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IC Insights Cautious, but Still Sees 2008 Growth

Tech Stocks Fall Hard as U.S. House Rejects Bailout Bill

Grid of 100,000 Computers Heralds New Internet Dawn

IC Insights Sees Cautious Growth for 2008

Consumer Electronics Makers Face Tough Holidays

Sprint Blankets Baltimore with New WiMax Net

Astronaut vs. Earthlings Chess Game Begins

Half of U.S. Mobile Phone Users Turn to Their Devices for Entertainment

Solar Cell Sets World Efficiency Record at 40.8%

Auto Engineers Take a Close Look at Wood Composites

Most Radio Stocks Follow the Markets Down

Canadian and American Hams Provide "Textbook Example" of Amateur Radio's EmComm Role

Base Station Component Market - Flat Through 2013

RF Components to See Few Benefits from Basestation Growth

No One Immune to Global Financial Crisis: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Nissan Uses Bumblebee Power in New Car Technology

Official Says Free Trade Will Help U.S. Manufacturing

High-Efficiency Generators for Hybrid Vehicles

Europe Space Chiefs Elated after Freighter Completes Mission

Amenities Give Soldiers Home Away from Home in Iraq

Mars Lander Sees Falling Snow


UCLA Mathematicians Discover 13-Million-Digit Prime Number

Mobile Phones to Track Carbon Footprint

China Astronauts Return as Heroes after Historic Spacewalk

Non-Handset Mobile Devices to Account for $90B in Operator Revenues by 2013

Software-Defined Radio Enhancing Mil & Commercial Appls Worldwide

Federal Trade Commission Holds RFID Workshop

Britain to Make Foreigners Carry RFID ID Cards

Intel, Chartered Slam Semi IP Industry

Robotic Helicopters Learn Tricks by Analyzing Demos

Motorola Reported to Be Working on a "Google Phone"

Europe All Set for Lunar Mission Chandrayaan-1

New Chip Promises 4 HD Streams over Wi-Fi

Conservatives Back Skills Scholarships for Electronics Apprentices

World's First Hypersonic Hydrocarbon-Fueled Scramjet Closer to First Flight Recognized by Triangle Business Journal as One of the Best Places to Work

Low-Cost Rocket Finally Gets to Orbit

Circuit City Quarterly Loss Deepens, Outlook Darkens

Aspiring Chef Dies After Eating Red-Hot Chili Sauce as a Dare (this year's Darwin Award contestant?)

Cadbury: Melamine Found in Chinese-Made Chocolates

New Graphene-Based Material Clarifies Graphite Oxide Chemistry

U.S. Operates Anti-Missile Radar in Israel


Keithley Cuts 5% of Workforce

China Astronauts Return from Historic Spacewalk Mission

EU's B&B and Fortis Both in Crisis

China Buddies up to EU as Promise of Low-Cost Labor Begins to Fade

Mobile Phone Subscriptions to Reach 4 Billlion by End of 2008

China Fakes Reports from Space


Scientists Warn U.S. Congress of Cancer Risk for Cell Phone Use

Silicon Germanium (SiGe): Fast, Quiet, and Powerful

Engineer Named MacArthur Fellow for Work on Wireless Power and Self-focusing Lasers

FCC Proposes Easing Wireless Spectrum Bids

Japan Chip Testing House GTI Files for Bankruptcy

Swedish Government to Soften Eavesdropping Law

Rocket Man Completes First Jetpack Flight Across English Channel

Nokia to Launch First TouchScreen Phone in October

Study Ranks U.S. #1 for Security Attacks

OEwaves to Develop Wideband Electro-Optic Modulator for EMP-Resistant RF Receivers

Europe is Key, Says Future Electronics President Robert Miller

College Teams Use AT&T Wireless to Connect with Mobile Fans

History Channel Reveals: Tesla Totally Awesome!

