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Carbon Nanoribbon Graphene FETs Fabricated

Workers Shifting to 4-Day Week to Save Gasoline

U.S. Eyes Free Internet as Part of Airwaves Auction

WSTS Slashes 2008 Growth Estimate, Stays Firm on 2009, 2010 Forecasts

Infineon Introduces World's Smallest 3G Handset Platforms

Hackers Start Poking Holes in NFC

Wireless Industry Shipped Over One Million BTS Units in 2007

E-Learning 101: Universities Populating Second Life Campuses

FCC Designates Spectrum Test Bed

U.S. Commander Senses Change in China Attitude Following Quake

American Nano Silicon Technologies Announces $8.5M Contract with Chongqing General Trading Group

The Sad State of American Particle Physics Facilities

Toronto Poised to Award Contract for Wireless Water Meters

S. Africa Trade Deficit Doubles in April

McCain Flip Flops on Telco Immunity

Unmanned Lunar Rover Could Be Next to Roam the Moon

Stunning Image of Supernova Explosion 325 Years Ago


FCC Releases Report on Wireless Competition

ARRL Files Comments in Two Matters Before FCC

High-Temp Superconductors Pave Way for 'Supermagnets'

Japanese Brewery Testing 'Space Beer'

Qualcomm Buys UK Radio Spectrum, is it for Mobile TV?

New Features to the USPTO's Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS)

Large Hadron Collider Enables Hunt for 'God' Particle to Complete 'Theory of Everything'

STMicroelectronics Goes Analogue

U.S. Files WTO Case vs. EU Over Technology Tariffs

Scientists Working on Matrix-esque Brain-Computer Interface

NASA Restores Radio Contact with Phoenix Mars Lander

FTC Settles with Investigators in HP Spy Scheme

Berkeley Wins 2008 National Student Steel Bridge Competition

Cisco: WiFi & Beyond

Examining the Physics of Carbon Nanotubes

3/4 of HDTV-Equipped Millennials 'Love' HD Programming

Abu Dhabi Pours $2B in Solar Effort (that's probably about 1 minute of oil revenue @ $130/bbl)


Chinese Officials Give Kudos to Amateur Radio Operators

Blackberry Vows to Keep Messages Secret After India Seeks Code

"Nerd Girls" TV Program Challenges Stereotypes

Nanotube Wires Made to Operate at Speed of Commercial Chips

ST, Ericsson to Co-Develop Analog Baseband

Labour Union Loses Legal Case of Sacking by SMS

Method Uses 'Bluetooth' to Track Travel Time for Vehicles, Pedestrians

ST Not Interested in Adding Infineon to Wireless Venture

Boeing to Cut Hundreds of Space Jobs SoCal Satellite Engineering Plants

New Serpentine Nanotube Structures Created

UK Businesses Lose £4 Billion a Year Due to Office ‘e-Break’ Ban

Auditors Unable to Keep Pace with DoD Spending

Sharing Digital Dividend Spectrum Could Boost French Economy by an Extra 25B

Microsoft Gives a Peek at 'Windows 7'

2007 Bankruptcy Filings Up in U.S.

You and Your Illegal Alien Alter Ego Might Share a Social Security Number

Astronauts Face Bit of a Stink After ISS's Only Toilet Breaks Down


Study Finds Best Times for Mobile Radio Signals

My Perfect Gig Aims to Match EE 'Must Have' Skills with Right Job

World Semiconductor Council Aims to Reduce Energy & Waste; Wants Zero Tariff Semi Trade

UK Theme Park to Ban Smartphones

The World's Most Expensive Cellphones

Selex Galileo, RFMD Partner to Deliver RF Solutions

IEEE Certification Programs Aimed at Wireless and Software Engineers

ZigBee Alliance Certifies 19 Smart Energy Utility Products

China to Get 3G – At Last!

