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UK Allocates £550M to Clearing 700 MHz Band

Radar Spy Satellite Launched by China

Bill Gates to Start $$$Multi-Billion Clean Tech Initiative

Reducing Current Leakage in AlGaN Transistors on Silicon

Stacking Instead of Mixing Cools down the Chips

Success in Producing Completely Rare-Earth-Free FeNi Magnet


Monolayer Breakthrough Heralds Better Displays

Children's Electronic Toy Maker Vtech Hacked

MARS-Amateur Radio Exercise an Overall Success

China's Beidou Navigation Satellite System Test Doing Well


Silicon Valley Professionals 'Micro-Dosing' LSD to Increase Productivity

Stocking Stuffers for Electrical Engineers

Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Smashes Energy Record

Do You Suffer from FoMO?

Electric Fields Remove Nanoparticles from Blood with Ease


New Method for Producing Nanowires Could Offer Commercial Avenue

Revamped FCC Website Expected to Debut on December 10

Qubits Entangled in Semiconductor at Room Temperature

Israeli-Palestinian Agreement Reached on the assignment of radio frequencies

Global Tech Giants Back Encryption


Manipulating Transistors at THz Frequencies

Teen Wins $400,000 for Video Explaining Einstein's Theory of Relativity

More Proof of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity (entire 9/2015 SciAm devoted to Einstein - 100th anniversary of GToR)

10 Early Stage Technology Innovations Point to Future

No Lens? No Problem for FlatCam

4 in 10 U.S. Consumers Plan to Make In-Store Mobile Payment This Holiday Season

China Cuts Mobile Service of Xinjiang Residents Evading Internet Filters

Largest Diamond in over 100 Years Found in Botswana

'Electronic' Plants to Herald New Era for Scientists

Company to Pay $600k for Cell Tower Violations


Researchers Uncover Patterns in How Scientists Lie About Their Data (this could also be a lie)

Powering the Next Billion Devices with Wi-Fi

Strange Quantum Phenomenon Achieved at Room Temperature in Semiconductor Wafers

Rosenworcel Endorses FM Chip

DoD No Longer Drives Innovation

ULA Says It Will Launch Some CubeSats for Free

Wire Deposition Technology Promises Low-Cost 3D Printing Machines

Yahoo Stops Some Users Accessing Emails in Ad-Blocker Row

Analog IC Market Growth Set to Slow

India Government to Start Portal for Innovators


Swarm of CubeSats to Scan for UFOs

South Korea Claims Qualcomm Licensing Illegal

FCC Proposes $25k Fine ob Hilton Hotels for Blocking Wi-Fi Investigation

NYT Special Section: Wired Well

Toshiba Upgrades RF SOI Process

Testing Einstein's Theories with Satellites Stuck in Eccentric Orbits


AT&T Offers Rewards to Catch Tower Vandals

Quantum Spin Could Create Unstoppable, 1-D Electron Waves

Amateur Radio Parity Act Passes Senate Committee

Raytheon Tests Help Get GPS III Closer to Reality


Ultra-Thin, Tunable, Broadband Microwave Absorber May Advance Radar Cloaking

France Raises €2.8B from 700-MHz Sale

Breakthrough Could Make Graphene 100x Cheaper

Wireless Pill Monitors Internal Body Functions

Myers Expects 4-5% Revenue Growth in 2016 for Radio

Team Refrigerates Liquids with Laser for 1st Time

X-Ray Microscope Reveals 'Solitons,' Type of Magnetic Wave

Lasers Could Rapidly Make Materials Hotter Than the Sun

'Power over Wi-Fi' Named One of Year's Game-Changing Technologies

3 Alternative Fusion Projects That Are Making Progress


5G Challenges Call for Startups (or go straight to 6G cellular standard)

Nigerian Professor Solves 156-Year-Old Riemann Problem to Win $1M Prize

Perpetual Youth for Batteries?

ON Semi to Buy Fairchild

NFC Secure Element Shipments Grow 40% in 2015

Support ARRL as You Shop This Holiday Season!

After Paris Attacks, LE Renews Push for Access to Encrypted Communications

China Has $47B Chip Fund Focused on U.S. Mergers & Acquisitions

'Tuning In' to a Fast and Optimized Internet

Silicon Valley in Crosshairs over Encryption


FCC: Feel Free to Hack Your Wi-Fi Routers

Vodafone Outlines $2B Indian Investment Plans

Use of COTS Components on the Rise in C4ISR

U.S. Air Force to ID Targets by Their Vibrations

China Nearly Triples Number of Supercomputers

14% Mobile Connected Commuters Engage in Commuter Commerce

Computer Scientist Claims to Have Solved Graph Isomorphism Problem

NASA Chief: Time to Clean up All That Space Junk

Network of 110,000 Bluetooth Beacons Created in China

Coffee Drinkers Less Likely to Die from Certain Diseases


New Derivation of Pi Links Quantum Physics and Pure Math

The Myth of H-1B Job Creation

Space Junk Rains down on Spain

Feeling Woozy? It May Be Cyber Sickness

Tunable UHF Stealth Coating Is Only 8mm Thick

Huawei Reveals Quick-Charge Battery

Automakers Battle for High-Tech Dominance on Road to Self-Driving Car

'WTF1190F' Space Junk Makes Spectacular Re-entry into Earth's Atmosphere

IBM's Design-Centered Strategy to Set Free the Squares

Apple Faces Twitter Storm over Mac App Security Glitch


Sharing Antennas for Radar, EW, Communications

Physicists Put the Arrow of Time Under a Quantum Microscope

Microsoft to Host Data in Germany to Evade U.S. Spying (right, because Germany won't spy on you)

