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Ban Camera Phones from the Christmas Party, Says Lawyer

High Engineering Drop-Out Rate Disputed

Cyber Monday Shoppers: 4M/Minute

Global Semiconductor Sales Fall 3.5% in October

Chip Sales Up 5% in October, Says SIA (what the?... see above)

FCC Looks to Revise, Clarify Vanity Call Sign Rules

24-Carat Gold 'Snowflakes' Improve Graphene's Electrical Properties

Secrecy in Science is a Corrosive Force

Top 16 Declining Technology Salaries for 2010

Fuji Electric Smoothes Way to Silicon Carbide Power transistors

Private School Pupils Dominate Universities

FCC Posts "Help Wanted" for White Spaces Database Managers

Survey Shows How Users Want More on Mobiles

Researchers Design Triple Quantum Dot for Quantum Information Applications

European User Group Approves WirelessHart

U.S. and France Demonstrate Interoperability of Thales's Mode 5 IFF

Large Hadron Collider Sets World Energy Record

France Telecom and TDC to Merge Swiss Networks

New Software Targets Air Force Bombers' Accuracy

Climategate: University of East Anglia U-Turn in Climate Change Row


Exec Says Nokia Must Speed Up Wireless Internet Transformation

Solar Power from Your Windows, Awnings, Even Clothing?

An 'Historical Blunder' and Other Tech Turkeys of 2009

Rigging a Climate 'Consensus'


From Magnetic to Solid State, Spin-Free

Nanowires Key to Future Transistors, Electronics

Researchers Report Room-Temperature Silicon Spintronics

RFID Chips: Intelligence Inside Metal Components

Mobile Phone Bills Rated As Lowest Priority for UK Consumers

Weak Economy, Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Hit H-1B Visa Program

BAE to Cut 642 Insyte Jobs

Lenovo Buying Back Mobile Phone Business

Atlantis Crew Returns Home Safely

Samsung Will Sell Watchphone in Ireland

Carphone Results Beat Views, Raises Guidance

China Warns of Mass Internet Virus

Digital Economy Bill Heads for Second Reading

Europe Suffers Photovoltaic Slowdown

Bulgarian Scientist Says He Talks to Aliens

China to Launch Second Lunar Probe Next October


Astronauts Surprised by Holiday Turkey Dinners

Man Pleads Guilty, Faces Jail Time and Fines in Counterfeit IC Case

Spin-Based Electronics Gets Boost

Nearly ½ the Money Spent at U.S. Retail on Desktop PCs Goes to Apple

Wikipedia Loses Thousands of Editors

More MMS Than Christmas Cards for the Czech Republic

Unique Micronail Chip Makes Electronics and Bio Cells Communicate

Texas Instruments Spin-Off Files for $500M IPO

Ruckus Wireless Offers WiFi Alternative to 3G

UK Nuclear Goals Are 'Overly Optimistic'

3G Wireless Still Holds Promise

Polymer with Honeycomb Structure: Scientists Synthesize Graphene-Like Material

Paper-Thin Batteries Made from Algae

The Internet's Destruction of Critical Thinking

Gold Retreats from New High Above $1,194

Christmas Web Shopping Looks Brighter than Last Year


Early Holiday Spending Suggests Strong Season for TVs, Videogames

Using Cellphone While Walking Perilous for Seniors

ARRL, McSnyder Software Team Up to Provide iTunes Apps

iSuppli: 2009 Could Have Been Much Worse

Television Earns Pair of IEEE Milestones

Bluetooth Opens Up New Revenue Streams for Stadiums

Small Town Residents Lay Their Own Fiberoptic Cabling

Shuttle Atlantis Leaves Space Station, Headed Home

FCC Chairman: Broadband Access Should Be Universal (translation: we pay, everybody uses)

Researchers Find Reliable, Mess-Free Way to Grow Graphene

Pure-Play Semiconductor Foundry Revenue Will Be Up 53.7%

Sen. Hutchison Wants More Technology in Texas Schools

Nasty iPhone Worm Hints at the Future

Accessing Higher THz Gain with Switched Quantum Cascade Lasers

Infineon and Nokia Announce Collaboration to Develop LTE Solutions

Patent Office Rejects Rambus Patent Claims

COTS Cisco Router Launches into Space Aboard Intelsat Satellite

Econophysicist Predicts Rogue Financial Waves

Selling Chip Makers on Optical Computing


IEEE Calls for Integrating Standards into Engineering Curriculum

Nokia to Cut 220 Jobs in Japan R&D Center

Protests Grow over Digital Bill

EU Drops Qualcomm Anti-Trust Case

Eight Reasons Why IC Downgrade Was Baseless

'Fingerprinting' RFID Tags: Researchers Develop Anti-Counterfeiting Technology

Augmented Reality on the Mobile to Generate $732M by 2014

Hiding Workplace Anger May Result in Heart Attacks (... but acting on it could cause unemployment)

