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CubeSat Proliferation Highlights Space Debris Problem

Smartphone Shifts Automotive Processor Demand

U.S. Man Charged for Selling Spyware Phone App

Future Smartphones Won’t Need Cell Towers to Connect

Conference Supports & Highlights Women in Engineering

Apple Hit by Brussels over Illegal Irish Tax Deals

Old School Cost-Cutting: When Reused Components Work Just Fine

Leidos to Help DARPA Jam-Proof Communications

E.U. Inquiry into Tax Deals for Multinationals Like Apple Pushes Ahead

Russian Soyuz Capsule Reaches Space Station Despite Stuck Solar Array

Arduino Wi-Fi Shield 101 Targets IoT via Secured Wi-Fi

Cable, the FCC and Streaming Killed Saturday Morning Cartoons (my favorite part of the weekend as a kid in the '60s & '70s)

Circuit Discriminates & Recovers Noisy Pulses

Illegals Overwhelming Schools

'Anti-Facebook' Social Network Gets Viral Surge


Woman Beheaded in Oklahoma by Radical Muslim (More Terrorism Labeled 'Workplace Violence')

Radios Tune up for 5G

Air Force Awards $40M for Electromagnetic Research

FBI boss 'Concerned' by Smartphone Encryption Plans (they want to be able to snoop)

Signaling Post-Snowden Era, New iPhone Locks out NSA

Shellshock Bug's Impact Could Be Huge, but It's Unclear for Now

Fairchild Reinvents Itself

Inventor of WWW Warns of Threat to Internet

ARRL Education & Technology Program Grant Application Deadline is November 1

Russia Asks Facebook, Gmail, Twitter to Register as Information Distributors


Pulsed RF Power Semiconductor Device Markets to Exceed $300M by 2019

Constant Phone Calls Allowed on European Flights

Why Major Airlines Will Never Care If You're Happy (like gov't - too big to care)

Live Long and Phosphor: Blue LED Breakthrough for Efficient Electronics (funny line)

Longstanding Bottleneck in Crystal Structure Prediction Solved


FBI: Disgruntled Employees Are Increasingly e-Sabotaging Businesses

Log Out of LinkedIn NOW

Novel Oxide-Based Magnetism Follows Electrical Commands

Miss a Payment? Good Luck Moving That Car (mean people expect to be paid as promised)

Top 5 Things to Know About Wireless Power Design

Teaching Electrical Engineering Concepts with Squishy Circuits

IBM Water Cooling Enables a Super Solar Dish

Drone Exemptions for Hollywood Pave the Way for Widespread Use (yeah, if you donate to the right people)

Blackberry Passport Introduces Dual-Control Keyboard

Interface Surprises May Motivate Novel Oxide Electronic Devices

New Laws Could Give ASIO a Warrant for Entire Internet

Spectrum Fuels Speed and Prosperity

A Mason Jar Radio with One Station (Kicksarter project)

Stressing out Copper TSVs with Temperature


Apple Pulls iOS Update after Issues Reported

More Faux Cell Towers Discovered in D.C. (..and another misuse of 'begs the question')

Some iPhone 6 Plus Users Find an Unwanted Feature: It Bends

A Prison for Photons in a Diamond-Like Photonic Crystal

Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio Payload Launched to ISS

Future Flexible Electronics Based on Carbon Nanotubes

UK Researchers Claim to Develop 'Super' Graphene

Mark Zuckerberg's Neighbors Have Had Enough (how many Illegals will he let live there - other than servants?)

USAF Awards $3.2M to Boeing to Build 512 CSEL Pilot Emergency Radios

Teacher Talked of Killer Robot in Class

Exposing Hidden Bias at Google (cry me a river)

Robotic Fabric Acts Like a Muscle

3D-Printed Filament Is Wood-Reinforced Bioplastic (interesting mix)

Dealers' Advice for Radio on the Connected Car

Are Weak Values Quantum? Don't Bet on It


$15M Global Learning XPRIZE Announced

Voltage-Controlled Shape-Shifting Metal

Securing Trustworthy & Resilient Chips

Using only 'Made in Russia' Parts for GLONASS Problematic

What Can Engineers Learn from 4 Year Olds? (if prior learning is an obstacle, then this conclusion is in and of itself reductio ad absurdum?)

