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Technical Headline News Archive - October 2015

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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10 of the Scariest True Stories in Engineering History

Europe to Scrap Roaming Charges

World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 Starts on November 2

China Ranks Last of 65 Nations in Internet Freedom

Google's Project Loon internet Balloons to Circle Earth

LiO 'Superbattery' Could Give E-Cars Same Range as Full Tank of Gas

Missile-Defense Aerostat Goes Rogue, Brought down with Shotgun

Wireless Charging IC Targets IoT

Google Slaps Symantec for Issuing Fake Web Security Certificates

Light-Based Quantum Computers Will Come at Great Cost


Now You Can See Through Walls Using Wi-Fi

Train Rider Has His Contactless Card e-Pickpocketed

Apple Reports Biggest Annual Profit in Corporate History: $53.4B

Ultracold Atoms Put New Spin on Neutron Dipole Measurements

Time Warner to Beta-Test Internet-Only TV in NYC

Library of Congress Relaxes Copyright Restrictions on Access to Vehicle Software

Taking the Brakes off Cuprate Superconductors

U.S. Navy Looking to X-Band Ship Self-Defense Radar

Ford Invites Developers to App Contest

Drone Crash Causes Hollywood Electricity Blackout


Google Software Engineer Lives in Truck Company's Parking Lot (not for long now that word's out)

Mysterious UFO Dubbed 'WTF' on Collision Course with Earth

Russky Ships & Subs Near Data Cables Too Close for U.S. Comfort

Chip Mergers, Impacts Still Ahead

WLCSP Integrates 3 Metal Layers

Electronic Inks Work with Existing In-Mold Technologies for Printed Circuits

Millennial Consumers Look for Digital First Businesses

Darkest Material Ever Made Using Microscopic Rods and Spheres

Physicists Experimentally Realize a Quantum Hilbert Hotel

Ericsson Applies 5G Concept for up to 50% Higher Speed on LTE Smartphones


It's Not Just VW: Internet Full of Vehicle Software 'Jailbreaking'

Proposed FCC Rules May Smooth Path to 5G Wireless Tech (then on to 6G)

Northrop Grumman to Build Shipboard Laser Weapon

Manipulating Wrinkles Could Lead to Graphene Semiconductors

Self-Driving Cars May Have to Be Programmed to Kill You (it's a Vulcan thing )

Apple Faces $5M Suit over WiFi Assist Data-Hogging Claim

Semi Book-to-Bill Improving

Twisty Reactor Hints at Future of Practical Fusion Power

New Method Developed for Scaling up Quantum Devices

Turkish Telecommunications Satellite Lifts off from Kazakhstan


Up to 27 Seconds of Inattention After Talking to Your Car or Smartphone

Lawmakers Push Bill Aimed at Soaring College Textbook Costs (jealous that books most of them write are worthless)

Cobalt Atoms on Graphene a Powerful Combo

U.S. Navy on to Next Phase of Laser Weapons

UK's TalkTalk Telecom Giant Hit by Cyberattack

Scientists Gain Insight into Origin of Tungsten-Ditelluride's Magnetoresistance


Exciting Breakthrough in 2-D Lasers

Researchers Transform Slow Emitters into Fast Light Sources

Lease a Smartphone or Buy It? The Pros and Cons

Even After Hanging Up, Hands-Free Isn't Risk-Free for Distracted Drivers


Lockheed Martin to Build Missile-Defense Radar

IC Insights Lowers Worldwide 2015 IC Market Forecast

Bell Canada Fined for Fake App Reviews

BT Reaches 5 Gbps over Copper with XG.Fast

Synthetic Batteries for Energy Revolution

Military Making Big Plans for Nanoscale Materials

Lowest Drift Bandgap Voltage Reference Ever

Discovering Start-Ups 2015, the Winners

Samsung Backs THz Pioneer for Chip Inspection

Further Details of FinFET ReRAM Released


Groundbreaking Test Reveals Spooky 'Quantum Entanglement' Is Real

Electronics Get a Power Boost with Addition of a Simple Material

Truly Universal Wireless Charger

EU Court Decision Threatens U.S. Cloud Dominance

3UK Deploys Additional 1800-MHz Spectrum

Video Game Teaches MBA-Level Business Strategy Course As Well As Human Professor

A Resonator for Electrons

Apple Tells U.S. Judge iPhones are 'Impossible' to Unlock

Super-Slick Material Makes Steel Better, Stronger, Cleaner

Humans Have Been Sleeping 6.5 Hours a Night for Ages (more settled science - the 8-hour myth - unsettled)


