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Technical Headline News Archive - April 2012

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Superconducting Strip Could Become an Ultra-Low-Voltage Sensor

U.S. Counterfeit Parts Crack-Down Will Be Felt in Europe

Campaign Aims to Speed Up 4G Mobile Roll-Out in UK

DOD Explores Alternatives to Traditional Acquisition

Congressmen Want FM Radio Chip Investigated (1 R + 1 D)

Attosecond Lighthouses May Help Illuminate the Tempestuous Sea of Electrons

China Launches Two More Beidou Navigation Satellites (aka "Compass")

10 GHz Optical Transistor Built out of Silicon

FCC: Innovation in the TV Bands: Channel Sharing

2012 Chip Market to Grow 7%

Railway Sector 'Not Attractive Enough' for Young Engineers (GE Transportation here in Erie reports boom in sales)

Microwave Backhaul Issues Could Significantly Slow Small Cell Deployment

Apple "Avoiding Billion$ in Global Taxes" (surely all the conscientious "99%'ers" will boycott Apple now... Not)

The New Pay Phone and What It Knows About You

Wind Farms Will Cause Global Climate Change (per Nature - no conservative pub)

Laser System Paints Information on the Road Ahead

Less Than 100 days Before Curiosity Touches Down on Mars (Curiosity has THE coolest landing scheme ever!)

Ear Implant Could Replace Conventional Hearing Aids

We Are in Age of ‘Late Great Depression’ per Yale Econ. Prof.

California to Ban Cellphone Use While Biking


They Ain't Making Any More of Them: The Great Engineering Shortage of 2012

Federal Law Proposed Banning Cellphone Use While Driving

First Payload Ready for Next Batch of Galileo Satellites

5 smartphones That Can Replace Your Camera

Standard & Poor's Cuts Nokia's Credit Rating


GraphExeter: New Graphene-Based Material Could Revolutionize Electronics Industry

RF Micro Devices® Unveils 900V-Breakdown High-Voltage GaN Process

Government Sets out Cap on Immigrant Engineers

Samsung Overtakes Nokia in Mobile Phone Shipments

NXP Looks for GaN Mobile Device Partnerships

Netgear to Ship "World's Fastest WiFi" Using New 802.11ac Standard

Bejeweled: Nanotech Gets Boost from Nanowire Decorations

Operators Face Uncertainty in the Expanding Mobile Payments Value Chain

Beware 'Zerg Rush': Google's Tribute to 'StarCraft'

Graphene Lenses: 2-D Electron Shepherds

UK Industry to Build Solar Orbiter Satellite

What We Have Here: A Failure to Communicate

NYSE Receives Credible Cyber Threat Against Website

STC Receives 'Trusted Foundry' Label from DoD

3 Astronauts Land on Earth from ISS in Russian Capsule

Google Rebuffs FCC over 'Wi-Spy' Flap

China Telecom Q1 Net Profit Falls 6.5% on Rising Expenses

Air Force to Automate Tracking of Space Debris

U.S. Economy Grows at Tepid 2.2% Pace

Why Women Make Less Than Men


Mobile Phones: 'Still No Evidence of Harm to Health'

Smartphone Patent Wars: The Coming Sequel

Marines' Future Tech Wish List Includes Powerful Comms Networks

Magnesium Puzzle Solving in Nitride Semiconductors

Graphene Found to Emit Infrared Light

Attention Federal Employees: ARRL Approved for 2012 Combined Federal Campaign!

X-Rays Reveal Molecular Arrangements for Better Printable Electronics

FCC Offers First Connect America Fund Support for Rural Broadband

Is the FM Chip All About Radio Saving Money?

Small Satellites are the Wave of the Future

Does the Quantum Wave Function Represent Reality?

Neul Launches 'White-Space' Smart Metering in Cambridge

Tiny Crystal May Hold Key to Future of Computers

Latin America's Mobile Penetration Rate to Reach 130% by End of 2015

Number Line is Learned, Not Innate Human Intuition

Physicists Show Standard 'Quasiparticle' Theory Breaks Down at 'Quantum Critical Point'

Smartphone Sales to Grow 17% in 2012

Rage Against the Smart Meter

Europe Faces Japan "Lost Decade" as Credit Demand Implodes

More Americans Than Projected File Jobless Claims (notice the "experts" are always surprised?)


