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Technical Headline News Archive - March 2014

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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LTE Devices Explode, 1800 MHz Band Dominates

UK Government Boosts PhD Training

Semiconductor Material Can Be Magnetized with Light

Strange Materials Cropping up in Condensed Matter Labs

BlackBerry Sees Hope for Future in Security

Turning Graphite into Diamond

Aviation Test Gear Market to Hit $7.15B

Distributed Bragg Reflectors for InGaN LEDs on Silicon

Physicists Propose Explanation for Metals Behaving Badly

A Majority Prefers Letting Computers Decide

U.S. Judge OKs Class Action in e-Book Suit Against Apple


Leti to Demonstrate Wireless High Data rate Li-Fi Prototype

Apple Patent Addresses Texting-Walking Risk

C-Bird Solution Sets Industry Standard for VSAT Communications at Sea

Math Wizards Ready to Join Malaysia Airlines Search (Charlie Epps of NUMB3RS?)

Sprint Offers to Help Smaller Telcos Deploy LTE Networks


1:4 Car Crashes Involve Cellphone Use

Marlan Bourns, Inventor of Trimpot®, Dies at 93

After Blocking Twitter, Turkey Moves to Stop YouTube

Amateur Radio, Federal Government Engaged in Joint 5 MHz Communication Exercise

Controlling Electron Spins by Light

RFMD Awarded $9.7M USAF Contract to Produce First 6" mm-wave GaN-on-SiC ICs

Computing with Slime

Europe to Drop Anti-Dumping Investigation Against Chinese Telecoms Vendors

Covert Electronic Ambushes at Sea Take Shape

Internet 'Bill of Rights' Approved in Key Vote

Facebook to Build Drones and Satellites to Beam Internet Around the World

Consortium Wants Standards for 'Internet of Things'

Battery Dissolves in Water, Holds Promise for Biomedical Implants

Consumers Outpaced by Enterprise in the $4B Femtocell Market

EE Degree Destinations: 10 More You Should Check Out

System Could Provide First Method for Filtering Light Waves Based on AoA


Dish and DirecTV Surge on Merger Reports (new company name: MonopolyTV)

Bletchley Park Code-Breaker Jerry Roberts Dies, Aged 93

TV Broadcasters Remain Wary of 600 MHz Incentive Auction

Russian Officials Dump iPads over Spy Fears ("reset" button not working)

Man Jumps on Subway Tracks to Get Phone, Walks Away after Being Run over by Train

BlackBerry Approved for New Cryptography Certification (a Canadian phone - no NSA spy embbeding)

FCC Still Eyeing Caps for 2015 Spectrum Auction

From the Birth of the iPhone to An Era of Lawsuits

Grading the Curve in Consumer Electronics

UK Should Look to France for Tech Policy

Micron Italian Job Cuts Get Global Criticism

Small Cells Market Healthy as 2014 Deployments Reach $1.8B

Generator Uses the Human Body as Electrode to Power Portable Electronics

Scientists Track 3-D Nanoscale Changes in Rechargeable Battery Material

Mint 1969 Shelby GT500 Found Under 40 Years of Dust (wouldn't you love to own this?)

Newton's Law of Gravity Unchanged over Cosmic Time


Texting for Long Periods 'Could Lower Life Expectancy' (especially if you torque someone off badly)

FCC's Wheeler Lays out Vision for 3.5 GHz Band, Incentive Auctions

Transistor-Cost Declines Slowing, Synopsys Says

Could Diamonds Be a Computer's Best Friend?

HTC One (M8) Set to Challenge Galaxy S5

Qatar's Geostationary Es'hailSat 2 Satellite to Carry Amateur Radio Transponder

Wearable Electronics Driving Battery Revenue Growth

Messaging Services Bypass the Old SMS Route

Researchers See Kelvin Wave on Quantum 'Tornado' for 1st Time

Facebook to Acquire Virtual Reality Company for $2B

U.S. Police Force Probed on Stingray Tracking Technology

Mexican Government Outlines Second Phase of Telecoms Reforms

IRS Says Bitcoin is Taxable as Property, Not Cash

GaN-on-Si Enables GaN Power Electronics

With Robots Like These, Who Needs Humans?

