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Technical Headline News Archive - May 2010

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Semis on Longest Quarterly Growth Streak Since '04

It's "Quit Facebook Day," Are You Leaving?

FCC Reminds Consumers of June 12, 2010, Transition for 700 MHz Wireless Microphones

China Aims to be Become Supercomputer Superpower

Panasonic Aims to be Japan's #1 in Solar Business

4G Wireless: It's Fast, But Outstripped by Hype

ITU Guidelines for DTV Released at World Telecommunication Development Conference

Wi-Fi IC Shipments Set to Grow 33% in 2010

Era of Anonymous Prepaid Cell Phones May End

'Space Laser Tech Needed' to Measure Volcanic Ash

Location-Based Service Revenues in Europe to Reach $515M by 2015

Liquid Method: Pure Graphene Production

Google Has Mapped Every WiFi Network in Britain

Rural Broadband Passes Space Test

Radiation-Hardened Electronics Technology Remains Stable amid Steady Demand in the Space Market

World Science Festival Explores 'Humans as Holograms'

Landline Loss Leads to Layoffs at SureWest

"Top Kill" Procedure Fails - BP in Trouble

Japan Plans a Moon Base by 2020, Built by Robots for Robots


China Telecom Launches 3G Tablet PC 'LifePad' to Boost User Growth

iPhone 4G Coming to AT&T in June

Comparing Income with Peers Causes Unhappiness (comparing to mine would make you feel pretty good)

Long Lines in Europe, Asia to Buy iPad

Electric Ash Found in Eyjafjallajokull's Plume

Invention Regulates Nerve Cells Electronically


Fastest Integrated Circuit Doubles the Previous Record, Getting Close to 1 THz

Foxconn to Raise Workers' Wages by 20% (trying to reduce suicides)

Ofcom Unveils Anti-Piracy Policy

Mobile Data: A Gold Mine for Telcos

Telecom Carriers Weathering Storm Better Than Many Expected: Capex Down 5.9% in 2009

Deutsche Telekom Joins Rush to WiFi Offload

Smart Grid Standards Expected by Mid-2011

Protecting the Smartphone from Malware

Electron Spin in Silicon Will Lead to Revolutionary Quantum Chips

Up to 5 More French Cities to Launch NFC Services within a Year

Applied Physicists Create Building Blocks for a New Class of Optical Circuits

European Micro Robots Win at IEEE Games

Radiation-Hardened Electronics Technology Remains Stable Amid Steady Demand in the Space Market

Don't Count on a Verizon iPhone

Samsung on Pace for at Least $30B Semiconductor Sales in 2010

Air Force Launches First Next-Gen GPS Satellite

Scientists Detect Huge Carbon 'Burp' That Helped End Last Ice Age (what, not anthropogenic?)

NASA Revives Voyager 2 Probe at Solar System's Edge

If You Rent, Census Workers Can Enter Your Home in Your Absence (freakin Nazis)


IP Addresses in Short Supply

Short-Range Gigabit Radio Poised for Rapid Growth

New Zealand’s Radio Spectrum Management Cites Ham for Transmitting 3100 W

More British Children Own Mobile Phones Than Own Books

Cisco Makes Opening Play in Major Smart Grid Push

Ink-Jet Printable Nanotube Transistors Made Easy

Mobile Internet Usage Booms in South Africa

Fujitsu Claims C-Ku Band Power Record

Professor Blasts Research on H-1B Visa Workers Earning Higher Wages

Analyst Sees chip Market Uptick over Next Decade (well duh!)

