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Electromaze Puzzle
April 1966 Popular Electronics

April 1966 Popular Electronics

April 1966 Popular Electronics Cover - RF CafeTable of Contents

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Popular Electronics, published October 1954 - April 1985. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.

Robert Radford's (not to be confused with Robert Redford) "Electromaze" is a unique - and weird - sort of word puzzle that appeared in the April 1966 issue of Popular Electronics magazine. You will probably want to print out the maze grid and find an old guy who should still have a pencil stowed away somewhere you can borrow to use for filling in the boxes. Note that in my opinion the answer given for clue number 2 is technically wrong. What say you?

Here are the February 1966, April 1966, and June 1966 Electromaze Puzzles.

Electromaze Puzzle

By Robert C. Radford

Here's a new kind of crossword puzzle designed to test your knowledge of electronic terminology. Refer to the clues given and fill in the word called for by the first clue. Start at the arrow. Thereafter, fill in each new word called for by the following clues perpendicular to each preceding word. The last letter in each preceding word will be common to the first or last letter of each new word, and all words will read vertically downward or from left to right. The tenth word will have a letter in common with the word at the first exit. Nine more correct entries will take you to the word at the second exit, which will also share a letter with the last of these nine words. In each case, the first or last letter of the exit word will be the first or fast letter of the next word. An additional nine correct entries will put you at the final exit for a perfect score. The Editors invite your comments on this type of puzzle.

Electromaze Puzzle, April 1966 Popular Electronics - RF Cafe


1  Test equipment used for measurements and waveform display on a fluorescent screen.

2  Synonym for electrical power. [note: the given answer is technically wrong]

3  Device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy.

4  A bar or heavy uninsulated wire used as a common connecting point.

5  Support on which electron tubes are mounted.

6  Abbreviation for type of receiver predating the superhet.

7  Device used for circuit protection.

8  Reciprocal of impedance.

9  To tune circuits for resonance at a given frequency.

10 An uncharged electrical particle present in all atomic nuclei except in hydrogen nucleus.

Exit 1. Inert gas producing a bright glow when ionized.

11 To coat the tip of on iron with a thin layer of solder.

12 Coil wound on a closed ring.

13 Point at which an effect is first produced, observable, otherwise indicated.

14 Slang for the positive side of an energized circuit.

15 A chart showing the interrelation between two or more variable quantities.

16 The mating connector of a jack or receptacle.

17 Abbreviation for the unit of current measurement.

18 Spherical aberration in a lens or mirror resulting in a blurred image.

19 Colored or transparent insulating mineral that readily separates into very thin leaves.

Exit 2. Frequency-dispersal radar.

20 Abbreviation for a radar system that provides precision approach information for aircraft landing.

21 The constant monitoring of a specific radio frequency.

22 Retarding effect of a circuit.

23 Unit of inductance spelled backwards.

24 Section of an electronic network.

25 The current gain of a transistor amplifier.

26 Abbreviation for modulation used in broadcast-bond radio.

27 In a radio receiver, the stage immediately preceding the first i.f.

28 An angle included within an arc equal to the radius of a circle (approximately 57.3 degrees).

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Electromaze Solution

1  Oscilloscope

2  Energy [wrong,

          energy = power * time]

3  Battery

4  Bus

5  Socket

6  TRF

7  Fuse

8  Admittance

9  Align

10  Neutron

Exit 1.  Neon

20  GCA

21  Guard

22  Delay

23  yrneH

24  Branch

25  Beta

26  AM

27  Mixer

28  Radian

11  Tin

12  Toroid

13  Threshold

14  Hot

15  Graph

16  Plug

17  Amp

18  Astigmatism

19  Mica

Exit 2.  Ajax



Posted March 9, 2018

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