Mexico's Senate Approves Bill for Mobile Phone Database

New Nanoscale Process Will Help Computers Run Faster and More Efficiently

Herley's Micro Systems Awarded $8.2M Contract by U. S. Navy

Schwarzenegger Signs Bill Banning Texting by Motorists

Google 'Instant Bid' Wireless Patent Could Threaten Cellular, Wi-Fi Providers

Green Idealists Fail to Make the Grade

How the FAA is Bringing Its Air Traffic Systems into the 21st Century (hope for better success than in the 20th century)


Google: White Space Tests Were 'Rigged'

Court Says Search of Text Messages Violates 4th Amendment

Study: Work E-Mail Use Creeps into Off Hours

While Wall Street Burns, Candidates' Views on Tech Issues Simmer

JTRS Approved Radios Coming to Marines

Worldwide Mobile Cellular Subscribers to Reach 4B Mark Late 2008

ARRL to Participate in the Combined Federal Campaign

SIA Urges House Action on R&D Tax Credit Extension

American Workers Tethered (with mixed feelings) to Work Via Tech

Coffee, Tea or Laptop Privacy Screen?

Chinese Say They're Building 'Impossible' Space Drive

Europe-Wide Wireless Broadband on the Way

GPhone Set for Europe Early November

Motorola Announces Proof of Concept Trial for X24-WiMAX M2M Wireless Module

China Launches Mission for First Spacewalk

Android on WiMax in 2009?

Space Exploration Key to Mankind's Survival: NASA Chief

New European Record Efficiency for Solar Cells Achieved: 39.7%

Solar Wind Weakest Since Beginning of Space Age (cold Earth on the way?)

IEEE Experiments with Public Access to Its Literature

Google Pledges $10 Million to Fund Good Ideas

Europe All Set for Lunar Mission Chandrayaan-1


Nearly 900,000 American Jobs come from Tech Exports

In Radiation 'Ventriloquism,' Electromagnetic Waves Travel Backwards

U.S. Senate OKs Extending Energy Tax Credits

The Mobile Phone That Unlocks and Starts Motor Cars

LHC Will Not Be Swallowing Earth Until Next Year

Liquid Lens is Adaptive

Renesas to Sell German Fab to MBO Start-Up

Broadband Fiber Subscribers up to 3.76M in U.S.

FCC's Martin Hopeful on White Spaces Use

Freescale Looking for Mobile Chip Partner

Satellite Phone Carrier Iridium Goes in $591M Deal

Military Voters Can Cast Ballots Online

Wind Energy's Manufacturing Crunch

Alcatel Executive Jailed for 30 Months for Bribery

U.S. High Tech Exports Sank 3% in 2007

Einstein's Telescope Going on Display in Israel

Smoothest Surface Ever Created: May Lead to World's First Atomic Microscope

Study Spotlights Anti-satellite and Space Debris Threats

Demos to Show How Technology Can Improve Operations for Law Enforcement and First Responders

DOD Kicks off Competition to Uncover the Most Promising Wearable Power Technologies

Wall Street's Mess: Tech Bubble 2.0?

Chrysler Unveils Electric Lineup for 2010


Mobile Phone Use 'Raises Children's Risk of Brain Cancer Fivefold'

Male Infertility Linked to Cell Phones

Third Annual ARRL On-Line Auction Set for October

Marines in Iraq Issued Laser Weapons

Intel Chairman Slams U.S. Government on R&D Strategy

Researchers Build Exciton-Based Devices

Business Use of Wi-Fi Hotspots Increases by 46%

GPS Receivers Can Be 'Spoofed,' Say Researchers

DOD Kicks off Competition Today for Most Promising Wearable Power Technologies

Motorola Introduces First WiMAX USB Adaptor for Laptops

New Bluetooth System Orients Blind and Sighted Pedestrians

Microsoft to Issue Debt, Buy Back $40B in Stock

World's Thinnest MEMS Oscillator Debuts

Nanopencil Can Provide Terabit Data Storage Density

Oil Price Jumps $25 in a Day

European Commission Proposes New Cuts on Roaming SMS and Data Costs

Scientists Develop Plastic-Producing Bacteria

Equipment Vendors Weathering the Economic Storm

NASA Taps IBM iDataPlex for New Supercomputer

Mobile Operators Revenues Undented by Credit Crunch

Air Force to Get New Satellite Tracking Station


NEC Receives World's First IMS-Based Femtocell System Order

Impact of the financial Crisis: a Dramatic Slowdown in Tech Spending?

Verizon Wireless Offers Service Plans Without Contracts

The Birds and the Bees: The Future of Air Force Robo-Tech

Wind Energy's Manufacturing Crunch

Oil Company Tracks Half a Million Gas Cylinders Using RFID

Standards List For the EU's Energy Consumption Directive Published

A Broadband Single-Photon Source

Is China Growing Weary of the Chip Business?