European MPs Votes on New Telecoms Law

Electric Dragsters Burn Rubber, and Volts

Large Hadron Collider Has First Collisions

Qualcomm Expected to Gain 2 Places in Top-10 Semiconductor Rankings

Mobile Will Account for 11.7% of Digital Ad Spend in 2014

Machine Converts CO2 into Gasoline, Diesel, and Jet Fuel

University Researchers Say RFID's Worth Is Proven When Deployed Enterprise-Wide

The 'Quantum Internet' Is Possible

Why Aren't Travelers Paying for In-Flight WiFi?

Cheap 3D Solar Cells 6x More Efficient, Work Underground

The 'Real' Jobless Rate: 17.5% of Workers Are Unemployed

AOL Changes Its Name to Aol (a brilliant move... like changing from CRAP to Crap)


Time to Jam Mobile Phone Signals in Prisons

Practical Nanotube Electronics

Generating Electricity from Air Flow (sort of the dual to my EHD cooling report)

Mobile Phone Prices Continue to Fall, Even As High-End Features Rise

Workers Have Gone on 'Unlimited Strike' at Atmel's Fab (is that really a good strategy?)

More Radio Piracy on the High Seas

"Big Bang" Machine (LHC) Set to Yield Surprises

Europe's Semiconductor Strengths and Weaknesses

Pentagon Seeks to Build Airborne Infrared Sensor for Ballistic Missile Defense within 5 Years

Finland Completes Radio Spectrum Auction

Terrebonne Deploys Temperature-Tracking RFID Tags

DoD: Pros and Cons of Video from Space

Broadband Tech Firm Sees "Farms of WiFi"

Triangle Wells Aim to Beat Polarization

Single-Wafer Processing is Key to MEMS Success

FCC Wants Faster Cell Tower Reviews

Radiation Leak Investigated at Three Mile Island

Orbiting Astronaut Welcomes Daughter's Birth

Wave of Debt Payments Facing U.S. Government (...and this from the NY Times!)

So... Gold Hits Record High $1,174

Canadian Woman Loses Benefits over Facebook Photo


ROHS to Cover All Electrical and Electronic Equipment?

On the Job Hunt: Electronic Resumes Tossed

LHC: Beams Are Back on at World's Most Powerful Particle Accelerator

RadioFrame's Mystery Femto Buyer... Broadcom?

USPTO to Hold Public Roundtable on Work Sharing for Patent Applications


Boeing Laser Systems Destroy UAVs in Tests

Mobile Broadband Industry Seeks Talent

Nokia Cuts 330 Jobs from Its R&D Divisions

Senate Commerce Committee Approves LPFM Bill (paving the way for killing opposing voices)

UK Hospital Trials Wireless 'Plaster' for Monitoring Patient Health

East-West Engineering Salary Gulf

FCC Workshop Examines Role of Broadband Research in U.S. Competitiveness

Intel, Google Take Seats on Smart Grid Board

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Orders Flat

Laser Collision Produces X-Rays

Engineers Use Aerospace Approach to Design Wave Energy System

Driver Texting About Drug Deal Hits Biker

Dumb Code Could Stop Computer Viruses in Their Tracks (quite interesting)

Oddball Gifts for Techies (Christmas is coming!)

Polymer with Honeycomb Structure: Scientists Synthesize Graphene-Like Material

NASA's Wise Eye to Survey Night Sky with Electro-Optics

Ethics Rule Could Slow DoD's Revolving Employment Door

AOL to Shed 2,500 Jobs

Google Gives a First Look at the Chrome OS

False Alarms Prompt Space Station Scare


Gartner: SMS-Based Money Transfer Will Be Bigger Than Mobile Browsing, Search

IBM Aims to Simulate Brain's Abilities with Computer System

Best Achieving Year in Infineon's History

Aerospace and Defense Connector Users Demanding More Capability, Smaller Size, More EMI Protection

Wireless Infrastructure Revenues Declined 15.7% Y/Y in Q3 2009

Mobile Backhaul Equipment Market to Jump 60% in 2009 to $5.9B (wait, what about the above headline?)

