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India Replaces China as Next Big Frontier for U.S. Tech Companies

Speed Records Set for Zinc-Based Transistors with Argon Plasma Process

Alloy Engineering Addresses Long-Standing Problem of Semiconductor Defects

Global Broadband Growth Slows Sharply

Bad Q3 for Taiwan Foundries

HF SIGINT Project Pinpoints Radar, Radio Emissions

Display & Circuits to Fuel Organic Electronics Market Globally Through 2018

Rich Get Internet-Richer While the Poor Get None (um, and who pays for it all?)

Ericsson Launches Wi-Fi Calling for Multi-Device

Discovery of Potential Gravitational Lenses Shows Citizen Science Value


Young Entrepreneurs Roll up for The Grad Factor 2015

TSMC's 2015 Forecast May Be Warning for Supply Chain

Switchable Electric and Magnetic Order for Low-Energy Computing

Polish Government Steps in to Speed up Spectrum Auction

Mexican Communications Satellite Aboard Atlas 5 for Launch

Startup Goes Multi-Die to Customize MCUs

World's Most Advanced Tablet Market Is Western Europe

Digital TV Is Fueling the Fire

Samsung Opens New HQ for U.S. Semiconductor Operations

Russia Gets Hacked


Precision Navigation That Works Independently of GPS

Old Internet Addresses Run out in U.S.

Ultrafast Detector Spies on Multiple Electrons in Quantum Dots

Na-Ion Battery Cathode Is Robust

A Different Type of 2-D Semiconductor


Supermoon + Eclipse Equals Rare Sky Show Sunday Night

Russia, China May Create Joint Satellite Navigation System Receiver

Phishing Scheme Targeting ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service Participants

New Study Predicts a Quantum Goldilocks Effect

NASA Seeks Big Ideas from Students for Inflatable Heat Shield Technology


Who Listens to Radio?

Egypt's Semiconductor Cluster Stronger Than Reported

Former FCC Commissioners Support AM Translator Window

Which Industries Have Highest-Paid Engineers?

Rollup TV Is Coming

Permanent Data Storage with Light

Wearable Sensors Challenge Low Voltage Design

Hackers Took Fingerprints of 5.6 Million U.S. Workers (the govament'll take good care of yer stuff)

Coffee Is Safe for the Heart, Does Not Cause Palpitations

How to Put Neutrons into a Twist


Time Spent Using Apps Up, Radio Down Slightly

BYOD Security Issues Cause Headaches for Employees, IT Pros

India's Modi Eyes Silicon Valley on U.S. Trip

NA Semi Equipment Industry Posts 8/2015 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.06

Power Quality Paramount in Digital Age

Tunnel Junction for Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser

Thermal Invisibility Cloak Actively Redirects Heat

Pizza Hut Installs Bluetooth Beacons at 1,471 Locations in China

Europe's Secondary Industry in Spotlight

Air Force Scientists Take the Field as Tech Warriors


Autumnal Equinox Occurs Today at 08:20 UTC

Pirate Radio Station in New Jersey Fined $15,000

Fatigue-Free, Stretchable Conductor Created

NIST Hits Quantum Teleport Key out of the Park

Tiny Magnets Mimic Steam, Water and Ice

USAF Near Final Test on Airborne Combat Laser

Internet Growth Slows; Most People Still Offline

Could 'Schrödinger's Bacterium' Be Placed in Quantum Superposition? (a question we've all been asking)

Significant Rise in Mobile Infections in First 6 Months of 2015

India Withdraws Controversial Encryption Policy

Pushing the Limits of Lensless Imaging


Internet Bottleneck Within 8 Years? (another doomsday prediction)

Study That "Unraveled" Last Mystery of Electromagnetism Questioned

Will the IoT Be Held for Ransom?