Companies Joining to Push Music on Memory Cards

Senators Express Concerns About PPM Rollout

MEMS Microphone Targets Consumer Mobile Applications

The Campaign for Berkeley Engineering

What Causes Earth's Seasons?

Super-Resolution Vision System Super Sniper Scope

Largest Solar Powered Campus Deployment in U.S.

'Big Bang Machine' Damage Forces 2-Month Halt

James Webb Telescope Components Pass Tests

S. Africa Faces 'Winter Wonderland', Coldest September in Recorded History


At Long Last, Plastic Electronics Goes Commercial

Judging Bell Labs

Smart Desks Make Sci-fi A Reality in the Classroom

The Future of Broadband


Satellites to Limit Driving Speed on UK Roads

Upcoming 802.11v Wireless Standard 'Greens Up' WLAN

Advancement in Radio Technology Awards Winners

Error Message! How Mobile Phones Distort Measurements

Kawasaki Reveals Fastest Bullet Train in Japan

Nokia "Free" Music Phone Sales to Start Oct 17

IEEE Ballots Due by October 1, 2008

Qualcomm to Assist in Developing Mobile Phones for the Blind

Google, GE to Groom Grid for Electric Cars

Tesla to Open Electric Car Plant in San Jose

Physicists Hope to Tie Light Beams in Knots

China Unicom Starts 3G Trial

Inventor Recognized for LCD Advances

Bad Batteries Threaten Shuttle Launch Date

'Buckyballs' Have High Potential to Accumulate in Living Tissue

NASA Uses Commercial Microgravity Flight Services for First Time (aka the Vomit Comet)

London Records Biggest Surge in History

Russian Stocks Suspended Amid Surge

Google's U.S. Search Share Hits 63%

Darkness Threatens Japanese Space Lab Science


Texting While Driving 'More Dangerous than Drugs or Alcohol'

Man Killed While Trying to Steal Copper Cable Carrying 11,000 V

Lattice Cuts 14% of Workforce

Hurricane Ike Causes Biggest Internet Outage Since 2003 (it hit RF Cafe for most of Monday)

Patent Startup Gains High Profile Backing

Microsoft Dumps Jerry Seinfeld from New Ad Campaign

LHC Hit by Electrical Problems

Rogue Code on Mobile Devices Ought to Keep You Up at Night

High Definition Video over a Cellular Network

Engineers Discover Nanoparticles Can Break on Through

General Dynamics Completes On-Orbit Checkout of NASA's Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope

Venezuela, Cuba May Join Russian Military's navigation System

New York's Solar Push May Get [Big]Blue

u-blox - World's Smallest Complete GPS Receivers

Raytheon Awarded $10M to Develop New Missile Defense Interceptor

GAO Report Torches U.S. for Dumping Electronic Waste in Foreign Countries

Siberia Gets its First 3G Services

Is GM's Volt Ready to Roll?

Parks Associates White Paper Warns against Rush to Establish European Mobile TV Standard

Why SSDs Won't Knock out Disk Drives Anytime Soon

Nokia-Funded Packaging Technology from Imbera Attracts Investment

'Negativity' Threatens the Radio Business


Wall Street Turmoil Ripples Through Tech and Data Vendors

Locking Microchips to Prevent Piracy

'Cognitive Radios' to Improve Wireless Devices

Russia & Central Asia Q2 08 - 3G Connections Top Half a Million

IBM Pushes on with Revolutionary Solid State Drive Technology

Using GPS and Wireless to Manage Field Service Workers

Breakthrough in Use of Graphene for Ultracapacitors

Time is Running out on Solar Tax Credit Bill

'Rochester Cube' 3-D Computer Processor Points Way to More Powerful Chip Designs

Presidential Election Cycle to Yield Unprecedented Level of Political Email Spam

U.S. Regulators Not Ready for TV Switch

First Google-Powered Phone to Be Unveiled Sept 23

How an Eggbeater Could Power the Future

Telus Starts Shutting Down Canadian Analogue Network

Study Finds That 35% of BlackBerry and PDA Users Would Choose Their Device over Their Spouse

Walgreens Opens RFID-Enabled Distribution Center

Home Repair Scam Appears to Target Military Families

Russian Markets Halt Trading after 17% Drop

GM Rolls out Volt, Continues Work on Battery

General Motors Looks for a Jolt from Electric Volt

U.S. Stocks Down Steeply on AIG-induced Anxiety


Tech Companies brace for Impact of Financial Meltdown

The Day After...or Day 2?