Video: Girl on Cellphone Falls Through Pavement

Moore's Law Lives Another Day

Apply to Host a Real-Time Conversation with ISS Crewmembers

Mechanical Motion Rectifier Leads to Better Energy Harvesting (diode equivalent?)

In Canada, Phones Poised to Challenge Credit Cards

DARPA Opens International Dialog on Satellite Servicing

Severity of Challenges Facing Rural and Urban Broadband Capacity in the USA

Congress Mulls $680M for Israeli Iron Dome

General Dynamics to Provide FAA with Air Traffic Control Radios

Nokia, HTC Win European Patent Ruling

European Market is Outstanding, Says ADI

Consumer Demand for Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Cameras Increasing

Xbox Patent Ruling Favours Motorola over Microsoft

Scientists Predict Paradoxical Laser Effect

Apple Soars 10% as Profit Doubles (while networks go broke paying subsidies)

Sprint Nextel Losses Nearly Double Due to Costs and iPhone Subsidies (welfare bankrupts in all forms)

DOD's New Espionage Unit to Cover Broader Range of Targets

Al Gore Inducted into Internet Hall of Fame Read (if O can get Nobel Peace Prize for nothing, why not?)

Insecure Websites to Be Named and Shamed after Checks

Eurozone Manufacturing PMI Hits 34 Month Low


FAA Forced to Reveal 63 Drone Launch Sites Across U.S.

'No Permission' Android Apps Can See and Share Your Data

Satellite Export Controls Loom over National Security, Economy

Pulse Electronics Introduces Programmable LTE Antenna for Ultra Thin Laptops

Finland Starts Consultation on 4G Spectrum Auction

Scientists Seek New Conductors for Metamaterials

Quantum Rainbow Photon Gun Unveiled

Billionaires Back Asteroid Mining Venture (EPA regs virtually prohibit mining in U.S.)

Scientists See Solution to Critical Barrier to Fusion

China Mulls National CPU Architecture Spec

Supreme Court Affirms Inventors’ Rights in Kappos v. Hyatt Decision

Russia's MegaFon Makes $5.15B Payment to Settle Shareholder Disputes

Boeing Targets 2016 for Launching Astronauts to the ISS

FBI: More Than 300,000 Could Lose Web Access by July

McDonald’s to Test Cloud-Based NFC Payments in Austria

Raising the Prospects for Quantum Levitation

Microsemi Commemorates 55 Years in Space

Boom Heard over Northern California: Report

"The War on Terror is Over" per Senior State Department Official (no more radical Islamist worries - TSA can be disbanded now?)


Big Snowstorm Shakes up 'Crazy' Winter (snowing right now in Erie)

Poorly Designed Mobile Sites 'Drain Smartphone Battery'

Vodafone Announces $1.7B Takeover Bid for Cable and Wireless Worldwide

Croatian Startup Set to Begin Production of Electric Hypercar (I'm accepting donations)

Quantum Rainbow Photon Gun Unveiled

India Leads World in Junk E-Mails, aka Spam

BMW Uses NFC Car Keys to Open Hotel Room Doors

Self-Assembling Highly Conductive Plastic Nanofibers

2-D Boron Has Potential Advantages over Graphene

Next iPhone Could be Made of 'Liquidmetal'

India Sets High Reserve Fee for Forthcoming Spectrum Auctions

GM Tests a Self-Driving Cadillac (should be working on a self-purchasing Volt)

Qualcomm Licenses Mobile TV IP from Imagination

How 'In-Cell' Technology Could Make the Next iPhone Ultra-Thin

Startup Aims to Bring the Liquid Battery to Market

IBM Demos Terahertz Graphene Photonics

Hundreds of Thousands May Lose Internet in July

Nylon-12 Haunts Car Makers with Critical Shortage

½ of New Graduates are Jobless or Underemployed (no worries, they can get food stamps and have Hope)

Iran to Build Copy of Captured U.S. Drone (think China will be helping?)