China to Blow $10B a Year on Chips


E-Thread Provides Discrete Anti-Counterfeiting or Tracking Solutions

Artist Takes Photos of People Texting While Driving and Puts Them on Billboards

Magnetic Behavior Discovery Could Advance Nuclear Fusion (hard to believe we still don't have fusion power)

Radio Amateur Facing Substantial Fine for CB Violation

Experiment Opens Door to Multi-Party Quantum Communication

10 Simple Tips to Double your LinkedIn Connections

EE Job Titles of the Future

Carrier Wi-Fi Trends: Analytics, Homespots and the Real Impact of LTE

FCC Finds "Broad Pattern of Contest Misconduct"

Boeing to Help DARPA Develop Satellite Launching from Aircraft

Mexican Government Outlines Second Phase of Telecoms Reforms

Graphene Cardboard Has Highly Tunable Properties

T-Mobile's Free International Roaming is Reason Enough to Switch

Mathematical Equation That Explains Behavior of Nanofoams

WiFi in Your Car. Soon.

NASA Budgets $6M for Your Asteroid Redirect Ideas


Au Revoir, Entrepreneurs (freedom vs. oppressive control)

The Future of Satellites: What Are the Options?

Semi Companies Feel R&D Squeeze

ARRL Announces Centennial Station Giveaway!

Graphene Phototransistor Covers Visible Light, UV and IR

There Must Be Particles out There Smaller Than Higgs (Mini-Me God particle)

BlackBerry to Sell its Canadian Property Portfolio

Microsoft Defends Its Right to Read Your Email

European Hackers Test Their Skills in Geneva

Sprint Cuts at Least 1,400 Jobs

5 Tips for PCB Schematic File Management


Linux Goes to the Head of the Class

Gates Foundation Lobbies for Feds to Collect Data on College Graduates' Lives

NSA Hacks Chinese Servers

Nokia Says New India Tax Claim is 'Absurd'

Britons Rate Russia More Positively Than EU (nationalism vs. oneworldism - people love their countries & language)


WPA2 Wireless Security Cracked

LTE Devices Explode, 1800 MHz Band Dominates

NASA Funding Social Studies Rather Than Space Studies (our 'leaders' doing to America what terrorists could only dream of)

New Semiconductor Holds Promise for 2-D Physics and Electronics

USAF Wants to Toughen up Aerial Layer Communications

Google Ordered to Pay $85M for Infringing Android Patent

Thermal Conductance Can Be Controlled Like Waves Using Nanostructures

LightSquared Could Get FCC Approval to Use Spectrum by Year-End

Pseudogap Theory Puts Physicists Closer to High Temperature Superconductors

China Mobile Posts First Profits Decline in 14 Years

Volvo Road Magnets Tell Autonomous Cars Where to Go (what could possibly go wrong with that?)

Potential Way to Make Graphene Superconducting

New Best Value For Top Quark's Mass

Tiny Transistors for Extreme Environs

SDR Development Kits for Military Comms Intro'd by Analog Devices

Hack Attacks Battled by Net's Timekeepers


Embedding Components Within PCB Substrates

Titanium Clubs Can Cause Golf Course Fires (this is not an early 4/1 joke)

Lockheed Martin Develops Nanotechnology Solution to Tin Whiskers

Magnetic Behavior Discovery Could Advance Nuclear Fusion

Technology to Extend Internet Connectivity to the Front Lines

Van Allen Probes Spacecraft Reveal 'Zebra Stripe' in Inner Radiation Belt

Smartphones are Fading, Wearables are Next

Industry-Funded Academic Inventions Spur Innovation

Driven by Facebook and Google, Mobile Ad Market Doubled in 2013

Toyota Pays $1.2B to Settle DOJ Software Glitch Probe

Pro Sports' Public Relations Going High-Tech, Real Time

Tesla's Gigafactory Would Bring Us Closer to Reality

Pentagon Budgets $2.45B Next Year on UAVs for Surveillance and Attack

FCC Consent Decree Requires Radio Amateur to Relinquish His License

Premo Intros Compact NFC Antenna

Is the U.S. Really Giving up Control of the Internet


ZigBee Gets a x7 Range Boost from TI Chip

Wireless Electricity? It's Here (after decades of people fretting over HV power line fields)