LG Considers a Mobile Phone Price War

Fighting Africa's Brain Drain

Tough Economy Means Only 1/3 of Teens Looking for Summer Jobs Expected to Land One

GLAST Space Telescope to Launch Aboard Delta 2 on June 3


Phoenix Sends First Photos of Mars Polar Region

In Celebration of Memorial Day - Navy Admiral Mike Mullen

Deutsche Telekom Rocked by Spying Scandal

Arriva Deploys Free Wi-Fi on Danish Trains

Dubai: From Sand to Silicon

Bye Bye, WiFi? Local Governments Abandoning Network Plans

Bright Sparks Make Gains Towards Plastic Lasers of the Future

2,000,000,000 Devices Worldwide Use Bluetooth

FCC Sets Tentative Agenda for June Open Meeting

S. Africa, Russia to Meet Next Month to Finalise Sumbandila Satellite Launch

Europe to Remain the Fastest-Growing Market for WCDMA in 2008

Rising Costs Lead Farmers to Go High Tech

Subcommittee Passes NASA Authorization Act

French Skydiver Gears Up for Record Free Fall

U.S. House Approves 2009 Authorization Bill

Scholarship Contest on Facebook and YouTube Draws Students to Medical Science


Phoenix Spacecraft to Land on Mars Today

Group Claims WiFi Signal Allergy

Mathematicians Reveal Secrets of the Ancient and Universal Art of Symmetry

GPS Sport: German Blogger Runs a Hidden Message Into the Berlin Cityscape


FLIR Systems Wins $358.4M IDIQ Contract Mod from U.S. Army

Google Co-Founder Pushes TV 'White Space' Plan

Next-Gen Internet Will Create Bigger Digital Divide

GAO Report Paints Positive Picture of Broadcast Industry’s DTV Preparations

A Tiny Terahertz Laser

85% of Teenagers Engage at Least Occasionally in Electronic Personal Communication

Cosmic Supermagnet Spreads Mysterious 'Morse Code'

NICTA Shows off 5Gbps Wireless Chip at CeBIT

Revival of Korean Handset Makers

Indian 3G Spectrum Issues to Be Resolved Soon

World Semiconductor Council Aims to Reduce Energy, Water, Waste Resources

Auto Industry Prepares for Intelligent Highway

New Version of DX Summit Goes Live May 23

Electron Traps That Compute

New Red Spot Appears on Jupiter

Lawmakers See Cyber Threats to Electrical Grid

Research: Google Used in 61% of Searches

ISS Crew May Face Another Bumpy Re-Entry

Bacteria Levels in Aircraft Shows Low Risk to Travelers


RFID Chips Suggested to be Used in Canadian Driver's License

Identifying the Global Elements of Job Satisfaction

MQ-9 Reaper Drops First GPS-Guided Weapon

Ireland Sits on a Wireless Goldmine

Backchannelmedia to Deploy First TV Click-Through to Internet Advertising Platform

The Very Model of a Modern Transistor

Telstra Offers Free Laptop Computers to 3G Subscribers

AT&T Nears Completion of HSUPA Rollout

Planilum Light-Emitting Material

Senator Wants GAO to Look into Consolidation

IT Companies Now Largest Sector in S&P 500

X PRIZE Foundation Holds Team Summit on Private Moon Race to Land a Robot

The Potential of ZnO Nanotubes

Unstable and Uncertain World Drives Military Technology Investment

Supernova Birth Observed for First Time

Nuclear Breaks Out as America's New 'Green' Darling

Lifelock® Anti-ID Theft Service Pitchman Had His ID Stolen (this is the genius who does commercials with a semi trailer having his SSN painted on it)

Searching for Alien Neutrino Messages


The H-1B Visa Dilemma, Part 2: What to Do?

Femtocell Trade Group Agrees on Single Interoperability Standards

SpaceDev Wins DARPA Contract Extension to Develop Small Satellite Propulsion Technology

Nanotech Makes Radioactive Sensors Obsolete

Researcher Pushes Enormous Floating Solar Islands

U.S. Consumers Want Ban on Cellphone Voice Calls on Planes

DoD Reviewing Apple's Bid for PA Semi

Faster Wireless Networks

The Micro-Particles that Could Pose the Same Risk as Asbestos

China Addresses Imbalances as Trade with SA Soars

Pentagon, FAA Website Overlays Military Bases on Google Maps (are these people insane?)

