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Technical Headline News Archive - October 2014

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

All the News Fit to Link™

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Lenovo Completes Motorola Takeover after Google Sale

Nokia Net Boosts Smartphone Browsing Speed by 20% While Reducing Power Consumption by 40%

RF Performance of Junctionless Trigate GaN FETs

Physicists Pave the Way for Quantum Interfaces

Tiny Carbon Nanotube Pores Make Big Impact

Bluetooth Smart Improvements Appear in More Devices

Movie Theaters Ban Google Glass and Other Camera-Toting Wearables (yet cellphones have cameras)

STMicroelectronics to cut 450 Jobs

IoT Isn't Just Buzz

Microsoft Cuts 3,000 Jobs

SEMICON Japan 2014: New Venue and New Ideas for Rebounding Industry

People Trust NSA More Than Google


Record-Breaking THz Circuit Could Open New Bands of Spectrum

Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio Payloads Among Those Lost in Launch Explosion

RF and MEMS Technologies to Enable the IoT

1st Commercial Mission to Moon Launched from China

Elon Musk Warns Against Developing AI, Compares It to 'Summoning the Demon'

Smart Watches to Reach over 100M by 2019

Copper Cube Cooled to Near Absolute Zero in New World Record

LG Plans Quantum Dot TVs

Verizon's Changes to Mobile Web Traffic Limit Your Privacy

Mobile Malware Takes Victims by Surprise

Students - Imagination Hosts Robot Programming Challenge

FTC sues AT&T over Unlimited Data Plans


Spooky Wi-Fi Hotspot Name Grounds Plane

You Know You're An Engineer If …

Envelope Tracking Market to Exceed 4B Units by 2018 (post office needs these)

Liquid Helium Offers Fascinating New Way to Make Charged Molecules

CERN Seeks Help with Photo Archive Captions

How Wi-Fi Is Driving New Competition in the Mobile Market

Cutting Power Could Dramatically Boost Laser Output

Glowing 'Smart Cycle Lanes' Pitched to UK

Mobile Device and Wearable Vendors Are Struggling with User Interface Complexity

Detroit's Stupid Plan to Kill Tesla

Best Classic Rock Stations Announced

Light-Matter Interaction Can Turn Opaque Materials Transparent


Keyless Cars 'Increasingly Targeted by Thieves Using Computers'

Budget Pressures Push Air Force to Mull Commercial Satellite Tracking (how about Russia or China - they launch our astronauts now)

Indian Radio Amateurs Continue Communication Support Following Cyclone

Cable Sees Big Future in Wi-Fi as Video Gives Way to OTT, High Programming Costs

World Record Data Transmission with Smart Circuits

Terrestrial Broadcast TV down, but Is It Out?

Light-Matter Interaction Can Turn Opaque Materials Transparent

Materials Trick Might Help Move Computers Beyond Silicon

Google Exec Breaks Sound Barrier in 135,890' Sky Dive

DRS Unveils Next-Gen RF Tuners for UAVs

Smartphones Stuck in the Slow Lane

Compound in Cocoa Reverses Age-Related Memory Loss


FCC Delays Start of 600 MHz Incentive Auction to Early 2016

Porsche and Mercedes Want Electric Cars That Can Fight Tesla

Twitter Invites Us to Say Goodbye to Passwords (this will be compromised quickly)

Marines Eye Full Production of G/ATOR Radar

Liquid Helium Offers Fascinating New Way to Make Charged Molecules

Chicago to Get NFC Mobile Ticketing in 2016

Israel's Solar-Powered 'Trees': For Smartphones and Community


4 Connected Devices for Every Person in World by 2020

The Queen Sends Her 1st Tweet to Launch Science Museum Gallery

Simpler Superconducting Promised by Nanowire Device

Radio Amateurs Report Hearing 4M Moon Orbiter JT65B Signal

How Big Data is Paying off for DOD


Reinvention of Broadcast TV: 10 Things to Know (the electronics renaissance man in me roots for the movement)