Museum Reunion for Colossus Computer Veterans

Amateur Radio is 'Communications Superpower'

Obayashi Plans Space Elevator by 2050

Topological Insulator Could Lead to Superfast Computers

6 Reasons Not to Buy Smartphone

Heated Freestanding Graphene Control Curvature of Ripples

Stratcom Signs Space Data Agreement with U.K., Canada, Australia

Iranians Arrested for Texting Khomeini Insults

20 Things That Science Fiction Writers Predicted

Uncovering the Forbidden Side of Molecules


Make Your Own Bluetooth Smart Beacons with Estimote Stickers (this is neat-o)

Where's the Silicon in Silicon Valley?

Quick-Change Materials Break Silicon Speed Limit

Testing an Aircraft High-Power Laser Tail Gun

Waiver That Would Have Eased Barriers for FM Translators Denied

iPhone 6 Sales Top 10 Million in 1st Weekend

Half the World Will Be Online by 2017

U.S. Leads M2M Market

Sony to Lose $2.35b Despite Massive PS4 Sales

eBay Under Pressure as Hacks Continue

Apple Just Lost the Global Smartphone War to Google

Light Can Play Seesaw at the Nanoscale

Moving Silicon Atoms in Graphene with Atomic Precision

GaAs Device Market Posts Record Revenues in 2013

Here's Why Ice Cream Gives Us Brain Freeze


RFMD and TriQuint Unveil New Company Name Qorvo (huh?)

Oracle's Larry Ellison Steps Down

Gesture-Controlled Smartpones

Mechanical Watch Oscillator to Replace Escapement

More Time Spent on Pandora Than Facebook (tip: rdio is better and free)

Mechanism Behind Solid-Solid Phase Transitions Uncovered

A Bootcamp for Data Junkies

Pass the Word: The Phone Call Is Back

iPhone 6 Teardown Shows NFC Chips from NXP, AMS

Cornell Theorists Continue Search for Supersymmetry


Technology Stalled in 1970

Apple's iPhone 6 Goes on Sale to Long Lines as Chinese Gray Market Seeks $3k

Accelleran, Cavium team for Urban Small-Cells

Get the Fix on Common EMC Problems

Wisconsin Ham Dies in Fall from Tower


Apple to No Longer Unlock Most iPhones, iPads for Police

Asia-Pacific IC Usage Domination Growing

Science Fiction Writers Take a Rosier View

Microsoft Announces Windows 9 Event on Sept. 30

'Interceptor' Cellphone Towers Found Near White House, Senate

FCC Turns Down Petition to Create a 4 Meter Band in the U.S.

Mg Box Phone Battery Runs on Water, Magnesium

U.S. Military Contractors 'Hit by Chinese Hackers'

After Hacks, Transcom to Require Contractors to Report Data Breaches

Study: Cities with Super Fast Internet Are More Productive

Peregrine Launches 18 GHz UltraCMOS SP4T RF Switches

Companies' Stock Buybacks at Biggest Pace Since 2007

Number of Billionaires Hits Record High in 2014 (while my saving account gets 0.6%)

Semi Equipment Spending Shows Strong Growth for 2014, 2015

Scottish Scientists Make Breakthrough in Water-to-Hydrogen Production


Scientists Twist Radio Beams to Send Data

First Formula E Race Shockingly Electrifying

New Device to Catch Texting Drivers

1,000,000,000 Websites and Growing

Wirelessly Rouing Drivers Around Congested Roadways

Twisted Graphene Chills Out

Are Cell Phones Really Giving Us Cancer?