Intel's Chengdu Plant Reopens After China Quake

Cell Phone Users May Get Break on Early Contract End Fees

U.S. Consumers to Continue Opening Wallets for Electronics, HDTVs (well, their credit cards, anyway)

Final War Supplemental Unlikely Before Recess

Diamond-Like Crystals Discovered in Brazilian Beetle Solve Issue for Future Optical Computers

Supply Concern Puts Oil Above $130 for First Time

Microsoft Chief Ballmer Egged by Hungarian Protester

New Fuel Cell Material Increases Power Output by More Than 50%

Hubble Space Telescope Survey Finds Missing Matter

Nobel Laureate in Physics Willis Lamb Dies at 94


Survey Reveals Most Drivers See Hands-Free Law Having Little Effect on Cell Phone Usage

First Room-Temperature Semiconductor Source of Coherent Terahertz Radiation

Shrinking Antennas

UWB to Have a Profound Impact on Future Mobile Device Communications

Startup Implants RFID in Operating Room

Four More UWB Platforms are Certified by WiMedia Alliance

Survey: Radio Still Top Audio Entertainment Source

Are You Guilty of DWD (Driving While Distracted)?

US, China Space Debris Still Orbiting Earth

ESD Standards: An Annual Progress Report

Boeing Begins Firing High-Energy Laser Aboard Advanced Tactical Laser Aircraft

AT&T Increases Wireless Network to High-Speed 3G

Oil Leaps to New Record above $129

Self-Repairing Aircraft Could Revolutionize Aviation Safety

Recent College Grads Are Prone to Anger and Depression

Intel Invests in Malaysian Mobile Broadband Provider to Advance WiMAX

North Carolina Students Win National Team America Rocketry Challenge

MetroFi to Unplug from Nine Cities

U.S. Begins to Break Foreign Oil 'Addiction'

Improved Ion Mobility is Key to New Hydrogen Storage Compound


Talent Shortages Threaten Growth in Emerging Markets

FCC Modifies PCS and AWS Power Limit Rules for Broadband Wireless

Fuels Cells: New Material Increases Power Output by More Than 50%

American Red Cross Responds to ARRL Concerns Regarding Background Checks (no good deed goes unpunished)

5 BAE Execs Given Subpoenas in U.S.

ViaSat Announces Record Fiscal Year 2008 Results

Major Shakeups in Analyst's 1Q08 Chip Ranking

Pregnant Moms Who Use Cell Phones Put Babies at Risk

FCC Looking for Volunteers for DTV Test

Samsung, LG Get Green Light on Mobile TV Standard

700 MHz Auction Raises a Record $20 Billion

Nissan Says Moving into Higher Gear on Electric Cars

Congressional Subcommittee Hears Update on EAS Overhaul

Successful NetFires Precision Attack Missile Flight Test

Can One 'Pin Down' Electrons?

30-Meter Telescope Focuses on Two Candidate Sites

17% of Brits Say They Would Shop from Their Mobile Phone

High Gas Prices Catch Up with Technology-Challenged Gas Stations

Senate Votes to Reverse FCC Ownership Rule Change


Earthlink Pulling the Plug on Philadelphia Wi-Fi

Nanostructures Will Raise Thin-Film Solar Cell Efficiency

Extensive Missile Site in China Revealed by Satellite


Lockheed Wins $1.5B GPS III Prime

Strong Aftershock Disrupts Repaired Telecoms Networks in China

ON Semi to Close Fabs, Lay Off 400

Nanowires May Boost Solar Cell Efficiency

Qualcomm Signals Win in UK L-Band Auction

Sprint Clears WiMax for Launch

LG Develops Elliptical LCD Screens

A Faster, More Energy-Efficient GPS

Cable Modems Top DSL For Internet Subscribers (duh)

Industry Groups Study RFID at the Supply Chain's End

ESA Opens Satellite Navigation Competition

Spotigo Creates Highly Accurate WiFi Map of London

Physicists Demonstrate How Information Can Escape from Black Holes

As Bluetooth Supports 802.11, Questions Loom About UWB

LIDAR Detector to Build Three-Dimensional Super Roadmaps of Planets and Moons

Scientist Sells the Electric Sail for Space Propulsion

World's Smallest Helicopter to Take Flight at Da Vinci's Birthplace in His Honor

War Spending Part of Supplemental Bill Defeated

Jane's Launches New Terrorism and Insurgency Centre Events Map


GE May Sell or Spin Off Appliance Unit (another American cultural icon gone?)

