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New Radar Satellite Sees Through Thick Clouds

Companies Ditching the Desk Phone Faster Than Expected

AMSAT Announces End of OSCAR 51 Mission

Nokia Tweaks Bluetooth for Indoor Navigation

Grading Barriers for Improved Hole Transport

Samsung Wins Appeal on Galaxy Tablet Ban in Australia

Treehouse Labs Unveils iPhone RFID System for Locating People and Things

Fab Utilization Dropped in Q2

NFC and the Merchants of Menace

Advanced Lasers Tested Between Two Spanish Islands

Researchers Find Some Smartphone Models More Vulnerable to Attack

Basic Training Enters Unfamiliar Territory in Cyberspace

Russia's Glonass-M satellite Put into Orbit

5 Tips for Successful Aerospace Communications System Design

Government Set to Provide Funding for British Satellites

F.C.C. Report Details Merger Shortcomings

Solar Power Bankruptcies Loom as Prices Collapse

New Version of Google Maps Brings Indoor Floor Plans to Your Phone

Is the Chevy Volt the New Corvair?

As Home Prices Sink to 2003 Levels, Home Ownership Heads to New Lows (any wonder why Bawney Fwank is bailing?)


Man Calls Emergency Services... Because His iPhone Won't Work

iPhone Up in Smoke on Plane, Australian Air Safety Bureau Investigating

FCC Commissioners to Discuss Medical Micropower Networks in 413-457 MHz Band

Is Tech Friend or Foe to Santa Claus?

U.S. Military Tests Electronic Warfare Missile

At Airports, a Bigger Push to Sell Electronics

UK Chancellor Announces More Funding for Broadband

Physicists Propose Search for Fourth Neutrino

WSTS Drops 2012 Chip Market Growth to 2.6%

RIM to Offer Security Features on iPhone, Androids

Hams Listen to Mars Science Laboratory Signal

Middle East's Mobile Subscription Count Will Cross 250M Mark in 2012

How EPA's New Rules Will Impact the U.S. Electric System (depends on your definition of "seriously threaten")

Amateur Astronomer Snaps Historic Photo of Another Galaxy

Military Transition to Optical Interconnects Proceeding at Slow-But-Sure Pace

Following Digital Breadcrumbs to 'Big Data' Gold

Bloggers May Not Be As Anonymous As They Think

BATFE Classifies Chore Boy Pot Scrubber Pads NFA Firearms (getting ever closer to the EU...)

Record $107T in Outstanding Derivatives in Last 6 Months (see chart - don't worry, be happy)


Researchers Reduce Smartphone Power Consumption by More Than 70%

Amateur Radio's Secret Service

Nanoparticle Monster Batteries Could Make Wind and Solar Power More Practical

Water Doesn't Have to Freeze Until -48 C (-55 F)

Fliers Must Turn Off Devices, but It's Not Clear Why

Silver Replaces Copper in Heterojunction Silicon Solar Cells

Global Smartphone Penetration at 27%

Graphene Printed via Ink-Jet, Ups Mobility

Telefonica Begins BlackBerry NFC Tests

Student-Developed Software Helps Detect Near Earth Asteroids

Ministry of Defence Admits Losing 188 Laptops

Nokia Siemens Networks Wont Get Any More Cash from Shareholders

Electrode Could Lead to Large-Capacity Rechargeable Battery

Emerging New Properties at Oxide Interfaces

Skype Wants UK Networks to Stop Blocking its Service

War By Remote Control: Drones Make It Easy

Jet Man Soars over Swiss Alps

Mazda Creates Capacitor-Based Regenerative Braking System

Fed Printed $7.7 Trillion for Bailouts (for political graft and for banks to cover bad loans from deadbeat citizens and foreigners)


Another Chevy Volt Up in Smoke

Cartel in Indian Mobile Industry

Cyber Monday Piggybacks on Social Media to Become Top Online Shopping Day

NASA Launches Biggest-Ever Rover to Mars

British ex-CEO of Olympus Embroiled in Massive Scandal

Worker Jumps to Death at Hon Hai's China Plant (iStuff made there)


