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Technical Headline News Archive - May 2009

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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NASA: Sun Cycle 24 'Lowest Since 1928' (high temp of 60° here in Erie, PA today)

Iraqi Teen Solves 300-Year-Old Math Puzzle in Four Months

Bottom Hit in Q1, 5% Growth for Q2 Expected

Giant Laser Reactor Unveiled at National Ignition Lab

Alexei Leonov, First Space Walker, Turns 75


'Power' Move by Male Students Ruffles U. of Chicago (too darn bad - it's about time men stopped being minimized)

Tech Lets Plants Phone for Water

IndiaWatch: 3G Auction Imminent

Wireless Connectivity to Be Main Focus for Vehicle Manufacturers by 2012

How Many Scientists Fabricate and Falsify Research?

Expectations for 2009 Improve, Q2 Sales Growth Predicted

DISA Issues On-Demand Communications RFI

Obama Creates 'Cyber Czar' Position to Fight Digital Threats

Ericsson Reported to Have Won $500M Indian Contract

USPTO Notification of 2009 Business Methods Partnership Meeting

Magnetic Tremors Pinpoint Impact Epicenter of Earthbound Space Storms

Chip Analyst Sees Improving Outlook, Q2 Sales Surprise (now see the next headline)

Gartner, IDC Agree, Semiconductor Sales to Decline 22% in 2009

SEMI PV Group Releases Recommendations for China PV Policy Roadmap

Researchers Make Breakthrough in Quantum Control of Light

Changes to ARRL VHF/UHF Contest Rules Now in Place

Soyuz Spacecraft Docks with Space Station

Planet-Hunting Method Succeeds: Jupiter-Like Planet Found Orbiting One Of Smallest Stars

U.S. Cable Operators See Weaker Q2

Chrome, Firefox, IE8 Accelerate 12% Or More in Windows 7 over Vista

Obama Disses Queen Again - Not Invited to D-Day Event at Normandy (note: she was 18 years old in 1944, lived through Blitzkrieg)


Green Homeowner Hit with Noise Abatement Order Because 40 ft Wind Turbine is Driving Neighbors Mad

ZigBee to Be Wireless Standard for Smart Meters in Europe (a wise decision IMHO)

World's Highest-Resolution Commercial Satellite

University to Use iPhone for Attendance Checks

IEEE to Debut Two Awards

Powerline Communication Standards Continue to Struggle

Accelerometers Set to Become Leading MEMS Device in 2013

RFMD Seeing Better-Than-Expected Order Activity

Japan Pushes Forward on Plutonium Imports

AT&T Boosts 3G Data Speeds - Outlines LTE Upgrade Path

The First Acoustic Superlens

HP Says Aims to Cut 5,700 EMEA Jobs

Clearwire Cross-Breeding Engineers

Mexico to Try Rice University's Arsenic-Cleansing 'Nanorust'

GSMA Says Innovation Remains Strong During the Economic Downturn

EADS Defence & Security Chooses Wireless Network Solutions from Harris Stratex Networks

New Solar Cycle Predictions

Mobile Payment Users Worldwide to Increase 70% in 2009

High Torque Electric Motor Being Tested

IRS Tax Revenue Falls 34% Y/Y (no problem, just print more & take even more from Kirt)


Plastic in Our Cars Takes Up 100 Gallons of Oil per Vehicle

Navy Aircraft to Get Radar Upgrade

Sweden Claims LTE First

Japan's DoCoMo Eyes Cash Transfer by Cellphone

Europium Found to Be a Superconductor

When Will We See the IC Recovery?

Rude Internet Users Are Making You Stupid

U.S. Air Force Selects Sensis, Raytheon, Moog Team for 3DELRR Program

Astronauts Blast Off to Double Space Station Crew

Over Half of Cellular Backhaul Capacity Will Be Ethernet by the End of 2011

New System for Detection of Arrival of Single Atoms

2009 ARRL Photo Contest Ends Soon

'How to Cheat': The Physics of RFID

IBM Earmarks $3 Billion for Europe and Asia Stimulus (has anyone seen headlines of other countries seeking to stimulate the U.S. economy?)

