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Electronics & Tech Headline News Archive - April 2018

All the Tech News Fit to Link™

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

All the News Fit to Link™

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Members of Congress Who Questioned Mark Zuckerberg Had Received $641,685 from Facebook

Cable TV's Cord-Cutting Woes Grow

Intel Launches Core i9 Processors for Mobiles, Laptops

China to Invest Heavily in Domestic Chip Production

Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle Among 34 Firms to Join Cybersecurity Tech Accord


Floor Plans for Jeff Bezos's $23M D.C. Home (while employees pee in a bottle)

Establishing Freedom of Action to Propel Electronic Warfare Market Opportunities

Facebook and Google Could Be Nationalized in 5-10 Years

ETNO Expressed "Deep Concern" over Current State of Europe's Telecoms

25 Funniest Things People Asked Their IT Support (always a good read)


AM Radio Booming in Puerto Rico

Guerrilla RF Completes $3.8M Series E Funding Round

Amazon Said to Be Developing a Domestic Robot

Survey Names Vodafone as UK's Worst Network Operator

Jaywalking in China Now Punishable by Water Spray (treated like dogs)


Police Attempt to Unlock Deceased Man's Phone with His Finger at Funeral Home

The Electronics Industry: A Pawn in the U.S. vs. China Chess Game

Graphene Sets Record for Squeezing Light to 1 Atom

European Automakers to Add Alibaba Voice Assistant to Cars

Sweden's SAQ LF Transmitter on the Air on May 1


Qualcomm Begins Layoffs

DesignCon 2018 Best Paper Awards Honor >50 Engineerings

DISA Put on DoD Budget Chopping Block

Virginia Radio Amateur Completes Contacts on All 29 Ham Bands

Richest 1% on Track to Control 2/3 of World's Wealth by 2030


iPhone Sales May Be Drastically Below Predictions

It Has Been a Week to Forget for Qualcomm

The Engineer's 2018 Awards Competition is Open for Entries

Smart Initiatives to Create $23T Digital Economy by 2025

U.S. Air Force Increases Focus on Space


Smartphone Addiction Similar to Substance Abuse

20 Entangled Qubits Bring Quantum Computer Closer

Indian Telcos to See 40% Drop in Revenue

UK Government Biggest Hurdle to Infrastructure Rollout

Sweden's Gun Violence Problem...


FCC Launches Honors Engineering Program

Google May Team with Nokia re Acquiring In-Flight Tech Unit

ARRL Requests Expanded HF Privileges for Technician Licensees

Ofcom Puts the Breaks on Dark Fibre Access Plans

Telcos Create Global Alliance to Fight Cyber Crime


Take Part in The Engineer's 2018 Salary Survey

Standards Milestone Could Mark Beginning of End for Passwords

Plan for Quantum Supremacy

South Korean Operators to Share 5G network Infrastructure Costs

EU Commission Releases 2017 Statistics on Unsafe Consumer Products


American Companies Banned from Selling to Chinese Phone Maker ZTE

T-Mobile Retail Footprint Grows from 3,600 to 5,300 Stores

KPN Launches 5G trials Alongside 3.5 GHz Moan

Replacing Camshafts with Valves Paves Way for Cheaper, Greener Engines

Sitting at Desk All Day May Damage Brain and Raise Dementia Risk


Distributed Antenna System Market Expected to Grow at 11% CAGR 'till 2023

Semi Leaders' Market Shares Surge over Past 10 Years

Roadside Cameras to Catch Drivers Using Mobile Phones

IT Adds Jobs, But Telecom Jobs Continue Decline

Social Media Data Regulation Appears Likely After Zuckerberg Testimony


Wireless Charging Module Developed for Aircraft Cabins

5G Subscriber Forecast Raised by 50%

UHF Retail Price Tag Goes Batteryless

Communications in Space: A Deep Subject

Photomask Sales Surge


Will Overpaying for Spectrum Come Back to Haunt UK's Big 4?

Facebook Class Action Could Exceed a $T

Diamond-Based Circuits Take the Heat for Advanced Applications

Private Wireless Networks Quietly Becoming a Thing

Imec Fabs p-GaN Power Devices on Thermally Matched Substrates


France Wants to Reallocate 134 MHz of 2G and 3G Spectrum to 4G

ARISS-Russia International Space Station Slow-Scan Television (SSTV) Event Set

4G/5G Spectrum Auction Raises £1.36B

What's in Radio's Future?