Patent Expert Sees No Simple Answers

Reviving Einstein's Spooky Action at a Distance

New Window into Quantum Physics with Superconductivity in LEDs

Motorola Shows off Early Design for SmartWatch

Google Introduces 'Android Wear' Software for Smartwatches

NSA Surveillance Program Reaches 'Into the Past' to Retrieve, Replay Calls

Special Event Stations to Mark International Marconi Day

Who's Afraid of Math? Genetics or Environment the Key

Inductive Scanner Maps Objects

Study Shows Why Innovation Takes a Nosedive

FCC AM Revitalization Comments Due Tomorrow

Malaysian ARES Calls on Hams to Help in Missing Aircraft Search

Memory Closes in on Single Photons

Sony Unveils Virtual Reality Headset for PlayStation 4


U.S. Trade Optimism at All-Time High - Dominance in Technology Exports to Remain Strong

U.S. Navy to Beam Power from Space Using Giant Orbiting Solar Panels

Start-Ups Aim to Conquer Space Market

CCA Show: Expect Spectrum, Roaming, VoLTE and Wi-Fi Offloading to Dominate Discussions

FCC Invites Public Comment on Petition Affecting 10-10.5 GHz Band

U.S. Branded an 'Enemy of the Internet' by Reporters Without Borders

Apple Quietly Slips out a Cheaper iPhone

Clothing with a Mind of Its Own

High-Tech Goods to Lead Trade Growth over Next 15 Years

Nokia Takes a Million Pre-Orders for Its Android Smartphone

Scientists Announce a Big-Bang Breakthrough

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles Picking up Steam

Is Nationalizing Radio a Bad Thing?

Murata Claims Surface Mount Ultrasonic Sensor First

Secrets Inside an Airplane's Black Box

Robot Solves Rubik's Cube in 3 Seconds


ARRL to FCC: 'Grow Light' Ballast Causes HF Interference, Violates Rules

U.S. to Give up Oversight of Web Domain Manager (yet another loss for the U.S. in era of change-hope)

Slicing up the Spectrum: DoD's Tough Task

Europe Backs Call for Universal Smartphone Charger

Patent Debate Spawns Stanford Study

Bipolar Diffusion Injection into InGaN Quantum Wells

NATO Websites Hit in Cyber Attack Linked to Crimea Tension

Analyst Angle: A Japanese reality check

A Battery That 'Breathes' Could Power Next-Gen Electric Vehicles

Silicon Valley's Youth Problem

2 Transistors Make Flash Power Efficient

An Amazing All-Robot Band

Quantum Physics Secures New Cryptography Scheme


Researchers Develop New Kind of Internal Combustion Microengine

iPhone Update Angers Users

NSA Deploys Botnet Armies, Spoofs Facebook

Suri to be Named Nokia CEO (should change 'u' to 'i' and work for Apple instead)

Alibaba Picks U.S. for IPO in Blow to Hong Kong Exchange


Rubik's Cube Solving Robot Powered by Samsung Smartphone Aims for World Record

H-1B Visa Demand Spike Predicted

Creating a Graphene-Metal Sandwich to Improve Electronics

United Airlines Offers Free Streaming TV and Movies

Wireless Charging Revenue to Rise by Nearly 40x by 2018

Signal Control with Light Frequencies

Direct Growth of Graphene on Aluminum Nitride on Silicon

Spectrum Economics – Fueling Innovation and Growth Across the Wireless Industry

Nanoscale Optical Switch Breaks Miniaturization Barrier

Pew Study: Many Technophiles Also Love Libraries

Satellite Batteries Pose Significant Space Debris Risks

Zuzance Seeks Funding for NFC Clothing Range

Army Aims to Make Mobile Tactical Network iPhone-Easy

Engineering Shows up at Big Bang Science Fair

How to Estimate Ground Bounce in a Connector

Microsoft to Waive Windows Phone License Fees for Indian Vendors


Supergenius HS Student Wins Intel Science Talent Search (why do I suddenly feel inadequate?)

NSA Using Facebook to Hack into Your Computer

UK Leapfrogs to Top of Europe's Superfast Broadband Rankings

Material Rivaling Graphene May Be Mined out of Rocks

3rd Law of Thermodynamics Restored in Thin Films of Spin Ice

FCC Cites Ham's "History of Compliance" in Reducing Fine for Unlicensed Broadcasting (inexcusable - he knew better - hang him)

Groups Protest Chemicals Used in Apple's iPhone

Silicon Valley's Youth Problem

Quantum Chaos in Ultracold Gas Discovered (shiver me atoms - arrr)

UK's 4G Spectrum Auction May Not Have Been Economically Efficient

Grading the Top U.S. Wireless Carriers in Q4 of 2013

NSA Has 'Industrial Scale' Malware for Spying (51% voted for the change)

'Ultracold' Molecules Promising for Quantum Computing, Simulation

Ham TV Debuts on ISS

NASA Finds Big Ideas from Small Businesses

Norway Takes Lead in Electric Cars (with generous subsidies)


Can Software-Defined Radios Defeat Jamming?