Space Operations Vital to USAF and USA

Nanoscale Electric Current Generator Uses Rotating Atoms

Researchers Test Induction Sensors to Detect Buried Land Mines

Astronauts Spot Mysterious Ice Circles in World’s Deepest Lake

PPM Inquiry Part of a 'War on Talk Radio'


Ericsson Claims First Commercial 4G Mobile Deployment

Digital TV Test Leads to Flooded FCC Help Lines

Decline of 565,000 Jobs Predicted in Upcoming May '09 BLS Employment Report

India's Wireless Communication Test Equipment Market Sees Strong Growth

Merchant Substrate Market For GaN to Reach $470M in 2013

U.S. Venture Investments Down 61% in Q1 2009

Microsoft's Move Toward XML Standards Leads to $200M Penalty

Self-Powered "Infofuses" Use Chemical Reactions to Transmit Coded Messages up to 2 km

Too Much Entanglement Can Render Quantum Computers Useless (I hate that when that happens)

RFID Takes Retail to Consumers Through Search Engines

Radio Revenues Down 24% in Q1

Using Lasers to Hunt for Submarines

Droplets Manipulated on Nanostructured Silicon Surfaces

It's 'Rat Out Your Boss' Week in the UK

Will Consumers Be Able to Afford the Bandwidth They're Craving?

Renewable Energy's 26,000 New Jobs

Higher-Performance Plastic Electronics

N. Korea Allows Limited Internet Cell Phone Service (a kinder, gentler socialist dictatorship)

Obama Breaking Promise for 5-Day Online Transparency


Wi-Fi More Important Than Food, Say Airline Passengers

Phone Scams and Virus 'Epidemic' Could Be Just Round the Corner

Recession Suddenly Humbles High-Tech Sector

Technology That Shouldn't Be Forgotten This Memorial Day

Air Force Picks Site for Cyber Command

Pause in 2G Spending Leads to Record GSM Network Revenue Drop in Q1/2009

More AC Power from Solar Panels

Atlantis Shuttle Lands in California after Successful Hubble Fix

Interest in Mobile Phone Recycling Surges in the UK

Middle East RFID Association Gets Ready for Business

Lockheed Martin GPS III Team Completes Major Design Review

Humans and Robots Bond on the Battlefield

LIDAR System Offers Peerless Precision in Remote Measurements

Police Use GPS to Track Suspects Despite Murky Law

NASA Flight Facility Launches Nanosatellite

Google Chrome 2 Is 20% Faster Than Chrome 1 in Physical Speed Tests

'Extreme' College Drinking and a Sensation-Seeking Disposition Lead to Injury


American Households Spend >$1200 Annually on Consumer Electronics

US$ Hits New Multimonth Low vs €, ¥, ₤

U.S. Could Lose AAA Rating

AOptix Develops Air-to-Ground Laser Communications System

BPA Forecasts A U-Shaped Slow Recovery for Semiconductor and PCB Industries

Concrete - the New Eco-Criminal (better stop construction on all those new buildings in China and developing countries)


TSMC to Re-Hire Hundreds of Workers

Chuck Norris Bakery Thwarts Vandals in Split, Croatia - from Texas

TI Pushes Deeper into ZigBee Territory with Integrated Radio SoCs

Few Women Choose to Become Engineers

Bad Weather Delays Shuttle Landing

GPS Satellites Not 'Falling out of the Sky' Says Air Force

Mio Launches Ultra-Slim Nav Devices with Innovative Software

Alternative-Energy Markets Brighten

Giant Balloon Flying High over Atlantic to Catch Cosmic Rays

Air Force to Get Additional Communications Systems

London to Be 'Electric Car Capital' of World

Australia: State of Victoria Passes Electrical Safety Regulations for Electrical Toys and Other Products

Big Science Projects on the Edge of Doability

SETI@home Project Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Though No ETs Yet