Intel's 8th Gen Core Processors (nothing really new in a decade)


Dearth of New Features Prolongs Smartphone Lifetimes

ViaSat Small Radio Picked for Sea Communications

FCC Eases Access for Wireless Signal Boosters

T-Mobile Keeps Pressure on for Multiband mmWave Auction

"Knife Control" Laws in London (totally disarming innocent countrymen)


Big Order for Shipboard Electronic Warfare

Facebook Says Most User Accounts Accessible to Profile Scrapers

FCC Catches 3 More Radio Pirates Red-Handed

February Chip Sales Down from January

Global Semiconductor Sales up 21% Y/Y in February


U.S. Science Set for Record Spending Boost

FCC Grants Waiver of Part 15 Rules for New Ground Penetrating Radar

SpaceX Gets OK to Launch 4,425 Satellites Using Ka, Ku Bands

2G Feature Phones in Emerging Markets Surge While Saturated Regions Await 5G

Microsoft Excel Gains New AI-Powered Data Types


Canada Earmarks 43% of 600 MHz Spectrum for Smaller Players

Indian Scientists Lose Contact with Satellite

China Telecom Eyes Expansion Abroad as It Posts Strong 2017

Starry's Wi-Fi Service Better Than Fixed 5G

ENISA: 5G Is a Security Risk Right Now


DHS Finds Suspected Phone Spying in Washington

Wireless Carriers' Service Revenue Predicted to Peak in 2021

SpaceX Says Iridium Satellite Payload Deployed

Tech Giants Brace for Sweeping EU Privacy Law

Will We Ever Harness Fusion Power? (the only truly clean power source)


Elon Musk Announces Tesla is Bankrupt in April Fools' Day Tweet

Cryptocurrency Mining Demand Sucking up TSMC IC Production

Analog Devices Adds Innovative Radar Technology

9 Billion User-Linked Subscriptions to Wireless Services by 2023

London Murder Rate Overtakes New York for 1st Time (knife ban needed)


Global Semi Industry 2017 Growth Rate Highest in 14 years

FCC Seizes Equipment from Pirate Broadcasters in Boston

Tesla Stock Extends Rout, Set for Worst Month Ever

Qorvo Introduces Industry's Most Powerful GaN-on-SiC Transistor

At $75,560, a prisoner in California Costs More Than a Year at Harvard


Telstra Unveils 5G WiFi Hotspots in Australia

Researcher Cracks "Hacker-Proof" Crypto Wallet

Webb Telescope's Launch Delayed Until 2020

SSL to Build Direct Broadcasting Satellite for B-SAT

NextGen Lithium-Metal Batteries for Electric Vehicles


FCC Moving on mm-Wave Auction

ISS's SSTV System to Be Active in April

Deutsche Telekom Kicks off Germany's Biggest Fibre Broadband Initiative

Ofcom Slaps Cap on Openreach Broadband Packages

New Firefox Extension Builds a Wall Around Facebook


EU Fines Capacitor Cartel (is there nothing not corrupt?)

Two Radio Amateurs Now on International Space Station

DARPA Seeks Resilient Constellation of Satellites

Radio Remains a Remarkable Medium

India Ranks 109th Globally in Mobile Broadband Speed at 9.01 Mbps


Semi Industry Assn. Issues Statement on Trump Administration Action on China

U.S. Companies Maintain Largest Share of Fabless Company IC Sales

China's Fabless Firms Move up in Rankings

SEMI's February Billings up 22% YoY

FTC Announces Facebook Privacy Investigation


Europe Proposes 3% Tax on Digital Companies

U.S. Trade Tensions with China Hit Fever Pitch

DoJ Revives Push to Mandate a Way to Unlock Phones

5G Spectrum Auction Opens

$750k Grant from DARPA to Develop Seamless Communication Technology


5G Could Bring $6B Savings Per Year for UK Government

Space Radiation More Hazardous Than Though for Satellites & Astronauts

Egyptian Jamming of ISIS Terrorists Disrupts Phones in Israel

The Federal 100: Profiles of 2018's Defense Contract Winners

5G Standards Work Continues as 3GPP Plenary Meets in India


Mayors vs. the FCC

International Space Station Astronauts Calling "CQ Students"

AT&T Deal Raises Questions About Value of 5G Spectrum

Southwire Recalls Wi-Fi Switches Due to Fire Hazard

Former Qualcomm Chairman Reportedly Seeks Financing to Buy Company


MPs Summon Mark Zuckerberg and Accuse Facebook of Misleading Them

Wolfspeed Buys Infineon's Radio Frequency Power Business

Navi Mumbai Becomes Fastest 4G City in India

Selling to Telcos in the Age of Digital Transformation

Measuring Electrical Conductance Across Single Molecule


iHeartMedia Files for Bankruptcy

Digital Ad Fraud Growing by the Nanosecond

Nokia Urges U.S. to Hurry up and Set 5G Spectrum Auction Calendar

Tennessee Middle School Students Will Send CubeSat into Space

Some Americans 'Constantly' on Internet, Others Remain Offline


Smart Antenna Market to be Worth $8.95B by 2025

Time for a Reality Check to 5G Exuberance

Trump Pushes for New "Space Force"