Holiday Customers Will Be Tracked by Their Phones

Team Demonstrates Printed Electronics with Graphene Inks

More U.S. Science Degrees Earned by Foreign-Born

Why the Holidays Are the Best Time to Job Hunt

In a Few Years Nations May Need Us to Work Years Past Retirement Age (note to Rawn: we're already there with nations of leaches)

Law Enforcement Accused of Using iTunes Security Flaw to Spy

Samsung Confirms Problems with Galaxy Nexus Smartphone

Origin of Cosmic Rays May Finally Be Revealed

Thousands Line up to Buy New Blackberry Product

SMS Data Link Keeps Tabs on the Lions

Physicists Set Strongest Limit on Mass of Dark Matter

Emily Post: It's Okay to Unfriend on Facebook,

Will Facebook Jump the Shark by Leaping into Handsets? (I remember watching this episode of Happy Days)

Energy Harvesting Transmitter Needs Only a Nudge

Patent Firm Says to Stop HTC German 3G Phone Sales

AT&T Sets Aside $4B for T-Mobile Breakup Fee (revenue must be staggering to afford this)

The Russian Defence Market 2011-2021

Sludge Transformed into Electricity Using Solar Power, Robots

NDF Study: Global Warming Rate Less Than Feared (Algore on suicide alert)

11/24/2011 - Thanksgiving Day!

20-Year Sentence for Text Messages Against Thai King (aren't "inviolable" monarchs just the greatest thing?)

Next Generation Mobile Communication Forum to be Held

Long-Lasting All-Weather Night-Vision Material Unveiled

Peru: National Broadband Plan and Spectrum Auction to Fuel Growth

Search for the Higgs Boson Narrows: Does It Exist at All?

Samsung Rips iPhone Fans in Clever Galaxy S II Ad

Most Britons Oppose Children Having Mobile Phones

AT&T to Take $4B Hit As It Reconsiders T-Mobile Takeover Options

Graphene Foam Detects Explosives, Emissions Better Than Today's Gas Sensors

Cellular Offload to Wi-Fi Growing, and Expected

Video Teardown Gets Inside iPhone 4S

A Push to Make Gasoline Engines More Efficient (toss out creature comforts on the way)

Do You Expect Wi-Fi to Be Everywhere?

EU Court Rules ISPs Can’t Be Forced to Filter Out Illegal Content

Team Develops Method for Monitoring of Telecoms

Actual Race to Mars Could Begin Saturday (U.S. craft has amazing landing system)


Nokia Siemens to Cut 17,000 Jobs, 23% of Its Workforce

Malls Track Shoppers' Cellphones on Black Friday

Blocked Holes Can Enhance Rather Than Stop Light Going Through

Highly Efficient Method for Creating Flexible, Transparent Electrodes Developed

Intricate 3D Silicon Crystals Act as Semiconductors for Light

Proxama Launches NFC Payment Testing Kit

Graphene-Based Sensors Put Similar Devices to Shame

FCC Seeks Review of AT&T Merger With T-Mobile

When It Comes to Churning out Electrons, Metal Glass Beats Plastics

Advance Could Challenge China's Solar Dominance

New Magnetic-Field-Sensitive Alloy Could Find Use in Novel Micromechanical Devices

EU to Pursue Smart System R&D

Space Junk Alert Called off for Space Station Crew

No Price Recovery for Memory Semiconductor Market in 2012

Contact Made with Missing Russian Mars Probe

Scientists Believe Diamonds Can Identify Atoms in Viruses

Google Quits Plans to Make Cheap Renewable Energy (they know it can't make money)

Fresh Round of Hacked Climate Science E-Mails Leaked Online

Pentagon Warns of Smallest Force Since WWII (cuts ≈ $ wasted in bankrupt green energy political graft)


Radio Days Are Back: Ham Radio Licenses at an All-Time High

Carbon Nanotube 'Space Camouflage' Coating Invented

FCC Releases New Rules for 60 Meters

Engineers Test Wireless LED Contact Lens on a Living Eye

Materials Scientists Watch Electrons 'Melt'

