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Saudi Arabia Bans Cell Phone Cameras

Chip Set Pushes Powerline Networking Rates to 85 Mbits/s

Space Pilot Stops Hearts With Dramatic Flight, Returns Triumphant

No-Bid Defense Contracts Found To Be Common

Table Top Particle Accelerators One Step Closer

IBM Claims Supercomputer Speed Mark

SIA: August Chip Sales Up 34.2%

Motion Detector 1,000 Times More Sensitive than Any Known

Space Tourism Could Produce $1B A Year, Futron Says

Kids Visit Margaritaville at Lunch


SpaceShipOne Reaches Space Again!!!
first Official Flight for the X-Prize
63 Year-Old Mike Melville - Quite A Pilot!
The Entire Flight Was Broadcast Live Over the Internet
Live Video Feed From the Spacecraft

Startup Demos Narrowband, UWB Transmissions on Same Chip

UWB Will be a Hit, Says Researcher

ETSI Exec Warns Against Leaving Telecom Standards to Technologists

Agere Axes 500 Positions

Hackers Target Microsoft's JPEG Flaw

MEADS International Awarded $3 Billion System Development Contract


Woman Arrested for Talking Too Loudly On Cell Phone

Northrop Grumman Demonstrates EHF Payload Uplink Phased Array Antenna Technology

Industry Group Seeks to Link DoD Networks

Anti-Spam Effort Killed Amid Patent Row

Spy Imagery Agency Watching Inside U.S.

New Technology Could Yield Terabyte Optical Disks

SpaceshipOne Attempt at X-Prize Set for Wednesday, 9/29/2004

Economic Data Mostly Positive, Telecom Gains

Cal Micro Combats Cell Phone EMI With CMOS Process Tweak

More Suppliers Using Lean Manufacturing To Cut Costs, Boost Business


Monster Asteroid Flyby Excites Doomsters, Skygazers

Govt Eyes New Frequency Band for Cellphone Service-Kyodo

FCC Lets Startup Deploy 4.9 GHz Mobile Mesh Nets

Multispectral Receives $24.5 Million Navy UWB Contract

Mixed-Signal IC Ready for Cordless Pens

Lockheed Martin to Build Navy's $2 Billion Satellite Communications System

Canadian X-Prize Space Launch Put on Hold

Google Conforms to Chinese Censorship

A Laptop That Runs Off of Spinach?

Rover Missions Renewed As Mars Emerges From Behind Sun

British Tycoon Branson Unveils Plan For Commercial Space Flights


Shoppers Going First to Bricks, Then to Clicks

Canada's Biggest Calculator

Infineon Opens Billion Dollar China Backend Memory Plant

Mexico Churches Wage War on Cell Phones

Internet Task Force Shuts Down Anti-Spam Working Group

RF Player Unveils ZigBee Platform

Will Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Leave a Hole in Your Budget?

Research Firm Cuts Semiconductor Forecasts -- Again

Nokia Launches New Phone And Remote Camera Device

Ericsson Sees China Mobile Users Growing 60 Million Annually


MN State Trooper Writes 205 MPH Ticket

AT&T Forms VoIP Interop Program

FCC Lets Startup Deploy 4.9 GHz Mobile Mesh Nets

Northrop Grumman Begins Testing Advanced EHF Nulling Antenna

Excerpts From the Greater China Press: September 22

Cirronet Spins ZigBee-Ready Devices

U.S. Can Eliminate Oil Use In A Few Decades

Tax Break Planned for Products Including Chinese ICs

Tech Competitive U.K. Needs Flexible Hours

London Defense Show Set For September, 2005

Teachers Working on New Math Course


Report: GSM Data Transmission Technology Easily Enhanced

US Broadcasters Object to Planned Digital TV Bill

Microwave Beam Weapon Reportedly to be Deployed in Iraq

Privacy Experts Shun Auto Black Boxes

Nanotechnology May Give Plastic Solar Cells A Boost

Researchers Say Microscope Can See Atoms

Northrop Grumman Wins $232 Million for Air Force E-10A

Big News in Small Batteries from Maxell

IBM, Boeing Ally on Government Info Net

Security Still a Worry as WLANs Expand


New Concepts Have Emerged for USAF Unmanned Hunter-Killer Aircraft

Ericsson CEO: Global Handsets Sales In 2004 Likely 600 M

China Made Net Direct Investment of US$2.85B Abroad in 2003

Space Station Goes to Plan B For Oxygen

Chipcon Launches Complete ZigBee Development Platform

Newfound Comet Set for Winter Show

America Must Reach For Space Dominance: Teets

World's Most Powerful Ground-based Telescope To Be Unveiled


Bayesian Spam Filters Use Math That Works Like Magic

Third Interceptor Missile Placed In Silo In Alaska

FAA Says Fixes Will Prevent Repeat Of Radio System Failure

A Nose-Steered Web Surfing System?