Mobile Phones Could Be Affected by IP Address Shortage

Ants Swarm over Houston Area, Fouling Electronics

New Cars are Gathering Information on You that Might Interest Insurance Companies, Advertisers, Government (Big Bro strikes again)

TSMC Board Approves $1B Share Buyback

Ericsson Eyes Margins, Outlines $25B R&D in Spending

NFC to Be in 50% of Mobiles by 2010

Qualcomm, Broadcom Leap Up Top-20 Semiconductor Rankings

Electric-Powered Exciton-Polariton Light from InGaAs

RadioFrame Readies 2nd Gen Femtocell Chip

TerraSAR-X and NFIRE Fire Up The Pipe with Laser Data Transfer

Worldwide Services Spending to Surpass $965B by 2012

Optimism for VC-Backed Chip Start-Ups

USPTO to Host Sally Ride Science TOYchallenge East Coast Showcase

Infineon Merger Speculation Flares Up -- Again

Russia Plans to Team with Europe on Moonship

Lab-on-a-Chip Made of Paper

Toronto Transit Finds Expen$ive Hybrid Busses Fall Way Short on Fuel Savings


China Earthquake Halts Some High-Tech Production

Hams Called to Action in Aftermath of China Quake

Avago Claims RF Amps as World's Smallest

A Third of U.S. Homes Use Only Cell Phones (a CDC study - must be worried about all the fried brains)

Alternative to Silicon Chip Invented by Student (GaN MOS, but it is expensive)

Software Developers Taking a Starting Salary Hit

Aerospace Engineering Employment Takes Off

Brits Ditching the Alarm Clock - for a Mobile Phone to Wake Them Up

'Second Generation' of HD Programming Rolls Out

Britain Opens Up Secret UFO Files

Motorola to Send FCC Revised Device for Unused Spectrum (you can search the FCC database for RF specs & internal photos for any device used in the U.S.)

Cell Phones Designed to Save Lives

A Smarter Supercomputer

Senators Threaten Saudi Arms Deal over Oil Prices

Wireless Patient Devices at Risk from Proposed Internet Use

Space Set to Go Mainstream Looks to NeuStar's UltraDNS for Mission-Critical Infrastructure ( uses this service for improved worldwide DNS performance - and it ain't cheap!)

MySpace Wins $230 Million Anti-Spam Ruling

Corporate America's Rejection of Windows Vista

First Korean Astronaut Leaves Hospital After Soyuz Rough Landing


Cobham Buys M/A-COM for $425M (wow!)

Satellite to Satellite Communications by Laser Beam

Tories Place Electronics and Skills Top of Political Agenda

Freescale to Close Tempe GaAs Fab

Griffon Unit Gains $64M Order for MH-60R Radar from Lockheed Martin

ABC News Seeks College News Producers

Boeing's First Wideband Global SATCOM Satellite Now Operational

Network Costs Threaten Mobile Broadband Growth

Outsourced Chip Design Starts Up 20%

New Technique Measures Ultrashort Laser Pulses at Focus

Chip Forecast: China, India Could Offset Losses Elsewhere

NASA Footage Restored in HDTV

Microsoft's 'WorldWide Telescope' Brings Astronomy to All

IBM Close to Breaking Petaflops Barrier

Smoothing Out Nano Edges

Wireless Mesh Standard Gets Boost from OLPC, Open Source

U.S. Standardizes Sensitive Info Handling

HP Close to Acquiring Ross Perot's EDS

Future Power ICs for Cars to Include Bus Transceivers

New Process May Convert Toxic Computer Waste into Safe Products


Woman Recovers Stolen MacBook by Activating iSight Feature to See Thieves

GPS Car Unit Thefts Across U.S. Reach Epidemic Proportions

Qualcomm Demonstrates Multi-Mode Mobile TV on Single Handset

Air Force to Award $1.8B GPS III Contract

ARRL Dayton Hamvention Begins This Friday

Intel a Winner in Swedish 2.6 GHz Auction

Intelsat and Panasonic to Bring Broadband Service to the Skies

Canada Confirms Blocking the Sale of Space Company

Satnav That Tells You Not to Break the Speed Limit

New Top-of-the-Line BlackBerry Doubles Screen Resolution

SMS's More Expensive Than Messaging the Hubble Space Telescope (not that there is any relevance)