Over 31,500 Mobiles Lost in New York Taxis Over Just Six Months

McCain, Obama Weigh in on Science Issues

Nanoflowers Improve Ultracapacitors

Silver Tsunami Set to Hit U.S. Aerospace and Defense Workforce

Future Nanoelectronics May Face Obstacles

LeCroy Scopes Debut for Mid-Range

The Winds of Cyber War

ZigBee Goes Green with Support for Smart Energy

RFID Tickets Sped Visitors Through Belgium's F1 Grand Prix

Taliban Using Skype to Make Secure Phone Calls

Nvidia Founder Pledges $30M to Stanford Engineering Center

New Wafer Slicing Method Cuts Waste in Making Ge-Based Solar Cells

Opportunity Bids Farewell to Victoria

Americans Value TV Picture Quality Above All Else

HP to Cut 24,600 Jobs as Part of EDS Integration

Dell Sees Further Signs of Weak Tech Spending

Google Search Finds Seafaring Solution

CSR Launches World's First ROM-Based Bluetooth with Stereo DSP

Radio Stocks Tumble with Markets Monday

Perseids Meteor Shower Creates September Surprise


New World Record for Wireless Optical Transmission

Hackers Break into 'Big Bang Machine' Computer Network

KEMET Announces the Sale of Its Wet Tantalum Assets

Texas Hams Braced for Ike

Program Turns to Online Masses to Improve Patents

Georgia Tech Tests Unmanned Systems

Superconductivity Can Induce Magnetism

Hurricane Ike Disrupts Traffic in Space

First 3-D processor Runs at 1.4 GHz on New Architecture

Putin Orders Additional $2.6B on Glonass Development

New York Taxis Using Sprint CDMA Network for Credit Card Transactions

Stretchy, High-Quality Conductors

Nanoscale Silver: No Silver Lining?

Experiment Boosts Hopes for Space Solar Power

Ofcom: Decision to Make the Wireless Telegraphy (Mobile Communication Services on Aircraft) (Exemption) Regulations 2008

Elastic Clock Startup Links up with Newcastle University

Next-Gen Satellite-Based Air Navigation System to Save on Fuel Costs

Home-Brewed Biodiesel Goes Prime-Time

Automated Bus Uses Magnets to Steer Through City Streets

Eating Veggies Shrinks the Brain (whew! - dodged that bullet!)

Jobless Set to Top 2M as U.K. Economy Heads for Meltdown

Are PDA's Replacing Pillow Talk?


TI's Kilby Labs to Focus on Chip Advances That 'Make a Difference'

Alitalia 'Can Guarantee No Flights after Sunday'

40% of Teenagers Don't Want a Landline

Ebay May Cut 1,500 Jobs

Is It Possible to Teach Experience? European Researchers Say Yes

VA Court Strikes Down Anti-Spam Law


NXP Semiconductors to Cut 4,500 Staff

Wider Loss Forecast, Debt Issues Hit SiriusXM Stock

IEEE Calls on Young Engineers to Make Real Change

In-Flight Wi-Fi Takes Off

U.S. Wireless Data Revenues Reached $14.8B in the First Half of 2008

Using 'Slow Light' to Modulate Single Photon Wavepackets

Reverse Engineering for Everyone at IMTS

College Classes Notch up Tech Use

AT&T Plans to Invest Nearly $50M in the MA Wireless Network This Year

Japan's High-Tech Giants Nibble at Edges of Change

Radio Listenership Remains Strong, Internet Radio Gains Popularity (I listen almost exclusively via the Internet)

Thousands Stranded Due to Chunnel Fire

Optimal Conditions Set for Chinese Spacewalk

NASA Moon Rocket Passes Early Design Test in U.S.

