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TV Circuits Crossword Puzzle
May 1958 Radio News

May 1958 Radio & TV News
May 1958 Radio & TV News Cover - RF Cafe[Table of Contents]

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Radio & Television News, published 1919-1959. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

If you happen to be a retired television repairman from the era of analog broadcast and cathode ray tube (CRT) displays, or if you have studiously read the many articles I have posted from vintage electronics magazines about TV, then you will probably breeze right through this themed crossword puzzle from a 1958 issue of Radio & TV News. I have to admit to having done poorly myself, even after having been the one who posted all that stuff. Just having a general knowledge of electronics doesn't help much here since all the clues and words are very specific to television circuits. Still, it's worth the challenge and if nothing else you'll learn a little more about old time television- it really was a quite ingenious scheme for cramming a lot of information into a relatively small bandwidth, especially for color TV.

TV Circuits Puzzle

By John A. Comstock

(Solution at bottom)

TV Circuits Crossword Puzzle, May 1958 Radio News - RF Cafe


1. The purpose of the video _____ is to increase the amplitude of the video signal frequencies.

6. A type of TV antenna in which the various elements are in a vertical plane and spread out fan-wise from a lower junction.

8. The first series of circuits that receives the incoming signal immediately after the antenna.

9. In a color TV receiver, it is the function of the sub-carrier oscillator to generate the _____ subcarrier frequency.

12. A regulator type of circuit that maintains the output of a TV receiver constant irrespective of a fluctuating input signal.

13. The _____ amplifier in a TV receiver enlarges amplitudes of sound frequencies.

14. In this circuit, the incoming signal is combined with a local oscillator signal to produce an i.f. signal.

16. The matrix amplifier in a color TV set is a combination of voltage divider _____ works and amplifier stages.

17. The function of the TV _____ is to snare minute voltages and currents from passing radio waves and transfer them to the lead-in.

18. The inner structure in the neck of a CRT.

19. An ion _____ is often placed around the neck of a picture tube to deflect ion particles.

23. When the image on a TV set is compressed or folded over at the top or bottom, this usually indicates the vertical _____ control needs adjusting.

24. The function of the vertical _____ control is to adjust symmetry of image in vertical plane.

25.A crystal diode often serves as video _____ in many TV sets.

26. The deflection _____ in a TV set deflects the electron beam in the CRT.


2. The _____ amplifier in a color TV set amplifies and reproduces the three primary color voltages from the incoming signals.

3. The horizontal _____ control is used to adjust the symmetry of the image in the horizontal plane.

4. The _____ amplifier in an intercarrier TV set amplifies both picture and sound signals. (Abbr.)

5. The FM sound detector of a TV set.

6. When the image on the screen of a set lacks sharpness and the scanning lines are coarse, the _____ control is adjusted to pinpoint the electron scanning beam.

7. The horizontal _____ generator in a TV circuit operates at a frequency of 15,750 cps.

10. Circuit in audio section used to prevent amplitude variations.

10. A _____ is used in many of the circuits of a TV set as a control to vary voltage. (Abbr.)

15. A weak tube in the picture portion of a set will often cause the image to appear to be covered with  _____

19. A three-element tube often used as r.f. amplifier in the tuner of TV sets.

20. In a color TV set, the sub-carrier signal is passed through a _____ shifting network before entering the "Q" demodulator.

21. Pertaining to the picture.

22. A control that is used to adjust image width.

Answer to Puzzle appearing on page 125.

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TV Circuits Puzzle Soultion, May 1958 Radio News - RF Cafe



Posted January 1, 2020

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