Shanghai Seeks 'More-than-Moore' in Silicon Valley

Lockheed Martin Secretly Testing Jet Fighter 'Supersonic' Laser Turret

Historic Era of Consolidation for Chip Makers

Girl, 17, on Facebook Seconds Before Running Red Light and Killing 2 People

Lasers Burn Holes in Quantum Security Systems

Solar-Electric Propulsion Goal of NASA Project

HS Student Claims to Have Hacked CIA Chief's Personal E-Mail

Facebook Will Now Tell You If a State Government Is Hacking Your Account

Huawei to Offer $1 Billion to Developers over 5 Years

Klikr – the Next Generation Modular Smartphone Case


Graphene Based Inks for High-Speed Manufacturing of Printed Electronics

Sprint to Crawl Its Heavy Downloaders

Magnetically Controlled Battery Could Store Energy for Power Grids

The First Day That Radio Was Cool for Kids

IARU Region 3 Conference Urged to Focus on Youth as the Key to Amateur Radio Growth

Design Engineers Get Schooled on Manufacturing

SEMICON Japan 2015: Lineup of Speakers

On Semi Acquires Swiss RF Chip Firm

Is Facebook Killing Your Phone's Battery?

Silicon Radar Seeks Funds for 120 GHz Push


Cellular, Wi-Fi Clash Heats Up

Amazon Sues 1,114 'Fake Reviewers'

Indian Customers Offered Compensation for Dropped Calls

Nominate Engineering Phenoms for the Design News 'Rising Engineering Star'

AI Breakthrough as Intuition Algorithm Beats Humans in Data Test

Saxony Leads Germany's Semis


Children Getting 'Text Neck' and Hunchbacks from Slouching over Phones

New Chinese Space-Based Weapons Revealed

Tech Money Causes Waves on Silicon Beach

Apple's Newest Courtroom Foe is Patent-Savvy University


Apple Facing Huge Chip Patent Bill After Losing Case

ARRL Asks FCC to Clarify that Hams May Modify Non-Amateur Gear for Amateur Use

Lifetime of Atoms Extended x10 by Using a Mirror

Preparing for Disaster: When Your Phone Is Gone

NFC Forum Issues New Tech Specs to Widen Tag Support & Enhance Interoperability

Time-of-Flight IC Detects Objects up to 2 Meters

U.S. Spends $1Bln Annually Protecting Vulnerable Space-Based Assets

Results of 1st Experiment in 2 Years from Large Hadron Collider

2nd Annual Survey of American Fears (#1 Is Corrupt Politicians)

Tesla's Autopilot Lets Cars Drive, Change Lanes Themselves


Compulsive Texting Takes Toll on Teenagers

Say 'No' to Facebook's Internet.org, Says WWW Inventor Tim Berners-Lee

Tech Bubble: 'Money in Your Mattress' Time

France Names the Date for 700 MHz Sale

Smartphones Lend New Dynamic to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

'Nanohoops' Could Energize Future Devices

Apple News Goes Dark in China

Firm Wants to Put Facial Recognition Tech in Your Credit Card

Last of 12 GPS IIF Satellites Arrive at CCAFS for Processing

Launch Campaign Begins for Europe's Trailblazing Gravity Probe


Tiny THz Accelerator Could Rival Huge Free-Electron Lasers

Quantum Electronics Painted with Beams of Light

Dielectric Film Has Refractive Index Close to Air

Mobile Small Cells Create New Network Challenge

Lasers Go Embedded

BAE Pursues Next-Gen Electronic Warfare

Harmonic Comb Generator for Power Integrity and EMI

Local Advertisers Moving Money to Mobile

California Approves Sweeping Digital Privacy Law

$850 Archos GranitePhone Promises to Keep All Your Data Secure


Pepsi Confirms It Is Launching a Mobile Phone

Physicists Shrink Particle Accelerator

Mobile Ad-Blockers Could Wipe out Billions in Ad Revenue (ads pay for the 'free' Internet)

Cyberwar Ignites New Arms Race

IARU Stresses Importance of Antenna Systems for Amateur Radio

NASA Offers Licenses of Patented Technologies to Start-Up Companies

Chance Effect of Lab's Fluorescent Lights Leads to Discovery (the essence of serendipity)

