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FCC Proposes More Spectrum at 5 GHz for Unlicensed Broadband

Deutsche Telekom Posts Full Year Loss of $6.9 Billion ("Ach, du liebe!" as the Red Baron would say)

Physicists Demonstrate Acceleration of Electrons by Laser in Vacuum

Body's Electric Near-Field Confirms User ID

More Mobile Phones Than People in Four of the World's Six Regions

Atoms with Quantum Memory

Tech Spending Still Strong, Despite Economic Volatility

Mobile Phones Take Back Seat as Gadget Show Goes Soft on Hardware

Radio's Challenge Is in the Home

Lockheed Wins Air Force Contracts for Next Set of GPS III Satellites

What Is Killing Smartphones?

NASA Deciphering the Mysterious Math of the Solar Wind

Samsung Electronics Loses a Japan Patent Lawsuit to Apple

Experts Boil Telecommuting Decisions Down to Flexibility vs. Serendipity

The Most Shocking Photo of Beijing Air Pollution [He's] Ever Seen

Giant Comet May Crash into Mars (did the Mayartian calendar predict this?)


Japan's DoCoMo Tests 10Gbps Upload from Mobile Phones

Pentagon Unveils Plan to Tap Potential of Mobile Devices

Wireless Connections Creep into Everyday Things

3 of 10 Smartphone Owners Don't Use Passwords

Stanford Researchers Build Complex Circuits Made of Carbon Nanotubes

South Korea Warns of 4G Curse

USA Market for Small Cells to Exceed 21 Million Units by 2017

First Viable High-Speed Quantum Computer Moves Closer

4G Auction Could Trigger Patent Disputes

National Copyright Alert System to Go Online

Smartphone Bacteria 'Art Project': THIS Lives on Your Phone

Ford Reiterates Opposition to Embedded Wireless

Nokia Shows Wireless Charging Car Cradle with NFC

General Dynamics Develops Security Platform for Samsung Mobile Device

Yahoo! Boss Builds Nursery Next to Office, Tells employees They Can't Work from Home

Windmills at Sea Can Break Like Matches

ICE Commanded to Release Hundreds of Illegal Alien Prisoners Ahead of Sequestration (holy crap!)


Public Access Small Cell Market to Hit $16 Billion in 2016

Seeking a 'Field of Dreams' for a Rising Drone Industry

Rise of Smartphone Reshapes Cellphone IC Rankings

GAO: Options to Improve Receiver Performance Necessary for Greater Spectrum Efficiency

Mozilla Reveals Firefox Smartphone Launch Partners

LG Shows off Smallest Wireless Charger

GM, AT&T Plan WiFi-Enabled Vehicles Using LTE Network

Nujira Payday as Qualcomm Enters RF Market

White Space: The First Frontier for the “Internet of Things”

Marissa Mayer: Yahoos Can No Longer Work from Home (hmmm... less green, non?)

Stretchable Li-Ion Battery Can Twist, Bend, Return to Normal Shape

Graphene's Solar Cell Potential Revealed by Photon Absorption

Study Suggests Generating Capacity of Wind Farms at Large Scales Has Been Overestimated

GSMA Staff Get NFC Hotel Keys for Mobile World Congress

One of Pluto's Newly Discovered Moons to be Named Vulcan, per Mr. Spock's Home Planet

U.S. Oil Imports from Middle East Increase (yet we have more reserves than they do)


Bulk of Smartphone Data Transfers Taking Place over Wi-Fi

Scientists Increase Lithium-Sulfur Battery Lifetime by 10x

New Look at High-Temperature Superconductors

Quantum Algorithm Breakthrough

Mobile Data to Overtake Voice by 2018

New Imaging Device Is Flexible, Flat, and Transparent

Fleeting Electron Waves to Uncover Elusive Mechanism Behind High-Temperature Superconductivity

Is Radio as Strong as You Think?

Semi industry Is Now Sole-Sourced

As Police Drones Take off, Washington State Pushes Back

Scientists Plan Mission to Smash into Asteroid

Intersil to Cut 18% of Workforce

China Admits Pollution-Linked 'Cancer Villages'

Hollyweird 1% Get MultiM$$$ Tax Credits (while telling us we need to pay more)


Risk Management for Rapid Technology Adoption

Microsoft to Publish Patent Catalogue to Deter Litigation

Coffee Can Help People Live Longer

Radio Telescope, GPS Use Ionosphere to Detect Nuclear Tests

China Admits Pollution-Linked 'Cancer Villages'


Particle Physics Research Sheds New Light on Possible 'Fifth Force of Nature' (I've long said the known 4 weren't alone and 'dark matter' was a desperate construction)