5 Predictions for the Web That Were WAY Off

NPR's "All Things Considered" Segment to Include Spark Gap Morse from ARRL

Navy Lets Contracts for Radar Power Amplifiers

Russia to Launch New Glonass Satellite on March 24

SoftBank CEO Vows Broadband Speeds of 200 Mbps, More Competition in U.S. Marke

Chip Manufacturing Equipment Sales Fall

The Internet in 2025: Dark and Ubiquitous

Acoustic Cloaking Device Hides Objects from Sound

Researchers Describe Microbe That 'Eats' Electricity

Vietnam Says No 4G Licenses Until 2015 at the Earliest

NASA Seeks Coders to Hunt Asteroids

E Ink Phone Can Last on 2 Charges a Month

Squeezing Light into Metals

CIA Searched Senate Intelligence Committee Computers (it's only OK if yours gets violated, not that of royalty)

Web Founder Berners-Lee Calls for Online 'Magna Carta' to Protect Users


KickSat CubeSat to Deploy Smallest Earth-Orbiting Satellites

Bending Light with a Tiny Chip

Orbiting Space Debris to be Destroyed with Lasers Fired from Australia (what could possibly go wrong?)

The 'Deep Web' You Don't Know About

Radio Reach Rises by More Than a Million

Electrically Insulating Epoxy Adhesive That Resists Water and Oils

Radiation Environment Around Earth Modeled with New Data

Smart Ripple Canceller Offers Near-Zero Dropout (Fred Sanford is my favorite Ripple canceller - video clip)

Chinese Phone Manufacturers Expected to Take ½ the Market in 2015

ISS to Beam Video via Laser Back to Earth

High Risk Has Its Rewards with DoD R&D Budgets,

North America Closes 2013 with 101M LTE Subscribers

Smartphones Become 'Eye-Phones' with Low-Cost Devices Developed by Stanford

Scientists Build Thinnest-Possible LEDs to Be Stronger, Energy Efficient

Ukraine Computers Targeted by Aggressive 'Snake' Virus

AT&T Mobility Gives Smaller Families Price Break


Freescale Semiconductor Has 20 Employees on Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight

EMphobes Move to Greenbank, WV, Radiotelescope Town to Escape Radiation (those nuts will probably ruin the radio silence of the area)

Industry Canada Rolls out Updated Ham Radio Question Pool

World Wide Web Turns 25 Years Old

FCC Looks to 5 GHz Band, 600 MHz Guard Bands for Unlicensed Wireless

Here's Why Bitcoin Matters

Excalibur Brings High-Energy Lasers Closer to the Field

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Pose Data Risk, Europol Warns

Spin Waves Cut Logic Power

Out of the Shadows, a Tech Hub in Luxembourg

IBM Factory Strike Shows Shifting China Labor Landscape (harder to oppress & exploit with world's eyes on you)

Considering the History of Electric Cars...

Pentagon Drone Spending to Reach $2.45B


Daylight Saving Time Can Be a Danger to Your Health (time to do away with it)

EU's 5G Plans 'Falling Far Short'

Fed Ruling May Bring Flocks of Buzzing Drones to U.S. Skies

By 2020, There Will Be 10 Web-Connected Devices per Human

Facebook out to Buy Solar Drone Maker (empire building)


Future Electronics with Super-Efficient Hard Drives

Novel Transistors Make Robust Thin-Film Logic

U.S. Internet Speed Ranks 31st in World

Fab Equipment Spending to Increase 20-30% in 2014

Wearable Ring for Gesture Control (your personal "Precious")

Pentagon to Spend $6B on C4I in 2015

Rough Surface Could Keep Small Electronic Parts from Sticking Together

Mexico Regulator Decides on Dominant Players in Telecoms, TV

GPS III Program Faces Cuts, More Delays in 2015 Budget

Colored Diamonds Are a Superconductor's Best Friend

Einstein's WWII-Era Letter to U.S. Soldier on Sale for $40k

Withdrawing Money at Cash Machines with Google Glass (while it records your PIN)

