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Electronics & Tech Headline News Archive - September 2017

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Amateur Radio's Force of 50 Answers the Red Cross Call in Puerto Rico

Budget Crunch Hits Brazilian Physics

T-Mobile Asks for STA to Conduct 3.5 GHz Tests

In-Flight WiFi to Make You Worth $4/Trip More to Airlines

Intel Refreshes Desktop CPUs (it's about time)


Florida Senator Wants FM Chip Activated After Hurricanes

Will U.S. Lead in 5G?

Wafers Short Till 2020

Internet Giants Shift U.S. Policy Strategy to the Defensive

'Catastrophic' Lack of Sleep in Modern Society is Killing Us


Amateur Radio Reports: Arecibo Observatory Dish Sustained Serious Damage from Maria

Small Cell Deployment of 18-24 Months Won't Change Anytime Soon

Government Project Aims at Atomic Clock Production in UK

Fab Tool Spending on Pace to Shatter Record

Physicists Crack Secret to Zero Drag in Water


Debate Swirls as Power of U.S. Tech Giants Grows

Road to Electric Car Paradise Paved with Handouts

MIT Spinoff Demonstrates Wireless Charging at a Distance

AI Means More Jobs, Not Less

Graphene and Other Carbon Nanomaterials Can Replace Scarce Metals


Korea to Spend $46B on Electronics Factories

Qualcomm Doubles down on Cellular Chips for Wireless Vehicle Communications

U.S. Navy Using Laser Gyroscope to Navigate in GPS-Denied Environments

What Kind of Spectrum Do Carriers Want for 5G? 'All of It'

SEC Filing System Was Hacked in 2016


Semiconductor Industry Records Best 2nd Quarter in 3 Years

Cellular Calls Home Appliances

New 10-GHz Earth-Moon-Earth World Record Set

Chip Consolidation Nearly Over, Analyst Says

How Many Ways Might iPhone X's Face ID Go Wrong?


Amateur Radio Emergency Net Active in Wake of Mexico Earthquake

Apple Watch Has Connectivity Issues

Google Acquisition Rumors Heat up As HTC Halts Stock Trades

LTE-Enabled Smart Watches to Drive Wearables Growth

Enrollments, Budgets Fall at 'Social Justice Warfare' Universities


Industry Needs to Do More to Include Other Networks in 5G

Rethinking Aircraft Radar Surveillance

New Battery Coating Could Improve Smart Phones and Electric Vehicles

Hydrogen Power Moves a Step Closer

NASA Launch Operators Expect Minimal Delays from Hurricane Irma


News Alert! - RF Cafe Cellphone Bomb Found in Luggage at India Airport

Unions Putting Pressure on Silicon Valley's Tech Giants

Amazon Web Services Cleared to Host DoD's Most Sensitive Data (what could possibly go wrong?)

Rethinking Telecom Workforce Needed for Rural Broadband Access

Amazon 'Turns a Blind Eye' to £1.5B Brit VAT Fraud

CCleanup Computer Program Could Contain Nyetya Worm


Refrigerators and Coffee Pots Could Pose a National Security Risk

BMW Car Keys May Be Replaced by Mobile Phone Apps

1:10 in India is a Hyperconnected Consumer

QST Announces 2017 Antenna Design Competition Winners

Carbon Footprints of the Hand in Hand Hurricane Telethon Stars (hypocritical SoBs)


5G Gains Interest, Momentum

Why There Hasn't Been a Major M&A in Telecom Yet

T-Mobile Achieves 1.175 Gbps in Lab with Nokia, Qualcomm

2 Radio Amateurs Are Among 3 New ISS Crew Members

Qualcomm and Nokia to Cooperate on 5G New Radio Release-15 Specs


Researchers Print the Unprintable: Kapton

A Closer Look at 802.11ax

Semi Chip Execs More Bullish on EUV Lithography

Production Problems Could Lead to Shortages of the Next iPhone

5G Startup Aims to Beat Intel, Qualcomm


New Apple iPhone's Key Feature Is Its Price Tag

Moderate Geomagnetic Storm Watch Issued for September 14

Has Google Become a National Threat?

More Praise for Radio

Intel Wins Appeal on EU Antitrust Fine


Micron Engineers on Trial for Passing Trade Secrets to China

Oldest Kids in Class Do Better, Even into University

Apple vs. Qualcomm: Who Extorted Whom?

Wide-Bandgap Developments: What You Need to Know

Iridium Explores LPGAN Tech for Space-Based IoT


Wireless Association of NYC's WA2NYC Commemorates 9/11 Anniversary

Professional, Citizen Research Suggests Eclipse Briefly Affected HF Propagation

NexGen GPS Satellites Offer More Precise Positioning Capability

U.S. Download Speeds Ranked 15th, Upload Speeds 24th (time to rebuild USA's infrastructure rather than Afghanistan's)

3GPP Burns Midnight Oil for 5G

SEMI: Securing Talent to Connect, Collaborate and Innovate


Australia to Sell 5G Spectrum with No Ownership Caps This Year

IoT to Be Worth $1.8T

"Star Trek" Actor Shatner Sends Message to Voyager (doesn't mention "V'ger" in "Star Trek The Motion Picture")

Phone Companies Have Until September 12 to Furnish Data Security Info

New Office 365 Enable Coauthoring in Excel (try it w/Wireless System Designer)


5G Spans Last Mile to Handset

Flexible Hybrid Electronics & Sensors Impacting Automotive Industry

The Origin of the Word 'Engineering'

5G Speeds to Southern Europe, Africa & Beyond

President Trump to Rule on Lattice's China Deal


Amateur Radio Preparations Ramp up as Irma Strengthens to Cat 5

Google Fiber Cancels User's Service over 12¢ Dispute (Sergy & Larry need pocket change)

"Algorithmic Warfare" Needed for Future ISR, Combat Ops

Adding Smiley Emoticons to E-Mail Makes You Seem Less Competent.

The Road to a Trillion IoT Devices


DT and Huawei Claim Europe's 1st 5G Connection

Maritime Mobile Operation on LF May Be 1st for Amateur Radio

IEEE Drives Definitions for Quantum Computing

What Do Numbers Really Mean in Mobile Market?

Vehicle Software Is Vulnerable to Attack


Alan Turing Letters Found

Samsung to Invest $7B in China Fab

Fixed Wireless 5G Could Reach $1B in Revenues by End of 2019

Sondrel to Recruit 100 IC Engineers in £10M Investment Plan

Chinese Company Great Wall Motors Makes a Move on Jeep


China's Top-Down Telecom Ecosystem

Nanodiamonds May Help Make Li-Ion Batteries Better and Safer

FCC Puts 9 More Pirates on Notice

Americans Spend More on Taxes Than Food and Clothing Combined (<½ pay income taxes - most receive gov't benefits)

40 Years on, Voyager Still Hurtles Through Space

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