Lockheed Martin Enters North American Military Truck Market

Microsoft Plays Up Search in Research Reorg

Intel Outside, Too

Excerpts From the Greater China Press: September 17

Bundling Wi-Fi With Cellular Services Will win Customers


Carbon Nanotube Oscillator So Small It Might Weigh A Single Atom

FCC Chief Pushes TV Via High-Speed Internet Lines

China's Space Program Seeks Approval for New-Generation Rocket

Bush, Kerry Polled on Science Views

Targeting Those Not Born Yet for Phone Sales

The Wireless Workplace Goes Cellular

Broadband Penetration Rate, Growth Still Breaking Records

Bullish Analyst Cuts 2004 Chip Market Forecast by 7%

Wi-Fi May Be Portable, But Wires are Reliable

UWB Stretches Further


U.S. Auto Industry on a Fast Boat to China

Expand Programming Skills or Lose Your Job, Consultant Warns

Consolidation Fears Overblown, Chip Execs Say

MIT Prof Predicts Half-trillion RFID Tags by 2010

No Recession in 2005, Gartner Masterminds Panel Says

Microsoft Issues New JPEG Security Patch

X-37 Space Plane Becomes Classified Project

INTERVIEW: IBM Eyes Half of China's Computer Market


SpaceshipOne X-Prize Attempt In 2 Weeks

On Fed Payroll, Hackers Seek to Save America

Forbes: The Next Cell Phone Gold Rush

Alternative Stock Option Plan Reportedly in the Works

Estimated 40% of IC Makers Will Disappear, Says Gartner

USAF to Buy 'Hundreds' of STOVL JSFs, Gen. Jumper Says

Discovery Could Lead To New Strategies For Operating Fuel Cells


FCC Adds Spectrum for 3G Services

GaAs Growth Continues to Rely on Wireless Markets

First DVB-H Trial Balloon Flies in U.S.

Quantum Chip Circuitry Demonstrated

Europe Gains in Chip Design

Semico Downturn Forecast for 2005

Navy Asks Raytheon to Develop Satellite Communication Architecture

Scientists Salvage Some Genesis Data

Businesses Cast Wi-Fi Lures to Hook Customers

Indian Software Boom on Track, Industry Head Says


NASA Budget Cuts Would Severely Hinder Exploration, O'Keefe Says

Cell Phone Vendors to Work on Mobile TV

Northrop Grumman Will Modernize B-2 Bomber's Radar

Genesis Team Begins Inventory Of Science Canister

In Britain, Somebody's Watching You

Intel Outlines Vision of Future Internet


Nokia Raises Outlook on Better Phone Sales

Genesis Capsule Carrying Solar Dust Crashes

Boeing Announces Major Commercial Satellite Contract

Glass Semiconductor Softens With Low-Power Laser, Then Re-Hardens

Microsoft Targets Local Radio With New Service

Smelly Robot Eats Flies to Generate its Own Power

TSMC August Sales Continue to Hit Record Highs

Capacity Utilization Peaked in Q2, Says Researcher

NEC's first year in America


Hurricane Damage At KSC Threatens Shuttle Schedule

Nokia 9500 Communicator To Include Blackberry 1Q 05

Study Cites Threats to Handset Vendors

Apple Patches 15 Mac OS X Flaws (what, Macs aren't perfect?)

Lockheed Martin Wins Navy Bid for MH-60R Helicopter

United Defense Picks Curtiss-Wright to Upgrade Bradley Fighting Vehicle

You Want Fries With That, We Predict

Muppets Win Popularity Contest for Screen Scientists

Hectic Hurricane Season Hints at Things to Come

NASA A 'Go' For Midair Capture Of Samples From The Sun


Samsung to Launch Phone with Mini Hard Drive

Engineer Aron Ralston: One Hand Gone, But Not His Spirit

IT Labor Boomerangs Back Home

Outsourcing Hits a Fault Line in Tech

Intel Targets 2005 for WiMax Roll Out

Asia Growth May Soften Impact of Semi Downturn


Module Makers Take Sides in Bitter UWB Battle

Mobile Phone Market May Be Overheating

Nanodots to Launch Memories w/10T Bits/in2

Figure 8 Wireless Selected to Demonstrate ZigBee Wireless Device Networking Solution

Suppliers, Competitors Balk at Wal-Mart's RFID Lead

Best Buy Taking Baby Steps to Full RFID

RFID's Vertical Buildup Reflects Industry Challenges

Vulnerability Of U.S. Power Grid Identified

Big Brother in the back seat?

Space Elevator Competition Starts

Missile Defense To Tie US To Iraq, Afghanistan, Caspian


Australia Awards EADS $1 Billion Helicopter Contract

Global Chip Sales Growth Moderates in July

Inventory Issues Show in Rising July Chip Sales, Says SIA

Samsung Signs up for Near Field Comms Devices

Space Elevator Contest Proposed - Elevator:2010

UWB Chip Start up TZero Nets $15.5 Million

Roaming Between CDMA and GSM Networks

China's Secret Cape Canaveral A Sprawling City Of 15,000, "Warmly Love the Motherland, and Contribute Without Thought of Personal Gain."


Raytheon Gets Navy Radar Detector Award Worth up to $210M

Chinese Handset Exports Double

Motorola Takes Top Spot in China Handset Market in 1H

LSI Logic Chairman Says Chip Industry In 'Wait-and-See' Mode

Near Field Communication Inches Closer

Laser Mouse Has no Squeaking Parts

Light Oscillations Become Visible

Space Race II Looking For a Hole-in-One on October 2

Computers: Scientific friend or foe?