Borrowing from Solar and Chip Tech to Make Diamonds Faster and Cheaper

Graphene Coating Protects Nanowires for Displays

Microsoft Rolls out First Major Windows 10 Update


New Android Exploit Can Hack Any Handset in 1 Shot

1D Organic Semiconductor Complement 2D Graphene

Transistor-Level Challenges Get Squeaky Wheel Results

Creating a Wide Variety of New Holograms


Mysterious UFO Dubbed 'WTF' Will Collide with Earth Friday 13

Hospital Equipment Easily Hacked & Manipulated

Economic Benefits of C-band Spectrum for Mobile Broadband (4-8 GHz)

Fragile Agreement for 5 MHz Amateur Allocation Clears 1st Hurdles at WRC-15

Superconductor Survives Ultra-High Magnetic Field

Quantum-Dot Image Sensor Launch Threatens Silicon

FBI Accused of Paying U.S. University for Dark Net Attack

New Slant on Semiconductor Characterization

For the Military, the Internet of Things Isn't About 'Things'

What Is the Secret Sauce for News/Talk Stations?


Bluetooth Getting Big Range and Speed Boosts in 2016

Strong Dollar Drags on Chip Sales

China Smashes Sales Records During Its Version of Black Friday

Potential 15 kHz-Wide 60 Meter Band Advances at WRC-15

Quantum Dots Made from Fool's Gold Boost Battery Performance

Graphene Paper Goes for a Stroll

Scientific Research Conservative but Could Be Accelerated

Experts Still Think uBeam's Through-the-Air Charging Tech Is Unlikely

Merger Between Two Israeli Mobile Networks

Facebook's Laser Drones vs. Google's Net-Beaming Balloons


Using FM to Improve Wireless Networks

What Happens If Hyperlinks Get Copyright Protection in Europe?

How to Get Students to Stop Using Their Cellphones in Class

Pirate Radio Station Operator 'El Emperador' Faces Penalties

Shipments of Residential IoT Devices to Total $330B Through 2025

Man Charged for Bogus Tweets That Sent Stocks Plummeting

Physicists Send X-Rays Around the Bend

TSMC Open to Selling Stake to Chinese Investors

Slow Wi-Fi? FM Radio Might Help with That

Nokia Networks, China Mobile Sign $1B Agreement Covering 2015 Contracts


Engineer Was Whistle-Blower in VW Scandal (what a shame this happened!)

Offshore Versus Onshore Product Development: Here's the Skinny

Judge Deals a Blow to NSA Data Collection Program

Getting Serious About In-Dash Competition

Combat Shield Teams Prepare Aircraft for Electronic Warfare Threats

A $1 Billion Bet on Artificial Intelligence in Silicon Valley

Researchers Take 2 Big Steps Toward Quantum Computing

U.S. Smartwatch Market Not Ready for Prime Time Yet

U.S. Prisons Looking for Drone-Killing Systems

Diamond Reserve Hidden in Deep Earth?


Worldwide Directed-Energy Weapons Market to Reach $24.3B in Next 5 Years

No Time to Respond to Email? Let Google Do It

Introverts Should Stay Away from Facebook

Telcos in a Jam About IoT

Qorvo Announces Proposed $1B Senior Notes Offering

Earth Heading for Decade-Long 'Mini Ice Age' in 15 Years?


Investing in the Next Generation of Engineers

Mysterious $$$Billion Car Company Taking on Tesla

Will Google Make Its Own Android ICs?

Blackberry Priv: The Final Phone in the Coffin?


Math Anxiety Doesn't Equal Poor Math Performance

Universal Wireless Charger Meets Multiple Standards

The Un-College That's Training $100,000 App Developers

Is Motorola's Shatterproof Display the Next Big Thing in Phones?

Record-Setting Way to Make Transparent Conductors

Analog Design Automation Startup Gets Backing

Giant Antenna Deploys Successfully Aboard Morelos 3

Britain Seeks Greater Access to Citizens' Online Activity

How to Set a Realistic Delivery Date For Your Project

Physicists Measure Force That Makes Antimatter Stick Together


Mobile Attacks More Vicious Than Ever

Thailand Moves 900 MHz Sale Again

Diamonds May Not Be so Aare as Once Thought

Google Reveals Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge's Security Flaws

Chip Sales Declined 3% in Q3

Northern Light Secrets Uncovered Thanks to Social Networking Tools

Design Points a Path to the 'Ultimate' Battery

Plan to Torpedo UK's Grab for Everyone's Browsing History

China Unveils Jetliner to Compete with Boeing, Airbus

Amateur Radio Contact with ISS Takes Place in Conjunction with WRC-15


European Distributor 1st to Be Certified to Mil/Aero Anti-Counterfeit Standard

Samsung Smartphone Shipments Return to Growth in Q3 2015

Signal Booster Chip Makes NFC Transactions More Reliable

Near-Shoring Hurting China's Growth

Microboone Detector Finds Its 1st Ghost Particle

Test & Measurement Products: October 2015

Printed Electronics in Medicines Packaging Will Help Patients & Supply Chain

Practical Limits for Metallization Scaling in Fabs

How Camera Phones Changed the World

Google Strongly Denies It Intends to Phase out Chrome OS


2 Degrees, Flies Planes, Author, Works at NASA. His Age? 17

ITU Assembly Endorses Process for Development of 5G Mobile Systems

USMC Awards $73.2M Backpack EW Device Contract

Beijing's Covert Radio Network Airs China-Friendly News Across Washington & the World

Secure Wireless Key Distribution Verified Within Real Outdoor Environment

Xerafy Releases Its Smallest On-Metal RFID Tags

Lockheed Martin to Build Ballistic Missile Defense Radar

Samsung Electronics Unveils $9.9B Buyback

Simple Mathematical Formula Models Li-Ion Battery Aging

EPA Say VW Also Used Emissions Cheating Software in SUVs