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Electronic Crosswords
April 1960 Electronics World

April 1960 Electronics World

April 1960 Electronics World Cover - RF Cafe Table of Contents 

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

John Gill published many electronics-themed crossword puzzles in Electronics World magazine in the 1950s and 1960s. Unlike the weekly RF Cafe engineering crossword puzzles, some of the words used herein are not directly related to science, engineering, mathematics, etc. Some of the words are more particular to the era, but that shouldn't present too much difficulty. You will find the level of difficulty much less than that of a Sunday edition New York Times crossword, but there are some challenging clues, particularly given the era that it was created. Bon chance. 


Electronic Crosswords

By John J. Gill

Electronic Crosswords, April 1960 Electronics World - RF Cafe


1. Figures on scope

6. Metal used for PM speakers

11. Type of modulation

12. An amateur's equipment

13. Octal socket (abbr.)

14. Unit of current (abbr.)

15. ___ work (a system of interconnected parts)

17. Electronic "map"

19. Causes interference in TV and radio

21. 51 (Roman numeral)

22. Element #10 (abbr.)

23. Type of coil

24. Inductance (abbr.)

25. 1/1000th of a watt (abbr.)

26. Expired

29. The (Spanish)

30. Element used to coat filaments

32. Current flowing through resistor causes voltage ___

34. Gained

35. Reflected signal

38. Component

40. Unit of relative power

41. "City road" (abbr.)

42. Followed by "C."

43. Voltage reading on a scope (abbr.)

44. Myself

45. Electrical engineer (abbr.)

46. Originally from the Storm Country

49. French article (plural)

51. Delay in voltage or current

53. Unwanted oscillations on a TV set

57. Metallic strut

58. Electronic broadcasting device (abbr.)

59. Yes (Spanish)

60. Type of tube base

61. Direction (abbr.)

63. Not "max"

64. Tube socket dimension (abbr.)

65. Radio ___

67. Discharging through air

68. To soak through

70. Eighth note in scale

72. City transportation (Colloq.)

73. Electrical measuring device

74. Concentric cable


1. Thin layers of metal as used in transformer

2. Fictitious electrical counterpart

3. Aid

4. Outside diameter (abbr.)

5. Strategic Air Command (abbr.)

6. Part of "to be"

7. Removes AM from FM signal

8. "Tee" hound assn. (abbr.)

9. A number of turns of wire

10. To fluctuate in a system or circuit

15. Resistance wire

16. Nervous affliction

17. Denotes weak signal on TV tube

18. Shaded

20. Device for measuring resistance

24. To cut down

27. Term used in psychoanalysis

28. ___ effect. Change in frequency due to motion

31. Not out

33. Amplifying system (abbr.)

36. Noise produced by defective vibrators

37. Octal base (abbr.)

39. Root mean square (abbr.)

41. Constant

45. Grid Voltage (abbr.)

47. ___ effect. Surface current

48. A defective filter capacitor causes it

50. Half an em (Print.)

52. Plate in vacuum tube

53. Fixed voltage between grid and cathode

54. Cutting tool

55. Not monophonic

56. ___ sideband transmission

57. Total resistance (abbr.)

59. ___ wave. One cycle on a scope

60. Wasted energy

62. Fasteners

63. 1001 (Rom. Num.)

66. Pedal extremity

67. Automatic volume control (abbr.)

69.Type of speaker (abbr.)

71. Picture tube (abbr.)

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Answer to Puzzle

Electronic Crosswords Solution, April 1960 Electronics World - RF Cafe



Posted June 14, 2024
(updated from original post on 8/8/2018)

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