Facebook Making Phone, Code-Named 'Buffy'

All Systems Go for Next Gen TDRS Spacecraft

Rohde & Schwarz Sees Growth in Mobile Test Market

Light Created from a Vacuum: Casimir Effect Observed in Superconducting Circuit

Dog Tracking Collars Now Cover Entire of Europe

UK Users Give 3G Broadband the Thumbs Down

LinkedIn Falls After Lock-Up Period Ends  

SOFIA Airborne Telescope Sees Stellar Nursery

iPhone 4s Performance Measured

Rippled Coating Could Improve Fuel Efficiency on Aircraft

NXP Shows Off NFC Motorbike

Space Station Trio Makes Chilly But Safe Landing (this is how American astronauts will land now that Shuttle is gone)

In Search of the Ideal Grid Battery

Coffee Delivers Jolt Deep in the Brain

Ex-Solyndra Staff to Get $13k Each in Federal Retraining Aid


Police Departments Look to Block Civilian Eavesdropping with Encrypted Comms

The Technology Scandals of 2012 (predictions, of course)

Study Rejects Claims About Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos

Laser Heating - New Light Cast on Electrons Heated to Several Billion Degrees

Is More Radio Deregulation on the Way?

Team Claims Material Can Emit Light in Near-Infrared Range

Iran Tests Passive Radar Systems in Air Defense Drill

Gates Testifies in $1B Lawsuit Against Microsoft

New Revolutionary Material Can Be Worked Like Glass

Anti-Piracy Bill Meets Web-Freedom Backlash

First E-Mode AlInN/GaN MOS-HFET using SiON insulation

U.S. Domestic Data Traffic over Wi-Fi to Double in Four Years

Research Team Finds Disk Encryption Foils Law Enforcement Efforts

Three Takes Fight Against UK NFC Joint Venture to Europe

Android Malware Surges

Permanent Magnet Technology Creates System Energy Savings

Study Finds Huge Increase in IPv6 Support

China Mobile Says Total Subscribers Rose to 638.89M in October

Inmates Harass Victims via Facebook

Black Friday Darkens Prospects for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers


Judge Declares Law Governing Warrantless Cellphone Tracking Unconstitutional

How Many Neutrinos Does It Take to Screw Up Einstein? (interesting discussion at bottom)

IHS Cuts 2011 Semiconductor Forecast

Apple Patents Crack Resistant Glass Technology

Foreign Cyberattack Hits U.S. Infrastructure

EU Bans Claim That Water Can Prevent Dehydration (runaway nanny state)


USPTO Launches Recruitment Effort to Hire Veterans

India: The World's Secret Silicon Valley

A Silicon Valley Dream Grows in Guatemala, Despite the Risks

Airborne Radar Sensor Passes Initial Test

World's 'Lightest Material' Unveiled by U.S. Engineers

Inside Shows Off NFC on a SIM

Why Simply Selling Our Airwaves Will Cost Us in the Long Run

Motorola's Next Phone Will Be Made by the Wind

Mobile Broadband Device Market to Reach 525M by 2016, Driven by Hotspots and USB Modems

The Struggle to Discover the Secret of Super-Heavy Elements

Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos Confirmed

Contested 'Faster-Than-Light' eExperiment Yields Results

Space Station Active on 70 cm Packet

Diode Can Relay 10B Bits of Data per Second

Japan Probes Possible Olympus Gangster Link

Android Grabbed 53% Market Share, During iPhone 4S-Free Quarter

Tower to Transfer European IC Processes to India, Brazil

Spaceport America Inauguration Kickstarts Commercial Infrastructure Boom

Pakistan Bans 'Obscene' Words on Cell Phone Texts


GE Pays More Taxes to China Than to U.S.