Counterfeit Parts Represent $169B Annual Risk

Kopimism, Sweden's Pirate Religion, Begins to Plunder America

New Sensor Sought to Enable Military Missions in GPS-Denied Areas

Apps Ease Test and Measurement Tasks on all Levels

USPTO Expands Patent Law School Clinic Certification Pilot Program


New Kind of Quantum Junction

If You Have a Smart Phone, Anyone Can Now Track Your Every Move

Light Can Bend While Moving

NASA Sets Challenges for Citizen Scientists

IBM Research Boosts Long-Range, Air-Powered Battery Project

U.S. Air Force Looks to Simplify Satellite Systems

Dwindling U.S. Space Budget Worries Scientist

TV as Thin as a Sheet of Paper?

Sprint Hit with $300M Tax Fraud Lawsuit

Supercomputing Rented by the Hour

MEMS in Sport Gains Speed

HTC Would Rather Make Thin Phones Than Use Larger Batteries

Scrap the Tax on SIM Cards Say Bangladesh Politicians

Microchip Buys Wireless Module Maker

Hacker-Proof Pacemaker Unveiled, Thanks to Wearable Firewall

Microsoft Seen Betting Big with Windows 8

Accel-RF Launching RF Test-Characterization Platform at CS ManTech

Connector Firm Invests in UK Facility for Military Market

Military Robots Go Where Soldiers Can't

Food Stamp Roles up 60% Since 2008 ($72 B/yr entitlement, aka purchased vote)


DARPA Seeks to Wean Smart Weapons off GPS with Hybrid Inertial Navigation System-on-a-Chip (a really good idea)

New Research Could Mean Cellphones That Can See Through Walls (THz tech)

Electrons Are Not Indivisible Particles

Nokia Announces Financial Loss of $1.2B for First Quarter

Semi Funding Decreased in March

ZigBee for LED Lighting

Alan Turing Papers on Code Breaking Released by GCHQ

Researchers Boost Efficiency of Multi-Hop Wireless Networks

Developing Regions Drive Global Broadband Growth in 2012 (world's taxpayers footing the entire bill)

Array of Satellite Antennae for Global Communication Coverage on Earth

On the Border Between Matter and Anti-Matter

NAB: Verizon Auction Raises Questions About 'Spectrum Shortage'

First Intel-Powered Smartphone to Be Launched in India

Earth Unprepared for Super Solar Storm

Cosmic Ray Source Riddle Mystery Now Even More Mysterious

Honda Will Recycle Rare-Earth Metals from Batteries

Verizon Wireless Data Revenue Growth Impresses

'Extreme Universe' Puzzle Deepens

Amazon's Book Knock-Off Problem


Did Einstein's First Wife Secretly Coauthor His 1905 Relativity Paper?

Carriers Warn of Crisis in Mobile Spectrum

Huawei Looking to Hire 4,000 Staff for Indian R&D Centre

Fast-Switching Plastic Circuit Mimics CMOS Function

Structure of Printable Electronics Revealed

From Silicon Valley, a New Approach to Education (NPR should learn how to properly capitalize titles)

GaAs Wafer Market to Exceed $650M by 2017

O2 Unveils 4G London Trial Results As Analogue Switch-off Completes

Russia Seeks Space Independence

Raytheon to Produce More Aegis Radar Equipment

458 Million Dual-Mode LTE Devices to Be Activated by 2016 (not 457 or 459, mind you)

Chinese PC Market Will Grow 12% in 2012

Research In Motion: Considering 'All Opportunities' to Steady Market Share

Solar-Grade Silicon Can Now Be Produced Cheaply

RedPine Signals Debuts Dual-Frequency Wi-Fi RFID Tag

'Action Needed' to Meet UK's Cookie Tracking Deadline

Twitter to Limit Use of Patents in Lawsuits

Tim Berners-Lee Warns About Web Firms and CISPA

Research Team Appears to Solve the Pioneer Anomaly

Is 4-Year-Old As Smart As Einstein? Not Quite Yet


Smartphones Will Drive Device Semiconductor Market to $170B Cumulative Revenues in Next Five Years

Graphene-Based Electronics: Entirely New Carbon-Based Material Synthesized from Graphene

TECH TREK Korean Antitrusters Put U.S. Tech Heavies Under the Microscope

Programming Project Comes to Primary Schools

TriQuint and U.S. Military Team up on Gallium Nitride ICs

Magnetic Fields Can Send Particles to Infinity

First Solar Will Cut 30% of Workforce, Shutter Plants (received >$2B in Stimulus money)