Consumers Expect Full in-Car Connectivity

• Ultrafast Charge Separation in Metal Dichalcogenide Heterostructure  • Sony Increases Loss Forecast to $2.14B

AMSAT-NA Announces Board of Directors Election Results

A Zero-Friction Quantum Engine

DARPA and Lockheed Testing Laser Turrets on Planes

Drivers Warned over Smartwatch Use in Cars

Hackers Lock up Thousands of Australian Computers, Demand Ransom


Venture Capitalist Sounds Alarm on Startup Investing

Engineers Make Great Comedians

Non-citizen Income in U.S. Increased 6% YoY While Legal Citizens' Increase = 0% (see p5 Highlights of Census report)

The Future Face of Molecular Electronics

Phase-Adjustable Connectors for up to 18 GHz

Elusive Quantum Transformations Found Near Absolute Zero

Study Sheds New Light on Why Batteries Go Bad

Smartphone Printing Gets Boost from Wi-Fi Alliance

NIST Detectors Reveal Entangled Photon Triplets

Electronics Beyond Silicon: Correlated Oxide

iPhone 6 'Scalpers' Flood eBay

The Demise of HD Radio?

Smartphones Used to Stalk, Control Domestic Abuse Victims

Welsh Wafer Maker Reports Loss But Sees Wireless Recovery

NYT: ISIS on Mexico-USA Border Now (while 3,000 U.S. troops get exposed to Ebola)


Trying to Hit the Brake on Texting While Driving

20 Top Employers for Engineers

DARPA to Test Satellite Repair Droids in Orbit

5G Rise Slowed by Cost, Regulation

Moto 360 Review

Phoneless Billions Lure Google to India

Government Gives Industry a Voice in Regulation

3/4 of Mobile Applications Will Fail Basic Security Tests Through 2015

Fixed-Mobile Convergence Competition Heats up in Europe

Moon-Bound Ham Radio Payload Will Transmit Your Message from Space

FCC Revisits Net Neutrality Exemption for Mobile Broadband

Smartphone Movements Could Reveal Empty Parking Spots

U.S. Fines over Data Requests Would Have Destroyed Yahoo in a Year

Android One smartphones released in India

Scottish Vote – Has Anyone Considered the Internet Angle?


Chinese City Adds Phone Addict Sidewalk Lane

How and Why to Take a Tech Sabbath

Engineers Prove a Magnetic Field for Light

Amateur Radio Society of India Wants Less-Burdensome Amateur Radio Licensing Rules

Moore's Law Has No End in Sight

Back to the Drawing Board on Copyright Law Proposal

Disappearing Facebook Posts Coming (they will still be in database, though)

A New Species of Electrons

SanDisk SD Memory Card Largest Ever


2 Years of Plenty Coming for Chip Industry

Microsoft Rumored to Finally Drop Nokia Name

No More Cracked Smartphone Glass

The Sound of an Atom Has Been Captured

Is Amazon's Failed Phone a Cautionary Tale?


Researchers 'Grow' Lasers in Chip Breakthrough

Nanotechnology Helps Cool Electrons with No External Sources

Onshoring Continues to Gain Ground

Radio Scouting Webinar Set

FCC May Expand Net Neutrality to Cell Phones

5G Research Rides mm Waves

Radio Is on Uncertain Terrain

Launching Satellites from Business Jets

Super-Strong and Lightweight New Material

Rice Wireless Experts Tap Unused TV Spectrum

Twitter to Raise $1.3B Through Debt Offerings (it's 1984 every day)

RadioShack's Slow, Downward Slide

Yahoo 'Threatened' by U.S. Government with $250,00-a-Day Fine

T-Mobile Pushes Wi-Fi-Calling, texting, 'Cellspot' Personal Cell Tower

Rapid City, SD, Gets Earliest Snowfall Since 1888


Strong Solar Storm Heading to Earth

'Solid' Light Could Compute Previously Unsolvable Problems

Canadian Regulator Accepts Radio Amateurs of Canada's International 60 Meter Allocation Proposal

2D electron Liquids: Novel Form of Superconductivity

Researchers Achieve Highest Resolution Ever with X-Ray Microscopy

Australian Telcos to Starve Piracy Sites of Ad Money

India Shows Record Growth in Mobile Advertising

Army Eyes Small, Light SATCOM Terminals for Special Ops

Game-Changing Breakthrough at IEEE S3S 2014

Smart Headlights Spare the Eyes of Oncoming Drivers

World's First 500 GHz Photon Switch

FCC Chairman Says Wireless Broadband Could Get Stricter Oversight

Radio Has Got to Tell a Better Story

Skills Crisis? What Skills Crisis?

