Technology Headline News Archive: November 2004

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Booming China Awash in 'Out of Control' Acid Rain

Marines Aided by Robotic Airplane in Iraq

Russia Tests Modernized Missile Defense System

Budget Analysts Call For NASA Cuts

Sophisticated Radar Protects Bush

Raytheon Wins $48 Million Contract for JSOW-A Bombs

Infrared LED Produces Beam without Lens

Chipcon spins ZigBee SoC

Truth & Lies Differ in Brain MRI Scans (maybe we'll find out what Sandy Burger did with those National Archive docs)

Iridium Announces Subscriber And Revenue Growth Rates

Online Retailers See Thanksgiving Surge


Five-Year Strategic Plan Out Next Month Is Roadmap For DHS Business Decisions

IEEE 802.11 standard modified for Japan

SIA: October Semi Sales Reflect Inventory Corrections

'Smart Phones' Are Especially Vulnerable to Hacker Attacks

New Transistor Laser Could Lead To Faster Signal Processing

Scientists Call For Global Cooperation In Space Program

U.S. Tech Firms Hire More Foreigners Here, Too

Consumer Electronics Sales Leveling Off


New Jersey Institute Of Technology Pioneers New Way To Teach Engineers

UK Broadband Scales Back Wireless Roll-Out

VoIP Carrier Grade Equipment Sales Up 51% In Q3

Chip Sales Reach $18.5B In October

Mini Generator Has Enough Power To Run Electronics

China To Launch Lunar Orbiter By Late 2007

First Ever Space Council Paves Way For European Space Program


Cell Phone Batteries Explode, Causing Recalls

Congress Fully Funds NASA For FY '05, Including Exploration

UK Regulator Eyes Open Market for RF Spectrum

High-Tech Export Ruling Could Increase U.S. Licensing Requirements

Follow the Money - VC Funding

Online Shopping Traffic up 60 Percent

Mini Generator Has Enough Power To Run Electronics

Lobbyists Try to Kill Philly Wireless Plan

Space Race 2: Congress Weighs In

Anchors Away - Powerful Blogger Force Did In Dan Rather

Researchers Develop 3-D Phone Technology


U.S. R&D on the Budget Chopping Block - Again

Report: Fast-Internet Use Doubles in U.S.

L-3 Buys Boeing's Satellite Components Division

A Kinder, Gentler Copyright Bill?

U.S. Spending Bill Includes Spectrum Auction

Russia May Have Moon Base By 2025

NASA Moving on Lunar Mission

Not All Doom and Gloom

Report: Ethernet Use Is Booming In China

Agilent Centralizes Wireless Operations in Singapore, Malaysia


Antarctic Wireless Mission Accomplished...But With More 'Adventure' Than Expected

Speedier Spice Simulation is Promised

FCC Certifies software-Defined Radio

Carrier VoIP Equipment Market Leaps 69%

Chip Industry Set for Turmoil

Army Grants $100 Million to USC for Research in Training Tools

Cable Choices Won't Lower Costs, FCC says - Huh?

China Joins NASA Space Workshop

Russia Rewrites Its Nuclear Doctrine With Mobile Launchers


GSM-CDMA War of Words Heats up Again

Chrysler to Put Electronic Stability Control in All its SUVs

LockMart's PAC-3 Missiles Intercept Two Targets During Flight Test

Google Introduces Scholarly Research Tool

India Plans Tech-Neutral Wireless Spectrum Allocation

Malnutrition In Early Years Leads To Low IQ And Later Antisocial Behavior, USC Study Finds

Ultrafast Laser Speeds Up Quest For Atomic Control

Experiment Confirms Existence Of New Electronic State In Superconductors

Nano-Transistor Bitten by Quantum


Study Says Students' Math Proficiency Doesn't Add Up

US Exercises Missile Defense System To Prepare For Operations

Russia To Deploy New-Generation Nuclear Weapons System

Was Running the Secret to the Rise of Man?

