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Technical Headline News Archive - November 2012

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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DTRA Surveys Industry for Expertise in Rad-Hard HF and Analog RF Semiconductors

General Electric Pitches an Industrial Internet

First Navy MUOS Satellite Begins Limited Operations

Ericsson Sees Increased Wireless Impact; Forecasts 9.3B Mobile Subs in 2018

Win 8 Failing to Boost PC Sales (I upgraded to Win 8 on both laptops, hated it, went back to Win 7)

Cellular M2M Connections Will Soar to 326M by 2016

NASA Technologists Test 'Game-Changing' Data-Processing Technology

Compact, Integrated Antenna Tuners Adopted for Smartphones

Imprinted Flexible Circuits in UK Commercial Production

Government Intervention Jeopardizes Argentina’s Telecom Development (Marxism always produces the same results)

Magnetism Controls Light at Nanoscale

Artists Could Not Sell Music Without Radio

Micro Fuel Cells Made of Glass: Power for Your iPad?

Smartphones Are For Singles, Tablets For Couples

X-rays Illuminate Nitrogen's Role in Single-Layer Graphene

Cyber Monday Sales Stellar, but Not for Untested Commerce, Mobile Sites


RIM Stock Soars After Goldman Sachs Upgrade

Internet and Mobile Communication 'Cut Off' Across All of Syria

Flexible Electronics Breakthrough Claimed

5 Wireless Technologies That Failed

Huawei and China Mobile Open GSM Lab in Pakistan

Sprint to Charge iDEN Subs $10 If They Don't Upgrade to CDMA (when's the last time anyone used iDEN in a sentence?)

Small Cells in Airports is Big Opportunity, says Femtocell Firm

China Mobile to Unveil Its NFC Payments Service on 5 December

The First Controllable Atom Superconducting Quantum Interference Device

New Method of Manufacturing Smallest Structures in Electronics

Facebook Arrests Ignite Free-Speech Debate in India

Smartphones Increases Uptake of Mobile Broadband Services in Latin America

New Study Reveals Unexpected Disappearance of Superconducting Fluctuations at Super-Cold Temperatures

James' Bond: A Graphene / Nanotube Hybrid

The New Internet Teaching Stars

2/3 of Millionaires Left Britain to Avoid 50% Tax Rate (if they came here, they'll soon be screwed as well)


Morse Code Plays Role in New Spielberg Movie

Nokia Seeks Blackberry Sales Bans After Patent Dispute

Qualcomm Says NFC is Key

GSMA Calls for a Connected Europe Through Next-Generation Mobile Technology

LHC Creates New Kind of Matter

Apple Lets Go One More Employee in Maps Fiasco

New Experiments Challenge Fundamental Understanding of Electromagnetism

Congressman Proposes 2-Year Ban on Bills About Internet

Lockheed Martin Ground-Based Laser System Performs Against Rockets and Drones

GSMA Calls for More Women in Mobile Communications Industry

Breakthrough Offers New Route to Large-Scale Quantum Computing

HP Preps Memristor-Based Successor to Server CPUs

ARRL UHF/Microwave Band Plan Committee Seeks Input on 6 and 3 Centimeter Bands

Will Radio Have a Big-Money 2013?

The Engineer Q&A: Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles

Ex-NASA Scientist’s Data Fears Come True


Ericsson Sues Samsung in the USA over Patent Infringement Allegations (suing over being sued - what next?)

Warning for Business Traveler: Hotel Burglars Suspected of Exploiting Lock Security Bug

DARPA to Brief Industry on Through-Clouds Radar with Imaging Capability to Match Infrared

NY City is Amassing Trove of Cellphone Logs

Direction of Time Fuzzy for Subatomic Particles

Half of All Mobile Connections Will Be 3G/4G by 2017

Semi Market to Fall; Pick up Next Year

40% of Brits Won't Pay for Mobile Apps

Google's $400 Million Wi-Fi Buy a Hoax

Nanoparticles Make Steam Without Bringing Water to a Boil

Army Releases RFI for Full-Rate Production of Manpack Radio

FCC to Hold Hearings on Network Resiliency After Hurricane Sandy

China Fabless Firm Looks West as Mobile Slumps

NFC Forum Adds 22 New Members

GM Hopes New Spark Will Jolt Electric Sales (more like a Fizzle)