JLR Wants Grads to Build Bridges from Newspaper

Electronics Get Power Boost with Addition of Simple Material

In Steve Jobs Tolerating Tech's Unpleasant Visionaries


3D Printing Introducing a New World of Copyright Infringement

New Evaluation Method of Semiconductors Using THz Waves

Perfectly Accurate Clocks Turn out to Be Impossible

Scuttling of Safe Harbor Leaves Companies in Holding Pattern

10 Handy Apps for Engineering Sorts

Special Operations Awards $390M Radio Contract


Car Radars Push Spectrum Analysis to Limits

Extending a Battery's Lifetime with Heat

Chip Market Decline Accelerated in August

iRing Apple's Tiniest Gadget Yet


GaAs RF Revenue Record of $7B in 2015 to Peak of $8B in 2018

DoCoMo, Huawei Conduct 5G Field Trial

Math Story Time at Home Bolsters Achievement in School

Look out, Etsy; Amazon Just Launched a Handmade-Only Website

Room Temperature Magnetic Skyrmions for Digital Memory

Skyworks to Acquire PMC-Sierra for $2B

Quantum Simulator of Impossible Physics

Who Is Responsible for a Driverless Car Accident

Government Workers Make 78% More Than Private Sector

AM Radio Translator Plan on Hold Until 2017


Increasingly, U.S. IT Workers Are Alleging Discrimination

Heavy Internet Use May Put Teens at Risk for High Blood Pressure

Organics to Extend Moore's Law

New ARRL Handbook, Antenna Book Editions Now Shipping

Prison Debate Team Victorious over Harvard Champs

Quantum Logic Gate Built in Silicon

Candle Soot to Power Electric Vehicles

Phone Thieves Facing Stiffer Sentences If Victims Lose Photos

New "Smart Window" Material Selectively Filters Light and Heat

Now Whole Milk Might Be Better Than Skim (more settled science unsettled)


Organic Semiconductors Get Weird at the Edge

UK High Court Asked to Rule if Smartphones are Taximeters

Discovery About New Battery Overturns Decades of False Assumptions (amazing how often 'settled science' is proven wrong)

2 Danish CubeSats with Amateur Radio Payloads Launched from ISS

AT&T's WiFi Calling Nears Launch as FCC GrantsWaiver Request

Navy Awards $91.7M Deal for Next Phase of EW Program

Deriving Electricity from Photosynthesis

Quantum Cryptography Demos 200 Gbit/s over 100km Fibre

Microsoft Attacks Apple with Win 10

Back to the Future: Science Fiction Turns Science Fact


Industry Veterans Seek Funding for NFC Payments Ring (jewelry)

Superconductor Induces Magnetism in Non-Magnetic Gold

Google Drops 'Don't Be Evil' Motto (too hard)

Prepare to Be Rated on a 5-Star Scale by 'Peeple', Like It or Not

GaN Diodes with High-Current Operations and Low Turn-on Voltage

NASA CubeSats to Test Laser Communication, Tandem Orbit

TV Transformed

A Different Type of 2D Semiconductor

Why The Home Depot Loves Radio

Merchants Now Responsible for Credit Card Theft When New Chip Feature Not Used (I hate having to leave the card in the machine rather than swiping)


Texas Judge Throws out Claims on One Patent Owned by 'Troll'

IBM Reveals Carbon Nanotube Breakthrough That Could Obsolete Silicon

First Circularly Polarized Light Detector on a Silicon Chip

GSA Confirms Growing Traction for LTE Using 2.1 GHz Spectrum

Cyber Threats Against Cars Are Here to Stay

U.S. State Police Cars Hacked

LAPAN-A2 FM and APRS Satellite Launched

Army Testing Swarms of Small Drones

Kids Move Away from Home Computers for Gaming in Droves

Hamvention "Fully Committed" to Hold 2016 Show at Hara Arena


Big Auto Look to Tech Companies to Fix Cars over the Air

GSA Confirms Growing Traction for LTE Using 2.1 GHz Spectrum

Carriers' Earnings Hit by Lack of Standardisation

Major Telcos to Spin off Network Operations

Digestible Batteries Needed to Power Electronic Pills (see below)

Making Batteries with Portabella Mushrooms

Measurement Technique Could Enhance Graphene Production

RAEng Urges More Action on Innovation

Characterizing the Forces That Hold Everything Together

Scientists Are Hard at Work Brewing Us New Beers (for the elbow benders out there)

Anritsu Test Equipment - RF Cafe

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