Congress Closes in on Reviving Internet Tax Ban

Reaching The Far Reaches of the World -- Without Wires


Vendors Speak Out on FCC's 4.9 GHz Rule

Nokia Demos IPv6 Mobile Phone

U.S. to Offer Digital Peek Into its Past

IBM Backs Public Research Grid

Chip Sales to Level in 2005 after Strong 2004 Growth, Says SIA

Euro Tech, Media, Telecoms Chiefs Brace for Slow 2005

NASA's X-43A Scramjet Breaks Speed Record

Europe Reaches The Moon

Nanotech Could Put a New Spin on Sports - a Better Golf Ball?

Chemist Breaks Old Barrier To Better Electron Representation in Molecular Computations

Fees Paid by all Phone Customers Help Rural Phone Firms Prosper


Motorola Releases Razr Phone Via Cingular

First European Craft Enters Lunar Orbit

Patent Factories

China Plans to Have Over 100 Eyes in the Sky by 2020

NASA To Test Laser Communications With Mars Spacecraft

USB Goes Wireless

Drug Bottles To Carry Radio Transmitters - RFID

Fabless Firms to Rocket in China

NASA Delays Hypersonic Test Flight

Northrop Grumman Opens New Laboratory for X-47B Combat UAV

NASA Lobbying For Authority To Grant Prizes Above $250K


Privacy Experts Shun Black Boxes

Spirent Helps DOD Complete IPV6 Testing

Researchers to Make Good Use of "Dark" Fiber

Massive "Raygun" Fires Up In Megawatt Airborne Laser Test

TSA Picking Up Momentum In Work To Develop Next-Generation EDS

Radio Waves Offers Flex Twist WG Jumpers

Slowing Home PC Market to Impact Holiday Season - "Only" Up 11%

Spy on Spies in Skies

European Spacecraft To Probe Moon

Study Shows Hands-free Cell Phones Dangerously Distracted Drivers' Attention


LIDAR Laser Radar Finding More Uses

GPS Gives Howitzers A New Lease On Life

Fox to Create TV series for Cell Phones

Mars Rovers Get Ready to Move out of Crater

Boeing and Northrop Grumman Join to Build NextGen Manned Spacecraft

Future of Photonics Isn't Where You Might Think

Firm Deploys Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robots to Iraq


China's 3G Timetable Murky As Homegrown Standard Falters

Report: IP VPN Use Will Skyrocket in 2005

L-3 buys Raytheon Unit for $42 Million

Problems Seen Ahead for Supply Chain From Lead-Free Directive

Wireless Operators Ink WiFi Roaming Agreements

iSuppli Raises Cell Phone Forecast Despite Inventory Glut

Will Users Get Buried Under RFID Data?

Electronic Suppliers to Implement Code of Conduct

X-43A 'Scramjet' Shoots for Mach 10

DoD Leery About Supercomputer Benchmarks

Microsoft Unveils its Own Search Engine

GPS Finds its Way Under the Tree


2004 Marine Corps Birthday Message from the Chairman of the JCS - Semper Fi

Bluetooth Shipments Set to Double

More Mobiles Than Landlines in India

Wi-Fi: An Alliance Over the Line

Microsoft to Preview New Search Engine

Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities Found in Public, Private Sectors