Qualcomm Has 86% Share of LTE Modem Market

Qualcomm Pushes Chip It Says Will Solve LTE Fragmentation

Smarter Networks for Smarter Phones

North Korea to Offer Mobile Internet Access (not for citizens, though - Dear Leader Jr. needs to roam)

Bumblebees Sense Electric Fields in Flowers

Army Chooses Body-Worn Radios for Nett Warrior Program News Portal Blocked by Google After Malware Detected

Apple Patent Hints at Something for Your Wrist

FCC Upholds Man's $24k Fine for Unlicensed Radio Operations, Refusing Inspection of Radio Equipment

RFID and ZigBee Protect Fine Art in Hong Kong

Researchers Discover Way to Generate Electron Airy Beam

50 Disruptive Companies 2013 (RF Cafe would probably have made the list if it went to 51)

Cyber-Criminals Targeting Phones and Bank Info

Google Unveils Its First Touchscreen Chromebook Pixel

Companies Dropping Health Coverage for Spouses (2014 and ACA is just around the corner)


Fiat Investigates NFC Car Keys

Amateur-Created “Varicode” Adopted as ITU Recommendation

Technology IPOs - Increased Options for UK Companies

FCC Boosts Signal Boosters; Proposes More 5 GHz Unlicensed Spectrum

Thieves Swipe Copper from Sandy-Damaged Homes

From 3D Graphics to Biometric Scans: How Your Smartphone Will Get Smarter

More Top Universities to Offer Free Online Courses

Petition to Legalize Phone Unlocking Reaches 100,000 Signatures

Efficient Distributed Quantum Computing

Cassini Sheds Light on Cosmic Particle Accelerators

Google Glass Features Unveiled in Preview Video

The Next MultiM$ Opportunity in Wearable Devices, Connected Cars and M2M

800,000 DoD Civilians Face Furloughs if Sequestration Kicks In (how about no more multiM$ CIC vacations)

SpotterRF Demos Harbor Security Radar for Navy

White Britons Now in Minority in the Capital

Scientists Explain Why Women Talk More Than Men


College Degree Becoming the New High School Diploma

Ofcom Raises Less Than Forecast in 4G Auction,

Law Change Makes It Harder to Unlock Cellphones

Air Force Begins First Wave of Mobile Device Distribution

New Technique to Scale up Production of Graphene Micro-Supercapacitors

Record 300 GHz fco for InAlGaN HEMT

France Telecom Full Year Profits Fall by Nearly 80%

NASA Loses Space Station Contact (America sinking deeper into the abyss)

New Light Source for Quantum Computers

Microsoft's Initial Mobile Strategy 'Clearly a Mistake,' Per Gates

Exploring Supercapacitors to Improve Their Structure

Wake up, America! China is Attacking Your Computers

iPhone 5 Becomes World's Best Selling Smartphone

Man Arrested for Stealing $160k of Bronze from Mausoleums, Graves at Bronx Cemetery

Hackers Hit Apple in Cyberassault (Macs getting the PC dissing now that Job's gone)

USDA Spends $200k to Propagandize Federal Employees (while your paycheck shrunk last month - YouTube)


Professor Brings Access to Previously Untapped Higher Frequency Bandwidth

China Military Unit 'Behind Prolific Hacking'

MEMS Firm to Show 'Refocus' Lens at MWC

Australian Amateurs May Lose 2300–2302 MHz

Development of Graphene Transistor with New Operating Principle

New Process Give Flexibility to Strained Silicon

Material That Slows Light Opens New Possibilities in Solar Energy, Other Fields

Engineering Education Starts at an Early Age

Massive, Orbital Laser Blaster Could Defend Against Asteroid Threats

SpaceJustin Robot Will Fix Your Satellites, Look Cool Doing It

Orange to Start Selling Phones Aimed at Older Consumers

5 Things to Watch for at 2013's Biggest Mobile-Tech Show

'Internet of Things' Explained

Dark Matter Possibly Discovered by ISS Experiment

New Material Interface Improves Functioning of Non-Silicon-Based Electronic Devices

Russian Lawmaker's Body Found Cemented in Barrel (hmmmm... a useful politician)


Dopants Dramatically Alter Electronic Structure of Superconductor

Diamond Idea for Quantum Computer

UN Reviewing Asteroid Impact Threat

'Fireballs' Light up Florida Sky

Organic Electronics—How to Make Contact Between Carbon Compounds and Metal

NASA Seeking iPad App for Use in Space Stations

Tech Predictions for 2013: It's All About Mobile (a little late; my list will be out in November)