How Google Plans to Find the UnGoogleable


Courts Divided over Searches of Cellphones

NFC World Call for Mobile Payment Implementation Standards Input

Facebook Not So Fun with Click from Boss or Mom

RIM Jumps 14% on BlackBerry 10 Hopes

Google and Apple Among Hundreds Hit in High-Profile Pakistan Hack

Metamaterials and Transformation Optics Control Light on a Microchip

The Spectrum Crunch That Never Really Was

Industry Must Attract More Graduates, Says NI's CEO

Scotch Tape Finds New Use as Grasping 'Smart Material'

NASA Outpost Beyond Moon Could Lead to Mars

Verizon Remains the Carrier to Beat

Mathematical Methods Help Explain Why Metallic Glasses Have Wildly Different Breaking Points (this is not Scotty's 'transparent aluminum'... yet)

Autonomy Founder Challenges HP's Fraud Claims

Nokia Shows Off First Mobile Phone with Facebook Integration

Apple's 'Spaceship' HQ: 10 Cool Things You Should Know

Aleutians' Akutan Island Completes Unused $75M Airport and $29M Harbor (for 75 residents - remember it when your paycheck shrinks in 2013)


AIG Audit Shows Only 1:479 DHS Employees Know How to Use the $430M Worth of Radios Owned (only 20% of radios programmed correctly - can't wait for gov't health care)

Will Microsoft Restore Start Menu to Windows 8? (I detest the forced Start screen)

New DOD Space Policy Addresses Safety, Security, Access

339 Gbps: High-Energy Physicists Smash Records for Network Data Transfer

IC Content Per Television Increasing Even as TV Unit Growth Slows

Summer-Born Children Struggle More with Maths

Morgan Stanley’s Doom Scenario: Major Recession in 2013


Science of Shopping: How to Survive Black Friday

Google in Talks to Set Up Its Own Mobile Network

RFID School Student Tracker Project Prompts Court Row

Ofcom Reveals Plans for White Space Radio

Lenovo Expected to Become China's Largest Smartphone Vendor in 2013

Electronics of Nature's Nano Machines

RIM Jumps 11% on BlackBerry 10 Hopes

CubeSat Sail System is Able to Pull Small Satellites out of Orbit

Banned on Wall Street: Facebook, Twitter and Gmail

Engineers Pave the Way Towards 3-D Printing of Personal Electronics

Researchers Look Back on Scientific Advances Made as Result of 50-Year Old Puzzle

Rising GDP Set to Boost Chip Markets (see below)

Growth Outlook for Industrial Semiconductors Dims to 3% in 2012

London's Tallest Skyscraper Gets Indoor Mobile Phone Coverage

UK Code Breakers Stumped by WWII Pigeon Message

The Education Publishing Giant Adapts


Astronauts to Get Thanksgiving Feast in Space

The Shrewd Shopper Carries a Smartphone on Black Friday

European Parliament Warns Against UN Internet Control (sanity from the EU)

iPad, Surface Among 10 Products Sure to Top Santa's Lists This Year

NASA's Not Sharing a 'Historic' Find on Mars... Yet - RF CafeNASA's Not Sharing a 'Historic' Find on Mars... Yet

Silicon Carbide Logic Circuits Work at Blistering Temperatures

New Technique Excites Atoms and Molecules Using Pulsed Laser

Huge Investment in UK Space Industry

Antenna-on-a-Chip Promises Faster Light Processing with Silicon Photonics

Accelerate Time-to-Market by Saving ESD Test Time

One Material, Two Types of Magnetism

RIM Gains as National Bank Sees Better Outlook

Hitachi Deal Could Put UK Civil Nuclear Industry Back on Map

Implant That Projects Words Directly onto Retina Has Been Invented


Thanksgiving Cooking Resources for Engineers

7 kV Electric Fences Erected to Stop Metal Thieves (shocking!)

Smallest Logic Circuit Fabricated with Single-Electron Transistors

FCC Seeks to Assign Entire Amateur Portion of 160 Meter Band to Primary Status, Proposes New LF Amateur Band

EC VP: We Must Keep Manufacturing in Europe

Google Error Cancels Christmas... and All of December

Rapid Smartphone Uptake and Doubling of Mobile Data Traffic

Researchers on a Scientific Quest to Understand Higgs Boson (um, isn't that why the LHC was built?)