Apple Passes Microsoft as #1 in Tech

CEA-Leti and Nokia Develop RF Front-End for Remotely Powered Memory Tag

Massive GPS Upgrade Under Way

Nokia Uses UWB for High Speed Wireless Tags

Air Force 'Hypersonic' Jet Sets New Speed Records

Cobham to Provide AN/ALQ-99 EW Systems for Navy and Marine Corps EA-6B and E/A-18G

Scientists Prove Even the Thought of Money Spoils Enjoyment (not for anyone I know)

Vienna Tops 'Quality of Living' List

U.S. Money Supply Plunges at 1930s Pace as Obama Eyes Fresh Stimulus

Macho Men a Liability on Roads (huh, study done by a woman - on a whopping sample of 22 men - will likely earn Ph.D)


RFID Chip Implanted into Man Gets Computer Virus (audio will play)

OK Legislature OKs Reduction in Wireless Tax

SShuttle Atlantis Makes Final Touchdown at Kennedy Space Center

6 Million to Flee AT&T for Verizon iPhone? /a>

Researchers Print FETs with Nano-Infused Ink

UUK-Japan Push for Spintronics

Widespread Outage for AT&T's Digital Phone Lines /a>

Location-Based Services Poised for Rapid Growth

Powerline Backers Spar over Smart Grid Market

Analysis: The Not-So-Smart American Grid /a>

Why Using Your Phone in Another Country Costs so Darn Much

FCC Begins Review of Regulations on Media Ownership (Genachowski is a long-time Fairness Doctrine advocate)

EU Digital Agenda Delivers a Timely Boost to the Broadband Economy

Despite Challenges, Heady Growth Seen for 3-D TV

Quantum Communication in Random Networks

FCC Upholds Decision to Revoke Amateur License of Convicted Indiana Ham

Breaking the Logjam: Improving Data Download from Outer Space

China Tech Campus in Damage Control after Suicides

Researchers Cast Graphene into Quantum Dots

Ford Makes Electric Investment


Private Pay Shrinks to Historic Lows, Gov't to Highs

Inventor Proposes New Language for Cell Phone Messaging -- Using Hieroglyphics

Congress Prepares to Completely Overhaul Telecom Law

Yankee Stadium Bans the iPad

Amateur Community Needed to Assist Japanese Amateur Interplanetary Satellite

ITU Calls for Broadband Internet Access for Half the World's Population by 2015 (guess who will pay for it?)

Wireless Industry Goes Prospecting for Spectrum

Physicists Build Quantum Amplifier with Single Artificial Atom

Web Science Institute Funding Halted by New Government

Nextgen Laser Weapons Present Formidable Thermal Management and Cooling Issues

Soldiers Need Better Communications Training

Nuclear Reactor Aims for Self-Sustaining Fusion

Mistakes in Silicon Chips to Help Boost Computer Power

Researchers Claim Quantum Teleportation Record

Microchip Sells Back Some SST Product Lines

Wal-Mart Cuts iPhone 3GS Price in Half

Chemists Report Promising Advance in Fuel-Cell Technology

U.S. Cable Service Unhurt by Rogue Satellite

World Stocks Sink on Renewed Europe Fears, DOW Sinks 225 at Opening Bell

Australia's Broadband Minister Describes Google as 'Creepy'


Integrated Baluns Shrink Bluetooth Antenna Connection

Seven Atom Transistor Sets the Pace for Future PCs

Nokia and Yahoo Confirm Mobile Internet Services Partnership

Fastest Ever 12-bit ADC

UNITEC-1 on the Way to Venus

Potential Threat for Wireless Networks Discovered

Visible Light Illuminates a New Approach for Wireless Comms

U.S. Appoints First Cyber Warfare General

China Presses U.S. to End Tech Export Controls

Small Miracle as Australian Experts Make Atom-Sized Switch

Homo Interneticus? (great new term!)

Semiconductor Manufacturing Technique Holds Promise for Solar Energy

TriQuint Wins USAF Contract to Design, Build GaN Modules for New Drone Aircraft

(hmmm... drones are meant to be shot down by friendlies)

FCC Creates 'Casino Environment,' Former Commissioner Charges

Google Rolls Out Encrypted Web Search Option

Instant Messaging Losing Ground

Cable & Wireless to Boost Submarine Cable Links Between Caribbean Networks

Skydiver Preparing for 120,000-foot Supersonic Fall (human body re-entry)

U.S. Military Told to Get Ready in Korea Standoff

Climate Change Wiped Out Woolly Mammoths

(damn those Flintmobiles!)


