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Technical Headline News Archive - February 2015

Technology Headline News Archives - RF Cafe

If you came to RF Cafe looking for a certain news item you remember seeing or found on a search engine, there is a good chance it is no longer on the homepage. Headlines change daily (except Saturdays). Here are links to all the headline archives.

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Net Neutrality Rules Passed by FCC (code named 'Ben Dover')

DARPA Awards Contract for Development of New Radio Chip

Research Signals Big Future for Quantum Radar

Wireless Communication Standards for the IoT

Radar Can't Spot Mystery Drones over Paris

Warming up the World of Superconductors

India Shows 74% Increase in Mobile Data Traffic in 2014

Pebble Smart Watch Took Just 2 Days to Beat Its Crowdfunding Record

Caltech Scientist Creates Tiny Lattices with Enormous Potential

The Best Podcasts Every Engineer Should Be Listening To

New X-Ray Microscope for Nanoscale Imaging

Non-Stop Innovation in Chip Packaging


FCC Pirate Radio Enforcement Down

5G Researchers Set Record Connection Speed

German Radio Amateurs Breathe New Life into “Orphaned” Shortwave Channel

China Drops Leading Technology Brands for National Brands (gee, who would have guessed?)

New Display Technology Lets LCDs Produce Princess Leia-Style Holograms

Study Demonstrates Electronic Switch Based on Stereoisomerism

LTE-A Coverage Reaches 100M People, to Cross 1B Mark by 2018

NFC Technology: Changing Consumer Preferences Create Opportunities for Retailers

What Net Neutrality Rules Could Mean for Your Wireless Carrier

China's Model for a Censored Internet

NFC Forum Survey Shows Strong Consumer Interest in NFC Applications

Rapid Data Transfer Thanks to Quantum Physics


Battery Power Alone Can Be Used to Track Android Phones

From Internet to Obamanet on Friday (if you like your Internet, you can keep your Internet)

Losing 1 Electron Switches Magnetism on in Dichromium

NASA Announces University CubeSat Space Mission Candidates

Mobile Commerce Poised to Eclipse Traditional Online Spend

Frequency Combs in Molecular Fingerprint Region

Developing World Is Hot on Connectivity (sure, they're not paying for it)

Three Engineers Receiving NAB Awards

5 Trends to Watch at Mobile World Congress

Japan Clocks Keep Time for 16 Billion Years

Higgs Mode in Superconducting Materials

Simulating Superconducting Materials with Ultracold Atoms


Car-to-Car Communication

U.S. and UK Accused of Hacking Sim Card Firm to Steal Codes

Radio Chip for the 'Internet of Things'

Tech Sector Outperformed UK Economy in Q4

Top 15 Cities for High-Paying STEM Jobs

LinkedIn Settles Class-Action Suit over Weak Password Security

What to Expect in Wireless Test

Could Classical Theory Be Just as Weird as Quantum Theory?

Now You Can Sign up to Keep Drones Away from Your Property

Boeing Upgrading Airborne Command Post Comm Gear

Military Becoming Immersed in Virtual Training

Programmable Chips for a More Powerful Web and Smarter Phones


New NIST Tools to Help Boost Wireless Channel Frequencies and Capacity

Tesla, Google, Apple: Is Silicon Valley the Future of the U.S. Car?

How Much Is Impedance Affected by an Adjacent Trace?: Rule of Thumb #25

Will the Next 'MacGyver' Be an Indian Woman?

