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Nokia Facing Massive $17.7B Patent Lawsuit

Top 5 Superbowl Advertisers

Stock Price Correlated to Likeability of Super Bowl Ads

UK Defense Ministry May Sell Radio Spectrum

Companies Team for Sub-$100 3G Linux Phone

Siemens Extends Amnesty Offer in Corruption Probe

Airlines to Install 4,000 Picocells for Passenger GSM and Wi-Fi Services by 2011

Capacitor Maker Closes Two European Plants (another move to China)

3-D Laser May Help Find Roadside Bombs

Future of UK Digital Radio May Be Bleak

Surprises Stream Back from Mercury's Messenger

Cell Phone Directory Rings Alarm Bells

Study: US Broadband Goal Nearly Reached

Screen-Printed Solar Cells in Many Colors and Designs, Even Used in Windows

Shell's 'Obscene' £13.9B Profit is Biggest Ever by British Company

Ramping Up for Bluetooth's Second Decade

Confusion Reigns Over TV Transition

GSE Reaches 10%-Efficient CIGS Production on Flexible Substrate

Personal Navigation Devices will be Complemented, not Replaced, by Handset-Based Navigation Solutions


U.S. Top Tech Early Adopter List

Four Arrested for Stealing iPhone Shipment

Wireless Auction Concerns Rise as Some Airwaves Languish

New Kind of Transistor Radios Shows Capability of Nanotube Technology

Damaged Cable KOs Internet in Middle East

USPTO to Administer National Medal of Technology and Innovation

Study Shows Deficiencies in the Use of Communications Technologies

SEMI Creates Solar Group

'Bluetooth Bandits' Charged in Bank Robberies

IBM Union Group Petitions Against "Pay Cuts"

HP Leads TI in Top 30 MEMS Ranking for 2007

Magnetism Loses Under Pressure

Northrop Grumman's Global Hawk Surpasses Expectations, Establishes Delivery Record in 2007

WJ Raises Revenue and Profit Estimates Again

U.S. Military Prepares to Handle Crashing Spy Satellite

Astronauts Go on Risky Spacewalk to Fix ISS Power

Lithium, Beryllium May be Bondable

HI-MEMS: Control Circuits Embedded in Pupal Stage Successfully


Get Paid for Your Next Interview (if you are really good)

It Missed Us - NASA Scientists Get First Images of Earth Flyby Asteroid

ARRL Board Authorizes New Section Positions, Adopts Budget

USPTO Expands Patent Prosecution Highway Network to Canadian, Korean Patent Offices

Could a Nanotube-Based Drug Prevent Radiation Injury?

Intel Becomes Largest Purchaser of Green Power in the U.S.

ITT to Upgrade Precision Approach Radar Systems in Brazil

Agilent 2008/09 T&M Catalog Now Online

SkyCross Announces iMAT Antenna for MIMO Apps

Apple Lost Up to $400 Million in Revenues from Unlocked iPhones

China's Weapons Exceed Self-Defense Needs: U.S. Military (What is the DoD complaining about? We sold China all the technology they were willing to pay for.)

Broadcast Radio Unlikely to Return to Past Growth

Man Arrested in eBay Sale of Historic Documents

Chemists Find Way to Make Highly Pure Carbon Nanotubes

Russian Re-entry Glitch Caused by Faulty Cable

LEDs to be Common in Office, Garage, Residential by End of 2008

Problem of Quantum Dot 'Blinking' Solved


Veteran Double Amputee Walks Again Due to Bluetooth

Asteroid to Make Rare Close Flyby of Earth January 29

VC Investing Hits 6-Year High in 2007, Semi Funding Declines

Scientists Create Material That Doesn't Reflect Light

Arkansas Health Department Sponsors Amateur Radio Training

Microchips Everywhere Could Mean Total Loss of Privacy

Cell Phone Can Read Documents for Blind

Research Aims to Develop DNA-Based Electronic Devices

Micro Systems Wins $3.5M Contract to Supply Avionics for USAF Aerial Target

Eurofighter to Cost Several More Billion Euros

South Korea Research Institute Forges Ties with NASA

Engineering Schools Strive to Serve up Pinter with Planck

Handset Shipments Up in ‘07, but ‘08 Forecast Cut

4-Year-Olds Pump up Mobile Phone Sales

Study Shows eBay Buyers Save Billions of Dollars

Has Microsoft Disavowed Vista?

