fall

Hydrogen Powered Cars to Be a GM Staple

Hypres Wideband All-Digital Receiver Earns DoD Approval

Japanese Scientists Refine Gasoline From Cow Dung

AT&T-BellSouth Deal Dials Back Ma Bell, 10,000 Layoffs Possible

Security Watch: Apple (not MS) Update Plugs 20 Security Holes

EU Spacecraft to Slam into the Moon (on purpose)

The Buzz: RIM's BlackBerry Saved


Australians Consider Ditching Landlines Within 2 Years

Engineers Not Left Out of Oscar Action

Motorola Private Jet Crashes

AT&T Buys BellSouth for $67 Billion

Samsung Adds 8 GB Hard Drive to Mobile Phone

Senator Opposes Pentagon Plan to Downgrade Space Command

Wi-Fi Alliance® Chooses Azimuth Test Equipment for Certification Program

'Nano Skins' Show Promise as Flexible Electronic Devices

NASA Awards 5 Million Hours of Supercomputing Time to Researchers

Investment Group Said to Target Beijing for Wafer Fab

Think Solar Not Nuclear for Energy of the Future, Say UK Scientists


Finns to Test Mobile Phone Radiation on Human Skin

ARRL Ham Aid "Gear Ready to Go" Awaits Next Disaster

RIM's $613 Million Compromise

Phone Companies Add More Broadband Customers than Cable

NASA Pushes Back New Millennium ST5 Launch to March 14

Russians to No Longer Pay for Incoming Mobile Calls

Hubble Confirms Pluto's New Moons

Microsoft Wants U.S. Courts in EU Fight


Chinese Push for Local Domain Names

Air Force Wants Industry Ideas on Balloon-Based Radio Relay System

Philadelphia to Offer $20 Monthly Wi-Fi Access

Bush's India Visit Expands Technology Partnerships

U.S., India Seek Closer Military, Technology Ties

Study Finds Passengers Defy Cell Phone Ban on Planes

Idling Computers Crack Nazi Enigma Codes

EU to Microsoft: Comply or Pay Up

Magnetic Phenomenon May Improve RAM Memories & Capacity of HDDs

Satellite Connectivity for Airline Passengers & Government Apps


Russian Rocket Misfires, Satellite Likely Lost (Loral: send Bernard Schwartz ala w/China)

Trojan Virus Attacks Cellphones

Home Workers More Productive, Liberated

Europe Suffers 8.2% Year-on-Year Decline in Chip Sales

SIA: January Chip Sales Up 7% Year-on-Year

Scaling Problems Beset Semiconductor Industry

Study Suggests Passengers Risking Safety by Ignoring Airline Rules

Internet Phone Service Soaring in U.S.

New Twist in Classical Mechanics Finds Way Around 225-Year-Old Paradox

Bio-Diesel Car Rental Opens In Los Angeles


Eight Companies to Investigate Lethal Effects of High-Power Microwaves

40% of World's 82,000 Hotspots in the U.S.

Mobile Text Addicts Damaging Their Digits

Cambridge Project Advances Materials for Wireless Apps

Study: Cellphones Can Impact Cockpit Devices

Senators Wage Tax War on Broadband

Russian Governor Targets U.S. Investors

EETimes VC Counter Breaks Through $1/2-Billion

Windows Vista: A Sneak Peek

Tensions High in China & Taiwan