First Photo of T-Mobile USA's LTE Wi-Fi Router

Light from Silicon Nanocrystal LEDs

Skype Makes up 1/3 of All International Phone Traffic

Bionic Eye Implant Approved for U.S. Patients (we have the technology; we can rebuild him)

LTE Drove 2012 Baseband IC Growth, Ranking

'Wearable' Polymer Could Charge Phones from body Heat

Huawei Denies Work in Field Linked to U.S. Death in Singapore

Nujira Makes CMOS Amplifiers Work for 4G

Singapore Coffee Chain Adds NFC

32 Days of Higher Gas Prices (↑ 13%... good thing prices on everything else are ↓)


Copper Thieves Rob Detroit Freeways of Light

USPTO Publishes Final Rules and Guidelines Governing First-Inventor-to-File

'Organic Topological Insulators' for Quantum Computing

2013 Payroll Tax Increase Hitting Retailers Hard

Odds of Death by Asteroid? Lower Than Plane Crash, Higher Than Lightning

Facebook Gets a Multibillion-Dollar Tax Break (paying $0 in taxes AND getting $400M refund, but YOU are paying more this year)


Researchers Demonstrate Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle at Macro Level

Google Files Patent-Infringement Lawsuit vs. British Telecom (there's a switch - Google doing the suing)

Hewlett-Packard Faces $500 Million Lawsuit Over Insulting Mobile App

Android Dominated Smartphone Sales in 2012

Etch Stop Structure Opens up Gate Recess Improvement for GaN MISFET

Hams Across New England and the Maritimes Respond to Blizzard

Semiconductor Interfaces: Big Opportunities for Tiny Insulators

Electronic Innovation Will Drive Medical Design

Quantum Cryptography Put to Work for Electric Grid Security

Orange Switzerland Announces 140 Staff to Go in Redundancies (new layoff term: 'rebalancing resources')

System Would Destroy Asteroids that Threaten Earth

A Cooler Way to Protect Silicon Surfaces

U.S. Cellular to Expand LTE Coverage to 87% of Its Customers in 2013

Spanish Scientists Develop More Accurate Sat-Nav System

ST-Ericsson Sets up Job Fair for Its Engineers

Big Hedge Funds Fueled Q4 Dive in Apple Shares


Engineering is Crucial to the Economy, Says Government Minister (no wonder bureaucrats make the big bucks)

Densest Array of Carbon Nanotubes Paves Way Toward Post-Silicon Technology

Mobile Industry Faces $9.2 Billion Shortfall in Backhaul Investment

Asteroid 2012 DA14: 5 Interesting Facts About Friday's Earth Flyby

Porous Silicon Particle Anode 'Triples Capacity' of Lithium-Ion Battery

Security Flaw Allows Snoopers to Access Locked iPhones

Nanotube Pencil 'Draws' Sensors

Mobile Dominates List of Most Innovative Companies

Combining Quantum Information Communication and Storage

Google App Developer Discovers 'Flaw' That Puts Users' Details on Display

Tesla Releases Logs on disputed NYTimes Car Review (looks like the reporter lied - surprise)

Slot Antenna Gives WiFi a 200x Boost

Music Radio Is Far from Dead

In High-Tech Japan, the Fax Machines Roll On

Boeing to Continue Helping Air Force with GPS Satellite Modernization

Illegal Immigrant Tells Congress Not to Call Him Illegal (this nation is over - stick a fork in it, it's done)


'Sleep Texting' Is Growing Problem Among Teens

Mobile Phone Sales Fell 1.7% in 2012

UK Explores TV Transmitter Option to Track Aircraft (this is cool)

Pentagon Stands by Use of Li-Ion Batteries on F-35 Fighters

IEEE Launches Exhibits Program for Science Museums

Zigbee Alliance Gears up for China, Smart Meters

Pepco Customers Claim Smart Meters Make Them Sick

Glass Smartphones Coming This Year

3G connections to surpass 2G by 2015/16 in Latin America

Electric Car Review Dust-up May Put Brakes on Tesla Profits

Welcome to the Malware Industrial Complex

U.S. Navy Chooses Mixed-Signal Digital Receivers from Mercury for Advanced EW Research

Broadcom Challenges Qualcomm, Samsung in LTE Modem Market

Ancient Languages Reconstructed by Computer Program

Google Payments to Apple Could Top $1 Billion in 2014

European Stock Markets Boom as GDP Growth Remains Elusive


FCC Adopts Sweeping Changes to Experimental Radio Service

Tesla Says New York Times Electric Car Review 'Fake' (probably running the heater at full blast)

New Synthetic Biology Circuits That Combine Memory and Logic

German Photonics Representatives Unify

Nokia's First Dual-SIM Smartphone with Wi-Fi

Lockheed to Perform Work on Additional GPS III Satellites

Vodaphone Warning iPhone OS Upgrade Kills Batteries

German Student Builds Electromagnetic Harvester to Recharge Battery

Waste Seen in Program to Give Internet Access to Rural U.S. (rampant waste in government programs, who'd have thought?)