Dental Tooth Fillings Containing Mercury Don't Affect Children's Brain Development (another flip-flop?)

New Techniques Create Butanol, A Superior Biofuel


The 700 MHz Race

Asteroid to Make Rare Close Flyby of Earth January 29

Defunct Spy Satellite Falling from Orbit

Tech Firms Weather Recession Storm Clouds

2007 Was 10th Warmest for U.S., 5th Warmest Worldwide


Russian Firm Offers Funeral Service for Mobile Phones

China Now Rivals United States in Technology Competitiveness: Georgia Tech Report

High-Tech Gadgets May Be Hazardous to Your Love Life

Top Bids $2.4B as Wireless Auction Opens

Malware Spreading in Cell Phones, Security Firm Warns

Cell Phone Sensors Detect Radiation to Thwart Nuclear Terrorism (while cooking your brain)

White House Wants Immunity for Electronic Surveillance

Air Force Adds More Repeaters to California PAVE PAWS Problem List

FCC Proposes New Localism Requirements (a back door Fairness Doctrine revival?

IFI Extends 2007 Sale Prices One More Week

Angry Employee Deletes All of Company's Data

Scientists Succeed in Storing Quantum Bit

Panasonic Semiconductor Invests $93.6M in Second China Factory

Oil Company Claims Radio Broadcast Endangers Fuel Depot Workers

ICs Cooled with Sound Waves

India, France Tighten Defense Relations

2008 National Electrical Code® (NFPA 70®) Now Available


Methode Plans to Move Work out of U.S., Cut 700 Jobs (the drain continues)

IBM Responds to Overtime Lawsuits with 15% Salary Cuts

Global Market for Large and Advanced Batteries Worth $11.35B by 2012

Mandatory Federal Wall-Wart Regs Preempt Hodge-Hodge at State Level

Digi-Key Corporation to Carry Wurth Electronics Midcom Product Line

World's Best Microscope Can Produce Images Less Than Diameter of Single Hydrogen Atom

Mobile Phone Shipments Head for 1.2B in 2008

Wi-Fi for Airline Passengers Moves Closer to Reality

ST, Moto, Qimonda, Spansion Record Significant Losses

Counterfeit Grey Market Struggles in 2008

Google Ties up with Japan's DoCoMo to Grow Abroad

Tech Comes to the Rescue in Winter Sports

Ulysses Spacecraft Flies over Sun's North Pole

Rumsfeld: U.S. Needs Online Strategic-Communications Agency

Student Fined for Attack Against Estonian Website

eBay to Lower Auction Fees

Mystery May Be Solved for Texas Town Abuzz Over UFO Sightings


FCC Bids out 700 Megahertz Spectrum Licenses; AT&T, Verizon Top Bidders

Electronics Skills Shortage a Focus for House of Commons

Global W-CDMA Base Doubles as CDMA Decline Gathers Pace

Navigation Systems Uses Nearby WLANs

ARISS Team Looking for Ground Stations

IBM Riles Employees with Base Pay Cuts

China Starts Hearing on Mobile Roaming Charges

SIM Cards Help Solve Crimes

U.S. Details Export Reforms

Motorola's 4Q Income Tumbles 84%

STMicro Reports $477M Loss in 2007

TriQuint Unveils Optical Lithography Foundry Process for High-Volume, Millimeter-Wave Products