Radioactive Batteries Could Keep Going and Going

Economic Rebound Lifts China Mobile Call Traffic

SEMI: Wafer Shipments to Surge 23% in 2010

Murata Reveals Piezoelectric Fan Only 1.85mm Thick

OMB - Performance Pay: We Know It Works

AMD to Retire $1B of Debt Using Intel Settlement

Bendable Magnetic Interface

As Electric Cars Arrive, Where Will They Plug In?

Ripples in Space Divide Classical and Quantum Worlds

Recovery Remains Uncertain but China is Key

Bigger U.S. Role in Broadband Is Likely (bigger gov't... who would have guessed?)

Test Begin Soon for Solar Impulse Round-the-World Flight

The Race to Build a 1000 mph Car

Breakthrough in Text to Speech Technology

U.S. Flights Delayed, Canceled Because of FAA Computer Glitch


California Targets TVs to Lower Electricity Demand

Federal Circuit Decision on Business Methods Hints at Possibility of 'Virtual Worlds' Patents

New Study Confirms Exotic Electric Properties of Graphene

Former Semiconductor Execs Charged with Fraud

Union Says Verizon Laying Off 1,000

The Mandelbulb: First 'True' 3D Image of Famous Fractal

South Korean Regulator Approves iPhone

Ahead of the Bell: RIM Downgraded on Competition

10 New VC Funds for UK High-Tech

TalkingPlug Uses RFID-Enabled Power Outlets for Energy Management

Broadband Stimulus Program Risks Waste and Fraud (duh, EVERY gov't program is full of waste & fraud)

Turning Heat to Electricity... Efficiently

5 Government Contracting Myths Busted

Cellphone App to Make Maps of Noise Pollution

FCC Identifies Critical Gaps in Path to Future Universal Broadband

Two Held in Global PC Fraud Probe

Space Shuttle Arrives at ISS Today

In Today's Space Race, Watch Out for China

Chip Industry Very Near Full Capacity

Commodity Rally Drives Gold Higher as Dollar Drops - $1147/oz

Coed College Housing Connected to Frequent Binge Drinking (did Stimulus money fund that study?)


NASA Looks to SiGe for Radiation-Immune Circuits

New Oxford Dictionary Names 'Unfriend' Word of the Year

UK Mobile Phone Data Sold Between Competitor Companies

Semiconductor Revenue to Rebound in 2010 after Smaller-Than-Expected 2009 Decline

A 25-Year Battery

4 Million Mobile WiMAX Chipsets Will Be Shipped by the End of 2009

Semiconductor Industry Close to Sold Out

Civilian Supercomputer Shatters Nuke Simulator’s Speed Record

5 Government Contracting Myths Busted

Space Shuttle Lifts Off Amid Tons of Tweets (I watched it - nice!)

UK Considers Opening Up White-Space Radio Spectrum

Researchers Find Reliable, Mess-Free Way to Grow Graphene

The Coming Nuclear Crisis

Broadband Workshop Focuses on Advanced Fiber Networks

The Internet Can Still Be a Positive Force, World Wide Web Foundation Says

Nanoparticles Used in Common Household Items Caused Genetic Damage in Mice

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Diagnosed with Cancer

Hackers Have New Technique: 'Spear Phishing'

Microsoft Launches Office 2010 Technical Beta a Few Days Early


IEEE Revises Membership Rules

Breakthroughs in Inertial Sensors to Augment GPS Will Guide Future of Precision-Guided Munitions