Buckyballs and Diamondoids Join Forces in Tiny Electronic Gadget

Squeezed Quantum Communication


Engineer Aims to Connect World with Ant-Sized Radios

Your Favorite Sites Will 'Slow Down' Today, for a Cause

Graphene Gets a 'Cousin' in the Shape of Germanene

New Particle Detector Could Reveal Universe's Missing Antimatter

New CEOs of Wireless Poised to Take the Gloves Off

European IC Manufacturing Increase Scuppered (scuppered - good word)

5 More Tips for Engineering Students

Morse Learning Machine Challenge Catching on with Hams

Memory of "Memory Effect" Provides Cautionary Lesson (the old NiCad plague)

Apple Watch Unveiled Alongside New Larger iPhones

Tesla Gigafactory Will Create a Giga-Glut

5 Reasons Cable Operators are Building Public Wi-Fi Networks

Semi Growth Nearly 11% This Year

Team Traces Ecological Collapse over 6,000 Years of Egyptian History (dang those 3,000 BC model year SUVs)

23 Apple Patents Related to NFC and Mobile Payments


FCC Enforcement Bureau Warns 2 Hams for Failing to Identify Properly (illegally crossing into U.S. is OK, but don't dare forget to identify!)

Army Looks to Harness LTE for Battlefield ISR

Canadian Retailers Bet on Technology in Fight with U.S. Giants

iPhone 6 Could Cost $1000 (the kPhone?)

LTE's Boost to Carrier Revenues Will Be Short-Lived

NFC: Locking iPhone Users In

Expectations High for Upcoming AWS-3 Spectrum Auction

Google Is Target of European Backlash on U.S. Tech Dominance

Doped Graphene Nanoribbons with Potential

Layered Graphene Sandwich for Next-Gen Electronics Breached, Injected with Malware

Is Too Much Advertising Killing Talk Radio?

Toshiba Develops World's Fastest Quantum Encryption System

Stephen Hawking: 'God Particle' Could Destroy the Universe (or not)

China's Alibaba Could See $155B Valuation in U.S. IPO


Super-Speedy Light Detector Rivals X-ray Machines

Amid shrinking budgets, DISA turns to the commercial cloud (try Apple iCloud - very secure)

TV Everywhere Expected to Dominate IBC 2014

$1T Treasure Trove of Rare Minerals Under Afghanistan (I reported on Afghanistan's rare earth stash in 2011)

DARPA Eyes Precision Navigation Without GPS

Intel Launches First 14-nm Processor for Thin Fanless PCs

Engineers Advance Understanding of Graphene's Friction Properties

Samsung, Infineon and Philips Fined for Chip Cartel

Broadcom Upgrades WiFi, BT Combo

Team USA Competing in Amateur Radio Direction Finding World Championships in Kazakhstan (ISIS territory)

High-Performance Electrics Hit the Blacktop

Coffee Genome Sheds Light on Evolution of Caffeine (coffee news always reported on RF Cafe)

Designing Testability into a PCB

Magnetic Nanocubes Self-Assemble into Helical Superstructures

24,639,000: Record Number of Foreign-Born Hold Jobs in U.S. (nearly 17% of work force)


GaAs Device Market Posts Record Revenues in 2013

Rethinking the Basic Science of Graphene Synthesis

Tesla CEO: "Nevada Is It;" $1.3B Package Offered (creates 22,000 new jobs? we'll see...)

GM to Offer Connected Car, Automated Driving Technology in 2016

Ultra-Thin, High-Speed Detector Captures Unprecedented Range of Light Waves

Atomically Thin Material Opens Door for Integrated Nanophotonic Circuits

China Launches 2 Satellites via 1 Rocket

Nickel-78 is a 'Doubly Magic' Isotope

Is Radio a College Student's Friend?

New Slant on Field Plates for Gallium Nitride HEMTs


Report Shows U.S. Widening Lead in Mobile Broadband

Google Wraps Underwater Cables in Kevlar-Like Vests

FCC Chairman Calls for Broadband Competition Boost

Google Ratchets up Quantum Computing Efforts

NASA Invents Multi-Metals 3D Printing


EU Proposal Would Free up 700 MHz Band for Mobile by 2020

Rogue 'Cell Towers' Can Intercept Your Data

A Fix to Our Cell-Phone Waste Problem?