Thousands Protest Nokia Plant Closing

China Electricity Supplier Warns of Power Crisis

Nanotech Retrofit Sharpens X-Rays

Industry to Pay for Right to Pollute Under EU Plans

Japanese Astronaut to Throw Boomerang in Space


Wall St. Nose-Dives, Dow Briefly Down over 460 Points

National Semi Lays Off 200

Harrison Re-Elected ARRL President at January Board Meeting

Call for Presidential Candidates to Tackle Tech Issues

Paper Aeroplane to be Dropped 240 Miles from International Space Station to Earth

The Unseen Benefits of a Slowdown

EU Official Says IP Address is Personal Info

CIA: Hackers Have Shut Down Foreign Power Grids

Radio Revenues Will Remain Weak in Q1

Yahoo Expected to Cut Hundreds of Jobs

Site Charges Flat Rates for Semiconductor IP

Modernization of North American Joint Forces to Increase Military Power Supplies Market

Ion Engine to Propel Spacecraft to Mercury

Snow Falls (along with stock prices) in Silicon Valley

Couple to Sue Subway over Leaked Kiss Video


World Markets in Largest Crash Since 9/11

Patent Reform Debate Heads to U.S. Senate

Recipients of First-Ever Yasme Excellence Awards Announced

Fujitsu Reorganizes Semiconductor Operations

EU Considering Halting State Subsidies to Foreign Investors

GPS Devices and Systems Will Surpass 900 Million Unit Shipments by 2013

Sanyo to Sell Cellphone Business to Kyocera on April 1

Mobile Phone Radiation Wrecks Your Sleep

T&M Industry Trends Toward Software-Defined Instrumentation

Vodafone to Spend US$6 Billion Over 3 Years in India

Overseas Investors Buy Aggressively in U.S.

European, Asian Markets Plunge Amid Pessimism over U.S. Stimulus Plan

New Standards to Protect U.S. Power Utilities Against Cyber Attacks

<$1/W: A Solar Panel on Every Building

Boy Pupils Scolded 5x as Much as Girls


Chess Master Bobby Fischer Dies at 64

Economy to Impact Global Tech: Wall Street Needs to Take off Rose-Colored Glasses

What Are the Health Effects of Wireless Communication Devices?

FCC Resumes Testing of Internet Devices

Sears First to Test 2-D Bar Codes


Contact Lenses with Circuits, Lights a Possible Platform for Superhuman Vision (very cool)

Dell Laptops Give You Jolt

Lunar Echo Experiment looking for Amateur Radio Participants

Skyworks Grows Quarterly Revenue a Higher-than-Expected 11%

Techs Could be Slipping into Gloom

Kyocera Positions Indian Center for Wireless Development

German Industry Says EU Pollution Plan Threatens a Million Jobs

EU May Cut Cost of Texting, Mobile Data

Sprint to Slash 4,000 Jobs after Subscriber Losses

Materials' Crystal Properties Illuminated by Mathematical 'Lighthouse'

A Revolution in Batteries

Electronics Failure Cited in Heathrow Crash

Classroom Scientists Shoot for Space

Microsoft Accused of Patent Violation in China


Physicists Create World's Tiniest Trophy, to be Awarded on Super Bowl Sunday

Companies Launch Gadget Buyback Services for Frequent Upgraders

Bluetooth Turns 10, Pushes Spec Enhancements

Germans Urged to Boycott Nokia

Jet Propulsion Lab's Amateur Radio Club Marks 50 Years in Space

European Regulators Report on Roaming Tariff Reductions

Pizza Hut rolls out Nationwide Mobile Ordering

Web Hosting Firm Overcharges 600,000 Domain Users $7.5 Million

Arizona Space Industry Generates Over 250M Dollars Annually, Creates 3,300 Jobs

Solar Industry Faces More Supply, Falling Prices

Will Global Recession Hand the Equipment Industry to China?