Inventor, Engineering Students Explore New Type of Solar Collectors

Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake Rocks Central China

Data Recovered from Space Shuttle Columbia Hard Drive

EU Official Says 2012 Car Pollution Targets Unworkable

Roofing Company Develops Peel-and-Stick Solar Panels

FBI Probes Counterfeit China Computer Parts


Method for Integrating Nanowire Devices Directly onto Silicon Developed

Stupid Consumers Plague CE Industry

Pure-Play Foundries Comprise 84% of IC Market

NASA and JAXA to Conduct Joint Research on Sonic Boom Modeling


Light/Matter Interaction to Improve Semiconductor Interfaces

FCC Looks to Raise Vanity Call Sign Fees

Students to Call Long Distance to the ISS

Modern Ceramics Help Advance Technology

India's BSNL Invites Bids for $6.5B GSM Expansion Contract

USPTO Embarks on Listening Tour on Design Protection of Automotive Parts

Indian Semiconductor Ecosystem Poised for Takeoff

Haze, Still Misunderstood, Costing Semi Industry $1B a Year

Why Earth Needs Lunar Property Rights

Energy-Efficient Ethernet Standard Gains Traction

Radio 'Recession-Resistant, Not Recession-Proof'

Fees for '.org' Domain Names to Increase 10%

Over 550 Million GPS-Enabled Handsets Will Ship by 2012

Japan Looks to Space for Military Use

'Speed Racer' Super-Car Faces Reality Check

NASA Satellite Images Burma Cyclone

Tech Tools Bring Big Success for Small Businesses


New WiFi Devices Warn Doctors of Heart Attacks

FCC Denies Two Amateur Radio Petitions for Rulemaking

'Kill Switch' in Globally Outsourced ICs Feared by Pentagon

Wireless Reselling Business on Decline

Nano-Designed Transistors with Disordered Materials, But High Performance

Cambridge-Based Firm Set to Double Battery Life in 4G Mobile Phones

No Sense of Urgency in Washington Re Technology

Chip-Laden Cars Still Opportunity for Semiconductor Companies

GAO: DOD Wastes Billions on Weapons Contracts

New Wireless Network Could Benefit Customers

Keithley Releases CD of Semiconductor Device Test Applications

WJ’s Losses Rise, Despite Rising Gross Margin

The Candidates on Technology

Touch Screen Market to Reach $3.3B by 2015

Intel, Google, Comcast, Time Warner, Bright House Invest $3.2B in Combined Sprint, Clearwire Mobile Broadband Company

Mathematicians Make Three-Dimensional Images of Music

Trojan Infects More Than 500,000 PCs

Cleaner Air to Worsen Droughts in Amazon (d***ed if you do, d***ed if you don't)


Spectrum 'Spaces' Hold Allure for Technology Companies

RF Micro Devices to Cut 350 Jobs

Sprint, Clearwire Form WiMax Venture

General: EU, NATO Need Better Tech Cooperation

Up to 12% of DSL Broadband Users to Transfer to Fixed WiMAX Within 5 Years

Tomorrow’s Wireless World: Ofcom Report on Future Communications Technology

Gloom Deepens in European Chip Market

Qualcomm Ramps up MEMS Display Production

Home Nets in the Fray

Smiths Detection's X-Ray Checkpoint Deployed in U.S.

Microsoft Makes Spy Tools for Big Brother

Record-Setting Laser May Boost Search for Earthlike Planets 100x

HP Labs Calls for University Proposals

Robobug Goes to War: Troops to Use Electronic Insects to Spot Enemy

NASA Kepler Mission Offers Opportunity to Send Names into Space

Entrepreneur Floats Ad 'Clouds' in the Sky (USA Today must have seen my current Cool Products feature - I covered it first!)