Thai Flooding Could Hit Supply Chain Harder than Japan Quake

Researchers Find Way to Create Cheap Thermoelectric Materials

Metallic Hydrogen Makes Its Debut, Maybe (still waiting for transparent aluminum)

Negative Outlook for Most Indian Telcos in 2012

45 Mobile Operators Commit to NFC

Startup to Capture Lithium from Geothermal Plants (needed for LiPo & LiIon batteries)

Steve Jobs Wanted Apple to Have Its Own Wi-Fi Network

Airborne Radar Sensor Passes Initial Test

Scientists Create Light from Vacuum

New Technology Improves Both Energy Capacity and Charge Rate in Rechargeable Batteries

Budget Crisis Threatens Privatization of U.S. Space Missions

DoCoMo to Spend $11 Billion on LTE Network

Congressional Gold Medal Awarded to Astronaut Pioneers

Inside Updates Anti-Counterfeit NFC Chip

Intel Unveils Knights Corner - 1 Teraflop Chip

Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s 'Green' Company Scored $1.6B Taxpayer Bailout (We Couldn't Wait)

Financial Crisis Will Be Hellish, and It's On Its Way

80 is the New 65 When It Comes to Retirement


Copper Thief Falls Through Grocery Store Ceiling

High-Tech investment Increases Due to Rise of the 'Super-Angel'

Japan's Upcoming Shift to 920 MHz Promises Better UHF Tags

Smartphone Tracking Creates Heat Map of Crowds in London

Employees Afraid to Ask Bosses for Time Off

Navy Seen Fighting in Satellite-Denied Conflicts

RIM Ramps Up Handset Hardware with New BlackBerry Devices

1 in 5 Job Seekers Got Their Latest Job from a Social Network

Japanese Telco to Splurge £2B a Tear on LTE

New Lightning-Fast, Efficient Nanoscale Data Transmission

Comms-on-the-Move Revolutionizes Military Tactics

The Original iPhone Was Going to Be a Wi-Fi Only Device

HzO Demos Cell Phone Water-Proofing Product

Telcos Face LTE Investment Dilemma

Graphene Boosts Li-Ion Battery Efficiency

Trial for Wireless Charging of Electric Cars Set for London

Aruba Targets New 'Instant' Wi-Fi Networks at Small, Medium Businesses

U.S. Reserves Right to Meet Cyber Attack with Military Force

NASA Astronaut Launched on Russian Rocket ('cause U.S. don't have none no mo)


Has the Layoff Wave Begun?

An About-Face on Electrical Conductivity at the Interface

RFI Seeks Info on Smart Phones for Soldiers

Superconductor May Hide Long-Sought Secret

Scientists Boost Battery Strength with Small Holes

ESA on Path to Reliable MEMS in Space

Cellphone Market Growth Dives in Third Quarter

No Extraordinary Effects Detected from Microwave and Mobile Phone Heating

Why Solar Wind is Rhombic-Shaped? (yeah, I've always wondered about that)

Be a Star! Enter the Second Annual ARRL Video Contest

Comms-on-the-Move Revolutionizes Military Tactics

Sales of Mobile Devices Grew 5.6% in Q3 of 2011; Smartphones Up 42%

ShelfX Builds NFC into Smart Shopping Shelves

Amazing System Shows 3D Objects in Mid-Air, with No Screen

Microprocessors: Happy 40th birthday (see today's RF Cafe logo)

Most U.S. Jobs of the Future Will Require a College Degree

Chinese Spacecraft Dock in Orbit for Second Time

Your Tax $$$ for the Rich and Famous (many publically support the OWS gross-ins)

Facebook Flooded with Porn and Gore (not Al)


Copper Sword Stolen from Lincoln's Tomb

EU Bans X-Ray Scanners from Airports

Army Tests 3G Network to Boost Squad-Level Awareness

Consumer Education Needed "To Dispel Myths Surrounding NFC"