Europe Plots Three Pilot Wafer Fabs

Israeli Iron Dome Stops a Rocket with a Rocket (Star Wars technology dismissed by anti-science bunch in 1980s as impossible)

Video is 25% of Smartphone Traffic, 40% of Tablet traffic

Senate Bill Rewrite Lets Feds Read Your E-Mail Without Warrants

Patriot Performs Flawlessly in Japan Test Firings (more Star Wars tech)

Dark Matter Detector Nears Activation 1 Mile Beneath the Surface

French Officials Accuse U.S. of Hacking Sarkozy's Computers (sacré bleu!)

More Americans Will Use Food Stamps for Thanksgiving This Year Than Ever Before


Technique Produces Bandgap to Advance Graphene Electronics

Einstein's Brain Reveals Clues to Genius (something icky about actually seeing his brain)

Three Hams Return to Earth from ISS

How Friction May Someday Charge Your Cell Phone

Are You Trying to Kill Off AM Radio?

4G Tests Reveal Patchy Urban Coverage

Pentagon Agency Backs Student Tinkerers to Find Out

Ham Radio as an Extreme Sport, Ozone Mapper

Quantum Teleportation Between Atomic Ensembles Demonstrated for First Time

Solar Power to Eclipse Nuclear in Romania by 2016 (that land of endless sunshine)

Airbus Expands RFID Part Marking Across All of Its Aircraft Families

College of Future Could Be Come One, Come All

Hewlett-Packard Has $8.8B Writedown, Says It's Victim of Fictitious Accounting

Tesla Revived the Electric Car, But Can They Sell It? (still waiting for someone to doneate one to me for a teardown)

Chip Firms Ranked by Q4 Guidance

Animal Rights Group's R/C Drone Downed at Pigeon Shoot ("Don't bring a toy helicopter to a gunfight " - commenter)


Apple Patents the Virtual Page Turn (no, today is not April 1st)

Wi-Fi Delivers over Three-quarters of All UK Smartphone Data

DTV Signal to Be Shifted to Make Way for 5G Mobile Broadband

Time's Quantum Arrow Has a Preferred Direction (let me guess - to the future)

NASA'S Phonesat Wins 2012 Popular Science Best of What's New Award

USAF Taps Hughes for Waveform Development

Europe is Key Industrial Market, Says Japan Chip Firm

Lockheed, Raytheon Face off in Space Fence Competition

Norwegian Radio Spectrum Auction Ends After Just One Round

Invisibility Cloaking to Shield Floating Objects from Waves

Fabrication Trick Offers 5x Leap in Hard-Disk Capacity

FCC May Restrict Part of Dish Network's Spectrum Holdings

Mobile Phone Coverage to Expand on New York's Underground Railway

European Countries Seek More Taxes from U.S. Multinational Companies (no problemo, end user just pays more)

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk: 'Europe's Rocket Has No Chance'

Liberated Iraq Calls on Arab States to Use Oil as 'Weapon' Against U.S. (it's all been a waste - ME won't rest until you live under Shariah law)


India to Hold Another Spectrum Auction Before March

SETI Institute Receives Major Donation from Qualcomm Chief Scientist Franklin Antonio

Asteroid Belts May Show Us the Way to E.T.

Semiconductor Equipment Demand: Shades of 2009?

Stanford University Scientists Develop First All-Carbon Solar Cells


4G Kills the Copper Plant

Apple Stock Hit by Panic Selling: 'Someone Yelled Fire'

Google in Talks to Set up Its Own Mobile Network

Data Jam Threat to UK Mobile Networks

Pushing Boundaries of Electron Microscopy to Unlock the Potential of Graphene

FCC Denies ARRL Petition to Deny ReconRobotics Licenses, But Limits Devices to 100 kHz Bandwidth

University Consortium to Offer Small Online Courses for Credit

Big Brother Will Be Watching Online College Exams

Thieves Grab 3,600 Apple iPad Minis from JFK Airport

STMicro Offers Batteryless NFC Developer Kit

USAF to Establish Research Center of Excellence in Guided-Wave Infrared Sources

Growth Outlook for Industrial Electronics Semiconductors Dims in 2012

Infineon Cuts Workers' Hours Ahead of Downturn

Hong Kong's Causeway Bay Overtakes 5th Avenue as World's Top Retail Address

Wal-Mart Workers Plan Black Friday Walkout (unionization coming)

Strike Kills the Twinkie - Hostess Going out of Business Means 18,000 Layoffs (99 weeks of unemployment, food stamps, health care - why work?)