Tower Mounted Amplifier Market to See Decade of Growth

Researchers Claim AMD CPUs at Risk from 13 Critical Flaws


Color the Bands Green for Saint Patrick's Day

Trump Blocks Broadcom's Takeover of Qualcomm

UK Government Congratulates Itself on Contributing £25M to the 5G Cause

Business Is Booming at Boston Lawnmower - Thanks to Radio

A Milestone in Petahertz Electronics


FCC Nabs Bitcoin Miner for Apparent Interference to T-Mobile Wireless Broadband Network

Eutelsat Plans Satellite to Assess Potential for Low-Altitude Constellation

Tech Giants Are Stifling the Internet - Berners-Lee

Negatively Charging Planes Could Reduce Mid-Air Lightning Strikes

Deutsche Telekom Upgrades 750,000 Customers to Super-Fast Broadband


Stephen Hawking Dead at 76 - RF Cafe Stephen Hawking Dead at 76

Semiconductor Fab Closures on the Rise

BlackBerry Sues Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApps over Messaging Tech

Ofcom Reveals Date for UK 5G Spectrum Auction

January Semi Sales up 22.7% Compared to Last Year

Top 25 Patent Applicants to European Patent Office in 2017


Swedish Telecoms Regulator Considering Charging Hams a Fee to Run More >200 W

Google Previews 72 Q-Bit Quantum Computer

AMSAT "GOLF" CubeSats Among NASA 9th-Round CubeSat Launch Initiative Picks

Ofcom to Investigate Vodafone and Three over Net Neutrality

Samsung Showing Gains in U.S. Network Equipment Market


CommScope Execs Discuss mm-Wave Fixed Wireless

Most Companies Have No Idea Where They Are Going

Valerie Hotzfeld, NV9L, Named "Amateur of the Year"

Tesla Research and Development Facility to Open in Greece

Wireless Industry Tallies "Excessive" Small Cell Deployment Fees


Don't Expect 5G Service Anytime Soon

ARRL Requests Expanded HF Privileges for Technician Licensees

House Passes Bill to Streamline Infrastructure Deployments

62% of Wireless Deployments in 2017 Were Small Cells

Germany to Convert 12,000 Telecom Distribution Boxes to Car Charging Stations


U.S. Halts Qualcomm-Broadcom Action for National Security Concerns

European Clocks Slowed by Lag in Continent's Power Grid (need more turbines and PV cells)

Cree Buys Infineon's RF Power Biz for $430M

Youngsters on the Air Spawns Nordics on the Air Camp

Auto racing, Aviation Find Common Ground with Electrification


NTIA Targets Portion of 3.4 GHz Band for Potential Wireless Broadband Use

Microchip Acquiring Microsemi for $8.35B

Your Location Data Is Being Sold

Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen Shifts to Early June This Year

U.S. Will Be the World's Largest Oil Producer by 2023


Katkim Smartphone Cuts off Camera and Microphone to Block Spy Agencies

Test and Measurement Highlights from MWC

We Need to Talk About Women in Tech

Phablets to Hit 1B Units by 2021

Southeastern VHF Society Invites Papers and Presentations for April Conference


Eastern VHF /UHF / Microwave Conference Solicits Papers and Speakers Presentations

5G Steals the Show at Mobile World Congress 2018

USAF Chief Warns of Space War "in a Matter of Years"

Opportunity Celebrates 5,000 Days on Mars, Snaps First "Selfie"

Report: Amazon Paid $0 in Federal Taxes in 2017 (while Bezo$ slams tax breaks for others)


Convergence of 4G and 5G Drives Network Evolution

Japan's SuperKEKB Set for First Particle Collisions

How Will Rise of Electric Vehicles Impact the Power Grid?

Your Guide to Television's Quantum-Dot Future

China Speeds up Research, Commercialization of Space Shuttles


Iconic Nokia 8110 from "The Matrix" is Back with 4G Internet

U.S. FCC Releases Report on Internet Access Services

Wood-Based 'Supermaterial' Stronger and Tougher Than Steel

U.S. Army's New EW Capabilities Hit the Ground in Europe

Top 10 Semi R&D Companies Increased Outlays 6% in 2017

Axiom Test Equipment - RF Cafe

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