T-Mobile Leaks Details of Replacement iPhone

Wings That Waggle Could Cut Aircraft Emissions by 20%

Scientists Test Superjet Technology in Australia

DOD to Get Assistance with IFF System

Software Pirates Pinpointed on Google Maps

Funding Secured to Develop UK Satellite for Rural Broadband Services

Computer Virus Strikes FBI, U.S. Marshals Service


Engineers Discover Fundamental Flaw in Transistor Theory

FBI Arrests 4 in Terror Plan to Bomb Bronx Synagogues, Shoot Plane w/Stinger Missile 

New Memory Material May Hold Data for One Billion Years

Job Opportunities Fewer for People with Non-English Names

Counterfeiting of Electronics Moves Online

1/3 of Us Will Do Homework This Weekend

GAO-Predicted GPS Failure Could Have Drastic Consequences

Scientist Uncover Key Mechanism in Magnetic Cooling Crystals

UK: A Way out of the Spectrum Re-Farm Deadlock?

New 'Broadband' Cloaking Technology Simple to Manufacture

Silicon Wafer Shipments Decline in Q1 2009

Rotating Space Elevator Propels Its Own Load

Concerns Expressed over Future of Human Spaceflight At NASA

RFID Gives Voice to Nonverbal Children

MIT Experts Tackle Nuclear Power Waste Problem

Aptitude Tests May Discourage Best Candidates

World's Observatories Watching 'Cool' Star

Help! National Archives Offers $50,000 For Lost Data

Giant Lens May Be Distorting Echo of the Big Bang

1 in 4 Americans is Texting While Driving (my niece died in a horrific car accident as a result of texting while driving)

Swinburne University Research Leads to DVD That Will Store 2000 Movies

Parents Use Cell Phones as Modern Baby Rattles


GPS System "Close to Breakdown"

FCC Looks to Raise Vanity Call Sign Fees for Second Consecutive Year

Pay Freeze for Ofcom Staff and Directors

Air Force to Get Nonlethal Microwave Defense System

Apple Warns of Static Shock from iPhone, iPod

Q1 Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Declined 9.4% - Smartphones Grew 12.7%

Downward Trend on the German PCB Market Continues

ZigBee Smart Energy Proposed as Basis for IEC Standard

Virgin America First Airline to Offer Fleetwide WiFi

UHF RFID Reader Has Read Range of up to 300 ft

Near Field Comms (NFC) Gets New Specs

DARPA Awards Northrop Grumman $37M Terahertz Electronics Contract

Femto Forum Outlines Case for LTE Femtocells

How Gravitational Waves Could Generate Radio Signals

Biggest Commercial Satellite to Date Arrives at Launch Facility

Magnetic Cactus Experimentally Demonstrates Mathematical Plant Patterns

LTE to Reach 100 Million Subscriptions Faster Than Any Previous Mobile Standard

UK Firm Starts Research into Lasers for High Speed Internet

Raytheon Wins $260M U.S. Navy Weapon System Contract

Airline Mechanics in TX Cannot Read English Repair Manuals

10 Years Later Still Not Even a Squeak from ET


Astronauts Say Goodbye to Hubble for Last Time

Don't Overlook the Joys of Analog Life, Schmidt Tells Grads

Can Wi-Fi Rescue the 3G Operators?

Tiny, DIY Satellites Get NASA Boost

China OEMs Rise as Mobile Market Falls

A Laptop Cooled with Ionic Wind

Share and Exchange Knowledge at New GPS Tracking Forum

World's Largest Commercial Satellite Arrives at Launch Facility

New Memory Technology to Replace NAND

A Fast Bumpy Ride into the Future of Mass Solar Deployment

Government Invests in 1Gb/s Research

AC Induction Motor Market Growth to Triple by 2011

NASA Presents New, Odd-Looking Rovers

Third-Dimensional Viewing for Mobile Phones

2009 Team America  Rocketry Challenge Results Announced

Thompson Files: Electronic-War Alert

Nokia Announces 490 Job Cuts

Verizon CFO Sees Wireless Margins Beyond 45%

The Foundation of Reality: Information or Quantum Mechanics?