French Firm Develops Eco-Friendly Mobile Networks

U.S. Lends Comm Equipment to Fight Against Boko Haram

Spacewalks Will Interrupt ISS Amateur Radio SSTV, School Contact Schedules

Get Ready for the Internet-Enabled, Speech Recognizing, Joke-Telling Barbie


Cost-Effective and Efficient Rival for Platinum

Boeing to Improve Laser Beam Weapon Accuracy

Google Rails Against Proposal to Give Feds Remote Hacking Authority

House Oversight Committee Demands FCC Turn over Unredacted Net Neutrality E-mails

Telecom Italia Hikes Infrastructure Capex


U.S. Navy Again Tops Patent Power Rankings

Strongest Biological Material Known to Man

New HTTP/2 Protocol to Speed up the Web

China Mobile Forges Ahead to 4G Dominance

Ulrich Rohde, N1UL, Wins Second Prestigious IEEE Award

China’s Space Program Catching up with U.S. (but we're still leading in food stamp recipients and pot heads)

French Firm Develops Eco-Friendly Mobile Networks

WhatsApp Spy Tool Lets AnyoneTrack When You're Online

Microsoft Has Suddenly Gotten Serious with Mobile

Magnetic Field Laboratory Being Readied for Launch

Spyware Linked to NSA Discovered In Hard Drives Across the World (inc'l, probably, yours)

Dutch Windwheel Draws Energy Innovations


IEEE Wades Through Controversial Patent Policy

U.S. Wireless Carriers Now Legally Have to Unlock Our Phones

New Solder for Semiconductors Creates Technological Possibilities

Novel Solid-State Nanomaterial Platform Enables THz Photonics

AFSPC Thinks Outside the Box

Bluetooth Beacons to Generate New Revenue Stream For Mobile Banking Apps

Smartphone Sales Grow 23% to >1.2B Units in 2014

Novel Crumpling Method Takes Flat Graphene from 2-D to 3-D

Manufacturing Growth Threatened by Lack of Interest from Millennial-Age Workers (why work when gov't bennies are so good?)

A New Spin on Spintronics

You Might Want to Take Another Pass at Your Passwords

U.S. Drone Rules Impact Amazon Plans


Barbie Doll to Be Internet Connected to Chat to Kids

Self-Directing Antennas Prep for 5G

Cellphone Start-ups Use Wi-Fi First to Handle Calls and Take on Rivals

U.S. to Propose Additional Sharing of 10 GHz Band at WRC-15

Want to Live in a Wind Turbine?

7 Communications Technologies to Watch in 2015

Sony SmartEyeglass Developer Edition on Sale Now

FCC “Paperless” Amateur Radio License Policy Now in Effect

Verizon Claims 40 MHz of AWS Spectrum in 92 of Top 100 Markets

Save Face with Component Checklists

Army Looks to 'Transform the Force' with Integrated Missile Defense

IBM, G.E. and Others Create Big Data Alliance


A Formula for Predicting Innovation (uh-oh, keep it away from project managers)

Finding a 'Radio That Is Just a Radio' in the Digital Age

5 Years Video of Solar Activity That Affects Our Radio Communications: Video (utterly awesome)

Smartphones Need 'Dark Lens' Colour Sensors

Android to Become 'Workhorse' of Cybercrime

The Future of Electronics, Now in 2-D

ARRL Warns Experimental Licensee to Avoid Interference to HF Ham Activity

Nearly 4:5 Canadians Say Internet and Technology Skills Make Workers More Productive

Stride Made in Explaining 30-Year-Old 'Hidden Order' Physics Mystery

'6 Million Dollar Man' Contact Lenses Zoom with Wink of an Eye

Electrochromic Polymers Create Broad Color Palette

Predator Demos Sense-and-Avoid System with 1st Air-to-Air Radar

Bill Gates Meets with China Technology Minister


The Power of Light-Matter Coupling

Survey Shows Strong Consumer Interest in NFC Applications

Boosting Swing and Transconductance in Tri-Gate InGaAs MOSFET

América Móvil Creates New Tower Company

Apple Working on Electric Car

What Happens to Heat-Treated Diamonds (T & P created them to begin with)

Turing Patterns Also Present at the Nanoscale


'Digital Dark Age' Imminent Warns 'Father of the Internet'

Net Neutrality: Careful What You Wish For

Bug Bounties Entice Researchers to Don White Hats

Virgin Media to Invest £3B in UK Broadband over 5 Years

Octopus Robot Makes Waves with Ultra-Fast Propulsion

White House Website Security Fumbles


Apple Bans 'bonded Servitude' for Factory Workers (what took so long?)