Industry Study Shows Brain Tumor Link to Heavy Mobile Phone Usage

Google TV Could Be in UK by 2011

Cisco Takes Wraps off Home TelePresence

AT&T Early-Termination Fee Nearly 2x for iPhone, Smartphones

USPTO Expands Green Technology Pilot Program to More Inventions

Invention Regulates Nerve Cells Electronically


9th Foxconn Worker Commits Suicide in China

Venture Capitalists Fight a Tax Increase (great, another penalty on productivity)

Why Smart Phones Might Become the Army's Secret Weapon

Lasers Make Measurement Einstein Called 'Impossible'

India 3G Auction Nabs $15B, But No National Carrier

High-Performance Electronics Without the High Price

FCC Finds Less Wireless Industry Competition

Paper Supercapacitor Could Power Future Paper Electronics

Seeing Moire in Graphene

UK 'Radio Amnesty' Promotes Digital

April IC Shipments Weaker Than Expected

Naples Police Break Up Phony iPhone Ring

Nano-Patterned Silicon Substrate Gives Higher Output Power Nitride LEDs

Japan Launches Venus Probe and Solar Sail

2011 Mars Launch Date Driven by Geometry

Google Hit with Class-Action Lawsuit over Wi-Fi Snooping

Laser Steam-Cleaning for Buildings Possible

Internet Blockade in Pakistan Continues (Neanderthals)

With Patent Chaos and Financial Crisis, Can the EU Pursue its 'Digital Agenda?'

Google Unveils Its 'Multimillion-Channel' TV (sounds like failed Microsoft TV redux)


Samsung Invests $22.6B in R&D, Capex, to Add 10,000 Jobs

HP Developing a 'Dick Tracy' Wristwatch

EU Fines Chip Makers $403M

German Spectrum Auction Tops €4B Wednesday

Quantum Teleportation Achieved Over 16 km

India's 3G Auction Concludes - Totaled at $14.6B

Annoyed by Cellphones Chats? Scientists Explain Why

New Transistor Bridges Human-Machine Gap

Findings About Helium Could Lead to More Accurate Temperature

Asian Moms Hooked on Internet for Children, Selves

New Method to Make GaAs Solar Cells

How to Build an Atomtronic Computer

FTC to Look into Copy Machine Privacy Breakdown

Ofcom Leaves People in the Dark on Future of Open WiFi

German High Court Declares All Software Patentable

BBC License Fee 'To Fund Superfast Broadband' Roll-out

New Nanoscale Electrical Phenomenon Discovered

Mobile VoIP Poised to Become the Principal Transport for Various Technologies

U.S. 'Congresscritters' [LOL] Lists Worst P2P Offenders

Mysterious Ball Lightning: Illusion or Reality?


NASCAR Keeps Races Safe with RFID

Firms Urge EU to Restrict Hazardous Substances in Electronic Products by 2015

Intellectual Property Shifts Hands with Move to 4G

Quantum Method Generates Faster Random Numbers

Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Grew 17% in Q1 2010

EDS Points to Good Economic Times

FCC Again Denies Amateur’s Petition Regarding Station Identification

Nanotech Discovery Could Lead to Breakthrough in Infrared Satellite Imaging Technology

Search-and-Rescue Dogs Fitted with GNSS

Google Scrambling Our Perception of Science Reality

One in Five U.S. Adult Consumers Now Using Mobile Commerce

Using Ice to Cool Down the Grid

WiMAX Forum Initiative Should Boost Consumer Electronics Products

Britons Spend More Than 'One Day a Month Online'

Verizon Dismisses $18k Cell Phone Bill

Spacewalking 'Superhero' Untangles Cable on Boom

Giant Solar-Powered Yacht to Circle Globe

Award for Developing High-Speed Wi-Fi

Scientists Find Evidence for Significant Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry

Google Beats Microsoft in Smartphones, Catching Apple


The 9-Year-Old Microsoft Genius

Will 4G Fix Wireless Voice Quality?

Vodafone Quarterly Profits Jump 180% Despite Indian Impairment Charge

The Top 10 Awfully Bad Passwords People Use

Survey Highlights Jobs Concerns

Can Wi-Fi Smash the Data Dam?