The Slide Rule: A Computing Device That Put a Man an the Moon

Broad-Bandwidth Amplifier That Ups Gain by More than 10 dB

Calling 911 on Your Cell? It's Harder to Find You Than You Think

China's 5-Year Plan Revealed

Man Who Jumped from Radio Tower: Forever 38

Ultra-Thin 3-D Display Tech Operates w/o Power Source

Industry Standards for Integrating RF and Microwave Components in EW and SIGINT Proposed

GaN Could Win over SiC for Power Design (GaN needs a high volume champion)

Magnetic Mirrors Enable New Technologies by Reflecting Light in Uncanny Ways

Let Isaac Asimov Lead Your Brainstorming Session

Hackable Flaws in Medical Devices Investigated

New Devices Based on Metamaterials


Woman Charged with Planting Spyware on Cop's Phone

FEMA Administrator Touts Radio and FM Chip

AT&T's Focus on Connected Cars Beginning to Pay Off

Spectrum Scarcity Sparks Need for Regulatory Support and Research

Microsoft Ditching the Nokia Name on Smartphones

Lithium Battery Charges 70% in 2 Minutes

Are Old Cars Better Than New Cars? (go ahead and chime in)

Indonesia's New President, VP Are Radio Amateurs

European Companies Can Fast Track into China

EEs Explore Life after CMOS

Nanofluid That Improves Heat Conductivity

Cosmic Rays Threaten Future Deep-Space Astronaut Missions

Yahoo Revenue and Profit Surpass Estimates


Technology and Inequality (rich vs. poor)

ARRL On-Line Auction Gets Underway on Thursday, October 23

5G Will Drive Test Equipment Surge

Seeking 'Absolute Zero', Copper Cube Gets Chillingly Close

Envelope Tracking Takes off in LTE Phones

USAF Launches Space Operations Initiative to Find Technologies to Control Orbital Space

Michigan's New Law 'Clarifies' Ban on Tesla's Direct Sales Model

TI's Rosy Outlook Defies Microchip's Gloom

Wild Molecular Interactions in New Hydrogen Mixture

Auction Offers Fascinating Glimpse into History of Science and Technology

Staples Investigating Theft of Payment Card Data

Audi Claims Self-Drive Car Speed Record

When Women Stopped Coding (it's men's fault - who'd have guessed?)


Air Force Awards Deal for Next-Gen 3D Radar

New 100 Gbps High-Speed Transatlantic Network to Benefit Science Collaborations

IARU Administrative Council Resolution Seeks to Rein in Electromagnetic Interference

Nokia Software Claims 80% Reduction in Smartphone Signaling

Tunisia's Emerging Tech Sector Hampered by Old Policies

IBM Pays $1.5B to Offload Chip Unit as Profit Falls

As Revenue Dips, China Mobile Pushes 4G

Phone Soars While iPad Languishes

Imaging Electric Charge Propagating Along Microbial Nanowires

IoT Group Turns off TV Band

Starbucks to Offer Mobile Ordering and Payments Across U.S. in 2015

Does Lockheed Martin Really Have a Breakthrough Fusion Machine?


AMD Plans 7% Layoffs

Chinese Find Number URLs Easier Than Letters

Automation Market Set for Extended Boom Times

Report Details Sequestration's Impact on DOD Contractor Spending (lots of defense budget $$$ diverted to unrelated 'renewable' energy & social programs)

Apply Now for Space Station Ham Radio Contact Opportunities

Building Supply Chains to Rival China

Trying to Live in the Moment (and Not on the Phone)

U.S. Military Stuck in the Ditch

Superheterodyne Image Response (interesting analysis - all for naught per commenter Erickk)

Disney Rendered Big Hero 6 on 55,000-Core Supercomputer


Military GaAs Device Market to Grow at CAGR of 13% to over $0.5B by 2018

Russian 'Smart' Mini-Satellites to Go into Orbit in 2016

Lockheed Makes Breakthrough on Fusion Energy Project

Costly Internet Tax Could Be on the Horizon (it's inevitable)

Simple Way to Build 3-D Materials of the Future


Samsung Makes 7.5 Gbps 5G Speed Claim

Teal Names Big 11 Defense Electronics Companies

Silicon Valley's Biggest Internet Mistake

Smart Meters Can Be Hacked to Cut Power Bills

Free PCB Design Tool Includes 3D Modeling

Semiconductor Market in India is Expected to Reach US$ 52.58B by 2020 (4-digit precision in estimate, eh?)