Genachowski Focuses on Spectrum Crunch

ITU Telecom World 2012 Conference Seeking Participants for Young Innovators Program

Neutron Generation: Going from Tubes to Chips

Budget Cuts Change the Landscape for Satcom and Satellite Usage

WiFi IC Startup Raises $179M

Another Tech Bubble? Maybe Not

Tinted Windows that Generate Electricity

Apple's Shareprice Continues to Slide Downwards

Iraq Emerges from Isolation as Telecommunications Hub

Walki Launches Service Using Lasers to Make Tag Antennas

Air Force Chooses Nine Companies to Share in Potential $6.9B for Military IT Contracts

British Businessman Found Dead in China Killed with Cyanide (Russia uses high-tech polonium-210)

Sleepy Air Canada Pilot Thought Venus Was a Plane


AT&T to Increase Investment in Student Training Schemes for Future Engineers

There's a Reason It's Called Rocket Science (poke at N. Korea's failure)

Researcher Develops Enhanced Electronic Cooling Technique

Parents Sue Apple over In-App Game Charges

The New Cold War: Militaries Eying Arctic Resources

Suspected Anonymous Hacker Busted by FBI — Thanks to a Racy Photo (this sounds like a NUM3ERS storyline)

European Regulators Put Brakes on UK NFC Joint Venture

Why It's OK to Leave a Tech Job at 5 pm (try doing that if you're male)

Space Shuttle Discovery Placed atop Jumbo Jet for Its Last Ride

Trade-Off Coding for Quantum Communication Provides More Benefits Than Previously Thought

Money Transferred Domestically Between Mobile Phones to Reach $340M by 2016

Unanswered Questions in FCC’s Google Case

NAVAIR Plans 4G Cell Service for Amphibious Group

Murata Buys RF Monolithics for $22M

Nokia Siemens Networks Wins Japanese LTE Deployment Contract

Real Electricity Flows from Virtual Power Plants

Nokia Debt Rating Cut to Lowest Investment Grade at Moody’s

1 in 5 U.S. Adults Does Not Use the Internet: Pew

How the Tech Parade Passed Sony By

Big $$$ Entertainers Among California's Biggest Tax Delinquents (these idiots publically tell us they should be made to pay more)


Tech Startups Use Contests to Identify Talent

North Carolina Town  to Ticket Drivers for Any Cellphone

Space Shuttle Contractor Fires Hundreds of Employees (we don't need no stinking manned space program - USA not supposed to lead anymore)

China's Mysterious Internet Outage; Speculation over a 'Kill Switch'

Satellite Imaging Doubles Population of Antarctic Penguins (ruh-roh, global warming acolytes worried)


Broadcasters Headed to Washington to Discuss FM Chip Mandate

Dual-Focus Contact Lens Prototypes Ordered by Pentagon (Bionic Man vision arrives)

Nanomaterials: Making a Bluer Light

CarrierCompare: The iPhone App Your Carrier Doesn't Want You to See

Boeing to Create Its Own Android Smartphone

Next Wave of Indian Telecoms Growth to Come from Rural Sectors

Molecular "Wankel Engine" Driven by Photons

U.S. Commerce Dept. Releases New Report Showing Intellectual Property-Intensive Industries Contribute $5T, 40M Jobs to Economy

Com Dev Foresees ‘Surge’ in Telecom Satellite Orders

Nokia to Run Out of Cash Next Year (yikes)

Quantum Computing: Is It Possible, and Should You Care?

Artificial Intelligence Could Be on Brink of Passing Turing Test

Researchers Demonstrate Entanglement of Two Quantum Bits Inside a Semiconductor

First Controllable Use of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy on Freestanding Graphene

Compact Military VSATs Have Big Impact

North Korea Rocket Breaks Up After Much-Touted Launch (time to send a certain U.S. aerospace company over to help?)