Vodafone Spain and Qualcomm Use 3G to Improve Communications for the Elderly

CSR Aims to Improve on Accuracy of Assisted-GPS

Teenagers are Shaping and Reshaping Their Wireless World

European Economic Round Up -- Euro Zone Employment Growth Slows

Pilot Lands in Antarctica Using Night-Vision Goggles

New ATC System Model Will Track Variables Without Human Input

Pentagon 9/11 Memorial Ensures a Nation Will Not Forget

Procurement Woes Continue for Air Refueling Tanker Contract

Physicists Estimate How Fast Usain Bolt Could Have Run

SkyPower and Excess Energy Team up in Solar Power Joint Venture


Electronics Remains Key to Government Tech Strategy

Indian Teenage Suicide over LHC Black Hole Test

Students Can Send Text Message Tips to Cops

IEEE Section to Honor First Voice Transmission

Satellite-Cell Combo Connects Anywhere

U.S. Mobile Market Remains Slow as Economic Concerns Mount

Silicon Labs Replaces Crystal Oscillator with CMOS Chip

Apple Stock Slammed after iPod Updates Disappoint

NASA Developing Fission Surface Power Technology

Air Force Tests Huge Airborne Laser Gun

High ROI Will Stimulate North American Mobile Resource Management Market

Particle Race: U.S. Fermilab Lab Tops CERN Supercollider

100-mpg Plug-in Hybrids Popping up in U.S.

Two-Tiered Strategy Holds RF Interference to a Minimum in Denver

Lightning Growth Seen for Quantum Dots

Prepare to Text, Putt and Swim with Your Mobile Phone

Long-Distance Demo of Solar-Powered Wireless Power Transmission Technology

500 Million New Mobile Subscribers from Asia's Emerging Economies by 2012

Closest Look Ever at Graphene: Stunning Images of Individual Carbon Atoms from TEAM 0.5 Microscope

QPC Lasers Completes Defense Contract, Demonstrates Eye-Safe Laser

Research Finds Carbon Dating Flawed

Look Ma, No Hands! Automated Bus Steers Itself


Boss' Gender Impacts Employee Stress Levels

Commercial Test Technology Drives DoD ATE

Wireless Firms Queried on Rising Texting Rates

'Big Bang Machine' Successfully Completes First Test

IR Touts GaN Power Device Technology Breakthrough

Vishay Raises Offer for International Rectifier

New 'Pyrex' Nanoparticle More Stable in Harsh Environments

BlackBerry Shows Off Its First Flip-Phone

Nanonets Snare Energy

Sharp Preps ZigBee Sensors

3G Now Almost 4/5 of Japan's Subscriber Base

BlackBerry Maker Opens R&D Center in Germany

iPhone Mobile Internet Traffic Almost Doubles in the USA

Modern Wireless Technologies Based on Decades of Work

Judge Rejects Broadcom Co-Founder's Plea Deal

Father of 'God Particle' Believes It Will be Found

KRNV-TV Delivers HD View of Great Reno Balloon Race

NASA's Options for Space Program Dwindling

2011 Chevy Volt Production Photos Leaked

When Windows Goes All 64-Bit (...and all your 16-bit apps don't run)

Maxwell's Demons May Drive Some Biological Systems

Online Posse Assembles, to Unmask Russia's Hackers

'Emissions-Free' Power Plant Pilot Fires up in Germany

Almost Half of Large Companies Cutting IT Spending


Could Graphene Replace Semiconductors?

Super-Collider Enabled by EEs

Bluetooth "Partnerships" Will Make It a Connectivity Swiss Army Knife

U.S. Firms Donate $100,000 to Help Save Bletchley Park (of WWII code breaking fame)

Intel Makes Xeons Halogen-Free

Venture Capital is Losing Patience with Fabless

Wilmington, N.C. Becomes First to Go Digital TV

Esquire Magazine Unveils Electronic-Ink Cover

Knoxville Station Makes $100,000 in One Day Selling Mobile Marketing

New 'Pyrex' Nanoparticle More Stable in Harsh Environments

Georgia Tech Helps Plot Future of Unmanned Systems

HP Claims 24-Hour Notebook Battery Life

U.S. Businesses Expected to Spend $11B on Mobile Apps by 2012

Colombia Government Fines Mobile Phone Companies $448,100 for Overcharging

Thin Film Technology Set to Top 30% of Solar Cell Market by 2015

Gordon Moore Garners IEEE Medal of Honor

Oil Nears $100 a Barrel Ahead of Opec Meeting

Evigia Launches 433 MHz Active RFID Product Line

Europe Round Up - German Trade Surplus Shrinks; UK Manufacturing Output Falls Further