USA's Dish Network to Sell Radio Spectrum if Unable to Develop Own Network

NTSB: Short Circuit Caused 787 Battery Fire

Delphi Stays with NXP for Car Radios

Silicon Valley Event Promotes Women in Engineering

iPhones, Windows Tablets to Dominate Enterprise Device Purchases

TracFone Defends Its FCC Lifeline Pilot Program to Expand Mobile Broadband Access (aka Obamaphones)

North Korea Goes Nuclear


China Eclipses U.S. as Biggest Trading Nation (forward!)

4G to Affect TV Reception in 2 Million Homes

Solar Industry Grapples with Hazardous Wastes (not so clean after all, but we knew that)

U.S. Congress Fighting for Semi R&D Budgets

Renesas to Show Quad, Octo 'Big-Little' Chips at MWC

Brazil's Anatel Gets Green Light to Debate 700 MHz for LTE

Ericsson Wins $1 Billion Indian Managed Services Contract

Invisible Tool Enables Quantum Experiments with Atoms, Molecules, and Nanoparticles

Australia to Grill Apple, Others on Pricing

Raising Personable Children, Even if They're Glued to Phones

Why Companies Are Outsourcing to Kickstarter

USAF to Brief Industry on Infrared Surveillance Sensor for Commercial Satellite

Chile Outlines 4G Spectrum and Wi-Fi Expansion Plans

LinkedIn Proves It's No Facebook

Is the Ozone Layer on the Road to Recovery?

Gema Debuts Multichip NFC Super Tag with Built-in Keyboard


Hedge Fund Manager Sues Apple over Cash Hoard

Asteroid to Narrowly Miss Earth on February 15

Samsung & Amazon Beat out Apple in Customer Loyalty for First Time

Alcatel-Lucent Could Buy into Nokia Siemens

Trail of Fugitive Ex-Cop Turns Cold in Big Bear (time for anti-gun folks out there to set example and turn in their self-defense firearms)


GaN Device Market to Grow at 18% Annually Through 2016

Routes Towards Defect-Free Graphene

Android Smartphone to Be Sent into Space

Researchers Create Reusable Adhesive That Liquefies Under UV Light

Captain Kirk Talks to Fellow Canadian ISS Astronaut Chris Hadfield

New Classes of Magnetoelectric Materials Promise Advances in Computing Technology

A Cheap and Easy Plan to Stop Global Warming (ha, creating aerosols to reflect sunlight - after banning aerosols in the 1970s for causing global cooling!)

Navy 4G LTE Network Operational on Two Ships Headed to Persian Gulf

Flow Control of Single Quantum Dot Enables Measurements with Nanoscale Accuracy at Lower Cost

Semiconductor R&D Spending Rises 7% Despite Weak Market

For Kids: Engineering: The Route to Problem-Solving

HP to Limit Student Labor in China

Kids 'Using Coding Skills to Hack' Friends on Games

1978 Blizzard Makes a Comeback, This Time It's Called Nemo

4G and Tablets to Drive Growth As Britain Becomes a Digital Music Nation (keep the masses occupied)

Nano-Antenna Arrays May Yield Ultra-Efficient Solar Devices


Flomio Launches 3D Printed NFC Objects

Dad Pays Daughter $200 to Quit Facebook

Will Broadcast Radio Come to a Sudden Stop?

A Solar 'Superstorm' is Coming and We'll Only Get 30-Minute Warning (or, it won't happen)

Semiconductor Physics: Taking Control of Spin

Vodafone Revenues Fell in Last 3 Months of 2012 on Weak European Markets

ITU Offering Free Download of 2012 International Radio Regulations

Army Develops Pair of Software-Programmable Radios for Rotary Wing Aircraft (aka helicopters)