Probing Hydrogen Under Extreme Conditions

Screw University, Course Hero Curates YouTube into Free Business and Coding Classes

DOD Orders MIDS JTRS Radio Systems from ViaSat and Data Link Solutions

$200k of Stimulus Money to "Translocate" a Single Franciscan Manzanita" Plant ($18 each at nurseries)


Amateurs Must Protect New Radars in 23 cm Band

Particles Magnetically 'Click' to Form Superstructures

143 is Largest Number Yet to be Factored by a Quantum Algorithm

Nokia Plunges to 14-Year Low After Another Profit Warning

Deal Could Bring Graphene Production Method to Market

Carbon Nanotubes: The Weird World of 'Remote Joule Heating'

Power Without the Cord for Small Devices

ESA Loses Contact with Envisat (now space pollution)

DARPA Awards Raytheon $1.8M TEGaN Contract to Develop GaN-on-Diamond Devices

NASA Announces Student Winners in Space Game Design Challenge

Why iPhone Users Hate Mobile WiFi Slightly Less Than Android Users Do

Using 'Proton Grease' to Spin-up a Molecular Rotor

Satellite Spies on North Korea's Countdown to Launch

Over Half of Tablet, Smartphone Time Is Shared with TV Viewing

$2M Prize Offered to Rescue Robot Developers

Russia Sets Space Science Priorities: Astrophysics, Plasma Research and Planetary Missions

Nest Officially Answers Patent Lawsuit: 'Honeywell Is Worse Than a Troll'

Stealth Navy Warship Being Built in Maine

U.S. Grabs Lead over China in Clean Energy Race (measured by investment - mostly tax $$$ -  not implementation)

Sapphire Energy Raises $144M for an Algae Farm ($100M from taxpayers - stay tuned for bankruptcy news next year)


NASA to Fly Deep Space Atomic Clock to Improve Navigation Technology

2012 Continues to Show Growth in Amateur Radio Licensing

8.7 Earthquake Prompts Tsunami Warnings for Indian Ocean Coastlines

Hitachi Unveils Motor Without 'Rare Earths' (news flash: they've been around for 100 years)

Pentagon Considers Nuclear-Powered Drones

Government Provides Funding for Space-Based Research

Pure-Play Semiconductor Foundry Market Set for 12% Growth in 2012

Yahoo's Massive Layoffs: Only the Tip of the Iceberg?

Skyworks’ 27% Growth Extends GaAs Device Market Lead in 2011

Apps Ease Test and Measurement Tasks on All Levels

DARPA Robotics Challenge: Here Are the Official Details

High-Resolution Atomic Imaging of Specimens in Liquid by TEM Using Graphene Liquid Cell

Are Landlines Doomed? (never a dropped call or breakup on landlines)

Galileo Passes In-Orbit Signal Test

Hybrid Copper-Gold Nanoparticles Convert CO2

Harris Wins $400M Contract to Replace Legacy U.S. Special Operations Radio Equipment

Nokia Issues Profits Warning on Weaker Than Expected Handset Sales

A Billion-Dollar Turning Point for Mobile Apps

Philly Cops Bust Crime in 140 Characters or Fewer

America's Debt Greater than Entire Eurozone's and U.K.'s Combined Debt (lots of it went to bail out EU, BTW)


Fake Semiconductors 'Could Cause Tragedy'

NASA Lands $75,000 in Patent Auction

U.S. Military Interested in Laser Defense Weapons

National Database Planned to Combat Cellphone Theft

Galileo Satellites Intensify Competition on the Market of Navigation

April 18 Is World Amateur Radio Day

Cobham Again Bids to Acquire Danish Antenna Builder

Apple Gets Rare Downgrade over iPhone Subsidy Concerns (carries cannot afford to give away)

Space Debris Remediation - Who Are We Kidding?

India Seen as Fastest Growing Chip Consumer in 2012

Dental X-Rays Linked to Brain Tumors

New Research Depicts Precisely How Sand Flows

Girls Face a Tough Math Problem: Teacher Bias (huh, a new tactic - blame it on white males)

A New Microchip Knows Just Where You Are, Indoors and Out

'Do Not Track' Web Browser Option Gains Steam

Sony to Cut Workforce by Estimated 10,000 Jobs

Google More Popular Than Apple, Facebook

Cold Beer: Soft-Serve Head Keeps Brew Chilled

Only 35% of Hybrid Car owners Will Buy Another (drops to 25% if Prius excluded)


Maritime Broadband Offers Leave Fleet Owners in Unfamiliar Waters

German Courts at Epicenter of Global Patent Battles Among Tech Rivals

Sony to Ax 10,000 Jobs, Expects $2.7B Net Loss

DOD-Wide Mobile Strategy to Play Catch-Up with Industry

Mathematical Models Help to Lower Radio Interference in EVs (did you know about the problem?)