Adding Up Photons with a Transition Edge Sensor

Half of Smartphones Found in Shopping Malls Go Unclaimed by Owners

Robocalls Instigate a Cellphone Fight

Understanding EMI Sources in Touchscreens

O2 Begins '4G' LTE Mobile Data Trial in London

Stunning Video of Earth from 240 Miles Up

Using Light, Researchers Convert 2-D Patterns into 3-D Objects

2011 ARRL Phone Sweepstakes Right Around the Corner

Chip Senses Gesture Through Electric Fields

Fuzzy Signals for Internet TV

Researchers Take First Steps Toward X-Ray Superfluorescence

Google X, a Secret Product Lab, Revealed for First Time

Failed Russian Mars Probe Could Crash to Earth in January

TSA Will Open Your X-Mas Presents (wrap them in Ashura or Kwanza paper - they wouldn't dare offend you)

America's Problem Finally Identified: We've Been "Lazy" the Last Couple Decades


$50k Bonus for Staying with the Company for 5 Years

Chevrolet Volt Catches Fire Weeks After Crash Test

Nuke Agency Reports Unusual Radiation in Europe (another Ruskie meltdown? Iran?)

A Gold Rush of Gov't Subsidies in Clean Energy Search

NASA: World Won't End Next Year


USPTO Launches Recruitment Effort to Hire Veterans

Patent Application for Innovative Film - Possible Indium Tin Oxide Replacement (think touch screens)

Wireless Connectivity ICs to Surpass $8B with Broadcom As Market Leader

Researching Graphene Nanoelectronics for a Post-Silicon World

Former Policeman Jailed in $530M Mobile Phone Tax Fraud

NASA’s Next Mars Rover to Launch in 15 Days (Curiousity has an übercool landing system)

Ofcom Chief Insists UK LTE Auction 'On Schedule'

U.S. Online Holiday Spending Will Grow 15% to Nearly $60B

Addressing the Shortage of Women in Silicon Valley (explained: average female height=1.62m, male=1.76m)

Sony Enters NFC Controller Market

How Carriers Will Make Money (from you) on 4G

Trial Begins in India Telecoms Scandal

How Your Car Can Testify Against You

Mysterious Radioactivity Recorded over Czech Republic

A Super-Absorbent Solar Material

Boost for Move to New Net Addressing Scheme

Smart Grid Security Market to Be $2B by 2016

Senate Defeats Effort to Block Internet Rules (Net Neutrality: cybernannystate on the way)


First Nationwide EAS Test Hits Glitches (my local AM station test lasted ~45 seconds)

Government Says EAS Test Worked As Planned

Saab Unveils Amazing 'Magic Maps' for Military

Economy, Lack of Engineers Could Hinder U.S. Innovation

Underground Calling Service Extracts Sensitive Info for £6 ($10) per Call

London's Tech City Growth Hailed by PM Cameron (UK's Si Valley)

Chemists Create Electric Nanocar

Ericsson Aims to Increase Revenue from Patents

Researchers Create New Nanostructure That Absorbs Broad Spectrum of Light from All Angles

Cars to Come Equipped with Embedded Wireless

GPS Case Leaves Justices Groping for a Rule

California Polytechnic Sees Record Number of Freshmen Take Tech Exam

Norman Ramsey Dies at 96; Work Led to the Atomic Clock

'Noise' Tunes Logic Circuit Made from Virus Genes

DOD Ponders Next Steps to Acquiring New Communications Satellites

First Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Trial Announced for London

Weird World of Water Gets a Little Weirder

How the Moon Got Its Magnetism

Google Ads Will Soon Interact with You


This Is a Test. This Is Only a Test

Busted! Two New Fed GPS Trackers Found on SUV

NASA Develops Super-Black Material That Absorbs Light Across Multiple Wavelength Bands

Airlines Should Manage Passengers' Bandwidth Expectations

China Telecom Looking to Set Up USA Based MVNO

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots Expected to Grow 4x by 2015

Military RFID Evolves to Include Mesh Networks

Cable Companies Offer $10 Broadband for Poor Households (...while your rates go up to pay for it)

Hybrid Phone Network Offers Wi-Fi Calls

Fake Chinese Weapons Electronics Parts 'Ticking Time Bomb'

RIM Wants into the Lock Business

iPhone Bug Could Let Hackers Steal Photos, Contacts and Send Texts

New Metamaterial Allows Transmission Gain While Retaining Negative Refraction Property

Asteroid 2005 YU55 Passes Close by Earth (w/video)

Africa is Now the World's Second Largest Mobile Market (you're paying for most of it)

China Pours Funds to Forge Innovation Powerhouse

Is There a Moore's Law for Solar?