Ultracold Atoms Juggle Spins with Exceptional Symmetry

FCC to Promote Choices for High-Speed Broadband

Delaware Passes Law to Give Others Access to Our e-Lives When We Die

Photodevice Detects Color with Metal Grating

McDonald's to Launch NFC Payments in U.S. This Month

Hacker Breached Insurance Site (anyone surprised?)

Small Cell Security Functions Extend to Wi-Fi

Breakthrough for Carbon Nanotube Solar Cells

Single Laser Stops Molecular Tumbling Motion Instantly (really? in t=0?)

'Concrete Step' Toward Robotic Satellite Repairs to Involve Industry

Pesky Parasitics

Sound, via Bluetooth, Straight to Speakers


A Single Molecule Device for Mobile Phones

New Amateur Radio Vanity Call Sign Fee Set at $21.40

Presto Expands Capacity for RF Test

Engineers Pioneer Future at Freescale Discovery Lab

New Theory of Universal 3-Body Encounters (atomic ménage à trois?)

Tesla Motors to Announce Location for Its Battery 'Gigafactory' in Nevada

Electric Vehicle Sales Running out of Gas

AM Radio Fights for Survival

BlackBerry Announces September 24 Passport Phone Launch Event

Nokia Upgrades LTE-A Systems

Apple iCloud Security Exploit a Real Concern

Navy Tests Its Ships in This Indoor Ocean

Bluetooth Beacons to Be Installed at 240 Malls, Outlets

Magnetic Substorms May Have Newly Discovered Cause

Missing Libyan Jetliners Raise Fears of Suicide Airliner Attacks on 9/11


Army to Put High-Quality Radar into Smaller Drones

European July Semi Sales up 14.9% YoY

Vacation's Over; Time to Get Back to Work

Amateur Radio Transponder to Accompany Japanese Asteroid Mission into Deep Space

Strontium Ruthenate Crystals for Electrochemical Applications

Norway Delays 1800 MHz Spectrum Auction

Tehran Unfetters Cellphones, and Pictures Start Flowing

GSMA Calls for Reduction of Mobile-Specific Taxation

Scientists Create Renewable Fossil Fuel Alternative Using Bacteria (but it still gives of GH gasses)

NASA Explains Why You Won't Get a Drone Delivery Anytime Soon

IoT Gives Old Technology New Life

Intel Not Giving up on Desktop PC Processor

China Gives Microsoft 20 Days to Explain in Anti-Trust Probe

SK Telecom, Ericsson-LG to Collaborate on '5G'-Related Cloud, NFV

400-Mile Range for the Tesla Roadster?


Copper Shines as Flexible Conductor

Freescale Goes Mobile with Wireless Charging

Published Null Result Papers Skews Reliability of Those That Are Published

Galileo Satellites Incident Likely Result of Software Errors

First Images From World's Most Powerful Commercial Satellite

Radar and Alarm System for Construction Vehicles

Sensor Developed to Detect Tiny Individual Nanoparticles

NASA Probes Studying Earth's Radiation Belts to Celebrate 2 Year Anniversary

Watching the Structure of Glass Under Pressure

Broadcom Offers IoT Developer Kit

Apple Reveals the Most Common Reasons It Rejects Apps

Telstra Testing LTE Using 700 MHz Bands

Microchip in Pursuit of CSR

Here Is What Happens to Your Brain When You Drink Coffee (I can - and do - live with that)

Efficiently Finding Quantum Wave Functions


Worst of the Week: Has the Whole World Gone Mad?

IBM Touts Watson Supercomputer to Speed up Scientific Breakthroughs

Argonne Scientists Pioneer Strategy for Creating New Materials

FCC Ups the Ante in Proposing Huge Fine on CB Operator

All-Optical Transistor Triggered by Single Photon

NAB to FCC: Go Slow with Radio

Is There a Microchip Implant in Your Future?

Multiband Automotive Tuner ICs Deliver Best-in-Class Radio Performance

European Power Electronics Research Initiative Adds Mentor

Finalists Named for $10M Star Trek 'Tricorder' X Prize