Japan to Launch Solar-Powered Spacecraft

5 Ways to Reduce Cellphone Radiation

RFID to be a $Billion Market in Health Care

STMicro, Micropelt Demo 'Perpetual Energy' Thermoharvesting Power Supply

Looking for Critical Behavior in Graphene

Air Force: Tests Didn't Include Troubled GPS Unit

60 GHz Groups Face Off in Beijing Over Wi-Fi's Future

DOT Wants Cell Phone Limits on Railroad Operators

Experts Say New Broadband Minister 'Urgently Needed'

The Telepresence Robots are Coming

Maker Faire to Feature Amateur Radio Again in 2010

Air Force Wants Its Rockets Back

YouTube Now Streams 2 Billion Videos Every Day

Caffeine May Slow Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias, Restore Cognitive Function (at this rate, I'll live forever)


WHO Study Has No Clear Answer on Phones and Cancer /a>

New British PM Bans Mobile Phones at Cabinet Meetings

GPS Glitch Hit Some Military Systems in January

FCC Seeks Comments on Newly Proposed Rules for Amateur Radio Operators Using Spread Spectrum Communications

Changing of the Guard in Cell Phones: RIM and Apple Displace Motorola

Hack Attacks Mounted on Car Control Systems

Astronauts Begin Spacewalk to Install Antenna

Why Universities Should Hate the iPad

The Second Coming of Bluetooth

Samsung Starts Building $11B GigaFab

GCS Announces THz Diode Foundry Process for mm-Wave Transceivers

Top U.S. Carriers Plot Faster Gadgets, Services

Silicon Wafer Shipments Up

Cell Phones Could Double as Night Vision Devices

FCC Gives Go-Ahead on Piecemeal Public Safety Network Construction

Top 25 LTE Operators Will Reach over 200M Subscribers by 2015

Study Fails to End Debate on Cancer, Cell Phone Link

Teens Learn Dangers of Texting While Driving

Trouble Sleeping? Maybe It's Your iPad

Scientists Forecast Decades of Icelandic Ash Clouds


New Energy-Efficient Insulation for Electrical Wires

Google Says It Mistakenly Collected Data on Web Usage

Students Win Big at Intel ISEF 2010

Apple’s Jobs Asked Gizmodo to Return ‘Stolen’ IPhone Prototype

Google Grabs Personal Info off of Wi-Fi Networks


5 Cell Phone Tower Workers Killed in 5 Russia's Dagestan

Transistor-Laser Breaks Kirchhoff's Law, Rewrites Textbooks

Armageddon, Brought to You by the FCC

Defense Industry Needs Standards for COTS Component Obsolescence

Samsung Tipped to Reveal $18B Chip Capex

Mathematicians Solve 140-Year-Old Boltzmann Equation

Wireless Users Opt for Service Without Commitment

Wanted: Technology to Curb Mobile Phone Use in Prison

Cellphones Now Used More for Data Than for Calls

Will Net Neutrality Drive Up Internet Access Prices? (only for people like us that pay for everything)

DOD Struggles to Define Cyber War

Researchers Hijack a Car's Brakes and Engines

Four Nerds and a Cry to Arms Against Facebook

How Radiations Promote Cancer Development

T-Mobile Signs on 3G Customers, but Starts Losing Them in 2G

Cadence to Buy Denali for $315M

Technology CFOs Sound Optimistic About Economy, Hiring

University Students Give Kindle E-Reader an F

'Star Wars' meets reality? Military testing laser weapons


Technology Linked to Happiness

More U.S. Homes Going Mobile Only

Sales of Smartphones to Total 2.5B During 2010 to 2015

Peregrine and IBM Co-Develop 180 nm RF CMOS

Redefining Electrical Current Law with the Transistor Laser

Clearwire's New 4G Handsets May Have a VoIP Twist

Emergency LTE Broadband Networks Approved for Construction in 21 Markets

New Material Can Keep Electronics Cool: Few Atomic Layers of Graphene Reveal Unique Thermal Properties