FCC Clamps down on Radio Contest Rules

Skype Service Problems for Users Worldwide

The Best Way to Charge Millions of Electric Vehicles at Once

Delicately Opening Band Gap in Graphene Enables High-Performance Transistors

Apple's App Store Infected with XcodeGhost Malware in China

Malicious Brain Test App Thwarts Google Play Android Security

Maintenance Failings Threaten to Undermine UK Manufacturing


EE Times Silicon 60: 2015's Startups to Watch

The Giant Target on U.S. Tech's Back

China Successfully Launches 9 Amateur Radio Satellites

New York Investor Offers to Buy Korea's MagnaChip

Apple Wins Appeal over Smartphone Patents

New York Investor Offers to Buy Korea's MagnaChip

Air Force Eyes Communications in Nuclear Events


Chinese Men Try to Sell Kidneys to Buy iPhone6

Mysterious Mott Transition Could Make Better Electronics

60 GHz Tested for 5G Backhaul

Microsoft Working on Fix for Phones Borked by Windows 10 Update

Ultra-Thin Cape Conceals 3D Objects


Wireless Executive Gets Prison after BlackBerry Leak

Anti-Drone Defense Revealed in London

Most Precise Test of Lorentz Symmetry Finds Speed of Light is Constant

Ultrafast Uncoupled Magnetism in Atoms

AMSAT Announces 2015 Board of Directors Election Results

Building the Electron Superhighway

UK 5G Innovation Centre Marks Official Opening with New Testbed

Australia Opens Applications for 1800 MHz Auction

Chinese Amateur Radio Satellite Launch Now Scheduled for September 18

NASA May Move Microsatellites Magnetically

MultiFab, Bringing Multiple-Material 3D Printing to Us All

4 Ways to Reuse, Resell, & Recycle Cellphones

Regulations Are Strangling New Businesses at Birth


New Laser Sweeps out Its Own Frequency

Li-Fi Interconnect Aims to Replace Plugs and Cables

An Electric Circuit with a Magnetic Insulator

RFID to Bring Literacy to Down Syndrome Children

Apple Is Wrong About the Future of TV

Small, Inexpensive High Frequency Comb Signal Generator

Australia Calls for Applications in 1800 MHz Auction

'Decorated' Graphene Is a Superconductor

China IC Industry Worth $12.5B, Says China SIA

You're Not Irrational, You're Just Quantum Probabilistic

Northrop Grumman Demos Synthetic Aperture Sonar

Russia Charges Google with Abusing Market Dominance


Are Faraday Cages Less Effective Than Previously Thought?

Car Key Enables Bi-Directional Communications

Computers 'Do Not Improve' Pupil Results

5G Mobile Faces 60 GHz Spectrum Allocation Issue

Navy, Raytheon Move Coser to Airborne EW Attack Capability

Hewlett-Packard to Cut About 10% of Work Force

SEMI Reports Q2 2015 Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment

Russia Launches Telecoms Satellite into Orbit

Using Magnetic Permeability to Store Information

Intel Takes on Car Hacking, Founds Auto Security Review Board

Hackers Can Get Your Data via a Smart Watch

Tesla Promises to Release $35K Sedan in 2017

Can Transparent Batteries Become a Reality?


Russia, China Discuss Joint Mobile Satellite Communications

Unusual X-Ray Phenomenon Seen for First Time

Tech, Academic Leaders Call for Robust Research Investments to Bolster U.S. Leadership

Cree Announces Wolfspeed as New Name for Power and RF Business

German Manufacturer Links Workers to Parts and Stations Via RFID, Bluetooth

Researchers Turn Clothes into Electronic Displays

How to Get Rid of a Satellite After Its Retirement

Shift from Electronics to Spintronics Opens Possibilities of Faster Data

Android-x86 Release Peppered with Problems

Progress on AM Revitalization

United Launch Alliance Rocket Blasts off with Military Satellite

>1/2 of Immigrants in U.S. on Welfare (and bankrupting schools, hospitals, law enforcement, ...)


This Quiz Will Tell You If You Suffer from Nomophobia

Magnetic Fields Provide New Way to Communicate Wirelessly

Passive UHF RFID Garment Tag with Antenna Made of Metalized Thread

Plasma Pre-Treatment for GaN Chemical Mechanical Polishing

Google's Driverless Cars Run into Problem: Cars with Drivers

LEDs Get as Cheap as Bulbs

Mobile Ad Spending to Pass Desktop

Military Upgrades March in Step with Modular Design

GSLV Launches India's Latest Communication Satellite GSAT-6

Analog Devices is Sand 9 Buyer

LHC Reveals More About Elusive Higgs Boson Particles

GSAT-6A's Big Antenna Deployed by ISRO


Google's Project Soli Uses Radar for Hand Gestures

Venture Capital Cash Surfers May See Waves Recede in Market Turmoil

Discarded e-Waste Mismanaged

What Does 'The Great Fall of China' Mean for British Industry?

EUV Breaks Through to Angstrom Wavelengths

High-Performance GaN on Low-Resistance Silicon

4G Smartphones Market Share More Than Doubles

Ham-Cyclist Completes U.S. Leg of His Trip Around the Globe

Radioactive Material Sent to Texas A&M Goes Missing

Using Physics to Calculate How Much Yoda Weighs

Seeing Quantum Motion

Chinese iPhone Users Hit by 'KeyRaider' Malware