Texas Instruments Cuts 5% of Workforce - 1,700 Jobs (must be Bush's fault)

Surprising Competition Found in High-Temperature Superconductors

Man Charged with Theft of $29,289.10 from GE Transportation (in Erie, where I live)

Ireland Raises US$1 Billion from Radio Spectrum Auction

One Simple Trick Could Disable a City’s 4G Phone Network

Second AEHF Satellite Fully Operational after On-Orbit Testing

Handset Shipments Declined 3% in Q3

BlackBerry Messenger 7 App with Free Voice Calls in Beta

Funding Could Help University Inventors Get Ideas to Market

QST -- There’s an App for That!

Google Picks Broadcom for NFC in Nexus 4 and Nexus 10

Mathematician Makes Breakthrough in Understanding of Turbulence

U.S. and Chinese Consumers Willing to Pay More for Made in USA Products

Rohde & Schwarz Buys Hameg's UK Sales Operation

NASA to Encrypt Data after Its Latest Laptop Loss

Samsung Rules Out Patent Settlement with Apple

Google's Blazingly Fast Internet Goes Live in Kansas City


Refarming GSM Spectrum for LTE Services Proving Popular with Operators

Huawei is Closing Irish RF Design Center

Google: 'Government Surveillance is on the Rise'

The 5 Biggest Job Cutters in Wireless in 2012

Chip Market to Shrink in 2012

Skype Tackles Hack Vulnerability That Put Accounts at Risk

DARPA Taps Teledyne to Continue Work on Fabricating Smart Radar Antenna Technology

Text Messaging Falls for First Time in U.S.

The U.S. Government's Growing Appetite for Google Users' Data

Wireless Power Transmission Makes Electronic Devices Truly Mobile

Lockheed Reports Sharp Rise in Cyberattacks on Its Networks

Grid Needs to Move from AC to DC, Says Infineon CEO

China’s Innovation Success Depends on Political Changes

Layoffs at NBCUniversal Laying Off 500 Employees (ironic justice)

Wealthy Dump Assets Before the 'Fiscal Cliff'

Airlines Face Acute Shortage of Pilots (1,500 hour requirement)


John McAfee Wanted for Murder (this is the computer software guy)

CTIA Again Pushes for Wireless Tax Moratorium

Hybrid Nanomaterial Converts Light and Heat into Electricity

Invisibility Cloaking in 'Perfect' Demonstration

Be a Star! Enter the 3rd Annual ARRL Video Contest

Powering Lasers Through Heat

November 30 FCC Meeting on FM and LPFM Planned

Bringing Measuring Accuracy to Plasma Radical Treatment

New Chip to Bring 3-D Gesture Control to Smartphones

Nokia Siemens Gains Market Share in Telecom Equipment

Computer Memory Could Increase 5x from Advances in Self-Assembling Polymers

Vodafone Drops into $3 Billion Loss on European Write-Downs

Infrared Super Continuum Laser Wins 2012 Pasteur Award

Intel Cuts Training, Delays 14nm, Raises Fears for Ireland

How 4 Companies Took over the Internet

Microsoft Replaces Windows 8 Boss (maybe new boos will return the Start button)


UK Sets $2 Billion Reserve Price for 4G Licenses

Conductance Measurements on Graphene Nanoribbons Tell How Molecular Wires Can Be Optimized

Google Blocked in China as Government Leaders Meet

UK Industry Suffering Skills Shortage, Says EEF

Making a Better Invisibility Cloak

MBTA Launches USA's First Smartphone Rail Ticketing System

First Noiseless Single Photon Amplifier

Does HTC Pact Signal Patent-Fight Shift for Apple?

Stretchy Electronics Moves Closer

NFC Forum Publishes NFC Controller Interface Specification

Mathematically Challenging Bagels

France Sees Fastest Mobile Subscriber Growth Rate in a Decade

Alaska Ice Tested as Possible New Energy Source

Blackberry 10 to Be Launched in January

EEF Recommends Compulsory Work Experience for Teachers

CERN Collider to Become the World's Fastest Stopwatch?