FBI Director Calls 'Dark' Devices a Hindrance to Crime Solving

Scientists Look to Mine Metals from Plants

Lockheed Martin Pursues Compact Fusion Reactor Concept

Component Distribution Can Take Hybrid Approach

Stop Airing School Closings. It's Bad Radio

NYC Brings Carrier and WiFi Coverage to More Subway Stations

Light bending Material Facilitates the Search for New Particles

Engineering Disasters: Deadly Zaps from the Therac-25

Open Source Needs to Get with the Security Program


Qualcomm to buy CSR for £1.6B - RF Cafe Qualcomm to Buy CSR for £1.6B ($2.6B US)

Earth's Magnetic Field Could Flip Within a Human Lifetime (invest in magnetic compass pointer retrofit companies now)

Google Glass User Treated for Internet Addiction

FM Chip Gets Support from UNCOM

World's Thinnest Electric Generator Created

'Smart' Li-Ion Battery Warns of Fire Hazard

Many Young People Addicted to Internet

Samsung's Note 4 Smartphone Gives Glimpse of Computing's Future

EU Near Agreement with China over Telecom Equipment Subsidies

Skyworks Raises Guidance for Quarterly revenue Growth to 51% YoY and 22% Sequentially (whoa!)

Smart Bracelet Doubles As Handset for Your Phone

Australian Teams Set New Records for Silicon Quantum Computing

New Exotic Particle Could Help Explain What Holds Matter Together

Antilog Converter Linearizes CO2 Sensor

U.S. Troops Assisting in Ebola Mission May be Quarantined (note ladder on left is not locked)


Broadcasters Want Your Phone to Be Mix of Online and Old-School Radio

Microchip Forecast Dip Triggers Debate

Ireland to Phase out 'Double Irish' Tax Break Used by Tech Giants

Internet Caretaker ICANN to Escape U.S. Control

Is U.S. Ready for a Determined Cyber Attack?

ARRL Executive Committee Adopts Mobile Amateur Radio Operation Policy

Magnetic Superconductor: Strange Bedfellows

At 113, Woman Lies About Her Age So She Can Join Facebook

Instead of Google Glass, How About a Tiny Telescope? (looks like an old girly peep show viewer)

Dropbox Leak Highlights Password Security Dangers

Homes at Center of Smart Metering Revolution

Lightning Strike Becomes EMP Weapon

AT&T's New Travel Plans Let You Text All You Want

OPEC Split as Oil Prices Fall Sharply

Intel Profits up 13% on Recovering PC Market (another 'expert' prediction gone bad)


Ofcom Eyes Commercial White Spaces Services in 2015

China's Wafer Foundry Market Sees 15% Growth in 2014

Getting Sharp Images from Dull Detectors

The Intel of Things: How Chip Giant Plans to Own IoT

New Records Set for Silicon Quantum Computing

Ebla 'Most Severe Acute Health Emergency in Modern Times' (pols brought it to America)

Samsung Accelerates Wi-Fi Speeds

History of GaN-on-Diamond Technology

Market Signals Possible Weakness in Wireless and Mobile

Microchip Forecast Dip Triggers Debate

Radio Amateurs in India Fill Communication Gaps in Cyclone's Wake

Understanding the Hardness of Metals

Russian Phone Operators Could Become GLONASS Shareholders

Cantilever Bridge to Higher Bandwidth from VCSELs

Neutrinos with "Fuzzy" Quantum Mass Solves Solar Neutrino Problem


The 5 Biggest Job Cutters in Wireless in 2014

UK Public Fears Advance of Internet-Enabled Devices Amid Security Concerns

Pros and Cons of Bluetooth Low Energy

Man Offers to Swap House for New iPhone

Microsoft's Quantum Mechanics

Radio Waves Used to Detect Subtle Changes in Pressure

MS's Nadella's Advice on Raises Stirs Discussion Among Women (he stepped in it big time!)