Sino-EU Aerospace Co-Op to Break Monopoly

Metro Group Beats Wal-Mart to RFID Punch

IBM's BlueGene Claims Speed Crown Again - 70.27 TCPS

Inventories Still Problematic

Suppliers Ready for Lead-Free, But Balk at New Part Numbers

Dell to Build Factory in N.C., Hire 1,500 Workers


CDMA Sector Adds 29 Million Subscribers in Q3

Report Sees a Shortfall in U.S. Supercomputer Prowess

CSR Confirms Entry into Consumer WiFi Chip Market

Problems Seen Ahead for Supply Chain From Lead-Free Directive

ADI Combines CMOS, High-Voltage Silicon and Bipolar Technologies

Air Force Launches New GPS Satellite

Rules Listed for $50 Million Orbital Race

Underwater Robot Makes History Crossing Gulf Stream

Future Pilots Could Fly With UAV Wing Man Under Their Direct Control

FCC Expected to Exempt VoIP From State Rules

EU Threatens to Go It Alone on Nuclear Fusion


Nano-Based Products Starting to Have Consumer Impact

Four Saudi Ministries Appeal to Lift Camera-Equipped Mobiles Ban

$10M X-Prize Awarded To Space Pioneers

MIT Team Guides Airplane Remotely Using Spoken English

Chip Dip to Come Earlier, Renesas Says

Bluetooth Road Map Ups Data Rates, Lowers Power

Kuwait's MTC Adds 80,000 New Iraqi Customers In 3Q 2004

Near-Space Free-Floating Balloons A Candidate For Quick Deployment


Sypris Wins Contract to Supply Component Test Service for Space Shuttle


Memories May Mark Early Beachhead for Nanotech

Verizon Buys NextWave Spectrum in 23 Markets

Conexant Posts $368M Loss, Sales Falls 20% in Q3

Lead-Free: Managing the Changeover

In Remote-Controlled Tech, Soldiers Hope to Cut Casualties

U.S. Approves Lockheed's Joint Strike Fighter

Snapshot Yields Inside Look At Molecular Movement


A Trail of Two Satellites Tests our Gravity Theories

Veterans Hitting the Dot-Comeback Trail

Utilities in Colorado Told to Use Renewable Energy

China Envisions Space Tourism in 20 Years

first Felony Prosecution Spammers Convicted - Bro/Sis Team

Lockheed Martin Delivers Flight Turret for Airborne Laser

Serious IE Hole Opens PCs Up to Attacks

SIA: 2005 Semi Sales To Be Flat

E-Voting Passed the Test, but Remains Controversial

DHS To Use Hunter UAV For Border Control Flights

Boeing Tapped To Develop Massive Penetrate Bomb


Intel's 2005 Desktop Chipsets Will Feature Wireless Technology

U.S. Stocks Surge on Likely Second Term for Bush

India Prepares for Next Electronics Manufacturing Wave

China's Fabless Industry to Quadruple by 2008

Government Panel Blasts British Mars Failure

Light-Based Net May Mean Blazing Connections

Building Block Created for Quantum Computing, Secom & Quantum Inet

LockMart To Build MUOS Using 3-G Cellular Technology

Outsourcing to Continue, Many Indians Say

Cell Phones Increasingly Used to Snap the News


Suicide: China's Great Wall of Silence

Chip Inventories Seen Returning to Normal

Iran Parliament Approves Bill On Nukes

Research On "Holes" May Unearth Causes Of Superconductivity

Watts From Wastewater: New Device Produces Power While Treating Sewage

The Sun Is More Active Now Than Over The Last 8000 Years - Global Warming Source?

NASA: Space Shuttle Will Launch in May

'Vomit Comet' Makes its Final Flight

MCNC wins DARPA Grant for Nanotechnology Research

European Parliament Endorses Sonar Restrictions to Protect Marine Mammals

Polymer Electronics Yet to Realize Promise

WSTS Cuts 2005 Chip Market Growth Figure to 1.2%


Kyocera Recalls Cell Phone Batteries After Counterfeits Emerge

Secure Flight To Start Gradually In Early '05, Fewer Delays?

Worldwide IC Sales to Fall by 3% in September

But... SIA: Q3 Global Chip Sales Up 27%

U.S. Busts Cyber Gangs

Students: Evidence That Learning Is Consolidated During Sleep

As Spyware Frustrates, Technology Companies Feel Heat

China Shuts Down 1,600 Internet Cafes