Majority of Consumers Willing to Use Mobile Banking Services

Euro-Russo Split Widens


Worldwide Smartphone Sales Grew 16% in Second Quarter of 2008

Panasonic Launches Online Museum to Celebrate 90 Years of Business

Asia's ITU Leadership Visits Asian Amateur Radio Exhibit

TechInsights' RFID World 2008 Event Attracts Global Audience

Super-Smasher (LHC, aka Big Bang Machine) Targets Massive Mystery

FAA Flight-Plan System Has Long History of Problems

Russia's Glonass System to Comprise 30 Satellites by 2011

Tiny Gold Clusters Are Top-Notch Catalysts

2008 Cellular GPS Market Set to Overshadow Personal Nav Device Shipments

Bluetooth Incorporated into Unlikely Host...CB Radio

The WiMAX Forum Releases an Open Software Testing Simulator

Russia Warns of Asteroid Threat for 2036

Startup Details Video-Grade Wi-Fi Chip

As Easy As 1, 2, 3: Number Sense Correlates with Test Scores

IP Theft as Plagiarism

Computer Glitch Knocks out London Stock Exchange

Satellite Launched Saturday to Provide Color and Multispectral Earth Imaging

Upgrades and Developing Markets Drove Handset Sales in 2007

Brazilian 'Photonic Beetle' Points Way to Ultrafast Computing

Army Wants to Recruit Small Businesses for FCS

Flawless Vote Counts


National Semiconductor Net Income Drops

A Fine-Tooth Laser Comb to Measure the Accelerating Universe

SiRF Hosts 2nd Annual Location 2.0 Summit

Anti-Terrorism Laws Used to Spy on Noisy Children in UK

MIT Probe Could Aid Quantum Computing

Google Reigns as World's Most Powerful 10-Year-Old

Phoenix Lander Searches for Martian Microbial Oases


World's Most Powerful Magnet Under Construction

Better Organic Semiconductors for Printable Electronics

Startup Introduces 'Unclonable' Chip Technology

Microsoft Kicks off $300M Seinfeld Ad Campaign

UWB to Ship in Wireless HD-Video Role

European Space Probe to Fly by Asteroid

Robot Scout Will Test New Lunar Landing Techniques for Future Explorers

Data Theft by Partner Companies on the Rise

RF Switches for PXI Begin Proliferation

Asia-Pacific Semiconductor Revenue to Grow 6.4%

Internet-Enabled Hearts Run on Wireless

Phase Change Memory Moves Closer to Commercial Use

New Laptops Leap Hurdles to Booting up Quickly

Power Company Does ‘Whatever it Takes’ for Military Employees

UK Motor Insurance Costs Rise if Caught Driving While Using a Mobile Phone

Intensifying the Sun

Raytheon Missile Systems Receives a Perfect Score in Earned Value Management Systems Audit

Comcast Appeals FCC Web-Blocking Decision

Sony Recalls Laptops for Possible Overheating

National Semi Earnings Down on Tax Rate

ARRL Sets up E-mail Addresses for Use During Hurricanes, Tropical Storms

Prisons Scramble to Make Digital TV Switch

Children with TVs or Computers in Their Room Sleep Less (now there's a study we really needed)

Spy Software Could ID You by Your Shadow


China Counters U.S. Invisibility Cloak (now we need an anti-anti-cloaking device)