Microsoft Warns of Excel Zero-Day Attack

Sweden Military Calls for End of Conscription

Researchers Convert Coconut Oil to Power Cars

Norway Aims to be Carbon Neutral by 2030

U.S. Teens Confident in Their Inventiveness


Nokia to Close Germany Plant, Lay Off 2,300

FCC Chief Says Economy Could Hurt Wireless Sale

Telecommuting has Negative Impact on Workers in the Office

ARRL Co-Founder Hiram Percy Maxim II Passes Away at 72

Los Alamos Chief Calls for More U.S. National Science Efforts

Pushing the Limits of Computer Chip Miniaturization

Eutelsat oo Drive Satellite Broadband to New Frontiers with First Full KA-Band Satellite Infrastructure

Cobham Buys SPARTA for $416M

'Hybrid' Semiconductors Show Zero Thermal Expansion; Could Lead to Hardier Electronics

USPTO to Hold National Trademark Expo

Booming Mobile Business Data Growth Likely to Slow

Intel to Reveal 2 Billion Transistor Chip at ISSCC

Raytheon Wins $232M Army Precision-Guided Projectile Development Contract

Two Chinese Auto Makers Ready Plans to Invade U.S. Market

Wholesale Prices Rise 6.3 Percent in 2007

A New Face of Mercury Revealed as Messenger Speeds By


Tesla Motors Mass Firings - Apply Within

RFID Tags to be Implanted in UK Convicts

Beefing up Magnets for Electric-Drive Cars

Applied Materials to Cut 1,000 Jobs

Be Cautious of Non-Quantitative 2008 Forecasts, Researchers Say

Motley Fool: XM the 'Worst Stock of 2008'?

Cheap Phones Bring Chip Opportunities

Scientists Create Darkest Material (no, it's not a report on U.S. high tech job losses)

EADS to Build Planes in U.S. if it Wins Tanker Contract

In-Car Electronics Now ‘Critical’ to Vehicle Design

Britain's Fastest Supercomputer Unveiled

IBM's Very Good Year

UK Agency Warns British Schools to Avoid Windows Vista

Plugs to Become Thing of the Past, Device Unveiled that Sends Electricity Through Air

Ferrari Unveils Ethanol-Powered Sports Car (ahem... RF Cafe accepts donations)

Odds Growing for U.S. Recession

Europe Plans 10 Space Missions for 2008

GM Betting on Driverless Cars


Jealous Spouses Track Their Partners by Mobile Phone in Hong Kong

Motorola Mobile Phone Powered by Fuel Cell

Hurdles Still Loom as TV Stations Start Mobile Field Trials

2-D Bar Code to Hit U.S. in April

IEEE Conference Follows CES into Future

Keithley Takes on Auto, Aero Challenges

Helping Nanotechnology Innovations Move from Lab to Market

HP's Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones Approved by FCC

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Impacts Contractors, Agencies

Video Ads Are Planned for Grocery Carts

Bluetooth to Invade Soccer Fields

EU Says Costs for Galileo Satellite Project Reliable

New Understanding for Superconductivity at High Temperatures

China Mobile Ends Talks with Apple on iPhone Handset

U.S. Navy Considers Bringing Back Dormant 4th Fleet

How to Handle Carbon Dioxide? Lock it in Rock

Boss Fires Non-Smokers


Used Semiconductor Equipment Market on the Rise

Consumer Electronics Sales to Reach $171B in 2008

NASA Spacecraft to Make Historic Flyby over Mercury


Cambridge University Admissions Checks Applicants' Facebook

Body Heat to Power Cell Phones?