Superconductors to Wire a Smarter Grid

Building a More Versatile Laser

Japan's DoCoMo Tries to Simplify Handsets with RF MEMS

Google's Replacement for HTTP Protocol to Make Web Browsing Twice as Fast

UK Budget Cuts Stunt Military Growth

First Universal Programmable Quantum Computer Unveiled

'Universal' Programmable 2-Qubit Quantum Processor Created

Egypt Creates First Arabic Domain Name

Femto Deployments, Standards, Volumes Increase

China Joins Supercomputer Elite

Nokia Shows Off Mobile TV Capable 3G Phone

Leonid Meteor Shower Set to Reach Peak

ZigBee System Powered by Harvested Energy

Working Together to Design Robust Silicon Chips

The K7RA Solar Update

Army Corps of Engineers Now Required to Consider Climate Change in All Projects

Dollar Falls, Sending Gold to Record High


Team Hardens SiGe Circuits

New Nanowires May Contribute to Highly Efficient Solar Cells

USPTO, EPO and JPO to Expand Patent Prosecution Highway Work Share Program

LHC to Finally Start Next Week, Again

Futuristic Communications Systems Could Help Protect Frontline Troops


Interference-Free Radio

Piezoelectronics Gets Green Makeover

Biodegradable Transistors

Nanotech in Space: Rensselaer Experiment to Weather the Trials of Orbit

ARRL Sweepstakes Takes to the Phone Bands Next Weekend

Task Group to Tackle Wi-Fi for the Emerging Smart Grid

MEMS Give Boost to Chip Firms

Qualcomm Combines 3G and 4G Wireless Technology

China Mobile 3G Subscriber Base to Pass 100M in 2011

Rhode Island Governor Vetoes Restrictions on RFID

30k Brits Still Watch B&W TV

Scientists Develop Thinner Optical Fibers

Raytheon Wins $197M Contract as as Electronics System Integrator for LPD 17 Program

Google Poised to Become Your Phone Company

FLO TV Launches Pocketable, Smartphone-Like TVs

Engineering Functional Structures with Single Atoms and Molecules

FCC - Comment Sought on Relationship Between Broadband and Economic Opportunity (another attempt to take from achievers and give to others)

Swiss Privacy Watchdog to Sue Google Street View


Qualcomm Develops 1 GHz Smartphone Chipsets

CCL Radio Taps U.S. White Space Spectrum

Bing Gets Geekier with New Wolfram Alpha Integration

Superconductors to Wire a Smarter Grid

Radio Execs Meet with FCC on Radio for Cellphones

Wireless Phones Can Affect the Brain, Swedish Study Suggests

WRTC 2010 Organizers Announce Teams

Space Data Completes Cell Phone Trial Covering 20,000 Square Miles

SkyCross iMAT Antennas Enable Simultaneous Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Operation in Netbooks

High-Performance Plasmas May Make Reliable, Efficient Fusion Power a Reality

HP to Acquire 3Com for $2.7 B in Cash

New Challenges of the LHC

DoD Goes on Defensive in Cyber Warfare

Motorola Embeds RFID Tags in Its Handheld Computers

Applied Materials to Cut 1,300 to 1,500 Jobs

Pushing Light Beyond Its Known Limits

In-Situ Nanowire Measurement Finds Better Deformability, Strength

Microsoft Bans up to One Million Users from Xbox Live

1st Worm Attack Bites at Apple iPhone (a worm in the apple)


Power Amplifier Market on Track for $2.8B at 4B Units in 2014

Wi-Fi Hotspot Market Surge to 1.2B Connections

Military Pushes to Take Advantage of New Satellite Capacity

Research Helps Overcome Barrier for Organic Electronics

Remote Repair for Infected Phones in Development

Enabling Electronics for Smart Grid Technologies & Beyond

A GOLDen Way to Jump-Start Your Career

Laser-Plasma Accelerators Ride on Einstein's Shoulders

New Tactical Weather System on Navy's Horizon

Ultimate Emergency Call Uses All Open Channels

RFMD Hits GaN Milestone with 30W Transistor

Wi-Fi for Travelers Becomes Web Marketing Lure

New 'FinFETs' Promising for Smaller Transistors, More Powerful Chips

DARPA: Inventing This Side of the Impossible

Small Satellite Pioneer to Oversee European Student Lunar Mission

Patent Office Director Blogs for Reform

'eBay for Billionaires' Launched (this is where I do my shopping)

Power Network Warns Copper Thieves

Data-Stealing Hack Targets Jailbroken iPhones


New Thin Film to Benefit Transistor Technology

High Court Considers What Can Qualify for a Patent

Google Sponsors Free Wi-Fi Service in U.S. Airports

Government Agencies Come to Grips with Wind Turbine-Caused Clutter for U.S. Radar Systems