Connected Car Hacking Fears Surface

Extreme-Temperature Electronics

Ofcom Gives Green Light for Use of White Spaces

Sprint Looking to Double Retail Outlets in RadioShack Grab

Generation Z: Born in the Digital Age (aka 'the mutants')

Porsche Uses RFID to Track Prototype Testing, Improve Security

Big U.S. Defense Blimp Stirs Privacy Jitters

Boosting Swing and Transconductance in Tri-Gate InGaAs MOSFET

Netherlands Government Website Outage Caused by Cyber Attack

Samsung Smart TV Owners Fume over Sneaky Pop-up Ads

Senator Takes Active Role in Telecom Policy


A Robot That Just Won't Quit Even When It's Kicked (spooky but cool)

Kill switches 'Cut Thefts' in London, NYC and San Fran

Electronics You Can Wrap Around Your Finger

Apple Becomes First $700B Company

Samsung to Mandate NFC in S6 Accessories?

Michelson-Morley Experiment for Electrons

Google's Time at the Top May Be Nearing Its End

Tesla Built 35,000 Cars Last Year, Preps for Model X Launch

Experimental Website Offers HF Band Conditions at a Glance

Nanorobots Must Self Repair

Checklists: Do Or Die

Japanese Mobile Device Sales Slumped in Q3 of 2014


Pick up Your Smartphone Less Often. You Might Think Better

Inside RadioShack's Slow-Motion Collapse

Microsoft Patches Bug 'Used by Chinese Hackers'

Apple Doesn't Need to Make Cheap iPhone to Be Successful

More Than 40% of Organizations Expect IoT to Have Significant Impact

Why We Don't Have Battery Breakthroughs

Army Preparing HEL Laser Gun for Live-Fire Test

"Gray Radio Gang" Reactivates Vintage Battleship Iowa HF Transmitter

Facebook's Internet.org Project Brings Free Web Access to India

New Anti-Ship Missile Conducts Precision Strikes Without GPS

Software Radio Debuts at MWC

DARPA Cuts Standby Power of Unattended Sensors


Qualcomm to Pay China Record Qualcomm $975M Antitrust Fine (bend over world, or you don't play in China's sandbox)

2015 James Dyson Award Invites Innovation from Student Engineers

DOD Puts Emphasis on Navigation Warfare, Accurate GPS Signals

12-Way RF MEMS Switch

FCC Seeks Comment on Radar Sharing Schemes That Could Displace Amateur Radio at 76-81 GHz

Apple Grabs 93% of Handset Industry's Profit

FCC's Estimated Opening Bids for 600 MHz Auction 'Grossly' Undervalues Licenses' (ugh - the amount of money gov't sucks from the marketplace...)

Microsoft and Samsung Settle Fight over Android Royalties

Bringing Texture to Your Flat Touchscreen

Thermoelectric Nanowires to Cool Chips

Image Compression Overview

Our Amazingly Plastic Brains


Lighter, Mesh Antennas Can Help Cut Satellite Costs

Investors Hot on Drones

Singtel and Ericsson Partner to Explore Future of 5G

TSMC to Build $16B Mega-Fab

Manufacturing Employment Holds Firm in January Jobs Report (lots of Illegals taking mfg jobs from legal citizens)

Precision Growth of Light-Emitting Nanowires

Why You Might Not Have Broadband Anymore

UK Government Reveals Its Hacking Guidelines

5.5M Illegal Work Permits Issued to Illegals


300M/Day Cyberattacks in Utah Aimed at NSA Facility

Denying Permission for FCC Station Inspection Nets Florida CBer a $3000 Fine

First Ubuntu Smartphone to Arrive in Europe Next Week

Massive Anthem Hack Renews Calls for Laws to Better Prevent Breaches

Google to 'Start Again' with Glass Project


Dark Silicon - Heard of It?