Researchers Claim Cloak can Render Subs Invisible to Sonar

Security Advocates Fight Passport RFID Proposal

Political Text Messages Banned in Taiwan's Elections Tomorrow

World Bank: India, China May be Immune to U.S. Slowdown

Machinists Urge U.S. to Halt Technology Transfers to China

NFC Uptake Forecasts Downgraded for Near Term

South Korean Operators Saw "Exceptional" Subscriber Growth in 2007

Penny-Pinching Homeowners Ditching Land Lines

Network Solutions' Domain Name Practice Criticized

FCC Sets Agenda for January Open Meeting

New Nanostructured Thin Film Shows Promise for Efficient Solar Energy Conversion

First Passenger Flight to Antarctica Makes Historic Landing on Glacial Runway

A Bed with Wireless Web, iPod, DVR, Anti-Snore System

Climate Change Issues to Drive Increased Tech Investment in 2008


Tech Stocks Crumble Under Economic Pressure

LG Laptop Explodes

Qualcomm, Attorneys Rebuked for Withholding Documents in Broadcom Case

Matsushita Becomes Panasonic

FCC Won't Change Digital TV Deadline

Best Buy Nervous About TV Conversion

RF Chip Replaces Infrared Technology in AV Control

T-Mobile Offers Free Wi-Fi to 3G Subscribers

ARRL QSL Bureau Sees Rise in Number of Cards Sent

Hong Kong Radio Law Ruled Unconstitutional

Northrop Grumman Team to Compete for US Army Aerial Common Sensor

Filipinos Still Worlds Biggest Text Messagers - 1.39B Messages from 50M Phones

Japanese Satellite Flops at Map-Making

PLI Awarded $3.5M DARPA Contract for Single-Photon FPAs

Lockheed Martin Selects SprayCool for U.S. Army Radar Program

Odds of Asteroid Hitting Mars Reduced

Tata Motors Rolls out the $2,500 'Nano' Car in India


Man Gets Record Sentence for Computer Sabotage

FAA: Terrorists Could Hack New Boeing Jetliner

Estimated 43B Text Messages Sent Globally on New Years Eve

Automakers Ready to Cash in on Technology

Silver-Zinc Battery Technology Poised to Challenge Lithium for Energy Density

FCC Chief Promises CES a Digital America, and Higher Cable Bills

GM Shows Cadillac Powered by Fuel Cells

New Radios Would Provide Text Scrolling

U.S. May Take Action on EU Electronics Tariffs

Comcast 'Welcomes' FCC Probe into Internet Limits

Smulyan: 'Surprisingly Upbeat' About Broadcast Radio

First Trojan Malware Detected for the iPhone

Electronics Retailers Unhappy as Shoppers Cautious

Lowest Frequency Radar Echo Detected from the Moon

The Top Radio Magazine Stories of 2007

Major Upgrade for Hubble Telescope in 2008


Big Trouble for Big Science

NI Introduces USB-Controlled RMS RF Power Meter

Solar Activity Threatens to Mash up Communications

Mitsubishi Unveils TV with Lasers

Professors Help Students Virtually

Product Returns Cost Tech Industry Billion$

Can TI Rebound in Baseband?

Panasonic Erects 'Life Wall' at CES

Electric Sand Findings Could Lead to Better Climate Models

Signal Booster Supplier Finds Strong Demand for Signal Boosters in Cars

Recession Fears Spoil CES

SETI Project Looking for More Volunteers

Combination Taser and iPod Holster - What Will They Think of Next?

Is Your Child a Genius? The Telltale Signs that Point to Hidden Talents

KissPhone Misses First b y Forty Years (nasty!)

Blue Diamonds Have a Red Glow About Them


Nokia Poisoned by Sewerage Leak

New Sunspot is Harbinger of New Solar Cycle, Increasing Risk for Electrical Systems

NOAA to Ensure Global Navigation Satellite System Accuracy

“Diamond Transistor” Clocks 120 GHz

Electronics Makers Keep Eye on U.S. Economy

Web 2.0 in 2008: B2B is Out, U2B is In

Helium Supplies Endangered, Threatening Science and Technology

Wireless is Everywhere; Ignore it at Your Peril

GAO: U.S. Export Licenses Take Too Long (we need to expedite the sale of arms to countries that might one day turn them on us?)