AT&T to Invest $14B in Broadband over 3 Years

Energizer Bunny to Lay off 1,500, Close 3 Plants

Analysts Keep Close Eye on China's Mystery Space Plane

Rare and Iconic Photos of Einstein Celebrate His Nobel Win 90 Years Ago

Hydrogen Fuel Edges a Step Closer


Samsung's Galaxy S3 Overtakes Apple's iPhone as Best Selling Smartphone (see Will It Blend?)

Research in Motion Lays off 200 Workers in U.S.

Fake Foreign Tech Gear & ICs Have Infiltrated Military & Agencies U.S.

U.S. Cellular Drops Chicago, Cuts 640 Local Jobs

Air Force Explores Options for Future Protected Satcom

Vestas Wind Systems Laying off 3,000 More

Tribal Chiefs Want 2,000 Cows in Compensation After Base Station Disturbed Shrine

Moore’s Law Is Becoming Irrelevant

New Mastercard Has LCD Screen and Keyboard

Online Listening Exploding. Is It at the Expense of Radio? (I do almost all my listening online)

Preschoolers' Counting Abilities Relate to Future Math Performance

4 More Years of Same Science Funding Seen

Parts Of Twitter Hacked, Many More Passwords Changed

Chemistry Researchers Create Self-Tying Knotted Molecules in the Lab

Teardown: Apple iPad 4

U.S. Army Builds Its Own 3D Printer


OEMs Look to Cut Number of Contract Manufacturers

Boeing Announces Big Layoffs in Defense Division (X-mas 2012 - 99 wks of unemployment coming across entire industry)

Close to 80% of Base Station Silicon Will Be SoC Based by 2017

Spooky Quantum Entanglement Gets an Extra 'Twist'

AT&T's About-Face on 4G

U.S. House Science Committee Set for Big Turnover

San Francisco Tech Companies Win a Proposition to Save on Taxes (looks like not paying more taxes is good if you're the one saving)

MasterCard and ING Test NFC for Online Payments

Einstein Is a Reality Star Who Invented Facebook, Survey Says (oblivions)

U.S. Postal Service to Phase out IRCs

EU Throws $900 Million into Laser Capable of Destroying Toxic Waste and Cancer

Apple's Future Growth Threatened by 10 Companies in Mobile Market

Materials Scientists Make Additive-Free Battery Electrodes with Nanoparticles

Quaternary Electron Emitter Injection Improves Nitride Semiconductor LED Performance

The Narcissism of Minor Silicon Valley Differences

Caffeine Improves Recognition of Positive Words (proof: I immediately recognized this positive message about coffee)


Ericsson Announces 1,550 Redundancies in Sweden (we have a new name for layoffs!)

Radar Design Explores Semiconductor Options

NASA to Demolish Spacecraft in the Name of Science

Virus-Size Miniature Laser Operates at Room Temperature and Defies the Diffraction Limit of Light

ARRL's Logbook of the World Experiencing Maintenance Issues

Bulk GaN Cost to Fall 60% to $730 for 2" Substrate by 2020 (hard to believe we're still stuck at 2")

GSA Working Group Evaluates New Semi Startup Models to Attract Investors

US Cellular Sells Radio Spectrum and Customers to Sprint for $480 Million

NFC Interface Chip Draws Power from RF Emissions

AT&T Will Spend $14B to Pump up Wireless, Wireline Networks

Resonator Could Find Use in Commercial Sensing Processes

Scientists Build the First All-Carbon Solar Cell

Plastic Fantastic Seals in Speeding Projectiles

Satellite Data Aims to Improve Location Searches

Apple Ordered to Pay $368M in Patent Case

NASA's Space Launch System Using Futuristic Technology to Build the NextGen Rockets


Why You Can't Vote Online Yet

Sequestration Planning Gets Under Way at DOD (remember LockMart admonished against issuing layoff notices until after election)