Europe's Plan for GPS Limps to Crossroads

Scientists Build First Bendable Battery

IT Managers Worried About Rising Mobile Data Costs

Researchers Find Soap Film Micro-Channel Size Tunable with Electric Charge

Test & Measurement Financial Results

FCC Holds Hearings on Hurricane Sandy's Damage to Wireless Networks

Hong Kong's Poor Living in Wire Cages

Blizzard to Bury New England Tomorrow


Samsung Announces $100 Million Fund to Inspire Gadget Breakthroughs

NASA Brainstorms over Ex-Spy Satellites

Viral Story About Free Wi-Fi Spotlights Mostly Hidden Policy War

World's Largest Prime Number Discovered: 257,885,161-1

'Invisible' Particles Could Enhance Thermoelectric Devices

FCC Seeks Ways to Keep Phones Alive in a Storm

Project Looks at Use of Fibre Lasers in Particle Accelerators

Comprehensive Look at Fundamentals of Most Desirable Nanotubes

In App-Crazy World, What Developers Should Know About Privacy and Consent

Odd Mac Mountain Lion Crashing Bug Brings Down Nearly Any App (don't type File:///)

Twitter Says Government Requests for User Information are Rising

Fund to Turn Scientific Advances into Useable Products

Capify Debuts NFC Baseball Caps

Federal Reserve Confirms Hack Attack Led to Data Leak

U.S. Post Office Cites 'Crushing Economy" as Reason for Cutting Saturday Delivery in August (you can be sure that will be gone soon - screen capture)

Americans on Disability Hits New Record for 192nd Straight Month


Semi R&D at Record Levels Despite Flat Market

How to Build a Nanotube Computer

Dell Computers to Be Bought Back by Founder Michael Dell (maybe they'll be decent again)

Fujifilm Shows off Bendable 'Beat' Diaphragm Speaker

Using Single Quantum Dots to Probe Nanowires

Tech-Savvy Baruch College Students Seek an Edge in Registration

Manufacturing Output Expands Rapidly in Early 2013

U.S. Draws up Battle Plan to Stave off Digital Attack Cyberstrikes

DoJ Memo Reveals Legal Case for Drone Strikes on Americans (by the people who used to screech like banshees at this kind of thing)

Photonic PCBs Inching Closer

A Union Vote For Chinese Workers Who Assemble iPhones (so both union and gov't can exploit them)

BlackBerry 10 off to Strong Start in the UK

Wireless LAN Market to Expand Nearly 50% in Five Years

How to Protect Your Digital Data from a Vengeful Ex (a public service link)

Increasing Levels of SMS Spam Complaints in New Zealand

Experts Aren't Deities (many not even credible within their field of expertise)


Super Bowl Loses Power for 35 Minutes

$20 to Dispose of Fluorescent Tubes in Erie (my city of residence)

December Dip Ends Weak Year for Global Chip Sales

DOD Sequestration Plans Sent to White House

Against the Odds, Starting a Tech Business in France

First Light from the First High-Energy Superconducting Undulator (the opposite of a superconducting dulator)

Oxford Technique Opens Door to Sheets of Good Graphene

UK's EE Heading for $16B Stock Market Listing

Swedish Tech Start-Ups Outdoing European Rivals

iPhone Grabs Top U.S. Handset Spot in Q4

FTC Issues Guidelines for Mobile Software

Into the Quantum Internet at the Speed of Light

Manufacturing Output Expands Rapidly in Early 2013

Geeks Are the New Guardians of Our Civil Liberties

Tech Employers - Apply Now for Canada Summer Jobs 2013 Funding

Are Your Daughters Ready to Register for the Draft? (blown-off limbs, blindness, brain damage, etc. = TRUE equality, anything less is gender discrimination, right?)


'Apple Pickers' Gang Terrorizing Women for iPhones

Phone Unlocking Ban Could Hit You in the Wallet

South Korean Satellite Makes First Contact with Ground

EV Sales off to Slow Start in 2013

'Paycheck Fairness Act' Would Allow Employees to Discuss Salaries (comment withheld)


5 Tech Tips for Enjoying the Super Bowl

Russian Rocket Carrying U.S. Satellite Plunges into Pacific Ocean 40 Seconds after Launch (solution: transfer more technology and $$$ so it won't happen again)

European Semi CEOs See Improving 2013

Samsung Electronics Chairman Wins $4B Court Feud over Family Fortune

NASA Launches New Tracking and Communication Satellite

Quantum Strategies Fail to Improve Capacity of Quantum Optical Communication Channels

Ofcom to Open up Airwaves for 4G Mobile Services

Scheme Targets Engineering Students from Disadvantaged Backgrounds (that includes just about everyone these days)

Tiny Computer Attracts a Million Tinkerers

Thinnest Graphene Sheets React Strongly with Hydrogen Atoms

Giant Carbon Molecules for Sustainable Technologies

Motorola Working on High-End Android Smartphone: The X-Phone

Silicon Valley Nation: The Silicon Generation

­ What's Next, a Patent for the Lines Around Apple Stores?

App Feeds Scientists Atmospheric Data from Thousands of Smartphones

Two Tech Icons to Keynote Convergence