Gates Bids Farewell to CES

Wear and Tear Compel Equipment Replenishment for Army, Marine Corps

40% of Australians Drive While Talking on Their Mobile Phone

GM: Driverless Cars Coming Within a Decade

Al-Qaeda Uses Bluetooth to Spread Message

JPSA Awarded LED Wafer Scribing Patent

South Korea Confirms Contact with Satellite Lost

New Malware Called "Ransomware" Locks up Your PC and Extorts Users


UK Living Standards Outstrip US


GPS System Steers Idiot into Path of Train

Experts Warn of Possible Wi-Fi Virus Outbreak

Congestion Causes Text Message Slowdown

Security Expert Warns Latest Firefox Browser Susceptible to Password Hack

EE Times: Top 10 Predictions for Semis in 2008

Shielding GPS Antennas from Space Radiation

Switzerland Uses Radar Guns to Catch Speeding Downhill Skiers

Suit Says IBM Dumped Chemicals in New York State

419 Million NFC Chipsets Will Ship by 2012, Generating $406M in Revenue

Westinghouse Wireless HDTV Streams in at CES 2008

Electronics Makers Vie to Make Machines Green

BAE to Evaluate Missile Defense System on U.S. Passenger Aircraft

Wireless High on Top 10 Design Features of 2007

Hackers Force Pennsylvania's Government Web Site to Shut Down

China Plans to Merge Aerospace Giants

Energy-Saving CFL Bulbs 'Can Cause Migraines' Warn Experts


Cell Phone Users Tie up Traffic

WirelessHD Group Releases 60 GHz Radio Spec

Turtle Wireless to Sell Dick Tracy Watch-Phone

Sears' Christmas Spyware Surprise

W1HKJ Announces Beta Test Version of NBEMS Software

Boeing to Build a 6th Wideband Global SATCOM Satellite

Metal Rubber: Chemists Create Self-assembling Conductive Rubber

Spec Signals Wireless Video Flood at CES

U.S. Frequent Travelers Get Electronic Passports

France Warns Against Excessive Mobile Phone Use

Utra-Fast Fibre Lasers, Dopey Photons ... What's Next?

Top Senator Blasts U.S. Sale of F-16s to Pakistan

When it Comes to Metal, Smaller is Stronger

Radar Equipment from EADS to be Deployed on TanDEM-X Satellite

Confusion over New York Cellphone Ban in Schools

U.S. Army Helmets to Gather Blast Data


Oil Futures Rise to $100 a Barrel

National Science Foundation Boots South Pole Research Personnel for Barroom Brawl

Palm-Sized 'Pico-Projector' Enabled by MEMS

Photovoltaics Now World's Fastest-Growing Energy Source

Some China Firms Avoid U.S. Technology Transfer Licenses

USPTO and JPO to Implement Patent Prosecution Highway on Full-Time Basis

Electronics Weekly's Top 10 News Stories of 2007

Qualcomm: New 3G Chips Ready by March

Global Market for Nanoparticles in Electronic, Magnetic, and Electro-Optic Applications Slated for High Growth

Washington State Bans Texting While Driving

Terrestrial Digital Radio Goes Mobile

New Smart Plug That Will Switch off the TV if You Forget

Asteroid Could Hit Mars Next Month: NASA

Australia's Internet Filter Plan Under Fire

Russia Sees ndE of Road for Space Tourism


Top 10 Chip Stories to Watch in 2008

Generation Y Looks to the Web for Answers

Qualcomm Barred from Using Broadcom 3G Patents

More Americans Preferred Laptops Over PCs in 2007

SIA: Strong Chip Sales Needed in December to Meet 2007 Forecast

IC Forecast up for 2008

Motorola and Metrologic Settle Patent Disputes

Nokia's Thousand-Dollar E90 Communicator Cell Phone

Life Support Cut on Netscape Navigator - Bye-Bye in 2008

Japan Moves to Regulate the Internet

Marines Bring Virtualization to the Battlefield

Nanotechnology Aids Large-Area Solar Cell

More than Half of U.S. Households Own a DTV (not mine)

$40 Coupons from Taxpayers to Help Buy DTV Converters

A Christmas Song that Only Dogs Can Hear

Internet Opens Elite College Materials to All

Bin Laden Says U.S. Seeks to Exploit Iraqi Oil (personally, I wish we would so I can afford to drive an SUV again)