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Electronic Crossword Puzzle
January 1965 Electronics World

January 1965 Electronics World

Janaury 1965 Electronics World Cover - RF Cafe  Table of Contents 

Wax nostalgic about and learn from the history of early electronics. See articles from Electronics World, published May 1959 - December 1971. All copyrights hereby acknowledged.

Crossword puzzles have probably lost their appeal to most people. I suspect so because up until early this year, I created a custom electronics-themed crossword puzzle every week for RF Cafe visitors, but not a single person has written to ask that they be continued. Oh well, that saves an hour every Sunday. Lots of magazines used to print crossword puzzles based on their readers' interests. Unlike the RF Cafe crosswords that use only relevant words, those puzzles used common filler words where it was too hard to find a thematic word. This crossword puzzle from a 1965 edition of Electronics World does a pretty good job of using a majority of electronics-related words. Enjoy.

Electronic Crosswords

By James R. Kimsey

Electronic Crosswords, January 1965 Electronics World - RF Cafe


1.     Decay.

4.     Jezebel's husband.

8.     Type of current (abbr.).

10.   Strong wind.

11.   Commonly, the stage or circuit in a radio set that demodulates the r.f. signal into its audio or video component.

14.   Dill seed.

15.   Part of "to be."

16.   Ore deposit.

17.   " ____ tube," special CRT.

19.   Made to occur at or during a set period.

20.   Poem.

21." _______ switch," a multi-contact switch, usually rotary.

22.   Component having two electrodes; one a cathode and the other a plate or anode.

25.   Atom or molecule which has fewer or more electrons than normal.

26.   Possessive pronoun.

29.   Sea eagle.

30.   "Swinging _," a type of mounting and feed used to move cutting head at uniform rate across the recording disc in some sound recorders.

31.   "____troposphere"; that portion of the atmosphere located about 40-60 miles above earth's surface.

32.   Very small.

33.   Noah's boat.

34.   Finished.

35.   Tube circuit in color-TV receivers which keeps both frequency and phase of 3.58-mc. color oscillator synchronized with burst signal (abbr.).

36.   Quantity (abbr.).

37.   Fall into disuse.

40.   Electron gun in three-gun color CRT which provide beam striking the blue-emitting phosphor dots of screen mosaic (two words).

44.   On the sheltered side.

45.   Delay in the recording or display of any device with respect to the conditions being measured or reproduced.

46.   Not any.

47.   Type of curve formed by intersection of cone and plane; the plane being parallel to edge of cone.

49.   Any point, line, or surface in stationary-wave system at which amplitude of wave-shaping variable is zero.

50.   City map abbreviation.

51.   Coil assembly used to produce electromagnetic deflection of electron beam in CRT television tube.

52.   Fuss.


1.     Rave.

2.     Substitute for "the more expensive spread."

3.     Four-electrode vacuum tube.

4.     Metaphorical saying.

5.     In this place.

6.     Consumed.

7.     Is.

8.     Smallest unit of any chemical element.

9.     One type of communication.

10.   Substance with a boiling point below normal ambient temperatures and pressures.

12.   Small, spring-type clamp.

13.   "Hot-line" color.

18.   Fruit drink.

19.   Light brown.

21.   Male cat.

22.   Night moisture.

23.   Former name of the industry's engineering society (abbr.).

24.   Single unit.

25.   Anger.

26.   Antiquated.

27.   American Indian.

28.   Round metal bar.

30.   Intense luminous discharge between electrodes and conductors.

31.   Aerial.

33.   Mimic.

34.   Australian bird.

35.   Perplexed.

36.   Seaweed.

37."Over ________ ," the amount by which effective height of scanning facsimile spot exceeds nominal width of scanning line.

38.   Exclamation of sorrow.

39.   Saucily free and forward.

40.   Stop short and refuse to go.

41.   Righteous.

42.   Reverse.

43.   Born.

45. Old card game.

48. Near.

Answer to Electronics Crosswords

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Electronic Crossword Solution, January 1965 Electronics World - RF Cafe



Posted February 13, 2015
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