Microsoft Buys and Licenses AOL Patents in $1B Deal

Rugged, Waterproof Land-Mobile Radio That Meets Military Specifications Introduced by Icom

T-Mobile and Leap Wireless in Radio Spectrum Swap Deal

Electronics Industry Thinking About the Next Big One

A Ballooning Mobile Megabyte Budget

Broadcom Intros Smartphone Location Platform

iPhone 5 Release Coming in June

Plastic Electronics: A Neat Solution

STMicroelectronics Ordered to Make Compensation Payment to NXP Semiconductors

China Weapon Development Quickens

NYC to Add 'Smart Screens' to Phone Booths

European Space Agency, ON Semiconductor to Develop NexGen Star Tracker CMOS Sensor

CSA Budget Cuts Put Radarsat Constellation Mission in Limbo

Falcone Says Bankruptcy Possible for LightSquared

What Space Looks Like to Kids (some drawings are amazing)


Chinese Teen Sells Kidney to Buy iPhone, iPad

An Equation for Passover

Government Surveillance Crackdown on Internet Goes into Overdrive

Vast Majority of LTE Devices Support 700-MHz Band

USPTO to Test New Post Final Rejection Option

Contracts Expire for40,000 Union Workers at AT&T


Crisis for U.S. Science Is Looming, Physicists Warn (too few in physicists college pipeline, but plenty of "___ Studies" grads)

A New Reason to Stay off the Web at Work

Market for RF Filters/Duplexers, PAs and Antenna Switches to Reach $4.7B in 2016

Cable Surpasses Telcos in the Broadband Subscriber Race Read

Novel Particle Opens Door to Taming Mysteries of Tunneling

Using Radio Waves to Bake Tumors

Samsung Electronics Expects Record Q1 Operating Profit

Waterjet Method Cuts Complex Shapes in Very Hard Materials

Pentagon Pushes Crowdsourced Manufacturing

India's Supreme Court Rejects Appeals over Confiscated GSM Licenses

SEMI Sees Promising Initial Sales Data for 2012

Print-Your-Own-Robots Developed in U.S.

LHC Atom Smasher Collides Particles at Record Energies

Sapphire Energy Raises $144M for an Algae Farm (remember, you have to burn the byproduct to use it)

Plutonium to Pluto: Russian Nuclear Space Travel Breakthrough

Superradiant Laser Created from 1 Million Rubidium Atoms

Chevy Volt Pays for Itself... In Just 27 Years! (Nissan Versa just 9 yrs.)

EV Batteries: Solid Concept, But Not Ready for Prime Time

Solid-State Quantum Computer Protects Against Decoherence (don't you just hate it when Q-puters decohere?)

Forget Kevlar! Liquid Body Armor Hardens on Impact


Top 5 Most Counterfeited Parts Represent a $169B Challenge for Semiconductor Market

US' Intellectual Capital is Easy Prey

Quantum Computer Built Inside a Diamond (a gem of a computer)

Google Begins Testing Its Augmented-Reality Glasses

Mobile Phone Users Could Get Free 0800 Calls

Phone Customers Ditch Their Carriers Faster Than Ever

'Superradiant' Laser Could Boost Performance of Atomic Clocks

Mobile Network Operators Face Explosion of Demand for Mobile Data

Heirs to Old Money Plunge into Tech (remember, they're the evil 1%)

ARRL Seeks Comments on Proposed 33 cm Band Plan

Shell Model for Beryllium Isotopes Invalidated (say it ain't so!)

America's Magnet for Innovation, and Investments

Big Data to Add US$343B to the UK Economy and 58,000 New Jobs by 2017

NFC Forum Partners with GlobalPlatform on NFC Standards

Researcher Turned Teacher Establishes Programs Around the World

Nokia Lumia 900 is Best Windows Phone Ever

Photron Camera Shoots at 12,500 fps for Defense and Ballistics Research

Smart Meter Consumer Guidelines Mooted

Flashback Trojan Hits 550,000 Macs (ruh-roh, you mean Macs aren't loved universally?)