Android Outsells iPhones, Opens Processor Market

Quantum Move Toward Next Generation Computing

Flying 12-Gauge Shotgun Enables Soldier-Carried Small UAVs to Find and Destroy Enemy Snipers

Sony's Annual Loss Shrinks to $439M (oh, well that's better)

Navy Plans Preferred Contractor Program

Secure Your Wi-Fi, or Face a Fine - Germany

IEEE Hosts Maxim Resource Library

Qualcomm Joins Venture to Provide Wireless Alerts for the Elderly

Revamped Microsoft Office Will Be Free on the Web

Good Heavens! Jupiter Has Lost a Stripe (climate change on Jupiter?! damn those SUVs!)

For Sale: Thousands of Hacked Twitter Accounts

FCC Forum at Dayton Hamvention to Feature FCC Emergency Communications Expert

BP Says Oil Spill Costs $450M So Far (real cost is due to new restrictions & regulations that will now be imposed for everyone!)

Artificial Gravity Could Solve Space Problems

Neil Armstrong Renews Attack on Obama Space Vision


Another 'iPhone 4G' Leaked in Vietnam

New Way to Calculate the Effects of Casimir Forces

First MEMS Gyro Smartphone to Ship in June

Additional Orders for AMS JTRS SDRs for MMUMA received by LM ;-)

European Chip Sales Index Continues Rise

Moscow Fusion Reactor Agreement

Counterfeit Electronics Trade is Killing the Industry

Messy Standards Fight Looms for Wireless Video

Canadian Hams Make Use of New Privileges

T-Mobile USA Loses 77,000 Subscribers in Q1 2010

Navy Gets Help with Integrated Communications

MEMS Startup Sand 9 Lands Additional $12M in Funding

U.S. Fixed-Line Market Stabilizing Despite Moves to Mobile

10% of Operator Roaming Revenues at Risk From Poor Network Quality

Caffeine Reduces Mistakes Made by Shift Workers

Hamburg's Rail Operator Continues to Roll Out RFID

Lack of Customers Killed Office 2010 Upgrade Pricing

Drifting Satellite Threatens U.S. Cable Programming

Gold Tops $1245 per Ounce


Internet Approaches Addressing Limit

Automotive Project Shows a Single RFID Tag Can Carry Data Encoded by Multiple Users

IC Foundry Industry to Grow Nearly 40% in 2010

WiGig Publishes 7 Gbps Wireless Home Networking Spec

Infineon Passes Freescale in Automotive ICs

Graphene Transistor Could Advance Nanodevices

Nokia Shakes up Leadership to Tackle Rivals

Verizon Customers Suffer from iPhone Jealousy

ARRL Foundation Awards 66 Scholarships in 2010

Telecom Watchdog Wants Operators to Pay for Unused Spectrum (it's the end user - you - who always pays, not the middle man)

Anti-Tamper Technologies Seek to Keep Critical Military Systems Data in the Right Hands

Samsung Outlines $20.6B Investment Plan

DOE Funds Solar-Power Development

New Broadband Stimulus Funding Targets Satellite Service

USB 3.0 Falls Short in New Laptop Tests

Euro, Stocks, Commodities Wipe Out Gains as Bailout Optimism Ebbs

Lining Up "Nanodot" Memory

People Refusing Job Offers to Collect Unemployment (no surprise - people love their welfare)

Atlantis Shuttle to Soar for Final Time Friday

Mandatory Insurance Coverage for 26-year-old Children Will Raise Company Premiums


Wi-Fi to Come in a Much Faster, Short-Range Flavor

MEMS Oscillators Cracking Mass Market

Wireless Infrastructure Sharing Saves Operators 30% in Capex and 15% in Opex

Delphi Uses RFID to Link Phones and Cars

FCC Study Estimates $23.5B Needed to Bring Broadband to Unserved Areas (no problem - just raise taxes)

EU to Evict Broadcasters from Upper End of Spectrum

Nokia Sues Apple for 'Patent Infringement'