New EMV Framework to Support NFC, QR, Bluetooth LE and More

Crystals Ripple in Response to Light

1.8-mm Thin Speaker Delivers 80 dB

Apple Security Rules Leave Inherited iPad Useless


New DARPA Program Targets Bootleg Components

Ultra Sensitive Detection of Radio Waves with Lasers

New Mini Gets NFC Key Cap Option

'The Monuments of Tech' Slideshow

Automakers Eye Laser Lights to Let Drivers See Farther at Night

Qualcomm & Sprint Conduct Live Trial of Hyper-Dense Small Cell Network

Online Audio Listening is Booming (me included)

Extraordinary Momentum and Spin Discovered in Evanescent Light Waves

Researchers Propose a New Way to Detect the Elusive Graviton

When Will Wireless Operators Matter in Consumer Broadband Access battle?

Deutsche Telekom Open to U.S. Mobile Market Consolidation

Bill Gates Did Not Agree with Microsoft Plans to Buy Nokia's Handset Division

Wide Use of More Flexible Metallic Glass Coming Your Way

Machines Can't Do What Engineers Do So Well

Student Fined $100k over Twitter Defamation of Teacher

Bitcoin Firm CEO Found Dead in Suspected Suicide


Procurement, RDT&E, Hit Hard in 2015 DOD Budget

Drones Seen Driving Spectrum Sharing Technologies

Enormous Asteroid to Zip Between Earth and Moon Wednesday

Ham Radio Will Play Role in "HI-SEAS" Simulated Mars Mission

SpaceX Gets Closer to Launching Military, Spy Satellites

RadioShack Shuttering 20% of Its Outlets - 1,100 Stores to Close (another American tech icon going down)

Radio Shack: Still Relevant for Neighborhood Engineers?

Frustrated Cities Take High-Speed Internet into Their Own Hands

'Triboelectric,' the Buzzword of the Future?

Vodafone Qatar Opens Zone for Women

Smartphone Adoption Up 500%

Novel Quantum Dot Laser Paves Way for Lower Cost Photonics

Yahoo to Stop User Access of Services with Facebook, Google IDs

Waterloo Physicists Solve 20-Year-Old Debate on Glassy Surfaces

0-D: Zero-Dimensional Quantum Dots Identified by Researchers

U.S. Telecoms Push Back on Proposed NSA Plan


Global Semiconductor Industry Posts Highest-Ever January Sales

Northrop's Modular Space Vehicle Gives USAF Faster Satellite Capability --- (PIC)

Kickstarter Hits $1B in Pledges

Stable 2-D Electron Gas in Strontium Titanate Opens Door to New Kind of Electronics

Hackers Take Control of 300,000 Home Routers

Radar Helps UAVs Sense and Avoid Other Aircraft

India Looks to Increase Surveillance of Telecoms Traffic (following NSA's lead)

Ultra-Fast Laser Spectroscopy Lights Way to Understanding New Materials

Relativity Shakes a Magnet

College Student's Facebook Folly Could Cost Her $80k

Harvard Professor to Sell oPhone Scent-Messaging Tool (send your bad breath while talking from afar)

X-Ray Laser Takes Images of Free Molecules

Linearize Thermistors with New Formula

Bill Gates Overtakes Carlos Slim As World's Richest Man

New York Joins California in Calling for Smartphone Kill Switch

When Start-Ups Don't Lock the Doors


Engineers Allege Hiring Collusion in Silicon Valley

Will Windows 9 be the New Windows 7?

NFC-Enabled Cellphone Shipments Expected to Soar 4x in Next 5 Years

DARPA 'Open Catalog' Makes Agency-Sponsored Software and Publications Available

California to Allow Limited Phone Use for Drivers

Foundation for Amateur Radio Invites Scholarship Applications

Early Successes Pave Way for More Mobile in DOD's Future

IPCom Loses $2.2B Patent Lawsuit Against Apple

Promise and Peril in an Ultra-Connected World

Why You Might Wear Your Next Computer on Your Ear

Chile Awards Three 700 MHz Spectrum Licenses

'Godfather' of Helvetica Font Dies at 84

H Block Auction Ends at $1.564B, with Dish Network as Likely Winner


Computer-Generated Fake Papers Flooding Academia

NASA Building 4 Spacecraft to Study Magnetic Reconnection

Young Wall Street Heads to Silicon Valley

Thieves Break into Cars Using Mysterious Black Box

Big Mechanism Seeks the "Whys" Hidden in Big Data


Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs

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