Blue Collar U.S. Males Lose More Ground

27% of Public School Teachers Fail in Math (no wonder we can't produce engineers & scientists)


STMicro Sees Early Chip Market Recovery

NORAD to Test Aircraft Laser Warning System This Week in Washington, D.C. Area

EU Moves Closer to New Mobile Spectrum

Research Team Reports Major Breakthrough in Lithium Battery Technology

Tech Security Companies Are Hot Acquisitions

Pyramid: LTE Growth Will Outpace 3G

Court Case Reveals Ugly Infighting at Motorola

Atlantis Astronauts Take Final Hubble Spacewalk

Is Random Lasing Possible with a Cold Atom Cloud?

NASA to Test World's Largest Rocket Parachutes

Silent Talk 'Telepathy' for Soldiers

Israeli Intelligence Issues Facebook Warning

Scientists Work to Plug Microorganisms into the Energy Grid

Nokia Unveils Its Cheapest 3G Phone

Air-Fuelled Battery Offers 10x Increase in Capacity

Wolfram Alpha First Impressions

Prius Goes For More Energy-Saving Firsts

As Palm Moves Toward Launch, Pre Fans Speculate Frantically

Angry Phone Users 'Rickroll' Robo-Call Company

New Kid-Friendly Internet Browser Launches

Microsoft Delivers Beta of Visual Studio 2010


Major Upsets in Semiconductor Top 20 Ranking

Graphene Yields Secrets to Its Extraordinary Properties

Saudi 'Killer Chip' Implant Would Track, Eliminate Undesirables

Mobile Shortages Drive Demand, While Intel Atom Eludes the Open Market

Inexpensive Plastic Used in CDs Could Improve Aircraft, Computer Electronics


British Telecom to Cut 15,000 Jobs (sink me!)

Electronics Supply Chain Sales Waiting for An Upturn

GaAs Amplifier Chip Boosts 71 to 86 GHz

Half of U.S. Mobile Phone Users Access Mobile Content on a Weekly Basis

Massachusetts Stops Transit Drivers Carrying Cell Phones

RFaxis Opens Doors for BiCMOS RFICs

Novel Mobile Devices to Drive 3G Opportunity

Panasonic Slumps to $4B Yearly Loss

First Spectrum Index Launched (a relative value rating service)

Atlantis Spacewalkers to Put Finishing Touches on Hubble Fix

Europe's Satellite TV Decision Faces Legal Challenge

The Key to Graphene's Exotic Properties

European Commission Issues RFID Privacy Recommendations

New Nanotube Coating Enables Novel Laser Power Meter

NEC Quits Supercomputer Project

Former Astronaut Likely to Be New NASA Chief

Fujitsu Develops World's Fastest Processor

Res-Net Microwave Announces New Website

U.S. Teens Going Online Wirelessly Without Limits or Controls

China's ¥ Set to Usurp U.S.'s $ As World's Reserve Currency

Savage Asks Clinton to Intervene with UK Government


Charge Your iPod, Kill a Polar Bear?

Global PCB Market Forecast to Drop 13% in 2009

TI Pushes Deeper into ZigBee Territory with Integrated Radio SoCs

Spacewalkers Perform Surgery on Hubble

DoD to Receive Support for Communications Systems

Researchers Develop New Method for Producing Transparent Conductors

Warship Radar Technology Designers Set Sights on Next-Gen Navy Cruiser

Ariane Rocket Launches Two Space Observatories

Europe Licenses Two Mobile Satellite Operators

Body Movements Can Influence Math Problem Solving

Bulk GaN Substrates to Expand from Blue Lasers to Lighting and Power Electronics

Illusion Cloak Makes One Object Look Like Another

White OLED Surpasses Fluorescent Lamp Efficiency

Vodafone UK to Offer Borderless Roaming For Summer Promotion

Liquid Lens Creates Tiny Flexible Laser on a Chip

Birthday Bash Marks 50 Years of IC Evolution

CAE to Cut 10% of Workforce, 700 Jobs (demonize bizjets, kill jobs - duh)