Wall Street Rebounds as Traders Shrug Off Fannie Mae Losses, Record Oil Price


Ericsson Opens R&D Centre in Silicon Valley

Ethernet Alliance Honors Paper by Florida Student

Nearly Half of New Zealand Children Use a Mobile Phone

Hams Breathe Sigh of Relief - Newspaper Reports "BPL Plan is Dead in Dallas"

RFID Testbed Can Measure Multiple Tags at Once


Consulting Firm Settles H-1B Discrimination Case

Triquint and AWR Launch Incentive Program for GaAs-MMIC Designs

Veteran Wireless Operators Association Honors Two Hams

GSA Contends Fabless is More

Semiconductor Inventory Situation Worse Than Thought

Deutsche Telekom Bid for Sprint Would Face Obstacles

Tesla Rolls out Its Long-Awaited Electric Sports Car

Google, IBM Join Forces to Dominate 'Cloud Computing'

EU Economy Set for €95 Boost if TV Spectrum Used for Mobile Broadband

Smarter Electric Grid Could Be Key to Saving Power

Quantum Mechanical Con Game: Winning Every Time

Auction-Style Site Aims to Thwart Grey Market

Space Shuttle Discovery Arrives at Launch Pad

White Spaces Strike Out with Sports

Two-Thirds of Girls Put Off Tech-Jobs Due to Lack of Role Models

April Sees The Loss of 20,000 More Jobs in U.S. (meanwhile, Illegals continue to pour over the border)


Engineers Harness Cell Phone Technology for Use in Medical Imaging

Hubble Trouble: Shuttle Mission Pushed Back

Send Your Name to the Moon on NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Microsoft Drops Bid after Yahoo Rejects Higher Offer


Asia/Pacific Dominates Mobile Growth

WiMAX Forum Endorses USA Testing Center

U.S. Entrepreneurs are Educated, Experienced

Graphene-Based Gadgets May Be Just Years Away

Calgary Tragedy Exposes VOIP Phone Flaws

Computers Go on Sale to General Public in Cuba for 1st Time

Broad-Spectrum QCLs and GaAs Nanoneedles

Sun Microsystems Announces 2,500 Jobs to be Cut Using Wii Fit to Boost Mother's Day Sales

IC Packaging and Testing Industry to Move into Stagnation in 2008

Senate Panel Pads Bush '09 Spending Request

Security Slackness: Pentagon Inspector Faults U.S. Oversight of BAE

AXT's 57% Year-on-Year Growth Driven by SI GaAs and Ge

Airlines Slow Down Flights to Save on Fuel

Si Shortage That Has Kept Solar Electricity Expensive is Ending

Saudi Arabia in 'Golden Era' (your gasoline money at work)

Instant Messaging: A New Language?

S. Korea's First Astronaut Suffers Back Injury


HP Engineers Claim 'Memristor' Breakthrough

High-Temp Superconductor Power Hits Long Island

National Semi Cuts 130 Jobs, Expects $10M Charge

Transportation App Offers Significant Revenue Opportunities for RFID Technology

Global Oscilloscopes Market Projected to Inch up to $1.25B by 2010

Samsung Mobile Installs New Recharging Points in Airports

MPs Say Funding Cuts Damage UK's Science Prestige

Spirent Communications Leads in Certification Testing of Assisted GPS Devices

Top 5 Handset Vendors See Shrinking Profits

Scientists Develop New Type of Memory Circuit

High-Flying Electrons May Provide New Test of Quantum Theory

Time Warner to Shed Remainder of Its Cable Unit Amid Investor Pressure

Volvo's 2020 Vision: The Injury-Proof Car

3 Chinese Banks Now in World's Top 4

How to Measure a Carbon Nanotube

Microsoft's Board Fails to Decide on Yahoo

Good News: U.S. Economy Not Officially in Recession; Bad News: It Doesn’t Matter

Parachute That Da Vinci Drew Made to Work... After 523 Years

China Now #1 CO2 Offender