The Maturing of Mobile Advertising -- Courtesy of Google

Fed Scrooge Comes Early This Year with "Christmas Tree Tax" (I didn't vote for these people.)


Astronomers Track Asteroid's Pass Near Earth

Breakthrough Scientific Discoveries No Longer Dominated by the Very Young (not surprising)

62% of U.S. Consumers Consider Buying Via Mobile Phones This Christmas

Internet Routing Glitch Kicks Millions Offline Yesterday

Ericsson Expects Mobile Traffic to Triple by 2016

DOD Wants Smart Jets to Launch Stellites into Orbit

UK Ministry of Defence to Allow Radio Spectrum Sharing

Babbage Analytical Engine to Be Built for $10M

Swedes Get $10M for Graphene R&D; Looking for Collaboration

U.S. Marine Corps Orders Private 4G Network Facility

NFC "For Sale" Signs to Appear Across the UK

The World's Most Overpriced Tech Products

New Satellite Launch System Under Development at DARPA

iPhone 4S Avoids Antennagate Controversy

Can Metals Remember Their Shape at Nanoscale, Too?

Standards Orgs Unite Online for 3-D Tech Forum

Sony Ericsson Components Shortage Hits Feature Phones

Malicious App Penetrates iTunes Store to Test Security

Vodafone Half Year Profits Down by 11.5%

Skateboarders Rock Physics


Three More Chemical Elements Now Have Names (I suggested rfcafenium)

USA Brings Home Gold at 2011 High Speed Telegraphy World Championships

Top 20 Chip Firms Set to Outgrow Market

Government Sets Out Cap on Immigrant Engineers

Panasonic to Install In-Flight Wi-Fi on 300 United and Continental Aircraft

All 11 Best Buys in UK to Close

Opportunity Rover Spots the 'New Thing' on Mars (strange)

Air Force Looks for Ways to Ease Pain of Civilian Job Cuts

Shifting Market Share in Mobile Semiconductor Market

Team Develops Method for Creating 3D Photonic Crystals

Europe Needs €10B Capex Injection, But Where's the ROI?

RFIDs for Construction Inventory Management

TSMC Sees Signs of Market Turning Up

Groupon: The Biggest Tech IPO Since Google

RoHS Recast is Coming, the Medical Market Prepares

Best Buy Pays $1.3B for Cellphone Business

Ericsson Predicts Mobile Data Traffic to Grow 10x by 2016

Printable Solar-Cell Material Reaches a Milestone

Google Isn't Dominant: Schmidt ... Really?

White House: There's No Sign of E.T. or UFO Coverup (ok that settles that, now about Fast & Furious...)


Commissioner for Patents Robert Stoll to Retire from Government Service After 29 Years at USPTO

Why Science Majors Change Their Minds

Sony Targets U.S. Smartphone Market After Ericsson Sells Out of Handset JV

Qualcomm Reveals 24% Rise in Quarterly Profits

Viking Sunstone Guided Ships in Cloudy Weather


Nokia Siemens Networks Sells Microwave Division to DragonWave

LinkedIn to Sell $100M More in Stock

The Beginning of the End for SMS?