China May Allow Sales of WLAN-Enabled Handsets at End of 2009

Sony Reports $1B Annual Loss

OpenOffice 3.1 Goes to Bat Against Office 2007 SP2 (check out FREE RF Cascade Workbook for OOo)

Flaws in Web's Much-Touted WolframAlpha


Analog Demand Returns, Pricing Stabilizes

ARRL Seeks Member Support "The Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Enhancement Act of 2009"

Emtec Microscope Tilts Light Source

Are You an 'App-hole'?

Wi-Fi in the Sky Becoming a Necessity, Not a Luxury

GPS Navigation Units More Popular as Prices Fall

Hong Kong Airport Says It Now Uses Only RFID Baggage Tags

Japanese Operators Exceed 100 Million 3G Subscribers

Cisco, Clearwire in WiMax Supply Deal

Digital Britain Spectrum Decision Expected Tomorrow

FCC: Landline Number Move Should Take 1 Day, Not 4

Shuttle Crew Chases Hubble Telescope for Repairs

Verizon Sells Landline Assets for $8.6B

Ericsson Mines Silicon Valley for IP Gold

China Deploys "Impenetrable" Computer OS

Ericsson's 3G Femto Issue

Quantum Leap in Lighting

EU Commission Hits Intel with $1.45 Billion Fine

Seagate [HDDs] to Cut 1,100 Jobs to Reduce Costs

Google Street Views Faces Privacy Critics in Japan and Greece

In-Depth View: Microsoft Windows 7 RC


Upper Millimeter Microwave Radio Poised to Take Off

Android Smartphone Shipments Expected to Grow 900% in 2009

U. of Ark. Study Quantifies RFID's Superiority to Manual Inventory Counts

Scottish Mobile TV Chip Firm Wins New Backing

Ofcom Survey Highlights Interference Problems for UK Wireless Networks

Toshiba Cuts Semiconductor Investment by 2/3

Ultra-Dense Deuterium May Be Nuclear Fuel of the Future

Number-Crunching Search Engine Wolfram Alpha Preps for Launch

New Technology Could Double 3G Network Voice Call Capacity

Tech Firms Could See Fallout from Antitrust Shift

Faster Computers, Electronic Devices Possible with Scientists Create Large-Area Graphene on Copper

Hubble to Be Upgraded with e2v CCD Imaging Sensors

Demand Returns and Pricing Stabilizes in Analog Chips and Transistors

Ion Trap Quantum Computing

NEC Electronics CEO Steps Down Amid Losses

AirTran Airways Joins the Wi-Fi Crowd

Brain's Problem-Solving Function at Work When We Daydream

Software Piracy Cost the Industry $50B in 2008

Xerox Solid Ink Cuts Print Costs by 62%

GM CEO: Bankruptcy Likely; Firm May Leave Detroit


Semiconductor Fabs Start to Fill

DoCoMo Develops Spatial Positioning for Mobile Phones

Maryland Pursues Cell-Phone Jamming Test

FCC Releases Unredacted BPL Case Studies after ARRL FOIA Request

Wisconsin Court Upholds GPS Tracking by Police w/o Warrant

University of Missouri Requires Students Buy iPhone or iPod

A Step Toward Graphene Circuitry

Wi-Lan Settles with Infineon, Gains Hundreds of Patents

Over 40% of Americans Use Mobile Phones in the Toilet (I am NOT one of them)