Government-Funded Project Targets Metamaterial Antenna Design

American Red Cross Clarifies Amateur Radio Policy

Wi-Fi Spells Death of 9-to-5 by 2033

Internet Traffic Grows 53% from 2007

USA Overtakes Europe in 3G Phone Usage

Microsoft Australia Seeks to Boost RFID Adoption Down Under

Positive Result from Negative Index Using InGaAsP

Qualcomm Says Cellphone Replacements Slowing

Physicists Discover 'Doubly Strange' Particle

Cablevision Plays WiFi Card

Film Created to Protect Small Spacecraft

U.S. Businesses to Spend $11.6B on Mobile Applications by 2012

Intel Plows More into WiMax Technology

MIT Probe Could Aid Quantum Computing

Top 10 Small Business Set-Aside Federal Technology Opportunities of FY 2008

Juniper Predicts $600B Gross Mobile Payments Figure for 2013

Online TV Grows in Popularity

Bluetooth Proves a Standard, 10 Years On

Closest Look Ever at Edge of a Black Hole

FCC Releases Annual Report on National Do-Not-Call Registry

U.S. to Provide $1B for Georgia Reconstruction, Humanitarian Aid

Yen Rises to Fresh Multi-Year Highs Versus Pound and NZ Dollar


Woman Allegedly Takes Technician Hostage

Scientists Grow 'Nanonets' Able to Snare Added Energy Transfer

Document Standards Dispute Leaves ISO Battered

Nokia Reveals Interest in NFC Payment Card Technology

Considerations for Elevated IBOC FM Sidebands

Survey Says Engineers Need Better Battery Understanding

Consumers Seen Holding on to Mobile Phones Longer

EU to Propose Caps on Roamed Texts, Web Surfing

Small Size, Efficiency, Latest Computers, and Networking Mark Today's 'Vetronics" (Vehicle Electronics - I hadn't heard that term either)

Deal Inked to Build Massive Bridge Linking Germany and Denmark

Teradyne to Acquire Eagle Test Systems

Courts Weight Doomsday Claim (Large Hadron Collider)

A Network That Builds Itself

Google Chrome Browser Vulnerable to Security Flaw

ARRL Ham Aid Go Kits Support Amateur Radio Operations During Hurricane Gustav -- and Beyond

Online Radio Show Gives Voice to Military Community

'Autonomous' Helicopters Teach Themselves to Fly

T-Mobile Opens Largest Wi-Fi Hotspot in Heathrow's Terminal 5

Scientists Fear Impact of Asian Pollutants on U.S.

Amateur Astronomers See Perseid Meteors Hit the Moon

China to Launch Third Manned Space Flight in September


Ultrawideband Chip Debuts at Tough Time for Wireless USB

UK Consumers Interested in NFC-Enabled Mobile Phones

Drivers Use OnStar to Evade Gustav

SiRF, ITC File Appeals in Broadcom Ruling

Samsung Overtakes Motorola in China to Take 2nd Place

A Chinese Challenge to Intel

EU Blocks WTO Investigation into Tech Tariffs

Google Plans to Launch Web Browser

This Ain't No Jive, Particle Physics Rap a YouTube Hit

Motorola Collaborates with Deutsche Telekom for IPTV

U.S. Faces Broadband Price Hikes

SprayCool Electronics Enclosure Completes Flight Testing Aboard UH-60 Black Hawk Radar System

DataPath Wins Support Contract for US CENTCOM SatComm Hubs

China Planning 'World's Fastest Train' from Beijing to Shanghai

Nanosolar Raises $300M for Utility-Scale CIGS PV Panel Production

Inside the Future of Electric Cars, Hydrogen and Next-Gen Biofuels

Oil Falls to 5-Month Low


Gustav's Outer Bands Hammer Gulf Coast

Sprint Preps Four New WiMax Markets

Bell Labs Exits Chip Research

Sony Ericsson JV About to Break Up?

Microwave Could Ease '4G' Backhaul Strain

An RFIC for the World

Wyle Information Systems to Operate, Maintain and Support the Space Innovation and Development Center

Rehab Center Monitors Patients with Ultra-Wide Band

Motorola Co-CEO to Get $5M if Cellphone Unit Worth $2B

Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging Forum Present at ESTC in Greenwich, UK

German Satellite Fleet Rapideye is Launched

T-Mobile USA Investigated Over Tower Planning Law Breaches

NASA Studies Changes in Shuttle Fleet Retirement Plan

Ener1 Sees Hybrid Battery Costs Halving

Radioactive Waste Recycling No Longer a Pain in the Ash

Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century (shiver me timbers - another ice age coming?)

ATI Unveils NIR Solid-State Photomultiplier with Gain of 200,000

Motorola and Deutsche Telekom Collaborate on IPTV

IMEC Raises Hopes of High Efficiency Organic Solar Cells

FAA Outage Exposes Odd Computing Practices at Agency

Beijing Olympics Air Pollution Control Efforts Being Assessed