Nokia, Samsung Step Up Smartphone Battle

HD Radio Comes to the iPhone

Wirelessly-Linked 'Road Trains' Get Ready to Roll

Transparent Insulating Film Could Enable Energy-Efficient Displays

Ofcom Knocks Back BBC DRM Plans

Wind Powered Base Station Tests in Southern California

Motorola Droid Estimated to Have Sold 100,000 in First Weekend

Making Carbon Nanotubes into Long Fibers

Qualcomm: $1.3B Samsung Licensing Deal Unrelated to Fair Trade Violations

New Type of Supernova Found

Japan to Beam Solar Power from Space on Lasers

UK's First Smart Grid

Norwegian Amateurs Receive New Privileges

Freescale Puts Two Fabs Up for Sale

After Letdown, Solar Sail Project Rises Again

After Fort Hood Shootings, No Force-Wide Changes in Army Base Security (of course not, let's just continue the deadly political correctness)


USPTO Pilots Program to Accelerate the Patent Process for Small Entity Inventors

Gold Price Hits Record High as Dollar Wanes (>$1,110)

GPRS-GPS Tags Help Shippers Fight Theft, Reduce Costs

Sprint Set to Pump Additional $1 Billion into WiMAX Venture

German Mobile License Auction Likely to Flop

Worm Attack Bites at Apple iPhone

High-Performance Plasmas May Make Reliable, Efficient Fusion Power a Reality

RadioShack Up; iPhone Seen Helping '10 EPS, Wireless Efforts

Liquid Crystals that Light Up

Cellphone Sticker for Contactless Payments

Apple Testing RFID-Enabled iPhone Prototypes with Cool Features

Skyworks' Recovery Strengthens, Boosted by Diversification, Market-Share Gains, Content Growth

Supreme Court Ruling May Transform Tech Industry

Lasers Put a Shine on Metals

Nokia will Recall 14 Million Faulty Chargers

Russian Bomb Physicist Ginzburg Dead at 93

Fermi Sees Possible Evidence of Antimatter in Lightning

Stop Selling Out Science to Commerce

USS New York, Made with Steel from World Trade Center, Commissioned in New York


Top 20 Suppliers Show 19% Sales Growth in Q3

Israel Planning Cell Phone Rocket Alerts

Catalysts: Study Links Size, Activity, Electronic Properties

Switzerland Investigates Nuclear Physicist With Suspected Ties to Al Qaeda

French Bank Heist Suspect Becomes Internet Star


New European Counterpart to FCC Will Ensure 'A More Neutral Net'

Outlooks Brighten for 2009, 2010

BlackBerry Shipments Grew 5x faster Than iPhone in Q3

Army Continues March Toward Better Tech

Executive Pay: 10 Notable Chip Company CEOs

American Ingenuity Leading Manufacturers and Industrial Companies Out of Recession

Baguette Dropped from Bird's Beak Shuts Down Large Hadron Collider

Remote Patient Monitoring Trial Using Mobile Technology

Discovery May Lead to Precision Engineering of Superconducting Thin Films for Electronics

Sharp Hits 35.8% Efficiency for Triple-Junction Solar Cell

U.S. Regulators Mull Changes to Phone Access Rules

Danish Pupils Use Web in Exams

EU Agrees on New Internet User Rights

Top 20 IC Suppliers Got Healthier in Q3

More Energy in Batteries

Top 10 China IC Designers in 2008

Distributors Boost Technical Support Offerings

Cars Approaching 'Auto' Pilot Mode

Unemployment Rate Hits 10.2% as 16M People Look for Jobs


New Digital 'Electronics' Concept May Continue Moore's Law

Seven Early Predictions for Electronics in 2010

Airlines Hope Wired Skies Take Off

USA Technologies Patents Cashless Wireless Transfers

TV Switch-Over Triggers Rush to See Rare Stars (at radio wavelengths)

EU Agrees on New Internet User Rights

Kiwi TV Spectrum Could Be Used for Wireless Broadband

Benefit of a Mentor: Disadvantaged Teens 2x as Likely to Attend College

A Battery-Free Implantable Neural Sensor

X-ray Machine Voted Top Modern Discovery

Idaho School Incorporates ARISS into Curriculum

Gamma Ray 'Race' Proves Einstein Right Again

France Tries to Calm Nuclear Reactor Concerns

Web, Cellphone Users Are Not Isolated from Reality

Smartphone Market Continues to Grow Despite Economic Malaise

Betting on a Metal-Air Battery Breakthrough

Somali Insurgent Group Bans Cell Phone Ringtones

Microsoft Lays Off 800 More

Toward Home-Brewed Electricity with 'Personalized Solar Energy'