Scientists Prove Silicon-Friendly Non-Volatile Memory Film

AT&T to Buy Territories from Verizon for $2.35B

Smart Meter Plan is Potential Boost to Industry

WiFi Slow to Become Ubiquitous Onboard Airlines

Brits Too Scared to Shop Online

Clear Channel Radio Revenues Down Double Digits

General: Cyberattack on U.S. Might Lead to Military Strike

New Nanocrystals Show Potential for Cheap Lasers, New Lighting

China Overtakes the U.S. as Brazil's Largest Trading Partner

Administration Proposes Killing DoD Programs

NASA Running Out of Plutonium for Deep-Space Probes

Shortages Stir Coffee and Sugar Prices

U.S. Government Borrowing 46¢ for Every $1 Spent


Shuttle Atlantis Set for Monday, 2:01 PM Launch

'Star Trek' Warp Speed? Physicists Have New Idea That Could Make It So

U.S. Threatens Military Force Against Hackers

Big Solar Flare Portends Sun’s Return to Normal

Putting the Squeeze on a Crystal Leads to Novel Electronics


Space Adventurer Sues for Losing Earth Job

New Pattern Found in Prime Numbers

Telecom Carriers Spent $62B on Outsourced Services in 2008 (opportunities for entrepreneurs?)

Pentagon Girds for Cyber Warfare

White House Moves on DoD Contractor Workforce Cuts

Experiment Sets Basis for Graphene Chips

NASA Announces Fiscal Year 2010 Budget

EU Calls for Shorter Work Week to Create Jobs

Scientists Prove Silicon-Friendly Non-Volatile Memory Film

Thailand's DTAC Q1 Net Subscriber Additions Down 70%

Color E-Paper That Rivals the Real Thing

Researchers Make Major Step Towards Faster Chips

Will America's Power Grid Be Able to Keep Pace with Future Demand?

Study Reveals That Losing Jobs Makes People Sick

THEMIS: 'Singing' Electrons Help Create and Destroy 'Killer' Electrons

National Trademark Expo Set for USPTO Campus May 8-9

EU Parliament Approves Law Ensuring Internet Access As a Fundamental Right

Hubble to Get First Battery Replacement in 19 Years

FAA's Air-Traffic Networks Breached by Hackers

9 Reasons to Drink More Coffee!

Employers Cut 539,000 Jobs in April, Jobless Rate 8.9%


Student's Wikipedia Hoax Fools Newspapers

Physicists Create World's Smallest Incandescent Lamp (must hide it countries where incandescents are banned!)

In-Flight Broadband Set to Soar with 800 Planes

Deutsche Telekom Posts Q1 Loss on T-Mobile Write Down

Wi-Fi Backers Drive to 60 GHz

Method to Integrate Plasmon-Based Nanophotonic Circuitry with State-of-the-Art ICs Developed

Pentagon Plans 20,000 New Jobs

Europe About to Take an Astronomical Lead over U.S.

Chips in 'Recovery Phase' as Fabs Start to Fill Up

Computer Hard Drive Sold on eBay Had Details of Secret U.S. Missile Defense System

IPC: March Rigid PCB Bookings Down 40%

Study Plunges Standard Theory of Cosmology into Crisis

Intel, Microsoft, Dell Band Together for WiGig

More Americans Drink and Dial on Cell Phones

X-ray Reveals Anatomy of Gallium Oxide

Post-Quantum Correlations: Exploring the Limits of Quantum Nonlocality

What Next for Bluetooth High Speed?

Xerox Looks to Make Color Printing More Affordable

How an Intern Stole NASA's Moon Rocks

ST Looks at Bendable Batteries for Smartcards

Raytheon Gains $115M Contract to Upgrade Patriot Air and Missile Defense Systems

In-Depth View: Microsoft Windows 7 RC

Census GPS-Tagging Your Home's Front Door

Breakthrough Electric Powertrain Targets Buses and Trucks


Congress Debates Whether P2P Users Should Be Warned Like Cigarette Smokers (Big Mother watching over the children again)

Physicists Detect Single-Electron Tunneling with Quantum Dots

Super Glass Breaks Dielectric Record

No Rebound Just Yet, According to Supply-Chain Survey

Representatives Introduce FCC Reform Bill

Six-Atom-Thick Material Discovered

Report: Ultrawideband Dies by 2013

Optimizing Performance of Nanowire Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices

3G Mobile Broadband Success Story Might Be Short Lived

Ericsson, NSN Brace for Chinese Price Wars

Storing a Lightning Bolt in Glass for Portable Power

New Solar Energy 'Cells' - Structure of Highly Efficient Light-Harvesting Molecules

Microsoft Continues Layoffs, Massive Affected

The Smart Grid: Licensed or Unlicensed Spectrum

Watching Solar Activity Muddle Earth's Magnetic Field

Extreme Ultraviolet Laser Challenges Einstein

Swede Indicted for Hacking NASA, Cisco Computers

Hawaii Broadband Bill Fails in State Legislature

GM Plans 1-for-100 Reverse Stock Split (remember that the U.S. government, aka taxpayers, is the majority owner now)


Nano-Sandwich Triggers Novel Electron Behavior

Andy Grove, Gordon Moore, et al, Honored by National Inventors Hall of Fame

High-Tech Start-ups Training Academy to Open

FCC Affirms Vanity Call Sign Rules

Light-Enhanced Wet Etch Eats into GaN

Europe: Get the U.S. and Other Countries Out of Internet Governance

Switzerland Opens Major Spectrum Consultation

NFC Creeps Closer to the Start Line

Forecast: Mobile Advertising Will Grow 36% in 2009

National Geographic: Sun Oddly Quiet -- Hints at Next "Little Ice Age"?

Motorola's "Green Phone" Renews and Recycles

Apple-Twitter Deal: Just a Rumor?

Is the Recession Suffocating American Innovation?

Detecting Dirty Bombs from a Safe Distance

Hubble Telescope Poised for Grand Cosmic Finale

Bluetooth Class-Action Suit Settled: Lawyers Unsurprisingly the Biggest Winners

Alcatel-Lucent Q1 Losses Widen

Pentagon Cyber Command to Create Force for Future

Microsoft Announces Round Two of Layoffs

Libraries Eye Stimulus Money for Web Access

Wolfram Alpha and Google Face Off


March Chip Sales Rebound Slightly from February

Handset Shipments Down 13% in Q1

Adopt a Line of Code: The Makers of Miro Have a Unique Funding Model

IBM, Motorola Execs Say RFID Is Key to Better World

HP Allies with RIM for Mobile Business on Blackberry

DOD Space Programs Beset by Troubles

Google Accidentally Offends Japanese Sensibilities

The Asteroids Are Coming

NIST Super-Sensors to Measure Signature of Inflationary Universe

China Triples Wind Power Capacity Goal


SIA: Demand Stabilizing Somewhat, But Limited Visibility Continues

Sennheiser Sets New Standards for High-End Audio Receivers Using AWR Software

Quantum Ghosts Are Helpful

Patented PVC Material Helps Hide Soldiers, Vehicles

Japan to Launch Military-Purpose Satellites


Smartphones Help Mobile Phone Market As Handset Shipments Drop

IBM, Motorola Execs Say RFID Is Key to Better World

Supercool, Superconducting Digital Switches Extend DDR's Reach

Mobile Phone Contract-Manufacturing Outsourcing Decelerates as Demand Lags

Job Cuts Avert Catastrophic Quarter as Profits Excel

U.S. House Airs Patent Reform Debate

NASA Jobs Slashed As Shuttle Fleet Is Retired

Houston Representative Introduces Amateur Radio Bill in Congress

Tiny Lasers Plug the 'Green Gap'

March Chip Sales Rebound Slightly from February

U.S. Falls Behind Russia, China in Nanotech Funding

New Color Mercury Images - Huge Crate Found

Windows 7 to Make Public Debut May 5

This Week in ZigBee: The Low-Power Wireless Standard Gets a Boost

RFID Plays Crucial Military Role in Middle East

Pentagon Uses Facebook, Twitter to Spread Message

Space Shuttle Is "Go" for May 11 Launch

Wireless Rivals Vie to Replace IR Remote Controls

Obama Nominates Clyburn to FCC

GPS Units May Guide Elderly Through Supermarkets

Survey: 22% of Internet Users Ditch Print Newspaper

Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs - RF Cafe

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