Electricity-Generating Shock Absorbers

WiGig Group Teams up with SiBeam, Wi-Fi Alliance

Declining Benefits Keep Older Men in Workforce

Messy Standards Fight Looms for Wireless Video

FCC Proposes Additions, Changes to Amateur 5 MHz Allocation

Wi-Fi Groups Say 60 GHz Can Conquer Data Congestion

Silicon Nanohole Solar Cells Aim to Make Photovoltaics Cost-Competitive

Sizing up the Indie Telcos

Electrically-Charged Water Found in Dust Cloud

Raytheon BBN to Provide Precise Timing for Surgical EW Jamming System

Some Examples of Internet "Hjackings"

Tell-All Generation Learns to Keep Things Offline

Obama Bemoans 'Diversions' of IPod, Xbox Era ("none of which I know how to work" - hmmm)


Italian Telcos Launch €2.5B Broadband Plan

FCC Allows Blocking of Set-Top Box Outputs

Trapping Giant Rydberg Atoms for Faster Quantum Computers

Secretary Gates to Slash Pentagon Budget in Search of $10B in Savings

Australian Research: Not Bad, But Not Stellar


FCC Attempts Strange 'Title 1.5' Broadband Reclassification

Computer Tech Pioneer Max Palevsky Dies at 85

Smartphone Market Grows 56.7% Y-o-Y in Q1 of 2010

FCC Chairman Wants Broadband Transmission Regulated as Telecom Service (smells like another way to tax the Internet - look at the surcharges on your phone bill)

M/A-Com Buys Mimix Broadband

Pioneer of the CMOS Image Sensor Dies at Age 56

America's Behind the World's Mobile Calling Curve

New Recycling Bins with RFID Tracking Chips Coming to Virginia

USAF Starts Full-Scale Development of MALD Air-Defense Decoy and EW System

A Look at Cable, Satellite TV Earnings for 1Q

U.S. Regulators Maps 'Third Way' for Net Access For All

Chip CEOs Join European Competitiveness Committee

Sprint Announces $25 Unlimited Data Plan, New Pay-By-the-Minute Network

Telstra Role Uncertain in Australia Broadband Plan

Wireless Hold-Up Stunts GaN Microelectronics Market Growth

'Underwater Kite' Aims to Turn Energy Tide (kinda cool)

Telecom New Zealand Profits Down 39%

U.S. Jobless Rate Rises to 9.9%

UK Budget Deficit 'To Surpass Greece's as Worst in EU'

DOW Plunge: Algorithms or Human Error to Blame?

NASA Tries to Unscramble Voyager 2 Signals (V'ger to Trekkies)


'Historic' Day as First Non-Latin Web Addresses Go Live

USPTO: Fees Must Go Up to Tackle Backlog

FCC Will Reclassify Broadband as a Telco Service

USPTO to Hold Public Roundtables on Patent Quality and Patent Quality Metrics

A Critical Look at Wireless Power

MIT Researchers Print Solar Cell on Paper

The Last Tech-Plus License to Expire in June (another era passed)

Alcatel-Lucent Shares Tumble as Net Loss Widens Due to Component Shortages

FCC Aims to Set Some New Regulations on Broadband

Market for Preloaded Software in Cell Phones Hits $7.7B in 2014

First Sub-Wavelength Laser that Operates at Room Temperature

UK Election Prompts Surreal Study, Phones Facilitate Fury, and BlackBerry Roots Revealed

Gold Nanoparticles Promise to Enrich Everyday Products (gold macroparticles would enrich my life today!)

Skyworks' Beats Q2 Guidance with 38% YoY Growth

Nintendo Profit Drops for First Time in 6 Years

NASA Picks May 14 Launch for Atlantis' Last Flight

Congressman Moves to Make FTC Enforce Privacy, Could Impact Facebook's 'Like'

Rensselaer, Army Research Targets Terror Nets

Clearwire to Release 4G Handsets

Students Kicked Off American Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees on Cinco de Mayo (this Illegal crap has gone way too far)