China's Emerging 3D Printing Market Will Grow 4x

Apple's Designer Accuses Copycats of Theft

Sales of Gas Masks, Bio-Hazard Suits Soar


Korea Communications Commission (KCC) Called for Patience Amid New Subsidy Rules

Superfast Internet Likely to Spawn 'Telepresence'

Amazon to Open 1st Brick-and-Mortar Site

Discovery of New Subatomic Particle Sheds Light on Fundamental Force of Nature

The Ominous Math of the Obola Epidemic


Dissolvable Silicon Circuits and Sensors

Devices Being Remotely Wiped in Police Custody

Simple Trick to Measure Plane Impedance with VNA

Retro Radio Reproductions Look Good, Sound Terrific

Revamped Large Hadron Collider Set to Restart

Marines Will Take Android Smartphones into the Field

A Cold-Atom Ammeter

Late October Exercise to Test MARS-ARES Interoperability

Highest, Lowest Wireless Tax Rates

Unstoppable Magnetoresistance

MATLAB Gets New Graphics System

Frozen Fuel Lines Made ESA Satellites Go off Course

Chip Options Sought as Costs Rise

Healthcare Smartphone Accessory Sales to Exceed $3B by 2019

Tim Berners-Lee, Web Creator, Defends Net Neutrality


China Overtakes U.S. as World's Largest Economy (more Change w/o Hope)

Radio Amateur is Among Nobel Prize in Chemistry Winners

Nokia's Largest Plant to Shut Down in India

USAF Picks Raytheon for Transportable Radar

Debate over Cellphones in Schools Continues

PCIA to Set Wireless Training Standards

Mechanism of Photoconduction Could Lead to Next-Generation Excitonic Devices

New Fusion Reactor Could Be Cheaper Than Coal

Paper-Thin and Touch-Sensitive Displays on Various Materials

6000 Aussie Mobile Black Spots Waiting for Fix

How to Think Like an Engineer

India Puts Spacecraft into Orbit Around Mars

Experiments Confirm Einstein's Time Dilation and Quantum Electrodynamics (once again)

ATM Machine Hack 'Dispenses Wads' of Cash

USAF Infrared Satellite System Gets to Next Step


ARRL Investigating Web Server Breach (is nothing sacred?)

The Technician's Voice in Flightline Testing

IMF Trims Forecast for Global Economic Growth

How to Become a Tower Climber

Blue LED Inventors Win Nobel Prize

Lighting Sheets Would Use ½ as Much Power as Light Bulbs (interesting)

Top 20 US Graduate Engineering Programs

Even Techies Limit Their Children's Screen Time

EU Hosts Anti-Muslim-Extremist Tech Meeting

Quantum Probe Enhances Electric Field Measurements

Chicago Transit Users Get ½ Price Rides When Paying by NFC

Dubai Police Add Facial Recognition to Google Glass

Gold Version of BlackBerry Passport on the Way?

Middle East's First Voice over LTE Call in Commercial Network

Sub-Picofarad Measurement with CMOS Inverters


Scientists Sound Alarm over Long Wait for Nobel Prize

HP Splits Again, Adds 5,000 Layoffs

European Semi Sales up in August over July

MacArthur Genius Grants: Don't Call Them, They'll Call You

Tech and Telecoms Groups Fight to Dominate 'Internet of Things (IoT)

Tiny Conical Tips Fabricate Nanoscale Devices Cheaply

Samsung Electronics Forecasts 60% Fall in Quarterly Profit

People Can't Live Without the Internet

World Radiosport Team Championship 2018 Will Be in Germany

Teen Hormones and Cellphones

Studying the Steve Jobs Industrial Complex

Attack Code for 'Unpatchable' USB Flaw Released

Sprint Moves on New Job Cuts

U.S. Manufacturing: A Remembrance and a Look Ahead

Hackers' Attack Cracked 10 Financial Firms in Major Assault


1:10 Cell Sites Violate FCC Rules Limiting RF Exposure

Town Built for Driverless Cars

Why Turn Cars into Smartphones?