10 Gadgets to Help Parents Raise a Nerd

Modularity in Satellite Design is Key to Quick Response

China, Russia Top List of U.S. Economic Cyberspies

AMD Cuts 10% of Its Workforce

Largest Sunspot in Years Observed on the Sun

Returned Android Phones Costing Operators $2B a Year

Google Changes Search Algorithm, Trying to Make Results More Timely

The Smartphone Wars are Over

Murata Claims World's Smallest 2.4-GHz Balanced Output Filter

Apple Laptops Vulnerable to Hack that Kills or Corrupts Batteries (quite interesting)

Rockwell Collins Explores Ways to Benefit from RFID

Africa to Pass 1B Subscriptions by 2016 (who's paying for most of it? you are)

Massive Asteroid Approaching Earth on Tuesday

World's Most Efficient Flexible Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Created on Plastic

Google Changes Search Algorithm

Congress Reportedly Close to a Net Neutrality Review


Modularity in Satellite Design is Key to Quick Response

Physicists Identify Room Temperature Quantum Bits in Widely Used Semiconductor

Breaking the Amateur Radio Balloon Altitude Record

A Site for Data Scientists to Prove Their Skills and Make Money

RFID Journal Issues Call for Awards Submissions, Introduces 'Best RFID Thesis'

Messaging is Still King; SMS Retains Crown

JPL CubeSat Launches Alongside NPP Satellite

Solving Einstein’s Theory

Entrepreneurship Lessons for the Academic-Minded

Strong September Boosts 2011 IC Forecast

Nokia, Wanting to Study Consumer Wi-Fi Use, Offers Free Hotspots

LG Plans $945M Share Sale to Prop Up Smartphones

'Stop Fighting' MPs Tell Mobile Operators

Apple Admits to Battery Bug in New IiPhone

Shirt Capable of Converting Body Heat into Electricity

If You're Under 45, You Probably Own a Smartphone

Northrop Puts Out Call for UAV Engineers

Light Your House with Lasers

U.S. Report Blasts China, Russia for Cybercrime


HP Builds Servers with Cellphone Chips

House Votes for 5-Year Freeze in New Cellphone Taxes

Thailand Floods Could Create Laptop Shortage

A Long Forgotten Father of the Scientific Revolution

NASA Robotic Lander Altitude Test Flight to Help Space Electronics Technology

Vodafone to Test Femtocells for Boosting Rural 3G Coverage

Nanoparticles Steer Light for Sensors

Low-Cost Paper-Based Wireless Sensor Could Help Detect Explosive Devices

China Set for Historic Space Docking Wednesday

75 Years On from BBC Television's Technology Battle

3D Radar Tech to Improve Wind Farms Worldwide

SIA Restates Q3 Comparisons After Stats Glitch

LHC Concludes Proton Collisions for This Year

Aircraft Carrier-Sized Asteroid to Zip Past Earth Next Week

Beijing Wi-Fi Network Says Wont Sell User Details to Marketing Companies

Aluminum Could Aid Storage and Transportation of Hydrogen

Great, a Blattenberger Finally Makes National News and It's for This! (mug shot)


3 Men Arrested in Nickel Theft at Local Steel Plant

Your Phone Company is Selling Your Personal Data

Free Wi-Fi in Central London Promotion Launched

World's Most Powerful Laser to Tear Apart the Vacuum of Space

Tractor Beam is Capable of Analysing Space Debris (more fodder for Trekkies)

Krusell's List of To-10 Selling Phones in October

New iPhone Faces Battery Complaints

Are Bendable Smart Phones the Future? (immersable would be more useful to survive spills & dunkings)

'Nitro' Hackers Reportedly Attack Dozens of Companies in Chemical, Defense Industries

Signal Regiment Moves to COTS to Improve Efficiency

AT&T Pits Its 4G LTE Against Verizon’s with First Smartphone

Renesas Divests Smartphone Amplifier Business to Murata

Power Outages Knock Out Conn. Cellphone Towers

40% of Merchants Need to Be Equipped for Contactless Payments to Take Off

TI Sees Big Market for Smartphone Gesture Recognition

Ham Antennas from Maryland to Maine Blanketed with Rare Autumn Snow

Doodle Labs Announces Industry First OFDM Broadband Radio Transceivers for the Amateur Radio Bands

Downturn Drags on Chip Equipment Sales

Small Business Employment Index Reflects Soft Labor Market

Congressional Wealth Grows to >$2B Net (they ARE the 1% - why no OWS camps in D.C.?)