Pentagon Eyes Crash Analysis on 1,300 Satellites

EE Times' Top 10 Women in Microelectronics

Trident Laser Accelerates Protons to Record Energies

Using Social Networking Sites for Job Hunts

George Smith, AA2EJ, Wins Nobel Prize in Physics

FCC Testimony - Driven To Distraction: Technological Devices and Vehicle Safety

Nokia Dominates Top-10 Handset Sales Chart

Orange Gives Cash for Old Mobiles

NXP Shares Product Roadmap and Application Know-How

Garmin GPS Reports Surge in 3Q Profits (did you know they are based in the Cayman Islands?)

CIA Expands Investments in Semis

MARS Cuts Ribbon on New Pentagon Station

Spectrum Demand to Hit "Crisis" Level by 2015

Navy to Increase Broadband Speed Tenfold

Russia Leads Nuclear Space Race after U.S. Drops Out

Will Europe Be Powered by the Sahara? (sounds a bit risky - foreign electricity like foreign oil?)

5 New Technologies That Will Change Everything

Should Laptops Be Banned from Cockpits?


Jersey Telecom Engineers Get Surprise - a 4-ft Snake in Their Van

Three Amateurs Inducted into Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame

Nokia Siemens Networks Restructures - Looking at 5,000 Redundancies (aka layoffs)

Web Could Run Out of Addresses Next Year

Multi-Radio Bluetooth ICs Benefit from TSMC 40nm RF Process

Origin of Cosmic Rays: VERITAS Telescopes Help Solve 100-year-old Mystery

Space Junk Piles up into Threat to Future Launches

Sprint and Clearwire's 2009 WiMAX Rollout Almost Complete

Navy to Enhance Ship Electronic Warfare Systems

Implantable Silicon-Silk Electronics

¼ of All Cars to Support Remote Cell Phone Control by 2016

Scared of Flying? Press the Fear iButton

Researchers Detail New Power Management Technique

Three-Dimensional Solar Cells

RCS Announces Q3 2009 Cellular Phone Trading Rankings for the International Open Market

Clever Fools: Why a High IQ Doesn't Mean You're Smart

PC Sales Spike with Windows 7 Debut

FCC Sinks Pirate Cat Radio

Dollar Falls as Manufacturing Grows; Oil, Copper, Gold Rally


Get Ready for Hi-Def Phone Calls

FCC Considers Shifting Some TV Airwaves to Broadband

Discovery May Lead to Precision Engineering of Superconducting Thin Films for Electronic Devices

Nokia Losing Share in Wi-Fi Handset Market

Gold Nanocage Can 'Read and Obey' Light

Want a Solution? Try Offering a Prize

Solar Winds Triggered by Magnetic Fields

LG to Launch Bluetooth-Enabled Televisions

EE Times Begins Accepting ACE Award Nominations

No Semi Companies in Top 10 R&D Spending List

Vodafone's $2B Indian Tax Battle Rumbles On

Northrop Grumman Gets Missile Defense Radar Contract for Sea-Skimming Anti-Ship Missiles

Solving Teapot Effect (a minor annoyance, but nice to have solved)

September Averaged Global Chip Sales Show 8.2% Growth

Combination ICs - Cheap as Chips?

Record Number of Millionaire College Presidents (amongst the elite that support politicians who take your money)

Space Hotel Says It's on Schedule to Open in 2012

Ford Previews Parade of New Electrical Vehicles

Long-Range Taser Raises Fears of Shock and Injury (umm...isn't that what it's for?)

Google Chrome in a Runaway Lead for Browser Performance Supremacy

Stealth-Mode Wind Turbines


Lack of WiFi Puts Damper on iPhone's China Debut

Ecosmackdown: Pets Versus Solar Panels (pets killing the planet!)

Global Handset Market to Rebound in Q4 - Strategy Analytics

Mathematicians Solve 'Trillion Triangle' Problem

USPTO Names Connecticut Library to Support Intellectual Property Needs of Inventors and Entrepreneurs

Going Plasmonic in Search of Faster Computing, Communications

Russia Hopes Nuclear Ship Will Fly Humans to Mars

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