SatCom Policies Slammed by Inmarsat Executive

IDC Releases Bullish IC Forecast

Europe and U.S. Take Different Routes to Smart Meters

Shipments of Cell Phone Motion Sensors to Rise 5x by 2014

Cell Phones Could Double as Night Vision Devices

Fast Transistors Could Save Energy

Intel Shows Off Atom Processors for Smartphones

A Better Platinum Catalyst for Fuel Cells

Ericsson CEO Sees Markets Beyond Traditional Telecom

Physicist Sees Terahertz Imaging as Ultimate Defense Against Terrorism

Four Share $1.5B DOD Award

AT&T: Spectrum Biggest Issue in Keeping Public Safety Net Costs Down

Organic Transistor Could Outshine OLEDs

WiFi Key-Cracking Kits Make Internet Free in China

New Wireless Devices Launch Era of E-Books

Is HTML 5 Already Outmoded?

Nokia, Microsoft Launch New Mobile Software

Zombiesat! What's Next for Out-of-Control Satellite

Depression Treatable by Electromagnetic Therapy (maybe that is why RF engineers are a happy crowd)

Volcanic Ash Disrupts Air Travel, Again


Wireless E-Underpants Help Caregivers Cope with Incontinence

Startups Petition Congress on Patent Reform

Many Radio Clubs Could Lose Tax-Exempt Status in 2010

Telekom Austria to Charge Electric Cars from Telephone Booths (maybe the UK can convert Dr. Who booths, too)

A $10B Contract with Plenty of Questions

Out-of-Control Satellite Threatens Spacecraft

Analog IC Vendors Turning Away Business

China May 'Crash' in Next 9 to 12 Months

Australia to Improve Emergency Call Location Tracking

Scientists Explain Why Computers Crash But We Don't

Ruckus Wireless Clears the Air on Wi-Fi's Biggest Enemy: Interference

Global Smart Phone Market Growth Rises to 67%

Purifying Positronium Could Help Develop Gamma Ray Lasers and Produce Fusion Power

Wounded Nokia Chief to Face Frustrated Investors

Visio Comes of Age, Breaks New Ground for Functionality a Second Time

Time Travel Is Possible, Says Stephen Hawking

Google Chrome Share Hits 6.7% Through April (IE @ 60%, FF @ 25%)

Facebook to Share Your Info for Money

How Technology Failed in the Gulf Spill

'Long-Term Harm' of Too Much TV for Toddlers


Global Smartphone Shipments Jump 50% to 54M in Q1 2010

Do You Get E-Mail Rage?

March Averaged Chips Sales Set Record

Remote-Activated Appliances Being Tested in Canada

Oh Really? NAB Head Suggests to Congress FCC's Broadband Plan is 'Voluntary'

180 km Wi-Fi Link in France Sets European Distance Record

Apple Sells 1M iPads in First Month

Is It Time to Defend Our [copy]Rights?

Telcos Team to Find Better Ways to Recapture 'Lost' Revenue

Proposed Test of Weak Equivalence Principle Could Be Most Accurate Yet

iPad's Success Will Pay Off for Mobile Operators

In NY, a Tech Incubator Becomes a Hub of Collaboration

'Smart Dust' Aims to Monitor Everything

Marconi Nominations Open May 1

Cloud-Creating Laser Could Trigger Rain on Demand

World Banding Together to Boost Cybersecurity

Offshore Wind: Expensive But Politically Popular (except when it is in a politician's own back yard)

Reverse Engineering a Quantum Compass

10 Smart Cell Phone Blocker Apps

Boeing NewGen Tanker Win Would Bring 7,500 Jobs, $388M to Kansas

U.S. Inflation Up 2% in March (that's 24% annualized)


Defense to Remain Driver in $376M GaN Microelectronics Market

The Price of 4G Silicon Must Come Down Quickly

Measuring the Weakest of Forces - Cold Atoms Detect a 174-Yoctonewton Force

FCC 'Bound and Determined' for STB Ban

Global Smartphone Shipments Surge 50% in Q1

Mobile Data Plan Shake-Up: T-Mobile, Leap, AT&T (iPad)

Europe's Plan to Simulate the Entire Planet

Win7 Can Delete All System Restore Points on Reboot

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