Soviet Nomenklatura-Style Government Excess by GSA in Vegas: $820k Bash


ACLU: Most Police Track Phones' Locations Without Warrants

New Ultra-Small Laser Opens up a World of Possibilities

3D Printing Method Could Open up Path to New Metamaterials

Tactical Radios and Mobile Devices: Powered by Imagination

FCC Seeks Comment on Emergency Communications by and Impediments to Amateur Radio 

RIM's New BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Could Revive Company's Fortunes

Over 3,000 Base Stations Now LTE Enabled in Germany

Piezoelectric Graphene Developed at Stanford University

Nanoscale Magnetic Media Diagnostics by Rippling Spin Waves

Delta 4 Rocket Successfully Lofts Surveillance Satellite

Beware the Unholy Alliance of State and Internet

Online Radio Fastest Growing Radio Option

Semi Sales Down 1.3% in February

Reno's $21k Wind Generator Saved City $4

Pendrell Buys Up Batches of Wireless Patents

Why Women Don't Pursue Physics Careers (seems most women just don't dig physics, blame men)

Female Students Wary of the Engineering Workplace (seems most women don't like doing actual engineering, blame men)

Service Sends Messages to License Plates

Silicon Dioxide 'Nanometal' Offers Alternative ReRAM

Intelligent People Take Less Sick Leave (I don't recall ever taking a sick day, used vacation days)


TomTom SatNav Devices Hit by GPS 'Leap Year Bug'

5,000-Mile Radio Telescope Created

India's Mobile Broadband Customer Base to Surpass the USA by 2016

Self-Sculpting Sand Could Allow Spontaneous Formation of New Tools, Duplication of Broken Mechanical Parts

Ripping Electrons from Their Cores: Physicists Mix Two Lasers to Create Light at Many Frequencies

Rugged Smartphones Blend with InformSec, Anti-Tamper for Secure Battlefield Communications

A Telescope That Generates More Data Than the Whole Internet

Motorola Targeted by European Regulators over Patent Issues

Apple's Chinese iPhone Plants Employ Forced Interns, Claim Investigators

Foundry Revenues Are a Tenth of Semi Industry Revenues

Mobile Device Chip Market Grew 20% in 2011

First Controllable Use of Scanning Tunneling Microscopy on Freestanding Graphene

Army National Guard Chooses Tactical RF Downlink from Cobham for Fleet of UH-72 Helicopters

Stephen Klinefelter Takes Over As New Army MARS Chief

America's First Celebrity Robot Is Staging a Comeback

Wireless Communication Standards Vital to Offset the Maturity of the SG and AWG Market

Skewed Patent Laws Force Microsoft to Ditch the Germans for the Dutch

ApApple's 116° iPad is No Big Deal

EU Project to Develop High Efficiency Silicon Thin-Film Solar Modules

Russia, India in Hypersonic Missile Talks


Mass Layoffs Loom Large on Defense Industry Horizon

UK Internet Activity 'To Be Monitored' Under New Laws

Lenses Can Bend Light and Sound in Almost Any Direction

Smart Fabric for New Soldier Uniform

NEC Develops One of the World's Smallest Antennas

Designing a Smart-Phone Alphabet for the Illiterate

Rebellious Tinkerers Dress Up the iPhone’s Uniform

Does Radio Need More Deregulation?

Microsoft Shuts German Distribution Centre in Patent Dispute

Honeycombs of Magnets Could Lead to New Type of Computer Processing

Researchers Discover New Quantum Encryption Method to Foil Hackers

Half of UK Motorists Use a Mobile Phone While Driving

New Zealand Carriers to Form NFC Venture with Payments Provider

'Anonymous' Hacking Group Threatens the Internet

Inventing the Cleanweb

Yahoo to Begin Laying Off Thousands of Workers Next Week

Self-Assembling Robots Could One Day Replicate Objects

Gas Prices Expected to Top $4 Soon

Gasoline Prices Are Not Rising, the Dollar Is Falling (due to Fed continually printing billion$$$)

IBM to Analyze 'Big Data' from Big Bang Telescope


Hold on, RIM Is Not Leaving the Consumer Market

OnStar Lets You Track Your Spouse & Kids for $0.12 a Day

China Mobile Phone Users Top a Billion

Is Technology a Zero-Sum Game?

Mysterious Stone Monolith Likely an Ancient Astronomical Calendar




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