2016 DOD Budget for Comms, Electronics, and Intel Headed up After 2 Flat Years

Who Knew Schrödinger's Cat Had a Waveform?

Silicon Valley Expands Unevenly

RadioShack's Long, Slow Downward Slide Nears the End (another iconic U.S. company bites the dust)

Budget Requests Reveal Military's R&D Priorities

Cesium Atoms Shaken, Not Stirred, to Create Elusive Excitation in Superfluid

FCC Plans Strong Hand to Regulate the Internet

Android Passes a Billion Yearly Shipments

Verizon Offloads Towers to American Tower for $5B

Intel Maintains Top Spot in Non-Apple Tablet Applications Processors

2014's 'Worst Passwords' Revealed


Heady Days for Tech Sector 15 Years after Bubble Burst (in April of 2000)

Lost Chunk of Pioneering Edsac Computer Found

Smart Sensors for Power Grid Could Ease Disruptions (while collecting data on you)

FCC Wants to Regulate Internet Like a Utility

London's Big Problem with Thieves Targeting Wireless Key Cars

Networking Automotive Aftermarket Radios

Research Team Succeeds in Building Transistors Using Silicene

DOD to Boost Cyber Spending by $400M

Amateur Radio Payloads Share Ride into Space with Soil Moisture Monitoring Satellite

Toyota Tests Silicon Carbide Tech in Near-Series Designs

Would FCC Plan Harm Telecom Investment?

Does Public Radio Sound Too White? (it's OK to denigrate Whites these days, right?)


GaN RF Device Market to Grow at 20% CAAGR to Nearly $560M in 2019

Spectrum Auction Set for May, June in Germany

Ofcom Commits UK Mobile Operators to 90% Coverage Pledge

Pentagon Unveils $585B Budget Request

NASA Outlines FY 2016 Budget Request

Quest for Efficiency in Thermoelectric Nanowires

Russia Launches British Comms Satellite into Space

The FAA: Regulating Business on the Moon

New Method Allows for Greater Variation in Band Gap Tunability

Wireless Baby Monitor Hijacked

The Future of Holographic Video

The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment


Smart Phones Are the New Cigarettes

Phablets to Flood Smartphone Market, Claiming over 20% of Devices Shipped by 2019

How Will Data Retention Laws Cope with IoT? (simple, Govs collect all regardless of what we're told)

China Clouds Chip Outlook

Atom-Thick Silicon Makes Crazy-Fast Transistors

Smartphones, iPads Hurt Toddlers' Ability to Learn, Socialize (I've seen many baby zombies staring at phones while sitting in shopping carts)

10 Most-TweetedSuper Bowl XLIX Commercials

AMSAT-NA Board Approves Seed Money for Technology Development

Ratings Now Cut Both Ways, So Don't Sass Your Uber Driver

How Increased TV Watching Impacts E-Commerce

Strategic Command Adds Germany to Its Space Surveillance Network

Raspberry Pi 2 Unveiled


Generating Möbius Strips of Light

Cell Tower News: 2 Injured in Tower Collapse

Seminar on Component Test at High Frequencies

Verizon Wireless to Allow Complete Opt out of Mobile 'Supercookies'

Apple iPhone 6 Plus: How Steve Jobs Got It Wrong

Massive DEA License Plate Reader Program Tracks Millions of Americans

Should You Purchase an FM Translator?


Invisibility Cloaks Now Shield People from Sight

Amid Cuts, DOD Focuses on Next 'Offset Strategy'

5G WiFi and Smart Test Equipment Will Change the Tech World

March Issue of The American Legion Magazine to Feature Amateur Radio

Planck: Gravitational Waves Remain Elusive

Exodus Advanced Communications Best in Class RF Amplifier SSPAs

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