Telecom Posts Mixed Employment Stats

Physicists Observe Elusive Particle That is Its Own Antiparticle

Untangling How Cables Coil

True or False: How Well Do You Know Nobel Prizes?

U.S. Keeping Nuclear Warheads in Case of Killer Asteroids

Newly Discovered Particle Both Matter and Antimatter at Same Time

$200M Photonics Effort to Keep U.S. Ahead


Marriott Hotel Fined for Blocking Cellular Backhauled Wi-Fi Devices

The Scope ... from Hell!

UK Cable Broadband Internet Speeds 'Faster Than Fibre'

Air Force Research Lab Chooses 7 Companies for Advanced Spectrum Warfare Work

Navy Puts Autonomous 'Swarmboats' into Action


Looking Deeper to Identify Counterfeit Microchips

3D Magnet Stack Subs for Transistors

Cheap Hybrid Outperforms Expensive Metal as Fuel Cell Catalyst

5 Ways the Superintelligence Revolution Might Happen

Radio Still Dominates Music Listening

Horizon Contests OSHA Cell Tower Citations

New Nanomaterial Introduced into Electrical Machines

Phone Boxes Turn Green to Charge Mobiles

Security Researchers Detail 'Unpatchable' USB Hack

Why 4.4B People Still Don't Have Internet Access (conclusion: you're too cheap to pay for it)

Simultaneous Imaging of Ferromagnetic and Ferroelectric Domains

Dolphins Are Attracted to Magnets

5G Roadmap Video

• Birmingham University Enables AC to DC Power Grid Transition

Hands on with Windows 10's New Features


Airlines Told to Change Cockpit Screens in Boeing Planes Due to WiFi Interference

How to Become a Tower Climber: Pay, Benefits and Schedule

New Frontier in Error-Correcting Codes

ARRL Takes Issue with NTIA's WRC-15 Proposal for 5 MHz

There's No Clear Business Model for LTE Broadcast

U.S. Attorney General Urges Tech Companies to Leave Back Doors Open on Gadgets for Police (AG 'urging' akin to IRS 'asking' people to pay takes)

Research Sheds New Light on Why Rechargeable Batteries Fail

U.S. Charges Four with Stealing $100M in Software

Mobile Malware: Small Numbers, but Growing

7 Tricks for Estimating Battery Life Accurately

Google Strips Down News Service to Pacify German Publishers

Bluetooth Plug-and-Play Electronics Kit

12 Weird Technology Acquisitions

FCC Releases Info Package for Broadcasters Tied to 600 MHz Incentive Auction

Bats May Be Mistaking Wind Turbines for Trees (dumb bats)


Actor Tim Allen Gets His Ham Ticket For Real (flashback from 2011)

RFID-Reading Drone Tracks Structural Steel Products in Storage Yard

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 System with Return of Start Menu

Navy Tracks How Solar Events Can Disrupt Satellite Navigation

Entanglement Made Tangible ('spooky action at a distance' is an apt description)

Robust Domestic Mobile Broadband Market Needs More Spectrum

Car Connectivity Going Mainstream

Electronic Brain by 2023 (just in time as most human brains go smooth)

Hands-Free, Mind-Free: What We Lose Through Automation

Cat and Mouse Game of Missiles and Anti-Missiles

eBay to Spin off PayPal (that didn't last long)

At the Interface of Math and Science

Crackdown on Spying Apps Leads to StealthGenie CEO's Arrest

Google, Silicon Labs Mesh for ZigBee-Like Protocol

Saying Hello to Ello, an Ad-Free Facebook


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