FCC Rejects Maryland Ham’s Plan for Amending Message Forwarding System Rules

Simon Whitfield Has Completed Canada's First NFC Transaction

What the Lucas “Star Wars” Sale Means for Tech Education

Microsoft Surface RT More Profitable than iPad

Miniature Single-Laser Devices Operate at Room Temperature

Electron Microscopes with a Twist

Radio Did Not Sell Itself to Candidates

PCB Shipments Down in September

Over 820 Million Smart Devices Will Be Purchased Worldwide in 2012

Ericsson Eyes Steady Growth Despite Global Downturn

Researchers Explore Nickel's Love-Hate Relationship with Battery Electrodes

September Semi Sales Up 2% on August

Rail Gun Technology Continues to Advance as Phase II of the Program Moves Forward

Thousands of Ballots Unlikely to Reach Military Voters in Time (this type of disenfranchisement doesn't seem to matter)


Bye Bye, Buckyballs - Rare Earth Magnet "Toys" Out of Business Due to Badgering by U.S. Regulator

Synthetic Magnetism Used to Control Light (is synthetic magnetism another name for an electromagnet?)

EU Boosts Radio Spectrum for Superfast Mobile Services

Small Cell Forum and WBA Cooperate to Integrate Wi-Fi Hotspots and Small Cells

Hurricane Sandy: Wireless Carriers Restore Most Disrupted Service

Apple Paid Only 1.9% Corporation Tax on Profits Outside U.S. (but OWS'ers will never protest their god)

DefenseSystems: Obama vs. Romney on Defense-Related Issues

Pay Phones Are Suddenly Important Again Because of Hurricane Sandy

Postgraduate System "Not Producing Skilled Workforce"

European Semi Sales up in September

Coolest Science Stories of the Week

How New Yorkers Adjusted to Sudden Smartphone Withdrawal

Astrophysicist Says He Has Found Superman's Home Planet Read

The Technology of Massive Open Online Courses

Microsoft Smartphone Rumors Rise Again

NASA Investigates the 'FaINT' Side of Sonic Booms


Investor Says Clearwire Should Raise Cash with Excess Spectrum Sale

Globalstar Birds to Launch on Soyuz Next February

Math Anxiety Similar to "Burning One's Hand on a Hot Stove"

eBay Courts Partner for New Venture into China

Next-Generation X-Ray Telescope Ready to Fly


IEEE Standards Group Wants All Election Computer Systems to Speak the Same Language (digital Esperanto)

Schrödinger's Cat Meets Quantum Entanglement (killing the beast from a distance... or not)

Microsoft Building Its Own Phone Hardware: Not 'If', But 'When'

Android Marks 4th Anniversary with 75% Market Share in Q3

Nokia Offers New Tools for Devs, $42 Phone for the Next Billion

All-Carbon Solar Cell Could Be Used in Photovoltaic Devices

AT&T, T-Mobile Activate Database to Combat Smartphone Theft

Google Facing Legal Action over Motorola Patents Licensing Agreements

The Most Important Education Technology in 200 Years

Light from Universe's First Stars Seen

Sandy-Starved New Yorkers Dumpster Dive

Your 2014 Tax Return Will Require Proof of Insurance, w/Penalty if Not Sufficient (could trigger IRS audit)

American Red Cross Forced to Cut Jobs amid Major Natural Disasters (CEO compensation in 2010 was >$1 Million, per Forbes)


U.S. Phone Addicts Suffer Withdrawal Due to Hurricane Outage

Sandy Knocks out 25% of Cell Service in Its Path

FCC Details Storm-Related Cellphone Problems

Apple Ordered to Rewrite 'Inaccurate' Samsung Patent Lawsuit Statement

Synthetic Magnetism Used to Control Light: Opens Door to Nanoscale Applications That Use Light

Eurozone Unemployment Hits New High

Researchers Boost Silicon-Based Batteries (D cells popular among male users)

Using Laser Beams, Scientists Generate Quantum Matter with Novel, Crystal-Like Properties

Government Announces Winners in £180M University Funding Competition

RIM Submits BlackBerry 10 to Testing with 50 Carriers

Looking Beyond Space and Time to Cope with Quantum Theory

NXP Launches New Generation of NFC Tags with Built-In Security Features

Google Teen Coding Contest Launches November 26

Researchers Turns Real Paper into Changeable Display Medium

KFAB-AM Host Broadcast a Comedy Bit with Fake U.N. Election Observer 'Steve Apple' (UN can stay the *@%^ out of our elections)

CIS Report Shows 2/3 of New U.S. Jobs During Last 4 Years Went to Immigrants




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